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Inspired...Spike's POV


Spike's Point of View...

I was just finishing my blood when I heard the heavy footsteps on the stairs. I grabbed the specially imported blood from the refrigerator and started it heating as I listened to him come in the door with a deep sigh. When the microwave dinged, I took his little treat and stepped out to gaze at my bloody large treat.

Xander stood there looking tired enough that it approached his well shagged expression with half closed eyes and drooping shoulders. A couple of days of not shaving had left him looking a little ragged, and I reached down and adjusted my jeans a bit.

"Bad day, pet?" I asked, and he just dropped his yellow hardhat on the side table. Some days I hated that he still did the human work, usually the days when he came home looking like that. The days when he came home excited by some words of praise from one of the men, I remembered that for all his demon strength, the boy was still Xander, and he bloody well needed to do something that made him feel successful. Of course, he was always welcome to successfully shag me into oblivion, which he did bloody well, but his little quirks were a lot easier to deal with than Angelus' love of ripping my ego apart. Bloody hell, everything about Xan was better than Angelus.

"No more or less than any other day. At least I'm not working crap jobs for crap pay anymore." He announced after taking a deep breath and then he came forward for the blood. I held it out, anxious to see if he would even notice the difference.

"Wot? No trust for your old mate?" I demanded when he sniffed it suspiciously first. Of course, I did still owe him for putting lemon juice in my blood way back in the day, so I guess suspicion was reasonable.

"I trust you to hunt at my side and cover my back. I don't trust you with the blood supply," he laughed as he pressed a soft kiss against my lips and turned away. Oh no, I spent good money on that blood, a soddin' lot of it, and I was going to see his reaction

"Yeah, there is that," I had to agree. I reached around his waist and pulled him back to me, resting my chin on his shoulder as he drank. At the first taste he smiled around the edge of the cup and made a small humming noise in his throat. I tightened my grip a little and smiled as he slowly drank the whole mug, his body relaxing into my grasp. He tipped the cup up to get the last, and then his hands were on mine, pulling my arms away from his waist so he could step away.

"Getting a little possessive there, Spike." Xander tilted his head a little to the side the way he did whenever he was up for a little dominance play. Who knew primals were the only demons more into shagging than vampires, not that it bothered me a bit.

"Bloody right I am," I agreed as I stepped forward. I knew exactly what would push him over into happy, playful Xander, so I pushed back the collar of that hideous work shirt and nibbled on the exposed skin. I heard that mock growl and I bit down a little harder right before he stepped out of my reach.

"You seem to have forgotten who does the owning here, Spike," he rumbled dangerously, and my cock instantly hardened. He thumped the cup down hard enough on the counter that I reminded myself to check it for cracks before putting any more blood in that one. Right now though, he obviously needed a little more pushing to get him to totally let go. Working in the human world was hard on him, and he needed to let the demon up to play. I slipped my hand inside my jeans and adjusted my hard cock.

Xander responded nicely, growling and moving toward me in that stalk that was so unique to Xander, his shoulders were down, his head angled, his back slightly bent. Every time I saw him like this, so raw and aggressive I wondered how his mates could still see him as their Xander after all these months. This was my Xander, and no matter how much pizza he still ate with them or how much we still helped them, he was my demon, my clan mate, my lover. And my lover needed a reason to let that aggression out.

I retreated slowly, moving through the living room with a slow sensual roll of the hips as I dodged the various pieces of furniture.

"Oh, you are just making this harder on yourself, aren't you?" Well something was getting harder I thought as I smelled the lust rolling off Xander's frame.

"What, you think you can just order me to roll over?" I asked with a challenging smile, and Xander's shoulders dropped another inch into a full attack stance.

"Uh-huh," he answered affirmatively. I glared as though unhappy, but truth be told, my unlife hadn't ever been this good. My soddin' LIFE hadn't ever been this good. William the poet would have curled up and died before admitting that he'd liked the aggression in a mate and William the Bloody would have been whipped to the bone for impertinence by this time.

"Strip." Xander growled the word, and my cock hardened. I took a step forward, ready for the dash to the door the minute he gave me the opening. Nothing relaxed Xander like a hunt and a shag in the bushes. Instead of giving me that chance to disobey direct orders and earn the discipline that went with it… punishment like multiple orgasms and a hungry mate biting my neck… instead Xander stepped up and cut off my retreat. So, this was a new game. I cocked my head and considered what he wanted.

When he didn't give any clues, I decided to follow the order, if not the meaning behind it. Stripping him so I could see those strong muscles and sun warmed skin, the gold of his tan and the fine hairs running down his stomach and disappearing into his pants… pulling down those pants and looking at that thick cock… that seemed a little more interesting to me. I ran my hands up that warm chest and felt the heart beating strong as it would for decades to come, maybe centuries. Most primals couldn't control the animal spirit and got themselves killed quickly so who knew how long Xander would live.

I started with the flannel shirt, unbuttoning it slowly as I leaned in and pressed the inside of my knee against the outside of his leg. When I'd gotten rid of that abomination, I gently pulled the t-shirt out of his jeans, running my fingers under it and exploring his body as he trembled under my skilled hands.

Without warning, he reached down and ripped his shirt off, his eyes flashing green and a stern look that almost made me bloody come in my pants.

"I gave you an order, Spike. So strip." Xander grabbed my chin roughly and pushed my head to one side as he bit my neck. I felt the shiver run up my spine and I grabbed his shoulders to keep my balance. Now a tongue laved the skin gently and I started panting. His gentleness always caught me off guard. After a century of shagging, I still never expected that. Now he pulled his rough whiskers over that sensitized skin, and I trembled with need.

"Bloody hell."

"So, strip or you'll go to bed without sex young man." I looked at Xander in shock because I knew full well how much he was suffering in his jeans, but he returned my gaze steadily, and I knew the bugger was just mean enough to do it. He'd suffer through the night watching some stupid show on the telly just to leave me hard and aching. Right, strip. I started shedding clothes as quickly as I could without looking desperate.

"Give me one of those laces," he ordered when I was untying my boots, and my cock twitched at the sound of that commanding tone. I pulled the lace all the way out and handed it over as I pulled off my boots.

"Pushy bugger." Okay, I was stripped and he was just staring, not that I blamed him seeing as how he had a bloody nice view. His gaze traveled over my body until I had to suppress a laugh. Boy was going to come in his pants from the smell of it. His eyes met my gaze finally.

"Havin' fun there, are we? 'Cause I have to say I'm a bit on the bored side here." I flexed an arm muscle and winked at him. In a flash he was on me, snatching me with inhuman strength to turn me and pull me so that my back was pulled to his chest. The motion startled me so that I struggled in panic, but he was stronger, holding me to him until I overrode the fight instinct and allowed my demon features to fade back into my human face.

Xander's hand slid up my body, his left arm holding me still while his right curled up under my shoulder, immobilizing the arm and forcing it away from my body. The fingers of his right hand now explored my face, fingertips gently feathering over my lips and I closed my eyes as a shiver worked up my spine. Angelus and Darla had beat submission into me more times than I could count, but now I gave it freely, tilting my head and acknowledging my master.

Instead of biting the exposed neck, Xander nibbled my ear, breathing into it so that I couldn't think of anything but him. I reached around to touch his heat, to return his tenderness.

"Shhhh," he

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whispered in my ear as he tightened his hold, his ownership. "You are so fucking beautiful. I look at you and I want to show the world my beautiful, strong mate. My deadly, perfect mate. Mine." My cock twitched so hard I thought I might come at those words. Never had words like that from a lover before. Never wanted a lover without them now. I tilted my head more, allowing the back of my head to rest on his shoulder, held in his strong grasp and unable to get free, even if I was stupid enough to try. For a demon, this was perfection.

"You are, aren't you? You're mine?"

"Yeah, pet. All yours." He whined the way he did when happy and nibbled my neck, and I realize I was arse over teakettle in love with this boy. No one else had ever owned me the way he did and I would do anything to keep that.

"Mine," he suddenly snarled and bit down, and I lost control as I bucked in his grip, his arms keeping me immobile and helpless as those fingertips returned to its exploration of my face. I bloody well had to come or risk breaking the cock now, but Xander didn't even come close to touching me, and I didn't want to finish the show without getting to the main event.

"Oi, then bloody do something with me." Xander's hand closed over my left wrist so that my arms were held firmly, and I struggled to avoid humping air. I would have felt silly feeling so much need, except Xander *was* humping me.


"Got the carpet right here." That earned me a slap on the arse and I went for the bedroom without another word since one more of those slaps and that would* be* the main event. He didn't follow right away but appeared a moment later with a black plastic sack, and yes, I did know which store in town used those.

"What's that then?"

"A few things I've been meaning to try out, but with the Palka demon, and that new master, and that contract you took to hunt down those Gar'uks, I haven't been having much luck lately." Xander looked up at me with an expression of pure heat and lust.

"Oi, don't bloody remind me. Next time I take a contract from a Vebite, just shoot me."

"I'd rather just tie you to the bed and not let you get up again," he said as he pulled out a cuff and chain, the kind that attaches to the bedframe. It would never hold my strength I realized as he locked the leather padded manacle around my one wrist. He grabbed the second one and locked it so that I now trailed chains. When he had turned back toward the bed I moved in.

"Bloody hell, not like you need to tie me up to keep me in your bed, pet. So, let me prove that." I touched his back, allowing my sensitive fingers to feel where the muscle thickened and tightened and then I started working on those spots, using the heel of my hand or my thumbs to massage deep into the muscle. So many days he came home tight and I made a point of always getting him relaxed before bed, one way or the other. I used both hands on one shoulder, working the muscle loose before dropping a kiss to the skin. I couldn't resist the smell and I opened my mouth to taste that flavor that was Xander: salty, tangy, the faint hint of the wood he worked with reminding me of barbeque. Probably shouldn't tell him that.

"Oh, but tonight, I want to tie you to our bed, no 'need' about it," he purred suggestively, or at least came as close to purring as he could while still having that edge of evil in his voice. I embraced him from behind, ready to make another dirty suggestion, but he grabbed the

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and stepped away from me while using the chains to pull me to the foot of the bed. With one shove, he had me sitting, and some part of my brain… a very large part… brought up memories of chains and Darla and Drusilla and Angelus, but I wasn't with them now. This was Xander. I bloody trusted him, so I wouldn't fuck this up with my garbage. I scooted back and lay on the bed.

I watched while he secured first one chain and then the other to the bed so that my arms were comfortably spread. When he touched my leg, I closed my eyes in pleasure and opened my legs in invitation. An invitation that he bloody ignored.

I opened my eyes to see him drop two strips of green cloth next to my head, and it didn't take much thought to figure those out. Boy was downright inspired tonight. When he pulled my boot lace from his pocket I was a little more confused, but Xander knelt on the bed between my open legs, so I was guessing I was going to enjoy whatever he had in mind.

He touched my cock, a barely there touch that sent my senses reeling and I pulled against the chains. That same ghostly touch teased the slit, the perineum, the shaft, the balls and I yanked against the chains as hard as I could, determined to push Xander down and ride him until we both came, but despite my earlier assumptions, the chains held as I squirmed and pulled with all my might. Every time I thrust up the touches disappeared all together, and finally I lay still with my feet flat on the bed and Xander still sitting there calmly.

"Bloody magicked the chains," I said as I tried to control the panic and lust that chased each other through my brain.

"Yep," he said cheerfully. "And you'll just lie there like a good little boy and take it." The first loop of the lace around the base of my cock and balls actually made controlling myself a little easier. The second was tight, the third uncomfortably tight, and I groaned to let him know. He just kept on wrapping, a loop separated each ball, and I grunted at the pleasure and pain that inspired. He started up the bed on hand and knees as he straddled me, and I looked down the space between our bodies at my bound cock.

"Bloody hell, that's not nice pet."

"Never said I was nice." That was the closest the boy has ever come to that amused Angelus grin. I didn't know whether I liked that or not.

"What are you plannin', pet?" He just made the whine sound before picking up the blindfold. This was becoming uncomfortably familiar territory and I checked the strength of the chains again before firmly reminding myself that Xander didn't have any of the meanness and evil that Angelus had worn like a second skin. Xander put the blindfold over my eyes, and I pulled against the chain a second time. Xander responded by lowering his weight, and I felt the pressure on my cock. I gasped and bucked with an incredible need to come, but the rough fabric of his jeans and his lack of movement denied me the ability. With my cock bound, it would take more and I finally stopped my needy squirming when it became clear Xander wasn't going to be merciful and end this quickly.

"Bloody hell."

"Head up please," he asked in a voice that approached annoyingly cheerful given my own position trapped on the edge of orgasm. When I didn't respond, teeth bit into my neck in a show of dominance, and I moaned as I inched closer to that orgasm cliff without being able to reach it. I raised my head and he tied the blindfold in place.

"Wanker," I swore as I tried to get just enough movement to drop over that edge into happy orgasmic release.

"You really aren't going to be able to keep your mouth shut, are you?"

"You bought the soddin' thing, so you're going to bloody use it no matter what I say," I pointed out, and the gag ran over the skin of my arm, the soft fabric making my hairs stand on end and my skin involuntarily shiver.

"Open up," he whispered before sucking on my earlobe. It took me a minute to process the words and I opened my mouth feeling the soft fabric between my teeth. When he pulled up on my head, I held it up as he tied the gag firmly enough to pull back on my lips and prevent me from spitting it back out.

I swallowed and worked the cloth between my teeth trying to get enough spit back to make up for the uncomfortable dryness in my mouth from the terry cloth.

I found myself suddenly distracted by the sound of a zipper sliding. My cock twitched at the thought of Xan finally getting naked, and the

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bindings around my genitals made the movement utterly pleasurable and utterly painful at the same time. I bucked up off the bed, desperate to fall over that cliff, to reach completion, and each movement brought me infinitely closer until I finally realized I couldn't end this without Xander, and he was not going to help as long as I was giving him a free floor show.

I forced my body to still despite my overwhelming need to keep thrusting. Behind my gag I cursed Xander as I tried to keep still and not trigger than pleasure/pain response again. Something touched my foot and I jerked it back and then writhed in pain only tinged with that undercurrent of pleasure. Pulling up my leg had pulled against my cock binding so hard that the darkness behind my blindfold went red and I finally moved back away from the edge of orgasm. I carefully lowered my leg again and vowed to not do that again no matter what he did. No wonder he didn't need to tie my legs.

The sensation returned, this time on my arm, and I groaned as a line of pinpricks worked up my arm and across my nipple. Every nerve where they passed sent little twinges that became a wave of pleasure going across my body. I bit into the gag and threw my head back in pleasure and thrashed, and the binding once again became that blinding pleasure that sent me humping the air frantic for release.

I chewed the gag as I tried to control my body and earn another of those haunting touches that my skin could feel even after it was gone. This time the touch came at my leg and I vibrated with both need and the effort to stay still as that touch moved up toward my genitals, and each place he touched, I could feel the contact linger even as the touches moved up my body so that I could feel him from knee to groin and I prayed for some sort of relief now. When the prickling sensation brushed the side of my balls, I thrust up wildly, the binding again doing its work to both push me closer to that edge and make it harder to get over as I writhed in ecstasy.

Again I brought myself under control, but now all I could think about was that touch. I would do anything for that touch to return, and it did. This time something soft dragged over the slit of my cock and I no longer cared about anything but coming, I planted my heels in the mattress and drove my hips upwards, as the bindings tightened and nearly gave me the touch to reach that glorious end. I twisted and pulled at the bonds as the touch returned, this time the prickles on the stomach. One of my feet slipped and I dropped a hip to the bed, and strong fingers captured my ankle and the soft brushing sensation ran across the bottom of my foot as I struggled to pull it back.

When his mouth closed around my nipple sucking and nibbling, I started begging into the gag, promising anything in return for one touch on my cock. The only response was the loss of touch as I writhed and twisted and then the teeth closed on my neck and I froze, throwing my head to the side in submission as he moved on to sending a row of prickles across my lower stomach. I mindlessly jerked against the chains and rocked from side to side, pushing my hips up as any conscious thought dissolved under need, need, need.

He straddled me and I strained up until the tip of my cock touched his back, and that was even worse knowing he was so close and yet I couldn't touch. I fisted my hands and bit down on the gag even harder with my sharp vampire teeth, but I was hopelessly, mindlessly helpless as I let my hips fall back onto the bed and shuddered.

He got off the bed and then abruptly the blindfold was gone. I blinked to clear my eyes and saw him getting the lube from the table. Oh finally. I opened my legs farther, inviting him to have mercy and finish me, but he turned his back. I had a moment of panic that he might leave me there, but instead his hand came around to his back and the scent of lube gave me a brief warning right before his finger slid into his own body, and my cock ached with even more need.

A second and third finger eventually slid in, and he turned flashing green eyes to me, possessive eyes that owned me and I couldn't help pressing upward again even knowing that would cause another round of twisting and needing and pleasure and pain.

Then a warm hand closed around my cock and I plunged upwards but the touch disappeared without warning. Fuck. I panted through my nose in my efforts to stop squirming in need and looked up as Xander smiled down at me. He closed his hand around my cock again, and this time I knew the game. I lay still and submissive as his fingers made small movements around the shaft.

"I think someone needs taking care of." Fucking hell yes. I closed my eyes in relief and then the touch left me. I groaned miserably, and then the sound of flesh sliding on flesh made my eyes snap open just as Xander threw back his head in pleasure as his lubed hand slid over his own flesh and his other hand pinched his own nipple hard enough that I could see the skin flushing.

"So strong and deadly and completely and entirely *mine*." His words sent off another round of struggles as my cock demanded release and suddenly he started coming. I could smell his strong scent as semen dropped across my stomach, marking me, claiming me, letting any demon with a nose know that I was his… all his. My fingernails dug into my own palms as I struggled with my need to come and my need to hold him and my need to sit at his feet so that every demon on the bloody Hellmouth knew that he wanted me.

Xander leaned over the bed panting, and I wanted to take care of that too. I wanted to hold him in my arms and touch him gently the way Drusilla never let me. I wanted to stroke his hair and feel him fall asleep against me. He laughed a little and then started crawling up the bed until his face hovered over mine. He looked deep into my eyes for a moment, and then he dropped a kiss on each eye ridge before reaching back and grabbing my cock more firmly than before.

I flexed my arms and used the chains to anchor me so that I could do my part and lay still for him. He rode me slowly, gently. And considering the soreness of my cock, I would have blessed him for it except for the gag. He reached down and untied the gag, but I remained silent, unsure about whether it was a test, and I couldn’t afford to go failing any tests at this point.

He bent over and whispered in my ear, "Let go." I pulled my feet up flat on the mattress and started driving up and into his open body, ramming in and feeling his muscles tremble around me. As I felt the orgasm finally approach climax, I bit deeply into his shoulder, tasting the desire and lust as I finally fell over the edge into completion. I fell back against the bed feeling entirely spineless, no bones at all in fact. Felt like I could slip my hands right out of the shackles if only I had an ounce of energy left to do it.

My cock still stood up proudly and fucking sorely since the cock ring wouldn't allow the blood to return to the body, but Xander quickly slid down and clipped the string and my release was finally complete.

"You're bloody evil, pet," I managed to finally gather my thoughts to say.


"You goin' to unchain me then?" I gave the chains a small rattle since I didn't have the energy for anything more. I felt as weak as when I'd first climbed out of my grave.

"Nope. I told all the gang that they had better not disturb us unless they intended on having a front row seat for demon sex." I laughed as I thought of what the slayer and watcher would have said in response to that.

"You bloody well didn't," I said still laughing. I had trouble believing Xander would have done anything to make his little gang that uncomfortable.

"I bloody well did," he said, mocking my accent. "Sometimes you just gotta remember to take care of the mate first." I closed my eyes and choked off a small sob at the words. Not manly to cry after sex. Not even when your lover picks you over everyone else in his life. Not even when he's the first bloody person in a hundred years to do it. He shifted so that he lay over me, using me as one huge pillow with a muscular thigh pinning my legs. I brushed my lips across the hair on his head, kissing it softly. Sometimes, even life on a Hellmouth was good.

The End


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