Oh, this is just so very, very wrong. I don't know what happened to me tonight, but the prompt "Crazy Glue" from Taming the Muse took me to dirty, wrong, manipulative places with gratuitous abuse of super glue and Legos.

Manipulative Sex
Summary: In the Basement of Doom, Spike is bored, and Xander is there.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Stargate, or Sentinel. I just play with with and then put them back slightly bent and/or mutilated with no money made. And if you're not of age to read sexually explicit material, go away. My plots do dip into the porn.



Part One

Spike carefully stirred through the Legos, moving the blocks silently until his fingers closed over the red fireman with the square body and painted on face. He'd fucking show the little knob that he was still William the Bloody, Slayer of Slayers.

Picking up the superglue, he carefully squeezed out a line along the bottom edge of the firefighter. Then he examined his snoring canvas. Moving slowly, he set the piece down on Xander's thigh. Little prat would learn that tauntin' a vampire wasn't the brightest idea. Not that the little prat was particularly bright even without taunting the vampire. Spike smirked as he considered all the bright squares of red and yellow and blue and white attached in strategic spots.

Looking at his night's work, all satisfaction suddenly drained from Spike. Some bloody Master Vampire he turned out to be. Sticking soddin' pieces of plastic on a soddin' git who wasn't even soddin' worth eatin' before the fucking chip. A wave of fury made Spike reach out as though he would tear Xander's liver from his bleeding body, and he might have except for the burning pain that ripped through his brain like a conflagration. His body stiffened, and for a white second, Spike couldn't think about anything. If he still had bodily functions he would have pissed his pants. Instead he just panted pointlessly as the pain finally released him.

Xander sighed in his sleep, shifting away on the cheap fold-out bed. The movement sent a whole landscape of color blocks shifting up and down, right and left. Xander bent an arm in sleep, and the Legos glued to his forearm clacked against the ones on his chest.

Hearing that, Spike stood and retreated to his chair. He wished he'd never found the bits in the closet behind Xander's stash of big-knocker magazines. Doin' something so puerile just reminded him of all the things he couldn't do anymore: eviscerating, raping, ripping a bloke's intestines out as the git screamed.

Spike flinched again as the chip gave a bright warning flair that made his brain ache like the migraines he would sometimes get as a child. Right, happy thoughts: Angelus chained on the east side of a church during sunrise, Drusilla dancin' with that little red-haired girl in Poland with childish arms flopping every which way. The chip gave a tiny flicker of warning, just enough pain to actually feel good, and Spike pulled his legs up under him.

The alarm suddenly squealed, and Xander flung out an arm. The crazy glue must have yanked at some particularly tender spot because the boy yelped louder than the alarm.


"Xander Harris, you watch your language," Jessica Harris yelled from upstairs, her voice muffled by the door and distance.

"Xander knelt in the middle of his bed, his arms held out awkwardly like a scarecrow dangling from a stick.

"Sorry, Mom," he yelled without moving. "You blood sucking son of a bitch," Xander then hissed. Spike cocked an eyebrow and stared back. Okay, this had potential. The boy smelt of humiliation and pain.

"Wot?" Spike asked, all innocence. He used the expression that had lured many a young woman into a dark alley with him. Xander lowered his eyebrows and scowled. Immediately, he gave a strangled cry as the yellow block glued to his forehead pulled out a chunk of his eyebrow.

Spike stretched slowly, and moved up and out of his chair with a fluid grace meant to taunt the boy who remained frozen in the middle of his bed. Going over to the alarm, Spike twisted his finger around the cord and pulled it rather than trying to figure out which button would turn the soddin' thing off. He wanted to hear the boy's every whimper.

"Problem, Harris?" he asked as he circled the bed.

"Hey, what happened with you being tied up vamp?" the boy suddenly demanded. Spike rolled his eyes.

"Noticed that, did ya? Not like you tie knots nearly as well as Angelus. I've had lots of practice. Seems like you have a problem there, mate," Spike smirked. The boy's back was the only part of his body not covered with plastic blocks.

While Spike watched, Xander shifted uncomfortably and made a small whimper which he quickly cut off.

"Thought you couldn't cause pain," Xander growled, the sound reminding Spike of a baby bear cub, more cute than dangerous. Drusilla would have loved breaking this one, making him growl and whine and whimper for her. Spike wondered for a moment why his dark princess hadn't ever played with the boy: he had the naiveté she loved in her toys.

"Not causin' ya pain. If you're hurtin', you're doing it to yourself," Spike pointed out as he stopped in front of Xander, crossing his arms and grinning at the sight of Xander panting through his nose as he shifted around to relieve the pain of the Legos digging into his legs.

"You're so dust," Xander snapped as he lunged off the bed. Spike fell back, fear curling around him for the half second it took for Xander to collapse on the floor. Spike had glued the tiniest squares to Xander's feet, right over pressure points that should have sent pain crunching up through his legs. It obviously worked because Xander eventually rolled over to his back and tucked his legs up so that he looked like a bug flipped onto its back.

Spike pulled out a kitchen chair and straddled it as he watched the anger turn to humiliation and despair as the boy found himself defeated by little bits of plastic. This was turning out bloody brilliant.

"When I tell Buffy…"

"Right, goin' to tell her the big, chipped vampire took ya out with a few Legos?" Spike nodded. The sour stench of humiliation brightened.

"When I…" Xander yelped as he pulled off a single Lego and about two dozen arm hairs. "Tell her…" he cringed as another piece came free and clattered to the floor.

"When ya tell her how ya laid there while I put all the toys on ya, when you tell her how you had all the power and ya still let me get the upper hand, she's goin' to laugh, mate. Oh, Slayer'll try to hide it, but she's not the brightest, so you'll be able to see it in the way her eyes twinkle and her lips curve up at the edge. Witch'll hide it better. She'll be all sympathy and cookies 'til her and her bird get home and talk about the poor little boy who can't even babysit a neutered vamp without making a right bollocks of it."

Spike watched as his words sunk home, making Xander's quivering rage turn to something darker and quieter. The boy's fingers paused over a blue square glued to his stomach.

"Go on then, ya either got to get 'em off yourself or tell the girls what a complete fuck up ya are," Spike commented when the boy had been motionless too long. Xander's head fell back, thumping against the concrete floor, and then he grabbed the blue plastic, pulling up until the skin over his stomach stretched into a tent. When the glue yielded, Xander gave a small yelp and then threw the piece as hard as he could in Spike's general direction.

Spike smirked wider. "Look good down there, all writhin' and mewlin' like that," Spike commented. He opened his eyes with surprise as the words caused Xander's body to still even while his cock twitched in his briefs. The moment passed, and if not for vampire vision, Spike would have missed it as Xander started inventing curses so foul they made Spike chuckle.

"Go on, laugh you demented soulless dead… vampire…" Xander snapped out in frustration, even his profanity abandoning him. "When I get up, I’m going to stick a hundred toothpicks into your fucking stomach and watch how much fun you are rolling around on the ground," he recovered after a moment of panting. Xander yanked a red piece off faster than normal and then yelled when a small piece of skin went with it. A single perfect pear of blood trickled down the side of Xander's stomach.

"Don't even think it," Xander said darkly.

"Oi, you're the one who called himself a nummy treat," Spike pointed out as he watched the drop slide over tanned skin, leaving behind a smear of red. "I'm just enjoyin' the sight of you all sweaty and suffering. Ya got good eyes for pain, all big and soft. You're a right treat when your eyes fill up and ya smell of rage and fear and agony," Spike dropped his voice to a near whisper, a seductive breathy tone that he used like a whip to slash into his prey.

Xander froze, for longer this time, and the smell of humiliation took on a muskier scent.

"Sick, fucking dead sicko guy," Xander pulled a block off his arm, one of the long ones that the boy probably used for the bottom of his house or his spaceship or whatever the fuck he used to make out of the toys. Peeling slowly, Xander hissed and panted as hair and skin slowly peeled off with the plastic, leaving behind a red mark but no blood. Shame that.

"Right. I'm the sick one for noticin' how lovely ya are, trapped down there. Long as ya got those things on your feet, ya aren't going anywhere, are ya?" Spike asked, leaning forward onto the back of the chair he straddled. Xander turned his head and glared, but with the pieces Spike had slipped up under the loose boxer shorts, Xander would never be able to reach his feet until he'd pulled the other pieces off. Well, at least not without causing himself even more pain.

"When I get up…"

"Like ya better down there," Spike said as he tilted his head and considered the view. "Ya look good all helpless and suffering. I'd like ta see you tied down to your bed as I run my fangs over your helpless limbs, making those little cuts that sting so bad ya want to pull your own flesh off," Spike wagged his eyebrows, and Xander hardened. Now the musk of lust mixed with the humiliation and pain, and Spike breathed deeply of the lovely aroma.

Getting up, he walked over to the boy on the ground, crouching down to scent him. Lovely.

Xander reached out and grabbed his ankle, yanking to pull Spike off balance, but Spike just looked down. With long fingers, he captured Xander's wrist and pushed it to the cold concrete.

"Let me—" Xander froze as Spike flashed into game face and loomed over him.

"Can't kill ya, doesn't mean I can't hold ya down, can't capture ya and bend ya over some table before givin' ya what ya really want. Can smell you, pet," Spike said. He trailed a finger in a swirling path around the glued Legos. Xander shivered as Spike's fingers traced lower. Bloody hell, now this was interesting. Spike cocked his head and considered the boy in a whole new light.

"Bet ya woke up durin' this, didn't ya?" Spike asked, flicking a Lego hard enough to pull at the skin, but not hard enough to make the boy hurt. Until he took care of the chip, he'd just have ta make the boy hurt himself.

Spike ran his tongue inside his lower lip as he considered the thought. He was bloody bored, and the boy was amusin'. Angelus and Drusilla had always enjoyed playing with the toys, so maybe it was time to figure out what they liked so much about keepin' humans.

Glancing down, Spike could see Xander still frozen below him, the pretty prey helpless under the predator. Yeah, boy had possibilities.

"I—" Xander stopped again. "Get off me," he finally demanded, bringing his other hand around to hit Spike. Spike captured that hand as well and moved to straddle the boy as he pinned both hands over the boy's head.

"Ya like it, don't ya, pet. Bet ya wanted the Slayer to do this. Bet ya had dreams about Angel shovin' ya up against some wall. That's why ya always tormented the sod, innit?"

Xander didn't answer, but he shook his head.

"Be more likely ta believe you if I didn't feel your hard cock begging for a master to take control."

Spike bent low over the boy and smelled deeply of the shame and fear and desire that gathered on his skin. Reaching out his tongue, Spike licked from Xander's collarbone up to a vulnerable ear. He could feel a need to bite wrap around him, but he controlled himself, after all, he was a Master Vampire who had found a new amusement. As centuries rolled by, one discovered that amusement had nearly as much value as food.

Spike pushed himself up so he could again look into Xander's eyes. He didn't think he'd ever heard the boy so quiet, but then again, the boy's eyes had dilated until the brown nearly vanished into the black center. Boy was all but drugged on the helplessness and pain.

"Such a beautiful pet in your sufferin'," Spike whispered. "When I let your hand go, you'll go back to pulling the bits and bobbles off ya," Spike ordered.

"As if," Xander snapped, his pupils closing to normal as he started to struggle. Spike shifted his weight, wincing as the struggle caused the boy to cry out and triggered an answering jolt in Spike's brain. "Get off," Xander demanded.

Realizing that losing now meant losing more than just an afternoon's amusement, Spike released one wrist and endured the awkward punches to his side before slipping a hand into Xander's shorts and getting a firm grip on the hot, hard cock he found there. Xander froze.

Squeezing a little harder, Spike could feel the shaft in his hand thicken. "Goin' to tell me how ya hate this?" Spike asked, sucking air through his teeth as he squeezed a little harder.

"Let go." Now Xander sounded more desperate. His voice broke like an awkward adolescent's, and tears gathered in the corners of his eyes.

"No." Spike answered simply. Xander tried to get himself up onto his elbows so he could pull himself free, but the Legos scraped over the concrete, their edges sticking into him until he flopped back down helpless. Spike imagined that the bits sticking into his legs hurt too, but the chip remained silent on the matter even as Spike released Xander's second arm and moved back, settling his weight on the boy's thighs.

"Right, so we were at the part where ya were pullin' the bits off ya," Spike prompted the boy. Xander lay on the floor motionless.

"Pet, I figure you'll either amuse me one way, or another. I figure if I call good old Rupert and admit that I pulled some boardin' school prank only to find out ya have some right randy kinks… well, Rupes would take me back and then have a good long talk with you. So, either amuse me with the pullin', or I'll make that call," Spike offered cheerfully. Either option would provide him with days of entertainment.

Tears escaped Xander's closed eyes as he reached up blindly and found another block with his large fingers. He pulled, hissing as the bit popped off with only a thin layer of skin. Spike reached down and licked the sore skin, and the humiliation intensified until the sharp odor made Spike feel nearly drunk.

"Such a good boy. Open those eyes of yours and let me see you cry," Spike ordered, still keeping a firm grip on the boy's cock. When Xander didn't open fast enough, Spike closed his hand hard enough to make the chip send snakes of pain though his head and down his neck. Xander's eyes opened comically wide, and his nose flared as he gasped for air even as he clamped his lips shut.

"Want to see you suffer, pet. You do it so well, don't you? Did any of the girls ever see how well you suffered for them?" Spike asked. The boy's fingers found another block, pulling it off. Spike had glued this one to the edge of the dark skin around the nipple, and when he pulled it off, Xander shivered.

"Don't—" Xander whispered.

"Don't what, pet?" Spike asked. Using his second hand, he randomly flicked the other blocks, feeling the body below him respond. The soft pain made Xander mew with pleasure and half close his eyes. Spike moved up the boy's body, pinching a nipple between his fingers.

"Don't bring them into this," Xander finally finished, his chest heaving as Spike teased a dark nipple to a puckered point.

"Into what?" Spike pressed. He slid his thumb up and over the head of Xander's cock where pre-come leaked drop by drop.

"This," Xander repeated helplessly.

"Keep pulling," Spike ordered, keeping his own fingers still until Xander went back to work on his own flesh. In the silence of the basement, Spike used his long fingers to tease the boy to the point of release, pulling and twisting at nipples, rubbing the boy's cock, rolling the boys large balls in his hand. The whole time, Xander ripped Legos off faster, one after another leaving a red trail behind that Spike would lick at.

"This what?" Spike finally asked, muttering into the boy's overheated flesh as he licked at a trail of blood.

Xander gave a strangled snort and came, his back arching up off the floor as he clenched his fists. Bollocks. Spike gave up on the tiny wound that allowed him no more than a taste of human blood, and he sat back, watching Xander sink into lethargy. Footsteps upstairs crossed the floor, and a driver outside laid on his horn until Spike wanted to grab his arm and rip the thing off. Finally, the noise stopped and silence filled the air.

"This what, what?" Xander finally asked from the floor. Most of the Legos were off now, leaving square tracks all over Xander's chest and arms. Spike had knocked most of them off Xander's legs while holding the boy down, so only his feet still had the sharp little things superglued to the skin. Xander opened his eyes and looked up, suspicion and shame filling his eyes.

Spike smiled at that. A boy with so much shame would give away a lot to keep his secrets safe. "What are we keepin' the girls out of, pet?" Spike asked, emphasizing the pet part. He scooted back and leaned against the edge of the bed, one leg spread out in front of him and one propped up because his cock ached in his jeans and it needed the breathing room. "What is it that we're not telling the girls and the watcher?" Spike asked as he watched Xander as the threat sank in.

"Buffy would stake you," Xander pointed out.

"She'd try," Spike conceded. "She'd also think you were a soddin' pillock for lettin' me get so close. And if she knew what ya liked…" Spike reached out and flicked a Lego with his finger and thumb. Xander flinched and sat up, pulling his feet toward him so he could study the Legos stuck to the bottom.

"Course, maybe she's the type who'd take a whip to your back if ya asked nice."

Xander froze, a yellow block he'd just pulled from the arch of his foot still in his hand. Spike smiled as he watched the emotions play in the boy's features. So easy, this one. No wonder Angelus had ordered the boy left alone; no wonder he'd been so put out when the Valentine's spell had nearly made him kill the boy. He would break so nicely under the right demon's hand.

"Here's the deal, pet," Spike said slowly. Xander needed to feel the trap close around him. "You're mine to do with what I want. You'll suck my cock or bend over and let me use that arse of yours whenever I feel like it. If I feel like watching someone suffer, I'll find a way to make you hurt until you cry and look at me with those big wounded eyes of yours. You'll bleed and squirm and beg, and you'll crawl back for more.

Spike could smell the musk. Boy bloody dreamed about offers like this, no doubt.

"And why should I?" Xander snapped, defiant of his own needs and Spike's ownership. Spike surged up, grabbing Xander around the throat with one hand and around the arm with the other as he yanked him to his feet and backed him up against the wall. Xander had pulled off enough Legos to stand on the toes of one foot as he pulled against the hands trapping him, holding him.

"Because if ya don't, I'll take a walk and leave ya aching and needing somethin' you'll never get offered again. Because if ya don't, my last stop in Sunnydale will be to send the Slayer the video of you pleading me for more as you ripped your own flesh to bleed for me. Because if ya don't, the only thing you'll ever get from your friends is pity. Because if ya don't, I'll set fire ta the bloody dorms and this house and the watcher's apartment complex and every damn building that I might find anyone ya care about." Spike stopped and considered Xander, smiling cruelly as he considered the panic in the boy's face. Relaxing his hold a little, Spike waited. "Well?" he asked after a second.

Xander's hands slowly let go of Spike's arms as the boy slid down to his knees. His heart beat rabbit-fast as clumsy fingers reached for Spike's pants.

"Shhh, pet," Spike offered as he brushed Xander's hands away and undid his own pants. "So pretty on your knees sufferin' for me," he crooned. He'd watched Angelus and Dru break a hundred pets: the threats that left them willing to do anything and the praise that made them complicit in their own torture… it was a combination that would make the boy his. Spike pulled his cock out.

"Go on then, wrap your lips around me and make me come before I think of some other way to make ya hurt… or make your friends hurt," Spike finished. The last part finally made Xander shuffle forward on his knees and slowly open his mouth.

The first lick was hesitant, fearful. Large brown eyes looked up at him, and Spike smirked. Oh yeah, this one would be so very pretty to break.

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