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Loyal and Gentle


Part Four

Willow was sitting quietly with the ‘other’ Xander while he carefully practiced his writing under her supervision and Spike patrolled with Buffy. But he was not really ‘other’ Xander any more, rather, she reflected, he really was utterly theirs now too.

This Xander was truly an innocent. He was so bright and keen to learn and to please that she really couldn’t imagine life without the few quiet hours with the gentle human that graced her with joyful smiles as he worked out a word correctly; carried out her instructions as best he could – even if the slight frown indicated ‘hard’ or ‘not normal’; or begged for his crayons and timeout at the end of yet another hour of reading.

Most of all, however, it was this Xander’s joyful welcome of Spike every time he entered the room, and the way he opened his arms for a hug, for no real reason now and then (and Spike never failed to acquiesce) that had tears in her eyes.

She always knew her own glorious friend, whom she still grieved for, was smart, and brave and loyal – all the qualities of this Xander. And he had been excellent at the supervisor’s role in his construction job which was… well… lost now due to disappearance… (although the Sunnydale company was always happy to reemploy – except if the person happened to be… undead.) it was always those thoughts that dropped her mood. And though she was not about to give up on a friend, neither was she so sure she wished to lose a new one…

This Xander was as she remembered her dearest friend when he was a small child. He was sweet and undamaged in a way that she… envied. And she was certainly, like everyone else, more than willing to help and protect the childlike Xander. And rather unsurprisingly, his staunchest protector was, well in all honesty, to be expected. It was Spike.

Willow and Dawn – and even Anya had seen the gradual shift, and all three agreed, it was always in Spike’s original nature to nurture and defend. But they had no idea that it would extend to Xander – and even more – to a pseudo Xander in such a profound way. Yet they all understood as the weeks progressed.

And now she watched as the sound of a key pushing into the door caused Xander to break off all pretence of concentrating and pull up off his bag a little.

She could tell that he desperately wanted to race for the door and greet Master properly, but knew that the new rules didn’t allow that, so simply wriggled a little and said nothing, but still could not withhold a slight whimper as noisy door hinges announced Master’s homecoming.

Willow received a wink from the vampire at the door as he stood his axe in the hallway and headed to the kitchen to wash his hands and take some much needed blood. Willow petted Xander reassuringly and went to collect his running shirt and pants from the dryer.

He knew where she was going. He had fought and pleaded with Master’s staff the first few nights he was allowed out, but had learned that there must have been new rules for pets, because Master demanded that he ‘be decent’ in public. And he was grateful that Master had only asked that he be covered not bridled or muzzled (he’d seen that before… and really just reflected bad training… or breeding issues for the individuals concerned).

He waited patiently on his bag as he heard Master Spike enter the lounge and pull off his jacket, and could barely contain his excitement. He knew what came next…

Spike thanked the Mistress Willow and the pretty Dawn, then took over the reading lesson with a ‘humpf’ as he sat on the couch beside Xander’s bean bag, and kicked off his boots.

“K Pet… show me what you’ve learned today.”

A thrilled Xander held up his latest coloring and writing, then lay back on the bag to wait, while Master assessed the items.

Spike looked at the rather juvenile writing style but noted that in each of the coloring pictures, Xander was now adding extra detail and often a few scribbled commentary words at the bottom.

“Proud ‘o you Pet… Right proud… anythin’ else?” Spike knew that Willow continued to engage Xander’s rather remarkable memory, and at the end of each week, it was time to ask for the recital.

Pet!Xander sat for a moment, trying to contain his excitement, took a deep breath (as Willow had taught him) before beginning…

“It’s called The Friend from page sixty five of ‘Now We are Six by AA Milne’… And I learned it all with my own reading (but I did get help with some hard words). Anyway… this is for you Master… [another deep breath]

There are lots and lots of people who are always asking things,
Like Dates and Pounds-and-ounces and the names of funny Kings,
And the answer’s either Sixpence or A Hundred Inches Long
And I know they’ll think me silly if I get the answer wrong.

But Pooh and I go whispering, and Pooh looks very bright.
And says, ‘Well, I say sixpence, but I don’t suppose I’m right.”
And then it doesn’t matter what the answer ought to be,…”

Then… to his astonishment and joy, Master said the last line with him…

“’Cos if he’s right. I’m Right, and if he’s wrong, it isn’t Me.” Then hugged him so hard!

Xander was overwhelmed, it was just like always!… Master knew even though he was being allowed to learn to read… but Master always knew all the poems… and the absolutely proud look on Master’s face when the hug was released left him near breathless… but he still didn’t forget his training. Xander fell into a full down position on the floor in front of Master’s feet in gratitude then rose to lean against Master’s leg and wait.

Master seemed… worried for a moment and needed to clear his throat a few times, then began to stroke him affectionately. Xander heard the lovely witch Willow and the Key Dawn enter the room again, both standing quietly near the entry hall as Master spoke.

“Oh Pet… Xander… that…That was wonderful Xander… It is one of my favorites… did you know that?”

The pause indicated he needed to answer so replied, “No Master, Mistress Willow said I should choose one that made me think of you Master…”

“And why did that one make you… think of me?”

“Because I am never wrong when you give the answers Master… and it was supposed to be… a thankyou…” Xander suddenly felt very worried – what if he had that answer wrong? He sank back down to a full submission kneel just in case, but even before he was half way there, felt Master’s hand cupping his chin and raising him again

“Xan… How could you think I would be disappointed… You have done so very well, and… I will thank Willow for helping you later… but for now… would you like to go for a run? Because I need a bit of a jog but you need your running gear. So while I grab another snack, you find Willow, yeah?”

Xander scrambled away then rose to stand head down and compliant in front of the Mistress Willow. “May I have my outside attire please Mistress?”

Willow produced the garments before he had even continued to speak, and began to dress him for his run, whispering conspiratorially, “Well? How did it go?” (All the while knowing full well)

In an act that in the first few days had been accompanied by tears as only slaves and minor humans wore clothes’, Xander now compliantly lifted one arm then another and let the burgundy tshirt be pulled down, before giving her a near ecstatic smile and replying, “He said it was…”, one foot into his black sweat pants… “wonderful!” and second leg was in…

“Well there you go honey – he’s happy … but um… are you sure you still don’t want some shoes…” Willow knew the signs of distress too well and put her hands up in supplication… “It’s OK honey… just … silly me! It’s OK!”

Spike arrived in the room moments later, soccer ball under his arm and slid into his boots, obviously ready for a bit of a run.

As they took off out the door, Willow noticed with a smile, that Spike had unclipped Xander’s lead that had also been a point of contention in the early days. Spike instead briefly took his pet’s hand for reassurance, and as they headed up the road released it and they began to simply run side by side.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

The following evening, when Xander came downstairs, there was a beautiful, classic teddy bear with a big bow and a note in perfect copperplate script saying, “To my dear Xander, Thank you for the poetry last night. May you love and cherish this bear as we all do you. Master William the Bloody (Spike)”

Not too many hours later, Willow found Xander on his bag around three, but instead of coloring as she expected, he was fast asleep, the large soft toy in a firm cuddle and the sketch pad on the floor with “Love you Mastre S” and a rather detailed picture of the bear on the open back cover of one of his coloring books.

Willow smiling but rather tearful, handed the picture to Spike as he wandered in the back door following yet another patrol, and though the gruff reply was “Boy needed a bear. Glad he liked it” She didn’t fail to notice that Spike caressed both bear and Xander as he touched his charge awake. Nor did she miss, later in the evening after their run, there were three on the couch as Spike read to his boy, teddy taking pride of place on Spike’s left leg as Xander (perched in his usual spot between Spike’s legs, leaning back content) took ‘point’.

That night Willow allowed Dawn to do what she had sworn would never happen… when Xander and Spike both finally fell asleep - there were pictures!

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

The tight grasp didn’t release, instead Spike stood and used the twist on the arm to push Xander to his knees, and Xander saw the flash of yellow and fangs dropping as he fell to the floor.

In that instant, all he wanted to do was go home, and have Anya complain about a bill; or be back in high school and spend yet another week trying not to wince every time he sat on the huge bruise on his rear end courtesy of a demon, his fight alongside Buffy and consequent collision with a headstone; or even just go back to being… a Pet that did not warrant his Master’s fangs showing.

The grip on his wrist was crippling, and the fangs so close to his throat that he just closed his eyes and held his breath as Spike whispered through a mouth full of deadly teeth, “Well Pet? Still waitin’. Do be so good as to share with your Master. About your… Reading?”

Xander felt utterly light headed and tried to say something but simply couldn’t.

His silence caused a consequent growl as the interpretation was interpreted as stubbornness borne of petulance, rather than fear.

Spike had no choice, but he needed to know. There was no telling what other latent results of his pet’s torture in the other dimension might be waiting to emerge. What if he had been given a trigger? Spike already knew he must have been abused – even after five weeks his Pet shivered and pulled away whenever his master brushed anywhere near his nether regions. It was time - Spike had to know!

The consequent fangs plunging deep into his neck just above his collar caused Xander to do something that was completely involuntary and indicative of a human about to die. He silently submitted to the fangs that he understood were to be his end in the next few seconds, made all the worse by the fact that they were those of someone he, in his last lucid moments, realized he really cared for – even loved. He whimpered, and hoped Master would one day realize that noise was supposed to be an apology. And as the pain became worse, he wet himself, and began to cry openly, collapsing with his head to the side as fingers and toes became tingly. And in what he thought would be his last moments began to mouth a prayer that began, “Our father who art in heaven…”

Spike withdrew his fangs then did something he had never done before. He opened his wrist and pushed the pulsing wound against a pet’s mouth.

Spike sat while Xander swallowed a little of his blood listlessly and reflected on the utterly atypical response to a draining, particularly the utter submission and the old prayer. He pulled away. There was something terribly wrong and had already taken enough blood to weaken Xander to the point of utter compliance. He had the right to eliminate his Pet at any time… but it had never been his intention!

It simply confirmed Spike’s fears. Instead of trust he had tasted terror, instead of loyalty and love there was only… loss and longing. His poor pet had obviously been living with the result of his horrendous torture for over six weeks! His innocent pet needed help – and not just of the training variety – he needed to find out what was wrong – and now!

William the Bloody (Spike), had never felt so out of his depth before, so held his dear listless love in his arms as he reached for the phone.

The conversation was initially fairly pedestrian, “Yes hello? Mistress? Oh… sorry to bother I wonder if she might… OK… Can you ask her to give me a call tomorrow… ahhh… pet issues… No problem thanks… Yeah… Just tell ‘er it’s Spike.”

He then dialed the emergency room at their local clinic and then the neighbor Macy. The dear floppy eared demon was on the doorstep within seconds – and as Spike carried Xander to the car, he noted Macy’s own pretty human, contentedly seated on her safety harness on the back seat.

Macy sat with Spike for a short time at the clinic, but in the end decided it was going to be a long wait, so wished the vampire well and departed.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Xander had been in and out of consciousness since the draining but didn’t miss the smell of a hospital. His mouth was terribly dry and vaguely registered a kind hand petting his hair but simply whimpered again.

In the waiting room Spike had time to consider, as he sat rocking his now semiconscious Pet, he was disturbed that his demon had got the better of him with the reading revelation. Now he began to realize… When in that other dimension, time might have moved differently, and whoever they were must have compelled his darling to read.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Given that basic training seemed to be so difficult, how dreadful must that have been for his dear pet?! He looked down at his cherished human, curled in a ball, head in the vampire’s lap resting. Spike worried – it wasn’t so much that he personally objected to his pet reading – but did know that there was significant opposition to even lesser demon races being taught written communication. It was common knowledge that reading could be positively harmful for humans – a source of grave malcontent, the cause of eye problems and in many cases, causing violent outbursts. Writing was even worse – hand cramps, eyestrain, fanciful raving, obsessive behavior… and on the list went on. As a consequence there were fines for teaching pets to become literate. Spike had to agree – with all the evidence it did seem best to dissuade owners with fines.

He mused belatedly, it was actually easier if you had a ‘dangerous pet’ than one who liked their letters too much – at least the solution for the former was easy, drugs, muzzling, hand bindings and public shackles… done!

Given the latest developments, he had to help his pet, and the obvious evidence that his pet had been hiding things (something that he knew was aberrant behavior) there was plenty of evidence that there was still a number of residual problems from his time in the ‘other place’.

He shifted the semiconscious Xander a little and reached for a pamphlet regards “Fixing things – Your Pet and castration/hysterectomy” from the middle of the table. Perhaps Mistress was right…

Spike thumbed through the contents while absently gazing across at the tearful young owner sitting next to a travel cage with a small dark skinned female lying unconscious. Spike could smell the blood coming from some internal source and could see the odd angle of her arm. The mother was keen to talk and noticed Spike. He was given the story, apparently she had run across a road with excitement as she and her young owner went for a jog and been hit by a car. The family was just happy that their daughter had not been hit too. Spike nodded and continued to stroke his afflicted pet.

Another rather portly elderly demon was sitting on the floor, his equally rotund and aging pet lying on a luxury basket, obviously gravely ill. The pet had apparently complained of a dreadful pain in his left arm earlier that evening and then collapsed. Spike could hear the rapid breathing and irregular heart…

And so Spike waited, and so the list in the emergency room went on.

By the time Spike was ushered into the examination room, he was entirely over the hospital experience and resolved to continue to pay Jon and Julian for their home visit services forever!

The young medico attending them quickly assessed vital signs then took a blood sample which was swiftly analyzed.

Xander lay listless on the hard metal table, unable to muster the energy to fight… anything. He’d heard the conversation in the waiting room and understood enough. He wondered idly whether ‘put down’ wasn’t better than ‘fixed’. He’d seen the fixed males in the classes and on the street lately when they stopped for a drink after their runs. In truth they did all look happy enough, but their missing ‘package’ was all too apparent.

The harsh prick of a needle jolted him from his musing. A standard gag was being applied and prevented words but he whimpered and… Master’s hand was there. Embarrassingly, he wet himself again, then worse, defecated as the other world relaxant took effect.

As Spike’s hand returned to sooth, a nurse cleaned him matter of factly then taped an incontinence pad to his rear and the same across the top of his flaccid penis effectively pinning the soft piece of flesh to his lower stomach. Xander was mortified and wanted to pull them off but found his hands had been bound again. Finally he knew, he didn’t even have the energy to raise his head let alone a fuss.

The doctor continued to chat to Spike as analyzed the faeces and tested the urine released, “Hmmm that’s a good sign, it seems his system is still operating normally.

“Now, Master Spike, in your notes you mentioned the other dimensional experience of your pet did rob him of his training – though also that he had been responding well to Master Reginald’s therapy and a return to exercise and regular food. I must say Master Spike – he is a very lucky pet!! And I am sure this latest aberration is just temporary. I am actually more concerned that you’ve ticked a lack of willingness to serve you on this check list.

“Of course his reading, reluctance to accept the basic grooming, initial wish to be clothed and of course, his loss of memory is to be expected with the interdimensional trauma, but the change in his ability to serve however, most concerning… I note you have considered gelding? Such a fine pedigree – it would be a shame…”

The tall blue demon rubbed his chin knowingly.

Spike stroked sadly over Xander’s pretty long brunette lock, so thick and straight, and so recently flying as they ran together. “What if gets, you know… neutered?”

“Oh I’m sure that will change his behavior, but I’m not sure that the problem lies with his territoriality or sexual urges. Might I suggest another option? Have you put him across any females?”

“What? No bloody hell!! ‘course not!”

The attending physician suddenly gave a rather embarrassed look, “Oh… I’m so sorry… I hadn’t read his natural orientation… Well that changes everything! In that case might I suggest that he may have been forced to service females in the other dimension… it would certainly explain the strange reluctance to please you….”

“Bloody hell!! Are you serious!? How??” Spike continued to pet Xander worriedly as he turned back to the doctor in game face and growled. “How!?”

“Oh very simply really, drugs, a tight lead, special equipment, that sort of thing… The usual therapy for it is fairly simple and just begins with him being offered the usual opportunities to couple without any intervention… Tell me… Is he stimulated by the cleaning procedure? Has he done it willingly since his return?”

“Well only since the hand bindings have come off, but yeah… according to handler Panna, the boy gets hard pretty much everytime.”

The doctor beamed, “Excellent! Well might I suggest you continue encouraging that – even participate for a time. And our next step is to assist him to rediscover his natural orientation then we’ll go from there.” The doctor handed Spike a prescription and smiled cheerily.

“Plenty of fluids and feel free to feed him your blood, but I’d also keep him lightly sedated for a day or so just while we finalize the tests, and he recovers. Oh and I’d recommend leaving on the hand bindings again for a week or so – if only that he doesn’t scratch his claiming scar.

“After that, have him put in with a female or two – I’m sure you’ll find he soon sorts himself out. And in the meantime make sure you give him the reassurance you would normally have done – particularly in relaxed situations. But then I’m sure your personal trainer… Master Reginald… well you can’t get better!... has already spoken to you about that…

“Oh and I’m positive Mistress Clarissa will be more than happy to recommend a breeder wanting to inseminate if you ever do want to breed from him – even if you eventually do decide to have him fixed. Or there’s always the general list on our website… just remember we need to have some forewarning and do some harvesting… The timing is entirely up to you.”

“Yeah right. Thanks Doc… ‘ppreciate your time…” Spike took off his duster, threw it over Xander’s now semiconscious form and pulled him up into a solicitous hug before nodding at the doctor.

As he did so the doctor smiled, “You did the right thing to bring him in after a par draining… better to be sure! Right?! Susan will sort the bill and a taxi. Oh and make another appointment for about a month – I think he should have a booster for his inoculations – best to be sure.”

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

For the next three days, Xander was in a pleasurable haze. He felt utterly different in some fundamental way and was woken several times a day to a cool hand working him to hardness and release with accompanying kind words.

His familiar ablutions were again performed by the kind handlers but he did note through the fog, were now in a different order so after the usual the rubdown with oil, his rear cleansing was given an extra level of pleasure as the insertion was put on pulse and a cool hand wrapped around his manhood.

But it wasn’t just that, the words of affection and pleas for him to recover really did have an effect… and on the fourth day, his fists still bound and a toilet pad still in place (the drugs only now starting to wear off), he lay face down on his beanbag and brought himself to completion to thoughts of … another male… Spike.

The realization was strangely comfortable, but the following day it was made all the more clear.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

It had been Willow’s suggestion, so they all went swimming!

The indoor pool was open until ten… it didn’t help!

Spike was privately terrified, despite there being no chance of him drowning.

As Spike, Pet!Xander, Willow and Dawn had entered the humid building that smelt of chlorine, cleaning fluid and human sweat, Spike was still maintaining that no one swam unless they had to!
But it was all irrelevant as they looked to Spike’s charge, Xander was so very thrilled by the whole thing that even the vampire could not possibly be annoyed.

Spike was a non-swimmer, his sheer age, history and consequent undead status making even a 50m freestyle never an option… and yet here he was, standing in the shallow end of a heated indoor pool, in a pair of black oversized running shorts(!), while an obviously aquatically adept Xander, swam away and back repeatedly, apparently as comfortable underwater as he was gliding along the top.

On the third return, when Xander leaned up for a kiss… Spike pulled the slippery wet male form to him and kissed him soundly. Their nether regions rubbed close one in lycra the other silk clad but both utterly aroused.

As Xander continued to kiss his Master, Willow was very glad they were the last four in the pool, and even happier that Dawn and the very athletic pool attendant, Jerry, were deep in conversation about the merits of an extension of the half time entertainment in varsity basketball.

For Spike it was… extraordinary. A beautiful willing male body rubbing eagerly against his – and when he reached under the tight elastic of the swim shorts and wrapped his hand around the hardness he found there… he really did hesitate, but when the warm hand found it’s way under the loose elastic of his own shorts there was no more doubt. They kissed and both came within the space of only a couple of minutes… yet the kissing continued.

Finally Willow realized that given the very real possibility that they would start over, it was perhaps best the males’ affections were best taken home. She cleared her throat and tapped Spike. The pair parted reluctantly, washing off the chlorine poolside before following Willow and a (now with a first date with Jerry) Dawn to the car.

Xander was in heaven. His dear Master had taken him to swim. He knew how much Master objected to swimming – but even the witch had said it – they went just for him… a pet!
And then Master had finally let him service him… and more than that! Had made sure they both came together… and kissed him!! It was everything he had always loved about Master all embodied in one night.

As he sat in the rear of the car with the towel still around his collar – which he admitted did get a little soggy with the swim – he couldn’t help the tear of happiness fall.

Then, just to make the night perfect, Master pulled him tight and gave him permission to speak his feelings.

“C’mon Pet… ‘sup?”

“I am just so happy Master… just… Thank you for tonight… and… I love you Master.”

The answer was “Ya silly bugger.” But Master pulled him tight as the car turned into Willow’s driveway, then Xander heard the whispered “Love you too Pet.” and felt the cool lips on his forehead.

He all but floated up to bed behind Spike. Not even realizing that he had not waited for the verbal instruction, he simply dove into a welcoming embrace and snuggled. It was only later that his teddy was tugged into the hug, Spike apparently unconsciously happy to include the soft toy.

Part Five

He was finally off medication and was beginning to feel like his body was his own again, but having his hands bound was becoming tedious.

Even the nightly run was now a chore, as his Master had to stop each time he wanted water from a tap, or to assist him with the simplest of tasks like opening the gate to their home.

One thing was increasingly nice though. The gentle touches that began whilst he was sedated did not finish and it was now Spike who conducted the flushing after his post run shower.

On his fifth day away from the vet, Xander stood compliant with his bound hands against the shower wall while not Panna, but Master Spike put the jet onto pulse then moved the finger like piece gently in. His Master… the title now apparently automatic, pressed far deeper than Panna – or he – had ever done before, then pulled it out a little and made sure to direct the pulses carefully at a single spot as he pushed back in and brushed the piece over Xander’s prostate. The first time the nozzle touched the spot, Xander gave an almost imperceptible squeak, but by the time Spike had caressed the spot seven or eight times, Xander had his forehead on his hands, eyes squeezed shut, was giving a small groan with every pass and pressing back enthusiastically into each inward push of the nozzle.

He was beyond rational thought and forgot his hands were bound as he moved one arm with the intent of relieving his straining member, but a strong hand slapped him away.

“Leave it!”

As the relentless pulses filled him, Xander all but whispered without considering the name used…“Oh… Please! Master… Please!! I need…”

A cool hand surrounded him and began a perfectly timed rhythm that had Xander gasping at the first pass and panting desperately by the third, “See… Master has you Luv… Just… needed a proper… workin’ hand… is what you need… hey Pet?... thought ya might ‘ave forgotten… but it seems as though… they couldn’t … train everythin’ out … could they!” Spike grinned and continued to work the nozzle and his hand as his dear Pet reached his climax.

Xander’s head flew back and relaxed onto Spike’s shoulder as he released all down the shower wall with a shout, his rear pulsing in time with the spurts from his caressed erection.

Xander was beyond any logical thought as Spike turned off the pulses, withdrew the nozzle and swiftly washed down the wall, then squirted any residual debris from the cleaning into the drain.

Panna came in to assist as an utterly compliant Xander stepped from the shower in a blissful daze. His wet hand bindings were replaced by dry, and he was toweled off, then led to… some other room to lie down before really processing what had just happened.

He tried to feel bad about it… another male bringing him off… and like that, but really couldn’t… it had felt… wonderful! So in the end he simply snuggled down into his bean bag and drifted off to sleep.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Pet!Xander was bouncing, Master and the Master’s staff were going out. Properly out, it was odd, but they were all going. And OK, he kept being told they were ‘friends’ not ‘staff’ but that was just… in the end he gave up wondering – it was too hard. The problem had been… shoes. Master had decreed that he be attired properly and apparently, now, that included footwear.

He sat pouting as a chirpy young attendant at the shoe shop put his feet on a metal plate then fitted him with a brand new pair of boots, identical to Master’s in all but color! He thought pets weren’t allowed shoes – well not unless they were doing something special with Master, and his feet were tough enough to withstand most things after years of barefooted existence. But then he grasped the second last thought… “something special with Master”, and it suddenly all made sense!

And the shoes did feel… amazing. Soft kid leather hugged his feet and lower legs – though the girl insisted he had socks and soon after, those too were applied. Even so, (and he did try to be good for Master), it still felt very odd. He worried a bit, so when he was asked to walk around the shop, he made sure to lift his feet high as his feet felt very heavy and he didn’t want to scuff them by mistake.

He was very pleased that Master told the girl he was “Special” and “Not to worry”, then was allowed to wear the boots home. It was amazing! Master gave him shoes… He lay on his bag, shoes still tied fast and explained to Teddy how important he must be to have shoes.

Willow was standing in the doorway of the kitchen holding a fresh coffee and watching this version of her old friend chatting away excitedly to his stuffed toy, when Spike walked up behind.

“Penny fer you’re thoughts Luv?”

“He’s just so… so… innocent and I can’t help but wonder… but he is so happy with you… in every way… I saw the pool and… but he really isn’t all there mentally is he – I mean he’s not my Xander… but he’s so sweet… Please Spike, just promise you’ll look after him – even if it’s…”

“Years Luv… used to it and love the boy to bits… so yeah … years… you got it. Now how’s about a hot chocolate for your’s truly and his side kick with new boots ayy?”

Willow patted Spike’s arm as she walked past and whispered, “Thanks” before a far louder “Two sugars?” and got the answer she knew was coming – “’M a demon pet – need at least three to be sweet!”

She wandered out to heat some milk and contemplate how comfortable and friendly her home had seemed to be since Spike and his pet Xander had taken up residence.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

They had driven to a house he did not recognize and upon entry, Xander was led to a room where two very voluptuous women were lounging on purpose built low, satin and fur covered beds.

He felt embarrassed as his lead was unclipped but hands were left bound in front of the two female beauties.

He was put somewhat at ease when the blonde woman, who in heels stood several inches taller than him, stood and took his hand, leading him to sit on a luxurious rug near the fire between her and the pretty redhead.

If Xander of Sunnydale could ever get a ‘hard on’ it was in this scenario, and yet now… for some reason… it all felt wrong! Particularly in the light of the previous evening… morning… whatever…! He was confused enough!

When the blonde’s hand touched then edged its way over his thigh, he flinched a little, but as it snaked its way up to his manhood, he didn’t only flinch… he jumped. “C'mon Baby, I’m Jemima and this is Mae… so glad Master chose you! Our children are goin’ to be so pretty.” As she and her friend pushed in closer, he began to back away.

“C’mon baby… let Jemima make it easy for you… your children’ll be so pretty… ‘cmon baby… we’re both ready and waiting… or are you do you want a little more fun than that!? We can make it fun for you… We know you like boys… so why don’t we play a little rough… We like it in both holes – and we have toys… Why don’t I do you, while you do Mae?”

It was every high school boy’s dream, or at least should have been, as the redhead leaned up and licked the back of her very well proportioned friend’s thigh, but Xander was well and truly into panic mode. As Jemima reached over into a large box and brought out a shorter lead than his own usual one, then produced a paddle, the red head moved to all fours and wiggled provocatively, Xander couldn’t get out fast enough. He sprang to his feet and raced to the other side of the room, banging his bound fist on the door in a futile attempt to escape.

Spike and Angelus watched from behind the one way glass.

“Seems you’re right Sire… thanks…”

“Wish I wasn’t… he’s always been excellent siring material… I’m sorry for what happened… But hey! It’s good to see you boy. And ‘bout time you came by a little more often don’t you think? Reckon my Luka an I could give you two a run fer your money in a month or two?! Or I tell ya what – have you ever thought of training your lad to find golf balls? Luka has saved me a fortune of late!”

“So you still on your usual handicap? What was that ten… per hole? Really Sire! It’s a bloody Scottsman’s game!” Spike snorted then openly laughed as Angel slapped his Childe lightly.

“Brat…” Angel was grinning but turning back to the one way mirror watched with concern as Xander pressed himself into the corner by the door and curled into a tight ball. “You’d better go get your pet, Boy... But tell you what… do come to golf this Saturday, yeah? I’ve missed you Will.” Angel pulled Spike in close, opened his wrist and kissed him on the forehead as his favourite childe took his Sire’s offering. It was comfort for both of them.

He licked the wound closed again and Angel grinned, kissed Spike hard on the mouth once more, then slapped a friendly arm across his shoulders as they made their way around to the door of the coupling room, “Now Childe… I know for a fact that your tastes fly both ways when the two of us are in the mix… so seriously, any time you feel a bit of an urge… just say ‘n I’ll get Mae ‘n Jemima there to tan yer hide just enough to make it fun.”

“Maybe I can just help em tan yours Sire.” Spike gave a wicked wink and a smirk before sprinting down the corridor to the door. As he stopped and calmed, he added, with complete sincerity, “Thank you, Sire. Boy’s special to me… this… just thanks, OK.”

Angel nodded and smiled lovingly, “Understood… Just come over Saturday, and Will? If you can’t? Well… don’t be a stranger alright?”

Spike was pulled into, accepted, and returned the warm hug from his Sire one more time before opening the training room door to retrieve his distraught pet. At least that pattern was consistent – and as the dear clinic doctor had pointed out – it should have assisted in as much as his pet being reminded of his male preference.

As Spike entered the room, Xander all but launched himself into the vampire’s arms and held on desperately, only later realizing the mere presence of his Master (and yes in every way that was what he was becoming) was both a total relief and really did excite him a little.

“’S OK Pet! Master’s here, ‘s OK, we’re goin’ home, yeah?”

Xander was about to say thank you but saw the dark figure of Angelus… and definitely Angelus not Angel… at the door, and froze on the spot.

Spike saw the reaction and reached out a calming hand, pushing Xander down into a kneel then pulled him tight against his own leg whilst attaching a lead to the collar and whispering, “Don’t worry ‘bout Sire, Pet. He’s just here to collect his girls… Now let’s us on home shall we… an’ I’ll sort you out with a few treats.”

A bewildered Xander’s stomach rumbled as if on cue, as he stood.

“We’ll see ourselves out, Sire”

Angel, who was a little distracted trying to attach leads to the two attentive females, simply waved at him and mouthed “Saturday”, before wrestling a little with the very cheeky Mae to get her lead on.

Xander got into the rear seat of the car, sat utterly still and silent as his pet safety harness was fitted. But when Master leaned in to give him a final reassuring stroke down his increasingly long hair and closing the door, Xander leaned into the touch and whispered, “Thank you, Master.”

Spike kissed his lovely (though still obviously somewhat troubled) pet on the temple. He cupped Xander’s handsome jawline in strong pale hands and looked into still worried brown eyes, “Let’s you an’ me get on home yeah? ‘part from anythin’ else, you ‘n me have a golf game to perfect!”

Xander had no idea what the last statement was really about, but was unworried as a second kiss landed firmly on his lips and for the first time, he tried to reciprocate. Spike was obviously thrilled and patted his shoulder as he moved out to close the door and enter the drivers’ seat. “There ya go! Better already…”

Xander lifted a suede covered fist to his lips and brushed them lightly in not a small amount of wonder. The kiss had felt… really… just right.

Part Six

Xander had hardly roused as he was lifted from the car by the strong arms of his Master, Spike, and like a small child, settled back into a relieved sleep as the familiar softness of his beanbag, and the plushy throw rug gave what now was, very welcome comfort. He would worry about his own apparent lack of urge to assert himself in the morning.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Pet!Xander walked beside Master nervously.

They had driven for what seemed like hours, and he didn’t have his proper kneeling spot – instead had had to sit up in the seat next to Master because the minibus ‘didn’t do kneeling’. He did his best to smile at the slave who was driving and was very polite to the Key Dawn, Slayer Buffy and Witch Willow as the female staff joined them, then was amazed when another human that was not part of the household simply let herself in too! But he said nothing as Master patted his knee and the vehicle began to move.

His collar was hidden under his clothing, and he wished it wasn’t but Master had said.

He was wearing a wonderfully soft, cream colored sweater that Key Dawn had brought over and some tight brown leather jeans that Master said were “bloody brilliant”. Xander was pleased Master liked them but really just thought that they made him itch in all the wrong places and gave him no room to move… especially when Master did… that!

Spike had helped him with the ties on his boots and told him he was gorgeous… and kissed him… but without his collar showing he worried that others might not know he was owned, but then… Spike’s female staff said that everyone would know but he didn’t know how … Gahh it was all too confusing!

Of course it was Master came up with the solution and promised to mark him.

Just before they left for their outing Master had held him tight sucked on his earlobe until he was sure he was going to soil his new clothing with his excitement then a quick sharp sting was followed by a practiced hand slipping the thick gold ring into place then a soft cool tongue took away the heat of the hurt and Master smiled at him.

“There now… got a ring to tell everyone you’re taken, OK Pet? See given meself one too… ‘s the other one of the pair.”

Xander was utterly stunned. His dear Master had decided to mark himself with the same adornment as his Pet. It was too much. He had to do something to show his gratitude, so in one swift action twisted, fell to his knees and hugged his Master’s black leather clad jeans with a whispered mantra of “Thank you, Master… Oh, thank you Master!”

Finally, Master Spike had pulled him up and kissed him soundly, and said he was a “silly ol’ bugger” with such love that Xander had simply floated to the minibus where the women were waiting.

Now at their destination, as they approached the dark door, he felt much more like he knew what was going on.

There were humans penned ready for sorting by a loose red rope. They were standing patiently in a long line, the few that were agitated being calmed by others in black with badges that looked like handlers.

He knew that the night must a breeders’ sale and was never more thankful that he was a prized pet. He couldn’t see their Masters or Mistresses which all made sense – the owners often moved their breeding stock without being there when the pedigree was mixed – and by the line up of specimens, that seemed to be very much the case.

He felt a little sad for the two girls at the head of the line – they both had thin black collars on and their handlers had obviously put a little too much kohl around their eyes, and on their lips(!), and in his opinion they looked far too young to be breeders. Still, they both looked eager to enter the sale, so Xander relaxed just a little.

Master’s hand was there again, and Master’s pinkie linked with his, just as he had promised. They had talked it over.

Master had been so patient when he worried about any such outing, and always made allowances, but Xander was still terrified he would get something wrong! He began to shake a little, but Master knew and as they stood in the shadows together, used their joined fingers to pull him very close then whispered, “I’ll look after you Pet, any time you feel worried, ’s for me to sort out, yeah? Now come on Luv”

Xander positively glowed as he was kissed on the temple and given a surreptitious hug. Master had claimed him and loved him, and all he had to do was please Master… Oh and he knew how to do that.

Master’s female staff member, Key Dawn, had already gone ahead and was talking quietly to the large male human guard sitting in front of the door, Master was (obviously!) important so they were welcomed inside.

He noticed the distress on the faces of all those in line when he and his Master were allowed in, and simply hoped that they might find kind owners too, after the sorting and sale was over obviously. He was sure the two girls would produce pretty offspring… even though they obviously had no proper pedigree.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

As they entered the darkened venue Xander didn’t see the sale pens which was a bit of a relief, but rather, it was a pleasure venue which was rather confusing. Music was playing and Masters were obviously allowing the pets to dance with each other! He had only ever been to a place like this once before with Master and then it had looked very different – the new rules about Pets being dressed was still worrying him. His education as a pet included dancing of course but these pets seemed to have little training. It really was all too much to take in so he simply decided to focus on Master and make sure that his wonderful owner was not disappointed!

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

The following day, Xander woke to the warmth of his rug and the memory of the loving kiss. The latter being the most unusual and compelling point to ponder. He found himself touching his waking arousal with more than a little enthusiasm, finally rolling onto his back in an effort to get comfortable and finished the activity silently but for one word, “Spike”.

That evening, after their run and Spike had done his usual cleansing trick of all but bringing Xander off with the pulsing nozzle, he felt a cool hand stop his completion, then a much larger, cool and obviously slicked shaft enter him. It pressed hard against his pleasure point and a cool tongue found the scar from Spike’s previous bite and began to lick. It felt… wonderful so he pushed back and accepted another male, Spike, his Master, into his body for the first time.

Spike’s hand began to pump his erection in time with the thrusts and he closed his eyes, giving in to the amazing sensations.

Spike pulled him back into a strong hug and he allowed his head to fall back on the vampire’s right shoulder as he was impaled and pulled off again and again.

Spike was thrilled by his Pet’s enthusiasm, despite not yet volunteering to service Spike, his Xander was obviously on the improve. Angelus and Mistress Clarissa had been right – his dear pet just needed the proper reminder… He was sure Xander would now begin to remember his training, and resolved to send his Sire and the lovely Mistress both a large bunch of flowers. And he would make sure the staff knew to sleep his pet in the Master’s bed again from now on.

Xander came against the shower wall long and hard, and vaguely remembered being toweled dry and led to another room, but when he woke in a real bed with a Master vampire cuddling him from behind like some oversized soft toy, and remembered the previous evening, he worried a little but finally fell asleep again. It was all too hard.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<

Spike was amazed by this other version of Xander, nervous, shy and all but irritated before they entered the club, but once in the environment, seemed be far more confident than Spike himself! The vampire had never been more grateful for the witch’s research.

The bar was at the top end of Sunnydale, three blocks from the university, and was the only one in town that truly welcomed same sex couples. Willow had her own agenda for choosing the venue – after several years of celibacy she had just begun dating a very pretty young wiccan Nathalie and the first real date had to feel… just right.

They immediately headed to the mezzanine floor of the club where the crush was a little less, and the music certainly seemed to be at a tolerable level for vampire hearing.

A restricted number of places to sit meant that Xander’s choice to kneel at his Master’s feet was matched by Willow at Nathalie’s. The whole staff and ‘extra’ dynamic he didn’t really understand, but once he spotted the quiet caresses being exchanged just smiled. Willow was too pretty not to be a breeder, but not all girls were that way inclined so obviously Master had found her a stable mate. He was so happy for her, and Willow seemed to agree as she waved shyly back at him from her position on the floor.

Eventually Spike’s staff had all been off to dance at various stages, returning hot and perspiring. Master had apparently given tacit permission for them to do what they wished for the entire evening.

Xander simply leaned against his Master’s leg and reveled in the feeling of a cool hand stroking through his hair and was handed a drink in a cup with a straw, and just as he was feeling thirsty too! Master always seemed to know.

The beverage tasted like the black cola drink he was allowed on very special occasions at home before the rule change, but had a slightly bitter edge to it and made his insides warm which was strange. He luxuriated in the strangely relaxed feel and pushed into Master’s quiet hand as it continued to caress.

The female staff returned en masse as a new set of music started, and his Master finally gave in to their begging. Master was always the best dancer… he knew why they would request he take the floor, but then Master took his hand and pulled him up too! He was initially just a little dizzy, but followed without question.

As they took the floor there were many male couples dancing. It was a fast piece, the beat relentless and the music base heavy and loud. He let go and allowed his breeding and training to speak for itself. He wanted so much to show Master how much he adored him and to make Master proud.

Spike was initially a little surprised when his very attractive ‘pet’ undulated against him, but by the time the second slower set came on and the now very warm and sweaty and aroused human began rubbing against him, the vampire gave in to his own urges – both male and demonic! He kissed Xander passionately then pushed them both into an alcove beside the stage, and kissed him again.

Xander was frantically fiddling with Spike’s fly with one hand and desperately trying to remove his own pants, and Spike’s demon wanted to take the boy there and then, but the still ever-present William part of the Master Vampire demanded better. He dragged the half aware boy up the stairs, threw the keys to Willow then hailed a taxi.

By the time they got home the naughty touching was all but frantic and the taxi driver even yelled ‘perverts’ as he sped off, but Xander was in heaven.

Master immediately led him to the bedroom and stripped him, and gave extra attention to stroking his collar. He shivered with anticipation and was so very hard that when his pants were removed, he couldn’t help the sigh, even though he’d not been given permission. He immediately fell to his knees and began to service the Master but was amazed as his glorious vampire, his all, stripped in a flash and lifted him effortlessly onto the bed.

Xander serviced his Master joyously and his attentions were returned in a way that he could never, in his wildest dreams (!) have imagined.

His own breeding meant that his recovery time was far better than the breeder humans, but as he was finally allowed to sink onto Master again and the cool hand fell into place… there were no more thoughts. He rode Master, licked and caressed, and gave himself in every position he could think of! It was late the next afternoon when he roused, utterly content.

He was leaking Master’s fluids onto a carefully placed towel and his neck ached in just that right way indicating that Master had drunk from him. His memory of the night was not all that clear, but… ohhh who needed to be clear when Master loved you enough to take you dancing!

He was still spooned by the beautiful vampire and felt… so loved! He reached out and pulled his teddy close, deciding in that moment that even though he was still struggling to read (which seemed so important to Master)... especially the hard things the staff had been giving him lately; and having to wear clothes; and to stand instead of kneel … he didn’t really mind, it’s what he had been bred for. He was leaking Master’s fluids and his neck ached in just that right way.

Master loved him. Life was good.



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