Part Twenty-Two

Xander nervously fumbled with his keys. His hands were shaking so badly that he’d managed to drop them twice already. He didn’t know what the Hell was wrong with him. There was no reason for him to feel so anxious. He’d been a bundle of nerves all day. The closer it got to quitting time the worse it seemed to get. He couldn’t help but be tantalized by what his Master had promised they’d do when he got home, which was weird because for once he knew what Spike had planned for him. It wasn’t anything they hadn’t already done before. Yet he couldn’t seem to stop his heart from racing.

It was no wonder he was all frazzled considering the day he’d had yesterday. First seeing Willow again, then coming home to find his Master drunk and furious, snarling at him. Spike forcing him to admit he was enjoying all the kinky little games that he was being forced to play and last, but not least finding out firsthand how brutally painful Spike’s chip actually was. Xander didn’t think he’d ever felt anything that agonizing. It had felt like... he couldn’t really think of words to describe it. In that one instant his entire world had become pain. There had been no conscious thought, just hurt. He hoped he’d never have to feel anything like that again.

The past few days had managed to turn his world from a simplistic black and white, to one full of different shades of gray. He wasn’t some infatuated teenager, he was still fully aware of who and what Spike was. The only difference was that he could finally start to acknowledge that the hyper vamp did have some redeeming qualities. To be fair, there were some things about Spike that were downright admirable. The Peroxide Menace was loyal, tenacious and probably one of the most perceptive people that he’d ever met.

Of course none of that negated all the horrible things that Spike had done over the years. Which he knew, deep down, made him a hypocrite. He’d loved Anya, he still did really. He’d almost married the woman. Yet she’d been a vengeance demon for a millennium. The trail of misery that she’d left behind had been just as bad as Spike’s, if not worse. But suddenly because she was human the slate was clean? He’d never felt this confused in his life. Had he only been willing to overlook Anya’s past because she’d been trapped in a pretty young female package? He’d like to think that he wasn’t that shallow. But he couldn’t really deny his reaction to his Master and he’d only really started seeing things from Spike’s point of view since they’d started having sex. He wasn’t sure how he felt about his Master anymore, but he really hoped he wasn’t that much of a self-centered ass. Of course right now he was finding it extremely difficult to think about anything beyond his own arousal.

It probably hadn’t helped that he’d gone to bed incredibly turned on last night.  He turned bright scarlet remembering the events of the previous night. God, he knelt in front of Spike and begged him to wash his mouth out with soap like he was some little kid. Well okay, so that part has sucked. He definitely didn’t want to go through that again. He’d seriously thought he was going to gag.  Really it was a miracle that he hadn’t hurled again. But when his Master had taken him out into the living room and whipped him with his belt, holy crap. The fact that he’d already come twice that night was the only thing that had kept him from getting instantly hard. At that point even holding the soap in his mouth had somehow become kinky, the knowledge that if he dropped it he’d have to start the whole thing over again had been exciting as Hell. And, oh God, holding himself open so that his Master could lash him, there! And then afterwards, kneeling and exposing himself. He hadn’t been able to stop himself from getting half hard from it.

Then of course Spike had ordered him to jack himself off, to put on some kinky peepshow on the off chance that he might glance in Xander’s direction. When his Master told him that he’d have to keep doing it while he was hand fed, he hadn’t known it was possible to be so mortified and turned on at the same time. By the time they’d cleared off his dinner tray he’d been excruciatingly hard and desperate to come.

His Master had whispered all kinds of dirty explicit things to him, told him how beautiful he looked erect and spread out for him. The Victorian vampire had promised that eventually he’d be trained to spend hours like that, just so Spike could enjoy how pretty he looked. That for some strange reason had managed to send the old Harris libido into overdrive.

By the time Spike had shepherded him into the bedroom he’d been ready to explode. He still wasn’t sure how he’d managed to not come on the spot when his owner had pointed toward the bed and briskly said: “Submission”. He’d scrabbled up onto the bed and clumsily forced his limbs into the newly learned pose. His forehead resting against the mattress, it hadn’t really been possible to see what was going on, at least not without breaking form. He’d heard the muffled sounds of his Master kicking off his jeans from somewhere behind him and then more felt than saw Spike walk towards the night table, before he’d heard the drawer slide open and closed. It seemed to take forever before he felt the mattress dip behind him.

“Don’t move. I want you to keep position while I shag you, Kitten,” Spike had taunted luridly, as he’d quickly worked a moist finger into him. He’d hissed at the first contact to the still tender flesh of his anus, but hadn’t managed to suppress an embarrassing yelp when the vampire had teased the sensitive bundle of nerves deep inside of him. Spike had just chuckled and continued fingering him. “Does my wicked boy like that? Hmmm?”

He’d found himself gasping, readily agreeing when the shorter creature had reached under him with his free hand and given his cock a few gentle teasing strokes. When Spike had finally pulled his fingers out him, Xander had found himself subconsciously pushing back against the hard cock that had brushed against his hole. It had simply brought more mocking laughter from his owner, quickly followed by a stinging slap to his backside.

“Stay still, let me use you. Be my toy,” the pale haired demon had commanded. It shouldn’t have set his blood on fire. Being objectified like that shouldn’t have made him shake and shudder, but it had. Spike had proceeded to take him with agonizing slowness, using shallow barely there thrusts. It seemed to go on forever. His owner had draped himself over his back and started kissing and nibbling his neck and his earlobe like a lover. He was pretty sure he’d actually squeaked when Spike had reached under him and started delicately caressing his nipples with soft touches from the pads of his fingers. He’d started begging shortly after that.

“Hush, Kitten, I’m enjoying myself. You feel so nice, so warm around my cock. Could bugger you like this all night,” His Master had sighed. “All you need to worry about is staying in position for me. Well that and making sure that that gorgeous cock stays nice and stiff and full of blood. You don’t need to concern yourself with your own pleasure, pet. I’ve been more than generous don’t you think? I’ve allowed you to orgasm twice already. You’re not going to be allowed to come again tonight.”

He hadn’t either. And in some twisted way it had felt almost right. His Master had almost made him feel selfish for wanting it again. By the time Spike had finally sped up his movements, Xander had felt like he was drowning in sensation. The hands that had been softly brushing his chest became cruel, pinching and twisting his peaked nipples.

By the time the punk vampire had finally come, thrusting brutally into him one last time, Xander had been a shuddering mess, every nerve ending in his body screaming out in frustrated arousal. The evil undead had sworn under his breath chuckling, laying his head on Xander’s sweaty shoulder.

Brushing his claim mark with a feather light kiss his Master had carefully pulled out of him. “You can relax now. Just lay back and calm down, pet,” Spike had soothed, helping him roll over on his side. Spike had curled around him just holding him and rubbing his arm as Xander had tried to calm his racing heart. “You are a treasure, Kitten. You have no idea how erotic it is holding you like this, feeling you shaking with need, but knowing that you’ll suffer through it, just to please me. My lovely sweet boy.”

It had felt like he’d lain there erect and painfully aroused for hours, but eventually he’d managed to drift off to sleep cuddled up next to his sated Master.

This morning it had been more of the same. He’d been awoken by roaming grabby hands that had worked him to hardness in no time only to leave him horny and desperate. Spike had had no such difficulties. He’d simply ordered his slave to suck him off. And that in and of itself had been an aphrodisiac, kneeling between the vampire’s splayed legs licking and sucking him to climax, while his own cock stayed hard and unsatisfied.

The rest of their morning had pretty much followed the events of the previous day. Well except for the fact that he’d been ordered to play with himself in the shower. It still made his cock throb remembering it. He’d been ordered to pinch and twist his nipples with one hand and to fondle himself with the other for fifteen minutes. Spike’s instructions had been very explicit. He was to pay particular attention to his circumcision scar, his piss slit and the horribly sensitive vein that ran on the underside of his cock. He’d of course been unequivocally forbidden to come. “I want you hard enough to cut bloody diamonds when you come out of the shower,” his Master had breathed into his ear, handing him the timer from the kitchen. His lips had been bruised and swollen from biting them by the time he’d left the bathroom, all in an effort to stave off his climax.

Spike of course had continued periodically groping him as he’d spoon fed him his oatmeal. He’d also had to endure sporadic fondling of his nipples, cock and balls while Spike paddled him and then fitted him with a plug again. His Master had gleefully reminded him of the spanking they’d agreed to the previous night, telling him he would be receiving it as soon as he got home. By the time Xander had actually made it out the door he was panting, his erection agonizingly constricted by the tight jeans his owner had selected for him. That pretty much resembled his current state actually.

Taking a deep steadying breath, he finally managed to open the door. Whatever he’d been expecting to find when he got home it certainly hadn’t been this. There were candles everywhere. Okay, well not everywhere, but there had to be dozens scattered all over the kitchen and dining area of the apartment, giving the open space a soft warm glow. The young man swallowed nervously looking around for his Master. He almost jumped out of his skin when Spike appeared silently beside him.

“Did you have a good day at work, Kitten?” the vampire whispered, reaching to cup him through his jeans.

“Yes, Master. Thank you,” he gulped. Honestly wasn’t really sure as the whole day had been a nervous blur. Since he was still employed he assumed it had gone reasonably well.

“Good. Take your boots off and then go put your clothing in the hamper in the bedroom. When you’re done come back and wait in the center of the living room facing the telly,” his Master ordered calmly.

Dropping down onto all fours without giving it much thought, he hurried to the bedroom and quickly stripped out of his clothes. Xander breathed a sigh of relief as he shimmied out of his skin tight jeans, the stupid things had been digging into rather sensitive areas of his body for hours. Once he’d put everything away as instructed, the now mostly nude man quickly made his way back to the living room and arranged his long limbs into the formal waiting position.

“Well done, Kitten. Now I know Master promised you a special treat, but before we get to that I want to quickly review what we’ve learned over the past couple of days. Attention,” Spike said crisply, snapping his fingers. Xander moved into position almost without thinking. “Lovely,” His Master praised, crouching down beside him and reaching to play with his slave’s unprotected nipples for a few moments. The vampire ran his index finger lightly around the edge of the harness that Xander had been wearing all day. Spike’s finger followed the black leather circling his waist and then down the connecting strap that went down between his legs and held the plug that he’d been sporting since the early morning hours firmly in place.

“Doggy,” his owner whispered. Xander took a deep breath and assumed the position spreading his legs like he’d been taught. “Very nice,” his Master complimented, as he started unbuckling the harness. The Scooby moaned as the small anal toy was slid in and out of his body a few dozen times before finally being removed.

“Such a good slave. Show Master Submission now,” the still fully clothed vampire purred. The mortal couldn’t help a small shiver remembering the previous night, but managed to obey. Moist fingers penetrated him, working their way in and out of him. He whined helplessly as his prostate was stimulated. “Good boy, so responsive and obedient. Time to learn something new now,” the blue eyed creature encouraged, slipping his fingers out of his pet. It left Xander feeling strangely empty.

“Roll onto your back. Now draw your knees up, that’s good. Wrap your hands around your ankles and leave them there. Now spread your legs a little and pull your knees further apart, wonderful. This position is called Presentation. Now Kitten, I want you to list all the positions you learned so far for me,” Spike instructed, leaning over him and fisting his slave’s cock. God and he’d thought he’d felt exposed kneeling at attention. At least then he hadn’t been spread out with all his goodies laid out for Spike’s inspection.

“Wait, Attention, Doggy, Submission and Presentation, Master,” he gasped, fighting the urge to squirm under the blonde’s caresses.

“Good boy. I think it’s time to play now. Are you ready Kitten?” Spike asked, standing up and walking over to the couch.

“Yes, Master,” he nodded.

“Good, then come here and lay yourself over my lap,” Spike grinned, sitting down in the center of the sofa patting his thigh.  

Feeling a nervous little flutter in the pit of his stomach Xander rolled onto his side before righting himself and crawling over to where his owner sat waiting. The vampire beamed down at him, took his arm and helped him arrange himself over his lap.

“Spread your legs a little. Yeah, like that, pet. Arch your back and lift your bum up a little. Good boy,” his Master nodded approvingly, gently rubbing his upturned ass. Spike laid his other hand on the small of his back. “Relax. I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” the vampire revealed, running a gentle finger across his exposed anus. He mewled at the sensation, feeling totally over stimulated. “I know, precious. Gotten you all wound up haven’t I? You’ve learned your lessons very well and I have a special reward for you. You have my permission to come at anytime during your spanking.”

“Thank you, Master,” he panted, surprised he didn’t spill himself over Spike’s lap right then and there.

“You’re welcome, Kitten. Ready?” the older creature asked, gently kneading his bare cheeks.

“Yes, Master,” he agreed, dipping his head and closing his eyes.

The first blow was a barely there tap, immediately followed by another only slightly harder one that landed dead center on his right cheek. The smacks hardly stung and were almost more caresses than actual smacks. Spike stopped after he’d hit him a couple of dozen times and took a moment to massage his backside again.

“Please, Master,” he begged, trying to grind himself against the vampire’s denim clad thighs needing more stimulation.

“Stop that, Kitten or I’ll revoke your permission to come,” his Master warned, teasing just the tip of a finger into him. He knew he was whining, wordlessly pleading for more but he couldn’t seem to stop. “Hush now, we’re not in a hurry. We’ve only just begun, pet.”

The next round of slaps was slightly harsher, leaving him tingling between the blows. This time when he stopped Spike reached between his legs to gently tease his perineum, before reaching further down to massage his balls. When Spike started the spanking again the blows were a little more forceful and Xander was silently grateful. He found himself pushing back to meet the blows.

They quickly settled into a rhythm, swats escalating in intensity broken every once in a while when his Master stopped to fondle his ass, cock or balls. Xander was so close now, the friction of rubbing against Spike’s jeans with the ever increasing momentum of the spanks almost enough to send him over the edge, but not quite. His Master was hitting him pretty hard now. It hurt, but not really. He felt more... floaty than anything else.

“Feeling good, Kitten?” his Master’s voice drifted down to him.

“Hmmm, yes Master” he murmured contentedly. Spike snorted and gave him a few more hard swats. God he was close.

“Good, I’m going to shag you now,” the vampire announced, almost casually rubbing his slave’s reddened bottom. “Can you kneel up and straddle me, pet?”

He nodded shakily. His entire body felt like a wet noodle, but with his Master steadying him he managed to obey. His Master didn’t even bother to fully undress, he just undid his jeans and pushed them down far enough to fully free his erect penis.  

“Get my cock ready,” his Master ordered, handing him the lube.

“Yes, Master,” he squeaked in shock when he felt his Master’s hand slam down hard on his ass again, but managed to get the cap off the bottle of lubricant. He arched his back slightly almost without thinking, giving his Master a better target as he carefully prepared the vampire’s erection.

“That’s good, Kitten. Now reach into the right pocket of my jeans. Got a little something for you in there,” his Master rumbled softly, a small catch in his unneeded breath the only hint how deeply this was affecting him as well.

Xander reached behind them into the Spike’s front pocket, his fingers wrapping around a bunched up chain. He couldn’t suppress an excited little groan when he realized exactly what he was holding. He shivered when he noticed the small weights that were now attached.

“Hand them here, pet,” his Master ordered. Xander’s mouth went dry as he deposited the nipple clamps into his Masters outstretched hand. He shuddered as his Master quickly attached the toy to his tits, unable to suppress a small pained whimper. His Master laughed and chose that moment to spank him again, jostling the weighted alligator clamps. “Want you to ride me now, Kitten,” his master growled.

Sucking in a shaky breath, the bigger man scooted forward; drawing himself up before slowly sinking back onto his Master’s slick cock. Each movement caused the weights to pull excruciatingly at his tender chest.

“Oh, fuck,” he cried, as his Master’s hand slammed down onto his ass again with a loud crack.

“That’s the idea. Fuck yourself on my cock,” his Master ordered impatiently.

Closing his eyes, Xander drew himself up again almost pulling off of his Master, before slowly lowering himself back down. The movement caused the heavy clamps to tug at his nipples viciously. Xander gritted his teeth against the sensation and kept going. His Master’s punishing slaps only seemed to spur him on. He wiggled a bit until he found the right angle, making a little keening sound.

“Having fun?” his Master groaned.

“Yes, oh fuck, Master,” he sobbed latching onto the smaller creature’s shoulders.

“Are you close, baby?” the soft British voice asked tauntingly.

“Yes, ah, ah, ah, Master,” he shrieked. He howled as the blood flowed back to his poor nipples, after nimble fingers removed the clamps without any warning. “Oh God, oh God please. Harder, Master, spank me harder. Please!”

He was obliged and for a moment he just hung there completely inundated with sweet pleasure-pain. When his orgasm washed over him it was almost a shock. He was pretty sure he screamed, everything seemed to go blinding white for a few seconds, so he couldn’t be entirely sure. When he finally came back to himself, he realized he was holding onto Spike with a death grip. It was actually a good thing his Master wasn’t human, if he had been he’d have been sporting bruises for days.

“Sorry,” Xander blushed, loosening his grip. He felt almost giddy.

‘S’all right,” the vampire grunted, thrusting up into him. Still feeling pleasantly light headed, Xander just let himself enjoy it. Then suddenly without a word he found himself flipped onto his back.

“That was bloody hot, Kitten. Such a sight watching you come while you rode me. Hmmm... God you feel nice. So warm, that bottom of yours is scalding hot. Love buggering you. You’re so beautiful when you’re submitting to me,” his Master crooned. The praise made him feel ridiculously nice for some reason. He was happy that his Master was well... happy. He did his best to thrust back against his Master. It wasn’t long before the vampire stiffened calling out ‘Kitten’.

They lay like that for a couple of minutes, Spike idly drawing patterns along his inner thighs with his finger tips.

“How do you feel?” the vampire asked, looking down at him.

“Hmmm... Floaty?” was the only reasonable answer he could seem to come up with.

“Floaty?” His Master arched an eyebrow, but didn’t seem mad though. Finally he just laughed. “You’re high as a kite, luv.”

“Kind of feels like it, I guess,” he sighed happily.

“It’s the endorphin rush,” his Master explained stroking his hair. “Sadly it’s not going to last. How does a nice warm bath sound?”

“Hmmm, nice?” he answered.

“Very eloquent, Kitten,” his Master mocked, covering him with a blanket before getting up and seeing to their bath. Xander pouted at him for just a second, before burrowing further under the blanket.

Part Twenty-Three

His pet had been jittery all day. From the moment the alarm had gone off early this morning his slave had been jumpy, it was bloody well distracting. The eight hours the mortal had spent at work didn’t seem to have helped either. If anything his mortal seemed even more nervous and fidgety now that he’d gotten home, it wasn’t that Spike didn’t occasionally enjoy some nervousness in the boy, but this was ridiculous. He literally jumped out of his skin each time his owner approached him, let alone touched him. Not exactly what the vampire had had planned for the evening.

In some ways things had been progressing rather well over the past couple of weeks, since the night they’d found out that the boy was fitted with some sort of mystical equivalent to his chip, actually. The male Scooby had been much more at ease within his own skin since he’d finally been able to admit to his own desires. His pet now responded with a fair amount of eagerness when it was time to play. He seemed much more comfortable submitting to his Master, of course that didn’t mean that Spike still couldn’t manage to push the boy’s buttons. He certainly couldn’t pretend that he didn’t enjoy doing just that. Well he could, just not very convincingly. Not that he should. Being able to humiliate his former adversary was definitely one of the perks of this arrangement. Noiselessly, he made his way into the kitchen.

After he’d finished feeding the whelp, he’d set the boy to cleaning up the kitchen. It was a wonder the taller man hadn’t broken something as clumsy as he was acting tonight, but somehow he’d managed to avert disaster while adding his dinner dishes to the breakfast ones waiting in the sink. His pet made quite a picture standing there clad in nothing but the little frilly blue and white gingham apron that the Master vampire had started insisting he wear while doing housework a few days earlier. His Kitten had reeked of sweet shame as he’d tied the silly thing around his waist the first time. Spike smiled, remembering that evening. “You really do need to make up your mind, Pet,” he’d needled, pulling the thoroughly embarrassed young man into his arms. “You’ve been moping all week that I won’t let you dress inside the apartment. Now I give you something that covers you up and you’re still unhappy?” He’d ended up bending the slayerette over the breakfast counter and spanking him hard, before shagging him good and proper, ridiculous looking fifties style apron and all. Now that had been a pleasant night.

Silently he pressed up behind the human. He reached up under fabric barely covering his boy’s crotch and cupped his knackers in one swift motion. He grinned as he felt the mortal start. Xander groaned as Spike snaked his free hand around his torso and started tormenting his right nipple. Awkwardly, the youth kept at his task. His pet was learning; he hadn’t been told to stop. Spike decided to reward the boy by releasing his bollocks and wrapping his fist around his already engorged prick. His pet groaned and wiggled against him ever so slightly. “Is my Kitten feeling amorous?” he whispered, nibbling on a convenient earlobe.

There was only the slightest hesitation before he heard the boy moan. “Yes, Master.”

“Once you’ve done your chores, I’m going to take you into the bedroom and I’m going to tie you down. Then I’ll put the blindfold on you. I think I might gag you as well. That way you’ll be completely at my mercy while I fuck your sweet hole,” he promised, feeling the young man in his arms shudder. He chuckled, running the pad of his thumb over the sensitive head of his pet’s penis. “My dirty little slut, you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, God... Yes, Master,” the mortal admitted.

“Mmmm. Don’t know if I’ll let you come though. You’re so very lovely this way, trembling in my arms. Maybe I’ll just play with you, tease you all night till you’re a helpless bundle of nerves. I do enjoy holding you when I’ve driven you out of your mind with need. You whimper so beautifully, Kitten,” the vampire coaxed.

“Please,” Xander panted softly, making delectable noises at the idea. The vampire wasn’t entirely certain what the boy was pleading for, to be allowed to climax or to be tormented as he’d described.

“Maybe my filthy whore needs to convince me? Better start making your case now luv, you’ll be gagged soon enough,” the slim vampire taunted, gently nibbling the taller man’s throat.

“Please Master, let me come for you... It...  It makes me so hot when you’re inside me. I’ll make it so good, Master,” the boy begged luridly. This time the slight grinding of the mortal’s bottom against Spike groin was definitely intentional.

“You do make a pretty picture when you come, but you’re just as pretty when you’re all hot and bothered,” the blond reminded his slave, slowly continuing to stroke him. Xander was shaking. Spike nimbly reached for the mortal’s cock head. He very gently fingered the sensitive slit, gathering some pre-come from it and using it to moisten the rest of his pet’s gland. He kept doing it until the mortal literally mewled. Releasing his human’s sex, he moved his hand to Xander’s hip, gently drawing small soothing circles on it with his fingertips. Finally when the brunet seemed to have calmed a fraction he backed away from him, kissing the shell of his ear. “I’m going to go get things ready in the bedroom. Join me once you’re finished, Kitten.”

Gasping for a moment, his slave bowed his head taking deep calming breaths before finally nodding in agreement. Well that seemed to have settled the boy a bit. His pet still seemed tense, but it was now clearly due to sexual frustration. Pleased, he palmed Xander’s backside, before smacking it lightly and walking off towards the bedroom.

Humming to himself happily, Spike stripped the blankets off the bed quickly leaving only the fitted sheet covering the mattress. Then opening up their night stand he quickly located the set of leather cuffs he’d bought for Xander a couple of weeks earlier. He made quick work of attaching them to the small chains he’d left attached to the four corners of the bed frame. Fussing for a couple of minutes he carefully arranged the cuffs at each corner of the bed, pulling each chain so that they were taut, until he was satisfied with the way the blood red leather looked against the black silk bedding. He opened the closet and pulled out a couple of spare pillows and placed them in the centre of the bed in just the right position to help raise his Kitten’s hips off the bed. He’d just begun taking the large black plastic tote that contained the rest of their toys from the closet and moving it beside the bed, when his boy walked into the room sans apron, biting his lip fretfully. Well bugger, the pup’s earlier jumpiness was back full force. What was wrong with the stupid boy? They hadn’t had a row in days and as far as he knew Harris hadn’t disobeyed him, besides the bigger man wasn’t acting guilty, just worried; which didn’t make any sense, since all and all they’d been getting along fairly well, all things considered. Well this wouldn’t do. It was Friday night and Spike would be damned if he was going to spend the whole weekend with Xander too distracted to serve him properly. This was the only time when he could play uninterrupted for forty-eight hours straight, barring sleep of course and he’d be damned if he’d lose the opportunity to enjoy his spoils.

“Come here and sit down, Kitten.” He gestured towards the bed. Gulping, his pet shuffled towards their bed and obeyed clumsily, seeming not to know what to do with his own limbs.

“Tell me what has you fretting like a fifteen year old girl,” the Master vampire ordered simply, crossing his arms and making a show of scowling down at his slave.

Xander just blinked up at him mouth agape. “What?”

“You’ve been a bundle of nerves since you woke up this morning and I want to know why,” the blue eyed vampire demanded, glaring down at his seated slave.

“I... ummm” the boy stuttered idiotically.

“I expect an answer, Pet. We are not spending all your time off with you acting like I’m about steal your sodding puppy or some such nonsense,” the vampire snapped irritably.

His boy closed his eyes for an instant, before gazing up at Spike with eyes that for a brief second reminded him inexplicably of Drusilla. Which was asinine, Xander’s eyes looked nothing like his dark princess’, yet there was something... Something desperate and a little lost in his boy’s dark eyes tonight. “I still have time off?” the young man asked shakily.

“Why the bleeding hell wouldn’t you? You are not working on Saturdays or Sundays and that’s final. I don’t care how much they offer you.” He growled. No doubt the dosh would be nice, but there was absolutely no way he was authorizing his boy to spend any more time away from him.

“So I am going back to work on Monday?” his slave asked uncertainly, relaxing a fraction.

“Why wouldn’t you? You didn’t get yourself fired again did you?” he asked suspiciously. Wanker had lost more jobs than most people had in a lifetime. Of course most people didn’t spend all their spare time trying to prevent apocalypses.

“No, of course not,” his pet shot back indignantly, clearly insulted. It was hard to take the boy’s glower seriously, considering his pet was sitting in front of him naked, his penis still very much erect.

“Well then what are you going on about?” the Master vampire demanded. He’d been gifted with the most frustrating toy in the world.

“It’s been three weeks,” Harris huffed indignantly, looking as though he was barely biting back a string of stinging insults.

“Three? What the... oh,” he suddenly realized. The whelp had just finished his third work week since becoming Spike’s property. The probation that he had set for the boy was up today. “So it has. Explains why you’ve been so broody all day.”

“I have not been broody all day!” the mortal squawked huffily. The boy’s eyes widened comically as he suddenly remembered his manners. “Ummm, Master.”

“Yes you have. Now stop with this nonsense or your backside will be raw when you head back to work,” he barked. Surprisingly the threat made the human beam up at him happily. Sometimes he thought the boy was as much work as Dru.  

“Thank you, Master,” his boy sighed relived.  

“Yes, well you’ve been a good boy for the most part. Good thing we have the whole weekend to celebrate isn’t it?” Spike smirked. His pet seemed in relatively high spirits now that he was no longer afraid he’d be ordered to resign from his precious job. What kind of Master would he be if he didn’t take advantage of it?

“Yes, Master,” the younger man swallowed nervously, catching the lustful look on his face.

“Spread your legs nice and wide. Good, now play with yourself. Good boy. I’ve just decided something else, Kitten. It’s six thirty now, you’ll be allowed to come at bed time,” the vampire began, crouching down so he’d be at eye level with his pet.

“Thank you, Master” his human whimpered, his breath hitching just a little bit.

“Not tonight, luv. Before bed on Sunday night,” he corrected. His boy made a pitiful little sound, but didn’t stop stroking his cock. “Remember the first couple of days you belonged to me, Kitten? Remember that time when I teased you for a couple of days before I allowed you to come? Do you remember how intense that orgasm was, how hard you came for me?”

“Yes, Master,” the nude man nodded.

“Describe to me how it felt, Kitten,” he ordered, rubbing himself through his black jeans.

“It felt so good. You were touching me all over. God... Everywhere except my cock. I wanted you to touch me there so badly. I was so turned on and I didn’t think you’d let me come. I was so hard it hurt, so desperate. Oh God... It was so... the pleasure... so good. I thought I was going to pass out,” his pet panted.

“We’re going to spend the whole weekend torturing you with pleasure, pet. We’re going to keep you hard and wanting, but no matter how excited you get, you’ll know that you won’t get any relief. Now use your free hand to pinch one of your nipples. Yeah, luv, twist it hard. Now keep doing that until you’re on the very edge of coming. Understand?”

“Yes, Master,” his pet agreed miserably, his body already trembling. The boy had been hard from the teasing he’d endured in the kitchen before he’d even begun touching himself and Spike knew the mortal wouldn’t be able to stand the stimulation much longer without running the risk of climaxing. The brunet had started involuntarily thrusting his hips ever so slightly.

“If you stop before I think you can’t bear it any longer, we’ll push your orgasm back until Monday night. Then again if you come without permission you won’t be allowed to come again until next Sunday.”

“Oh, please Master,” his pet begged, shaking his head from side to side.

“But I’m enjoying watching you. You don’t want to spoil Master’s fun do you, Kitten? After all you’re only being allowed to play with that cock for my pleasure,” he reminded his slave. Xander just gasped in response, throwing his head back and biting down on his bottom lip. “Say it, Kitten. Tell me whose property it is you’re stroking,” Spike insisted, his own erection now pressing painfully against the front of his jeans.

“It’s yours Master. This cock belongs to you. My whole body belongs to you,” his pet moaned, his whole frame was quivering, his cock leaking.

“Play with the slit. Yeah, just like that Kitten. I want you to gather up all that lovely pre-come. Get your fingers nice and wet. Good boy. Now suck them,” he demanded. He watched transfixed has his pet obeyed, slowly bringing his glistening fingers to his mouth and sucking each digit. Suddenly Spike couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Lay down on your belly, spread eagle,” he ordered briskly. His boy scrambled quickly to obey, awkwardly laying himself over the mound of pillows Spike had arranged in the centre of the mattress. Reaching across his pet, he quickly cuffed both of the human’s wrists. Lifting Xander by the waist he quickly rearranged the pillows under him, piling all three of them below his stomach, raising the poor boy’s arse, but not giving his cock anything to rub against. He then attached the ankle restraints, leaving his slave’s limbs stretched tightly and his backside lifted up invitingly. Bloody hell! He wanted to plunge into his slave’s tight heat, but there were still a couple of things missing to complete the pretty picture he’d painted for his boy earlier in the kitchen.

Taking an unneeded breath, he rummaged around the tote beside the bed until he located the bright red ball gag. “Tilt your head back and open wide Kitten,” he ordered, slipping the gag into his pet’s mouth and buckling the strap behind his head without too much trouble. Reaching into the night stand he pulled out a black satin blindfold that had quickly become one of their favourite toys and secured it around the human’s head. Standing up he took a brief moment to admire his work, before stripping out of his t-shirt and jeans and laying down beside his tightly bound pet.

“Going to take you now, Kitten. I’m going to bury myself in that sweet arse of yours,” he whispered, reaching for the bottle of lube he’d set on the nightstand. His pet whimpered into his gag as Spike slowly fingered him, playing with his prostate. It still amazed him how responsive the young man actually was. He gasped as he entered the human, momentarily overwhelmed by the boy’s warmth. How had he ever gone so many years without that delicious heat around his cock?

“You like feeling Master’s cock inside you don’t you, Kitten?” he asked, reaching under them to leisurely run his finger up and down the spot right behind his pet’s cock head. The boy was still delightfully sensitive, despite being cut. Xander sobbed into his gag, pulling uselessly against his bonds.

“My poor sweet boy, it’s just starting to become painful isn’t it, luv? All this stimulation, with no end in sight. If only I’d fist you. I bet just a few good firm strokes would do the trick, wouldn’t they Kitten?” he asked, running his two fingers very lightly up and down the shaft of the boy’s penis. The mortal’s whole body shuddered, making him contract exquisitely around Spike’s cock. The vampire moaned, speeding up his thrusts. Leaving his pet’s cock alone, he wrapped both his arms around the younger man’s torso and began cruelly pinching his nipples. Predictably the brunet squealed and bucked beneath him.

“No coming,” he panted, reminding the boy who was wiggling alluringly underneath him. Closing his eyes, Spike lost himself in the luxurious pleasure of fucking his Kitten.

Part Twenty-Four

Helplessly over stimulated, unable to move, see or speak, Xander’s entire universe narrowed to the feel of the thick cock plunging in and out of his body and the fingers viciously pinching his nipples. His own cock throbbed helplessly between his legs. His Master was right, just a few good firm strokes and he’d explode, but the way he was bound that was impossible. He’d been arranged so he couldn’t even rub off against the mattress, much less touch himself. He whimpered into his gag in frustration. The gag wasn’t a toy that Spike used all that often and Xander couldn’t decide whether he hated or loved it. He’d used words as both a defense mechanism and a weapon his entire life, much to his teachers', classmates', parents' and, yes he realized, even his friends' annoyance. The gag robbed him of that though, making him feel open and vulnerable. Which he knew in his head was idiotic, the ritual in which he’d sealed himself as Spike’s prize had mystically silenced him far more effectively than any silly little leather and rubber toy. He hadn’t been able to speak freely in weeks. Yet whenever his owner brought the gag out, it never failed to make him feel like all his defenses had been stripped away, leaving him feeling all the more helpless.

The problem was, he wasn’t one hundred percent sure that was a bad thing. He’d come to realize during the past couple of weeks that those same feelings of helplessness not only helped him to surrender to his Master, but they allowed him to secretly enjoy what was being done to him without guilt or shame. The bondage, blindfold and enforced silence took away any possibility of fighting what was happening to him. In a weird way it let him relax and just experience it.

A particularly sharp twist applied to his right nipple sent waves of arousal through his body, making him shudder. Oh God, oh God… Even without any direct stimulation to his cock he was so damned close. Spike was panting in his ear, moaning in obvious pleasure, his thrusts becoming faster and deeper. The long cool fingers underneath his torso never stopped their cruel torture though and every painful pinch and pull sent bolts of white hot pleasure straight to his cock. And his blood sucking Master knew exactly what it was doing to him.

“My Kitten… So beautiful, so hard. Can smell your arousal… Ah… The scent’s flooding the room… All for me… All to please me, my sweet beautiful perfect boy,” his Master whispered, kissing his left ear before gently suckling on the lobe.

The praise made Xander feel warm all over. A part of the young man knew that the vampire was playing off his need for approval, but he still enjoyed the attention the creature lavished on him. It was gratifying knowing that his owner had gotten so aroused by watching him play with himself. Not even Anya had made him feel this desirable. Spike made him feel so incredibly wanted, especially when his Master acted like this, lavishing Xander with endearments and nibbling his ears and along his jaw line. He tried to ignore his aching need and concentrate on just inhaling and exhaling. He didn’t know if he’d be able to stand this for the whole weekend, but he’d try. If his Master enjoyed watching him suffer, then he’d do it. He’d let himself float on this unbearable cloud of sensation. He had nothing left but being Spike’s slave. He might as well be the best one he could be. And that meant that he needed to stop focusing on his own gratification. His Master was the important thing. The truth was deep down he enjoyed pleasing the older creature. Sometimes when he fully surrendered to the Master vampire, he was flooded by a sense of peace and contentment. And he wanted that, needed it badly, especially now that he didn’t have anything else in his life. He should be trying to make things better for his owner.

He began trying to raise his hip to meet the undead demon’s thrusts. It was difficult to get any leverage the way he was chained to the bed frame, but he hoped the extra sensation would be pleasurable for Spike. His owner groaned and suddenly he felt his cool tongue licking his throat. Without thinking he tilted his head to the side to give the vampire better access, but his Master just alternated between gently tonguing and nuzzling his neck as he continued taking pleasure in his body. But it wasn’t long before his owner started thrusting erratically. Xander felt his Master tense at almost the same moment he felt the demon’s fangs pierced the flesh of his throat. The bliss of the feeding was devastating and the young man desperately fought the ecstasy coursing through his body. He couldn’t come. Nothing existed except pleasing Master. Kitten… So beautiful, so hard.

The fangs withdrew and for a moment he felt unbearably bereft and alone, but then he felt his Master’s weirdly warm tongue lapping the wounds on his throat closed. The fingers that had been torturing his chest abruptly turned gentle, lightly drawing circles around his sore peaked nipples. His Master kept it up for several minutes, peppering the back of his neck and his shoulders with little kisses. He couldn’t help whining slightly at the loss when he felt his Master carefully withdraw from his body. The vampire’s fingers immediately started gently carding through his hair, attempting to calm him.

“Such a very good boy. You’re going to keep that pretty cock hard for Master, aren’t you Kitten? Don’t worry, Master is going to help you, pet,” his owner cajoled after a few minutes, still stroking his hair affectionately.

He took a deep breath trying to relax. Spike continued petting him soothingly with one hand. He shivered when he heard the familiar sound of his Master riffling through something. He knew it was the tote of sex toys the vampire had deposited beside the bed.

“That hungry little hole of yours hasn’t had nearly enough to keep it satisfied has it Kitten? I’m not cruel enough to deprive it. We’re going to keep it nice and full for a while longer.” Spike promised. The toy the vampire pushed into him was much larger than the small plugs he normally wore to work, but Xander was still lose and managed to take it without too much difficulty. It was big though it wasn’t unpleasant per say, but it left him feeling both very full and widely stretched. The toy was wiggled and twisted a few times making him shudder each time it connected with his prostate, despite his best efforts to stay calm. He jumped in surprise when the vampire switched on the vibrator. Sweet fucking Christ. The sensation was so intense he sobbed, biting down hard into the rubber between his lips. His hips started bucking of their own volition desperately trying to rub his rigid cock against something, anything.

“Silly boy, you can’t hump air,” Spike chuckled, grabbing hold of his balls from behind.

He groaned as he felt the vampire wrap something snugly around the base of his cock and balls. A second much wider strap was then secured around his balls forcing them away from his cock. Finally his tormenter pulled a small strap up tightly between his testicles forcing them apart, before securing it to the larger strap wrapped around his balls. The wicked little device would make it next to impossible for his balls to draw up and the tight strap around the base of his cock would keep him unbearably hard.

“There, now that my naughty boy can enjoy himself without worrying about having any accidents, I think we should turn up the speed,” Spike purred, wasting no time in carrying out his threat. The gag barely muffled his scream. Xander knew some guys absolutely needed direct stimulus to their cocks to get off, but since becoming Spike’s pet he’d learned he wasn’t one of them. His trapped sex ached excruciatingly. The vibrating toy stimulated his prostate unerringly; the pleasure was so intense it hurt.

“I know precious. I know it not easy. It makes Master so hot knowing his Kitten is going to endure this just to please him,” Spike tried to quiet him, rubbing his back. “You want to please me, don’t you Kitten? I know you do. My good boy is suffering so prettily for me. Try not to focus on your own need. Concentrate on how happy it makes me to see that beautiful cock of yours erect. Think about how much you’re pleasing me, luv. How much you want to please me.”

His owner started firmly massaging his bottom, squeezing his cheeks together and then pulling them apart again. They kept on this way for quite a while, his Master whispering random endearments and carefully kneading his ass as the toy inside him continued to buzz relentlessly.

“Always so responsive, Kitten. You just love having that sweet spot inside you played with. Even on our first night together when you were still terrified of the idea of having a cock inside you, you couldn’t help yourself. I remember the look on your face when I touched that spot the first time. You looked so amazed, like you couldn’t believe how wonderful it made you feel. You made the sexiest sounds when I stopped massaging your prostate and started pulling my fingers out, like the idea of not feeling it anymore was unbearable,” his Master reminisced, making the bound young man’s face flush with heat and exciting him even further.

“I’m a generous Master, so I’m going to help distract you from the pleasure, pet. Give you something else to focus on. You’re so lucky to have me, Kitten,” Spike told him. Xander held his breath has his owner’s body brushed up against his. The vampire reached down to playfully nibble on the inside of one of his thighs. A moment later the brunet squeaked in shock as his Master brought a hand down on one of his defenceless ass cheeks. The Master vampire was methodical, like he always was when the purpose of a spanking was to arouse Xander, rather than to punish him. He slowly built the intensity of the smacks, taking time to stop every once in a while to massage Xander’s bottom. He peppered the blows all over the slayerette’s cheeks and upper thighs, making the entire area feel nice and warm.

“Your arse turns such a pretty shade of crimson when I spank it Kitten,” his owner complemented, stopping to rub his sore backside again.

“I think I might want to play with your front a bit now though.” Spike announced, deftly detaching his wrist cuffs from their chains, before pulling Xander’s arms behind his back and quickly securing them together.

“Kneel up,” his Master ordered, as he finished unfastening his ankle cuffs. With the vampire’s assistance he managed. He let the smaller creature re-arrange him so that he was sitting back on his heels, knees spread wide facing the room. Spike chuckled when he hissed at the added pressure to his sore ass. The position also had the unfortunate effect of forcing the pulsating toy deeper into his body.

“I’m going to remove the gag now, Kitten,” his Master warned, reaching behind him to unbuckle the gag. Xander couldn’t help slobbering a bit as it came out. The vampire didn’t say anything just wiped his chin of with a nearby washcloth.

“You look so stunning pet, kneeling there for me so submissively with your legs wide open, showing off your gorgeous stiff cock, dark with blood. Let’s not forget your hard little nipples, all red and swollen. You’re so hopelessly turned on that your whole body is trembling. I’m not done playing with you, though. Not by far,” the vampire informed him, right before Xander felt the creature’s tongue bathe his inflamed right nipple. He hissed as his Master began suckling it. The sweet torture went on for several minutes, making it impossible to think.

“Maybe I’ll make you come this way on Sunday, luv. I’ll put a vibrator inside you and then lay you back and just suck your sensitive little tits until you come. I’d never even touch your cock. Bet you’d like that. My Kitten is such a whore for having his titties played with,” his owner taunted before giving his other nipple the same treatment.

“I’m going to use the crop on your tits now. They must be nice and tender now, so it should hurt deliciously. Once I’m done with them, I’m going to do the same thing to your inner thighs. I want you to stay still while I use the crop on you, pet. Understood?” Spike asked after releasing Xander’s left teat with a wet pop.

“Yes, Master,” he shivered. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take. His Master was intentionally going after his biggest turn-ons. How was he supposed to stand this for almost two full days?

“Count the blows,” his Master ordered, as Xander waited for his first taste of the riding crop. It was a new toy. His Master had made him stop by the shop where they’d bought the restraints to pick it up earlier during the week. He blushed at the thought. Spike had implicitly instructed him on what to say and the salesgirl had refused to even acknowledge him until he used the correct words.

There had been a group of giggling college girls buying gag gifts for a bachelorette party, but the purple haired girl behind the counter hadn’t even bothered to look up from her magazine before he’d muttered: “Good evening ma’am, my Master sent me to collect his order. I can be a very naughty boy and my bum needs lots of attention.”

“What’s that dear? You’ll need to speak up,” Minera, Xander was pretty sure was her name, had just looked up and smirked. The girls who had just switched from looking at adult party games to enormous neon coloured dildos, laughed as he stood there red faced and repeated himself. There should be a law against people holding giant lime green jelly dongs mocking others, he’d thought.

“Well your Master will be able to make your butt nice and red with these,” she’d smiled sweetly, pulling a basket and proceeding to lift each item out and display it. The strange looking woman, who Xander was fairly certain wasn’t entirely human, had taken the time to describe how each implement would feel when his Master used it to punish him, before she’d slipped them into a large shopping bag.

She was right, he thought as his Master landed a blow right on one of his over sensitized nipples, the leather tipped crop does feel stingy.

“One, Master,” he stuttered, the sensations almost overpowering. He knew that his Master could easily have made him come from doing this if he’d wanted to. He wasn’t sure he’d have been able to resist if not for the straps constricting his cock and balls. He panted, counting out blow after blow. Every snap of the crop against his tits travelled straight down his body and into his cock, which was straining futilely against its restraints.

“Twenty, Master,” he stammered, breathing heavily.

“Your chest is reddening nicely, luv. Looks like you’ll be nice and sore for a couple of days. Do you like it when Master sends you to work with your nipples still aching?” The vampire asked, pausing to gently caress his cheek. He did. There was something so illicit about the tiny shots of pain he’d get whenever the fabric of his shirt brushed against his nipples.

“Yes, Master,” he admitted, somehow it was so much easier owning up to his desires when he couldn’t see Spike’s face.

“It’s erotic isn’t Kitten? Going to work with your tits and your bottom smarting. Your body still feeling the after effects of all the dirty games we’ve played and no one being the wiser,” His Master tantalized him, as he slowly ran the crop along Xander’s inner thighs. “I’m going to whip these now. I you want to start over and count the blows again, but this time you’re to thank me for each touch of the crop, luv.”

“Yes, Master,” he whispered. Even though he’d been waiting for the impact, he still started when the small piece of leather connected with the delicate flesh of his inner thighs. “One, thank you Master,” he managed, clenching his jaw. It really didn’t hurt any worse than the swipes to his torso had. He’d started to grow accustomed to having his chest mistreated this way. Spike had realized early on that his slave got off on having his tits tortured and took full advantage of that fact. Xander’s nipples were often whipped, pinched, twisted or clamped. He was used to them being abused, but the flesh of his previously untouched inner thighs felt fragile and tender in comparison. It took all of Xander’s will power not to press his thighs together in order to protect the soft exposed skin.

He concentrated on obeying his Master though and did his best to respond correctly each time, as the vampire landed blow after hard blow. He was shaking and covered by a thin sheen of sweat by the time he realized that the beating had stopped.

“Shush. You’ve done beautifully pet, taking everything I’ve asked so wonderfully for me. Your body’s overloaded with sensation isn’t it? Shush, it’ll be alright. Breathe, luv. Just lay back. That’s right. That’s my sweet Kitten,” his Master soothed, helping him recline and settling him carefully in his arms. Xander whimpered burying his head on his Master’s shoulder as the toy inside him continued stimulating him. “You’re quivering all over, Kitten. And so very hard. Does the vibrator feel good?”

He quickly received three sharp blows to his already sore ass when he failed to answer. “Yes, Master it does,” he somehow managed to grate out.

“You should see how gorgeous your prick looks. It’s been leaking steadily since we started. Here taste yourself again,” the vampire ordered, fingering the sensitive slit of Xander’s penis until the Scooby found himself begging. After what seemed like an eternity his Master finally stopped and brought his pre-come slick finger’s to Xander’s lips. He obeyed sucking lightly on the cool fingers, delicately tracing each one with his tongue.

“Fuck, you little tease. You’ve gotten your Master hard again. I want to feel your mouth on me,” the vampire purred, pushing down on his shoulders. Xander wiggled down between his splayed legs without protest. In a way it would be a relief not having to worry about his Master fondling him for a while. The vibrator was bad enough.

“I think that since you like teasing so much I’ll indulge you,” Spike told him, guiding his head towards his cock. “Straddle my leg, Kitten. Now, press down against me. Yeah, squeeze me with those burning hot thighs of yours. Good, boy. Now rub yourself against me, Kitten. Don’t stop until you make me come.”

“Master, please I can’t,” Xander whimpered pitifully.

“Yes you can,” His owner insisted firmly, stroking his hair.

“Please, Master. It’s too much,” he pleaded. He was already so close, he’d never be able to do this.

“You can Kitten. I know that what I’m asking for is difficult, but you’re going to do it because Master is asking you to. Go on, move your hips sweetheart. That’s it, that’s my boy,” the cold blooded creature encouraged as he began dutifully rubbing his erection against his Master’s leg. It was pure torture grinding his erection against Master’s soft, smooth skin, knowing he wouldn’t be allowed to come. Blindly Xander managed to take the tip of his Master’s cock into his mouth, silently praying that he could bring his Master to completion quickly.

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