The Secret


Part Four

Spike had expected a lot of reactions from the boy when he confronted him. He expected the boy to be shocked. He expected the boy to be humiliated. He expected the boy to ignore him - not that he would've let him.

He did not, however, expect the boy to grab his hand and pull him onto stage, and he definitely did not expect Xander to pull his body up against his own.

"Xander?" the blond vampire exclaimed in suprise. This was not the Xander he knew. The wicked expression on the boy's face alone - the one that was sending shivers all over his body - was completely out of character. Or was it?

He'd only ever seen the boy the way the other scoobies saw him and Spike was beginning to believe that the scoobies didn't really see the boy at all.

The boy, who at this moment was placing Spike's hands on his own hips and sliding his own arms around the blond vampire's neck, pressing their bodies tightly together and swaying them both to the beat of the music.

He leaned close to Spike's ear, so that his warm breath brushed against his neck. "Come on, Bleachboy," he prompted the blond vampire who had yet to respond. "If you play along, I might even split my tips with you."

Spike needed no more prompting. Xander's proximity was driving him insane and the boy's hot breath against his neck and his low voice in his ear was more than enough to make him forget all reason.

The boy was looking damn fuckable at the moment, and who cared if he's a mortal, or even a friend of the Slayer for that matter. Spike at least deserved some bump and grind onstage and a good shag offstage for what the boy had put him through by pinching his identity.

With a low growl, Spike slipped his hands around to cup Xander's buttocks and pulled the boy flush against him, smiling appreciatively at the hardness he felt rub against his own as he ground their hips together.

Xander moaned softly and his head lolled back. Not one to miss an oppurtunity, Spike leant forward and slid his tongue in one long lick up his neck.

The audience, that they'd both almost forgotten about, rewarded them with a round of catcalls and wolf whistles. Seemed like they were putting on quite a performance.

Xander leaned forward again, so that his eyes were level with the blond vampire's. "Time for business," he commented so low that only Spike could hear.

Spike's eyes widened. "Hold on one second," his voice was low and growly and for Xander's ears only. "If you think I'm getting my kit off for this lot, whelp, you got another thing coming."

Xander snickered softly under his breath. "As much fun as it would be to see you try and strip convincingly, Bleachboy," the boy replied, his eyes dancing with amusement. "That's not what I meant."

Xander shrugged off his duster, until it fell as a pile at his feet. "I strip," he informed Spike, stepping back out of their embrace so that he could unbutton his shirt. His dark eyes kept constant contact with Spike's blue ones. They burned with desire.

"You..." and his voice dropped to an even lower, yet somehow more intense, pitch. ""

Spike's body cried out at the loss of the warmth provided by Xander's body. Without hesitation, Spike took the boy by the collar and pulled him back to him. They still weren't touching exactly, but Spike could feel the heat radiating off him. It would have to do. For now.

"No, whelp," Spike corrected the boy, leaning forward to place a kiss on the boy's bared collarbone. He slipped out his tongue briefly and and tasted him and Xander gasped. Spike drew his head up so that they were eye to eye again. He slid his hands down the collar of the shirt and slowly began to unbutton it. "I help."

Xander nodded wordlessly. He ran his hands up from Spike's wrists and rested them on the vampire's shoulders. He still managed to continue moving to the beat.

Soon Spike had finished unbuttoning the shirt and it hung loose around Xander. The blond vampire stepped forward and slowly, inch by inch, slid the shirt off the boy's shoulders and down his arms, followed by his own cool hands.

If he was going to play, Spike decided, he was going to play well.

Spike took both the boy's hands and entwined them with his own. With one smooth pull, he had Xander pressed against him again. He gave the dark-haired stripper an evil grin and, keeping the boy's hands entwined with his own, Spike slid down the boy's body until he was on his knees before him.

Xander's breathing grew ragged. Spike's mouth was so close to him...his mind was suddenly filled with images of Spike's mouth closing around his hardened member, his cool tongue sliding across his heated flesh...

Spike grinned devilishly up at the boy, all too aware of the source of his discomfort. He brought one of the boy's hands to his mouth, seperated a finger and gently sucked the digit into his mouth and ran his tongue over it.

Xander groaned out loud - a groan that seemed to be echoed by all the members of the audience.

Goal achieved, Spike released the digit, and twined the stray hand back with his own. The blond vampire then leaned froward and closed his lips around the thin material of the black t-shirt. With a gentle tug of his teeth, he pulled the t-shirt out of the waistband of the boy's jeans.

Xander quickly got the idea. Once the t-shirt was loose, Xander tugged the rest of it out of his jeans and pulled it off over his head and threw it out into the audience where a Spike-clone caught it.

Faced with bare skin, Spike did not hesitate to lean forward again, this time plating his lips around the boy's belly button and sliding his tongue out to dip into the natural indentation.

The effect of the vampire's cool mouth and skillful tongue on Xander was painfully obvious. His breath had been reduced to short gasping sounds that were absolutely delectable.

He needed to get the boy offstage and soon. For both their sakes.

He reluctantly pulled away from Xander's torso, releasing his hands and reached up with slender fingers, which made quick work of the boy's belt buckle. Pulling the belt loose with a satisfying 'snick', Spike twirled the belt above his head, careful not to hit Xander with it (he could save that for later) and threw it out into the audience.

Xander sunk his freed hands into Spike's surpisingly soft blond hair and gave his head an almost imperceptible tug upwards.

Spike took the cue and rose to his feet, silkily, rubbing his body against Xander's in all sorts of interesting ways. When he was finished, his hands rested at Xander's waist.

The boy leaned forward secretively, as if he were about to whisper sweet nothings in his ear. "The pants are velcro from the waistband," he told the vampire. "Tear 'em off, I'll shake my booty and we can get offstage and..." his voice trailed off, oozing with promise.

Oh yeah. One good shagging coming up.

Spike didn't take a moment to consider. With one swift movement, he tore the trousers off the boy and tossed them away, leaving Xander standing before him in nothing more than boots and a leather g-string.

Spike tried not to let the drool drip down his silk shirt. He needed to go to strip clubs more often, if this was what he was left with at the end of the night.

Keeping his eyes on Spike, Xander circled the vampire to the almost primal beat of the music, performing an intensely erotic predatory dance.

Once hand stayed in constant contact with the blond vampire, sliding up and down his torso and then a little bit lower, making Spike gasp for an unecessary breath.

Finally, Xander hooked the hand around Spike's thigh and slid around and down his body to sit at his feet like a pet or a slave.

And the music stopped.

For a moment there was pure silence. But an instant later, the applause was deafening. The cheers and catcalls rang throughout the club, overriding any other sound.

Xander grinned and got to his feet, sliding his arms around the blond vampire's waist. "Well, I don't think you got me fired," he remarked dryly to the blond vampire.

"You weren't so bad yourself," Spike muttered back. "Of all the bloody cheek," he complained, before capturing the boy's mouth in a searing kiss.

The applause soared even higher in volume, if such a thing were possible.

Xander leaned eagerly into the kiss, sliding his hot tongue against Spike's cool and desperately molding his lips to the vampire's.

After a moment, he pulled away. "Backstage, now," he ordered.

"You better bloody believe it," Spike muttered and pulled the boy towards the stage exit.

Part Five

Xander wasn't entirly sure what he'd been thinking when he'd yanked Spike up onto stage and pulled his body up against his.

Well, actually that was lie. A big whopping one. Xander knew exacatly what he'd been thinking. It went something along the lines of: Want Spike Now. But it was probably a little less coherent than that.

His hormones had been on red alert since Rory had made that comment about how Spike would be affected by his stripping and seeing the blond vampire, sexy as ever, striding towards him with a purpose had been all it had taken to rid Xander of what remained of his reason.

So Xander had acted on impulse.

Thing was, Xander had never expected the following minutes to turn out like they did. He'd expected Spike to play along a little bit, snort a little perhaps, make some bad jokes and blackmail threats and get off the stage.

He didn't expect the vampire to growl in his ear, grab his buttocks and grind their hips together. And he certainly didn't expect to be dragging the aforementioned blond vampire to one of the back rooms to fuck him senseless after what had to be, without a doubt, the hottest performance of his short but extremely successful career.

But, all of that said, Xander sure as hell wasn't complaining.

"Hold up, whelp," Spike complained trying to keep up as Xander dragged him by one hand through the back area of the club. "Where are we going, pet?"

"Room," Xander told him succinctly. "Sex," he explained. "Now," he extapolated.

Spike snickered. "For a wordy little bugger, you certainly do get to the point," the blond vapire observed approvingly.

Xander suddenly threw a sharp right and yanked the vampire into an empty room, one of the ones kept for the other side of the club's business that Xander wasn't involved in.

He slammed the door behind them and pinned Spike against the wall, shoving the vampire's legs apart and sliding his hips between them. He sunk his hands into Spike's soft hair and pressed his lips firmly against the vampire's, all the time grinding himself against him in an urgent, rythmic motion.

Spike responded eagerly, rubbing his cool hands up and down the boy's bare back, and sliding his cool tongue against the boy's demandingly. The kiss lasted for a long moment, so long that Spike was beginning to wonder if Xander had another another source of oxygen tucked away somewhere.

It was only when the vampire's cool hands reached down and squeezed the boy's bare buttocks that Xander finally drew away with a breathy moan. "Want you," he gasped. "Now." He hastily shoved Spike's duster off of his shoulders and began to rid him of all other clothing while leading him to the bed.

"Think I can oblige, pet," Spike smirked at the boy, shoving him back so that he landed sprawled on the bed.

Keeping his piercing blue eyes fixed on the dazed brown ones peering up at him, Spike finished the job that Xander had started. He then proceeded to crawl up Xander's prone body, letting every inch of him stroke against every inch of the boy.

When he reached Xander's groin, he rubbed his head against the boy's thigh, purring like a panther, all the time sliding his tongue across the edge of the leather g-string, but never quite reaching where Xander wanted him.

Slipping into game face, Spike slid his fangs gently across the scrap of leather, pressing just hard enough to slice the material, but careful enough not to cut the boy. Soon he had divested the boy of the last of his clothing.

That done with, Spike observed what he'd unveiled and grinned appreciatively in his human guise. So that's what he'd been feeling all night. By way of thanks, Spike slid out his tongue and licked the boy from root to tip.

He was rewarded with a sudden jerk of hips and a long drawn-out moan from above him, proceeded by suprisingly strong arms yanking him upwards and pulling him into a passionate kiss. Between them, their hardened members stroked against each other, cool against hot, the contrast sending tantilising ripples of pleasure through them both.

"Boots," Xander gasped between one of their heated kisses, remembering.

Spike smiked at the boy. "Leave 'em on," he replied.

A shudder flowed through the brunette in a wave. Spike had to grin. If that was all the kink it took to make the boy shiver, he was dying to know what some of his much more extreme ideas would do to Xander.

Spike was mildly shocked to discover that he fully intended to find out. So much for the one night stand. It seemed that Spike wanted the boy. And not for the short term.

The blond vampire reached a hand down between the boy's legs, and carefully extended an exploratory finger to Xander's puckered entrance. Spike was suprised to discover that the tip of his unlubed finger slipped in quite easily, though the circular band formed a tight ring around it.

Spike's eyebrows shot up his forehead. This wasn't the boy's first time? The blond vampire mentally slapped himself. Xander was a stripper in a men's club for christssake. How was it that Spike still managed to imagine the boy as innocent and untouched?

Feeling Spike's probing fingers, Xander gasped. He reached out blindly with one hand and fumbled with the bedside table, producing a small white tube, which he pushed into the vampire's hand.

Spike's eye's widened. "What kind of bloody club is this anyway?" he demanded. For some reason the thought of Xander whoring himself made him sick to his stomach. Surely the whelp wouldn't be into that line of work...would he?

As if sensing the vampire's discomfiture, Xander began to snicker quietly. "I'm not that desperate for cash," he informed Spike. "The strippers and the..uh, escorts are kept completely separate."

"I should bloody well hope so," Spike responded without thinking.

Xander made a puppy face at him. "Aww, you really do care," he gushed, his tone mocking.

Spike growled and ground himself against the boy savagely, making him cry out. "I'm not that fond of sharing, pet," the blond vampire explained.

Xander was about to reply, but using his vampiric strength and speed, Spike had him flipped over onto his stomach, before he had the chance. The blond vampire draped himself over the boy, his lubed cock prodding at Xander's entrance.

"You were going to say something?" he prompted the brunette.

"Ughh.." Xander managed. "Fuck me," he panted. "Please..."

Spike was only too happy to oblige. With one swift stroke, he pushed himself inside Xander, causing them both to let out satisfied grunts.

Xander's breathing rapidly grew more ragged as his body contracted around Spike, as they both took a moment to get used to the sensation.

When Spike began to move, Xander gasped for air. At first the vampire insisted on keeping a slow. smooth pace, but soon that wasn't enough for Xander. The brunette began to arch up against his thrusts, meeting them with a ferocity that astounded the vampire.

"More," he begged. "Ha-Harder," he pleaded.

The boy's voice pleading voice broke what little self-control the vampire still possessed and his thrusts became savage and unpaced. And Xander moaning his approval and meeting each one of his wild with a counter-thrust, just as demanding only made the vampire thrust even more furiously against him.

Xander felt like he was splitting in two. He couldn't tell which part of what he was feeling was pleasure and which was pain or if there were even any difference between the two. Every inch of his body seemed focussed on the part where he was joined with Spike and waves of pleasure clammered over him, striving for was too was...Ohgodddohgodohgodohgod.

Bucking wildly, Xander came, letting out a cry torn from the very depth of him. He was vaguely aware of Spike meeting each on of his crazed thrusts and letting out a ferocious growl in his ear, as he followed the boy off the precipice.

Totally spent, Spike and Xander collapsed limply onto the bed, both panting heavily, though only Xander actually needed the breath.

After a moment, Spike rolled off Xander's back to the empty side of the bed, and gently tugged the boy around, so that they lay in a loose embrace, legs tangled, foreheads leaning against one another.

The blond vampire leant forward and placed a chaste kiss on the boy's lip, and then another, and then a trail of them, butterfly soft down the boy's jaw, until his face was nuzzled in his neck.

Once he'd caught his breath, Xander broke the silence. "Spike?" he asked hesitantly.

"Hmm," the blond vampire replied noncommitally.

"What did you mean you don't like to share?" he tried to keep all concern out of his voice, but failed miserably. The question came out slightly wobbly and the instant his vulnerability was revealed, Xander wished he could take it back.

Spike's answer wasn't at all what he expected. "You do this sort of gig often, pet?" he answered the question with a question. "I mean, posing as me, and then getting your kit off for a bunch of poofs?"

Xander was slightly confused by the question. "Five nights a week," he answered automatically.

"T'morrow night?"

"Yeah," Xander answered hesitantly, still unsure of where this was going.

Spike sniffed in a very contrived uninterested way. "Might come back t'morrow then," he mused. "See if you can manage to shake your booty without my help."

Xander hid a smile. That was the closest thing Xander would ever get to a date with the blond menace.


Xander grinned as he strode off stage, the deafening applause following him backstage. Another night, another unfuckingbelieveable performance.

Rory gave his fellow dancer a quick hug. "You were brillant," he praised him. "As usual." He gave the boy a quick kiss on the lips.

A low growl came from behind him, and Rory quickly found himself replaced with a disgruntled looking Spike. The real Spike, that is.

"Mine, you bloody ponce," the blond vampire informed the dancer.

Xander grinned and leaned happily into his lover's embrace. He gave Rory an apologetic grin. "That's Spike-talk for 'may I please cut in'," he told his friend.

Rory grinned back. No harm. No foul. Besides, the Xand-man and Spike made quite the pretty picture. He'd been having some damn good dreams about their debut performance for the three weeks since.

"Bloody doesn't," Spike contradicted Xander. "I do not say 'please'."

"You just did," Xander pointed out, teasingly.

Spike snorted. "Doesn't count, if it isn't in context, pet," Spike informed him loftily.

Xander's eyes darkened. "I bet I can make you say 'please'."

Spike growled. "You're welcome to try, luv," he murmured in a low voice.

The two of them apparently decided there was something else that needed to fill their time and rushed past Rory and towards the back rooms without so much as a by-your-leave.

Xander grinned as he dragged his vampire lover to somewhere private to have his wicked way with him.

You see, Xander had a new secret.

The End

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