This story is 5th and last in the series: Conversations   It's sequel to: The Talk



The Final Conversation

“Hey, pet. Is the watcher here?”

“Yeah, he wants tea.”

“I got it. Gonna nip out for a fag after ‘k?”

“Sure, just don’t be long.”

“I won’t but this way you can have your chat.”



“Why are ya lurking in our bushes?”

“I…well…I thought you lived on the third floor?”

“Moved. Needed more room and this has better access. So, again, why’re you lurkin’?”

“I wanted to see you.”

“Okay…well you’ve seen me so you can go now.”

“Spike, please. I …I wanted to give you this.”

“Huh, you actually remembered.”

“I always have. I just want to…I would like things to be different….between us.”

“Xan told me what you said. ‘Preciate it but I need to ask, why now?”

“You’re family and there isn’t a lot of our family left.”

“It would help if you’d stop staking us.”

“So you heard about that.”

“Yeah, not that I was overly fond of Penn but he was family too.”

“He didn’t leave me any choice.”

“S’pose not. He was always difficult.”

“Not as difficult as you could be when you set your mind to it.”

“Had to get your attention somehow, didn’t I?”

“You have it now and I want to say I’m sorry for …well everything.”

“Got my own back not too long ago, forget it mate. It’s done and dusted.”

“I know I should simply be grateful but that seemed a bit too easy. The gift wasn’t that expensive.”

“Yeah well, you’re right about family and I’m not on my own anymore. I need to make sure Xan is protected and I…miss you. Sometimes.”

“I miss you too and consider Xander protected.”

“Thank you. You wanna come in?”

“No, not tonight.”

“Don’t want the slayer findin’ out you were here?”

“I don’t want to complicate things.”

“I understand. Go back to your cheerleader.”

“Goodnight William and Happy Birthday.”

“Night Liam.”


“Here you go. One hot steaming cup of tea.”

“Thank you. Why this is delicious.”

“Spike made it. I still can’t get the order right. Milk first or water or is it sugar?”

“Actually Spike is what I wanted to speak to you about.”

“I kinda figured that when you called.”

“I’m concerned and only want what is best for you.”

“That’s really nice and I’m grateful but this…with Spike…it’s what I want.”

“Are you entirely sure that a relationship with a vampire is in your best interests? Have you considered your future? What if he wants to turn you or simply becomes bored? What if he gets the chip out?”

“I’ve thought about it, I have and I want this. I want him. I know you don’t see me as the smartest in the group but I’m not stupid either.”

“I have never thought you were stupid. Merely…impulsive at times.”

“He won’t hurt me. I believe that.”

“How can you be sure?”

“How can anyone be sure? We all take risks. Every night we go patrolling is a risk. In fact, it’s Spike that makes sure I’m safe.”

“Do you think he loves you?”

“I know he does and I love him.”

“I’m sorry but he can’t love you, Xander. He’s not capable.”

“You’re wrong. I’ve seen it. He loved Drusilla more than anything. You saw how he was with her. Are you telling me that wasn’t love?”

“She was his sire. It was an automatic and expected response.”

“No. I won’t believe that. He’s done more for me than…he’s done a lot and I’m not his sire. He sees the real me and still wants me.”

“I can see that you’re not going to be persuaded to end this.”

“No. I’m sorry. I respect you but this is something I’m gonna do for me. I need to do for me.”

“Very well, I hope you understand that I had to try but if this is your decision then I will support you. I want you to know that if you ever need anything, I am here.”

“Thank you. That’s…thank you.”

“Could you do one thing for me though?”


“It concerns the message on your telephone. I understand that this is the Harris…err… Bloody residence but…well, it is not appropriate.”

“Sure thing. Consider it done but what’s wrong with it?”

“Ask Spike to explain it to you. I’m sure he’ll be delighted.”


“What ya thinkin’ about?”

“Just some things Giles said.”

“He told you I can’t love you, didn’t he.”

“Yeah but I told him it wasn’t true.”

“The watchers are taught to think that way. S’pose it makes it easier to kill our kind. But that doesn’t mean its right.”

“I believe in you. You’d never hurt me.”

“That means a lot when you say that. The trust you have. You know exactly who and what I am but it doesn’t matter. Not to you.”

“But is does matter. It’s why I love you.”

“Why I love you too. You have no idea how special you really are.”

“C’mon, let’s go to bed.”

“Hope you’re not wanting to sleep.”

“Nope, not yet. Hey Spike, what’s wrong with the Harris Bloody residence?”

“The watcher say something?”


“Explain it later. Love you Xander.”

“Mmmmm. Love you too Spike.”

The End

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