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Loyal and Gentle


Part Thirteen

Xander awoke to his Master Spike stroking his face. He panicked for a moment as he remembered his two girls he had been holding and pulled away, scrambling awkwardly to his knees as bound hands gave no purchase.

He scanned the room wildly, almost in tears until Master Spike struck, biting him hard and pulling a much needed mouthful of fluid, effectively draining the weakened human yet again.

“Bloody Hell Pet! I keep doin’ this you’re just endin’ up like a bleeder! Here!” Spike held his wrist over Xander’s mouth and the claimed human drank and strangely felt… kindness and adoration flow through the blood.

As Xander returned to full consciousness, Spike asked, “Now… Tell Master what the problem is?

After every heavy bite his throat was a little sore and after draining he was disorientated, but Xander tried, “Girlssss… Plea…se… Mmmm… Baayyybbhhh”

Xander was on the brink of tears again, terrified that the children were somehow permanently gone.

Spike simply lifted the pliant figure and took him to the nursery next door to their own vast bedroom. There was one double bassinette, which was empty, and two tiny girls in Nanny Jane’s arms.

Xander was lowered onto a strategically placed beanbag – not unlike his own – then handed Patricia, who had apparently fed well but fallen asleep again.

As he took her in his arms and the little one reached up, Xander just wished, he just had…

“Please Master… Please free my hands… or just one… just for now… please!!!”

Spike saw the tiny hand reaching for her father’s and didn’t say a word. He simply lowered his fangs and slit the stays on the bindings, then pulled hard.

As Xander’s hands recovered feeling and opened, a minute set of fingers curled around his pinkie and the little girl blinked up at her father – taking in his handsome face properly for the first time.

Ten minutes later another little person did the same after Spike stripped Xander’s second hand of its bindings. Hives be damned, Spike saw his dear Pet’s loving reaction to his offspring. Regardless of Clarissa’s demands Spike was resolute.

Unless he personally could be guaranteed that the children would be kept with their father… there would be no more breeding. He knew that wouldn’t be the end of the pressure – Clarissa’s agenda was to spread the breed line of Rolf and Gemma, but Spike’s entire reason for breeding was to have his pet happy – and if family was the recommended way, then all well and good.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Angel and Wesley turned up in Sunnydale the evening after the telephone call regards the portal.

The plan was simple. Wesley would open the portal, in Spike’s old crypt where the Pet!Xander had emerged. Angel and Willow would go through with Pet!Xander and they could retrieve the other Xander in a magical switch or simply bring them both back

The only hiccup was a game faced Spike who flatly refused to let his pet go through alone, and a sobbing Pet!Xander who was clinging to Spike’s leg and begging with all his heart to stay with his Master.

Wesley was consulted and the passage for three was decided. Willow, Spike and Pet!Xander. Angel stepped back in a gentlemanly gesture for his Childe but also in an act of kindness for the dear sweet creature, his Childe’s human pet, he had come to know over the last few months. Angel’s memory of the Sunnydale Xander was vague now, but it certainly had little if anything to do with this gentle loyal and loving claimant of his Childe’s. If they were to part in this dimension, it would kill the claimant… but in another (according to Wesley) breaking the claim would be of no consequence… at least that was the theory!

To the surprise of everyone, a worried Angel pulled Spike to him with lightening speed, bit deep and hard, then offered his wrist to Spike returning some of his own blood to his Childe as he tasted the truth. His Childe’s claim was something that had only been done after a complete commitment to the Master occurred and was reciprocated. There was no doubt that Spike was utterly devoted to his Pet.

Angel worried for his “love’s bitch” Childe and fed him a little extra then hugged him tight before releasing Spike as they readied to enter the portal. “Spike… William… just come back and be happy OK – I’ll be here – we’ll be here. Just come back happy OK?”

“Thank you An… Sire”

The two vampires hugged again warmly and Angel whispered, “Don’t let me lose you.” before the swirling started and Spike took his Pet’s lead and also held his hand. Willow held Pet!Xander’s other hand and they all stepped through together.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Spike was sitting watching his Pet joyously playing with his little girls. The last four months had been very different for all of them and the addition of baby pets to the household had certainly shifted their lovemaking times (and occasionally the venue).

The morning shower routine remained, but more often than not there would be a quick coupling beforehand. Spike also developed the habit of taking his Pet in his study when he wanted a break from his work, or Xander would kneel between Spike’s legs and take him in his mouth. Since the girls arrived he seemed to crave Spike more and more, his taste, his touch, his voice. It bordered on addiction. Now when kneeling beside his Master he more often than not leaned against his leg and Spike’s hand would stroke his increasingly long locks.

Spike insisted on keeping him clean shaven in all areas now, even his legs were smooth. Xander genuinely loved it when his Master rubbed him down with moisturizer, after Panna removed the hair. Of late Xander had taken to looking at other Pets with pity when it was apparent that all but their faces went unshaven, and obviously their skin was not receiving the attention his did, or they had been allowed to grow too fat, or were too pale and thin.

Even though the girls were there to distract, Spike still insisted on their nightly runs, occasionally even allowing Xander to spar with his Master, both events causing an endorphin enhanced coupling afterwards. As ever Xander was taken outside by Panna, his handler, every day to bask in the sun for an hour. Now, more often than not, the girls were with him on a large rug rolling around, squirming and reaching for things. If Spike was up and working he made sure his Pet and family were on the lawn within site of his window.

Two small purpose built sleeping bags, with extra soft cushioning and sides that prevented the little girls from rolling off, now lay beside Xander's old beanbag in the private meeting room beside Master’s office. It was quieter and he was always happy to be ordered to it, as it meant the girls were coming in for their nap. It was his role to mind them for that period while Nanny had a rest, though it was hardly a chore, he would happily sit or lie, and watch his two little girls all day.

He felt so blessed, as he watched the two tiny chests of his little angels rise and fall, both lying on their backs, arms outstretched and completely relaxed. They were so different when awake. Madeline was curious, always moving and demanding, while her sister Patricia was quiet, cautious (though not scared) and simply melted into hugs. Yet, they were both perfect.

Xander put his chin on his hands and continued to wonder at the two, as he listened to the general buzz of the household and Spike’s baritone voice in the next room. That morning he had been asked to draw again, and Master had praised him and kissed him soundly.

It was coming up for two years since he was dragged through the portal, though for Xander memories of his before were becoming just… old memories, and often not very good ones. He sighed and joined his children in a light slumber.

Spike had wandered in for a break from his dialogue with the governing body of the Pacifica region.

Their more liberal rules were apparently a problem, and Spike’s particular objection to the regenerator subspecies being introduced en masse had apparently found support. The coup d'etat was the arrival of news that there were labs in Europea that had the ability to artificially manufacture muscle and/or bone for the masses. It was cheaper and easier to package and there was a guaranteed supply – and with no risk to the bleeder stock. But Spike was tired of all the politics and posturing by vampires many years his junior, and demons for whom he had little respect.

His Pet and Xander’s beautiful girls were his solace. Never having had a family of his own, the girls felt as much his as his faithful, stunningly handsome Pet’s.

Xander looked up as his Master leant on the door-jam and noticed the fatigue. He smiled sleepily, then gave a worried look and tilted his head to expose his neck. Spike knew the signal and moved to sit on the bag beside his companion in so many things. He nuzzled the neck, but forewent biting in preference for a languid, loving kiss.

Xander’s hand automatically slid to stroke his Master’s nether regions, Spike groaning through the kiss and relaxing on the beanbag in response. They lay together for many minutes just stroking and caressing, Spike near whispering his worry about the governing body and his frustration with various issues, and all the while running his fingers through Xander’s silky soft tresses.

Eventually Spike was all talked out and they both returned to silent, gentle petting.

When the girls woke within minutes of each other and began to move the Master and their father were simply lying content in an embrace watching them.

By the time the wet nurse came in to change and feed the girls, Spike was back at his desk refreshed and ever more grateful for his extraordinary Pet.

As he moved to pack up the office that evening and collect Xander for their nightly run, a blinding flash and terrifying howling wind all but upended his desk. Before he really registered what was occurring, a red and yellow vortex developed and three people stepped through.

Part Fourteen

Before even waiting to see who the other world intruders were, AU!Spike invoked the warding spell provided by the mage who had brought back his dear Pet… just in case this occurred a second time!

Willow, Spike and Pet!Xander found themselves suspended in a dark energy bubble, high above the floor. The magicks were so strong that even Willow could not break through the force-field that held them.

Poor Pet!Xander was terrified to the point of hyperventilating and clung to his master with all the desperation of a human about to drown. Spike was equally worried regards their safety, but also knew his Pet needed his support, so bit hard on his own wrist then found his Pet’s neck, par drained him and fed his charge. The exchange leaving Pet!Xander compliant and also, reassured. Master was there and would fix everything.

Spike raced through the house – collecting Panna and Nanny Jane along the way and frantically calling his Sire and the Mage Julian (who had set up the warding magic) on his cell phone.

Spike was still unsure what or who had come through, but the brief glimpse of the mirror image of self was enough. Whoever the imposters were, he was sure they were here to abduct his pet again!

He knew he did not have much time before the ward would collapse, so ordered Panna and Nanny to accompany the children and Xander to the safety of the wine cellar under the house, and stay there until instructed to do otherwise.

Xander was frantic, with no clear explanation of what was going on and Master’s desperate kiss and plea to keep safe, he knew something was terribly wrong but not sure what. He dropped to his knees and hugged his Master hard before complying to Spike’s direct order. He scooped up Madeline and followed Nanny, carrying a still sleepy Patricia. He was somewhat reassured that Master Angelus strode past their fleeing group, accompanied by a pale, skinny male in flowing clothing, long, dead straight, black hair and near black eyes.

Xander remembered his face from somewhere but really could not place it. When Mage Julian turned to look at him with a rather fierce stare, Xander felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end and knew the individual was neither pet nor truly human, and was very glad he was apparently a friend.

Xander was grateful to Panna, who had carried two of the pet beanbags and a large blanket down to the cellar. The familiar objects lending comfort to the desperate moment and foreign setting. The room was lined with wooden racks containing hundreds of bottles of wine and fortified drinks, plus two cases of whiskey and one of brandy in the back corner. It was dry but still smelt musty.

Panna stood guard at the door as the Pet and human wet nurse settled onto side by side bags and made the children comfortable and spread the blanket over all of them. Their instructions were to keep silent. Nanny Jane reclined back, throwing open her shirt and flicking the front clasp on her bra. Patricia latched on without even a peep, and Xander handed Madeline over. He worried for a moment as the little girl snuffled around and appeared like she was about to cry out.

All three adults breathed a sigh of relief as she finally settled to drink, but then listened anxiously to the commotion upstairs.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Angelus and Spike stood in game face as the Mage lowered the warding field to the ground and released its captives.

Willow fell to her knees gasping for breath and slightly disorientated – the combined portal travel and attempts to break the ward leaving her spent. She could feel the presence of the powerful Mage, but was in no state to challenge him, so simply tried to regain her inner balance.

Spike, on the other hand, turned with a threatening snarl, ready to defend Pet!Xander and Willow at all costs. He was anchored in some sense by Xander clinging to his leg, but it was the recognition of the two vampires he faced that froze him in shock.

In front was his Sire, but as he remembered him from their original times together. Magnificent, powerful, confident, arrogant… but also devoted to his family … Spike could feel it, there was no soul. What stunned Spike more was facing himself – a fit, well fed and with his original dark blonde locks (rather than the bleach of his own) self.

His demon reacted immediately and instinctively. He dropped to his knees and bared his neck to his ‘other’ Sire. It was accepted immediately.

Master Angelus and AUSpike were almost as confused as the interlopers. Certainly no one in the room expected to see two Spikes! But Angelus saw the other dimension vampire submit and took what was his right.

Pet!Xander whimpered as he saw Master become weak as Master Angelus drank his fill, so offered his own neck and gently touched the original Sire’s knee with his cheek.

Angelus seemed surprised to see him, which Pet!Xander found a little odd, but was comforted by the bite and slight draw of blood. When he spotted a second Master, he assumed that by some miracle Master Spike had been multiplied, but really couldn’t cope with the horror and joy that would be, so simply fainted.

Despite Spike’s own worries, when his Pet collapsed he reacted swiftly, catching him on the way down and cradling him in his lap.

“Now look what you’ve bloody well gone and done!” Spike glared at a rather surprised Master Angelus then opened his wrist and dripped it into Xander’s slack mouth, all the while peppering kisses across his claimed’s forehead and stroking the pretty face.

AU!Spike noted that the other’s Pet was clothed and snorted his disdain. The Pet was obviously handsome – well trained and well cared for... and of his Xander’s line – indeed they could be twins, but his Pet was so much more! What Spike could not understand was the dramatic entry and the near mirror image of himself.

After Pet!Xander collapsed into Spike’s arms, Angelus rounded on the Sunnydale Spike.

“You are mine but not mine – I can taste my demon in you but… it is tainted somehow.”

Spike was still kneeling down with his Pet’s head in his lap, stroking his unconscious companion, “Got that right ya big oaf!! Bloody imposter of a Sire!”

Spike kept caressing his dear Xander’s face and willing him to come around. “Only came through ta negotiate ta keep my boy… landed in me lap just nigh on a year ago and ‘pparently I’m s’posed ta bring ‘im back to where he came from for some big ‘swap’. Which, by the way, is utter bollocks ‘cause just for the record? He’s mine! I’ve claimed ‘im! You know what? Dimensional swap be damned and I don’t give a rat’s arse what Percy says, this Xan here is bloody well stayin’ mine!”

Angelus was speechless at the outburst by this ‘other’ Childe, so turned to the Mage Julian looking for answers. The mage blanched a little as he realized the implications of this current turn of events, and the idea that he might just have brought back the wrong person through the dimensional rift. However, it seemed that all the vampires in the room were still very confused so Julian simply remained silent.

AUSpike finally spoke, glaring at his counterpart all the while. His Pet was in danger… but obviously the other ‘him’ felt the same way about his pet. They had both been thrown into a ridiculous position and AU!Spike was not sure why, so looked his other-dimensional directly in the eye and spoke slowly for the benefit of the others in the room.

“This is bollocks!! Look at him?! Sire?! The Pet is clothed and his head hair is short… and he’s not even shaven… And look at his devotion to his Master. I admit it is testimony to his breeding that he is still pretty… but why the fuss? He’s claimed! I could no sooner mistake my Pet for him than feign humanity… Sire! Please! Get your bloody magician there to sort it and send ‘em home like he asks.” The last statement was accompanied by a pointed finger at Sunnydale Spike.

Willow was just beginning to regain her bearings when the Mage immobilized her again with a simple hand gesture and spell. She watched helpless as proceedings continued around her as though she were some lamp on a coffee table.

Spike had been bitten by someone who felt like his original Sire and his demon was thrown. He mumbled in his counterpart’s direction, “Just wanna go home with the lad is all.”

“No problem by me Luv… got me own much prettier boy – and his kids and you’ll be goin’ through me an’ me ol’ Sire here to get to em (not to mention a swag o’ staff who’ve taken quite a shine to the girls).”

“So you’ve got yours, I’ve got mine… Happy t’ go anytime.”

Mage Julian spoke for the first time, fearing he might well be drained in the next few minutes, he gathered his power ready to protect himself. “Master William, Master Angelus, I fear I may not be able to reopen the portal for at least a day or two.” He ducked his head slightly in an indication of apology, but never took his eyes away from the three deadly vampires present. All flashed golden eyes.

There was a sickly silence for a few seconds before both Spikes spoke in unison, AUSpike with “Bollocks” and Sunnydale Spike saying “Oh, bloody perfect”. They looked at each other grimly and Sunnydale Spike pulled his pet to his chest in a tight hug. Pet!Xander whimpered a little and in his semiconscious state burrowed into Spike’s chest.

Angelus was the first to speak up, addressing Sunnydale Spike, “You’ve claimed him.”

“’Course I bloody claimed ‘im. Me Sire even agreed, in fact he bloody well insisted – just so’s you know! Boy here’s a right gem, me best friend and… well he’s mine… an’ I'm his, in an odd sorta way.”

Angelus touched the strange white hair of the other Spike rather affectionately, “Your true Sire permits you to so damage your hair?”

Sunnydale Spike found the touch caused a shiver of desire – bringing a smile to Angelus’ features. “Ahh m’ boy, seems your other Sire an’ I may just have somethin’ in common… Hope this other Sire still desire’s ya as I do my Will on this side. But then who could ever resist yer looks and passion. Pity we all grow older…” Angelus stared directly at AU!Spike as he stroked over the recent bite mark and Sunnydale Spike leaned into the hand a little.

Pet!Xander felt his Master shiver at Angelus’ touch and relaxed. He was still too confused but knew that somehow Sire would help Master, and that the angry odd twin – who looked like Master before the rules changed – seemed to have settled down.

AUSpike was standing at Angelus shoulder and finally decided to attend to matters more immediate, “You want a rest bag for your Pet there? Seems as he’s still a bit done in.”

Sunnydale Spike turned to his counterpart and smiled a little, “That would be nice.”

Lowering his dear pet onto the leather covered beanbag mere seconds later and his pet snuggling down into the familiar softness and the plush throw rug tossed over his reclining figure.

“Well that’s done, but my bloke and the girls are still hidden Sire… And buggered if I’m gonna let them be seem while that witch is still a danger.”

Mage Julian spoke up, “Master Angelus, Master Spike, if it pleases you, might I suggest that we introduce Pet Xander and the children to our guests but leave the witch bound for the event.”

AUSpike looked over at Willow’s inert figure and noticed tears flowing freely.

“Mage… Can you just bind her powers for a while?”

Mage Julian who was rather relieved to discover his error with the Pet retrieval seemed to have been overlooked – at least for now – and was keen to help. “Consider it done Master Spike.”

Willow was released from her magical bindings of her physical form but felt her magical energies bound tight. She glared at the Mage but also understood.

She moved to kneel by the rest bag and comfort the Pet!Xander she had come to know for so many months, her quiet stroking eliciting a smile and he further relaxing into his temporary resting place and blanket. She didn’t fail to notice the arm that had snaked out from the covers and the hand that was now clasping the leg of his master’s jeans, nor the fact that under the covers he had managed to surreptitiously wriggle out of both Tshirt and sweat pants.

Almost for her own benefit, she knelt down and stroked the handsome forehead and noting the worried expression on the innocent’s face disappear.

“It’s OK sweetie… It’ll be OK…” After stroking and repeating six or seven times she was sure the words were to try to convince herself.

A message was sent to Panna, and in minutes, a rather confused and more than a little terrified group entered a room filled with far too many familiar faces.

Willow watched in a state of utter shock as another Xander, collared and completely nude, emerged at the door, and on a single gesture from AUSpike, fell to his knees and hugged his Master’s legs. A buxom woman and another demon followed the pet in, carrying two beautiful, dark haired baby girls in arms. But it was Xander who had her attention.

His hair was long, falling just past his shoulders in a cascade of chocolate waves. His body was lean and obviously fit, muscles accentuated by tanned, smooth skin that lacked all hair. Eyes were accentuated by a light touch of kohl and the pink collar matched their own version of Xander. Just like Pet!Xander he seemed utterly at ease with his nudity and trained to remain silent unless spoken to.

Willow’s tears of anguish and outrage for her childhood friend soon turned to those of confusion as she observed Xander and belatedly realized that he was not so much in a position of supplication as one of comfort and reassurance. AUSpike fussed over the man, petting, praising and leaning down for a kiss. Xander seemed to be ignoring everything in the room except his master.

“You alright Pet?”

“I am now Master.”

“The girls?”

“Were well behaved Master. Nanny and Handler saw to us all, Master.”

“As they should Pet, but I will thank them. I have some people for you to meet.” With that, Spike pulled Xander to his feet, leaving the ornate lead hanging untouched and dangling from his collar.

Part Fifteen

Xander stood but as he did so, touched his Master passively on the arm and indicated back to the girls with worried eyes. His Master touched his face, “’S OK Pet. No one hurts the girls without goin’ through me, your Sire and the mage – not to mention Panna and I reckon even Nanny might have a left hook hidden somewhere in that blouse should someone threaten her Pat and Maddy!”

Xander visibly relaxed and approached the others, taking in who was present for the first time.

The visitors all had their backs to him, but he could see a figure on his office bean bag, obviously another pet as the blanket covering him did nothing to disguise his nudity or the pink collar. There was a woman with bobbed red hair stroking the pet. No doubt one of Clarissa’s contacts, and a white haired individual in a black… As both the redhead and the male turned, Xander had much the same reaction as his counterpart. There was suddenly no air in the room, the world spun and AU!Spike caught him on the way down. All Xander knew was the prick of fangs and salty sweetness of his Master’s blood in his mouth as he completely gave in to oblivion.

“Oh bloody hell!” He looked over to his Sunnydale counterpart then indicated the bean bag with his eyes. “Reckon I could?”

Sunnydale Spike was momentarily bemused by the behavior of the Sunnydale Xander and certainly by his appearance, but still indicated to the bag, “Be my guest. Never would have thought it.” Though the comment was rather irreverent, given that he was in the other vampire’s house, the look and the nod spelt far more. It was the recognition of a brother. A brother Vampire Master – albeit in another dimension – but another Master with a beloved claimed Pet in need of protection.

Once Xander was reasonably settled AU!Spike turned to his bleach blonde equivalent. “Seemings as our dear ones are all upset, an’ you’re here for a while. So let’s you ‘n me have a chat.”

Spike nodded in agreement then ignored his counterpart for a moment in order to stroke his now soundly sleeping Pet!Xander. AU!Spike squatted on the other side of the bag for a while, his pet instinctively cuddling toward the warmth and the other pet pulling the blanket for his lion’s share.

AU!Spike looked across at his other world counterpart, and immediately noticed the witch still crying and reaching out to touch the other short haired pet, “I’ve got a body binding that will fit your serving witch , she seems a little upset. I find it helps with flighty humans…”

Spike looked over at a still upset Willow who was now sitting off to the side of the two Xanders on the bag simply staring at the two versions of her friend of old. He considered for a moment then decided, it just wouldn’t be worth it. “Boy’s her favorite mate… She’ll be fine. But how’s about we stay close… Dunno about you mate, but I’d prefer to stick by my boy?” A simple grunt and a nod left no doubt that both Spikes had the same agenda

Panna arranged for Del to source the babies’ sleeping bags. Nanny changed them both and they settled the girls beside their now recovering father. Nanny Jane, relieved all the drama seemed to be over, changed the girls’ nappies with professional efficiency then settled them both on the same mat with a number of colorful toys to play with and suck.

Sunnydale Spike did not fail to notice the fond touches and gentle smile on the face of his Master Vampire equivalent, then looked from the girls to the clean shaven, slowly recovering Xander. He chose his words carefully, as his eyes went wide with the realization.

“They’re the boy’s kids???”

AU!Spike looked up as Patricia’s minute hand reached up to grip his thumb, and the little girl giggled as he tickled her tummy with a single finger of his other hand.

“Yeah, decided to breed ‘im – well just the one lot for now – will see how they turn out, you know… good line though. Out of Adonis – ‘course it was Mistress Clarissa who did all the arrangin’. Boy won’t lie with women – imagine your’s is the same. Just did the usual collection and, figure it suited the women too. Messy business the other way and far too random. Right pretty pair o’ mothers too…”

Spike was shocked into silence at the rather matter of fact discussion of breeding the Scoobie and recalled his own Pet’s offer. He reached out and stroked the recovering Pet!Xander tenderly. At least he would not have to face the humiliation of breeding… ever!

Willow couldn’t help herself as the discussion progressed, she had to get Xander away from here – he was being treated like an animal!! She decided – the portal would take four. If she planted her feet and drew from the earth she could break the binding magic. She pressed her feet into the floor and braced herself – it would have been so much easier if she was directly connected to the earth, but nevertheless. She began to chant and try to break the binding of her magic. In the other dimension, she was the most powerful witch on the planet. Here it appeared that even at full strength, her powers were somewhat compromised.

Angelus and the Mage had been simply watching the two Spikes interact, but Julian felt the prickle of her magic starting and immediately threw the ward around her again, lifting her high off the floor and removing the earthly contact.

Panna was instructed to retrieve the body binding. The ward was dropped and as Willow fell to the floor with a rather nasty thump, a soft gag with the usual tongue depressor was swiftly applied. As she began to struggle the mage again took away her ability to move.

Ten minutes later, Willow found herself in a full body binding, complete with the gag, and was resting comfortably on one of Xander’s old beanbags. AU!Spike had recommended sedating the poor witch, when the mage revealed her starting to set a spell, but his otherworldly twin had negated the suggestion outright. Spike knew that it would be Willow who would take them home and had rather a soft spot for the redhead. He also knew that they needed her lucid and not disorientated in any way if she was to open the portal again.

Willow lay on her bag and did the only thing she was now capable of doing, she listened and watched, and allowed tears of frustration to fall.

Pet!Xander woke first and recognized the body bindings. Poor Witch Willow must have been so shocked by the two Masters that she too had collapsed and needed to be restrained for her own benefit. He wasn’t sure about the gag, but perhaps she was crying out… He worried a little then blinked up at his Master who was currently petting him. He pushed into the touch, then touched the knee of his wonderful Master.

“Yes Pet.”

“May I comfort Witch Willow, Master?”

“Of course Pet. Comfort away.”

Pet!Xander moved over to kneel beside Willow and stroke his female friend while he watched the his twin begin to wake. It all made sense now.

Clarissa had obviously bred from his mother with a twin egg. He had a twin! On one level it was wonderful but really was still quite confusing. He noted that his brother had apparently sired children – and that he was clean shaven and nude, which was even more puzzling as he thought the rules had changed, but then Master was there stroking him again and he relaxed. Obviously the other Master was a traditionalist… And now he understood completely, Master and this other Master must be brothers also! Twin pets for twin Masters. He grinned with pride as the realization of just how special that was sunk in.

He also felt rather lucky to have the ‘progressive’ of the brothers as his Master. He had boots! And was taken out to dance… and sat at a table for his food… and could read (well - a bit). But he did notice how much the other Master loved his twin and felt happy for him too.

They were both prized Pets, adored and pampered even if in different ways.

Xander woke to Master’s touch and the happy squeaks and snuffles of his two darling daughters, but also aware that there was another on his bean bag and jolted to sitting upright as he remembered. But Master Spike was there so he slid off the bag and knelt at his Master’s feet head cocked the side to give access to his neck.

Willow whimpered into her gag as she saw the Claiming mark and observed Xander’s offering.

Pet!Xander heard Witch Willow’s distress and realized that in his reverie, he had ceased stroking her momentarily. He apologized profusely then renewed his efforts.

Sunnydale Spike didn’t fail to notice the original Xander’s submissive actions – or the hairless nudity either. But it was the claim that had him transfixed. They had both laid claim to the Xander in their care and both the humans appeared happy with the status, if the original Xander’s extreme arousal as AU!Spike’s fangs scraped over the claim mark was any measure. It was time the two talked. With Willow bound and gagged, she was unlikely to do anything and he was rather keen to meet his ‘other’ sire sometime before they went home.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

With Xander settled and moving to the mat to tend his little girls, AU!Spike finally turned to his twin again. “Fancy a drink mate?”

“Oh God, Yes!”

Pet!Xander grinned as he watched the two brothers wander to the next room together. His Master was by far the more handsome with the lovely long leather coat and striking short white hair.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Au!Spike poured a drink for both of them before handing a large glass of whiskey over and settling into a classic large leather lounge chair, indicating one opposite for his otherworld equivalent.

“So… mate… to what do we owe the honor? ‘Cause gotta say… that Witch o’ yours is mighty flighty and I’ve already had ta rescue the Pet from you lot once. Not that I’m blamin’ you o’ course. Poor bastard had no owner on that side apparently, ‘n your Pet’s a right gem. Ya need your staff whipped though – boy needs a good shavin’. Know why you keep clothes on the lad with that much hair – end up all over the place I imagine. I’ll have Panna see to it after the run, yeah?”

Spike was a little distracted looking around the floor to vaulted ceiling shelving containing thousands of books and the juxtaposition of old and the new notepad computer on the desk. “Um yeah, fine. Just came ta make sure you didn’t want ‘im back… well in all honesty, had no idea who’s he was when we were headed here. Should o’ bloody realized that’s why he was all easy like…” AU!Spike was somewhat confused by the statement but satisfied that this ‘other’ him had no malicious intent toward his pet, so relaxed a little.

“All these books yours then?”

“Some were Sire’s, but seems ‘e don’t like the British writers – Dickens all that lot – reckons they’re too morbid – but tell me Joyce don’t just want ta make you cut your wrists! Anyway… ‘s nice innit… t’ look at and t’ read.

“Shouldn’t be too rude, the old bloke’s OK – ‘specially after the Master offed that bitch Darla back in the day. Just bloody lucky old bat face fancied to watch two blokes having at it – or we’d ‘ve joined her.

“As it is, clan only gets together once or twice a year – his rising day ‘course, and the usual Familial Ties day – bloody ‘Familial cost you a fortune in presents day’ ‘f you ask me. Still…” Spike took an unnecessary breath then continued resignedly – though with a little better humor, “Food’s good and company ’s passable. So you?”

When Sunnydale Spike answered it was with such sadness and regret that AU!Spike finished the event sitting on the arm of S!Spike’s chair, feeding him with an open wrist.

“Sire’s ensouled. Spent a hundred plus years without him, then he hated me when we met. Now it’s better… got a bit of a truce – ol’ bugger even took out the chip. Gotta thank him for that properly one day.”

AU!Spike was in awe, for all his disparaging remarks regards his Sire’s golf game (and several other foibles) he could not imagine life without the steady fatherly guidance of the dark vampire. “So your Sire denied you for all that time?! But how??”

“Different place innit mate. Humans in control o’ the planet, ‘n makin’ a right bloody mess of it too I might add. Demons ‘n vampires – we’re just bidin’ our time. Can’t be long now but yeah… just bidin’ our time.”

“Dear brother you are obviously so very strong. I am sure my Sire would feel the same. We must go hunting together tonight – leave the pets home – just the three of us – and perhaps Clarissa if she is inclined… Come on… what do you say?”

Spike’s demon was already to the fore having just fed from family and as the eyes flashed yellow AU!Spike drained his glass, stood and slapped his counterpart’s arm then pulled them both to standing.

“Good, it’s settled then… Now let me have Panna give your Pet the once over. Sure that’ll make the boy happy t’ see you when we return.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Pet!Xander was in heaven. Led to an upper story bathroom, he was stripped and fitted to traditional cleansing pieces.

His old handler was there and knew just how to please. He had missed the rear piece and reveled in the pulses. The front piece was new but the suction just… wonderful. He wondered if he might ask Master for his own personal fitting when they went home. To his delight his spendings were removed by the suction and as the pulsing in his rear continued as joy of joys! He was soaped and shaved, all but his head hair removed with professional efficiency. He had not felt so… clean in months and resolved to thank Master in every possible way.

An hour later he lay on the leather bean bag - a huge beach towel protecting the leather from his clean shaven and well oiled form. He smiled across at Willow, who was being stroked by his brother and just felt… bliss. Master had taken them on a holiday to meet his brother, and now this!

Utterly spent and still smiling, he fell asleep still planning ways to thank Master…

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Angelus growled a second time, “You think what??”

Julian blanched but knew the conversation had to occur. “I believe the two pets were somehow swapped when the first abduction occurred, Master Angelus.”

“So you’re saying my Childe has been deceived all this time?!”

Julian saw the demon beginning to rise as Angelus’ eyes flashed yellow so quickly added, “No no… not so much deceived as that a simple exchange occurred – and one, I might add, that seems to have suited all concerned if the claim mark on both pets are anything to go by…”

Angelus considered the statement then grunted. There was no doubt that both his Childe and the interloper – and their pets, all did seem happy.

Julian breathed a sigh of relief and headed for the kitchen – he really needed a nice cup of tea.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Xander and Willow were left alone but for Nanny Jane. The wet nurse nodded at pet and took over the easy supervision of the girls as Xander moved to his old friend’s side.

“Hey Wills?”

She was still gagged but a tear told him she was giving him her full attention.

“It’s OK Willow. Please! It’s OK, just relax into the bindings – you’ll find it helps… Please! Trust me and relax.”

Willow did visibly lose the tension in her shoulders and looked up at Xander with begging eyes.

“I’m happy Wills… really happy…”



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