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Loyal and Gentle



Interlude One

It was cleaning day. Del was always in a bad mood on cleaning day, Nanny too as she bore many of the related complaints and insults stoically.

The girls were now ten and his little boy four, Maddy and Pat swung their little brother between them joyfully as they walked to the entrance of the local indoor pet park. All their leads were long and loose. Panna smiled with pride as he led them inside.

The sire Xander was toned and well tended, his girls beautiful with wavy dark hair in thick single braids that fell to their backsides, and the little lad an absolutely charming button of a pet (unquestionably Panna’s favorite as cuddles weren’t just sought but returned easily to the kind family handler!) In his private moments Panna thanked whoever listened for his role in the household. Master was strict but fair, and his pets extraordinarily well behaved and widely admired… and Panna’s responsibility.

Panna watched with a smile as he released the four into the enclosure only to see the father romp with his children. Panna then had a coffee with a dash of blood as the four played in the bin of pet balls and slid down kiddy slides. He chatted idly to another handler as the four calmed. A bell went off and their session was over. Panna finished his coffee then collected his charges, a fourth lead unnecessary as a tired little boy snuggled into his father’s arms and promptly fell asleep.

The two girls and Xander all thanked him politely as they were led to their sleeping room where freshly cleaned bags, a small bowl of nuts and fruit, and feeding bottles awaited.

Nanny Jane was looking rather stressed but still opened her arms to take the sleeping boy as the Master’s pet led his girls to the food then settled them for the evening on their sweet smelling bags.

Xander turned to Nanny and mouthed his thanks – knowing better than to say anything aloud without direct permission. She gave him a tired but genuinely affectionate smile before cuddling his small son to her ample bosom and settling into her comfy chair.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Pet!Xander was happy to follow Witch Willow around. It was his day of importance. It was Saturday which meant “Cleaning Day”!!

He would never have thought it but he enjoyed his allocated duties. He knew the pattern after nearly twenty years. He opened his arms and Witch Willow handed him all the bed linen and towels and he took them carefully to the laundry only to return as she stripped the next bed.

It was his job to ease master out of bed and onto the nearby chaise lounge – being careful to check the blackout curtains first. Then Witch Willow would hand him a broad cloth and a bucket of clean water and the rubber gloves and “dangerous cleaner” that she said he was not to drink or spray in his eyes. He would then spray carefully and scrub and wipe all the basins and bath and toilet … and well anything else he could find until she came to get him.

Once she had forgotten and he had done the entire floor of the house all the way to the front but was a little puzzled when Willow was so upset! He had done a wonderful job (!), she kept saying that, but also kept crying and kissing him for days. It was all a bit puzzling this cleaning business.

He was very good at dusting too, and adored the vacuum cleaner… the hum was soothing and master sometimes snuck up to steal away the nozzle and tease him by sucking his hair or skin then kissing him thoroughly as he giggled with delight.

Yes cleaning was definitely his favorite thing… well next to servicing Master of course, and running with Master… and going dancing… and… well anything for or with Master really.

He lay on the newly laundered beanbag cover and welcomed a kiss from Master. “Mornin’ pet. Done a right fine job again I see. Well done. Just goin’ ta’ fix a bite to eat then I’ll pop back and we c’n go for a run yeah?”

Pet!Xander sighed and smiled. He had done the right thing again, and Master loved him. Life was good.

Interlude Two

AU!Spike wandered into the room next to his office. His pets were all resting in the side room as was their habit in late afternoon.

He had ordered his pet, now his Childe, to the room an hour earlier to attend his children.

Twenty years earlier he had given in to Mistress Clarissa’s pressure and allowed the girls to breed. Always artificially inseminated, they apparently enjoyed their status as mothers, and their brother and his partner never failed to rejoice in the arrival of new youngsters to their now significantly larger property.

Both the forty year old women were pregnant again, this time both carrying twins conceived in the same month to their regular German sire. Patricia was observably bigger than Madeline and suffering for it a little – it was her third set of twins in seven years.

As the Childe/Pet felt his Sire/Master approach he stiffened a little but relaxed as only love and care flowed through the relaxed link from Sire to Childe.

Xander was kneeling on the floor massaging oil onto his pretty daughter Patricia’s distended belly and consoling her as she cried quietly into a favourite toy as she lay on her pet bag. Patty’s sister Madeline was picking up on her sister’s distress and quite teary, so was leaning against her father affectionately, seeking her own comfort and providing the now room temperature vampire with much loved heat.


Xander spun around ready to move. These days, vampiric speed and status as Childe had its advantages, but his Sire’s mood was calm and the hand indicating he stay, giving that as a clear message. He had been a willing pet for close to forty-five years, his training, though initially difficult, had most certainly been enhanced by status first as claimed pet then as Childe.

The two women knew that Master would not require them to rise when they were heavy with child so simply stilled, though dear Patricia struggled to stem her tears. She could not seem to control her emotions and was afraid that she might be fitted with a shunt and constantly drugged as the now dearly departed Mel had been.

Patricia was fine until Master offered her Father his wrist and kissed him with such love, before seeing her distress and leaning down to pet her a little. As he touched her belly respectfully, whispering, “You are of my beloved’s line. You and yours will be cherished and cared for… always.” Patricia burst into floods of grateful tears and Madeline cried a little also. The mature Chris, hand in hand with Sahil, joined them and Master petted the boys.

The Master was never anything but generous with his time and compliments but since turning the Sire of their line, he had become increasingly attentive. All the pets reveled in the time with the Master and knew that a compliment from him meant something as he did not ‘show them off’ like other owners.

Spike walked over to the youngsters of the family group. He stroked the two little girls’ long, curly, brunette tresses (the latest of Madeline’s and just turning two). Both were playing happily on a single recreation mat as he walked past and responded affectionately as the Master touched them. They knew to stop and wait quietly as the Master gave them attention but one little love could not help herself, she looked up and grinned then said with a loving sigh, “Masser.” Madeline was horrified at the break in protocol but Spike simply smiled back at the little girl and said clearly “Mas*t*er” to which young Rachel dutifully replied “Masss*t*er” and smiled all the more as she was patted on the head.

Their training collars were now in place but the girls would (unusually for most pets) be kept on the premises in the training pens with others of similar age for up to twelve years. By the time they left they would all be perfectly trained and almost ready to breed. For some of the individuals, breeding was not an option – but the owners (generally zealous show pet owners/breeders) knew what they were getting – the vet’s report clear and orientation also noted. Regardless the girls and boys were adored and pampered, and continued to win competitions, and Mistress Clarissa took it upon herself to ‘track the line’.

Spike had extended the house, and like Clarissa, now did all the training in-house and followed her example regards owners. He chose them carefully and these days waited for his Childe’s approval before allowing the transfer.

Xander could not believe his privileged position. As Childe, he felt Sire… but was also Claimed as Pet and his training of twenty years was enforced by the Childe status. He happily supplicated to his Sire and joyfully received praise from the same amazing blonde vampire… His Master… His Sire… who could not be happy with that!

As he knelt at his Sire’s feet and began to massage his beloved Sire’s legs he began to send a prayer to the Powers That Be, one that thanked them for his current role and one for his darling daughter.

Two hours later the midwife was called and Patricia gave birth early to two exquisite little chaps.

The young demon expert in human matters, dealt with their slightly early delivery with professional efficiency and as requested, called the human vet who removed Patricia’s uterus under full anesthetic. Madeline too would be ‘spayed’ this year, as it was, according to the current research, only good for breeding humans to have between twelve and fifteen children. Their own mother had spawned twenty one, dying of heart failure in her last delivery, to the great distress of the Mistress.

Spike felt the nudge against his leg as Xander knelt beside him in the meeting. He knew his Childe was worried. He called to Panna and the pet, the father of the line, Xander, was permitted to stand and led out of the room to sit with his daughter as she regained consciousness from her operation.

She sighed as she recognized the cool hand stroking her forehead as she woke. Still groggy from the anesthetic she followed her father’s proud gaze across to two tiny figures in the clear bassinette and smiled weakly before whispering with regret, “Last ones, Pa.”

“Master is just keen to have you around.” Then Xander kissed her on the forehead.

His daughters and son would live out their days quietly, enjoying their children and their old age, loved and well cared for.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Pet!Xander couldn’t believe it! He was to have a companion and it was his grandniece too!!

The Master and the eighty plus Dawn had taken him for the yearly visit and they came back with one of Madeline’s girls at AU!Spike’s insistence. They spent some time explaining to Pet!Xander who she was, Spike eventually stating to his dear Pet that Master said she was a relative and was coming back with them, so that was that.

Apparently at twenty, Jacinta was still not a breeder, so a decision was made and she was fixed at twenty one. It would shorten her life if she stayed in their own dimension – but now in the Earthly realm there was no such problem. She was apparently very affectionate and ‘chirpy’ (though when Pet!Xander was told he was unsure what that meant). Regardless she was brought back as they thought it would be good for Pet!Xander to ‘have a female companion’.

Pet!Xander saw Dawn’s pleasure at the addition and knew that Key Dawn was always worried for his welfare. And yet… he was happy that he was still Master’s favorite as he ran with, then serviced Master that night, and pleased that this new Pet would always be second in the pecking order – otherwise he would have been quite… jealous! Master was his.

Jacinta’s arrival was not marked by ceremony. She simply ‘came with’… but!!! She had made herself comfortable on his beanbag, an error that was quickly addressed by his wonderful Master who ordered her off then provided a new one (not as nice as his own!) for her to relax on.

Pet!Xander all but snarled at her on that first night.

Afterward Pet!Xander felt a little guilty as later in the evening as he heard her crying quietly. The trained pet was miserable, her world was unfamiliar and she thought she had been good. In the past her Grandsire had always been so welcoming, but this twin, her grand uncle seemed angry at her.

In the end she followed her training and crawled off her bag and slept on the floor in a ball.

The following evening as she began to cry again, Pet!Xander touched her gently, then pulled her onto his own sleeping bag and into a rather tense hug. Eventually she relaxed and sobbed into her ‘GrandeUncle’s’ shoulder. He pulled and took her in a caring hug.

A grey haired Dawn found them the following morning in the same position and was genuinely relieved. She and Spike had questioned the wisdom of bringing her – particularly when Pet!Xander literally growled at her and she had slept on the floor – a definite sign of distress. They had worried that they would have to return the dear girl to her own dimension if Pet!Xander didn’t ‘take’ to her, though that was not the preferred option on any level.

Two months later saw the Pet!Xander and Pet!Jacinta regularly relaxing together, reciprocally grooming each other, coloring together and exchanging small snippets of reading.

A year later, the two were inseparable but for the times Pet!Xander was asked to tend to Master. Inevitably the days were spent giggling at silly children’s television shows, taking turns braiding or brushing their companion’s hair, feeding each other, or giving a relaxing massage. Pet!Jacinta could read quite well and often read to her Grand Uncle happily as he wondered at her intelligence.

The ageless pair were both perfectly trained at heel, and looked similar in age despite two generations of difference. Jacinta, too, would not grow old in this dimension and Spike rejoiced at the thought that the two pretty, compliant pets would be with him for all time.

He claimed her just to be sure, but only joined with her once to consummate the process. For all her years afterwards she was never short of toys or batteries and remained partner free.

Ninety years on, they would be found living with Sire Angel in Los Angelus. Pet!Xander was always a little confused by the Sire of his Master in this realm but he did seem very happy that they were sharing his home, though Sire Angel no longer had any pets, which confused both he and Jacinta. She had quickly taken to spending her time at the older vampire’s side whenever Master Spike and he were together. Master Angel seemed to enjoy the pretty pet’s display of affection and bought her a new collar.

One fact would remain until Master Spike was dust, if Pet!Xander was not in his Master’s bed or at his feet, he and Jacinta rested contentedly together. She was his grandniece and he loved her dearly, and Master was loved all the more for his gift to his Pet all those years ago.

A post story vignette

Daisy just wouldn't leave this one alone... written for petxnd... Thank to whoever nominated the story for Sunnyd awards

His Pet was inconsolable. He had lost both his dear daughters in the last two years and his son was failing. They had both been in their nineties, though dear Chris slipped into 'vagueness' and failed sooner. At seventy seven he still knew that his darling had died ten years earlier. But that and many ancient memories seemed all he was able to access these days as he accused his carers of not feeding him immediately after breakfast; or of stealing things from his room; and he regularly sat on the garden chair waiting for a taxi… that would never come. In fact that was when he was most happy.

The handlers were wonderful and the elderly human never happier than when told what to do and where to go, the only distressing thing being that he kept asking for Sahil. To which the staff were instructed now to say “He’s waiting for you darling, so come on.” The beloved pet of Master, son of his Childe and Sire via insemination, passed into the realm of childhood and fantasy as he approached his eightieth year and at eighty two, died quietly in his sleep.

For his father and many children it was almost a relief as he slipped to the point of needing an incontinence pad and not recognizing them. He had, at that point truly returned to a newborn. Happy to gain hug but no idea why the person giving it was doing it, nor why they might be sobbing.

It was the hardest part of Xander’s vampire status, but he was thankful to have the most wonderful of Sires… and GrandSires. Master_Spike and Master_Angelus were both extraordinarily tender(!) as his children passed, he could not have asked for more understanding Masters/Sires. Every time, his Master shed tears and comforted him, not just for days but for weeks and months beyond every time he needed it.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

One hundred years on, Jacinta ran at heel with the GrandSire who was now in his three hundred and fifty seventh year as a vampire. She had a new, pretty, white gold harness as acknowledgement of her new status as his Pet. Master_Angel, going against all his own dictates had eventually claimed the very sweet girl.

She was his constant companion, just as Pet!Xander was Spike’s. The two were distressed by the passing of various human household members, and were treated most kindly as the Master’s too grieved.

Pet!Xander was his Master’s darling and was admired by not only demons but also humans!

His lead was always used in public though was so long and lax as to not warrant any sort of restraint. But what the dear pet adored, was his new locket on his collar. It had been given to him by Master – and fixed in place with one of Dawn’s last blessings before she passed (a green flash of energy giving Sunnydale Spike some hope that she had returned to her natural state). He touched it then the claim mark constantly whenever Master was not present.

He couldn't imagine life without Pet!Jacinta, and was thrilled when the Grandsire took her for his own.

It was mid evening and they were on their pet bags half listening to their Masters working. She smiled across at him and silently mouthed, "Love Masters, Love You". He reached out and took her hand, squeezing it affectionately.

Xmas with Loyal and Gentle

It was a thing called Christmas… Key!Dawn had explained to him years ago (and many times since) what that meant, but he was still always a little confused. Apparently the whole fuss was something about compulsory family meals, and presents and a demon with a long white beard and rather silly costume who raced around giving presents to human children as long as they were good pets. And there was also something about a stable and a baby who was the son of a god? It was all too odd and the High Wiccan Mistress Willow said not to worry, and that her family had always had different ceremonies because her parents had a god that didn’t have a son. She then went on to tell him that her Wiccan Goddess didn’t mind who had a son and that they simply gave thanks to the earth at the Winter solstice. At least that made some sort of sense.

The eighty five year old white haired Willow patted him kindly as he waited for Master, she then used the sofa as leverage to stand again and asked if he would like to share eggnog and cookies. After sixty plus ‘Seasons to be jolly’ (and something about fah lah lah), Pet!Xander knew that Willow’s eggnog was a once a year thing! He nodded politely and put the back of her hand to his cheek as thanks. He was allowed to speak of course, but this was about good manners. The magical human servant of Master was worthy of his respect.

Master called on the cell phone to reassure his dear Pet that he was only minutes away, so the still youthful looking pet simply knelt at the door and waited.

The key in the door mere minutes later marked his Master’s arrival, thankfully, just in time for eggnog!. Xander sported fine silk/satin black pyjamas around the house in this weather – both elegant and warm – and matched by his wonderful Master’s attire when at home. It had been a habit in the last thirty years or so. The ‘PJs’ had been specifically designed so his Master’s turning mark and Xander’s pretty rose gold collar (his second one – after the first wore out) were free of encumbrances whilst home.

Key!Dawn had taken him shopping earlier that day – she always did that at this time of year. He knew now that he had the right to pick out something special for his Master. The first few times he had cried into her arms as he simply could not decide something as important as providing Master with a gift, but over the years had come to enjoy the look of surprise and adoration that came from each tribute to his wonderful Master. And that’s what they were… A tribute, a pledge of devotion, an indication of his undying love… and Master seemed to understand at the first stressful acceptance of his offering.

The Master had greeted the gift with such excitement and grateful hugs that the dear Pet nearly passed out with the emotion of the moment. Thereafter Master gifted him with a present each year also (even though claiming that the Christmas thing ‘means nothing to a Vampire, pet’): an exquisite thumb ring matching Master’s; his brilliant rose gold collar of thirty years ago; the glorious new king sized bed; the trip to a beautiful resort in Tahiti… Yet the best gifts, the best years, were always those when his wonderful Master just gave him time and gifted him with a long lazy day of lovemaking with some new toy, followed by hours of soft touches and extended kissing.

But this was the best Christmas so far. Master wandered in, pulled him to the ancient beanbag and accepted his gift of an exclusive, beautiful scent (Key!Dawn had chosen it), then they shared the eggnog handed to Master by a smiling Willow who withdrew immediately, leaving the two to their ‘reacquaintance’.

“You remember we’re visitin’ your brother tonight?”

Xander smiled into the chest he was currently cuddled into, “Yes Master. Thank you Master.”

“You remember that time is faster there?” Spike looked worriedly at his charge, knowing full well that even if the dear boy had no idea he would say yes to please his Master, but was pleased to see real understanding. After so many visits and Sunnydale!Xander’s turning Pet!Xander seemed to (finally) understand.

They were met at the portal by AU!Spike and his Childe Xander. The claimed Childe’s human children, grandchildren and great grandchildren still living with the Master were all there, all perfectly trained and delighted to see their ‘other world uncle and his Master’.

Sunnydale!Spike rejoiced in the reunion of the AU!Xander and his extended family, and marvelled at the turned Sunnydale!Xander. The man was perfectly formed, beautifully trained and completely devoted to his AU!Master. The white streaked brunette sat at his Master’s feet, attentive to both his Sire and the tiny children – his great grand children - played at his feet. What did not escape Sunnydale!Spike was the delight his other self took in the young ones. AUSpike looking on just as any proud, indulgent grandparent might.

Minutes later AU!Angelus arrived along with Mistress Clarissa and all their relative pets and entourage, and the solstice celebrations started for real.

At the end of an ample meal, Pet!Xander lay watching eight tiny brunettes, all under five and all of his brother’s line. His head rested in Master’s lap and a slow hand stroked through his hair. He now understood Key!Dawn and all the television ads, this was truly a reason (or was that season?) to be jolly.

Interlude Five

This bit is just a drabble brought on by seeing two very old dogs lying together in their driveway waiting for their masters to arrive home

The visit was ostensibly to mark the occasion of S!Xander’s ninetieth ‘death day’ – The ex Sunnydale Alexander Harris’ one hundred and thirty fifth day of existence as human or vampire in any realm acknowledged by dimensional travel and Masters reacquainting themselves.

Two timeless Pets lay together, one vampire and one human, a pigeon pair, the former looked older, with the mature muscles of a well toned forty something and a swatch of white in his hair, the other with the same sable locks he had been born with. They were both lying relaxed at their Masters’ feet on the new sheepskin covered resting bean bag – these days filled with a rather strange synthetic fluid that was always at ‘ideal human body temperature’. According to all the advertising it was “The ultimate indulgence, guaranteed to calm and please – our unique “Reactonate” fluid provides the perfectly controlled warmth for maximum relaxation, and soft (replaceable) wool covering natural comfort reassures your devoted Pet that Master loves them so much they gave them the Petable Pamper Bed.”

Despite their difference in age, pedigree and (now) status, both pets agreed, for once, the advertising was true. Even with one warm and one cold, their bedding adjusted to perfect temperatures, and the surface felt like Pet!Xander’s favourite teddy when he was new!

They snuggled down together, content to enjoy the feel and listen to the conversation between their two Masters. (And Pet!Xander would smile for many days hence as Master S!Spike settled him on his own version of the bag - a take home present from his brother’s AU!Master!)

Pet!Xander had been happily stripped for the visit and the wonderful (now quite portly due to good feeding, and aging) minion Panna, shaved him as soon as they arrived, though there was little need, his Master kept him ‘chemically nude’ in the critical places – but Pet!Xander did appreciate the compliments, the careful touch and the oiling… and Panna’s pleased grin when Pet!Xander gave him a special kiss on the hand to thank him was a reminder that good manners were everything.

Pet!Xander now sported a new darker, ‘more sophisticated’, pink collar with its soft, natural silk lining. He had been exuberant that they were visiting his brother on such a significant occasion – and Master had taken him to buy a present (though in truth relied on one of Dawn’s grandchildren to help them with the selection) but knew to control his enthusiasm as he hugged his colder brother close, and tried hard not to luxuriate too much in the presence of treasured family. He would meet with several great grand nieces, great great grand sons and even their offspring the following day but for now there was just…

The visit was made particularly significant by the fact that this time, his own Master’s ensouled Grandsire had come with them for only the second time.

They had all tried to encourage Master Angel to take someone after Cordelia died, and even more so when S!Angelus ‘just a friend and companion’ Wesley passed on… Even now Pet!Xander was most careful to listen if Wesley was mentioned… Mistress Clarissa had been very strict about that sort of thing – Pets were family… and needed to be treated with respect. Actually there had only ever been one or two times when they visited and Grandsire brought it up directly himself and conveyed a ‘good times’ reminisce. Pet!Xander thought he would have liked Wesley.

From his place on the bag, S!Xander noted his Angel’s tired look – a far cry from his own Master’s Grandsire, and resolved to quietly recommend that Mistress Clarissa arrange to take back one of his own great great… offspring as a Companion…

As the now more than century old pets relaxed comfortably together, the Masters and the Grandsires went off for a run and a feed, Mistress patted and praised the vampire Pet for his thoughtfulness and let him know that the lovely, level headed twenty year old Leona had been arranged for Angel to take back.

His demon and remaining Sunnydale White Hat sensibilities were pleased. Leona had a penchant for literature (something his Master encouraged – and now so did Clarissa despite modern theory regards blindness), and had an intelligence that went far deeper – and given the chance, she would develop into a perfect companion for the older Angel. Both the Mistress and S!Xander expected that Angel would be kind and protective and eventually loving, if one so bright, pleasing to the eye and ‘companionable’ were at his side.

As a consequence Pet!Xander and the Vampire!Pet relaxed as Mistress Clarissa quietly led a perfectly trained dark headed girl into the room as the four Master vampires returned.

Both Spike’s growled a little as they returned, high on the thrill of the run. It caused the girl to flinch a little, but a space for the twenty something girl was swiftly made so she might rest her head on the warm bag and be reassured by her older relatives.

The three rested as two Spikes (Au! and S!) and LA!Angel listened to AU!Master Angelus’ account of his latest holiday and all five audience, along with Mistress Clarissa, expressed their very deep concern over his current pet, the very pretty Jason who was currently lying listlessly in Angelus’ lap.

Angelus was well known for his ruthlessness and strictly training of his pets, however there had been one or two favourites over the years, and when one was well into one’s sixth century, a few indulgences were acceptable.

Luca had been the first devoted darling that he had and lost, others had come and gone – treated fairly and well but not quite adored… but his latest Pet, Jason was simply… spoiled!

Angelus had even engaged a special chef for the boy… and had a personal ‘pet-exerciser’. If the lad even sniffed or made the simplest complaint, there was a magical physician on site to determine the reason and solve the issue!

Au!Angelus left hand tenderly combing through the long, loose, brunette curls as he talked and conveyed his concern.

The youngster was one of seven of S!Xander’s great, great grandsons, and was only now recovering from his ‘ordeal’ (and though empathising, even Pet!Xander would later disapprove of the fuss).

Apparently Angelus had just returned from a week away on business only to find his dear Pet had pined for his Master terribly, despite being carefully cared for by Mistress Clarissa’s staff. Even after being home and literally coddled by his Master for twenty four hours, he still looked pale and drawn.

Despite his slight annoyance at this Jason’s rather pathetic nuzzling and whimpering, Pet!Xander remembered that feeling… Abandonment was something every Pet feared!

Years ago, his Master had left him with Witch!Willow and Key!Dawn for five days while Master and Grandsire (apparently known as ‘a silly old ponce’ (?) in these new times ) bonded and killed some LA ‘baddies’ during Pet!Xander’s fifth year with his Master since the shift.

Pet!Xander remembered being very brave on the face of it, even smiling as he was kissed goodbye, but knew he had been beside himself with panic. He had been told why Master had gone and Key!Dawn had kindly put a thing called a calendar on the coffee table – explaining that the black pencil was for him to mark off the days… but it really didn’t help.

By the third day he took to his beanbag and cried into his teddy at least twice, and simply couldn’t stand the thought of food.

By the fourth day Witch!Willow had been on the phone to Master – even held it to Pet!Xander’s ear. It helped for a little while… that beloved voice! Master saying he was worried about him, and missed him, and loved him, and was coming home very soon and that he should try to be good… but then Master said goodbye and the phone went quiet. He remembered asking Witch!Willow for permission then took his teddy back to his beanbag, curled up and tried not to cry again, but failed, unable to stall the thoughts… ‘What if Master never came back what if something happened and he never came again’.

And when Master did return, it took almost three days before he could obey and stop trying to touch – just a little touch… just to make sure.

In the end Master had made love to him until he passed out – then did it again… for a whole night and day. When Pet!Xander had tried to stand the next evening he was so wonderfully sore that Master had to carry him down to the lounge room and pamper him in front of his two carers.

Pet!Xander sighed as he remembered and looked across at the pretty Pet of Master Angelus of this realm and sighed.

He may not have physically changed in all those years but when it came to knowing the devotion of Master, he felt so much older, and so very, very(!) wise. These days he simply lay on his bed with teddy and began to count as far as he could go, or read, or colour in, or sleep. Master would always return and be there for him.

Sadly Pet!Xander, in his mature years, knew that there were far worse things than having Master go away for a few days… Worse was when Willow did not come back from the hospital… worse was the day Key!Dawn’s eldest daughter was killed in a car accident. Worse was the day they buried Key!Dawn after her brain ‘killed ‘er’ (as Master put it).

Pet!Xander resolved to say something to his upset relative… so sat up quietly, looking for permission and leaned his head against his Master’s knee at the same time touching his brother lightly on the hand to procure his attention too. Master always seemed to know what he wanted, leaned down and kissed him on the temple but said, “He’s of this realm, ‘Gelus ‘ll sort ‘im. Hows about you see to that Leona. Bit skittish an’ me ol’ Sire is still a little slow on the uptake with the whole ‘Pet’ thing.

The Vampire!Pet heard the conversation and confirmed the immediate needs by smiling and nodding. He too knew what it felt like to be worried for his Master but it was an old memory. He was a former Sunnydale White Hat, now Pet and Childe, and as such had no such concerns these days. His Au!Master Spike and he were two parts of a whole, and although the Sire Spike would never admit it publicly, if something happened to his Pet, the sun would likely have a visitor the next morning.

The farewell at the end of the day was affectionate, though confusing for Leona. Her new master held her leash loosely and between two fingers as though it was poisoned. Thankfully she still had her adult collar but was now dressed in a loose, pale blue satin slip. Not something a Pet should have at all!

Pet!Xander noted he distress, and they were about to step through the rift leaned over and (with his Master’s approval) squeezed her hand and whispered “You’ll get used to it… ” She would be timeless like Pet!Xander – and the innocent, perpetual youth simply hoped that it would cheer up his Master’s GrandSire – everyone deserved a little cheer.

She smiled nervously across at the young man that was obviously one of her line and in that moment Pet!Xander knew and grinned back as they stepped forward together. She was the perfect excuse for his Master and the Grandsire to get together more regularly – and then he could ‘show her the ropes’ (whatever that silly statement meant… he still hadn’t found many ropes at home!)

6 Pets and Vets

This is just after the original story finishes. Chris is around five years old, the girls nine or ten. S!Xander had been a pet for probably 12 or 13 years. Pet!Xander 5 or 6 as time seems to go slower there.

Ex Sunnydale!Xander paced outside the surgery door. AU! Spike had let it go for a time but now simply said, “*Heel now!*”

S!Xander immediately dropped to his knees at his Master’s feet. It was almost a relief.

Chris, his dear little dark headed boy, sociable to a fault, intelligent and (mostly) obedient, had slipped and fallen from a play gym in the pet area at the back of the Master’s home. It had been no one’s fault, the dear handlers as distraught as Chris’s two sisters by the time the Master and Father came running.

The four year old had simply been over confident (as usual), moved too fast, his grip missed and his little legs slipped, and he’d fallen awkwardly hitting his chin on another part of the equipment hard enough to split it, and tumbled to the ground. He had fallen awkwardly and possibly broken his tiny wrist.

Xander reassured his older two daughters, and let them kiss their little brother before they were left with the carers. He carried Chris as Master Spike led him silently, in full game face, to the waiting car. They were headed for the Pet hospital.

Spike rang ahead to the hospital and Clarissa. And as a consequence Xrays examinations and kind care were conducted virtually instantly, though S!Xander, the father felt a niggle of annoyance when his Master was the one to ‘call the shots’.

In truth Master had only let S!Xander attend since Mistress Clarissa had been so insistent that human children were as needy as vampire Childer when hurt, so the little lad was now cradled in his father’s arms. Spike was quietly proud that a Sire would be such a good father – but then his pet had always been special.

Xander had held the silent and very pale Chris close as they sat in the waiting room of the emergency section of the rather exclusive private Pet medical centre. The little boy had been so good, even at the trauma scene. As soon as he was in his father’s arms and hugged close, the little lad had stopped crying – much to Spike’s (and the handlers’) relief, though Chris whimpered as his father relinquished the dear patient to the kindly nurse once they arrived.

Spike sensed his Pet’s distress as he knelt dutifully at his Master’s feet and waited for the doctor (or was it vet, S!Xander had no care as to the title – just as long as his dear Chris was restored to health!) The only drama seemed to occur as Spike was told they would need to take the boy for X-rays then had to wait for a suitable doctor to attend, and that it might be five to six hours before they were attended as there were other more urgent cases before them.

Spike was hardly one to wait. He rang his GrandSire immediately and Angelus, who had recently lost Luka, was incensed and called in some ‘favours’ for his Childe.

They were home within the hour, Chris with a ‘modern day’ splint that for the littlies meant that a bath was still an option, and his chin stitched (and licked by Master to speed things along).

Chris was, truth be known, quite OK with all the fuss, and though his arm did throb terribly, he really appreciated the cuddles from father… It was always so special when father hugged him. But the thing that would stick in his memory of the whole drama, was the tenderness with which Master lifted the dressing on his chin, purred and told him what a brave ‘young un’ he was before licking the stitched cut… oh the feeling of that cool tongue then the tingle. In that moment he remembered wishing he had a tail to wag like the lucky canine pets, instead all he could do was say a dutiful “Thank you Master”.

On the day the children learned of their father’s turning, it was Chris who smiled. Not just because of his own orientation but in awe of the potential eternity as Pet and Childe to a vampire who truly loved you. That cool tongue, the strength that flowed, the wonderful sense of acceptance… family.

Chris’s arm was mended in a matter of weeks, his other injuries in days. In the end he was struggling to remember what he had the cast on for but, as ever all was well.

There were many more visits to the clinic – most of the low level variety, but Spike never held back when it came to health care, if he had Mistress Clarissa would have had his ‘guts for garters’!

S!Xander watched his little lad playing happily in the third week after the cast was removed. The sandpit was his realm, but he was also intelligent, adept at all things physical, and a beautiful little boy… dark brown loose curls, huge brown/black eyes with impossibly long lashes… and the sweetest smile.

S!Xander was still staring through the glass into the walled garden of the nursery/kindergarten. Chris was playing an enthusiastic game of ‘chasey’ with three other brunettes of around the same age, Clarissa’s handlers regularly brought them over to ‘socialise’ the Pets and give group lessons.

His lovely boy was so enthusiastic, and really did try very hard but seemed not to be able to kneel still for more than a few seconds without wriggling…something! When they took him for a walk, Spike gave his leash to a handler, as the lad simply couldn’t help but run ahead or simply stop to look at something that caught his attention. At least he knew to kneel at any crossings, but even then regularly broke form, and there was no way he could be let off the leash except in an enclosed space… Pity… Master Spike didn’t have much time for bad behaviour, S!Xander knew that first hand and just hoped his boy would remain with them, and that Master would not take his manhood – at least until grown.

Spike sidled up behind and slid two loving cool arms around his torso. “Penny for your thoughts Luv?”

“Just… don’t want him… Oh Master… He doesn’t mean to misbehave or get injured… Please don’t’ sell him or cut him Master… Give him a little more time… I’m sure he can be just as good as the girls… Please”

“Told ya before ya daft bastard! None o’ your lot goes anywhere! Just ‘cause the lad took a tumble or can’t do ‘is lessons quite yet – ya think I’m gonna sell ‘im?? Well I’m right…”

Xander was already on his knees in front of his Master but broke all protocol and launched himself to hug the vampire’s knees with genuine relief and gratitude, garnering a round of reassuring kisses and statement, “Ya silly ol’ bugger.”

Chris consequently recovered completely, and really did learn to behave most admirably, though the Pet medico continued to do rather well from the Aurelian Master Spike’s stud.


Poor Pet!Xander had always been confused about this, and it didn’t seem to matter how many time Key!Dawn or Witch!Willow or anyone else tried to explain he still prostrated himself at Master’s feet and asked why he had to go to the doctor’s when the neighbour’s pet, Barney (admittedly another species) got to go to the Vet!

The girls (and he was still unsure of their status but they were children that was enough) whose hair he methodically, and joyfully braided on a regular basis, had said that Barney was a ‘pet’ and that Dr Vicky down the road specialized in medicine to pets!

Now Witch!Willow and Master were taking him to a hospital for Masters and others – but it really didn’t say “Pets” on the door like Vet Vicky’s… He could read that much! And Master and he had run past Vicky’s many times as part of their morning exercise.

He was now not only in pain, and very, very dizzy, but also on the brink of panic as they sat in the plastic chairs of the Emergency ward.

What if they were going to the wrong place? What if this wasn’t for Pets? What if Master… His head ached so much his ears seemed to be ringing, and the next moment he found himself being lifted from the floor. Unable to make sense of anything but that he had soiled himself for the first time since infancy, he began to cry. Master was there and holding his hand, but still as a kind nurse cleaned him up and put a white and blue pad of something under him, he cried quietly. He was eventually seen to and a doctor – with his Master’s permission – pushed a gloved finger into a place only his Master should go… but Master was there and so was Willow and they kept kissing him on the forehead and nose and telling him it was alright. Then the doctor was talking and said something that made Master growl.

Pet!Xander lay on the bed trying so hard not to curl up in pain. He was trying to be good… but he heard the doctor… lots of Pets had this, died from it in the past, not sure what the appendix did but infected it was dangerous and Pet had the beginnings of peritonitis… unless treated immediately… it meant death.

Had his treatment been immediate? He had tried to be so brave, but now just needed Master to know how much he appreciated his life; how much he loved Master; how much… he didn’t want to leave Master… didn’t want to die… just wanted to… stay!!! He began to cry as the medical staff put him in a strange hat and gave him the pre-med then wheeled him through what seemed like endless corridors. But Master was there, he kissed him and said he’d see him soon… but then unbuckled his collar just before he was wheeled into another room!

Too distressed to even hear the anaesthetist, Pet!Xander sent a prayer instead of ‘counting’ as instructed, “Thank you for my Master, Witchtthhh….” Black.

His appendix was removed with a minimum of fuss, but the medical staff at Sunnydale General were sympathetic to the ‘special’ boy and allowed his primary carer, Spike, to enter the recovery room.

The young nurse in charge was visibly moved as a rather worn teddy was delivered into the arms of a still groggy patient and his caring male relative said “There you are Pet” before kissing the innocent boy on the head.

Pet!Xander remembered little of the next two days, Key!Dawn visited with a new colouring book and Witch!Willow did a healing spell, he was awake for that. But the one thing he did know was every moment that his dear Master was present, even dribbling amounts of precious fluid down his throat, even so after two days when he coughed or laughed it still hurt. The nice doctor said he would hurt for a time yet, but Master lifted him effortlessly and carried him to the car.

Back home at Witch!Willows he was tucked him into Master’s big bed, along with teddy and lots of pillows, then joy of joys, his collar was returned to its rightful place.

He knew he should do all sorts of things to thank Master but was so tired so simply lay back and pulled Master’s hand to him and kissed it. Master sat on the bed and kissed him on the forehead before stroking his collar and claiming mark thoughtfully and saying in that beloved baritone, “Welcome home Pet… gave us all a right scare. Dunno what I’d ‘ve done if it’d all gone wrong… Reckon I love you too much these days Pet. Turnin’ into a right ol’ mother hen I am.”

Pet!Xander immediately tried to sit up and reassure Master but it hurt so he settled for grabbing Master’s hand again, “No! You cannot turn into a chicken! Please Master… not for me?!!! Witch!Willow can help I know she can?! Please Master… I … I would love you of course if… but… I’m not worth…”

He was cut off by a sound ‘snogging’ as Master so crudely put it. In due course he would learn the term ‘turn of phrase’, which to Pet!Xander simply meant ignore it and love Master, though he did nod sagely when it was all explained then simply lay back, pulled teddy in tight and let sleep take him as Master stroked his hair gently.

Master Spike loved him and he loved Master, it was all that mattered.

Part Seven

a little more of Pet!Xander just for warm fuzzy moment

Pet!Xander worried.

He had seen various changes in the neighbourhood. Key!Dawn had explained the intricacies of the rules of the partnering of human… something or other… It was really all too hard.

He simply had to go with what he knew from his own life.

Obviously the sire of any offspring would have many females to service… Unless of course you were one of an exclusive line – which obviously the free range pets over the road were not… Indeed even their canine and feline co-inhabitants were not purebred! But he still grieved for his young friends that he had played with, particularly Josh and Erin.

They were almost at breeding age when their ‘family fell apart’ according to Key!Dawn. He hoped that didn’t mean literally – it would be very messy and terribly painful… but Key!Dawn had been really helpful and explained in detail. She said that it had happened to her family too, and he worried for her. So much so that she felt compelled to take him for a special day in the park and took great care to tell him that in this realm, being loved by someone, like Master, was all that really mattered; that he shouldn’t worry about her, or her children; that she was fine, and that the children over the road who had just moved away would be ‘OK’ and probably ‘have a nice life somewhere else’.

He squeezed her hand and tried to look hopeful, but still worried. Then Key!Dawn reassured him that ‘Buster’ the canine and ‘Jasper’ the one eyed feline had also gone with the family, and he felt a little better. Not even a pet of a pet deserved to be left behind.

That night he was caressed by Master and realized something for all time. Master would never leave him behind.

He let the emotions take him, and Master licked away his tears, having already talked to dear Key!Dawn. Master always knew if he was upset, but let him show it. He said it was ‘a show of trust’ if his Pet cried and allowed Master to give comfort.

Now, after the tears that had been lovingly licked clear, he lay back arms outstretched and head thrown back in bliss, and groaned his appreciation… Pet!Xander knew his life… it was summed up by a few words “Adore and serve and be adored.”

His head fell back on the pillow, he released into his master’s mouth and then rejoiced as he was slicked and entered to the delighted groan of the Master Vampire he most adored.

He would thank Key!Dawn tomorrow – but today it was all about letting Master feel his joy and relief.

In another dimension, his alternate, the now vampire Childe Xander did an identical act for a very different reason but with an identical result.

The Dentist

It was the first time S!Xander had been injured since his turning – well really injured.

The dear Pet/Childe and Spike were sparring rather enthusiastically, both in full game face, when a flying kick (beautifully executed) connected with a fledge of twenty years’ right jaw.

The resulting crash to the ground sealed the canine tooth’s fate, but Spike picked up the complete with root, bloodied canine with care, then yelled for a jar of milk and a car, the former to preserve the tooth for a few minutes, the latter to take his Childe to the best possible demon dentist.

Dr Svarkian was most welcoming of vampires. His daughter Estelle who normally assisted, did her best, but excused herself as the Master Vampire Spike held his Childe’s head in a vice-like grip and the fang was forcibly shoved back in, root and all as Xander screamed for what seemed like minutes, then finally passed out.

The loss of a fang for a fledgling vampire was comparable to the loss of any vital appendage of a human.

They had been engaged in a sparring that was not just full speed, but also, full strength. And full strength and speed for a Master meant when the round house kick had connected and Xander was spun and flung headlong toward the weapons cabinet, colliding with it in full game face, unfortunately it was the fang (and a cheek bone) that took to full impact.

Now he was lovingly, apologetically, fed from his Sire’s blood as soon as he came painfully to, but sadly was still stuck in game face due to the trauma. He needed to (rather embarrassedly) feed from his Sire’s chest ‘on the other side’, where the pressure on the tooth and the injured cheek was reduced due to the angle, and begged a little. But Sire was so gentle (so worried!) as he was directed to an already open wound, that he simply gave in to his demon instinct and his long time human love for his Master of many years. He suckled and let himself shed a few tears, was stroked then took more blood before the wound closed.

Spike pulled him in tight and comforted him during and after the devoted pet fed. His beloved Childe! Spike had simply forgotten that his dear one, his sweet vampire, was only still, technically, a fledge at twenty years turned.

He had work to do tonight so nodded to the young demon who regularly assisted with the breeding nursery. Consequently, a very upmarket, sheepskin covered pet bag, along with the softest of throw rugs, was delivered to his study.

Spike eased the now sleeping but still bruised and slightly swollen faced Xander, onto the pet bag, tucked the rug around him and took to his desk. It should only be a few days until his brunette pet was healed, but in the meantime, doing a bit of coddling felt… right.


They were sitting at the South Sunnydale Dental Clinic, for his six pm emergency appointment and poor Pet!Xander was curled up on the chair next to Master. He was trying to be so good but his whole head ached and his tooth was throbbing and he hadn’t slept for days and… and…

“Alexander Aurelius?”

Master squeezed his hand and stood and he knew that he was expected to stand behind Master when in ‘public’. The young dental assistant led them into the surgery but Pet!Xander was feeling rather ‘under the weather’ and began to shake as the girl insisted he lie on a strange reclining chair. This was like the chairs he’d heard others talk about. The chairs where Master held their hand, and there were goodbyes!!!

Master was there though and encouraged him, “C’mon Pet, nice lady just wants t’ check out the problem in yer teeth, OK? And I’ll be right here… you’re scared and you just squeeze for my hand… I’m right here.”

The Sunnydale Spike’s own experiences of dentists had been horrendous before he was turned. And there were plenty of tales of wrong teeth being pulled out, folks dying of infection, or terribly mentally scarred as the ether was overdosed or laughing gas ill applied in the eighteen hundreds.

Mother and he had happily avoided the dentist for as long as he was alive… and as a consequence, he still had all his teeth – including his ‘wisdoms’, which was apparently unusual these days.

Pet!Xander was fixed with a bib and glasses and grasped Master’s hand for strength as he held his mouth open dutifully, as instructed. The pretty, dark haired lady in a white coat and mask pulled a very bright light down and put various instruments into the masked man’s… the dentist’s… hands.

She was kind and told him he could ‘rinse’ meaning that he took a big gulp of the pink liquid then was told to spit it down the strange round sink. He had already swallowed some of it but Master said that was acceptable and stroked his hair.

The dentist didn’t fail to notice the distress of the charge, the care of the relative, or the pedigree of the same, and made to explain.

“Mr Aurelius is it?” Spike simply nodded.

“It appears that the enamel on his right sixth upper has been breached – largely I think due to a crack… biting on something hard at some stage years ago, but that’s of little relevance. What is causing the pain is that there is some decay, but I think we can save the tooth – any worse and it might be better to do a root canal or even a bridge.”

Canal! He’d seen them in Willow’s old encyclopaedias - they were huge and had water… But even Pet!Xander discounted that as silly. A bridge however? KeyDawn had had a bridge and that did happen in your mouth.

He pondered that there were probably several types. He had seen pet children with bridges and Stacey, the free range pet from over the road, had metal all over her teeth and it was all terrible and expensive and painful. He had even seen Stacey crying one day when he was braiding her hair because they had tied her bridges together with rubber bands. She told him that it was only for a couple of years and would ‘fix up her smile’.

Pet!Xander thought she had a very nice smile already and now panicked about his own. He knew that the Pets in his life before the shift, were punished for not looking pleased enough (and in some cases that was true) but he was better bred than that.

He would have kept worrying but Master squeezed his hand, said “Just breathe deep love” as he put a mask over Pet!Xander’s face.

The gentle other dimension human then felt a strange floating sensation and after only a minute or two couldn’t help giggling a little as a large syringe came toward him and pushed a small amount of local anaesthetic into his gum near the offending tooth.

The bicuspid was drilled carefully and filled with a white paste that became solid with a funny beeping noise from the lady with the blue light that made him giggle and cry all at the same time.

By the time he was led to the car by Master, he knew his tooth was better, he was embarrassed to still drool a little, felt more ‘himself’ after all the giggling, and was relieved not to have had any ‘bridges’ put in.

He was congratulated for his bravery by Dawn’s youngest daughter as they arrived home, but was simply happy to curl up at Master’s feet, then accepting the “C’mon Pet, up here”, lying relaxed on the couch and placing his head in Master’s lap and delighting in the feeling of his hair being stroked rhythmically as he fell asleep to blessed Master’s baritone, “You did *so* well Pet… So brave… So proud of you...”

His last thought before falling into the land of nod was that having a tooth ache again wouldn’t be so very bad, so long as Master was there to help.


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