Pairings: Angel/Wesley, Spike/Xander, Dalton(ofc)/Riley, Fred/Soshie(ofc)<
Rating: ADULT

Summary: Queen's Gambit, an opening move in chess, had Spike making his move to put her in her rightful place in Angel's clan.  Now Queen's Checkmate has Cordelia's final decision. So, with the Queen arc done, the clan can move back to LA.
Prompt: Sericulture
Universe: Toys
Rated: ADULT
Pairing: Cordelia/Groo
Warnings: Explicit het sex.

This is the end of what I consider the Cordelia arc.

Warnings:  Sexual slavery; but there's no non-con here; bondage; general dirty-wrong.  If you're easily squicked, this isn't the series for you and hasn't been since the beginning.



Queen's Checkmate

Cordelia walked into the quarters that Dalton pointed out to her. The room was nicer than Cordelia expected given that Spike had a long history of hanging out in dirty lairs. Then again, Clem's mother did have a real flair for decorating. She'd be tempted to try and hire the woman away, only Spike would probably eviscerate her for it.

“If you need anything, send any vampire to ask for me,” Dalton commented. With a nod of her head she turned and left Cordelia alone in her quarters.

Part of Cordelia just wanted to lie on the big bed and try and forget everything that had happened. It would be easier if she could blame Angel or if she could assume that Angel was being stupid or greedy. However, when the demon had put her in the coma, she'd known there was very little chance that she would even survive. Angel was a giant dork and she was mad as hell, but she could also understand what he'd done.

“My queen?” a soft voice called.

Cordelia turned and saw Groo standing in the doorway, his face unsure. She gathered up her feelings and smiled at him, even though losing her visions was still a raw and bleeding wound. Groo hadn’t known that he didn’t have permission, and he shouldn’t suffer. Angel would be doing the suffering.

“Groo,” she answered. Immediately, the fear in his face vanished, and he gave a relieved but tentative smile.

“My queen, had I known you did not wish for your visions to be removed, I would never have agreed to the procedure. To die in a battle with the higher forces is an honorable end, one I stole from you.”

Cordelia stared at Groo for a moment. Demons. They never made any sense. "Trust me, I never intended to die in battle. I just wanted Angel to find a solution that didn't include taking my visions away. However, that will be a conversation I will have with Angel,” she told him.

Groo nodded. “While I understand your displeasure, my queen, he did act to preserve your life. As a warrior, I respect his instinct to defend you."

“So you think he was right?” Crossing her arms, Cordelia stared at Groo and just dared him to say that. She might understand Angel, but she was still angry enough to want to take it out on someone.

“I would never think to pass judgment on the motivations or actions of either of you." Groo stood stiffly. “I can only apologize for my part in an action which clearly displeased you.” Groo had an expression on his face like he expected to be executed at any moment. With a sigh, Cordelia considered the mess Angel had made out of this one. Spike might be a fashion reject and an egomaniac, but he knew how to recognize a vampire who had his head up his ass.

“None of this is your fault. You don't have anything to apologize for.” Cordelia sat down in the green wingback chair that flanked the oversized bed. Immediately, Groo moved forward and went to one knee in front of her. Reaching out he caught her hand and held it between his.

“Is it not appropriate for me to apologize when my actions, however inadvertent, displease my queen?” Ducking his head submissively, Groo brought Cordelia's hand up until he could press his forehead against her fingers. “My first pledge and my honor belong to you. I have sworn that my sword belongs to Master Angel and Master Spike, but the arm that wields it is yours to command, my queen.”

“Get up.” Cordelia stood up and pulled at Groo's arm to get him back on his feet. He looked down at her with dark eyes still full of guilt, and she couldn't resist seeing how beautiful he was. Reaching up, she rested her palm against his cheek. “You saved my life.”

“I took your visions.”

Cordelia sighed. Clearly this wasn't something she could just tell him to forget. “Well, that's true,” she admitted. “So let's do this. You get Angel to pay your salary, and when you've saved up enough money, you can buy me a really nice silk shirt or an expensive ring or maybe even a designer handbag.”

Immediately, Groo's face brightened. “Yes, my queen. If it would please you, I would grow the silk myself. I would feed the worms nectar from the gods and harvest the silk with these two hands.” Reaching up, Groo rested his hands against her shoulders.

“Buying me something will be fine. Besides, we don't have room for a worm farm at the hotel. Although…” Cordelia pursed her lips. “Silk could be a nice side business.” She smiled at him, and for a second Groo just looked at her, clearly confused. It took him a second, but then he smiled back.

“If it pleased my queen, I would gather the silkworms for her tomorrow,” he vowed. Cordelia let her hand slide down his face and over his neck. She rested her fingers against the place where his shoulder and neck met, and felt his warm skin under her hands. He was a beautiful man. If it hadn't been for the visions, she would've happily gone to bed with him when she'd first seen him. That wasn't a problem now.

“My queen?”

“Do you ever wish that we had been together?”

“Do you mean copulated?” Groo asked in perfect innocence.

Cordelia could feel her face red as the heat rushed to her skin. “I'm not sure I would've phrased it like that.”

“If my words offend, I do apologize.”

At this rate, Groo was going to spend a lot of time apologizing. That wasn't exactly what Cordelia had in mind. “I don't want your apology, Groo. I just wonder, now that I'm not a queen and you're not the champion, now that we’re both here, whether you're still interested.”

Groo sucked in a fast breath. “I shall always be interested. You are a beautiful woman, a strong woman. You rule in fairness, and you have the strength that is hidden within a—” he stopped and cleared his throat. Cordelia could just imagine what he had been about to say, but then he had been raised to believe that humans were cows and slaves. However he ducked his head for a second, and when he looked up again, he gave her an apologetic smile. “Your strength is hidden within your gentleness,” he finished. Cordelia raised her eyebrows at that. While she’d been called a lot of things in her life, gentle wasn’t one of them.

“You're the second person today to tell me how strong I am.”

“That is unsurprising given that you are. To speak the truth is hardly remarkable.”

Cordelia turned and walked over to the bed, running her fingers along the smooth satiny surface. Maybe Groo was telling her whatever she wanted to hear. While she liked to think that Groo was different from most men, the fact was men lied to get her into bed. She discovered that the first week she'd shown up in LA. Hell, she discovered that the first day she'd shown up in LA.

So maybe she could dismiss Groo's words is nothing more than one more man who wanted to sleep with her. However, that didn't explain Spike. She was pretty sure Spike had no interest in sleeping with her. And even if he did want to sleep with her, she had no doubt that Xander could quite effectively castrate him. The others were idiots. They had always assumed that Xander was some poor little victim. She wasn't that stupid. So if Spike wasn't out to get sex out of her, she couldn't come up with another reason why he'd lie. Maybe spike and Groo were both telling the truth as they saw it. Of course, that still didn’t mean they were right.

Cordelia stopped at the far side of the bed and stared at the wall. Someone had good taste in art. “Cordelia?” Groo asked softly. Footsteps padded across the floor, and then Groo's hand tentatively brushed across her waist. Glancing over her shoulder, Cordelia gave him a small smile. Without encouragement, he moved closer and let his fingers rest against her hip.

“This is just a lot of change for me. When I went into the coma, everything was different.”

“Different how?”

Cordelia turned back to the artwork on the wall and studied the brushstrokes and the miniature horses and the distant surreal farm house. It was hard to remember that Groo hadn't been here. He hadn't seen Angel falling apart and ripping his soul to shreds with his own guilt. He hadn't watched Wesley curling in on himself. He hadn't seen Fred so shattered by her experiences on his world that she couldn't come out of her room. And of course, the second she did come out of her room, one of Gunn’s psychotic gang friends nearly killed her. No, he hadn't seen any of that. And if she believed Spike, it was her job to keep any of that from happening again. Even without knowing the pay scale, Cordelia suspected she wasn't paid enough to deal with this new reality.

“Are things more or less to your liking?” he asked when she didn't answer him immediately.

Cordelia had to think about that one. She wasn't fond of slavery, but at least Lindsay wasn't trying to kill them, that was a step in the right direction. She didn't know anything about Fred or Fred's new lesbian friend. However, she was going to be honest with herself, it was a relief to know that Fred could get out and have sex. The woman's impression of a wallflower was starting to get old.

“I don't know.”

“Does it not please you that I've joined the group?” Groo sounded worried about that one. Turning around, Cordelia rested her hand against his chest. His very muscular chest. His very toned and muscular chest.

“It pleases me a lot. I'm sorry that you lost control of your world, but I'm happy to see you again.”

He flashed her a brilliant smile. “As long as I am wanted, I will always be at your side.”

“Because your priest called me the Queen?” Cordelia asked. Groo frowned at her.

“Because you are a strong, ethical, beautiful woman who has earned the right to command my hand.” Groo looked at her with such intensity that Cordelia felt almost trapped in his gaze. “Has something I said surprised you, my queen?”

Cordelia looked over toward the open door and tried to come up with an answer for that one. She was used to commanding man. She was used to commanding them because her father had money or because she was beautiful or because she was the seer and it was her job to send Angel out into the world and to help him redeem himself. However, her father's money had proved ephemeral, beauty faded, and Groo now had her visions. Actually, she wasn't sure she even wanted the visions anymore. She had a small problem with any sort of Powers that thought one group of people should be saved, and another group of people should be left to lie in their own faeces and urine and rot. If she ever met one of the Powers face-to-face, she might have to knee him in the groin. Hard.

“I suppose that's part of the world changing that I was talking about. I'm not a queen here, Groo.”

He reached up and stroked the back of a finger across her cheek. “You are queen no matter where you go.” For a moment he was silent. When she didn't have a reply, he turned and moved to the bed, sitting on the end. “When you awoke, I could see immediately that Angel did not have your permission for the ceremony. You were displeased with his actions. You did not fear reprisals for showing that. However, Angel greatly feared your displeasure.” Groo gave her a small conspiratorial smile. “Were I to be honest, I would have to admit that most of Angel's court has lived in fear of your displeasure since I arrived. I do not know what words your people use; however, you are the queen. And I am yours to command. I am most hopeful that you will have some interesting commands.”

“Interesting?” Cordelia raised an eyebrow at him.

“I have never hidden my own interest in copulating with you.”

“Seriously, don’t ever use that word again.”

“You have no interest in me?” Groo reared back.

“Yes, I’m interested in you. I just don’t want to hear it called copulating again. Making love, having sex, sleeping together—those are much better words.” Cordelia sat next to him on the bed.

The panic in Groo’s eyes faded as he leaned close again. “I had no plans for sleeping, my queen.”

“Oh?” Cordelia let her hand rest against his leg. His thigh muscle twitched and tightened so she could feel the hard muscle. Damn. It had been too long because she could feel her body tighten at just that small touch.

“In fact, I had hoped for something far more energetic than sleep. If my queen would permit, of course,” Groo added after the briefest of pauses.

“Oh, your queen insists,” Cordelia said. She’d wanted him so long. True, this might be a really stupid move because she was still confused and reeling from too many changes in too short a time, but her body didn’t care. She’d wanted him, and he was here and willing and warm. Sliding her hand up his thigh, she paused, her fingertips just brushing the growing bulge in his pants. She could hear his breath growing heavy and uneven as she pressed her fingers deeper into the soft flesh of his inner thigh.

Groo's hand caressed up her spine. He paused with his hand against her lower back and again when his hand reached her neck. Strong fingers caressed her neck and then stroked through her hair. “Like silk,” he whispered. Cordelia turned, angling her body toward him and he brought his second hand up to stroke along her cheek. Reaching up, Cordelia caught his wrist holding him for a second. He was so strong. Yet his arm yielded to her pressure and she pushed his hand down until it rested against her hip. Only then did she reach up and cup his face between her hands.

“This might be a really bad move,” she confessed in a whisper.

Groo tilted his head and studied her. “If it would displease you… I would not have you displeased,” Groo finished after a moment of hesitation. His erection was an unmistakable swelling between his legs, but here he was offering to stop. Cordelia had no idea that an offer to not have sex could be so incredibly sexy. But it was.

“It would only displease me if doing this made things more complicated.”

“Perhaps things are complicated for you. As a ruler, I ruled only long enough to know that I did not have the skill to do so. However, for me, this is not complicated. You are my queen. Whichever of my services you choose to employ, and how long you choose to employ them, it complicates nothing. You are still my queen.” His hand caressed her, slipping down over her shoulder before settling at the small of her back.

Cordelia still held his face between her hands, and she pulled him slowly closer. He yielded to each gesture, allowing himself to be pulled in for a kiss, and when she slid her hands down to his shirt and worked the buttons, he remained in place. Damn. He was a good kisser. His lips moved under hers, his tongue slipping in to explore. She opened her mouth more, and he responded, his kisses growing more hungry. His warm hands pulled her closer, and she abandoned her quest to open his shirt. Instead, she caught him by the back of the neck and shifted to throw one leg over his lap.

He made a small cry, either of pain from the weight on his cock or of need—she didn’t know. She pressed closer, her own body demanding movement, screaming for it. Groo’s hands left her, and he squirmed out of his shirt and threw it to the side. Now Cordelia could run her hands up his arms and feel the strong muscles just under the warm skin. “May I, my queen?” Groo asked before kissing her gently on the hollow of her neck. A shiver went through Cordelia. His hands came up to toy with one button without unfastening it.

“Yes,” Cordelia answered. She ran her fingers through his thick hair and leaned back a little so he could work the buttons. His fingers were quick and nimble despite their size and he soon had the front of her shirt open, his fingers stroking the black lace of her bra. Arching her back, Cordelia reached around to unhook her bra. With an enthralled expression, Groo traced one finger down the center of her stomach from the bra down to her belly button. Despite the fact that the room was a little chilly, she could feel the heat radiate out from his touch.

Her pussy was hot and wet and she ached. Cordelia let her bra fall to the ground, and Groo’s face was full of wonder as he let his hands reach up to cup her breasts. Leaning in, he licked tentatively at a nipple, the moisture cooling the nipple so fast that it hardened almost painfully. Before he could do the same on the other side, Cordelia caught Groo’s chin and tilted it up so she could kiss him again.

His hot mouth tasted of mint and musk. Cordelia pressed against his shoulders, and even though she didn’t have a fraction of his strength, Groo yielded again. He settled back onto the bed, his hands at her hips for a moment before they roamed across her bare skin. His slow, reverent touch made Cordelia ache even more. Never before had her body been so hungry for a man’s touch. She could feel this slow build of pure need that filled her belly.

Pulling back from the kiss, she panted as she struggled to regain some control over herself. Beneath her, Groo gasped for air and the heat of each breath skittered across her shoulder. “Naked would be good,” Cordelia managed to say. Her heart pounded as though she’d been running, and she could feel her wet underwear sliding and sticking.

“Most good,” Groo agreed. He arched his back, lifting her easily so that he could reach the fastenings on his pants. He fumbled at them for a moment before the clicking of a zipper. Then his hard erection pressed up, tenting his red boxers. Ignoring the questionable fashion choice of red boxers with a small blue stripe, Cordelia reached for her own pants.

“Allow me,” Groo said softly, his hands intercepting her own. Cordelia rested her fists on her thighs and watched as Groo slipped a finger inside her pants and freed the button before sliding the zipper down, an almost worshipful expression on his face. With her pants open, Groo pressed his palm against her waist and then slid his hands down. His eyes fell shut, and Cordelia arched her back in pleasure as his rough hands stroked her body. She wanted more. She wanted him to fill her—stretch her and scratch the itch that was starting to annoy her. However, she wanted this slow torture to last. She liked the feel of her whole body hot and tight and aching. She liked feeling alive, and it had been too long since she'd felt truly alive.

His hand slid down over the round of her ass, the jeans pulling tight in front, and Cordelia dropped down, her hands on either side of Groo’s head. His dark eyes came open and considered her, waiting for some sign. Cordelia leaned closer, and his lips parted in an invitation to kiss. Instead, Cordelia took his lower lip in her teeth and then pulled back, carefully pulling at the sensitive skin as she scraped her teeth across it. Groo cried out and thrust up into the air, throwing Cordelia off balance so that she fell on Groo, her chest pinning his face to the bed. He lay quietly under her, not even attempting to move her off.

Still, his hands moved. He pushed against her jeans, his desperation clear in the way his body twitched under her. He wanted to be thrusting into her, and she’d done this to him. She’d taken this careful warrior and reduced him to someone who could barely contain his need. His fingers pulled at her lace panties, and she heard a ripping sound and felt a sharp pinch at her left hip as he tugged too hard and the fabric ripped.

Then the cool air stroked over her overheated skin. Cordelia was naked. Kicking her legs, she pushed her pants all the way off and then sat up, her thighs still straddling Groo’s legs. She was hot. Too hot. But still, she wanted more heat—more touch. Groo’s hands fondled her legs as she pulled at his jeans. She never would have gotten them off except that he dug his heels into the bed and lifted himself. Then she slipped them down, revealing a hard erection that was already purpling with need.

With one finger, Cordelia stroked the cock from the base up to the thick head. Groo threw his head back and made an inarticulate cry as his hands flew wide. He fisted the sheet, and she could practically taste his need to grab her. He wanted to. He wanted to so very much, but instead he lay under her. Almost patiently. Digging his heels into the bed again, he shoved his body up so that he was farther on the bed, and Cordelia rode the movement. Beneath her, muscles gathered and strained. It was like riding one of her father’s champion horses—all carefully controlled power and beauty.

Groo’s hands came back to rest against her thighs, and Cordelia shifted up so that her wet clit was pressed against the underside of Groo’s cock. It twitched, and Cordelia could feel her own body strain against the all-consuming need. She felt so alive. Bracing her hands against Groo’s shoulders, Cordelia lifted herself up to her knees and then started settling down on Groo’s cock. He was large enough that she could feel her body stretch. Like a good morning stretch, it woke up muscles and made her body hungry to move.

Instead, she sank down as slowly as she could. The slow torture made Groo squirm uncomfortably and Cordelia’s body trembled with need, but she liked the knife’s edge. She liked this unfulfilled thirst that made her body yearn for life. She finally settled down, and Groo’s eyes stared up at her, begging her for more even though he was silent. She remained perfectly still.

Groo’s fists uncurled, leaving behind wrinkles that looked like two crumpled flowers on the sheets. Carefully, he brushed his hands over her thighs, and with each pass, his fingers got closer to where their bodies joined. Cordelia simply watched. Finally, his fingers stroked her curled hair, and a full-body shiver of need went through her. Her pussy tightened so that Groo felt even larger, and he gave an answering moan of either pleasure or pain.

His fingers returned, this time slipping between the lips of her pussy to find the hard clit. Moving with great caution, he stroked a finger over it, and Cordelia couldn’t take any more. She rose up on her knees and then slid back down on Groo’s hard shaft. She needed this. Oh God, she needed this. She rode carefully, not giving him enough to come while she indulged herself. Instead of complaining, Groo kept his fingers against her clit, stroking and pressing as she rode him.

Cordelia’s control slipped, and she started riding him harder, cries coming with each thrust. Now Groo started pressing up to meet her. Their bodies worked together, point and counterpoint as each thrust grew longer and faster. Cordelia’s legs started to ache, and she reached down and caught Groo by the shoulders. Immediately he stilled, but then Cordelia threw her weight to one side while still impaled on Groo’s cock. Luckily, he was a fast learner.

She rolled to her side and then her back, and Groo rolled with her, supporting his weight on his elbows as he took over the thrusting. Hooking her legs around the back of his thighs, Cordelia pulled him closer with each thrust. He was powerful, and now she could feel every inch of that power as he pushed into her, his breath hot against her neck as he moaned with each movement. Cordelia cried out as her orgasm swept over her. Her entire body tightened. She dug fingers into Groo’s shoulders and pulled herself up off the bed. Her legs stiffened and her pussy tightened until Groo was almost too large as he continued to thrust into her. She cried out again as the orgasm continued, each thrust pushing her deeper into the orgasm until she couldn’t think. She could only gasp for air as her body twisted.

Groo cried out and then his thrusts started slowing. Eventually he stopped, his body still draped over hers. Only then did Cordelia’s muscles begin to recover. Taut limbs slowly softened and her aching pussy finally loosened. Groo was panting, his breath hot against her neck as he buried his head against her, and Cordelia loosened the death hold she had on his shoulders to slowly stroke her fingers through his hair.

“My queen,” he murmured, his voice carrying that same sleepy, muddled tone most men had after sex. She pressed against his hip, and he shifted to the side and collapsed, one arm and one leg still sprawled across her. They lay, their breath heavy in the silence. His fingers traced small circles against her stomach, and Cordelia stoked his hair.

“My Groosalugg,” she whispered back. Her groosalugg. Her champion. Angel would always be pulled between humanity and the power, between his guilt and his need to do something noble. His past would always own some part of his soul, and Cordelia had never been good at sharing. Groo, though, Groo was hers. He would always be hers.

“Your Groosalugg,” Groo agreed softly. He shifted so that his hand was resting between her breasts, and Cordelia brought her own hand up to cup his. Spike was right. She was the queen. And if her men needed someone to push them in the right direction while letting them think they were in charge… well, she was the right woman for the job.

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