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Loyal and Gentle


Part Sixteen

Willow looked pleadingly at Xander, she was still tightly bound and gagged and hoped her old friend would release her, but instead he did something quite to the contrary. He looked meaningfully at Nanny who pushed his little girls’ play and sleeping mat close enough that their father might touch both them and his old friend.

Xander looked around. None of the Masters were there and his other world twin was asleep. Xander smiled knowingly at the grin on the snoozing Pet!Xander’s face, Panna was always the best at making a cleansing and shaving an event to be relished, apart from Master, of course.

Since they were alone with but one handler Del, Xander began to play idly with his little girls, whilst still addressing Willow.

“I’m a little weirded out Will. After all this time, I mean… but um… If you’ve come to take me home, I’m not coming.”

Willow cried out around her gag then half choked and coughed before Xander leaned over to kiss her forehead and try to calm her again. The bindings were dreadful if one fought against them. The trick was to relax and accept.

“C’mon Wills please I really want to be able to talk to you, but if you’re all upset the handlers won’t take the gag out… they just won’t. So you’re going to have to listen to your old friend for a little. I need you to understand.” He continued to stroke her, at the same time lifting Patricia into his lap for a bit of special time while Daddy talked. The tiny girl sat happily against his bent leg and examined the soft toy camel that had traveled with her as she was lifted.

Willow’s look was desperate, but she still managed to nod enough for Xander to continue, “This is Patricia, and my other beautiful lady…” He reached down and hauled the second little girl into his lap, “This little lady is Madeline. C’mon Willow, aren’t they just so beautiful! I’m so glad you got to meet them.” Xander began to all but talk to himself rather than his bound friend as he proceeded to tickle, smile and play with the girls.

“I never thought I could love someone as much as I love these two. I’d die for them Will… I really would, without even thinking about it… I mean I would for you too of course… but this is different… They don’t have to do anything… you know nothing (!) but just … be themselves … and still I love them more every day… Oh Wills… Just looking at them and it’s like… it’s like I’m their world too.”

As though to emphasize their Xander’s point the two little ladies looked up at their father, gurgled in unison and continued to sit contentedly against his strong, hair free thigh.

Willow simply blinked and watched the interaction for a while longer as Xander cooed and fussed. If she could take the girls too, perhaps Xander would come home. She was still busy trying to work out how to accommodate the little ones in the portal group, when Xander closed off any chance of that forever, belatedly adding in a very breathy statement, “It’s like that with Master. That’s how he is with me. I am so loved, Willow… for the first time in my life, I am so loved… I’ve been Claimed too – do you know how special that feels. Master has claimed me and adores me like no other. It just feels… well… life feels complete, I feel complete here. I know it’s different and took a bit of getting used to, but I really am content.”

Xander reached out and stroked his old friend again as her tears flowed anew and she struggled against her bindings once more. “I’m sorry to have lost you for a time. You will always be my friend and in the first few months I wanted you to come find me, but now? Not now… This is my place. And I want to talk to you Wills – I really do… but I am going to beg you while all is quiet… Please Will…Don’t ask me to go back with you… I can’t… I won’t… you need to know I don’t want to.”

Xander turned his attention to the girls again who were beginning to squirm. He placed them both down onto the mat on their tummies and when Madeline began to protest moved to place rattle rings in front of them both, but a kind hand intervened and he looked up. Nanny Jane smiled down at him and mouthed, “Feeding time.” He ignored Willow for the time being, as he watched two plates of mashed fruit arrive on a low table and was then invited to assist.

For very young pets it was always wise to sit when eating so two purpose built sitting rings (complete with trays)were placed on the floor beside their bag. Xander grinned as he noted Del placing a broad plastic mat down first. Spillage seemed to be a given these days, particularly if little fists made it to mouths or the bowl!

Tiny spoonfuls of apples and pears were offered and accepted by hungry mouths before Nanny Jane handed him a hot face washer. He cleaned Patricia then changed a very wet nappy, whilst the wet nurse did the same for Madeline. Finally the two girls took their places on Nanny Jane’s ample bosom and suckled themselves to sleep.

Willow did not fail to notice Xander’s devotion, nor the lack of talking throughout the proceedings (other than Xander’s encouragement for “The aeroplane is coming Brrrrrrrrrrrrr”).

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Sunnydale!Spike was left to his own devices in the library browsing through the bookshelf as AU!Spike organized Panna to cleanse his other world cousin’s Pet. The host vampire’s return to the room was marked by the enthusiastic clapping of his hands together and confirmation that his Pet was being tended to and they were all going hunting.

“Right then. I’m leavin’ my boy at home – and yours is in good hands so let’s us go have some fun.”

As if on cue Angelus arrived at the door, “Well c’mon lad time’s a wastin’! Wouldn’t do ta leave yer guest wantin’ now would it boy!” Spike saw the glint of gold in Angelus eye and could see the agitated excitement of the pre hunt. It would be a good night.

“Keep yer hat on Sire. Just let me check on my boy then we’ll be off. And try ta keep up this time.” AU!Spike winked at his counterpart and ran as Angelus in full game face, lunged toward his wayward Childe and missed.

Angelus was still yellow eyed as he turned to their guest and all but growled out, “I’ll tan his hide afore the night is out. Trouble is he’ll enjoy it! I’m certain ye treat yer Sire with more respect…”

Sunnydale!Spike was about to give a serious answer when he noticed the glint of mischief in Angelus’ eye and they both sprinted out the door after AU!Spike.

It was utterly exhilarating, no chip and two Master Vampires to hunt with (one the equivalent of his unsouled Sire). They sprinted through the night, over rooftops and through parks until finally arriving on the docks to stalk feral humans. Angelus convinced a lizard-like demon to provide the services of his three human ladies for the night, before snapping the pimp’s neck. “Dirty scum. Too cheap or stupid to run a proper establishment.”

The women were chained together against an alley wall and filthy. Draining them really was an act of mercy. The next victims were two feral boys who begged for the vampire bite and had obviously been surviving on a ‘money for blood’ basis. The vampires shared them but the blood was thin and sour with alcohol. Finally they simply hunted then adjourned to a bar where human blood of various varieties was available on tap.

Spike couldn’t believe it, they were sitting in a standard bar drinking whiskey with blood chasers – apparently the norm! But when Angelus and AU!Spike began to discuss the bleeder farms and the difficulties with the regenerators, he knew he was no longer in a world he recognized. It was more than a little disturbing.

Angelus noted the slight fall in demeanor of his other dimension Childe as they toasted each other and the Aurelian line.

“C’mon boy, cheer up! Claimed yerself a fine Pet and done your good Sire proud I’ll wager. We’ll take you out to one of Spike’s farms in the morning – see for yerself how it should be done – Might take home a few pointers.” The dark vampire slapped Sunnydale Spike on the back and grinned at his own Childe, “Nothin’ like blood warm from the source, and from memory the girls are in for their cycle to be milked… now there’s a treat!”

Though almost impossible for Spike to pale, he found himself feeling rather challenged by the breeding and harvesting concepts. Hunting was one thing … domesticating and farming strangely … another! He resolved to say not a word to Willow. He understood his counterpart’s desire to keep his claimant, his Pet – and to keep Sunnydale Xander’s family together. He also understood that AU!Spike would not wish to leave his Sire – good lord how could he! A rather drunk Angelus currently had his Childe pinned to a wall of the club and was feeding him blood… mouth to mouth, then nipping at his turning mark and rubbing their nether regions together. For all AU!Spike’s protestations to the contrary, his Sire’s attentions were obviously familiar, and welcome.

Spike groaned at the thought. He and Angel had found an accord – even rekindled affection of late – but the unfettered attentions of an obviously doting Sire for close on a hundred and fifty years was something he struggled to imagine.

Angelus broke him from his thoughts by slapping him on the back and stating, “Homeward bound boy… all got a lovely Pet or two ta service… an’ mo rohun Luka is well worth the sprint.” The dark vampire had a very obvious erection and AU!Spike behind him grinned, sporting one of his own.

“C’mon love – let’s get you to your boy.”

Spike was again struck by how natural the whole thing felt. The banter, the brotherhood, the show of vampire needs, it was all so … right. But as they exited their drinking spot, Spike spotted a young female human tethered to a post. She was obviously a pet, judging by the pink collar and fine chain holding her to the post, but she was most definitely unkempt and ‘of mixed breeding’ if his counterpart’s rather disparaging comment was to be believed. Limp brunette hair camouflaged somewhat pretty features. She was slim and around the age of Dawn. Spike couldn’t help himself, he fell into game face and growled. The girl flinched at the sound but kept her head down and didn’t shift from her kneeling position.

Angelus touched his arm as he growled again, “Ya donn’a need ta fuss boy. She’ll be collected on the hour strike. Ol’ Jack in there is nothin’ if not punctual. So need to see my lad… and need ta go home.” The older vampire grabbed his wrist and bit hard. He took one quick draft before grinning then kissed his real Childe on the forehead and took off into the night

AU!Spike followed with a gleeful whoop. It all seemed so easy. He took off behind the two, and despite arousal and alcohol they all managed to make it back to AU!Spike’s house in no time.

But as Spike ran after his ‘other’ Sire, he also worried. This world was so harsh for humans but Xander had his girls and was obviously loved and pampered, not like the poor creature he had just seen. And he had his boy if they ever got back. His loving, sweet, innocent boy, the one he would not be giving up…

Sunnydale!Spike resolved to talk to Angel when he arrived home… perhaps more than once… no… more often. They had renewed their friendship – and were the last Aurelians in their dimension. Spike yearned for family – and he sensed that somehow his Pet, with the gentle nature and neediness, was just the way to appeal to his Sire… even though it was exactly that need in himself that he wished to be seen! He reflected… thank goodness for the soul… perhaps that had made the difference after all.

That resolved, it would all have been easy but he could not ignore the disturbing features of the night as they ran by billboards advertising “Virgin Free range Blood, order your home delivered supply today (Virgin rewards program applies)” It was just the tipping point he needed to want to go home.

As they entered the house by the rear kitchen door AU!Spike was speaking. “Sire, the Guest Suite has been refreshed for your use. Luka has been delivered and prepared.”

There was no question. If the old Scoobie Xander was happy and claimed and wanted to stay, then all well and good – free will as a consenting adult, he was not so sure of, but the children and trappings of life as a pampered claimed human was reason enough.

He could not stay. The thrill of the hunt and joy of his soulless Sire had worn thin. An imagined image of Dawn tied to a post or Red being humped in public as one of the pets in the pub had been, simply left him sickened. If the old Xander didn’t come with, then all well and good – but he was going to take his dear pet and leave as soon as he could!

Part Seventeen

Willow had begun to struggle again as Pet!Xander came to.

She had been lulled into forgetting her task by her Xander’s little speech and his lovely girls, but remembering her true reason for being there (and not believing that Xander could truly be happy nude and collared!) chose just the wrong moment to protest.

Panna had his instructions, saw the distress of the bound witch and used a fast acting sedative shot pushed through her bindings and directly into her behind. Mere seconds later, he was pleased to see that she had settled. Master had said that he and Del would be required to feed and clean her in a few hours – it would be so much easier if she was resting and compliant.

Pet!Xander woke to what he thought of as a new day… He was on a soft old beanbag that smelt familiar, and smiled over to his brother who was petting the near sleeping Witch Willow while the children slept on their bag.

But something was definitely missing… He couldn’t feel…


Xander heard his counterpart’s quiet appeal and squeezed Willow’s bound arm before moving to reassure his other world self.

He had worried a little when this version of himself arrived, but after seeing the claim mark and the Sunnydale!Spike’s attitude toward this one, he’d relaxed. His knew the feel of the Claim and the determination of his own Master to keep him safe and close, indeed felt happy for his ‘other’.

“No, not Master, just me… The Masters have gone hunting together with Master Angelus.”

Xander felt extraordinarily protective of this sweet, obviously afraid, innocent and moved to put a calm hand on the hairless back. He watched as his other self looked worried for a time then relaxed into the touch and turned to speak to him.

“I… I am honored to meet you brother… I am Alexander Xavier L’Avelle out of Gemma and Rolf – but then I guess you know the last bit, since I see you too are of them.” Pet!Xander reached out to touch his ‘sibling’s’ clean shaven face and stroke the hair that now fell past broad shoulders so like his own. His Master kept his hair short according to the new fashion – and when they went dancing, even put stiffening in it to keep it in place and match Master’s! He felt a little sorry for his brother but knew that his old handler Panna was looking after him and would be gentle with the knots after bathing.

Everything made sense, but there was a question that he had to have answered. He looked down at the sleeping babies then up at Xander meaningfully, before whispering wide eyed, “Did your Master have you use the coupling lead and the medicine?”

Xander was a little thrown but eventually understood the context and full meaning of the question. “No…. No! Ummm I’m rather ashamed to say that I really had very little to do with their conception… Not that now… well it’s… Oh S@#$ I’m so lucky to have them… I’m so blessed…” Xander moved to kiss two tiny foreheads before refocusing his attentions on his other world self.

Pet!Xander gave a knowing look. They must have collected seed from his brother. He wondered how, but at least he had not had to service a female directly. If he (Pet!Xander) had to breed, that method would be his choice too – but his Master said he did not have to breed ever if he didn’t want to, and thinking about the last statement – he reflected that he too was truly ‘blessed’.

He did feel a little sorry for his brother though, the old fashioned Master obviously expected the father to take part in caring for his children! His own father would never have had to do that – even his mother went on to have other children before he was eighteen months! He chose not to say anything but instead smiled at his long haired brother and reached out to touch his children lightly in turn. Despite everything his brother had to endure with his traditionalist Master, his twin was obviously so happy that there was nothing to do but rejoice with him. He decided to change the topic.

“Your Master still insists you are nude?

“Seems so. Not so bad though. House is kept warm and I'm covered when it’s important.”

“My Master follows the new rules with the clothes thing… and shoes. You know what? He took me dancing, and is teaching me to tie my own laces!!” Pet!Xander suddenly realized he might be hurting his twin’s feelings with his boasting, so stopped himself and looked to his compatriot.

Xander would have snorted at the laces statement but for the look of such pride then worry on his equivalent’s face, so dared not ruin the moment for his dear, simple relative. “And how’s the shoe tying working out for you?”

“Oh… good… I guess… but sometimes they keep getting too long or too short, and the loops go all wrong, so I have to start again.” He looked a little glum then added more enthusiastically, “But I do keep trying because Master says it makes him so happy when I do it right without help… And I do like it when Master is happy.”

Pet!Xander paused for a moment to look over rather wistfully to his brother and state dreamily, “Does your Master give you special touches when he’s happy? I hope he does…” Xander was still thinking about that when the dear Pet!Xander seemed to change gears again and Xander simply listened, wondered and smiled, “Oh… and he lets me eat chocolate if I try really hard for him.”

Pet!Xander leaned forward a little and whispered conspiratorially, “Key Dawn sometimes gives it to me just… because! But she said not to tell Master – I think it’s because she likes to thank me for listening when she comes home from her… well… wherever she goes.”

Pet!Xander pulled back and tugged at the edge of his Tshirt in a rather nervous fashion then continued in a normal voice. “She said it was like our training except non humans have to learn all sorts of hard demony things like Evil Maths and Horrid History! I’m glad all he wants me to do is try to read… and I am trying – I can do Christopher Robin – especially if Master helps, and I read Cat in the Hat, but the cat was so naughty and the children too. I told Witch Willow I didn’t want to read that one again. I think Master will breed Key Dawn one day… that would be nice. She said she has a favorite at her training place called ‘Brad’ and talks about him all the time, but I’ve seen him at the door and he isn’t her breed, so I don’t think that will be allowed… Master must enjoy seeing his brother again… especially in the family home… and Panna and Del are so good at the cleansing… It is nice they have stayed with the household…”

As Pet!Xander happily chatted on at a mile a minute, while Xander simply looked on kindly and wondered again how on earth his own Master could have somehow mistaken him for this gorgeous innocent – and secondly that the Spike he knew in Sunnydale had adopted the Master role – with a good smattering of high maintenance, parental style caring obviously. The Sunnydale Spike he knew was no doubt still chipped and had his own challenges without taking on such a sweet creature.

It dawned on him, as he continued to listen to his counterpart. He knew exactly why the Sunnydale Spike he knew would fall for such a creature. The vampire was love’s bitch, intuitively driven to care for others – despite the lack of soul… and who, in any dimension, could not fail to love this charming, purpose bred pet, a human male, a boy, who was now happily babbling away whilst picking fluff from the bean bag and smiling up occasionally, looking for his ‘brother’s’ approval.

It was sometime near four am when both Xanders were suddenly on edge as the claim marks dictated they felt the approach of their claiming Masters.

The girls were still asleep – as was Willow – so the two nude brunettes knelt side by side in front of the door awaiting their Masters’ return.

Pet!Xander reached over for no apparent reason and squeezed Xander’s hand, “Don’t worry.” It was a strangely moving gesture.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Sunnydale!Spike had run behind his pseudo Sire and his other for some kilometers.

As they approached AU!Spike’s home in the ‘ritzy’ end of town he could not fail to note the cafés where pampered pet humans were kneeling or sitting at their masters’/mistresses’ feet. Many obviously bred for a style, tiny dark humans with every feature in perfect miniature; others with almost flat noses and long body hair that would rival an angora goat; some with strangely large heads, red hair and intense freckles; some with bulging eyes, altogether hairless and ridiculously slim; while still others had obviously been bred for their huge dark crimson birthmarks and uniformly light brown, straight hair.

As he sprinted past, he was not so much horrified as fascinated. Farther on there was an exclusive club that boasted ‘blood from the source’. Angelus and AU!Spike must have noticed him pause as he read the billboard. Angelus winked at his Childe and dragged the outlander inside.

An enthusiastic demon was pole dancing to an audience of fifty or so males of various demon varieties, but the vampires ignored her and headed for the upstairs bar. It was not AU!Spike’s favorite place but he knew his Sire would want to ‘educate’ his counterpart.

The three seated themselves at an enormous horseshoe shaped bar table, the centre of which was lower than the floor on their side. Three docile bleeder humans were led out to be seated on purpose built chairs – impaling themselves on the rear stimulator. The bar tender then fitted frontal stimulators and a long tube to their neck catheter.

The vampires were each handed a broad end to their tube and waited for a few minutes as their bleeders were stimulated to euphoria. The whole scene sickened Sunnydale!Spike but his demon somehow still rose to drink the offered blood. The state of the art system cut the supply after half a pint of blood and allowed the bleeders to come and calm before releasing them from the chair, and allowing the bar tender to reward them with juice and some sort of biscuit as they filed out into some sort of holding room.

Sunnydale!Spike needed to get out of the place, but didn’t want to appear too thrown. So he turned to his AU companions and simply said. “Like you said, pets are waitin’. Hows about we scarper?”

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

They wandered into the house still discussing the merits or otherwise of teaching pets extra skills like reading with AU!Spike adamant that it did genuine damage to the poor humans while Sunnydale!Spike proposed merit in keeping the pet entertained. In the end they agreed to disagree and entered the sleeping room in a jovial mood only to be touched by the sight of their matching pets holding hands and looking excited to see them. The babies and Willow were asleep. Angelus excused himself and went up to his rooms where Luka awaited.

AU!Spike said a quiet “Come.” and Xander swiftly moved to kneel and lean against his Master’s leg before AU!Spike slid down to kiss his pet soundly. “Missed you Luv. Girls good?”

“Yes Master.”

“You have a nice night with that brother of yours?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good! Well up with you. A shag and a sleep is what I need. Nanny Jane will see to the babies.” Xander followed AU!Spike out to their bedroom.

Sunnydale!Spike waited for them to leave before moving to his pet. Pet!Xander wondered what was wrong as Master sank to his knees then simply held on to his human as though for dear life. The human offered his neck but Spike simply laved over the claiming mark then hugged all the tighter.

Finally Pet!Xander was too confused by the action. “Master?? Master are you alright?”

“Yeah Luv – just needed you an’ a cuddle is all… We’ve gotta get home before all this starts to look normal… You OK with headin’ home Luv?”

Pet!Xander looked most sincere “Oh Yes! Master… but Master?”

“Go ahead…”

“Might we come back again sometime? I did like seeing my brother.”

Spike had no idea if it was possible or not but answered to the positive anyway. “Sure sweetheart… Sure. Now let’s get us some shut eye.”

They adjourned to their sleeping quarters, Pet!Xander with a wide grin fixed in place. It had been a good day.

Part Eighteen

Willow awoke as her bindings were released but felt too groggy to do anything but feel a little relieved. She registered that she must have wet herself in the night as a very wet adult ‘nappy’ was removed from between her previously bound legs. Lowered into a warm bath she gave in to the natural need to cry as calm and competent hands bathed her then dried her and dressed her hair before gagging her again as the drugs wore off.

Once more lying on her bean bag, this time instead of the full body bindings, her hands were in soft suede pouches and her ankles bound and supported by comfortable soft leather shackles to the pet bed’s low posts rendering touching the ground nigh on impossible. She was comfortably face up now, and apart for her bindings and a pad to catch any bodily motions, nude.

She watched in helpless silence as Nanny Jane entered, changed the two babies before Nanny opened her blouse and fed two hungry little girls their morning milk, all the time cooing and petting the pair. Then Nanny moved to her and Willow seriously worried for a moment that she might also be required to feed from the breast, and contemplated that apart from an oversupply of saliva thanks to the gag, thirst would probably dictate that she might just be willing. But then began to silently cry as the woman changed her like a tiny child, before fitting a purpose made hose and nipple arrangement to the gag. The nipple was soft latex and the fluid it contained cool, slightly sweet and truly satisfying. Willow blinked away tears and tried to show her gratitude as Nanny stroked the witch’s forehead and praised her for drinking.

Once more Willow felt her body relax, there was definitely something in the drink but she was beyond caring, she was oddly in need of a hug, raised her bound hands and was immediately enveloped by an ample bosom and broad, soft, matronly arms. She cried herself to sleep as Nanny whispered sweet nothings in her ear and she felt a warm baby’s rug being tucked around her.

Waking no more than a half hour later, she felt the touch of the gentle woman and began to understand Xander’s statements of being ‘tenderly cared for’ in this realm. She finally understood… There had been no malice in the body binding, and her current restrictions were no different – they simply reflected the worry that she might harm herself or others. As her eyes blinked open, Nanny (who was burping a gurgling Patricia over her right shoulder) smiled and encouraged Willow to suck on the gag piece again.

When she complied, Willow was rewarded with a “Well done my lovely” and calm stroking from the woman whose hand smelt of violets. Sweetish fluid was delivered via her gag bringing quiet satisfaction and with it … oblivion.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Mid afternoon saw the general house rousing again – though Xander and his girls had already been outside. Xander smiled as Spike (as usual) rejoiced in worshipping his sun warmed skin, before tickling then reveling in the giggles of two baby girls.

Despite his own pleasure AU!Spike worried. The dark rings around his pet’s eyes bore the evidence of lack of sleep that was now four months long as the dear Pet tried to straddle the sleeping patterns of both Master and children. He could do little but encourage the father to sleep when the children did of an afternoon. He resolved to discuss the same with Panna and the Nanny. If it went on the Pet would undoubtedly become unwell.

Xander was with the girls and Pet!Xander was still sleeping as the two Spikes had possibly their last chance to speak privately before Angelus and the Mage arrived.

Mistress Clarissa was also due just before the portal was opened at Angelus’ behest – the reason for her presence was rather a mystery to AU!Spike (though he did know better than to question Sire).

AU!Spike called his twin into the study and tugged a large box from under the desk.

“I have enjoyed you company brother, and know you need to go home but please… from me to your Pet... It’s the latest model. You’ll find daily cleansing is so much more pleasurable for your dear lad… and collection is a dream if you ever choose to breed him. Oh… and I’ve put in a new full body pet shaver just for good measure. Once a week… gets everything smooth as a baby… but have one of your staff to do it I reckon… tedious bloody business, especially around the tricky parts. Recommend you do the oiling after though!! Even Sire does that bit for Luka!” AU!Spike nudged his other conspiratorially, then winked.

Spike stared into the box of plumbing materials – front and back pieces for cleansing and pleasuring, and an electric shaver that made Swiss precision design look old hat!

“Um… taa… right generous of you. Wanted ta leave your Pet with sommit too. Heard he c’n read… ‘N don’t you bloody listen to all that bollocks they’re on about here… Pet won’t go blind or mad or anythin’ for that matter if ‘e reads… So give ‘im this…” Spike handed his opposite his own ancient, well thumbed copy of Homer’s “Illiad”. “An’ let ‘im work his way through that bloody great library o’ yours. No need to let on to ya’ friends, but tell ya what, it’s a might soothin’ to have your Pet read to ya after a hard night of it.”

“It really doesn’t hurt them?? Their eyes I mean?!”

“Nahhh, Bit o’ good lighting and you’re in there with a chance Mate! Lad’s got some talent, even I can see that… you’ve done well.”

AU!Spike beamed with pride, “And you…! Your boy has the sweetest of natures – as does mine of course - but I congratulate you on his training and your claiming of him. I know the claiming was a hard decision on my part and in the end done in a rash moment… especially after his inter-dimension trauma, but worth every effort made!”

Spike looked a little puzzled at the mention of the ‘inter-dimension’ thing, wondering whether to enlighten his compatriot of the true origins of his pet, but then decided to leave it for the sake of leaving as soon as was possible. Instead, and on a whim he added, “Thanks mate… Listen… If I can arrange it, you reckon we could come back every couple of years or so? Just that my guy seems to get on well with his brother and it would be a shame to…”

“Of course!!!” AU!Spike was very pleased at the concept. He too had noted a rise in his Pet’s spirits since the others had been there, though still felt some concern, “I am not sure the witch should come though – or if she does, we need to be better prepared next time… My apologies for including you all in the ward there… you know… at the beginning, though if it is any consolation, the witch does seem to have responded well to the standard treatments. I know you need her un-gagged for the opening of the portal, but I do recommend you bind her for at least a few days when you return to your own realm. She does seem a little too excitable for her own good. Perhaps send her back to her coven for a time. I’m sure they will be able to sort her out.”

“Yeah um thanks… and ’s OK mate – easy mistake with the ward I mean… But is she OK? You know the witch… Can we see her?”

AU!Spike was listening to the arrival of Clarissa and the sounds of Angel taking his Pet upstairs, but finally registered the question. “Hmm? Oh of course – she’s sleeping now though, obviously…”

Sunnydale!Spike was a little frustrated at AU!Spike’s apparent lack of concern for Willow’s condition, as the latter distractedly pushed about in an enormous cupboard off to the side of the study. But when he had finished he turned and face S!Spike with an enormous smile, “Now, the other gifts were for your claimed pet but... this is for you.” With that, AU!Spike presented his counterpart with a glossy bag from one of the most exclusive vampire stores in town.

Inside, Spike found an incredible collection: a newly made Aurelian seal cut into dark green jade and set in a gold hand piece attached to a chunky gold chain that might be worn or simply admired; an original copy of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” with, in a rather ornate scrawl on the inside cover, “To my Will, 500th Kill, Well Done, Angelus”; and nine half pint bags of virgin blood, including three of their prized monthly givings so fresh that they had just been cooled. The seal was contained in an ornate Japanese lacquer case; the book bound in a wrapping of kid leather (obviously of the period); and the blood offerings, all elegantly presented in self contained, brown cooler packs with the ‘groovy’ Aurelius seal on the corners.

AU!Spike noted the amazement on his other’s face and misinterpreted it as worry, “’S my stock’s… so all safe and the best there is on this side of the country at least… enjoy.”

A maelstrom of emotion ran across Spike’s face. William the Bloody’s Aurelian pride was thrilled by the seal; just as his human William overwhelmed with the original hand written text by the Bard!; meanwhile his demon reveled in the idea of the most exquisite of blood… and everything in between… that spelt loyalty and family. It was all so confusing… and the virgins… and the Sire not Sire…

In the end Sunnydale!Spike settled to the fact that he was grateful. The gifts were a wonderfully generous gesture by any standards, and given without expectation of anything in return. Spike hugged his AU cousin soundly, and they sat together for long enough looking through the Shakespeare that their pets’ handlers arrived with their respective Xanders and offered the leads in anticipation of attending the portal opening.

Angelus had met the mage at the door and Julian was in the building, both Spikes could feel it, and the prickle of magic seemed to be everywhere.

When Clarissa arrived with Mel and Gemma, Angelus insisted the prize pets were left together in a room while the vampires and Julian made critical preparations for the portal opening.

All the Pets were led to the babies’ play room and the doors locked after they entered. Pet!Xander immediately fell to his knees and hugged his mother soundly, then touched Mel on the cheek noting her pallid color. The woman looked twenty years older than he remembered from the billboards, drawn and overtired. “Are you unwell dear sister?”

Mel simply took Xander’s hand and put it to her belly which still bore the stretch marks of twins birthed but a short half year previously. She mouthed “Triplets”, then lifted his hand to her throat and he felt the scar. His sister too was now without voice – a most unusual thing for Mistress to do.

Pet!Xander stroked the violated flesh and simply said “When? Why??”

Mel mouthed “After the Bruce coupling... Mistress thought it … would help.” She allowed a tear to fall then shrugged.

Though he still bore a worried look, Pet!Xander’s attentions turned to his mother who was also obviously pregnant again. He hugged her and she reciprocated easily, not really sure which of her offspring he was, given his short hair, nevertheless she whispered, “It’s a boy this time – Rolf’s last… and…. Oh sweetie… don’t worry about Mel. Her babies are beautiful, she’s with me and has years of breeding ahead yet all without having to couple! And as you know Mistress is nothing if not kind.”

Sunnydale Xander was holding Mel’s hand as Pet!Xander spoke to his real mother. As he leaned up to kiss her on the temple she shifted and kissed him on the lips chastely, but her other hand brushed first his neck then his scrotum, causing his breath to hitch, but he understood. She worried for him.

Post rape depression after the first disastrous coupling had caused her to become belligerent and ‘mouthy’ to the point where she was bound, gagged and drugged for nearly three months, there was talk of putting her down before Mistress sought a fourth opinion. Mel was consequently silenced and now had a permanent shunt inserted for the daily administration of appropriate hormones, drugs and vitamins. It was also now the case that she was constantly pregnant “for her own good”, artificially impregnated as soon as possible after delivering.

Mel looked down sadly at the loose folds of skin that had once been a tight tummy and her own pendulous breasts… nothing like the pert attractive shape they used to be… And Xander spied the look and the worry, so kissed the sweet, gentle woman he adored now as his sister. He whispered “You are more beautiful than ever." Then his lips found her slightly bulging belly, followed by the hand he was holding. But Nanny interrupted with two little girls placed in his lap.

Mel gave a pained smile as she watched her brother’s joyous bouncing of his daughters. After the first bout of depression and attempted self harm, it was considered impossible to let her have post natal contact with her babies without the strictest of supervision. Mistress allowed her a very occasional touch but then only when with a handler, drugged and with bound hands. She accepted as she knew other pets would have been put down, but still wished she was not so abnormal.

Pet!Xander smiled across at his brother and his mother noted the connection. She kissed him on the cheek and gave him a warm hug. “Take care my darling… We will see each other again I’m sure.” Pet!Xander knew Master was so wonderful and had claimed him, but still could not prevent a tear as he leaned forward into the hug and whispered, “I can tie my own laces… and Master takes me dancing Mama… I love him and he takes me dancing!”

Gemma kissed her son again, then let him attend the Nanny who was leading a sleepy looking redhead into the room.

Gemma noted the hand bindings and looked to her own daughter. Obviously there had been trauma for this other world woman too and though she did not look pregnant yet, it seemed likely that her own daughter’s fate had befallen this one… There was a gag in place.

She wondered if she should nudge Mistress and ask that the woman’s Master or Mistress would take the red head’s voice rather than gag her permanently. Gemma knew from experience, pets with a permanent gag normally died early, since a simple cold often rendered breathing impossible and teeth rotted to blood poisoning levels if the fitting was not adequately cleaned.

It was mandatory that all non-Pets be silenced at birth – and most neutered, but some prize pet owners still preferred to train in appropriate silence… but after Mel, the awful violation and consequent weeks of trauma, even her Mistress had begun to swing toward silencing all humans at birth. Gemma looked across at the gagged woman and worried… also for the children she must be carrying since she had a belt and pad in place. Happily, her eldest son, William the Bloody’s pet, was there, helping the woman down and easing the gag out to give her some relief.

Gemma relaxed a little and rubbed her belly, then felt infinitely grateful for her own incontinence pad as her internal muscles refused to hold. After seventeen children and the eighteenth but three months away, the pressure of tiny feet on her full bladder was all too much. Without a handler or a Master/Mistress around, pets were not allowed to move from their spot and consequently, most well tended pregnant pets had the belt and pad in place constantly.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Willow began to cry again as her lovely friend of old, naked but for his pink collar, spoke quietly to her and eased off her gag.

Her hands were still bound but she reached out to touch his face anyway and managed, “Oh Xan!...” before collapsing into his arms to hug and sob all the harder.

“I love you Will, you know that… I will always love you… but Spike and the girls have to come first… and I’m happy Will… I’m really happy… And I know you can’t stay, but come back and visit will you? Seems time is different here – but come and visit.”

Willow had collapsed down and had her arms around Xander’s waist and just kept repeating “I don’t want to lose you… Please be happy… I don’t want to lose you.”

Eventually it was the Mage who stepped forward to call for the final goodbyes. The moon was at it’s full height and midnight approached.

A tearful Willow released her dear friend to assist the Mage’s magic but as Sunnydale!Spike farewelled his counterpart, Willow touched his arm with bound hands and gave a begging look.

“Already done pet. Once a year on the summer solstice three days here visitin’ rights for the boy ‘n as long as you’re bound, figure you’re welcome.”

Pet!Xander hugged his brother soundly and kissed the two babies before taking his place beside his adored Master as the portal opened.

As soon as the swirl disappeared, Angelus and Clarissa headed out with their pets in tow to take a rather exhausted Mage for a drink, whilst Spike gave his full attention to his magnificent claimed pet. The little ones were heading to bed with their Nanny and for the first time in days Spike clipped on Xander’s lead then grinned and grabbed the old soccer-ball on the way out the front door with the simple words, “Time for a run, pet.”

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Three years on, Sunnydale time, Willow visited on the solstice to find an extremely proud Xander with two very chatty little girls and an addition to the family. He had been bred from again and this time Nanny Jane cradled the dearest little two month old, dark haired boy in her arms as Pet!Xander, Spike and Willow arrived.

Clarissa and Angelus arrived shortly after, and the family celebrated the new arrival together.


AU!Spike ruffled Xander's just longer than shoulder length curls again, playing with the single, elegant, fingerwide streak of pure white that seemed to have emerged spontaneously on the right side in his fourtieth year.

Master was unusually agitated today and his Pet wondered if there was something he had missed. These days he always listened to the conversations and understood at least three demon languages having 'swotted' hard with the books from the Master's library, but could not recall anything particularly worrying, just the usual politics of the ruling clans.

He was his Master’s ears these days, quietly nudging his Master for permission to speak after a particularly difficult meeting if he thought Master may have missed something. Inevitably Master was on top of everything, but ever so occasionally Xander had picked up something. He had learned that the rewards for such an act were quite wonderful.

Who would have thought that the Zeppo... the dumb kid who only ever managed to read comics in high school, could end up so enamoured by reading, and such an able student in so many areas. He was still a Pet of course, but now had also sired a line, and this year at the age of forty five, he would be a Grandfather with Spike breeding Patricia at Clarissa’s behest.

His son at eighteen was lanky but beautiful – and displayed all the traits of his father, including a preference for males which pleased Spike no end. Indeed so much so that Chris now had a ‘stable mate’, an ‘exotic’ supplied by Mistress Clarissa, called Sahil.

The dark skinned, fair haired boy with near black eyes and Chris were virtually joined at the hip (or more southerly regions in private) and were a handsome pair of males by anyone’s standards. Mistress had even shown them as a pair and won at three recent shows. All his children were perfectly trained, good natured and intelligent. Master adored them and Xander was immensely proud.

But when the doorbell rang Spike rose almost without removing his hand from Xander’s hair. The Master apologized to his Pet rather distractedly as Xander couldn’t suppress a slight yelp when a tuft of brunette left with the pale hand.

It was Angelus and Mage Julian. The Pet knew to stay kneeling and he knew now that it must be something serious. The pregnant Patricia and Madeline had been locked in their room and the boys sent out to exercise with Panna. It was certainly not a typical evening.

“Sire!” Spike bared his neck and accepted a small amount of blood from a wrist in return.

“I still think this is mad… William. Claiming and now… this? I forbid you to Mate! You can take him as Claimed but not the other.”

“No need you Git!”


“Sorry… But there is no need… boy’s mine and I love him to bits… E’s happy as Pet… just want to make it permanent is all… none of that under the apple tree an’ get a replacement!”

Angelus looked pained at the last statement, his darling Luka, but they were too late…

“Oh Sire, I really… look I’m… just let me do this, please!”

Angelus looked over to the handsome Pet, well toned and perfectly behaved, he knew the human had been claimed twenty plus years previously and had been a constant companion to his Childe ever since. He missed his Luka terribly. The new one Illi was sweet and well trained, but still too young and not nearly as bright.

Angelus knew better than to speak a demon language, even quietly, in front of Spike’s Pet, so chose Gaelic, “The Mage will secure the connection and the personality. He will be turned but won’t change his sweet character, nor forget his place. Does he know?”

“No Sire.”

“Good. Then take him now willingly. Take him fast and during lovemaking, before he realizes. He will struggle too much otherwise, and you will risk refusal and an ugly mark.”

Xander could not understand why Master Angelus would use his native tongue with his Childe but then decided that perhaps that was the reason for his Master’s agitation. Something to do with family.

Xander was used to his Master’s afternoon amour, especially if he had been bothered by some negotiation or other, so was unsurprised by the touch of a cool hand, leaned into it momentarily then stood and followed.

He was a little surprised by Master’s gentle touch, but reveled in it and returned it easily. Their lovemaking was always joyful but this afternoon, Master was utterly amazing! Xander’s body was worshipped by licks, caresses, kisses and nips. Master tasted his pre-cum then moved up to share a passionate kiss before slicking them both and sinking into his adored Pet.

“I love you Pet… want you with me forever… want you…”

Xander felt the cool hard member find it’s rightful spot inside and simply moaned, “Oh yes!”

Xander was at the peak of ecstasy as Master hit his pet’s prostate yet again. Spike felt his Pet begin to climax and took that moment to bite deep into his claiming mark and feed. Xander registered a tingling in his limbs then the world started to slip into oblivion. He had the awareness to squeeze Master’s arm a little, but unlike normally the suction did not stop this time.

He was barely able to respond through the blackness as Master gave him blood from a wide slash on Spike’s chest, then Angelus fed him a little from his own wrist as Master came inside him. He released also, vaguely heard chanting, then let go his human existence.

Xander the Pet, the vampire companion of William the Bloody, woke two days later to a new world and an old one. He felt vaguely the same – but craved… Master… in every possible way. Spike was there as his Claimed rose and slicked and entered him as the new vampire took from his Master, now Sire.

Julian and Angelus had left shortly after the ceremony, the mage confident of the result and Angelus keen to return home. Now Spike rang his Sire to thank him and let him know the process had succeeded.

His pet was now timeless, but utterly reliant upon his Master to feed as his sweet compliant submissive character had endured. Xander had no killing instincts yet the other traits like speed, strength and immortality had been inherited. It was exactly as Spike had hoped – and he had his Pet for all time.

Xander knew he was different, knew he had been turned, but felt only joy. His line would continue through his children, but he had Master for all time.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

That night, in the presence of Angelus and Clarissa, and all his offspring, he had a new rose gold collar fitted. Encrusted with delicately cut rubies, pink diamonds and tiny white opals, Xander allowed tears to fall as Master fastened it and Mage Julian enchanted it. The collar would never be able to be removed. The white gold tag on the circle of titanium, that would also take his lead read, “Claimed Pet of William the Bloody.”

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

That year, when the Sunnydale group visited, there was no hiding their secret. Xander walked at heel and knelt at Spike’s right leg as they had become accustomed, but there had been a shift. Willow and Spike knew it and Pet!Xander felt the prickle as the other entered, but all understood. Sunnydale!Spike feeling slightly sorry for his compatriot having to deny his Pet the sun.

His own Pet!Xander had not aged, and not just in a not-ten-years sense… but not at all! He was as innocent as ever, as sweet as ever, and there was not a single difference in appearance since the day he was Claimed.

Willow and Angel had both spent weeks researching possible reasons as soon as the group realized. The Pet’s restorative powers matched his Master’s, and his apparent immortality seemed to be linked to the magic that had originally shifted him across dimensions, along with the Claim, and more particularly, the second spell Willow had used to push them through when they first went on their rescue mission. Somewhere in the text she had chosen to use the words ‘adored pet’ and ‘for all time’.

Pet!Xander felt no different and couldn’t understand any of the fuss when Willow discovered her slight error, but reveled in his Master’s attentions and the celebrations that followed. He understood that he would be with Master always… but had no way of understanding how very long that would be.

The End

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