Unfinished Business


Part Nine

Xander ushered Spike into his apartment and closed the door behind them. “Okay. First item on what’s probably going to be a very long list…”

Spike growled happily and reached for him.

“…is a shower.”

Spike growled again, not happily, and added a disappointed grunt. “Never been a fan of lists. ‘Specially long ones.”

“Too bad, Fangbreath. If you want to sleep in a comfortable bed instead of an instrument of torture, you’ll be squeaky clean and sweet-breathed. There’s a spare toothbrush under the washbasin.”

“Right. Should I floss?”

“Sarcasm isn’t pretty. Anyway, before you dropped through the floor – the last time – you said you stripped off because you wanted a…” He groaned. “I really am a wally, or a prat, or whatever colourful insult you choose today. Did you really think I’d take one look at your lean, hard, muscular...”

Spike’s grin could’ve been marketed as a weapon of mass destruction. “Quit while you’re behind, boy.”

“Har, har.”

“Worked, didn’t it? Never took you for a welsher, Harris. I was promised a snog.” He decided to try another tack. No one could accuse him of not being flexible… “You look a bit hot and bothered. Shower’s big enough for two.”

Eyes rolling, Xander stomped into the bathroom and turned on the faucets. Once the bathroom had filled with steam, he poked his head out, to find his shirt on the floor and a once-again naked vampire smirking at him. He backed away as Spike strolled towards him.

Spike squeezed past Xander, who leapt aside nimbly to avoid the inevitable grope. “You coming, then?”

Spike lifted the deadly eyebrow and Xander almost ran out the front door, courage suddenly deciding to take a vacation in Maui.

Gripping the bathroom doorknob firmly, Xander said the only thing possible in the circumstances: “Mmph.” He was disturbed to realise it sounded suspiciously like, “Okay.”

Spike slid into the shower cubicle and sighed as warm water splashed over his body. “When you’re right, you’re right. ‘S niiiiice. Come on, what are you waiting for?”


Shucking off his clothes and taking a deep breath, Xander stepped underneath the showerhead and jumped as pale arms closed around his waist and a pair of firm, flexible lips attached themselves to his. Surrendering, he squeezed back and opened his mouth, shut it before it could be filled with tongue, then opened it again.

“Is there any chance you can stick around long enough for us to enjoy this…whatever?”

“If not, won’t be for lack of trying.”

Part Ten

Spike closed in for the killer kiss and Xander’s cock went from mildly interested to granite in record time as his tongue was massaged and his palate indelicately explored. He groaned, then groaned again when Spike pulled away and started to speak. Conversation? Stupid vampire thought this was a good time for a chit-chat?

“Oi, you listening?”

“I’m. Trying.”

“Grinding your teeth is a terrible habit, you know.”

“Okay, enough already. If it’ll mean getting back to the good stuff faster, I’m listening.”

“You gonna get rid of that thing?” Spike waved in the general direction of Xander’s left eye.

“No, it’s okay. It’s waterproof-“

“Don’t look so hunted, tosser. Take it off.”


“Stop sulking and just take it off. I’m kinky for a lot of things but pirates don’t feature, and it doesn’t do much for the romantic atmosphere.”

“Neither will what’s under it.”

Evading Xander’s attempt to stop him, Spike reached up and whipped off the eyepatch, leaning out of the shower cubicle to toss it on the vanity. He turned back to Xander, who’d gone an interesting shade of pink and was trying to cover his face with a hand that suddenly seemed too small. Spike pulled it away and looked at the damaged socket, then cocked his head consideringly.

“Ain’t so bad.”

“Sweet of you to say so,” Xander retorted sarcastically, “but I’ve got a mirror and I can see myself.”

“You’re one up on me, then.”

Xander gave a sharp bark of laughter. “Good point.” His gaze wandered to the floor. “Um, it doesn’t, you know, disgust you or anything?”

“Think about it, Cyclops. Think of the things I’ve seen in over a century.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Yeah. This is a whaddyacallit, a gnat bite. Angelus did worse to me on a good day.”


“You’re cute when you’re grossed out. Now, where were we again? You’ve been a good boy, and good boys deserve a reward.”

As Spike slid gracefully down his body and began to lick and suck on his rapidly reviving cock, Xander leaned back against the tiles for support and nodded frantically. “Good boy, I’m a good boy…reward harder…ngggggg!”

Spike jumped to his feet, licking his lips and smiling smugly. “Liked that, did you?”

More frantic nodding.

“I think it’s time we took this to the bedroom. You’re pruning up.”

“Bedroom…good. Need…nap.”

“Dream on, mate. Or rather, you won’t. It’s my turn. Cue evil laugh.”

After at least a nanosecond of thought, Xander grabbed Spike’s hand and tugged him from the shower, sketchily wiped them both down with a towel that had seen better days, then caught the hand again and began to tow Spike towards the bedroom.

“That’s what I like to see - a bit of enthusiasm.”

Part Eleven

Once they reached the bedroom, Xander dropped Spike’s hand and looked around doubtfully: at the unmade double bed, the empty pizza boxes on the floor and the unwashed coffee mugs on the rickety nightstand. “It’s kinda crappy.”

“Beats the hell out of being chained up in a rock hard bathtub.”

“Ah, yeah. Sorry about that.”

“Not to worry. My back forgives you. The Watcher still owes me an apology, but you get a pass. And speaking of rock hard…”

Xander’s gaze wandered to Spike’s groin and he blushed. “Did I mention I’ve never been with a guy before? I mean, that way.”

“And here’s me, thinking you’ve been playing hide the sausage with every likely lad for ten blocks.”

“Hide the sausage? Oh. Oh! You’re kidding, right? I mean, Larry thought I was…you know…

“A poof?”

Gay, Spike. The word is gay.”

“Never was much of a one for all that PC shite.” Spike took pity on him. “Don’t worry, mate. You don’t come off like a bender, an arse bandit-”

Xander lurched forward and covered Spike’s mouth with one hand. “Very colourful - really - but can you stop now?”

“Make me.”

Xander felt Spike smile beneath his palm and pulled his hand away. Winding his arms around Spike’s waist, he smiled back and shivered when Spike’s fingers gripped his shoulders. “Time for my first lesson in the man on man sexing, huh? Well, I guess what we just did in the shower counts, but not really because, you know, done that before…I mean, Anya did that before…I mean…”

“Shut up, boy,” commanded Spike, pushing Xander full-length on the bed and leaping lightly on top of the larger body. He wriggled until they were nose to nose and dived in for a long, leisurely kiss.

“Shutting up now,” Xander managed to gasp before liplock made further conversation impossible.

After too short a time, Spike pulled back. “Don’t suppose you’ve got any lube handy, have you? Raspberry flavour’d be nice.”

“You mean you want to-”

“Don’t panic. We can take this easy as you like.”

“Very easy…please?”

“Right, let’s try the fancy French thing.”

“Didn’t we already French kiss? A lot?”

Spike sighed pityingly. “Got no idea, do you?”

“Nope. I told you so.”

“It’s called frottage, and I think you’ll like it.”

As Spike rubbed their cocks together, the slippety-slide aided by their free flowing pre-come, Xander’s cock went from half-mast to whoo boy in seconds. He arched to get more contact and tensed as he felt that familiar, happy tingle and avidly watched Spike’s features contort into a sex-face as…

…the tingle turned into a prickle and Spike disappeared through his body.

“Okay, blue balls. I should’ve known Spike couldn’t concentrate on two things at the same time. Where’s Willow’s number again?”

Part Twelve

Xander limped to the bathroom, grabbed his rumpled shirt and jeans from the floor and dressed quickly, wincing as the zipper caught his still erect cock, then tried to figure out what to do next. Trudging down to the basement to retrieve Spike again was a waste of energy he didn’t have after one and a half orgasms. Spike knew his way home by now; he was turning into a regular homing vamp.

After opening the front door in case Spike was having concentration issues, he rummaged around in the kitchen drawer dedicated to pizza menus, balls of string that might come in handy one day, carefully wrapped half-chewed gum – maybe Blu Tack would work better – and a freaky array of dead batteries until he found his frayed address book.

He was halfway through dialing Willow’s number when Spike charged through the door, hotly pursued by the super. Hanging up the phone, he put on his enquiring face.

“Mr Harris,” said the super through winded gasps, “I’ve been very understanding, but your…friend just scared away the prospective tenants I was showing around 2b! Naked ghosts with naked hard-ons dropping through nak… apartments aren’t included in the rent.”

“Sorry, sorry. It’ll never happen again, promise. I’ll, um, chain him up, if necessary.” He ushered an only slightly mollified Mr Jackson to the door, carefully ignoring the gleam in Spike’s eyes, and closed it behind him.

“Chains, eh? Didn’t think you had it in you, Harris.”

“Jeez, Spike, stop waving that monster around or I’ll be forced to beat it down with a stick.”

“What, this old thing? Had it for years and, trust me, it likes sticks.”

“Did I want to know that? Do I look like I wanted to know that?”

Spike sauntered towards him and leaned in, rubbing his cock against the rough denim of Xander’s jeans.

Xander leapt away and dived behind the kitchen counter.

“Aww, doesn’t little Xan want to come out and play?”

“Oh, please. No whining and, especially, no batting of the eyelashes. It won’t work. I have things to do, Willows to call.”

Spike perked up. “Red? Think she can fix our not so little problem?”

Xander sighed. “Yeah, it really has turned into our problem, hasn’t it? You’re my best chance of getting laid again this century. And that’s probably the most pathetic thing I’ve ever said.”

“Brace up, boy. Being tumbled by Spike will ruin you for anyone else, male, female or green with purple spots. And Gorak demons really know how to use those tentacles.”

“Oh, joy. Enticing as that thought is, I’m still going to call Willow.”

“Say hello to her from me, yeah? All that loathing was just a front, you know. Deep down, she fancied me something rotten.”

“Really, your capacity for self-delusion is an awesome thing to behold, oh clueless one.”

Xander picked up the phone and dialed. “Wills?”

Spike flinched as a delighted squeal assaulted his sensitive ears.

“Yeah, I know I haven’t called for weeks. Yeah, I know I’m a bad friend. Yeah, I know you love me anyway. Um, Wills? Got a little sitch here…”

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