Established Relationship Shorts



Rating: NC17
Warnings: explicit sex, bondage, spanking implied
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Chapter: 1/1
Fandom: BtVS ~ AU
Beta (s): none, proofread
Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs to Joss
Graphic: Banner by [info] theladymerlin
Summary: Xander shares a memory with an old friend
A/N: This was written as a gift for the lovely [info] skargasm

Closing his eyes against the tears that threaten to start and never stop, he sits upon the grassy ground before the cold stone marker. He gently runs his fingers over the engraved letters like the soft caress of a lover. With a sigh, he leans back and allows an old gnarled tree to support his weight, while he allows his mind to sift through his memories before settling on the one he wants to share.

Spike’s skin is taut and smooth, arms stretched high above and secured with padded leather cuffs attached to the ceiling. His bare, surprisingly delicate feet barely touch the surface of the floor. The effect on the strong, lean body is striking. Muscles stretched almost to the point of discomfort causing the chest to expand and contract with unneeded breaths. There is a scarf of the deepest blue covering eyes that he knows rival the blue of a clear summer sky. Looking down he admires the hard, pale cock encircled by a soft black leather cock ring. He stops to admire the contrast of that dark strap against the smooth, white flesh while rubbing the heel of a hand against his own hardness. Reaching out with his other hand he lifts the full balls that lie underneath, allowing them to rest in his palm. He lightly tickles the supple sensitive bit of skin just behind them, causing a soft groan to fall from Spike’s lips.

He moves his hand upwards in a soft caress avoiding the erection and gliding over a hip. Still caressing the silky skin under his fingers, he slowly moves until he’s standing before the muscled back. Placing his other hand on Spike’s hip, he moves in close so the rough material of his denims brushes against cheeks made red from an earlier spanking. He pulls the hips back while he leans slightly forward to whisper in the blonde’s ear. “You want me to take you now, don’t you?”

Spike nods his head slightly but Xander wants more of a response. He pulls back harder on the lean hips, grinding his denim covered erection into the abused flesh, eliciting another soft moan. “Tell me you want it. Say it.”

“Want it, please, Xan. Want you.”

“You’ve been so good baby,” Xander croons, happy with the reply. I’ll give it to you hard and fast, just how you like it. Won’t that be good?”

Xander moves back slightly to remove his clothing and retrieve the slick from amongst the toys on the nearby table. He’s hard and more than ready. He became excited with the first smack of the wooden paddle against those pale perfect globes, his penis filling and stiffening in his jeans. When the colour bloomed and moans of pleasure began to fall from his lover's lips, he became impossibly hard, almost to the point of pain.

The air of the room is pleasant against Xander’s bare skin, the sweat drying and cooling. He applies a generous amount of lube to his fingers and gently slides his hand between the red, slightly swollen cheeks of his lover. Xander smiles when Spike spreads his legs and lets out a soft sigh as he breaches the tight hole with a finger. Wanting to hear more of those wonderful sounds and unable to wait much longer Xander thrusts and twists a few times before sliding another finger inside. Spike begins panting and pressing back as much as his bonds allow.

“You ready baby? Can hardly wait to put my cock in that tight little hole, I wanna be in you.”

“Oh, yeah, now, now,” Spike pants out breathlessly.

Xander finds this incredibly sexy and unwilling to wait any longer he takes his hard member in hand and pushes forward while curling his arm around the slighter man’s waist and pulling him back. The resistance is brief and the head of Xander’s cock pops through and he slides into the welcoming channel in one strong thrust. The movement lifts the vampire’s feet completely off the floor so he’s almost sitting in Xander’s lap. With much of Spike’s weight being supported by the cuffs around his wrists, the position still allows for Xander to thrust freely. It makes the human feel powerful and strong, an arousing illusion of having the usually in control vampire at his mercy.

Xander knows he’s not going to last and pounds into the willing body in his arms. Spike is mewling and writhing in pleasure, his head thrown back and resting on Xander’s shoulder. They are both panting and gasping for breath as their bodies rush towards orgasm. Xander feels the wonderful, welcoming tingling in his balls as his cock is enveloped and grasped by the soft, friction heated passage. Sliding his hand down he unsnaps the leather strap from Spike’s engorged, purpling penis.

“Come with me, come now,” Xander demands.

The response is almost immediate as with an inarticulate cry Spike’s cock jerks and spills his seed upon the floor. The resulting spasms around Xander’s erection send him flying into his own orgasm and with a groan he shoots deep into his lover.

Xander comes back to himself still supporting much of Spike’s weight on legs now shaky with aftershocks. Quickly reaching up, he unfastens the cuffs from around wrists chaffed despite the soft padding and slides off the silk blindfold. Gently cradling the semiconscious form close, he lowers them both to the floor.

Tenderly smoothing curls away from a brow damp with sweat Xander croons, “Hey baby, you okay? Talk to me, open those eyes.”

Long eyelashes flutter briefly before parting to reveal sparkling blue eyes.

“You okay, was that all right?”

“No, was better. Bloody perfect, Xan.”

The sound of feet coming closer draws him from his thoughts.

“Hey, love. All done?”

“Yeah. I was just sharing a memory with Jesse. I wanted him to know I’ve got someone who loves me and trusts me enough to give up all control.”

The lovers leave hands entwined.


Pairing: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: Not mine although I do so wish they were
Warnings: Adult concepts, language
Summary: The thoughts that ease the ache of longing when you have to be apart from the one you love.
Archive: Spander Files only please
Notes: This is a present for Laazikaat from the artist and the author. We appreciate all the time and effort you spend making Spander Files such a wonderful place for reading, chatting and finding friends.
Beta: Thank you to William George for her time, encouragement and for making me a better writer, I couldn’t do this without you.
Graphics: Another big thank you to William George for the gorgeous artwork

The Five Senses
Sight   Hearing   Taste   Smell   Touch

I know he has to leave and go where I cannot follow. I need to let him go, he needs this independence in order to be happy but I long for him when he is gone.

Sight - While he is away, I picture the way he looks at me, as if I’m not beneath him. I don’t think anyone apart from my mother has ever looked at me with so much love in their eyes.

Hearing - I love the sounds he makes when we are having sex, especially the way he moans my name when he comes. He is so sexy and he doesn’t have a clue.

Taste - I can still taste the coffee flavoured kisses we share on a lazy Sunday morning. He likes to read the paper and have his coffee while lounging on the couch. I like to curl up at his side sneaking kisses in between watching the telly and napping.

Smell - The smell of his pillow comforts me. He must have had it for so long, it’s like his scent is buried deep within the fibres. After he goes to work, I like to roll over into the warm spot he’s left and wrap myself around it. He wants to throw it away and get a new one but I always hide it from him. I don’t think I could sleep while he is gone without it now.

Touch - I like to imagine the warmth of his skin as he wraps his arms around me and holds me close. His warmth has come to mean safety and love to me. I hate being cold and he knows it. He never minds my demands to lie wrapped around each other.


I know he has to leave and go where it is too dangerous for me to follow. I need to let him go because he needs the release and freedom. I know he will always return to me but I long for him when he is gone.

Sight - I love that he has a special smile that is just for me. No one else has ever seen it and part of me thinks that’s a shame cause it lights up his whole face and makes him even more beautiful if that’s even possible. The selfish part of me is glad that smile is mine alone.

Hearing - There is nothing as wonderful or magical as hearing him say I love you. He doesn’t say it like you think he would. It’s different, all soft and sweet, kinda cultured. It’s like when he’s saying it, it’s the real him not the big bad that he shows the world so I know he really means it.

Taste - The taste of his skin is almost as addictive as chocolate and nearly as sweet. I could spend hours kissing and licking every inch. I would start at his toes, work my way up, and then go all the way down again.

Smell - The way he smells is amazing, leather and a hint of smoke but fresh like a spring day after it rains. I like surprising him that I know when he’s near cause I can catch just a hint of that smell but I won’t tell him. It’s my secret.

Touch - I always find it so hard to believe that his hair is so soft. I love to run my fingers through it after we make love and he always lets me. He says it’s soothing. I think he’s just humouring me but I don’t care because I never want to stop.

The Hope Chest

Rating: G
Warnings: None
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Prompt: tamingthemuse #307 Hope Chest kinda_gay #11 Dark
Chapter: 1/1
Status: Complete
Fandom: BtVS
Genre: AU, Established relationship
Beta(s): none, proofread
Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs to Joss
Graphic: None
Summary: Xander and Spike make a present for Dawn

In each others arms
We cried together
And your tears tasted sweet

All is not lost
And never to be forgotten

Like a shiver down my spine
The lonely nights keep falling
And I still want you

All is not lost

Spike entered the apartment and limped slowly towards the couch. The pain of his wounds an afterthought to the pain in his heart. He choked back the tears he'd managed to keep at bay during the long and lonely night's patrol. He allowed the weight of the duster to fall from his shoulders wishing he could shed the heavy load of grief as easily. He kicked his boots off with a soft sigh quickly followed by his shirt. Spike took more care with his denims and grunted in pain as he carefully peeled the cloth away from the gash in his thigh.

Patrol had been lonely but not uneventful and he inspected the damage made by the sharp claw. Grabbing a packet of blood from the fridge, he chugged it cold not even allowing himself the solace of the artificial warmth. Tossing away the empty packet, he padded his way to the bedroom and entered through the open door. The pale, flickering light of a single candle bathed the room in a golden glow and highlighted the handsome, tanned youth waiting amongst the soft sheets.

Seeing the flash of concern in Xander's eyes as he slowly made his way across the room, Spike waved away any words of protective worry before they could be formed. Xander gave him a soft, understanding smile instead and lifted the covers in silent invitation. Spike allowed the warm arms to enfold him in a tender embrace and the strong muscled chest to catch his tears. Comfort given and returned without judgement. Hands made rough by hours of manual labour rubbed a soothing pattern along the planes of his back. Soft kisses left a trail of soothing warmth in their wake and awakened a fire of longing.

Spike sighed and let the outside world fall away. Feeling safe enough in this man's arms to face the realities of lost love and the possibility of something entirely new and unexpected.

And never to be forgotten

She's passed away but dreaming
Her soul's awake and screaming
The weeping willow is weeping
And beneath our hearts …
… all joy is sleeping
our bliss is carried away … sweet tears.

Xander opened his eyes when he heard the sounds of the apartment door opening and softly closing again. The tread of heavy boots across the floor was punctuated by a slight shuffling which indicated Spike was either very tired or had been injured. Xander guessed it was the latter when he heard the small grunt of pain. He grasped the sheets in his hands, twisting the cloth in his grip to still his desire to jump from the bed and check to make sure Spike wasn't badly injured. Spike would understand but still hate the overprotective gesture. The passing of Mrs. Summers, Buffy, and Anya weighed heavily on his mind. Willow's own suffering blinded her to anyone else’s and the more recent loss of a man, who was more like a father than his own, had left him floundering and needy.

Xander looked up as Spike entered the room and his breath caught when he saw the jagged tear in the flesh of one pale, muscled thigh. He relaxed when Spike waved away his concerns and he lifted the covers asking Spike to join him.

It still managed to surprise him when Spike readily accepted the offered comfort, sliding into his arms and fitting perfectly against Xander's side. Xander didn't bother to deny or examine his need for the other man. The simple act of holding and comforting was a balm to his own tortured heart and soul. Xander found the feel of the smooth skin under his hands soothing and felt a calm descend. He placed tender kisses along the cool flesh feeling the muscles twitch slightly. Xander's cock twitched in response as a small kernel of desire began to form. A longing for sweet tasting kisses and his body begging for something he'd never before imagined.

Xander smiled when he felt Spike relax and heard the soft sigh which left his lips. He was content to offer the comfort of his arms this night. There were many nights when Xander found himself held by Spike's strong arms while scalding tears of grief tracked slowly down his cheeks. Simple comfort being offered and returned, making him feel safe and protected. Loved. Xander had no desire to question only to accept what was being offered and allow himself the hope which comes with something new.