A story in the Fanged Four verse

For the fantastically fab [info]sevendeadlyfun who gives me the best bunnies! And who asked for Spike getting 'the healing power of sex'- because as we all know, sex heals everything.

The Healing Power of Sex


Darla sat on the chaise longue, her silver embroidery needle flashing in the lamplight as she deftly did petit point. At her feet, Dru reclined like a lazy cat, her petticoats askew and her dark hair tumbling over her shoulders. Her expressive eyes sparkled as she stabbed the needles into a little figure of wax.“And one for the master, and one for his dame, and one for the little boy who lives down the lane,” Dru said as she jabbed the eyes of the mannikin.

“Speaking of black sheep,” Angelus said with a yawn, stretching his long arms, “where’s William? It’s not like him not to be hanging on your skirts, Princess.”

"William's been naughty, Daddy," Drusilla said, looking up, her eyes aglow.

"Oh, has he now?" Angelus learned forward, his own dark eyes gleaming as his face turned up in an eager smirk. "And what's the wee rascal been up to this time? It's been far too long since he's been across my knee..."

"Yes, it must have been at least seven hours," Darla said dryly.

"Now, Darla," Angelus said, "don't be jealous. The lad's got to be taught the way we do things around here, doesn't he?"

Darla sat up straighter and arched a brow. "Jealous? Of a two week old fledgling-"

But Drusilla and Angelus were completely caught up in their current game. Drusilla leaned forward as if to impart a secret, her satin skirts rustling, the wax figure clutched in her slender white hand.

"He went and let his willy and balls get all covered with hair," Drusilla said, in a tone of exaggerated outrage mingled with glee.

"The impudence!" Angelus said, assuming a shocked expression. "Well, I can see he'll need a good seeing to. Darla, where's my razor strop?"

He stood up from the chair and reached out a hand for Drusilla. She grinned, showing her sharp little white teeth, and stowed her 'dolly' in Darla's sewing basket.

"Wherever you left it, Angelus. I hope you aren't expecting me to keep track of your things for you now? And I rather fancied we'd have a quiet evening tonight," Darla said, as she put aside the embroidry frame.

"I've sent him straight to the bath, Daddy, to get rid of all the nasty hair at once. Shouldn't I have?" Dru asked, a little anxiously, as Angelus' big hands engulfed her own.

"Tch. Dru, he's just a baby boy. He can't be expected to sort that sort of thing out on his own. It takes a deft hand."

Angelus' face clearly showed that he relished the task before him. Holding Dru by one hand, he offered his other to Darla, who took it languidly and rose to her feet.

"And you require Drusilla and I to hold the boy down for you, or merely to be an audience?" Darla said, arching a brow at Angelus. "I really can think of more enticing amusements."

Angelus ignored her pointed remark, and was already striding ahead, rolling his shirtsleeves. He called up the stairs, "William! Drusilla tells me you've been neglecting your grooming, boyo! Don't move a muscle, I'll be up to tend to you myself."

From the top of the stairs came the reply, "Bloody buggering fuck!"

Angelus' jaw dropped and he quickened his stride. Darla blinked once and exchanged glances with Dru, who gasped. The two women hurried up in Angelus' wake, eager not to miss a moment of what was to come.

Angelus burst into the bedroom to see William, naked but for his slender hips which were swathed in a towel. He was hopping on one leg and clutching his other foot, spitting curses through clenched teeth.

"Fucking hell! Sodding bastard!"

"William!" Angelus snapped, his bulk filling the doorway, his face stormy.

Drusilla pushed past and rushed to him, her hands stroking his damp blonde curls and sliding over his bare chest and shoulders.

"Spike, my Spike, what's wrong?"

Seeing he now had an audience of three, William grimaced and muttered sheepishly, "S'nothing. S' just- stumped my toe against the footstool there. Bloody thing. 'M all right."

Angelus' face relaxed, and an instant later he said, "Come here, William, and let me see if you've been keeping yourself groomed as a young Aurelian fledge should."

William arched a brow, and had just opened his mouth to retort, when Darla interrupted.

"Angelus! Can't you see he's hurt!"

Angelus turned his head and gave her a quizzical look. Darla hurried across the floor, pushing the boy back against the bed. He gave a little squawk of surprise, and his blue eyes flashed anxiously to Angelus when Darla stroked his cheek.

"Yes, just look at him, crying in pain. What sort of Sire are you, to fuss over trifles when your childe is injured!"

"M' not crying!"

"He just said he hit his toe on the-"

Darla continued, speaking over Angelus, "As head of this household, and eldest, I believe I am to be deferred to in matters of Siring, am I not?"

After a rather awkward silence, Angelus shuffled his feet and said a little uncertainly, "Erm, yes. But Darla, what's all that got to do with-"

"Your childe is clearly hurt. As his Sire it's your duty to make him well. And there's only one way to heal such a grievous injury-" Darla said, sliding her cool hand down William's muscular belly.

William swallowed hard and anxiously stammered, "Th-there is?" simultaniously as Angelus demanded, "What the hell are you on about, Darla?"

With a flourish, Darla swiftly pulled the towel open, exposing William's firm, lean thighs and his cock, still covered with a fine fur of reddish golden curls at its base and covering his full, firm balls. William gave a squawk and tried to cover himself, but Drusilla grabbed his wrists with a squeal of delight.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, we must listen to Grandmummy and make poor William all well again. Fill him up to overflowing and leave him wrung out and glowing- I told you to shave that, naughty boy!"

And Drusilla struck a smart smack to William's cock before Darla could stop her, making the boy double up with a howl of surprised pain, clutching his cock.

"Ow! Fuck, Drusilla!"

"Drusilla! You mustn't do that, not without warning. William's already severely hurt. Do you want him to get better or not!" Darla said sternly, clutching a fistful of Dru's hair and giving her a little shake.

"But I told him to-" Drusilla began, then grimaced and gasped when Darla's strong little fingers grasped her hair more tightly.

"Angelus told you, the boy can't be expected to manage that himself. Be glad he's got enough sense not to listen to you. Maybe this one will amount to something, Angelus. Now, go and strop Daddy's razor and bring it and the shaving soap, if you want to help."

William looked from Darla to Angelus, still grimacing, eyes wide with shock and anxiety.

Darla nuzzled the boy, smiling down at his young, handsome face. Angelus frowned and took a step forward.

"Darla, now, the boy is-"

"Your responsibility to protect and comfort, and clearly he needs sexual healing now," Darla cooed, slipping her hand down to cup William's balls, illiciting a gasp from him as he quickly brought his knees together in an attempt at self protection.

"S-sexual healing?" William stammered, and his voice rose to a squeak, which made him blush and clear his throat quickly.

Angelus stood, musing and still frowning slightly, but as Darla worked William's cock in her skilled hand, a slow smirk began to spread across his face. He began to unbutton his waistcoat.

William gasped and writhed under Darla's minstrations. He tried to catch her hands in his, swallowing rapidly so his Adam's apple bobbed in his throat. She chuckled and nuzzled him, giving his face little kisses and nipping his full lower lip.

"Such a beautiful boy, Angelus. And one with some spirit, and wit. I think perhaps he'll turn out to be a very acceptable choice indeed. Ah, ahh, ah! Don't try to cover up, darling boy. Angelus, hand me the bottle of rose oil won't you?"

He'd stripped off his shirt and tie now, his braces hanging off his shoulders, grinning wolfishly as he stalked to the bed with the little glass bottle in his hand.

"Ah! God! M-madame!" William gasped as Angelus uncorked the bottle and drizzled the oil over the boy's lean, smooth belly. He began to smooth the oil into William's skin, purring with satisfaction.

"Sweet Judas, feel that Darla. Like silk. Soft as butter- but he's no namby pamby- he's got steel beneath."

William was panting now, writhing on the sheets as both their hands smoothed the silky oil over his skin. Darla chuckled and looked deeply into Angelus' eyes, her own eyes smouldering. He leered at her, dark hair falling over his forehead as he bent down to place kisses over the boy's chest and stomach.

"So... you think... tis sexual healing... the boy needs.. Madame?" Angelus growled as he flicked his tongue over the boy's stiffening nipple.

"Oh god... oh fuck!" William gasped, arching his back and flexing his buttocks. Darla leaned over him, her bosom inches from his face, a tendril of golden hair coming free from her coiffure and falling over one firm, full white breast.

"Oh Angelus, he's perfect. So pliant, so sweet... but with a spark of fire within him. Quick, boy, get me out of this dress, we've no time to lose!"

"Oh, yes-" Angelus said, hurrying around the bed to Darla's side and fumbling with the buttons at the back of her dress.

While he divested her of gown and corset with his long, strong fingers, he watched with dark, eager eyes gleaming with greed as she stroked her hand through William's curls, thrusting the swell of her breasts into his face and chuckling as she murmured encouragement to him. The boy writhed and moaned, his cock swollen and the slick tip dripping clear fluid. Drusilla came in with the basin of water and the straight razor and eagerly hurried to put it down.

"Oh, look at him, Daddy, he's all spilling over. Shall I tend to his naughty willy, now?"

Angelus tossed Darla's corset aside and reached over her shoulders, pressing his fingers at William's mouth. He moaned and soon engulfed Angelus' fingers, suckling and licking them like a hungry kitten.

"Oh fuck! Aye- aye, Dru- you tend to him-- and get him all clean and sweet...." Angelus panted.

"Oh! Yes! Yes! You beautiful boy! Angelus- darling- why don't you help Drusilla and let me get a little more of that wonderful mouth... Oh! His tongue-"

Angelus reluctantly withdrew his fingers from William's mouth and adjusted his trousers, moving to the end of the bed where Dru had carefully spread the boy's balls and pubic thatch with lather.

"Here, Dru, sweet, let Daddy give you a hand and we'll soon have our sweet boy sorted," Angelus growled throatily, his cock throbbing in his trousers as he watched Darla, naked and pale as alabaster, straddling William's form. Her golden hair cascaded down her back, her firm, pert little buttocks spread slightly as she straddled the boy, who was alternately moaning and making muffled sounds of surprise as she guided his mouth to her sex.

"Yes, yes, yes! Oh, Angelus, he's gorgeous- ah! He's- oh! There, there, yes, again, right there, boy!" Darla moaned, grinding her hips and arching her back.

Soon, William's cock and balls were smooth shaven and Angelus swallowed hard, stroking the shaft of the boy's thick eight inches. He leered at Dru, saying, "Come here, kitten- you want a taste, don't you? Show Daddy how sweetly you can lap up William's cream."

She lowered her chin and licked her lips wantonly, running her hands over Angelus' chest.

"And what about you, darling Daddy? Sexual healing requires the Sire's touch..."

Angelus unfastened his flies and let his trousers fall open, unfastening his drawers to free his own rampant, swollen cockhead. He spread William's muscular little arsecheeks apart, and drizzled rose oil down the boy's cleft. William bucked and kicked out in surprise, but between Darla and Drusilla, he was kept busy and Angelus soon had two slicked fingers inside the boy, pumping them in and out of the delightful, cool, tightness and chuckling to himself as his cock throbbed in anticipation.

Angelus pressed his slicked cockhead to the boy's loosened ring, and groaned aloud as he sank inside. Darla uttered a series of gasps and arched her back in the way that made Angelus' cock stiffen even more inside the boy, and he began to thrust, gently at first, then deeper and firmer, and when he felt the boy's hips begin to buck and thrust back in their own rhythm, he nearly came on the spot.

Darla fell off onto the side, and lay beside the boy, her hair falling over her brow and her breasts, her cheeks and lips flushed. She cradled William's head and kissed his swollen lips, pressing them to her breast, urging him to lick and suckle.

"Good boy, oh, what a good boy he is, Angelus- uh! Yes, baby, that's your Daddy, look how handsome and strong he is- he's making you all better, making you all ours, good boy, sweet William! And ah! What a sweet big sister Drusilla is, taking your owwie away..."

William grasped Darla's breasts as if in a fantastic dream. He suckled and lapped at her pale pink nipples, and make eager, kittenish noises in response to her breathy encouragments.

"Aye... you'll have to uh! Thank her properly, after, boyo," Angelus growled, as he thrust in and out of his boy. He watched eagerly as Drusilla's dark hair brushed the boy's pale skin, her mouth stretched around his cock as she sucked, bobbing her head to take his entire length until her nose brushed the newly smooth skin at the base of his cock.

Drusilla made low, moaning noises in her throat as she took the boy's cock, and suddenly Angelus felt William's channel spasm and his tight ring clench involuntarily. William's eyes widened and he gasped, crying out and bucking his hips, and Drusilla chuckled in her throat and swallowed, her throat contracting several times before she pulled off, and swirled her little pink tongue over his shaft and around the base of his cockhead.

Angelus came then, shuddering as he pumped into the boy's channel, filling him up and feeling William clench and shudder around him.

They lay together on the bed afterward, naked and spent, Dru's head resting on Angelus' thigh and William's on his chest. Angelus nuzzled Darla's throat and kissed her deeply. She nipped his lip and then they looked down at the two young ones- dark haired, delightful Drusilla, and golden William, who was currently snuggling Angelus' chest and purring like a small steam engine.

"Well, Madame, do you think the boy's all better now?" Angelus asked, smirking as he stroked his fingers through William's curls.

"I think we've pulled him back from the brink," Darla purred, stroking her slender fingers down Angelus' muscular belly. "But we may need to have another go before daybreak- just as a preventative measure of course."

"You never can be too careful," Angelus smirked, chuckling.

The End

The Fanged Four

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