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Loyal and Gentle


Part Ten

The following afternoon Xander was ordered from the car and needed no leash as they were ushered into Mistress’s ‘pet friendly’ abode.

He was given a soft plushy faux fur mat with tiger stripes to kneel on beside his Master’s chair. Master’s hand on his claim mark caused him to roll onto his back without even thinking, then remembered they had company and was horrified as Mistress clapped her hands in delight.

“Oh he is back to his old self! How delightful! Master Reginald is a wonder, don’t you agree??”

Xander was wearing a binding – and silently thanked his Master for saving him the embarrassment as his Master gave his tummy an extra rub then began to stroke him… just so… as Mistress and Spike spoke.

Xander was just about in heaven when the hand was pulled away and he realized he was expected at heel.

He was led to a truly spectacular suite of rooms, exercise area, spa, gym, enormous television and three huge beds. And on the central bed was a very pregnant woman resting comfortably watching a kiddies cartoon.

Mistress was speaking and he really began to concentrate, “See?! Isn’t she just a love and twins! Well?? Come on… I’m sure your pet would love to say hello to his sister Mel again…”

Xander was pushed in the direction of the bed and lost his footing a little, resulting in him landing on the end near this ‘Mel’s feet.

Seeing his very pregnant ‘sister’ was oddly distressing. He had never had a sister in the other life… and that was what it was beginning to feel like – some sort of odd faded memory of another person’s life.

This woman was beautiful with dark, dead straight hair, chocolate eyes and a face that looked in some ways… like his own.

She was soon to produce twins that were the progeny of the rather overly athletic male, ‘Bruce’, whom Xander had met on the golf course a few times. Bruce was a large ‘jock’ of a man and one he had taken an instant dislike to, but lately had felt somewhat sorry for, as the shaven area, recent scar and marked loss of muscle mass attested to his changed status.

Mel smiled at Xander with genuine affection, and obviously within days of delivering but apparently (according to Mistress) at the time of conception had been taken (to Mistress’s distress!) too fast and too furiously - leaving her damaged and distraught – albeit pregnant as planned. Mistress was so angry that the owner of the male forewent any servicing payments – indeed agreed to cover the medical expenses, and six months later wrote to say that after two more such incidents, “… the problem pet had been fixed.”

As a consequence of the ‘Bruce disaster’ Mistress had decided that for her younger two breeders, she would not only do her research into the nature of the pets more thoroughly, but use artificial insemination exclusively. The tender touches of Rolf and gentle love making that he had provided her older ladies was apparently quite unique. She would never put brother across sister, but couldn’t help feeling sad that Xander had ended up with the other orientation, as he had always shown the same kind regard for the girls.

She stood at the top of the play paddock and watched as Xander reached out a tentative hand to his sister and when a gentle nod gave the go ahead, stroked the woman’s swollen belly gently. When Mel smiled broadly and Xander leaned up to tenderly kiss her on the cheek, Clarissa resolved to speak to Master Spike regards collecting seed again and breeding that way.

She herself was very careful about inbreeding the pets – particularly after the deafness issue with Xander’s half brother, but her best friend had two stunning females of the white and chocolate breed, and they were out of a European sire and bitch, so there should be no complications.

She put it to Spike, and after watching Xander being so tender with the very pregnant sister, Spike finally agreed. Even if his pet was not inclined toward coupling with females, there was no reason his tender nature and stunning looks should not be passed on. He would have first pick of the offspring and as Mistress pointed out, Xander having a companion around – particularly one of his own – might further consolidate the recovery from his trauma in the other dimension.

Xander was more than a little confused that evening.

The usual nightly cleansing by Master with the nozzle was now accompanied by a special fitting. He peed as usual then the piece clasped just a little more and seemed to have some sort of suction device… but oh… by the third… he simply lay back against Master’s shoulder and released again and again. Afterwards he was too dazed to even think and simply sank to his knees while Master washed him down then kissed him soundly.

He was so sated that he missed the broad smile of Panna holding up the vile of milky liquid in triumph. And just as he thought he might form one or two sentences, he was lifted to standing, automatically widened his stance and felt the known shaft entering his still pulsing passage. So instead of worrying he relaxed, put his arms on the wall and just enjoyed. He even managed a second small release of his own as Master filled him with a cool release.

The suction piece stayed, the collection did not. Mistress was in agreement – it was best to keep the line exclusive and with the true chocolate and whites being so rare, not worth risking a lesser breeder. She would do the research when Spike next decided to put his pet to sire.

Spike was still quietly pleased that his pet was to reproduce. Such a sweet human should not let his line die, just for the sake of orientation!

That evening after Spike had made passionate love to Xander, and he lay content with his snoozing Master still embedded in him, he realized the full implications of what he had become.

Over the past year he had edged toward it, but now had truly accepted the role as Pet, one who lived to please his Master, and who was loved and pampered and adored daily in return. If Buffy arrived to rescue him tomorrow… he knew, he would hide behind Spike and beg her to understand why he wished to stay.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

“You’re an old duffer! What did you go starving yourself for? Tell me that...”

Spike was again reading to Xander from an ancient copy of Peter Pan and had stopped at the most exciting part as they were about to attack Hook’s ship. He knew it drove Xander wild not knowing the rest of the story, but as a vampire with his bite back, who really didn’t feel the urge for murder and mayhem any more – he still reserved the right to torture a little bit!

“I… Oh Master can’t you read just a little more… please… just a little…”

“Only if you tell me what the starving thing was about because this…” Spike poked Xander’s stitches hard enough to evoke a yelp, “This isn’t on! Just ‘cause I’m up the putt don’t mean…”

Xander’s head was hurting and he wasn’t thinking of his training when he blurted out, “But Master… if you dust, I die too. I can’t live… Master you must know… I live only for you.”

Master who was still regaining his own health was pulled up short by the admission. He kissed Xander soundly then said, “Yeah I know… and odd as it sounds it seems, I do you Pet… as I you.”

Xander didn’t need any more in his life but those words, but later, when he overheard Master Angelus with his Master later that night, he thought he would literally burst with happiness.

“Claim the boy Spike! You have to. I never thought I’d say this, but you have to claim him. We have tried everything to reopen the rift but there are magics blocking that dimensional portal – even Lorne’s people in LA can’t seem to get a reading. And he won’t survive here unless you mark him. Whoever his owner is in the other plane won’t matter if some other demon here takes a liking to him.”

“I’ve already… you know we’ve…”

“Claim him properly Spike… William! You’ve got your bite back… do something decent with it! I’ll second you, you know that, and the Watcher be damned, that boy of yours needs a mark of ownership!”

Later that evening, as he and Master made blissful love for the first time since they had both been hurt, he felt the sting of Master’s bite just above his collar for the first time since their time in the other place. He rolled his head back to give Master even better access and came all over them both as he felt the bite go deeper and Master deposit his seed inside.

As Master withdrew his fangs and a cool tongue sealed the bite, he simply whispered “I love you Master” over and over again, and as he fell asleep, heard “I love you too Pet… prob’ly too bloody much for my own good, but I do love you Xan.”

Part Eleven

Willow was sitting with Xander on the front porch of her home. It was Sunday afternoon and Spike was still sleeping.

Xander was content to simply kneel at Witch Willow’s feet and watch while human slaves mowed lawns and human children were allowed to roam free in their designated yards. He continued to be puzzled by the clothing rules but it was not his place to question, so now when going outside knew to take his walking clothes and his lead to Master. All the humans seemed to wear clothes now – although females and males had on very different attire, which really did seem all too odd.

What was more strange was the fact that some of these households kept other species as pets – particularly canines and felines. He could understand the larger canines as they were often seen rounding up the children or fetching things for their humans, but other things like birds and fish… fascinating and very silly really.

His confusion had been worse the day they took a drive to the country – vast tracts of land and not a human herd in sight. He saw some cattle but would have expected at least a bleeding herd. Finally he decided it must be too dry/wrong season.

Pet!Xander was sprawled on his beanbag, happily nude again and enthusiastically coloring a picture of a dog playing with two children in a beach setting. When KeyDawn asked why the sky was black, he just snorted and explained patiently that night was the only time Masters could take their pets.

“Too right Luv.” Spike was wandering past toward the kitchen and a late afternoon snack.

Xander beamed with delight as Master then came over, inspected the piece and kissed him on the top of his head in approval.

A short time later, picture complete, he overheard Master proudly showing his coloring to Witch Willow. He was thrilled to hear Master say that Xander was ‘different’ and that his training was too solid to break, but that his Pet seemed happy. Witch Willow seemed to agree but still spoke of the ‘other’ Xander and them all missing Master’s previous Pet. He wondered idly what had happened to him, although it was the Hellmouth.

He was further bothered by a conversation that Spike and Clem had about Xander being one of a ‘dying breed’ and worried for his sisters and brothers. If they were dying out the show circuit might not be there for them either then what would be their use? In the end it was all too hard so he simply concluded that Mistress Clarissa would no doubt be working with other breeders to rectify the situation. When he shared that information during a quiet moment and told Master not to worry and shyly suggested that he was happy to donate his seed, Spike simply looked confused, then made passionate reassuring love to him. Pet!Xander was then sure everything would work out.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Spike was grumbling loudly – indeed it might even have qualified as growl. Xander was lying on his beanbag again… looking through yet another children’s book. He had come to realize that he always did that when he tried to draw.

“What’s wrong with me!? Bloody Angelus… could draw ‘imself out of the bloody Tower of London if ‘e put ‘is mind to it! Oh Bloody Hell, not again!!” A pencil came flying across the room landing very close to Xander… in fact a little too close, the result of the frustration sticking out of the beanbag at a ninety degree angle. Spike realized his error belatedly. “Sorry Luv, just…”

Xander had learned that it wasn’t his place to initiate conversations, but it had been bothering him for months. He could actually assist Master in other ways than pleasuring or as a status accessory, if only he was given a chance.

“Please Master?”

Spike was still annoyed but listened to the plea… “Yeah Pet, go ahead.”

“Master if it pleases you, I might be able to assist… with your drawing Master…” then immediately added, “just with the drawing! In the other dimension I was… taught to.”

Spike considered for a moment, then handed Xander a pencil and sketch pad. Two days later, a plethora of excellent architectural sketches for Spike’s proposed deck at the rear of the house was the result.

They were lying in a warm bath relaxing, he gently caressing Spike to completion when the question came.

“You like your old cleaning regime or the new one Pet?”

“I rather like the new one Master.” It was true, no matter how many times a day he was taken by his rather insatiable Master, the suction and the pulsed flushing still felt wonderful.

“That’s good then it stays. Makes collection easier if we ever want to again.”


“Yes Pet go ahead…”

“Collection of my seed? Why Master?”

“Breedin’ mostly but can be just to have a little something special on hand when you’re too spent to help out.”

It wasn’t the last part that shocked it was the breeding part that worried him a little. Though Spike had said he wasn’t interested.

Part Twelve

Seven months later, two stunning brunette human pets, obviously very pregnant, were ushered in behind their master and Mistress Clarissa, Gemma in tow. Xander was gobsmacked as Mistress Clarissa gleefully introduced the owner and the two pets. Apparently Xander was to be a father… of two girls… but to both his and Spike’s horror, the breeder was talking about sending the ‘pups’ offshore as soon as they were born.

The four humans were all told to “stay”, and knelt quietly as the Masters left the room deep in discussion.

Gemma was the first to break instruction, leaning over to give her son a kiss then stroked his face affectionately. “I am so proud they are breeding you! and with Adonis’s line too – they will be wonderful children.”

Xander smiled weakly then kissed her on the cheek, oddly moved by the woman he knew was not really his mother, but was so genuine in her affection and sentiment that… “Thank you, mother.”

“My wonderful boy! If only your young brothers could see you now! I’m sure if Mistress asks, your Master will bring you to the show on Friday. There is a good chance Rolf II will win! My darling I do so wish your Master was willing to show you though… Rolf II is handsome and bright, but you? You would win hands down! I am so very pleased you have been put to stud!”

Xander wasn’t quite sure what he was more disturbed by, the fact he was apparently to be a father; that his ‘other’ mother was pleased at grandchildren; or that he felt slightly miffed that his younger ‘brother’ (whom he had never met) was outdoing him on some show circuit he was apparently meant for!

In the end it was all too much and as he turned to the two women who (allegedly) carried his children (and to his own stunned amazement) he simply operated on instinct.

He shuffled over in front of the two very pregnant women and began to try to think of something to say but the woman on the left (whose name ‘Tilly’ was engraved on a tag hanging from her collar) beat him to it. She smiled innocently and reached out to touch his hand then pulled it first to her cheek, then her forehead, then placed it on her squirming belly. As he felt his child move and looked up with wonder, he realized belatedly that both she and the other woman had the scar just above their collars. They, like so many humans, had been robbed of their voice shortly after birth.

He realized the reason for the gestures but still couldn’t hope to stem the tears, and leaned over to kiss each woman with as much heartfelt love and regret as could be encompassed in a single kiss.

One hand stayed on the large tummies of each female until swiftly withdrawn as they heard the return of the Masters.

“So seven thousand and they’re delivered intact at six weeks… none of the clippin’ their voice, yeah?”

Clarissa clapped her hands with excitement, “Oh you won’t regret this my darling… and you simply must bring them to a show or two as juniors!” Spike mumbled something Xander could not hear as the women all rose and joined their Masters at the word “come”.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Pet!Xander was again romping in the indoor pool, but now if Master was with him, the vampire simply sat on the side in an old pair of jeans. Dawn had given up trying to convince Master to get in after the first time, but his Pet didn’t mind. They went twice a week every week, and even though the names of the days were of no interest to him, Xander knew it was regular pattern of a swim and three sleeps then a swim and two sleeps

Over the weeks a regular game of fetch had developed as part of the swimming adventure. Master would throw a tennis ball – or sometimes toss a sinking ring over his Pet’s head and into the pool somewhere and his job was to speed to retrieve it. Occasionally Key Dawn and Witch Willow would join in as a kind of a race. He was happy to let them win most of the time, but if Master cheered for him he would try his very hardest and make Master proud.

If Master was away patrolling with Slayer Buffy the others would throw the ball between each other with Xander in the middle trying to intercept it. Some days, when he was tired or missing Master, he would play for a short time, then simply push back onto the wall and pout. On those days the women would take his hand, apologize, and they would go home early.

Master Angelus came for a visit with his extremely pretty Pet, Cordelia. He wasn’t normally aroused at all by females, but he had not forgotten the dying out of his breed problem. Master looked distinctly worried when Sire Angelus left. It could only be that he was seeking possible males to put across his obviously pedigree pet. So he plucked up the courage.

In a quiet moment after they had bathed together and he had dried his vampire he knelt and touched Master Spike gently on the leg, “Master? May I speak?”

“Of course you silly ol’ bugger, what’s up?”

“Master if Sire Angelus want a partner for his female Pet… I umm… I will do it for you Master – but please don’t make me lie with her… just do it the other way… You know the collection way… or at least with the drugs and the chair… just please… I cannot … perform with women Master – Mistress Clarissa will tell you!”

Pet!Xander suddenly realized the possible failing in his plan to please and prostrated himself in front of Master before adding, “… because she asked and I couldn’t then you came and she said it was alright!

“You are my one and only Master but if you want me to… I will do it for you Master… and for your Sire… but anything for you!!”

Spike was completely baffled until processing fully what had been promised. His dear pet was apparently willing to *breed* for him, at his Master’s say so! Despite being his gender orientation being quite the opposite.

Spike tried desperately to empathize with his Pet’s point of view and finally strung together his dear Pet, his friend and his adoring, faithful lover’s expectation, and his training.

He lifted the human into his lap with a minimum of effort and whispered, “Sire came to discuss other things Pet not bloody breeding. Plenty o’ blokes would do that one, she’s a right catch. But you an’ me… Ah Xan… You’re a right catch yerself an’ I caught ya!

“Ol’ Sire just came across to say ‘is research fella – Percy or sommit – has found the key to that dimension link of yours… Trouble is I don’t wanna let you go… Still I’ve decided… Love ya too much so we’ll do it and if you’re here at the end then all well and good. Bloody hell Pet… I’m not sure I could stand you takin’ up with some other world me!”

Poor Xander was so confused now he simply nuzzled into Spike’s neck and in the process exposed his own.

“Oh please Master… Please Don’t send me away.,. I love you Master… Please don’t send me away.”

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

His hands were bound again, this time because he had hives, and kept scratching! In addition, the medico had injected him (very painfully) in the buttocks with something that knocked him out for almost a day. They never really identified the allergy, but the hand bindings had to stay for three more days and while upsetting, at least gave Master an excuse to pamper him a little more than usual, and he to reciprocate by mouth.

It was late afternoon when the doorbell rang and a uniformed demon followed Mistress Clarissa inside carrying a basket containing two six week old female humans wrapped in individual soft blankets, and a set of papers officially recording their pedigree and ‘pet names’.

“Your new Pets. Madeline and Patricia. Aren’t they just so perfect!!! Gahhh Stefan’s line never fails!”

Master Angelus who was dining with his Childe that night came in shortly after to join and admired the two. But Xander was still trying to take it all in!

“They have your Pet’s eyes my love…” Mistress Clarissa turned to the father, Xander, “What a wonderful gift you have given your Master!”

Xander reeled back in shock and Master realized there was something wrong, so immediately grabbed him from behind and held an open wrist and… and there was Master and then there were two beautiful, tiny brunette females with dark eyes in his arms, and he kissed each one tearfully, touching each tiny form with his bound hands. The pretty human wet nurse, called Nanny Jane that his Master had employed, stood quietly awaiting her instructions. It was Mistress Clarissa who simply smiled and patted him, then lifted the two and placed them in back in the carry basket.

Xander now had two little girls in his arms. They were to mothers he had seen only once… but apparently this was his life now and at least these girls – his daughters - would grow up knowing him!

He had learned over time that as a Claimed Pet he was quite special. His ‘other’ persona had a long and proud pedigree. He had a loving mother and sisters and… but now finally realized he was also a fully functioning male whose breeding line was valuable.

These two girls would be sought after… pampered pets, show humans, their bloodline coveted and they, destined to breed the next generation of the same. Their children would be beautiful, out of the best possible sires… and would always be loved… and… His whole moral compass had just become topsy turvy…

He realized rather belatedly, that he might be bred from again, and Master could not buy them all. But Master seemed to feel his distress and stroked his claiming mark, saying “Now there Pet, you’re a dad.” But Xander was on the brink of full on panic, and Spike heard the heartbeat rise impossibly.

Always reluctant to drug or discipline his Pet when things seemed to get too much, Spike did as his local pet physician advised and swiftly drained Xander to the point of compliance, then placed the two tiny girls back on his chest.

This time the two tiny figures were (by necessity) held on their father’s chest by Spike’s strong arms. The two girls, clad only in nappies, wriggled until comfortable again, then were covered by Xander’s own favorite soft blanket, and promptly fell asleep on their father’s chest.

At that point Xander knew there was no going back.

In the back of his mind, he had always thought he might return to his old life, somehow, but now there was no way. He had children and there was no way he would leave them. He began to cry silently, but wasn’t sure if it was with sadness or joy… his two beautiful girls and an attentive loving Master.

A tender loving Master, who was now stroking and kissing him and brushing away his tears and reminding him how much he was adored.

In the end he gave in to the overwhelming emotions and the draining, and simply joined his children in slumber.



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