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Spoilers: Early Season 6, Buffy is back but Spike has grieved and is over her as a love interest. I suck at canon because I didn't have a TV for umm... 5-6 years... so yeah... play pretend that wheeee.. forrest is ALIVE!
Warnings: Slash, Biting (eventually) and Swearing. Not really sure of anything else yet.

Oh yeah, unbetaed, don't really have one as such. Oh, and I'm Australian, so some of my spelling will seem wonky to all those Americans out there. Oops, I also forgot to mention that this is my first S/X fic.

Vamp Napped


Part One

Xander's first thought was "Oh God! Anya's trying to spice up our sex life again" but then the realisation that he wasn't naked, he wasn't in their bed, he didn't have the ball gag in his mouth and Anya had left him a week ago for 'Greener Pastures'.

His eyes opened and he immediately regretted it, his head was spinning and he appeared to be in a cell. He closed his eyes again, letting himself wake up completely, while doing so taking stock of himself, two arms, two legs, bump on the head... not too bad, still breathing at least. When he felt slightly more stable he slowly opened his eyes again, this time the room seemed to have stopped being a merry-go-round. Dawn was next to him and still out. Spike was leaning against the wall, looking ragged with a black eye, bloodied lip and bruised and bleeding knuckles.

A whimper from the long haired girl on the floor and the previously silent and still Spike moved quickly and sat beside her.

"Here little Bit, Spike's here." With that she threw herself into his arms, Xander watched as the Scourge of Europe took the gangly teen into the safe haven of his arms, despite the wince it caused as she burrowed against his chest.

"Spike I wanna go home" Dawn began to sob against his chest.

"Shhh, Niblet, I know" A rumbling purr began in Spike's chest, as it continued Dawn's sobbing tapered off and she was soon asleep.

"Harris, I didn't want to scare the Bit, but this place is the Initiative, same soldier boys that got me last time."

"Spike, It's not... Riley, is it?"

"Captain Cardboard seems to be in charge, though I don't know what he's playing at."

"Crap..." for a minute or so there was silence but for the purring still coming from Spike "Spike? How'd you know that the purring thing'd help?"

"Used to work on Dru, and I used it over the summer, after Buffy's death. And if you tell anyone I'll feed you your intestines, chip or no chip."

"Impressive threat, especially since you were still purring, and don't worry, the Xand-man can keep his mouth shut." Spike snorted and rolled his eyes, but Xander noticed that he hadn't stopped purring; suddenly a metallic clang was heard and then heavy footsteps towards their cell, Spike carefully put Dawn down and moved in front of both her and Xander.

Graham, Forrest and three other unfamiliar military fatigued men entered the cell and moved towards Dawn and Xander.

"The orders are to interrogate the males and leave the female here for the moment, until Agent Finn has spoken to her" Grahams green eyes coldly taking in the situation. Spike growled and grabbed Graham, flinching as the chip went off, but taking the soldier into a headlock with one hand on his chin, prepared to snap his neck if necessary. The other soldiers stopped dead, Graham thrust his head back, his skull impacting with Spike's nose, nevertheless Spike's grip didn't waver.

"You can't hurt him," Forrest scoffed

"Wanna bet?" Spike flashed into gameface and sank his fangs momentarily into Grahams neck

"What about the implant?"

"Still there ya wanker, but do you really think that some piece of machinery is really enough of a deterrant to a fuckin' Master Vampire, I can deal with the pain if there is enough motivation."

Forrest appraised the situation; his commander was being held hostage by a violent, calculating and intelligent hostile.

"What are your terms?"

"Go nowhere near either Dawn or Harris here and I won't kill any of your soldier boys."

"That leaves us at an impasse, because what else would we need them for but the information?"

"Don't be stupid. 'Interrogating' us was just a bonus, we're bait, or a distraction so is it a deal or do I get the pleasure of snapping this offensive arsejockey's neck?"

"It's a deal"

"Just a warning, I'll kill anyone who tries to touch them... slowly and painfully. I'm a demon of my word."

"Agreed" With that Spike threw Graham back at the soldiers and they then ran out and locked the doors behind them.

Xander looked awed, Dawn had woken and looked afraid, Spike had sat down on the ground, gamefaced and holding his temples in pain. Dawn saw this and crawled over to him and snuggled close, stroking his ridged face. Soon his face relaxed and smoothed back to its human visage. He took her back into his arms and began purring again, she was soon back asleep.

Part Two

Xander debated with himself Why would Spike risk himself for me? Dawn obviously, but me?

Itís a trick, some fiendish plan; weíll have to watch him closely

Not Necessarily, we were patrolling with he and Dawn when those guys grabbed us, he could have left us both for dead and escaped, or even grabbed Dawn and left us with them, but he didnít, he defended us until he passed out from the tasar blasts.

He smells like wilderness, he is pack, he is alpha

The other two voices in Xanderís head ignored the third, they were good at it, the hyena had been with them since high school after all.

ďSo Harris, Do you have anything of Redís?Ē

ďI donít know, why?Ē

ďSo I can sniff her knickersÖ for Christís sake Harris, just trust meĒ

ďBut..Ē Arctic blue eyes are looking deeply into Xanders. Silently he begins to go through his pockets, finally pulling out a pen. ďThis is Willsí lucky pen, she lent it to me for a job application for luckĒ

ďShould be good enough, give it here a momentĒ Spike took the pen in his hand, he then quietly muttered something into his cupped hand.


SPIKE?? Xanders mental voice was a mix of a whine and a pout.

Bollocks! Youíve had the pen too long. At least now weíll be able to talk without anyone overhearing us.

Please donít tell me that youíre in my headÖ


Sorry Xander, canít tell you that

Did you just call me Xander? Oh God! Iím gonna die arenít I, the apocolypse is on itís way

Oh donít be such a git! If Iím inside your head itíd be pretty stupid not to call you by your name

I suppose soÖ Xander thought for a moment You know magic?

You donít spend over a century around magic users without picking up a spell or ten

Why donít you ever use it then?

Because, as Iím always telling Red, Magic always has concequences, this time itís worth it. We need to get out of here to help the Slayer deal with Corn fed and his Merry Men

So is there any other way you can contact Wills?

Iíll poke around in here, you yourself have a strong link to the witch, thereís a chance I could use that.

Poke around? Xanderís mental voice sounding panicked as all hell Can I declare myself firmly in the NO category for that plan?!?!?! Or can it at least be a very last resort??

Ok Xander, Iíll have to ask Peaches

There is a small silence

What is this spell by the way?

Iím actually relieved you ask, this is a Mrrowl spell, for a specific purpose. Iíve now used it for something else

How did you learn Mrrowl spells? What are Mrrowl like? They sound like some sort of Cat. And how am I saying this name right?

The reason youíre saying the name correctly, for one thing you arenít as dumb as you like to pretend and also because itís mindspeaking, no tongue to muff it up. Well Mrrowl are fairly tame, look pretty much like humans and behave similarly cept theyíre immortal and have mating periods that last 60 years and are more like Vampires in their choice of mate; not at all bothered by gender and not unduly worried about species.

Xander looked incredibly shocked by this. Why are you telling me this?

Cos my head is about to get very crowded


This isnít the first time Iíve done this spell, and the other people Iíve done the spell with are now going to join me in my head, and by extention, yours

William my sweet, youíve waited much too long and been much too alone! About time! Introduce us. A distinctly male voice, purred in Spikeís head, Xanderís eyes going wide.

Brrowtha, there are extenuating circumstances, I havenít cast this spell for the normal reasons, and connected with the wrong person

There is deep vibrating sensual laughter.

William, life is never dull with you around! What was your reason for performing the spell, and how did it go wrong?

Iíve been captured by the military again; I was using a focus to contact Willow, but Xanderíd had it too long and thatís how weíre in this situation

My my William, you are in a pickle Brrowthaís voice was infinitely amused.

Well I plan to ask Angelus to contact Willow for me when he checks in

Nonetheless William, youíve forgotten your manners. Introduce me to Xander.

Sure pet, Xander, Brrowtha. Brrowtha, Xander

Hello Xander, Iíve heard so much about you over the last few years

UmmÖ Hi? Xanderís voice sounding anything but confident Just wonderingÖ What is the usual reason for this spell?

Mind contact between lovers or mates

Oh My God

And Xander promptly passed out.


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