This story is 3rd in the series: Conversations   It's sequel to: I Knew It



Caught In The Act

"I could kiss you for hours and never get tired of it."

"Spike, wait we can't do this here."

"Why not? No one else about and I want you so much."

"Buffy and Willow are patrolling too. What if they see us?"

"Why would they? They know we're patrolling here."

"Yeah, yeah right. Ohhhh yes, feels good."

"Mmm yes it does."

"Yeah, right there."

"Move over a bit."

"Spike, what...oh god, you want me to...oh yeah."

"Just do me now."

"Got any lube?"

" the other one."

"Got it."

"Hurry, want you."

"Just give me a minute here Mr. Pushy."

"Oh, yeah. That's it."

"Hmmm, you really like my neck."



"No, don't stop."

"Not stopping. Here, just let me"

"Yeah, fill me up."

"So tight, so good."

"Fuck me, yeah that's it."

"Not gonna last."

"S'kay Xan."

"Really not gonna."

"Don't care."

"Make it up. After."

"Give it to me, harder."

"Oh fuck."

"Come for me Xan."


"What's wrong? Is it a vampire?"


"Good, I'll stake it and we can call it a night."

"Uhm, I think he's already being staked."

"What? Let me see.....oh my."

"I know."

"Oh my god, is that Spike and who...oh, oh is that Xander?"

" is. I.....I just never knew he was bi. I kinda figured Spike would go both ways being a vampire and all but... am I a bad friend? Oh, I am a bad friend. I should've known."

"You're not a bad friend. This is something could you know? I'm more concerned with who he's with. If Spike does anything to hurt him. I'm not sure I like this."

"They've been hanging out together and Spike just moved and doesn't that change things a bit. I didn't understand why he wanted Spike to live with him but ...well this explains it. I'm going to have a talk with him."

"Who? Xander?"

"No, Spike. I may have neglected my friend duties when I didn't notice Xander was bi but I will not let anybody hurt him."

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"Nope, I can handle this one all on my own. and my shovel."

"You're right. You've got it covered. Huh, I always thought that Spike would...ah."

"Top, be the dominant, the giver."

"How do you... is it because you're... never mind."

"Amazing what you stumble across on the internet."

"Right, oh I think they're finished."

"Yep, eep nope, what is he, oh wow."

"That must be incredible. I mean he looks like he's really enjoying that and is it really warm out tonight?"

"Really warm. Should we be watching this, we know them but even if we didn't... I mean we shouldn't, should we?"

"You're right we really should go. They're both so gorgeous, who would've thought?"

"We really should go."

"Yeah we should."

"I mean a good friend wouldn't stay and watch."

"But as a good friend we should make sure that something nasty doesn't sneak up on them while they're ....uh."

"Going down, lolly-gagging, gaining knowledge."

"I'm a bit concerned about the things you're reading on the internet."

"Sorry. I stumbled across some sites when I was researching and I was kinda curious."

"Wanted to know how the other half lives, huh?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"Oh they swap around. Suppose that's fair. And way to go vampire recovery time, impressive."

"And Xander has nothing to be ashamed of."

"Nope and who would of thought that under all those horrible clothes was that body. Maybe you should have scooped him up when you had the chance."

"Batting for the other team now."

"Right but wow, too bad."

"Think they're really done this time?"

"Looks like. Oh they're coming this way. Quick. Over here."

"Awwww they're holding hands."

"Maybe you won't need the shovel after all."

"Maybe you're right. But I'm still having that talk."

"It should be safe to go now. I ...I think I'll go see if Riley is around."

"Yeah and me and Tara should for that... um test. The science one."

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