This is part of the Toys universe, but it's not Spander. Nope, before Spike found Riley, Riley had to make some pretty bad choices to end up where he was. This backtracks a bit of Riley's history and follows our soldier on his own path to becoming a vampire toy.



Dalton's Pet

Kink Bingo: Sensory deprivation (touch)
Warnings: psych games

Feb 2001

The female vamp settled between Riley's legs, her teeth buried in his arm, and Riley arched his back in pleasure. Nothing else in his life felt this pure. Maybe pure was the wrong word... maybe intense was a better description. Since he'd left the Initiative, he wasn't a soldier. After getting enthralled by Dracula, he wasn't even sure the man he saw in the mirror was a good man. He couldn't protect Buffy. When Joyce died, he couldn't even get close to her. She turned to Willow or Giles, and he was just the pathetic sycophant who didn't know when to go away. Sometimes he thought of going home to Iowa, but this... this moment of the vamp slowly drawing blood from his veins until the heat made his cock hard... this was worth staying.

After the fight with Buffy, he would have to go home and masturbate, but that was okay too. "Harder," he gasped as the vamp eased off. She obliged by driving her teeth deep into his arm so he hissed his pleasure and threw his head back. Her hands gripped his waist hard enough to leave bruises. Another time he might worry, but his odds of getting Buffy in bed soon were not good. She could leave all the bruises she wanted.

She sucked hard enough that Riley felt his brain fuzz out as he fisted the back of her head. Oh yes. Yes, this was... this was perfect. However, some soldier part of his brain never fully stood down, so the shuffle in the corner brought his eyes open. Two vampires were coming in the door.

Riley shoved at the vamp between his legs, straining to sit up, but her hands grabbed for him as she smiled at him with a mouth stained with his blood. Damn it. She was in on it. Riley liked the bite, but he wasn't an idiot. He pulled out the stake he kept hidden in his pant leg and shoved it deep into her back before she could do more than widen her eyes in surprise.

She exploded into dust and Riley struggled to get up, but between coughing up dust and the light-headed feeling from blood-loss, he was badly off balance. The first vamp through the door tackled him, and Riley drove the stake deep into his back, but missed the heart altogether.

The second grabbed Riley's foot and dragged him across the dirty floor, and Riley aimed a kick at the vamp's face. His boot contacted with a satisfying crunch, but the vamp didn't let go. Riley twisted around to focus on the first vamp, but the monster had already pulled the stake from his chest and tossed it across the room. Riley reached for his knife, and the vampire was on him with a growl, landing on Riley's back and forcing him to the ground. Clinging to the knife, Riley tried to roll, but a knee in his neck stopped him and a strong hand grabbed his wrist.

"Listen human, I can break your fingers or you can let go," the vamp hissed at Riley. He looked young, nineteen or twenty, but his leather jacket and slicked-back hair whispered late seventies or early eighties, so Riley was estimating the vampires age at something closer to forty. Riley considered his options. He hated surrendering his weapon, but a broken hand would reduce his ability to fight back later and he couldn't realistically bring his weapon to bear on the vamp. Reluctantly, Riley uncurled his fingers and let the knife drop.

"Good boy," the vamp said as he put even more weight onto Riley's neck. This was it. This was how he was going to die. After months of hiring vampire whores and letting them drink his blood, he wasn't surprised; this ending had been waiting in the shadows for him all this whole time. He came armed, but a human was no match for a vampire, not like a slayer. If he was going to be honest with himself, he knew the whole time that the law of consequences would catch up with him eventually.

"He broke my nose. That fucker broke my nose," the other vamp complained. Riley hadn't seen him well enough to do more than catch a glimpse of greasy blond hair.

"Your own fucking fault."

"It's his fucking fault."

Riley curled his hands into fists and closed his eyes as the dirt from the floor and the drifting ash from the whole made them sting. He was going to die, and it wasn't going to be some vamp he paid or Dracula. He wasn't going to die covering Buffy's back. Then again, he didn't trust himself at Buffy's back, not anymore.

Hands clawed at him, and Riley prepared himself to die. It took a few seconds to realize that the hands were pulling on his waistband. Riley exploded into motion, struggling and flailing as he tried to stop the hands from pulling his clothes free. The knee crushed his neck to the floor and hands grabbed at his arms, but Riley fought madly.

"Give him the shot."

"No way. I want him awake and suffering through this one."

"Fuck that. We're going to kill him and he's not worth anything dead."

"Yeah, but it'll feel good killing him. He dusted Rita."

"Just get the fucking shot in or I'll dust you."

Riley kicked, trying to force the other vamp to kill him, but a heavy weight fell across his legs and he was left squirming as air drifted over his now-bare ass. A sharp pinch made him gasp, and he coughed as dust and ash went down his throat. Almost immediately, Riley felt like vomiting. The world spun, colors streaking through his vision as life became a bubble that stretched as it filled with air, and Riley was part of that bubble, stretching and stretching until he thought he might snap.

"Good boy," a voice warbled, and Riley blinked in confusion. Heat filled him.

"Good boy my ass," another voice answered. "He thinks vamps are nothing but prostitutes, whores for him to hire. Well, he's about to figure out who the real whore is. How much do you think we can charge for him?"

"If you don't kill him first, a slayer's minion should go for some nice money. Him being Initiative will be worth even more."

"Hear that whore? You're going to bring in some nice money."

The bubble he was on stretched more, and Riley closed his eyes as he body elongated to match the curve of the world. Air brushed over him, little armies of air marching, marching across his naked back. The fire ripped his ass open, and Riley screamed.


Kink Bingo: Glory holes
Warnings: Rape, abuse, drug use

July 2001

"Be a nice boy, and you can have it," the vamp smiled as he waved the syringe in front of Riley's face. Riley blinked, struggled to focus, and then gave up as he sagged back down onto the dirty mattress that was his home. Home. That word should mean something else. Riley's thoughts skittered down that path for a little while, but like always, they just ran away leaving him running his fingers over the texture of the mattress.

"Fuck, he's still too stoned. Let's try the dark one."

"We could have a minion do it."

"They pay for a warm mouth. I think they'd notice if a vampire was blowing them."

"Some of them might not."

Riley heard the words. They were purple blobs falling out onto the world with splatters of red. He reached out and touched one, but it felt just like the wood floor that his mattress was on. He reached down to scratch. His leg itched. His leg always itched, but he liked it. He scratched and fireworks went off behind his closed eyelids. Blue and yellow and pink flared to life as he dragged his broken fingernails over the skin. Bringing his hand up to his nose, he sniffed and frowned as the musky smell reminded him of something. Then his memory skittered away like a scared mouse, and Riley just sank into happiness again.

The world slowly faded from purple to pink to the pale blues that Riley didn't like. The blue came before the pain, and he didn't like the pain. The pain came when the world started to deflate and his skin got all pinched as the rubber contracted against him. He didn't like that. Riley made an unhappy mew and hoped that someone came to get him. He didn't want the pain. He'd been good. He hadn't even tried to be bad in so long. Riley tried to remember what bad was, but his brain brought up memories of fire eating his back, and that just made the blue press in harder. He cried out for help.

"Finally. Someone has to feed this one more or he's going to be too stoned or too weak to work."

Riley squirmed and struggled forward toward the voice, but something heavy around his ankle pulled at him. Struggling to move toward that voice, Riley frowned at the blue shadows that invaded his blue world. A vamp squatted down in front of him, and Riley reached out to touch his boot.

"You want this?" the vamp asked, waving the syringe in front of Riley. Riley frowned at it in confusion. Did he want it? "This will make the world feel better."

Riley breathed faster at that promise. He wanted the world to feel better. He wanted the blue to go away. "Yes," he said weakly. A strong hand caught him under the chin and forced his head up. Riley blinked sluggishly.

"Hose him down and put him on the first floor. Now, human, listen here. You be a good little whore and suck whatever you're given, and I'll give you a nice shot that will make the world go pretty."

Riley nodded happily. He wanted the pretty.

"Good boy," a hand patted him. Riley chuckled and made a little woofing sound. "If he's good about sucking the cocks, give him the shot and throw him in with the other Rapture whores. Oh, and if Oliver shows up, tell him that two dead humans is one too many. He's not welcome here. If he wants a hit of Rapture, he can fucking well run his own humans."


"No buts." The hand let go of Riley and he flopped back down to the floor. Other hands came and lifted him so that Riley slid along on the bubble, the blue streaks scaring him so that he flinched away, but they kept right on stabbing at him anyway. His skin was starting to turn to lead, and that hurt too.

"Hurt," Riley whispered to the hands that made him slide around on the bubble.

"Suck first, and then I'll make you feel better," the voice promised, but it lied because there was nothing to suck, only cold water pounding at him, flooding the room with blue so that Riley cried at the pain and the jagged edges that poked him and his lead skin. He was lifted again, this time dropped onto clouds, and Riley looked around desperately for something to suck. If he sucked, the world would turn pretty, the voice promised.

"Here." Hands took his head and pulled him toward a wall. Riley knelt up, his mouth open and ready to suck, but it still took him a little while to find his target. Something cool was poking through a hole, and Riley happily sucked it into his mouth, working it eagerly as he waited for the pretty. It was too big for him, and he poked it with his tongue and it only got bigger, but Riley was afraid to pull back because he wanted the pretty, and sometimes when he was here, a fire monster was lurking in the shadow. If he looked away, the fire monster might eat his back again. Rather than risk seeing the blue fire monster, Riley closed his eyes and sucked happily. The sucking made little pops of pink burst behind his eyes, and he liked that.

But then he did something wrong because the thing in his mouth tried to choke him. Liquid went up his nose, and his eyes watered, and Riley pulled back, crying out in fear of the fire monster and afraid that if he didn't suck, the world wouldn't ever be pretty again, and he wanted the world pretty. His skin wrinkled and throbbed as the world shrank and turned ugly blue. But then a new something came through the hole and it was just the right size to suck.

Riley went back to work, humming and sucking as he waited for the blessed pinch in his arm that would make the world go swirling pink again.


Kink Bingo: Drugs
Warnings: Rape, abuse, drug use

Oct 2001

"Be a good boy, and you can have it," a voice sing-songed, but Riley was too tired to pay it much attention. He missed the pink and purple world he used to live in. Now the world was pretty much gray.

Something pressed against his mouth, and Riley sucked at it. Sometimes if he sucked enough, he could find the pink world he missed so much. Instead he just got something thick that slid down his throat and made him choke. No pink. Sometimes the pink brought fragments of a memory. A pink shirt and a girl with pink lips who laughed in the sun. Riley liked that memory. He wasn't sure it was real, but he liked it anyway. Her shoes were pink. Riley was pretty sure that was real.

"Just give it to him or he's not going to be worth anything."

"He's not worth much more than anything now."

"This new Rapture is supposed to be really good."

"I hope so. We're using up more humans than I really want to deal with. This one has already outlasted a half dozen others. There's a limited market for human meat that's been tainted with Rapture, and I do not want a bunch of bodies around stinking the place up. Humans make enough stink on their own."

"No kidding. He's fucking disgusting. Do you have to feed him so much? If you didn't feed him as much, maybe he wouldn't make so much shit."

"If I feed him any less, he'll die. If vampires could just take Rapture straight from the needle, we wouldn't have to put up with any of this. The chemist who makes a direct to vampire Rapture is going to be Master of the whole fucking West Coast."

"Right now, let's just see how this new version does." Fire burned in Riley's arm, and he mewed his displeasure. The bright flare of white interrupted his nice, calm, boring, sad gray.

"Let's get him clean." Riley's head flopped back as he was picked up. It didn't matter. Sometimes he dreamed that his head would just flop off, but it never did. Riley didn't know if that was good or bad. A flare of green made him jerk, and then he flew off the world, his body lighter than air until he somehow still crashed into the ground.


"If he's broken, you have to find another."

"He's fine. He barely bruised." Riley jerked again when a streak of yellow almost collided with him.

"That new mix has some kick to it. I haven't seen him that lively in a while."

Water ran over Riley in blue rivers, and he crab-walked away, hitting the edge of the universe and then shaking his head as he tried to figure out where he was. Hot. He was hot. Riley tried to rip his clothes off, but his hands found only naked skin, his fingernails scoring hot trails across his chest.

A face was there, but it was all wrong. It loomed in front of him for a second before it started licking up his chest. Riley tried to grab the head, but his hands were too big.

"Yummy," the face announced when it lifted itself from his body. And then Riley was flying again. Red. The world was red. Red like blood and need and the hearts you cut out of construction paper and gave to people in your class when you sat in a building with a window out onto a world that was green and filled with light. Riley jerked away from the memory of light, but that didn't stop it from chasing him down until the light surrounded him, swallowed him whole. He closed his eyes tightly, but the red invaded his eyes too.

Something pressed inside of him, and that was a familiar feeling, but the intruder breeched his defenses, the red came flooding into his body, and Riley groaned. His hands reached for his cock, feeling the flesh harden, and that was a strange sensation.

His face felt strange, like his skull was stretching and the skin might burst off any second, but Riley didn't care because he was stroking his hand up and down a part of his anatomy that he could only remember in a vague way. He used to lay on white sheets and do this oh so quietly. He remembered the smell of eggs. Riley pumped faster, the red turning all the world pretty as he gasped for air. Something sharped ripped into his elbow, and Riley cried out in pain, but then the pain became pleasure... the sort of twisted pleasure you got from slowly pulling back a scab to find soft, pink flesh beneath. Riley screamed as his whole body convulsed and he lost himself in pleasure so intense nothing else in the universe existed.

"Fuck, that's some good shit. Fuck, yeah," a voice said as a hand pressed on his back. Riley had to agree. That was good shit. It made the whole world pretty. Riley sank into sleep with the red still coloring his world.


Kink Bingo: Gangbang
Warnings: dub-con, manipulation

April 2001

"Right then, you ready to prove your obedience?" Spike asked as he leaned against the door to the room that had been Riley's prison for at least a couple of months. The pain of getting off the Rapture had distorted his sense of time so he didn't know if it had been two months or a year since Spike had first dragged him into this room and dumped him on the bed.

Riley shivered in dread as he pushed away the images of how Spike might make him prove obedience, but what he really hated was the fact that it didn't matter. He wanted the bite that much. "Yes, Master," he forced past his lips. If he were being honest with himself, he wanted the Rapture even more, but that level of honesty was more than he could face at this exact moment. Spike cocked his head to the side and walked slowly to Riley.

Without the drugs, Riley couldn't pretend this wasn't happening. He couldn't pretend he wasn't on his knees or escape the memory of what he had done. He should have just let Hostile 17 kill him, but—God help him—he still wanted the bite. Spike reached down and ran a thumb over the sensitive skin of Riley's neck, and the shivers were back.

"Show that you can submit even when you soddin' well don't want to, and I'll give you a bed up in the stable."

"And if I can't?" Riley found the strength to ask. Spike just cocked an eyebrow at him. The threat to send him back to the suckhouses loomed over him, he already knew that. Xander was right about one thing... he'd put himself in that position. Actually, Xander was right about two things... he put himself in that position and he'd helped vampires get stoned before going out and feasting on the people of L.A. Riley hated himself to such a degree that his feelings for Spike were warm and fuzzy in comparison.

"Come on, then," Spike said as he turned and walked out. Riley rose and followed after Spike. In basic training, they'd spent a week naked to acclimate to the sensation in case an enemy ever tried to use it as a weapon of humiliation. Riley didn't bother trying to cover himself as he followed Spike down a long hall and then down a set of stairs. The echoes of Spike's boot told him they were going into a large area, so Riley wasn't surprised when the stairs ended in a garage. A half dozen cars and two vans sat waiting.

"Minions live down here," Spike commented, and Riley went stiff. Minions. It didn't take a genius to figure out what the test of obedience would be. Riley ached for a shot of Rapture. He could feel the need crawling through his veins like a hungry rat trying to eat him from the inside.

"So, I figure you have a choice mate," Spike commented as he leaned against the closest car and pulled out a cigarette. Riley stood at parade rest, not sure what the rules were. From the way Xander acted, there were rules for being a human in Spike's court, but he'd never been privy to any vampire etiquette. He'd been shot up with drugs and left to lie in his own waste. Until someone ordered him to do otherwise, he'd stay on his feet, even if his feet were still a little unsteady. "You can either submit, or I can turn you out that door."

For a half second, Riley was blinded by the idea of freedom, of going back to what he had been and proving that he was more than this drug-addicted mess he'd turned into. Almost immediately, though, his mind turned to Rapture, to the suckhouse where this had all started—they had Rapture. The memory of the simple beauty of the world when he was stoned clashed against his memories of the degradations and pain he endured. His back was still a map of pain left over from the time before the drugs had completely eroded his will.

Riley swallowed as he looked at the open door where Spike had gestured. Death was better than either option, but Spike wasn't offering that.

"Well?" Spike asked.

Riley closed his eyes and clenched his jaw for a moment. Xander talked about choice, about admitting that he had made a choice, but as far as he was concerned, this was little more than psychological terrorism. Spike knew there was no real choice here. If Riley walked out that door, he'd go straight to the suckhouse. The need for Rapture and for the bite was too great.

"You've made your point, sir," Riley finally managed from between clenched teeth. With his eyes closed, he had no warning before a hand stroked his neck, and he jerked back. The hand tightened, and when Riley looked into Spike's yellow eyes, he had to order himself to stand down and allow Hostile 17 to do whatever he wanted. Riley had made this bed and he would learn to lay in it.

"So, you're choosin' to stay then?"

"Yes, Master," Riley managed to sound mostly respectful. It was the best he could do under the circumstances.

"That means you choose to give your body to whatever demon I want to give it to," Spike pointed out.

Riley swallowed. "Yes, Master."

Spike nodded and gave him a pleased smile, but then the vampire had everything to be pleased about. "Name one thing you'd never do, not even if I ordered you to, not even if the consequence would be going back to that soddin' suckhouse."

Even knowing that the vampire would use the truth against him, Riley found himself telling the truth. "I wouldn't ever kill an innocent human being."

Spike brought his cigarette up and took a long drag before letting go of Riley's neck and turning his back. Riley wasn't sure if it was meant as an insult or a test, but he remained at parade rest. Spike blew out a cloud of smoke before turning back.

"My boy doesn't get to set limits, but he does remind me that if I ask him to do certain things, like hurting people or even making him watch them be hurt, he's very likely to have a bloody breakdown and end up nuttier than Dru," he said with his lips pursed together, and Riley was surprised. Xander had been so complaisant, so different from the young man Buffy and Willow described and who Riley had met a half dozen times, that he had assumed Xander had been broken. The idea of Xander negotiating with his master this way wasn't what Riley had expected to hear. Then something occurred to Riley.

"Permission to speak freely, sir?" he asked. Military code seemed about as useful as anything else since he didn't really know how to handle this situation.

Spike waved a hand at him, and Riley took that as permission.

"Is that why Xander isn't here right now, sir?"

Spike's expression grew thoughtful. "Drugs didn't kill off too many brain cells, did they? And don't bloody call me sir. I’m your Master, boy."

"Yes, Master," Riley agreed as he tried to just shut down all his emotions. He knew the torture would come eventually. Hostile 17 might talk about how Riley wasn't worth torturing, but that had been in front of Xander. Obviously he cared what Xander thought of him.

"This might hurt, especially if ya fight," Spike shrugged. "But I won't bloody have you around if you aren't ready to remember your place. When the minions come in tonight, I promised 'em that you were going to be waiting."

Riley's skin went cold. He'd been gang-raped more times than he could count, but he'd never been forced to endure it sober.

"You can still walk out. There are clothes over there, and the minions won't touch ya unless you're waiting for 'em on your knees," Spike commented as he again gestured toward the open door. Riley twitched. If he left, he knew he'd end up in the suckhouses again. The need was too great for any other outcome, but at least on the Rapture he wouldn't truly understand what was happening. He was weak for wanting that oblivion, but he did.

"If ya stay and play nice with the minions, I give you my word on two things," Spike commented without emotion before he took a deep drag on his cigarette. Riley was temporarily distracted by the sight of a minion coming in that door. The man was big and dressed in a biker's jacket and he had a bottle of something in his hand that he was taking a drink out of. The moment he spotted Spike, he stopped and tilted his head in Spike's direction.

"Master Spike," he said respectfully. Spike didn't bother to answer, and the minion retreated to the far wall. A second minion came in, and the first one grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him back into the shadows.

"First," Spike said to Riley as if the minions hadn't just interrupted. Riley had to force his eyes back to Spike. "I promise the minions won't kill you or cause any permanent disability. I don't like my toys broken." Spike said that last part loud enough for the two minions in the far shadows to hear. A third minion coming in the door froze as he spotted Spike and heard the warning. "Second, you won't ever have to hurt an innocent human or see one hurt." Spike smiled. "Of course, that rule doesn't apply to human hunters or even vampires or demons from outside the court who try to hunt in my territory. If I tell you to bloody hunt something down and kill it, you bloody well will." Spike poked his cigarette at Riley.

"Master?" Riley asked in shock.

"Wot? Ya think I make Xander stay in such good shape just to have sex with me?" Spike frowned. "Actually, I would make him stay in shape for that reason, but it's a fucking treat to see him take down some minion who's stepped over the line. When the master's pet turns ya to dust because the master can't be bloody bothered to take care of you himself, now that's a lesson," Spike said with a wide grin. Riley's brain stalled out as he tried to understand Spike's words. He might have a chance to hunt vampires again? But that's only if he trusted Spike's word. But if he believed Xander, Dawn and Tara both trusted Spike. Dawn wasn't exactly reliable, but Tara wouldn't trust him without good reason. But then he only had Xander's word that Tara did trust Spike. Riley just didn't have enough information to make the right call with any degree of certainty.

"Your choice, mate," Spike said as he waved a hand toward the door before turning and heading back for the stairs.

The minions stared at him, and for a second, Riley expected them to jump him. It would be familiar, hands clawing at him, cocks pressing into him. But instead, they just watched. A fourth minion showed up at the door and smiled widely at Riley. It wasn't a nice smile.

"He's not ours unless he kneels for us, moron," one of the vampires in the shadows growled.

The new guy looked at Riley. "Well, kneel then," he snarled as he started walking toward Riley. Riley backed up quickly, fear overriding all other thoughts, but a Hispanic-looking vampire darted out and drove a stake into the other vampire's back so that he exploded into dust. Riley was left staring at the vampire in shock.

"The master said you have a choice, so you do," the vampire told him, hissing the words through his fangs. Then he backed up, heading for the shadows where the other two waited. Vampire number four was obviously out of the picture since dust couldn't really participate in a gang rape. Edging toward the door, Riley stopped at a shelf and fingered the clothes neatly folded up. He was starting to believe that Spike had told the truth, that he could get dressed and walk out. He could walk out and find a Rapture house. Riley could feel that need pull at him like a string in his guts urging him out into the pre-dawn air. He could get high again. The only thing stopping him was the knowledge that the drugs were a weakness, and he was weak for wanting them. But his only other option was staying. He knew he couldn't walk out that door and not go to the suckhouse.

Then again, maybe he could call Graham. Graham would handcuff him to a radiator to keep him away from the suckhouses. Graham was a good enough friend to do that. Riley closed his eyes and found himself wishing for a world where that was possible, but Graham had been headed to South America last Riley knew. He'd never find Graham in time for Graham to stop him. How would his life have been different if he'd taken Graham up on that offer to go along?

Another minion came through the door, a woman who was slightly overweight, but attractive in a plain sort of way, the sort of woman Riley might expect to see in an apron back in Iowa. She looked around, narrowing her eyes at the three in the shadows.

"Pierce?" she asked.

"He tried to grab the human," the Hispanic one said, his eyes firmly on the floor. Ah, so this was one of Spike's commanders. The line from Animal Farm suddenly crossed Riley's mind. 'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.' Clearly, she was more equal.

She looked at him curiously. "Master Spike has made it clear that this is your choice. I can even call a cab for you, pay for you to go anywhere within Sunnydale," she suggested calmly. The suggestion turned Riley's stomach to ice because he knew where he wanted to go. He knew what his body demanded even now. He didn't care if he laid in his own filth until someone beat him to death if it meant getting Rapture, but if he did that, people would die. People would die because vampires were stoned and had their version of the munchies.

"You could just kill me," Riley whispered as he looked at the woman desperately. He should have refused to kneel for Spike. He should have died that day, but seeing Xander's ecstasy as Spike bit him, it had made him weak. It made him want one more taste of something he never should have allowed himself to have. After Dracula, he should have killed himself before walking into a suckhouse.

The woman studied him. "Not without Master Spike's permission," she answered without a hint of mercy. Riley's legs were shaking. He looked at the door. The first weak streaks of light were staining the sky. The suckhouse would be quiet, vamps sated on freely given blood fucking and settling in for a day's sleep. He almost sobbed as he forced himself to look away from the door and toward the shadows. Now, with the weak light penetrating the darkness, Riley could see beds. Large mattresses on the floor created two massive beds covered in nests of blankets and pillows.

Every step was painful as he walked toward the closest one. In the dark, yellow eyes watched him, and Riley shivered and his skin crawled. When he reached the closest bed, he slowly went to his knees.

He no more than touched the ground when strong hands lifted him, and with a growl, he was pushed face down onto the nest of bedding. He didn't fight as hands pushed his legs apart and something cold and slick was quickly shoved up his ass. Lube was more than he had been expecting. As quick as Riley had that thought, the something was gone, and the familiar feeling of a cock up his ass replaced it. Riley grunted with each thrust as he was pushed into the bedding.

"Hurry up. I want my turn," someone complained and the pace of the thrusts picked up a little. Riley fisted the blankets. The third vamp came forward, pulling his pants off. "Hey, I'm next in line."

The vamp in front of Riley was the Hispanic one. "A human has two holes you idiot," he pointed out as he knelt in front of Riley, fisting his hair. "Are you going to be good or do I have to teach you some manners?" he demanded.

"Victor," the woman snapped. He immediately let go of Riley's hair.

"I just don't want to get bitten by a human," Victor complained with a sulk.

"He won't bite," the woman said as she came up behind Victor and looked down at him. "If he bites, I might be too annoyed to bother biting him, and since I'm the only one with permission to bite him, he very much wants to please me." She slowly bent down and pressed her thumb into the sore spot where Spike had pierced his neck. Riley felt desire for the first time since Spike had bitten him. "Be a good boy," the woman told him.

"I will, ma'am," Riley promised, the heat from his bite already warming his cock. But then she let go and retreated, watching as Victor arranged himself on the bed and pulled Riley into his lap, the other vampire still pounding away on his ass.

With the realization that he had brought himself to this and that this was the only option that didn't lead to innocent deaths on his hands, Riley closed his lips around Victor's cock and started to suck. The vampire behind him roared as he came in Riley's ass, and Riley didn't even pause in his task as the third vampire took the first one's place and shoved his cock deep in Riley with no warning. Closing his eyes, Riley did what he had to do. That's what he'd been trained for.

Apr 2002

Riley woke, but not in his narrow bed in the stable. Up there, he woke every morning to the sound of Chad complaining about the unfairness of being in a full chastity harness while the other males only had to wear a plug. But now, he was in a large bed and he could feel absolutely nothing. He tried to move, but his body wasn't under his control. Panic was quickly setting in.

"I know you are not hurting, so there's no reason for you to have a racing heart," Dalton said as she appeared in his line of sight. But then she moved out of it, and Riley couldn't even move his head to follow her. "The paralysis is temporary. Clonach demons are largely harmless, but their facial tentacles produce a toxin intended to paralyze prey until they can escape. It's useful." She reappeared in Riley's line of sight and reached down to run a finger down his cheek.

Spike gave her permission to use the stables more than any other vampire in the court, which was understandable considering that she was Spike's childe. He wasn't sure if that was a biological relationship or something related to status... a lieutenant who had been promoted. Twice she'd tied Riley down and then ridden him until his cock was raw. Once she'd tied Chad down and then put a gag on him with a huge cock that stuck up. She rode his face as he squirmed in need, his own cock still helpless in the cock cage. Riley had no illusions that she was particularly merciful even if she looked like she might have been nice in life.

"The toxin has a number of useful benefits," she mused as she let her fingers trail down over his body. Bringing her other hand up, she palmed his cheek and lifted his head so that he could watch as she stroked his cock. It was strange watching the thing thicken and grow when he had no physical feeling attached to it. She released his head, and it fell back onto the pillows.

"You'll recover your voice first, but I fear your inhibitions and self-control might not return for some time," she mused as she crawled onto the bed and pulled her skirt up. She straddled him and then dropped down onto his cock. It was actually easier this way. Riley hated the fact that he always got hard for her. When the lieutenants ordered him onto his stomach, Riley would spread his legs without ever feeling lust. He didn't feel dirty when they finished with him. But his body would feel Dalton's soft curves and get hard every time. He couldn't seem to get his penis to remember that she was a vampire, a monster who served to the monster who owned him.

"Can you talk yet?" she asked as she started lazily riding him. It was surreal—watching her face soften in pleasure and knowing he was the other half but not being able to feel it. Riley struggled with his mouth.

"Any noise at all?" She reached down and cupped his cheeks, pulling his face around so he was looked right at her. He managed a weak mumble.

"Good boy," she praised him, her thumbs stroking over his lips, and Riley mentally cringed from the praise. He knew how tentative his hold on his own will was at this point, and his resistance to mental manipulation was almost non-existent. It was strange, but having sat through lectures on Stockholm Syndrome and the defense mechanism of identification didn't protect him from the feelings. When she came to the stables, he wanted her to pick him. He wanted the bite, but he also wanted her.

She studied him, her rhythm as she rode him never varying. "When Master Spike first brought me into his court, I didn't understand his attachment to his human, but I do enjoy your heat and your smell. I wonder if you have other talents as Xander does. He is very good at fighting, the best human I have seen. And he carves magical objects. They say that he helps bring the white magic that shields this place," she said in a voice barely above a whisper. Riley wasn't sure if he actually did frown, but he wanted to frown at that. As far as he knew, Xander had no magical ability at all.

"Master Spike does many things different from other vampires. Other vampires would drive the Clonach demons away because they are not hunters and would drive the Oden Tal away because they smell of human. It's hard to remember to not feed on them," she said. Riley had been brought out for a visiting vampire once... one who had spent time in the Initiative cells. Between having to kneel with his forehead to the floor for Spike and having to suck the other vampire's cock, Riley had seen the Oden Tal. They were Amazons. Sitting in a group to the side, Riley had been confused about their place in the court, but then one with long black hair had stepped forward and asked permission to hunt a demon who had encroached on the territory, and Riley had quickly come to the conclusion that they were not seen as inferior.

"Can you talk yet?" she asked, her fingers pressing his lips.

"Yesssss," Riley managed to hiss out. He couldn't talk well, but he could talk. She smiled at him.

"Are you happy in the stable?" she asked. Riley frowned, and this time he was fairly sure his face did actually respond. Parts of it were beginning to tingle to life like when the Novocain wore off after going to the dentist.

"No," he admitted, the word coming out before he could consider his answer or plan his strategy for how to handle this. She didn't answer right away as she continued to ride him, but she let go of his face and ran her hands over his chest. Riley managed to keep his face up even though it took a good deal of effort.

"Are you unhappy?" she asked.

"No," Riley said, again before his brain could check with his mouth. Riley sighed in frustration as he realized just how helpless the Clonach venom had made him. They'd had a Clonach in the Initiative, but Riley couldn't remember it having facial tentacles at all much less poisonous ones. He sometimes suspected that everything the Initiative had ever learned or reported was utter crap.

"Do you want to leave?"


That made her pause for a second, her breasts bouncing out of time with her as she stopped and they didn't. Riley again reminded his idiotic body that she was a vampire and not the woman she appeared to be. "Why not?" she asked curiously.

"I don't want to be addicted to the drugs again."

"You want protection from the drugs more than freedom?" she asked.

"Yes." Riley watched as she resumed riding him, her back arching in pleasure and her fingernails scratching across his chest. He could watch the white trails slowly pinken, but he still could feel nothing.

"Is there anything you want more than protection from the drugs?"

"To protect others, to die." Both answers tumbled out of Riley's mouth.

"To protect who?"

"Everyone, citizens."

For a second, Dalton just stared at him like he had grown a new head. "Xander sometimes talks of just having to accept that demons have strange thoughts, but they are not nearly as strange as the thoughts of humans. You would protect everyone? Even people you do not know?"

"Yes," Riley agreed.

Dalton sped up, giving up on the questions for a moment, and Riley recognized her expression. Her head was thrown back, and her face flushed, and she looked so much like a girl he'd liked in high school, that Riley could easily convince himself that Dalton was human. But then she flashed into gameface, her yellow eyes pinning him.

Riley flopped his head weakly to the side as she growled and panted, her motions growing jerky as she climaxed. Riley wondered briefly if his own body was climaxing. Then she collapsed onto him, her teeth sinking in to his scarred shoulder as she drank, and Riley had his answer. No other feeling touched him, but the first draw of blood brought white pleasure crashing through him so sharply that his body had to have climaxed even if he didn't feel it. She pulled out, her mouth stained with his blood, and Riley thought back to the woman who had helped his first two owners capture him.

"You liked that," she said knowingly.

"Yes and no," Riley said, and he groaned to himself. His honesty was going to make her angry enough to punish him.

"You like the pleasure," she said.


"What don't you like?" she asked.

She slid off him and settled in at his side, her body blanketing his own as though trying to soak up his heat.

"I don’t like the helplessness."

"You'll always be helpless with a vampire," she pointed out. "If you weren't, you would be strong enough to fight back, earn your freedom and return to the suckhouse. You will never have that power."

"I like knowing that," Riley answered. He silently cursed the venom.

"You don't want to be free." She traced circles on his chest before following the red trail her fingernails had left down his chest. "What part of the helplessness do you not like?"

"You're a killer," Riley pointed out.

"Yes, and?" she frowned at him, obviously not understanding.

"You kill people, I want to protect people, so I want you dead," Riley said, and he braced himself for the punishment that would surely follow that statement.

Instead she frowned at him. "Killing civilians is a game for weak vampires. Any vampire so weak that he must prey upon the helpless has no part in my sire's court. I do hunt. I hunt vampires who poach on my sire's territory. I hunt humans strong enough to be worthy as prey. I hunt Vigories: the males come through to take the Oden Tal or to kill Master Spike for giving them refuge. They taste of fear and insecurity and power all at once. I revel in their blood," she said with a wicked smile that transformed her from an ordinary and attractive person to a stunning woman who would catch anyone's eye. "Why would you want me to stop this?"

Riley felt the quicksand around him. He didn't want to identify with her. He didn't want to see her as a hunter rather than a monster. "You're lying," he said, but he could hear the uncertainty in his own voice.

"Master Spike says that one should lie to the enemy or to an ally one means to keep only for a short time. To lie to a long-term ally will only undermine his ability to work with you, and to lie to a subordinate is weakness. I could tell you that I plan to eviscerate you in the morning, and you could not stop me, so to lie to you about it would only indicate my own insecurity," she said calmly. Riley blinked at her.

"If I kill many more demons than humans, do you still want me dead?"

"Yes," Riley said, blinking as his eyes tingled uncomfortable as the toxin wore off. He could only hope he would regain control of his mouth soon. Of course, she could simply give him more and repeat the process.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because I'm attracted to you and I don't want to be," Riley said. He then groaned in frustration at his own inability to keep his libido or his mouth under control.

She laughed softly.  "When I was alive, I would have given much to hear that from one such as you," she said, running her hand across his naked chest. "What would you give much to regain?" she asked softly. In court, her voice was harsher, less educated.

"The chance to do good."

"The chance to kill vampires?" she asked with more than a little amusement.

"Yes," he agreed. "And I keep waiting for you to punish me for that." Riley cursed himself for adding that.

Reaching up, she trailed her fingers over his face, and now he could feel the gentle touch tickling his cheek, but he couldn't reach up to scratch it. "I will punish you if you act against me or my sire. I will punish you if you hurt someone in court or refuse to obey an order. I will punish you if I just want to see you twist in pain, your pretty body struggling to escape."

She paused. Riley held his breath as she reached down and kissed him. Sitting up, she smiled at him. "I won't punish you for saying what you think," she promised. "I used to have to promise my classes that. They were used to professors who would give out grades to reward those who agreed. The first man I ate—he would give lower grades to brilliant students whose only sin lay in disagreeing with him. His blood tasted sour." She made a face.

"But I am not a weak minion who must hunt civilians. I am not so lost to violence that I would end a world I very much enjoy. I do not lose myself to blood lust until I harm the species that is my food source. Other demons may hate humans, and other vampires may resent them." She stroked Riley's cheek. "I rather like the beasts."


Kink Bingo: Voyeurism

June 2002

Riley knelt between Dalton's legs, his arms tightly pulled back and bound. He still wasn't sure if her love of bondage was a remnant of the woman she used to be, the professor of English who had been raised in Nebraska and had gone so far as to study Medieval literature at Oxford. Perhaps she had twisted his own words, his fear of going free and returning to the Rapture. The need didn't burn in him like it once had, but he could still feel it stalking him.

He shifted, and Dalton's hand found his neck, gripping him tightly in warning. Sore knees did not compare with an unhappy Dalton in terms of potential pain, so he immediately stilled.

"Bloody hell," Spike complained as he threw a beer bottle at the wall. Clem's mother, whose name Riley could never hope to pronounce, went scrambling after it. "I fucking well want an explanation for how this could happen under your bloody nose," Spike demanded of Aeth, who was either a mage or a witch, Riley wasn't sure which. If Riley had been free to offer a little advice, he might have suggested that she either stop screwing up or move to a different dimension. Spike's patience was running thin.

"Master Spike, I was not aware that she was siphoning magic in this way," Aeth hurried to explain.

"Then why the fuck do I keep you around?" Spike snarled.

Dalton let go of his neck, and Riley laid his cheek on her knee, his silent apology. She'd explained how his behavior reflected on her. By taking him as a pet, she was making herself vulnerable, just as Spike did by taking Xander. If they couldn't control human pets, then the vampires under them would be driven by instinct to try and challenge them. But the willingness to show a vulnerability to the world was a declaration of strength—like turning your back on an enemy. If it backfired you were in a terrible position to defend yourself, but if it worked, it left your enemy uncomfortable and off balance.

"Master Spike, Willow is not beyond my power to control her. I have a spell..."

"She's gone," a voice said from the doorway. Riley turned to see Dawn there at the entry to the court. Normally Dawn was banned from this area, but Riley often saw her in Spike's private quarters. Now she looked lost.

"Bit?" Spike asked, immediately turning his back on the witch/mage. Xander was up on his feet, padding across the floor with his bare feet, his tail hanging out of his shorts. Riley sometimes wondered how much Xander controlled the tail, because, like a cat, he tended to twitch it when he was aggravated. Right now, his curls were bobbing and weaving as his tail twitched madly.

"Dawnie?" he asked.

"I went by the house after school, and I know you said I should wait for Clem, but she's Willow and she would never hurt me," Dawn wailed as she threw herself in Spike's arms. Spike hugged her, and Xander added his own arms.

Looking around the room, Riley wondered how the others saw this little moment. The Oden Tal considered Spike to be a creature not quite human or vampire, but they never showed anything but respect for him. Clem and his family adored Spike. Clem once admitted that the mortality among his family had significantly dropped since taking up residence in the court. But the minions... if Riley believed Dalton, and he had no reason not to, then every human attachment, every attachment with any creature of lesser power, was a weakness. With so many attachments, Spike's power must look like Swiss cheese. However, Spike never had to deal with challenges. The blonde woman had been the only challenge Riley could remember, and while that fight had been brutal, there had never been much doubt about who would win.

"How could she leave?" Dawn cried.

"Sometimes a need gets so great that a person just can't control it. Not your fault, Bit," Spike reassured her. Riley wasn't surprised when her gaze settled on him. He had left her and her sister. He didn't know it at the time, but he'd left them to face a hellgod with only Spike to back them up. Any time she wanted to condemn him, he would look her in the eye and accept that condemnation without hiding.

Dalton slowly stroked his hair, and Riley could feel a blush warm him. Sometimes he thought she petted him for reassurance, but other times he was fairly sure she was just pointing out his weakness and his inability to stop her from treating him like a pet. He had very little to say about it either way.

"I thought she loved me."

Tara appeared in the doorway, her feet bare and her shawl thrown around her shoulders haphazardly, so Riley was guessing someone ran to get her when Dawn showed up in the court instead of the private quarters.

"Dawn, are you alright?" Tara asked as she stepped forward and added her own hand to those comforting Dawn.

She shook her head. "Willow left. She didn't leave a note or anything. She's just gone."

Tara exchanged a worried look with Spike. "Dawn, let's go up to the apartment. You can help me look at tracking spells," Tara offered. Usually Dawn jumped at any chance to get involved with hunting or magic, but now she just looked joyless as Tara pulled her from the room.

"Will we go after her, Master Spike?" Aeth asked. Given how she'd already screwed up, Riley wasn't putting much faith in her ability to counter Willow's magic.

"Princess Jheira would do battle with us," Falif offered as she leaned forward on her seat. Two of the other women had been sharpening their swords, but they stopped now.

"Bloody hell. First, Jheira has enough on her plate fighting her entire fucking dimension," Spike snarled. "Second, if Red wants to leave my territory, I'm not going to fucking track her down just to play fucking baby sitter again. If she's gone, good fucking riddance."

Not even Riley was particularly convinced by that explosion, but he wasn't sure what Spike really wanted or thought. Xander was standing near him, and he flicked his tail in Spike's direction.

"Get your bloody tail out of my way," Spike snapped.

"Yes, Master," Xander said contritely as he backed up, his head ducked and tilted invitingly. Spike took one step toward his chair before turning to look at Xander again. The man still hadn't gone to his knees, and one of the first rules Riley had learned on the end of Dalton's whip was that an unhappy master or mistress meant you immediately collapsed to your knees.

"Pet," Spike said darkly as he started toward Xander. With a grace Riley had never seen in Xander before his time in Spike's court, Xander lowered himself to his knees. Swishing his tail, he tucked it around his knees where it lay surrounding his legs like a nest of curls that didn't quite reach all the way around. He was kneeling now, but the disrespect had been shown.

Spike closed the distance and caught Xander by the ring at the front of the heavy collar he always wore, forcing Xander's head up. "Not nice, pet," Spike growled. The first time Riley had seen this, he'd been genuinely concerned for Xander. Of course, Xander had put himself here just as much as Riley had, but he still didn't want to see the man eviscerated. Since then, Riley had come to the conclusion that Xander intentionally distracted Spike. And while Xander often ended up gasping and in pain, he was always smiling as he followed Spike back to their quarters.

"I'm sorry, Master," Xander offered. He lowered his head to the ground.

"Someone's forgotten how to show proper respect."

Dalton's fingers carded through his hair and the two Oden Tal resumed their work sharpening their weapons. Aeth, however, took the distraction as a chance to run for the hills... or her private room. Riley suspected that had been Xander's plan all along.

Of course, now Spike was dragging Xander over to the wall, wrapping thick leather around his wrists and lifting him to hook the bindings. Xander ended up with his nose to the wall as he stood on his toes.

"Get that tail out of my way," Spike snarled right before he pulled his belt off. Most of the tail simply hung in long curls, so Xander had to keep flicking it from side to side to keep it from hanging down over his ass. "Count 'em," Spike ordered as he pulled the plug out of Xander's ass. The first slap of leather against skin made Riley jump: too many memories. Dalton fisted his hair, holding it so tightly that he couldn't even breathe deeply.

"One, thank you Master for reminding me of my place," Xander answered promptly. His tail was still flicking up and away from his ass with the brilliant red stripe on it, and Spike brought the belt down again.

"Two, thank you Master for reminding me of my place," Xander recited after a brief hiss of pain.

By the sixth stroke, Dalton had released his hair and returned to stroking him. By the tenth, Xander was struggling to get through his phrase. At ten, Spike threw the belt to one side and opened his jeans. Using his hands to lift Xander as easily as one might lift a puppy, Spike impaled him.

Riley could see Xander's neck arch in submission, his toes scrambled at the wall as he tried to find some purchase. Riley now had a cock cage to match Xander's, so he knew the man had no hope of coming, but he still made all the grunts and moans Riley associated with pleasure. Xander started panting, calling out for his Master on each hard thrust that slammed him into the wall. Spike finally came silently and backed away, the white of his come slowly leaking down Xander's thigh in a thin, milky trail. His ass was brilliant red.

"Dalton, make sure Tara and the bit don't come back down here. Xander's going to spend the evening showing everyone what happens to those who forget their manners," Spike said as he turned and headed back for this chair.

"Yes, sire," Dalton agreed as they stood. Riley waited for her to get one step ahead before he rose and followed, his knees stiff. If Dalton had to stand guard, Riley suspected his knees were going to be more stiff because he was going to be kneeling with his head between her legs until she got recalled. Sometimes Riley wondered if sex wasn't the secret weapon to controlling vampires. If they got enough sex, they just didn't seem very motivated to go out and end the world. Well, if that was the case, Riley was certainly doing his part to save the world.


Kink Bingo: Author's Choice: Threesome

August 2002

The pat on the couch was a bit of a surprise, but Riley figured he was being used as a demonstration for Angel and Wesley. Wesley, at least, had an excuse for not understanding vampires, but Riley really couldn't figure Angel out. And he couldn't figure out why Buffy had never quite gotten over losing him.  He was not terribly impressive. Riley crawled up on the couch next to Spike, on the opposite side from Xander. Xander was still, but his eyes were focused on Spike, his lip vanishing as he kept chewing on it. The man was practically trembling with need as Spike calmly reached over and pulled Riley's shirt off.

"She challenged for my territory, Peaches. You already know the answer to that. So, if you want to stay and share my boys, I’m more than happy to have you around, but otherwise, bugger off." Spike answered Angel's question about Darla with a growl that left no room for doubt about what had happened. Angel was behind Riley now, getting a good look at vicious scars that showed how vampires in a suckhouse treated humans. Riley wondered if Angel knew about the suckhouse where he was. He suspected the vampire did. Vampires could rarely hide from other vampires, but if Angel had raided, what would he have done with a dozen Rapture addicted, starving humans? No, it was easier to just walk away and save someone who could be grateful.  Most of the humans in the suckhouses were just ready to die, and Riley doubted the souled vampire was up to the mercy killing of those people.

Spike brought a hand up and pinched Riley's nipple as Angel and Wesley hurried out. Riley still preferred his own Mistress over any male, but he had to admit that he was relieved that he wasn't about to be ordered to perform for Angel. Spike had a strength to him that sometimes scared Riley, but he could also admire it. He didn't admire either Wesley or Angel, but he could deal with serving Spike.  He sometimes even wanted to serve Spike.  If Riley were alone with Dalton, he was fairly sure that he wouldn't be able to slip his leash and get free, but when he was around Spike, Riley knew as an absolute certainly that escape was just not possible.

Reaching over, Spike snaked an arm around Xander's waist and pulled him close. "Strip," Spike ordered, and he had to look over before Riley realized that the Master meant him. Riley ducked his head in submission and embarrassment as he hurried to obey.

Xander lay still on top of Spike, Spike's hands buried deep in his hair as he kissed the man, but Riley could see the slight bulge in the back of Xander's jeans where his tail was trying to switch. As much as Xander seemed to enjoy his tail, Riley hoped that Dalton didn't have plans for any modifications. She had already rewired his brain to a terrifying degree; he didn't need physical reminders of those changes.

"Your turn, pet. Strip," Spike ordered.  He gave Xander a slap on the ass. Xander slithered off, his body arching invitingly as he went to his knees to unfasten the button on his jeans. Spike stood and stalked toward Riley, who stood still, his head down while he weighed his options. If he went to his knees, it might look like he was trying to deny Master Spike access to his body, so he simply stood silently.

In record time, Xander was stripped and standing behind Spike, his hands running over Spike's shoulders. "Master, what can I do for you?" Xander asked in a throaty whisper.

"On your back on the bed," Spike ordered without turning away from his careful consideration of Riley. Riley could see Xander hesitate for just a fraction of a second before he retreated to the bed. The first months in court, Riley hadn't noticed how often Xander still tried to play white knight, defending others with his powers of distraction. However, Riley didn't need protection. He truly had no honor left to worry about, and the worst thing about when Spike used him was the fact that Spike always made sure he came. Riley hated the pleasure more than the sex, but he understood it, too. In some ways, he even appreciated Spike going so far out of his way to make sure Riley knew that he would never be free, never be able to choose Rapture over life. Dalton and Spike simply had too much power over him.

"Show me that lovely arse of yours, pet," Spike said with a leer toward Xander. Xander flipped over and switched his tail up and out of the way to reveal a tight ass plugged with a large black plug. "Lovely, innit?" Spike asked as he reached out and grabbed Riley's nipple. He pulled and Riley gasped but held still.

"Yes, Master, for a male."

"Hey, nice ass for male, female or in between," Xander protested.

Riley hissed in pain and took a step forward as Spike continued to pull on his nipple. From the smirk on Spike's face, that was what he wanted, so Riley followed his lead, walking backwards toward the bed. "I agree with Xander. That's a bloody fine ass no matter what the gender," Spike said as he gave Xander another affectionate slap. "And I'm rather fond of the tail for that matter."

Spike grabbed the tail and ran his fingers through it. Riley watched curiously as Xander shivered, his eyes half falling shut. Spike glanced over.  "Ya still try to deny the pleasure, mate. Isn't Dalton breaking you in right?" Spike asked as he gave Riley's nipple a little twist. He gasped. The physical pain made it hard for him to process the threat right away.

"No, Master Spike. I do enjoy it with her. More than I should," he hurried to say. He did enjoy Dalton's company, both physically and intellectually. When she wasn't around other vampires, her love of literature and philosophy would come out, and Riley was quickly learning to question everything he'd learned about vampires simply being pale shadows of human personality. He definitely didn't want to be taken from her. And now that she had Aeth, he could feel that fear crawling through his belly like fire, nearly as strong as his fear of Rapture. She didn't need him to prove her status.

"So, it's just my company you don't enjoy?" Spike asked in a voice that was dangerously calm. Even Xander had gone still.

Riley shook his head. "It's just males, Master. I just—being with males brings back bad memories."

Spike reached up and pulled on his sore nipple again. "Time for some new memories then. I know Dalton, she won't give you up for all the soddin' tea in China, but with Aeth on her leash, she's going to be busy breaking that one in.  And you can't wait for her to have time to give you what you need." Spike stroked over the shoulder where Riley was starting to scar in a feeble imitation of the pattern on Xander's shoulder. He had months of bites overlaid one on top of another where Xander had years, but Spike's touch made him squirm as need started to unfurl. Only Dalton stroked him like that.

"So bloody predictable." Spike chuckled as he took out a key and unlocked the chastity cage from around Riley's cock. "You probably get to come a lot more than my boy, don't you?" Spike asked.  He stroked Riley's cock. Riley struggled to keep his hands behind his back.

"Probably, Master."

"She let you come when she does?"

"Yes, Master. Riley glanced over and Xander was staring at them hungrily. After feeling his own flash of jealousy when Dalton had forced Aeth to her knees, Riley felt bad for displacing Xander, no matter how temporarily.

"What does she do when ya come first?" Spike asked.

"She ties me down and uses a gag with a large dildo on it, pleasuring herself where I can see and smell it but not feel it as she half suffocates me, Master."

Spike was nodding. "She uses one of those with Chad. That boy is fucking annoying, the way he goes off at the first touch. Here's the game, mate. You're going to fuck Xander." Spike reached over and patted Xander's leg as Riley traded a shocked look with Xander. "I'm going to fuck you," Spike went on, "and Xander is just going to get tortured with no chance to come. If he's a good boy and squirms good enough to convince you that he's enjoying it, I might let him fuck you to show you that it isn't always about pain with males," Spike offered. "And if you come first, I'll use that gag on you and tell Angel that I won't take it off until either he fucks you or Wesley fucks himself on your face. Now that might be bloody amusing." Riley stopped breathing, but Xander was already laughing. 

Xander smiled. "Oh, I will definitely enjoy this, so I will definitely be getting to return the favor, Ri," Xander offered.

Riley wasn't sure how he felt about that but then Spike's hand stroked over his scar again, and his waning erection returned, helped by Spike's fingers trailing over his cock.  Then Spike gripped his arm, and he followed automatically. Kneeling between Xander's open legs, Riley noted the unfamiliar heat under his hands as he rested them on Xander's thighs. Xander had already braced himself on the headboard, and when Riley just knelt there for a second, Xander flipped his tail so it brushed against Riley's leg. The soft curls slid across his skin and Riley shivered. 

"Go on, mate," Spike ordered, his hands on Riley's waist. Riley pulled out the thick plug and looked at the vulnerable body in front of him. Xander wiggled his ass and Riley looked up at the man's face in surprise to find Xander smirking at him.

"Riley, it's not about male or female. If you trust who you're with, it's always good. I trust you. More than that, I trust Spike to stop you if it's not good," Xander shrugged.

Riley took a deep breath and thought about pointing out that he had never actually been on this end with a male before and he might just mess it up. However, Spike lost his patience at that point, reaching around and grabbing Riley's cock as he lined it up with Xander's hole. Before Riley could blink, he found himself pushed forward into Xander's body, the tight heat burning him. Then the familiar feeling of his own plug being pulled out distracted him from the perfection that was Xander's ass. He'd forgotten what it felt like to thrust into warmth. Spike pressed into him, and Riley was forced all the way down onto Xander who made a little needy noise.

Riley tried to push back against Spike, but he might as well have tried to move the Great Wall of China. Spike braced his hands on Riley's hips and pulled him back a couple of inches before slamming into him and pushing him into Xander. Xander grunted and spread his legs more.

Riley lost himself in pleasure, not even bothering to try to direct his own movement as Spike moved him in and out, filled him and then pulled back, thrust him into a squirming and moaning Xander only to pull him back. It was supremely frustrating because he wasn't allowed enough movement to come, and supremely satisfying because Xander was squirming happily under him.  The tight heat around his cock stole all coherent thought as he lost himself to the sensation. Riley still wouldn't trade his mistress for a spot in the bed between Spike and Xander every night, but right now, he just let the waves of pleasure travel his spine and tried to hold on until Spike came. The pleasure grew to a white hot pain that left him desperate, but Riley held on as Spike pounded into him mercilessly.

Vampires didn't have to come; they could control their body's function. Riley had almost given up and decided that Spike wanted him to fail when the vampire cried out and collapsed onto Riley, forcing him down onto Xander. Teeth pierced his skin, and Riley humped, not able to get more than an inch or two of room to thrust as he finally came in Xander. Xander just groaned.

"Problem, pet?" Spike asked cheerfully.

"I think my cock is broken, Master," Xander said sadly.

"If it's broken, I guess that means ya don't want to fuck Riley and get to come yourself," Spike pointed out.

"And let's hear it for instant recoveries!" Xander answered eagerly, but then he grew still. "I mean, Ri, I totally don't want to unless you want to." Xander sounded worried.

Riley let himself soak up the heat of another living being. "I want to," he admitted. He wanted the connection to someone who wasn't dead. He wanted a reminder of who he used to be, a man who was quickly vanishing. Sometimes Riley was alright with the man he had been disappearing because that man had made so many bad choices that Riley couldn't forgive him. And sometimes, sometimes Riley just wanted a human touch.

Spike pulled out. "Well then, let's get flipped over and get your cock cage off pet. Come on, I have enough blood to keep this up all night." Spike wiggled his eyebrows and Riley rolled to get Xander up, taking his own position stomach down in the middle of the bed with his legs spread.

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