Part Nineteen

Boy was asleep. Spike had put him to bed as soon as he finished cleaning him up. The unexpected gratification his pet was allowed had the typical red blooded male result, he’d practically fallen asleep standing up in the shower. The master vampire hadn’t planned on letting him climax, but hearing his Kitten beg so prettily, he just hadn’t been able to resist. The honest truth was that Xander Harris in the throes of ecstasy was one of the most beautiful things he’d ever seen. His slave had been gorgeous, flushed and panting, trying to catch his breath. The younger man’s entire body had been racked with tremors from the strain of trying to stay still as Spike had mercilessly toyed with him. If someone had told Spike just a week ago that he’d start finding the carpenter attractive it would have been a toss up between ripping their guts out, laughing his arse off and staking himself.

The Master vampire though certainly couldn’t deny that he found the human desirable. He wanted him. No question about that.

Tonight he’d planned on working the youth into an agony of sexual frustration and leaving him unsatisfied, again. Spike had decided to play with the boy’s sensitive knob until he was right on the precipice and then stop to bugger him as he leaned against the shower wall. He could almost hear his slave’s whimpers, imagining how his beauty would have trembled as he took him, sure that all his prick needed was one more good firm stroke, yet knowing that it would never come. Yeah, would have been good. The moment his boy had started pleading though, not to be allowed release, but for his Master to stop caressing him, before he disgraced himself, Spike had known he wanted to see his pet loose all control. So he’d changed his tactics and fisted his slave roughly, breathing the order to climax into his ear all the while jabbing two fingers up the boy’s bottom aiming firmly for his sweet spot. And Bloody Hell, if the boy wasn’t even more fetching when he orgasmed, his head thrown back, exposing the lovely tanned skin of his throat, parting wet lips, unconsciously calling out for his Master. He almost sobbed with regret that he hadn’t been taking the human after feeling his pet’s muscles clenching around his fingers as he came.

After the taller man had recovered, Spike had finished cleaning him off quickly, washing his hair and rinsing him off in short order. He’d led Xander into the bedroom and blindfolded him. The whelp had looked a little nervous when he’d pulled out the black satin lined toy, but hadn’t protested when Spike had placed it over his eyes. Docilely the younger man had held up his wrists when asked and stood silently while the cuffs were buckled on. The vampire could smell his plaything’s apprehension, but the boy didn’t fuss when his Master bound him to the bed spread eagle, stretching his limbs tightly, though not wide enough to hurt, but still rendering him completely immobile. The other man had actually almost nodded off before he’d finished fastening his legs. Spike had draped a sheet over the boy and told him to go to sleep. Despite the restraints, it hadn’t been a command the brat had had any difficulty following. Granted he’d kept the boy up too late the night before and the dark haired man hadn’t gotten nearly enough sleep.

Spike found himself staring down at the slumbering Scooby as he reached for some fresh clothes. There was a small bruise on his boy’s cheek that he was fairly certain he hadn’t caused. He remembered shoving the boy, but not actually belting him. He growled before he could stop himself. Some one had dared to harm his Kitten. Only he was allowed to mark the boy.

He shook his head in pain, realizing he was already sobering up.

Probably just as well, he’d come much too close to harming his pet. It surprised him that he hadn’t liked the fear in Xander’s eyes, thus far he’d enjoyed his nervousness and apprehension yes. Watching the muscular young man wonder what his new owner was going to do to him next was a delight. But Spike had definitely not enjoyed the dread he’d seen in his boy’s face when he’d shoved him to the ground after their ill-fated bout of oral sex. He’d been furious enough after Buffy’s little visit. Then to make things worse, he’d caught the red headed witch’s scent all over his boy. It had almost blinded him with rage. The carpenter was fortunate he hadn’t started to mouth off. If the young man had… Spike was certain he would have done something they would both have deeply regretted.

As it was he was still fuming, but his anger was now focused, fortunately no longer on his slave. He was fairly certain that he’d gotten his point across to Buffy. From the way she’d started blubbering it was clear that she’d taken his threat to move her high school companion away seriously. Hopefully they could all move on now that the useless posturing was out of the way. The vampire knew the Slayer and her minions wouldn’t give up, but as long as they didn’t overtly interfere, what did he care? The boy’s chums could spend the next twenty years pouring over dusty old scrolls and tattered books written in languages barely anyone remembered it would do them no good. It might even keep them out of his hair.

Xander shifted slightly in his sleep, pulling at the manacles shackling him to the bed. He wiggled around for a moment, before finally settling again. His boy looked wickedly debauched all trussed up ready for his master to savor. Shaking his head, Spike made his way out of the room.

The boy was going to need feeding and dinner wasn’t going to prepare itself. Not that he was some domestic goddess, but he seemed to have mastered the elusive reading of directions and mixing of ingredients that had thus far eluded his slave. Not as if putting some frozen vegetables in a pot of boiling water was all that challenging. There was absolutely no excuse for the way his human had been living and now that he was in charge it was going to stop.

Well there was no use wasting the few hours a day that he actually had to make use of his prize. Between working and sleeping he’d barely get to play with his pet at all until the weekend.

Right so no more mooning at the sleeping mortal like some sort of nonce. He’d cook, and then he’d wake sleeping beauty and feed him his supper. After that they could have a spot of fun. He’d give his Kitten a proper seeing to.

Course he’d have to punish the whelp somehow, he couldn’t just let him get away with chatting up his old pals. His boy knew very well it was strictly forbidden. Stupid bints, Spike sodding well knew that the entire secret meeting wouldn’t have been the pup’s idea. The birds had probably worked it out so they’d each have their little visits at the same time, keeping the Big Bad busy and that rot. They were lucky he hadn’t stripped the skin off their precious friend’s back. If Xander had come home a different point in his bender, the entire Harris household… That didn’t sound right, was his flat now rightly. Bloody-Harris? No that definitely didn’t sound right, it sounded like he was cursing at the slayerette. He definitely wasn’t going with his mortal surname, though he’d probably referred to the little pillock as a prat at some point or other. No, that certainly wouldn’t do. Harris-Bloody then? Seven circles of Hell, apparently the children‘s babbling was contagious. He had not just had an entire internal dialogue in Scooby speak. Not this vamp and he would hold to that to his final death, under torture if necessary.

What had he been thinking in the first place? Oh, yeah. The entire Harris-Bloody household, that’s what he was going with and that was that, would have suffered if his Scooby hadn’t returned home at precisely the right moment. Happily for all concerned Spike had been far enough along in his wallowing to be relatively unconcerned with beating the shit out of his disobedient slave.

His pet had managed to surprise him though, hadn’t thought that his boy had the stones for it, really. He’d been taken aback when he’d felt the hesitant touch to his left knee. He’d thought Harris would bathe and then flee to the bedroom. Spike had sent him away after all, would have been the perfect excuse to hide from his tormentor, if only for an evening. Xander hadn’t done that though. His Kitten had swallowed his obvious misgivings and tried to make amends. Nice little bit of seduction he’d managed. Angry as Spike had been, it had been impossible not to appreciate the young lovely kneeling nude at his feet, pleading for forgiveness, promising to learn to better please him. His boy had been aroused by the whole episode too. There had been no denying the gorgeously erect prick jutting proudly from his boy’s body. His own cock had jumped in appreciation, as he’d watched the play of muscles on his pet’s firm young backside while the boy had crawled ahead of him to the washroom.

As soon as he’d had his supper, the slayerette was getting the shagging of his life, Spike thought, adjusting himself in his jeans. Well he should probably punish the cub first, wouldn’t have any fun if that was still in the way. His pretty would be distracted, worried about having to give up the construction job, instead of focusing on pleasing his master as he should be.

How best to punish the boy? he wondered, peeking into the refrigerator. He could always spank him again. His Kitten would like that. The scent of pheromones always snowballed whenever he even hinted at punishing the lad that way. Really wouldn’t do much in the way of dissuading the brunet though, if he actually enjoyed it. But his pet was a lovely sight squirming on his lap and the vampire certainly had enjoyed shagging that delightful arse when it was all nice and friction warmed. Course they could always play tomorrow night. The boy was bound to do something that warranted correction by then. That was if he bothered coming up with some pretext to discipline his pet. He could always just spank the whelp because he wanted to. He’d already warned the boy that someday he would, for no other reason than enjoying the feel of the heat emanating from his pet’s rosy bottom. He was sorely tempted to go back into the bedroom and just take the mortal.

Maybe he’d wake his slave up that way. Or he could tease his hole until the younger man was squirming against the mattress, ready for his cock. Xander would wake up, still blindfolded, not able to see or move, feeling his vulnerable rosebud teased and caressed. So many choices, Spike couldn’t believe he’d almost let that stupid blonde bint spoil things for him again.

Humming to himself, he set about preparing dinner for the boy. He’d really have to teach the boy to cook. He wasn’t about to spend the next three decades making his own slave’s meals. Though Spike supposed it wasn’t such a chore when some one else did the actual cleaning up. He wasn’t entirely convinced he could trust the human’s eating habits either. Put the boy back in charge of feeding himself and he’d be back to eating left over take out and snack cakes in no time. At least this way the master vampire could monitor what he fed his pet. Still, probably wouldn’t hurt to teach the dark haired man a few things.

Putting the roast he’d selected in the oven, the vampire made his way over to the sink. He grinned. Funny sometimes how inspiration struck, he thought washing his hands. Happily he made his way back into the bedroom where his pet was still sleeping soundly.

Stripping, Spike burrowed under the sheets half draping himself over his slumbering pet, luxuriating in his warmth. Dinner would be cooking for a while, so he’d have some time to luxuriate in his newest possession. He began lightly running his fingers along the soft flesh of his bound slave’s inner thighs. Keeping up the sensual stroking, he began slowly licking the boy’s throat. Even without his enhanced senses he would have known the exact moment his lovely started coming around. He wiggled in his bonds, moaning ever so faintly. Moving his hands up Spike skirted the human’s rapidly awakening sex, never quite making contact.

“Did you have a nice nap, Kitten?” he asked, moving to lick the shell of the mortal’s ear. His boy just gasped in response. “You know you made your Master very randy, looking so wanton, such a naughty little slut coming all over the shower wall like that. Can you feel how hard you’ve made me Kitten? Can you pet?” he demanded, giving the delicate flesh of the boys inner thighs a hard pinch.

“Yes, Master,” the helpless human groaned.

“Like having you like this, all spread out and at my mercy,” the vampire cooed, his hand reaching even lower to cup the underside of his toy’s bottom. ”Maybe I should just keep you here like this all the time, vulnerable and at my mercy. Such a pretty pet, all helpless and spread out for me.” He punctuated the brazen statement by lightly fondling the boy’s testicles. “Imagine it Kitten, spending all your time powerless in the dark, just waiting for your Master to come pay attention to you. Lying here just hoping that I’ll come in and touch you, unable to give yourself any pleasure. You’d come to cherish the times I came in to use your mouth or your tight little hole.”

Boy was biting his lips again to keep from moaning out loud. Silly child, wasn’t as though Spike couldn’t smell that he was aroused or for that matter see the impressive hard-on that was tenting the sheets. The lurid descriptions were obviously turning on the blindfolded man. The vampire moved his hand up pinching a nipple in retaliation, prompting a high pitched squeal.

“No, Kitten let me hear you. Not nice trying to keep all those lovely little sounds you make from me. They’re for me after all,” he admonished his pet.

“I’m sorry, Master. God…” Xander whimpered as Spike finally reached down to stroke his prick. He kept his touch light and teasing.

“Hmmm, I seem to remember you promising me something, Kitten. What did you say you’d do for me after our shower?” he reminded the young man.

“Master?” The human asked uncertainly.

“You said we’d give something another go,” the blond reminded his slave.

“Oh… Yes Master, I remember. Hmmm… oh… Hadn’t you better untie me for that?” Xander asked uncertainly.

“Don’t think that’ll be necessary, pet” the master vampire assured his plaything, moving to straddle the boy and bringing his erection to his lips. “Open wide, Kitten. That’s a good boy. Suck, just the head for now. Oh that’s good, keep doing that.” Harris did have the sweetest mouth. Spike couldn’t believe that he was the only bloke who’d be lucky enough to ever feel this. “Yeah, use your tongue just like that.”

He let the boy continue on this way for a while, suckling on his gland. Xander’s wicked tongue swirled around the head of his penis or snaked up to tease the slit every once in a while. Well, at least he hadn’t completely turned the young man off to the act. Yes he owned Xander and could force him to do whatever he wanted, but there was something to be said about having a willing partner or at least one putting some enthusiasm into the act. Buggering a warm doll would get old fast.

“I’m going to start thrusting now, Kitten. Slow and shallow, just keep doing what you are. Feels bloody wonderful. Keep your throat relaxed, breath through your nose,” he instructed, grabbing on to the headboard to steady himself. Unable to see, his Xander would be forced to concentrate on the feel and taste of the cock leisurely plunging in and out of his mouth. Spike kept up the measured steady pace as long as he could manage. He didn’t want to choke the boy again and ruin what little headway he’d made here. Reluctantly he pulled out of his boy’s moist lips.

“That was much better, Kitten. You made it bloody hard to stop. Good thing I get to shag you now, isn’it?” he continued playfully, stripping the sheet completely off of them.

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master,” his captive whispered, licking his lips in a way that went straight to the master vampire’s groin. He was fairly certain that the boy wasn’t even aware of what he was doing. The Scooby had no idea how appealing he was. Of course when how useless and unimportant you are is drummed into you everyday, eventually you start to believe it.

“Feeling a little peckish though, think I might have a little taste first,” he continued kissing and nibbling his way down the restrained man’s body before hovering over Xander’s left thigh, just above the femoral artery. He licked there, lingering feeling the boy’s strong steady pulse beneath his tongue. Breathing in his boy’s scent he slipped into his true face. He let his fangs scrape against the tender flesh just south of the human’s sex, before biting down and drinking deeply. Bugger! His pet was whining, making faint sounds that had nothing to do with fear. Fools, fools thought that biting the neck was more intimate. What could be more private than this? So good, he had to stop, pull away. The boy was only human. Using willpower that he didn’t know he possessed Spike slowly withdrew, tonguing the wound closed.

“Oh, God,” Xander murmured, thrashing his head from side to side.

“Yeah, pet,” Spike agreed. Unable to wait any longer, he scooted down the bed and freed the human’s legs. Darting back up the bed, the vampire reached into the night stand for the lube and generously coated his cock. Gathering Xander’s long legs he rested them against his torso. Making quick work of preparing the mortal, he plunged into him with one firm shove. The boy gave a pained, surprised little groan.

“Relax, Kitten. Let me in, that’s right… Mmmm. You had that plug in you all day, but this is what you really want isn’t it?” he demanded, reaching between them to firmly stroke the trussed up man’s engorged manhood. The boy made a keening sound, thrashing just a little as Spike’s shaft stimulated his prostate.

“Yes, Master,” his pet finally answered, after Spike gave his balls a good firm squeeze letting him know an answer was required. The vampire wasn’t foolish enough not to realize that the boy was simply telling him what he wanted to hear, but someday soon his Kitten would say it and mean it.  

“So hard again already. You like this? Feeling my cock inside you?” he whispered silkily, letting his thumb linger across the tip of Xander’s cock, worrying the sensitive slit. “Not going to get mad if you beg pet. I like hearing you beg. I like it when you beg me.”

“Oh… Ah, ah… Please, oh God… Oh Master,” the younger man panted, taking the hint. The sex their first night had been fantastic when he’d made Xander beg for permission to come. Tonight had just cemented that for the vampire. He’d been wrong denying the boy for so long. He wasn’t ready. It was amusing teasing the mortal, but if he refused the human culmination every time he misbehaved the boy would never ejaculate again, which short of having him cut wasn’t very practical. Eventually they could play those denial games, maybe even put the human in one of the chastity devices he’d seen on the internet, but not for a while. Not until his pet was more secure in his new situation.

“Are you close, Pet?” Spike groaned.

“Yes..” the mortal gasped between clenched teeth. “Please…”

“Please what? Ah… So bloody tight,” he grunted, running his moist fingers along the sensitive underside of the boy’s cock head. He could feel the fine tremors running up his pet’s body.

“Don’t stop. Please Master. Oh… Ah ah ah… please,” the dark haired boy pleaded.

“Don’t stop what? Fucking you? Don’t intend to, Pet. Going to fill your inside with my seed,” Spike purred. His poor slave was writhing against him.

“Master… please,” the young man gasped.

“You want to come, Kitten? You want to come while Master’s pounding into you with his cock?” The vampire asked, reveling in the control he had over the other man.

“Oh… Yes please…” his boy pleaded. The mortal’s cock was steadily dribbling precum onto his belly now. He’d be past the point of no return soon, not that Spike was very far off.

“You know what you have to do then, Kitten. Rules haven’t changed,” he ordered, more  gasping than saying the command.

“Please Master, please. Please may I come?” Xander pleaded.

“Not yet, just a little longer. Can you stay all gorgeous and hard for your Master a little longer? Look so exquisite stretched out, suffering for me. Tell me, Kitten. Tell me how close you are,” the slight vampire urged.

“So close, Master. I’m trying, but it feels so good,” the desperate man replied.

“What, Kitten? My hand touching your knob? My cock inside you? Being tied up? Being blindfolded?” Spike asked, genuinely curious.

“All of it, please Master,” his captive cried.

“Come whenever you’re ready Kitten. I want to feel you milking my cock,” the master vampire crooned. He didn’t have to wait very long before Xander was howling out his release. The feeling of Xander’s scorching body contracting around him was glorious and Spike found himself pumping erratically into his human. He came shortly after his boy.

He stayed right where he was, still rooted firmly inside his boy for a moment riding out the aftershocks of his orgasm. Finally after caressing one of the human’s quivering legs from calf to knee, he slowly lowered the boy’s limbs back to the bed. Carefully he extricated himself from the flushed body. Reaching up he slowly removed the blindfold.

His pet blinked a few times eyes adjusting to the light. The youth looked ready to go back to sleep.

“No you don’t,” he admonished, massaging the boy’s hypersensitive penis. His slave squawked in disbelief. His pet looked entrancingly miserable. Rubbing his hand in some of the slippery cum on his boy’s belly, he grabbed the human’s rapidly softening prick with his other hand. He brought his semen covered hand up to the still tethered man’s penis and began rubbing his palm slowly over the now painfully tender flesh of his boy’s cock head. It provoked an immediate response, the boy started to struggle alluringly in his bonds desperate to remove the stimulus to his aching flesh. “So very pretty. Think I’ll watch you agonize for a couple of minutes. Feels horrible doesn’t it Kitten, like a million little ants are running along the tip of your poor cock. Don’t worry Pet. I’ll only make you bear it for a bit, then we’ll go wash up. Sides you’ve been a bad boy and you still need to be punished.”

He barely had to wait before he was rewarded by a desolate: “Yes, Master.”

Part Twenty

Xander lay on the bed gasping when his Master finally decided that he’d suffered enough and left his overly sensitive cock alone. He found himself ridiculously grateful for the gentle praises that were whispered into his ear. Cool soft hands brush his heated skin while they reached to unfasten his wrists. He dimly wondered how the hell he was going to get up and follow the vampire to the kitchen now that his limbs had effectively been turned to jelly. Crawling was actually probably going to be a lot easier than walking right now. It certainly required less dexterity. Who would have thought that there would be an upside to having to spend a week on his hands and knees?

Tonight had been, well intense. His owner had quite frankly scared the living daylights out of him. When the first thing that happens when you walk into the room is that a growling evil undead creature of the night tries to use your body as a battering ram against a perfectly innocent door, it’s not a good sign of things to come. At least he’d gotten one important thing right; when your drunken Master loudly claims ownership over you, agree even if it make you sound like something out of a really low brow Internet porno. Yes, Master. I’m yours, only yours. Just standing there docile with a furious Spike snarling at him in full game face had been one of the hardest things that he’d ever had to do. Every particle of his body had screamed run, fight for your life this is a vampire, stupid!  

He was however also all too familiar with the signs of a drunk spoiling for a fight. He was fairly certain that if he’d put up any sort of resistance that he would have ended up bleeding and broken at the inebriated demon’s feet.

Then Spike had picked up Willow’s scent all over him and Xander had had even bigger problems. Because apparently the Xan-Man wasn’t only responsible for his own actions, he was responsible for everyone else’s too. He still couldn’t figure out what the Hell the girls thought they were going to accomplish with that stunt aside from pissing off the person who now held complete and total control over his life. He wouldn’t be surprised if the great room temperature one hadn’t booked them two one way tickets to Singapore while he was at work.

The entire fiasco was something he was better off not thinking of anyway. He couldn’t believe how much he missed the girls already. He’d known what he was going to be giving up. He just hadn’t realized that it would be so difficult. Anya couldn’t have come up with a better punishment for him if she’d tried.

At least Spike seemed happier now, which really just really served to confuse Xander further. Not only had Spike not used him as a glorified punching bag, but he’d made him come. Twice! Which Xander had been certain wouldn’t be in the game plan based on the events of the weekend. Being sexually teased until his heart gave out maybe, getting off definitely not. He’d thought he was going to die of frustration in the shower. When Spike had said the words, freaking ordered him to come, his reaction had been immediate. It had been like the vampire had flipped a switch deep inside of him. He found himself blushing uncontrollably at the memory.  

Apparently being tied up was also a huge turn on for him. Who would have thought? Waking up unable to see or really move, feeling what was quickly becoming a very familiar touch all over his naked body had been so damned exciting. To think he’d been mortified when Anya had let it slip that they’d played around with a little spanking. It seemed a little silly being all flustered over such a small thing now, considering that he’d become a demon’s sex slave.

“Time to get up. As appealing as the prospect is, we can’t lay about in bed all evening,” his Master insisted as he squeezed himself back into his worn black denim. Xander let out an undignified squeak when his owner decided to reach down and give his backside a firm pinch in order to speed his progress. “Out of bed with you, boy. Looks like we need to get you cleaned up again. Follow me.”

Sighing as he got off the bed, the younger man fell to his knees and followed the vampire out of the room. He was almost immediately hit with a mouth watering aroma. Looked like Spike had taken over his kitchen again.  

Whatever Blood Breath was making it smelled wonderful. Xander’s stomach growled in response. Spike glanced back at him over his shoulder, smirking. Well it was Mr. Health Kick's fault if he was starving.

How was a man supposed to work construction with only rabbit food in his system? Quietly he trailed his Master to the washroom. The half dressed creature waved him in without entering himself.

“Kneel at attention, Kitten,” the vampire ordered, pointing to a spot in front of the sink. Even though his Master had only taught him the new position that morning Xander was already coming to hate it. It wasn’t just that it was physically more demanding than the wait position, though he was sure that would become a factor if he was ever expected to maintain it for an extended period of time.  For some reason this pose made him feel more powerless than the others he’d learned.  He knew that was silly, why should this make him feel more exposed than kneeling with his head bowed and his legs spread wide? Probably because it forced him to keep his head up, didn’t allow him to hide as much.

After briefly rummaging around in the linen closet beside the bathroom door the blond joined him in the small bathroom. Even after having known Spike and Angel for years, it was spooky feeling Spike behind him but not seeing his reflection up on the medicine cabinet. Spike laid a couple of washcloths and a fresh bar of soap on the counter, before unfolding one of the small pieces of terrycloth and thoroughly soaking it under the tab.

“Look at the mess you made. Did you enjoy yourself? Did my dirty boy like coming all over his belly for me?” the smirking vampire chided as he reached down to wash the quickly drying semen off his slave’s middle.

“Made such a pretty, pretty pet squirming on the bed for your Master. Now much as I’d enjoy taking you back into the bedroom and giving you a good rogering, I do believe that we still have some unpleasantness we need to get out of the way. ”

“Yes, Master,” gulping slightly, the kneeling man nodded.

“Tell me why you deserve to be punished,” Spike prompted, folding his arms across his bare muscular chest.    

“I talked to Willow,” the younger man answered unhappily, futilely hoping that his owner would leave it at that.

“And why would that warrant a punishment, Kitten?” Spike demanded, crushing all the brunet’s hopes that the shirtless demon would get on with whatever he had planned without making him humiliate himself, again.

“Because I’m not allowed to,” he replied, trying not to sound like a disgruntled five year old.

“And why is that, luv?” the vampire insisted, arching an eyebrow.

“Because you don’t want me to,” Xander answered.

Despite the fact that he resented Spike’s seemingly constant need to remind him of him enslavement, there was something reassuring about falling into these patterns. It was certainly preferable to the way things had been between them just a few hours earlier. At least Spike was acting like himself again. And when had that become a good thing?

“That’s right. And who am I to you that you have to do what I say?” the older creature calmly insisted, looking down at the human at his feet.

Easy enough question. “My Master,” he replied.

“That’s right, Pet,” Spike smiled, extending his arm to lightly run his thumb across the Slayerette’s bottom lip. The sensation sent a shiver down Xander’s spine. “Who owns you?”

“You do, Master,” the Scooby acquiesced.

“And you are well aware about how I feel about you having contact with the Slayer and her bunch?” his Master insisted.

“Yes, Master,” Xander agreed gloomily. There wasn’t any use arguing. He’d known it was going to come to this the second Willow had wrapped her arms around him.

“Hmmm, so you wilfully defied me, Kitten,” the vampire nodded to himself.

“No Master, she came to me,” Xander insisted. He’d been bowled over the moment he’d opened the door. There really wasn’t anything he could have done to stop it. He hadn’t even known who was on the other side of the door.

“Did you speak with her?” Spike questioned, looking less than impressed with Xander’s justification.

“Yes, but...” he tried to say.

“Did you allow her to touch you?” the vampire clarified.

“Yes, Master,” he admitted.

“Tell me Pet, what you would have done if you’d caught someone trespassing on the site?” Spike suddenly asked.

“ I...” Xander stammered. Damn it.

“What would you have done, Kitten?” blue eyes starred down at him disapprovingly.

“I would have had them escorted off the premises,” he conceded miserably.

“And if they’d refused to leave?” Spike insisted, tilting his head to one side.

“I would have called the police,” Xan replied in total desolation. He understood what his Master was getting at. He could have had Will thrown off the site. He just hadn’t wanted to do that. Even though he’d known her presence wouldn’t do anything to endear him to his Master, deep down he’d still been happy to see her. Subconsciously he’d obviously decided that getting to talk to his best bud for a few minutes, even if it was just to try and get her to leave, was worth whatever his owner would do to him in retaliation. God, now he wished he’d spent that time saying goodbye, instead of wasting it trying to rationalize his actions to Willow and worse yet, taking his frustrations out on her. Now he’d never get the chance. The very thought of it made it suspiciously difficult to breathe.

“Now, Kitten can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me that there was no way for you to getout of the situation without chatting up the witch?” his master persisted, firmly grabbing his jaw and tilting his head back slightly, forcing Xander to look him directly in the eye.

“No Master,” he finally conceded the point.

“So you’re telling me that you decided to disobey me knowing full well there would be consequences?” Spike shook his head critically.

“Yes, Master,” Xander capitulated.

“Then don’t you think you should take responsibility for your actions, apologize to me and ask for the punishment that we both know you deserve?” his Master directed.

“Yes, Master...” he nodded as best he could with the vampire’s strong fingers still clamped around his chin.

“Go on then,” Spike impatiently insisted.

“I’m sorry I disobeyed your wishes Master. I was a bad boy and I deserve to be punished. Please punish me, Master,” Xander echoed.

“Good, boy,” Spike answered, affectionately running his fingers through Xander’s hair. “When you were little did your mum and dad ever punish you for saying things that you shouldn’t?”

“Yeah,” the Scooby answered uneasily.

“How?” the vampire demanded.

“My dad would spank me,” Xander sighed, hoping against hope that Spike would leave it at that.

Blondie of course immediately crushed that faint hope. “With his hand?”

“No he used to use his belt,” the young man grumbled, uncomfortable even thinking about it. He winced a little, when he realized that he’d just invited the aforementioned chastisement right back on himself by being short with his owner. Damn it. Why couldn’t the great bleach abuser leave his childhood in the past where it belonged?

“Well, I suppose I could give my misbehaving pet a spanking, but I’m afraid you might like it a bit too much. I’ll tell you what, Kitten. Tomorrow after you get home from work we’ll lay you over my lap and I’ll redden your bum. We’ll start nice and slow and keep going until your arse is nice and sore. Would you like that?” Spike grinned, raking his eyes deliberately over his slave’s body.

“I...” the taller man swallowed. Shit, shit, shit. Xander felt himself blushing at the idea of being draped across those muscular legs and spanked again. Not to mention that it was causing a certain cherished, but traitorous part of his anatomy to valiantly try to stand up and cast its vote.

“Did you know that when I described it that your heart beat sped up? And your skin flushed with blood from your chest all the way up to your neck. I can smell all these delicious scents that your body is giving off. There’s really no point denying it. Can you admit that the idea excites you, Kitten?” his Master coaxed.

It always came down to this with Spike. Couldn’t it be enough for the demon that he had his former enemy totally subjugated? Did he have to get his jollies making him say it out loud, over and over again?

“Please,” the younger man whispered, not really sure what he was begging for.

“Deep down, Kitten, you know that this is what you really want. We both know it. Protest all you like, but I think we can both safely say that you’d never have been happy with a couple of tykes, a big silver sedan and the little house in the suburbs with the white picket fence that you profess so loudly to dream off,” the chipped vampire needled.

“You don’t know the first thing about me or what I want, Spike,” Xander hissed, trying to turn his head away, but was held in place as his Master’s hand tightened in his hair.

“I know that you were writhing on my cock, not even a half hour ago. I know that I’ve felt your hard-on rubbing against me when I’ve spanked you. And I know that you submitted to me totally earlier tonight. You went to a place inside yourself where you thought only about pleasing me and for one brief moment you were totally at peace with yourself. You were bloody well breathtaking,” the immortal creature purred in breathy voice.

“Spi.. Master, Please don’t,” Xander panted.

“Pet, you like being dominated in bed. There are worse things in the world. I enjoy smacking that pretty arse of yours and you get randy at the idea of being spanked, I don’t really see a problem here,” Spike huffed in annoyance.

“What do you want from me, Master?” he pleaded.

“Want you to admit that this isn’t entirely a hardship for you. I want you to admit that part of you likes it,” the shorter creature growled, almost pulling Xander off balance

“What’s the point? You already know, as you keep reminding me, Master,” Xander spat bitterly.

“Not to me, to yourself, Kitten,” his Master replied, loosening his hold and absently starting to card his fingers in the Slayerette’s short hair again.

“Maybe I should tape you someday. Show you what you look like when you’re giving yourself to me. You could see how beautiful you look when you’re suffering for me.”

“Fuck,” he gasped.

“You like the idea of watching us together? I’ll keep that in mind, but right now I would like an answer to my question. Would you like it if I spanked you tomorrow night? Not as a punishment, but for pleasure, for both our pleasures. I will, but only if you own up to your desires, Kitten,” Spike continued silkily.

“Yes, all right?” he muttered, feeling the color rise to his cheeks.

“Yes what, Kitten?” Spike persisted.

“I like the idea of you giving me spanking,” Xander reluctantly confessed.

“See. Now was that so hard?” the vampire grinned.

“Yes, it was, Master,” he gulped, suddenly no longer able to meet Spike’s gaze.

“Yeah, Pet. I know, but in the long run it’ll help. You need to stop fighting yourself. But most of all you need to stop hating yourself for things you have no control over,” his Master said gently.

“When did you get so insightful?” the human chuckled gloomily.  

“Watch a lot of Oprah, luv,” Spike retorted lazily and moving to lean against the counter. Xander couldn’t help it, he burst out laughing. There were actually tears in his eyes when he finally managed to get himself under control. “Feeling better?”

“Actually, yes. Thank you, Master,” he actually found himself smiling.

“Right then. Why don’t we get your punishment out of the way so we can enjoy the rest of our evening?” Spike grinned, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. Whatever the hyperactive vamp had planned probably didn’t bode well for Xander.

“Yes, Master,” he nodded nervously.

“Now, we’ve already determined that you’re not going to be spanked as punishment. How else do parents discipline naughty boys who say things that they shouldn’t?” his owner smirked. Xander’s eyes went to the counter behind Spike and the items he’d put there in preparation, an extra washcloth and a nice fresh bar of soap, even though there was a half finished one in the holder on the counter. When realization dawned it was accompanied by a blinding flash of anger. It wasn’t even the worst thing that Spike had forced him to do, but at this point it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“There’s no way, no way in Hell I’m letting you do that to me. I’ve put up with all your crap so far, but if you think for one fucking minute that I’m going to let you wash my mouth out with soap you undead asshole,” Xander exploded, finally snapping under the strain of the last four nights. His body was on auto pilot as he stood up and reached to violently shove Spike against the counter. He never made contact. White hot, pain exploded through his skull. He screamed, falling to the ground clutching his head in agony.

Part Twenty-One

Well he certainly hadn’t been expecting that. The boy’s explosion yes, he had been taunting him relentlessly for the past four nights after all. Was about time Harris showed some spirit. The Scooby’s meek submissiveness had been getting rather tedious. He actually enjoyed some fire in his slave, watching Xander get all flustered and indignant was half the fun.

His pet screaming though, falling to the ground whimpering in a sickeningly familiar pattern was unexpected.  

His human was curled into an almost foetal ball, his entire body racked with tremors. When he picked up the sound of the boy gagging, he was barely able to manhandle the brunet over to the toilet bowl before the mortal was violently ill. The last thing he wanted was to end up mopping up after the whelp.

He began to worry when he realized that the young man was still clutching his head, moaning softly. He’d been in that very position all too often. A small part of him, well sod it, actually a rather large part of him, was gratified that one of the Slayer’s minion’s was finally getting a taste of what life had been like for him for the past two years. Wasn’t so bloody funny on the receiving end, now was it? Still he had the benefit of demonic healing abilities, so once the initial jolt was over the pain tended to fade quickly, provided he didn’t do anything else to set the damned chip off. Whatever was happening to the younger man didn’t seem to be receding though.

“Kitten?” he ventured, crouching down besides the shaking human who’d slid back down to the floor. Even with his enhanced hearing he could just barely make out Xander’s breathy pleas to make it stop. “Shush. Breathe, Pet,” He soothed, rubbing circles on the clammy skin of his slave’s back. It seemed to have a calming effect on the taller man, so he kept doing it. The mortal rocked back and forth pushing the heels of his hands against his forehead, moaning softly. Silently he helped the suffering man sit back up and reached around him to flush the toilet. From the tight lines around his pet’s brown eyes it was obvious that Harris was still in some pain, though apparently in wasn’t nearly as debilitating as it had been only a few moments ago.

Standing up, Spike filled the glass his pet kept beside his toothbrush and handed it to the shaky young man without another word. Xander, looking grateful, rinsed his mouth. “You still hurting, pet?” he asked, pushing sweaty strands of dark hair away from Xander’s eyes.

“Not as much,” his pet stammered. “When you started touching me it got a little better.”

“All right let’s get you off the cold floor. Don’t want you catching ill. I don’t fancy spending all my time cleaning up after you and your disgusting human fluids,” the master vampire added hastily, scooping up the much bigger man without further ado. The carpenter gave a surprised little squeak, which he seemed to immediately regret. His boy shuddered and his hand came up, pinching the bridge of his nose. Those wanker white hat representatives had said that his ‘tribute’ would be obligated to obey him, but they hadn’t specified how. What good was the bond if it completely disabled his plaything?

He walked briskly to the living room then carefully arranged his burden on the sofa. He grabbed the truly hideous throw that was half covering the dreaded orange barcalounger and spread it over Xander.

“Stay right, there. I’m going to go turn down the heat on the oven,” Spike admonished, silently cursing himself for sounding like a complete and total ponce, before turning on his heel and heading out of the room leaving a clearly miserable Scooby behind. Giving the pup a jolt for trying to take a swing at him he could understand, intimately actually. Bit of poetic justice that. But how would it possibly benefit Spike to prolong it beyond that? His boy shouldn’t bloody still be hurting.

He went over to the oven and turned the temperature down. Wasn’t like his boy would be in the mood for a heavy meal now. He’d slow roast the damned thing. He’d actually never tried it, but he knew the theory behind it. Bugger, he really did watch entirely too much daytime telly, he thought reaching into the cupboard next to the sink for a glass.

He opened the door to the icebox and pulled out the pitcher of filtered water he’d noticed the boy had in there and filled the glass, before kicking the door shut. He walked into the living room and found Xander exactly where he’d left him, curled up under the blanket looking positively wretched.

“Here, drink this, Kitten,” he ordered, squatting down and holding the glass to his pet’s lips. His boy drank the water without argument and quickly gulped it down. The cold probably felt good to his irritated throat. The larger man sighed and rubbed his temples.

“Master?” his pet ventured, trying to burrow further into the couch cushions.

“Yes, Kitten?” Spike answered stretching his hand out to stroke his boy’s damp hair.

“What I felt in there, it’s was what the chip feels like when it fires wasn’t it?” Xander asked, looking up at him thoughtfully.

“Looked that way to me. I’m no expert when it comes to mojo, but it looks like the spell that bonds you to me mimics the effects of the chip. I generally bounce back from its effects more quickly than this though,” Spike considered.

“It’s a little better, than it was. At least I don’t feel like I’m about to pass out anymore. I just have a really, really bad head ache. It’s sort of a sharp throb right between my eyes, like having the hangover to end all hangovers, except without getting to have any of the drunken fun first,” the human groused moodily.

“I know the feeling, Pet,” the master vampire pointed out acerbically.

“Master....” Xander tentatively began. “I’m sorry... that it hurts you like that.”

“Yeah, I’d wager that you have a whole different perspective on the damn chip now,” the blond replied sourly. Closing his eyes for a brief moment, Spike tried to calm himself. Boy wasn’t in any shape to deal with his anger now, besides there really wasn’t any point taking his resentment over the bloody chip out on Xander.

His pet seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then taking a deep breath to compose himself he pushed on.  “I do, but... I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I’m sorry that you were chipped.”

“So it’s fine for me and my kind to be experimented on and tortured, just not you flawless humans? That it Harris?” Spike snarled, suddenly enraged. “Well let me tell you something boy. I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve seen countless petty little men take power for their own means, murdering millions along the way to fulfill whatever ideology was giving the maniac du jour a hard on. Spain, Uganda, Rwanda and let’s not forget Germany. I’m sure even you’re familiar with that one. I could go on and on. Being human doesn’t guarantee goodness.”

“No it doesn’t. But you were killing people. You’ve slaughtered thousands of them and you would have kept right on doing it. I can’t be sad that something has stopped that. Because of what the Initiative did to you there are probably hundreds of people that are still alive today, men, women and children that would have died if they’d never captured you,” Harris countered, his voice unusually steady and calm. If it had been said in the carpenter’s normal condescending superior tone, Spike would have known how to deal with it, felt justified taking his bitterness out on the Scooby even. But Spike just found himself stooping beside the couch slack jawed.  “I am sorry that you had to suffer though. I’m sorry that you were in pain, I can’t imagine what it must have been like going through that alone all those times. Mostly, I’m sorry I was asshole to you about it.”

“So what? Now I’m just supposed to tell you that all is forgiven now?” the slight vampire accused.

“No, I just wanted you to know,” his pet confessed, taking a shaky breath before lowering his eyes.

Spike, who generally had a biting retort for everything, didn’t quite know what to say to that. So like any skilled debater who realized that they’d been boxed into a corner, he decided to change the subject. “Head still aching?”

“It’s not too bad. It’s like a more severe version of what happens when... Shit! You’ve got to be kidding me,” the human muttered, rolling his eyes.

“What?” Spike demanded. Jolt must have fried the pup’s brain. He was making even less sense than usual.

“I’m pretty sure I know why my faux-chip symptoms are making like the Energizer Bunny,” Xander grumbled morosely.

“What are you on about now?” Spike snorted. Maybe he should have to boy looked at. Clearly some sort of damage had been done.

“You know from the commercials, the pink bunny with the drum. It keeps going and going....” Xander retorted. The vampire was quite certain that the boy was passively mocking him.

“I know the sodding ads. Now tell me what the Bloody Hell you meant, Pet,” the vampire growled.

“That whole scene in the bathroom, did you have everything planned out? Did you have an entire punishment scenario planned out for me?” his Kitten blushed alluringly.

“What does that have to do with anything?” he snapped. Not like he was supposed to give his slave a program of the night’s activities.

“I think that’s why this is happening. I mean why I haven’t recovered yet. The headache, it’s familiar. It’s like an uber version of the little warning pulse that I get whenever I don’t obey you or do something that I know to be against your wishes,” the young man explained wearily.

“If you’d had these before, I think I would have noticed, Pet,” Spike scolded, arching an eyebrow. The mortal couldn’t have been in pain all this time without his noticing it.

“It’s not normally this bad, it’s just like a little warning poke in my head, as if the bond is trying to warn me to get back on track. I felt it when we saw Giles and when I was talking to Willow today. It not really painful, it’s just sort of uncomfortable, annoying I guess. The first couple of times it happened I didn’t even recognize it for what it was. I thought it was just anxiety. This is worse though, much much worse. I think it’s because this is the first time I’ve actively tried to fight you... your ownership. I broke the vows I made when I did the ritual and now the bond is punishing me. I think that if you do what you were originally planning on doing to me it’ll stop,” Xander explained hurriedly.

“Kitten, I was going to soap your mouth. You were just sick, you’re not it any shape for it now. I don’t fancy you vomiting all over me,” Spike scowled. He’d been looking forward to it to be honest. Not so much the act itself, but watching his Kitten’s reactions to it. Now though, he really didn’t think his boy had the fortitude to go through with the degradation he’d planned for him.

“Please, Master. I don’t know why, but somehow I’m positive that this is what we need to do for me to get better. Unless you want me to keep feeling like this,” his boy whispered pathetically. Clearly his pet was a manipulative little wanker. The young foreman did seem convinced though.

“Well of course I don’t want you staying like this. Not going to be a very good shag in this state, are you?” he huffed, still not entirely convinced that he should humour the boy. “All right, fine have it your way. Go to the loo and put yourself back into position.”

He watched his slave slide off the chesterfield and make his way shakily back to the washroom on his hands and knees. Rising, Spike quickly followed him into the room. Taking a deep breath, his boy knelt up, before lacing his fingers together behind his neck.

“You sure, Kitten? I could just put you to bed, you may well feel better by morning,” he offered, reaching to push the sink’s stopper into the drain.

“I’m sure,” his pet answered. Now that Xander was committed to this, he seemed almost serene. He actually looked better than he had only moments before. Maybe his boy was right. He could always stop things if it looked like the human was having an adverse reaction.

Nodding Spike started the water. Picking up the soap, he turned deliberately towards his waiting slave and carefully un-wrapped the pristine white bar. Xander swallowed visibly, but didn’t say anything. He let his free hand briefly comb through the boy’s hair, before reaching around to turn off the water. Picking up the clean washcloth, he submerged both it and the soap making of show of carefully soaking them, before meticulously lathering the fabric

“You certain, about this?” he asked, not sure why he felt compelled to give the boy one final chance to back out.

“Positive, Master. Please punish me,” his pet replied. It made the vampires mouth go just a little dry.

“Right then, open your mouth. Nice and wide,” he instructed, dropping the bar back into the water so it would soften. Using his free hand he cupped his boy’s face, tilting it up slightly before slowly tracing Xander’s soft lips with the foam-covered cloth. Taking his time, Spike slowly ran the soapy material inside the kneeling man’s lips. The boy scrunched his eyes just a bit, but otherwise didn’t move. Meticulously he traced the entire inside of the young man’s mouth, stopping occasionally to re-lather the small towel. Xander was grimacing, but it seemed to have more to do with the horrid taste than anything else. He didn’t really seem to be in pain any longer, so Spike kept going until the small towel had swept against the entire inside of the mortal’s mouth. His boy’s teeth, his gums, his tongue, the roof of his mouth, all had been scrubbed with the sudsy cloth, nothing had been spared. Little bits of foam were dribbling from his pet’s lips. Reaching back into the sink, Spike picked up the oozing soap and carefully wrapped it in the washcloth.

“Tastes nasty doesn’t it, Kitten? Next time you’re tempted to use that pretty mouth of yours for something you know is clearly forbidden, I want you to remember this moment. Using my property to disobey me, when you should be using those beautiful warm lips and wicked tongue of yours to please me,” the vampire reprimanded, shaking his head. “But we’re not quite done yet. You were a very bad boy, arguing with me instead of taking your medicine like we’d agreed. You’ve earned yourself extra punishment. Now while I’m disciplining you, you will hold this in your mouth,” he informed his slave indicating the small soap filled bundle in his hand. “Now if you drop it, luv, there will be consequences. If you fail to keep the soap in your mouth we’ll finish the punishment, and then we’ll come back in here and begin all over again until you can manage to do it correctly. Now hold it between your lips. Good Boy. Remember if you let it fall we start all over again.”

His pet wrinkled his nose, but aside from that showed no outward signs of distress. Spike hadn’t thought he’d be the least bit aroused by this, he’d just thought he’d enjoy watching his pet’s indignation once Xander found out what he’d planned for him, but Xander’s obedience despite his obvious distaste for the actual acts was going straight to his cock. “Come with me, Kitten,” he ordered. Xander unclasped his hand from behind his neck and quickly dropped onto all fours. Spike bitterly regretted not being able to keep him like that permanently, but the mortal’s fragile joints would never be able to take the strain over an extended period of time. It was a pity, because it was a bloody turn on seeing his beauty crawl for him so submissively.

“Stop, right here,” he ordered pointing to a spot on the floor. “Now I’m going to teach you something else to add to your repertoire. Get into the doggy position. That’s good, very pretty. Now I want you to lean forward, Kitten. Leave your arms apart, but drop your front half until your forearms are lying flat on the floor. Good, now touch your forehead to the ground and leave it there. Keep your legs as they are spread nice and wide, but point your knees in just a bit. Perfect. Now curve your back so that your bum is pushed out as high as possible. Beautiful, well done. This position is called Submission. Gives me a perfect view of all of your assets, Kitten.”

“Now that you’ve learned how to properly assume the Submission position we’re going to modify it to suit our purposes this evening. I want you to reach around with your hands and spread your cheeks even wider for me. Make sure I have a nice clear view of that tight little hole of yours.” He could almost feel the colour darkening his pet’s cheeks.

“Good boy,” he praised, bending to run a soothing hand up and down the human’s vulnerable back. “Now hold that pose.”

“Now, Kitten, I’m going to use my belt on you. I’m going to give you ten blows, not across your cheeks, but to the lovely tender flesh that you’re holding open for me. Don’t forget, Kitten, don’t let what I put in your mouth fall or you’ll get your ten smacks and then we’ll have to start all over again.”

He was deliberately noisy unbuckling his belt and pulling it out of the loops of his jeans. He carefully folded the black leather in two, then pulled it taut, snapping it before swishing it nosily through the air. The genuflecting mortal shivered ever so slightly at the noise. It was bloody pornographic seeing his Kitten so exposed. He took a moment just to admire the view, but quickly positioned himself behind his kneeling pet, turning to one side so he’d have ample room to work.

“All right, Kitten, get ready. One,” he counted out, bringing his arm straight back to give himself some momentum. His aim was true and the black leather landed on the boy’s exposed cleft with a crack. Xander let out a muffled squeal, but didn’t break position. He was skilled at this, years of practice playing games with his dark wicked rose allowed him to deftly control the belt. He swung underhanded giving him more control, careful to land his blows high right on his pet’s tender anus. He took his time counting out the swats, giving his Kitten time to absorb every kiss from his belt. By the time he was done his pretty was gasping softly.

“Good, Kitten. It’s almost over, you’ve pleased me a great deal,” he complimented. Now to see how well his slave had learned his lessons. “Attention,” he demanded simply, snapping his fingers to make sure he had his toy’s full focus. He tapped his foot impatiently waiting for his boy to catch on. Xander hesitated for a couple of seconds, but then his brain apparently placed the word into context and managed to kneel up and into position quickly, if a little gracelessly. Spike slowly walked around the boy, making a show of slowly inspecting his property.

“All right, follow me,” Spike finally ordered. Silently he led his boy to the wall opposite the breakfast counter.

“Attention,” he repeated, snapping his fingers. This time Xander didn’t hesitate, his transition from all fours wasn’t any more elegant than before, but that was something they could work on at a later time. “Well done,” he encouraged. Unable to resist, he reached down to abuse an exposed nipple. As much as he enjoyed fondling the boy there would be plenty of time for that later. The boy was making pitiable little gulping sounds. It would be cruel to prolong this too much.

“Scoot up until you’re almost against the wall. That’s fine. Now, Kitten, bend at the waist until your nose is touching the wall. Good, pet, very good. Now reach around part your cheeks and display yourself to me like you did before. That’s perfect. Now, I’m going to go into the kitchen and see about making you some light supper. I’d wager you’re not really in the mood for anything too rich right about now. I’m going to set the timer for 5 minutes. When it goes off I’ll come back, we’ll go to the loo and get rid of the soap. Now while you’re waiting I want you to think about why I just punished you, why you deserved it and what you’re going to do to avoid it in the future,” he commanded, petting Xander for a moment before turning and making his way into the actual kitchen. He picked the small egg timer from its perch on the stove and set it to the correct amount of time. He set it on the breakfast counter well within his pet’s hearing, its ticking echoed loudly through the apartment.

He could literally smell the humiliation coming off his boy in waves and beneath that, growing hints of arousal. His Kitten didn’t just enjoy the pain, he got off on being dominated. It was a heady experience having a former adversary submit to him so completely. Shaking his head, he set about, searching the cupboards and fridge for something to fix for the mortal. He’d been serious about that. The large meal he’d originally planned clearly would be too much for his boy now. Something easy to digest, then. Soup maybe? He rummaged around until he found a can of tomato soup. It was one of those cliché things that Americans were supposed to find comforting in this day and age wasn’t it?

He’d fished out a sauce pot from the cabinet next to the stove pot and just finished diluting the contents of the can of soup with the required amount of water when the shrill sound of the egg timer’s alarm filled the air. Setting his preparations aside he walked back across the room to his pet.

“Times up, Kitten. Off to the washroom,” he waved. His boy didn’t need to be told twice. As soon as they got within sight of the room Spike gave the attention command again, snapping his fingers and pointing to the floor in front of the sink. His pet wasted no time getting into position. “All right, luv, you can let it out now,” he gave his permission, holding his palm up just below the human’s mouth. Xander couldn’t spit the soggy soap filled cloth out fast enough. Bugger that was disgusting, though he’d wager it had been far more distasteful from Xander’s side. “Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth as many times as you need.”

He leaned casually against the wall watching the boy desperately try to wash out the foul taste. It was not an easy thing to do from ones knees, but the boy managed. Spike snickered when he heard a barely there yuck and then a gross escape the human’s lips.

“This was supposed to be unpleasant, Kitten. The entire point of punishment is to make you want to avoid it ever happening again. I’d imagine you wouldn’t particularly want a repeat of this,” he warned.

“No, Master,” his pet agreed, managing to sound only slightly disgruntled.

“How do you feel? Aside from making faces because of the taste, you seemed better after we started,” Spike mused.

“I feel much better, Master. Tired, but the headache is gone,” his boy mumbled.

“Come on, I want to settle you back onto the sofa,” he decided. He let the human, who admittedly seemed much steadier, make his own way to the living room this time. “Climb up and lay down on your back. Such a pretty Kitten. You sure you’re feeling well?”

“Yes, Master. I’m fine now. Aside from the aftertaste,” his boy grumbled the last part.

Spike, who was feeling indulgent, just snickered. “Good. We can get to the more pleasant aspects of our evening, then,” he grinned, letting his eyes linger over his prize. He idly caressed the boy’s nearest nipple, gently circling it with the pad of his finger. Xander hissed in a sharp breath. “Draw your knees up, no leave your feet flat on the sofa. That’s good. Now move your left leg so it’s against the back of the sofa. Yeah just like that. Now tilt your right leg until it’s laying flat against the cushions. That’s good, Kitten, beautiful. Such a pretty picture you make.” And the boy did, laying there with his legs splayed, completely exposed to his Master’s gaze. Only one thing left to complete the image.                                                                

He gave his boy’s now peaked nipple a couple of very light flicks with his nail, before reaching down and capturing his pet’s right wrist. He moved the boy’s hand between his wide spread legs. “Wank yourself,” he ordered simply.

“Yes, Master,” Xander gasped, closing his fist around his already half hard prick, his cheeks flushing brightly. Spike didn’t think he’d ever get tired of that.

“Slowly, Kitten. Yeah, luv, like that. Use firm leisurely strokes,” he purred, rubbing his knuckles against his pet’s cheek. “So gorgeous. Want you to keep looking so very shaggable for me. I’m going to go finish up in the kitchen now. I want to be able to see this lovely sight every time I look this way, understood?”

“Yes, Master,” Xander moaned in response.

Spike took his time fixing a tray for his pet. Hushed little moans and gasps drifted to him from the living room area as his boy continued to obediently masturbate for him. Every couple of minutes he’d find some reason to turn around and let his eyes linger on his boy for a few seconds. By the time Spike finished preparing the mortal’s food, the boy’s cock was hard and leaking.

Humming to himself he crossed the apartment. He rested the dinner tray on the small glass top coffee table and knelt down beside his slave. He just sat there and watched the boy for a couple of minutes. Xander’s thighs were quivering almost imperceptibly from the strain of holding his legs in position.

“So beautiful, Kitten, spread out, looking so debauched for me. Love seeing you like this aroused, desperate,” he teased, before bending down and gently nibbling on one of his pet’s sensitive nipples. His boy just whimpered in response. “Now it’s time for some dinner, though. I made you some soup and some toast, Pet.”

Xander, looked at him dejectedly, but finally nodded. “Yes, Master.”

Spike shook his head as the mortal moved to stop his lovely show. “No, Kitten. I never told you to stop.”

“But you said...” his boy spluttered.

“I said that it’s time to feed you, which I’m about to do, never said that it was time to stop. I like watching you like this. Besides you don’t need your hands for eating. Normally you’d be on your knees while I fed you anyway. We’re just doing something a little different today.”

“Yes... Master,” Xander swallowed.

“And, Kitten don’t you dare come without permission.”

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