7 First Date




"Hey Xander, it's Forrest."

"H..Hey!  Forrest.'s it going?"

"Great.  I was wondering if you're busy tonight?"

"Um, t...tonight?  Um, no, I'm not.  Busy, that is."

"Cool.  Do you wanna go see a movie or something?"

"Or...or something?  Um, movie!  Movie would be great."

"Great.  How's about I pick you up at 6?  We'll go get pizza first"

"Um... "

"Bloody hell Whelp?  What's got you so worked up?"

"Um, actually why don't I meet you there?  Okay, six, see you , bye. "  *Click*

Spike stalked up to where Xander was practically huddled over the phone, blushing bright red.  "I said, what's got you so worked up?"

"Oh, hey Spike, um, nothing."

"Pfft.  S'not nothing.  You're red as a tomato and you reek of nerves."

"I don't reek of anything!  Stupid Vampire guy, shows how much you know."

Spike eyed his friend warily then decided to use his best 'please tell me, you know you want to' voice.  "Xaaaander?  What's going on?"

Sighing, Xander wandered over and flopped onto the couch.  "You remember Riley's friend, Forrest?"

Sitting down next to the brunette, Spike nodded.

"Well, he just called.  He wants me to go to a movie with him tonight."

"S'that all?  You're all worked up over hanging out with some guy?  He's one of those Army gits, so of course I hate him, but you two seemed to hit it off at the party last week."

Xander blushed again, "No, you don't understand.  He asked me out, to dinner and a movie.  Like a date.  He's gay too."

Spike's eyes widened in understanding.  "Oh, so it's that kind of hanging out?  Well, so what?  You've been on plenty of dates before."

Xander shook his head, unable to look Spike in the eye.  "It's my first date with a guy.  He mumbled.  Telling everyone and saying it's just a theory is one thing.  Actually going out on a date is entirely different."

"Right."  Spike nodded to himself and seemed to come to a decision.  "We may be friends and all that crap, but I'm not the one to help you with this."  So saying, Spike stood up and walked over to the phone.  Before Xander could ask what he was doing, the Vampire had dialed a number and was speaking into the phone.  "Hey Red.  You better drop your afternoon stuff and come on over.  No, its just this Whelp of yours.  He has a date with some bloke and now he's going all strange and nervous."  Spike had to hold the phone away from his ear as Willow shrieked something.  "Right.  See you soon."  Spike hung up the phone and came back over to flop down onto the sofa.  "So, Red will be over soon, she'll get you sorted out.  Passions is coming on.  If you must fidget, do it somewhere else."

"Gee Spike, look at you all concerned and fatherly.  That last bit almost sounded like Giles."  

Spike snorted.

Xander scooted over so he was leaning against the Vampire and rested his head on his friend's shoulder.  "Thanks."

Spike grumbled but allowed the brief contact.  

Smiling now, Xander headed into his room.  He had a date to plan for.

Willow showed up an hour later and calmly took everything into her very capable hands.  After receiving an hour-long lecture on first date do's and dont's, including some tips for being 'out' in public, Xander was shoved into the bathroom to shower while Willow picked out his outfit.  

With half an hour till his date Xander was prepped, primped, and ready to go.  He got halfway to the front door and froze.  

"Xander, what is it?"

"I'm sorry Wills, I just don't know if I can do this."

"Xander!  Of course you can.  Just go be yourself!"

How could Xander explain to his best friend, who had long ago embraced her life style decision, that walking out that door would, for all intents and purposes, set things in stone.  No longer just a thing to joke about with his friends and fantasize about on lonely nights, going on this date would place him indisputably in the category of 'alternative lifestyle'.  Taking that final step was possibly too much for him to bear.

A loud sigh came from the living room.  "Bleedin 'ell, I thought it might come to this."  Spike stalked over to where they were standing.  "You may want to leave the room Red, this may be too much for you."  Spike stood right in front of Xander, practically nose to nose, or nose to chin, the boy was still taller than him, damn it.  The Vampire grabbed Xander by the shoulders and gave him a good shake.  "Look boy, none of this 'I'm not good enough' crap.  You are a good person.  You're funny, smart, loyal, and the best friend I have.  In fact the only friend I'll admit to having.  Anyone would be lucky to have you.  If that bloke doesn't like you than piss on 'im.  His loss.  An' if anyone gives you any crap about your poofter lifestyle I'll rip their throats out."  Spike pulled Xander to him for a brief hug.  "Now go, before Red tells everyone I've gone soft, and I lose what little rep I have in this town."  With that, Spike shoved Xander out the door.  Turning, he scowled at a widely grinning Willow.  "Not one word, Red."

The witch mimed twisting a key over her lips and skipped out of the apartment.  Spike settled back onto the couch with a sigh of relief.  "Thank the bloody gods, thought I'd never get any peace around here."

The walk to the pizza place was a blur.  Walking into the restaurant was difficult, and as he walked up to greet the other man, Xander was shaking with nerves.  But once Xander and Forrest were seated and eating, they fell quickly back into their previous conversation of fighting stories and funniest demon moments.  Dinner passed quickly and they made their way to the theater.  A brief argument ensued over how to pay for things, with them finally settling on Forrest buying the tickets and Xander paying for popcorn and sodas.  Xander had a brief moment of mind-blowing embarrassment when he opened his wallet and found that Willow had slipped a condom into it, but luckily Forrest was still buying the tickets and didn't see his brief flush.  The movie was funny and had enough action to be interesting, though Xander lost the plot halfway through when Forrest reached over and held his hand. The rest of the evening passed in a blur, and then Forrest was walking Xander home, still holding hands, the two men smiling shyly at each other as they walked.  

Much too soon for Xander, they approached his front door.  "So, uh, I had a good time."

Forrest smiled, "Me too.  Can I call you again?"

Xander grinned, "I'd like that."

Suddenly Forrest was leaning in closer.  Xander didn't have time to think before warm lips were ghosting over his.  The kiss was brief and Forrest pulled back quickly.  He gave Xander's hand a final squeeze before releasing it.  "I'll see you soon, okay?"

Xander nodded, "Okay."

Forrest waved and headed out into the night.  Dazed, Xander fumbled with his door key and wandered into the apartment.  He barely glanced at Spike's note, saying the Vampire had gone out because he fancied a 'spot of violence'.  Wandering into his room, Xander stripped absentmindedly and collapsed into bed.  He drifted off to sleep, a happy smile on his face.  This time in his dreams, pale, cool flesh and blue eyes were replaced by laughing brown eyes and warm lips and hands.

8 Bonding

Spike looked up as Xander rushed into the apartment.  "Work go late?"

"Hey Spike.  Yeah, we ran late.  I've got to hurry if I'm going to meet Forrest in time."

Spike growled softly in annoyance.  It wasn't that he resented the boy having a boyfriend, but the two men had gone out every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night for the past two weeks.  During the week Xander's time was taken up by work, and an upswing in demon activity had used up the rest of the free time they had.  Spike hadn't seen Xander in almost a week and he was surprised to find he missed his friend.  "Bloody hell, again?  Didn't you two just see each other?"

"Well, we went out to dinner Thursday night, and we did go bowling last night, but it's Saturday!"  Xander yanked his filthy work shirt off as he strode towards the bathroom.

Spike shuddered.  Bowling, urgh.  "Right then.  Well, what are you two up to tonight?"

Xander smiled happily, "We're going dancing at the Bronze.  I think Buffy and the rest may be there, you should come."

"Nah, I think I'll pass."

"Oh come on Spike, Saturday night at the Bronze, loud music, plenty of teenagers to taunt..."

Spike tried to ignore the voice in his head shouting that the reason he didn't want to go was because he was jealous of Forrest.  But I'm not! he argued with his voices.  And anyway, if he was jealous it wasn't because Forrest was dating Xander, but because Xander was spending so much time with the other man, stupid voices.  "Thanks pet, but no."

Xander paused in his rushing about and frowned at Spike.  "Is everything okay, Spike?"

Spike waved away the boy's concerns, "I'm fine.  Go, get ready for your date."

Shrugging, Xander headed into the bathroom and flicked on the shower.  He could tell that the Vampire was annoyed, but he wasn't sure why.  Pushing thoughts of his roommate out of his head, Xander quickly stepped into the shower and began washing away the dirt and grime of the construction site.  He was practically bouncing in place, he was so excited about tonight.  They hadn't gone dancing together yet, and Xander eagerly anticipated what it would feel like to press up against Forrests well muscled body and move to the music together.  He wondered if they'd go further, soaping himself up Xander fondly remembered Thursday night.  

Forrest had borrowed a friend's car, and after dinner they drove out to Sunnydale Lake and sat in the car, watching the moonlight reflecting off the water.  Forrest was holding one of Xander's hands in both of his, lightly stroking it.  Gently Forrest had tugged on his hand, pulling Xander closer.  Side by side in the back seat, pressed together from shoulder to knee, Forrest had leaned over and kissed Xander softly.  Their lips slid wetly together, and Xander had parted his eagerly to Forrest's probing tongue.  The kiss deepened and one of Forrest's hands had snuck up to caress Xander's face and thread through his hair.  Xander groaned and tried to shift closer to his boyfriend, bringing an arm up to wrap around Forrest's shoulders.  They were kissing frantically now, soft pants filling the car.  Forrest slipped a hand down and began unbuttoning Xanders shirt.  His hand slipped inside and swept across Xander's chest, stopping to tweak a nipple.  Groaning, Xander dropped his hand from Forrest's shoulder and slipped in under his shirt, eagerly tracing his fingers over the hard ridges of muscle.  Moaning softly, Forrest sucked frantically on Xander's tongue and then broke off, whispering harshly, "Xander, can I touch you?"

Xander froze for a moment, wondering if he really wanted this to go further, then Forrest pinched his nipple sharply and all thought of hesitation was driven from Xanders mind.  "Yes." He breathed.  

Slowly, Forrest trailed his hand down Xander's chest and over the prominent bulge in his jeans.  Xander groaned and thrust slightly up into the light touch.  Chuckling softly, Forrest stopped kissing Xander long enough to reach both hands down and slowly inch Xander's zipper down.  Xander flushed, embarrassed now, but Forrest gently eased his erection out and smiled at Xander.  "God Xander, you look so hot."  Relaxing now, Xander leaned back as Forrest gently stroked him.  Forrest's hand was warm and strong stroking up and down Xander's hard length.  Forrest leaned in and kissed him again.  Xander allowed his hand to wander lower on Forrest's chest until it rested atop the other man's equally hard bulge.  "C...can I?"

"Yes!"  Xander smiled at Forrest's eager exclamation as he began inching the other man's zipper down.  Forrest's dark, heavy cock sprang free and Xander realized that the commando was going commando.  He tried to hold back the hysterical giggle, but the absurdity of the thought along with the immensity of what he was doing threatened to undo him.  Luckily Forrest chose that moment to kiss him again.  Then Xander was lost in the feel of warm lips sliding together, tongues tangling, the feel of Forrest's warm hand on his cock and the feel of Forrest's cock hot and heavy in his hand.  It didn't take long for either man to come.  Xander came first, it had been months since he had been with anyone else and the novelty was too much.  He cried out into the mouth covering his own, shuddering and shaking, before pulling himself together enough to finish Forrest off.  

Xander quickly finished the shower and jumped out.  He had come home Thursday night in a daze, absurdly glad that Spike had been out.  The fact that he had, finally, had sex, sort of, with another man was enough to overwhelm him, he didn't need Spike taking one whiff of him and smirking at him knowingly.  Xander wrapped a towel around his waist and headed into his room to dress.  

The sound of an action movie in the living room had him fondly thinking of his roommate.  He loved living with Spike.  They got along really well now.  Some of the best times of Xander's life recently had involved just hanging out with the snarky blond Vampire, watching some movie and making sarcastic comments, or playing pool and drinking beer.  Xander paused in pulling his shirt over his head.  When was the last time he and Spike had just hung out?  His last two weekends had been taken up with Forrest, and the last week or so work and patrolling had kept them both busy.  Huh, maybe that's what has him so grumpy.  I have been ignoring him lately.  It's a testament to the weirdness of the hell mouth that I actually don't find it weird that my Vampire roommate misses me.  Xander quickly finished dressing and headed out into the main room.  

"Hey Spike?"

The blond barely looked up from the TV, "Yeah, Whelp?"

"What'cha doing tomorrow?"

Spike turned a baleful glare on his roommate.  "Why?  You and boy toy need me to clear out?"

Xander shook his head, "No, no it's not that.  It's just Buffy had mentioned something about a Scooby event, that's all."

The Vampire shrugged, "I'll be around."

"Cool.  Well, I'll be at the Bronze.  See you later."

Spike just waved at him distractedly as Xander walked out the door.

They had been dancing for hours when they finally called a halt and went to get something to drink.  They settled on a couch and Xander gratefully took a sip of his beer, then pushed his sweat soaked hair out of his face.  He grinned at Forrest, "This is fun."  

Forrest grinned right back, "Definitely."  

Xander slouched next to his boyfriend, shoulders touching and grabbed onto Forrest's hand, idly stroking his fingers.  "Um, Forrest, can I ask you something?"

Forrest set down his beer and wrapped an arm around Xander's shoulder.  "Sure."

Xander took a deep breath.  "Would you mind if we didn't go out tomorrow?  It's just, I've been kind of ignoring some friends, and I feel like I should make the time for a friend bonding day before they get too mad at me."

Forrest laughed softly,  "Hey, that's cool, I understand.  In fact, Riley was just complaining the other day that we never spar together anymore.  This will give me and Riley a chance to hang out too."

Xander smiled gratefully at his boyfriend, "Thanks."

The darker man leaned over and brushed his lips along Xander's.  "Of course, this means it could be days before I see you again.  I think I should give you something to remember me by."

Shuddering, Xander leaned into the kiss.  "Oh yeah."

Smiling, Forrest jumped up and pulled a confused Xander back towards the men's room.  He pulled them into the back stall and pressed Xander up against the wall.  

"Wh...what did you have in mind?"  Xander panted out.

Forrest kissed Xander passionately, pulling back only when they needed to breath.  Grinning what Xander thought was a pretty good evil grin, Forrest glanced down to their matching bulges and then back up at Xander.  "I'm gonna taste you.  Then I want to feel your mouth on me."

Speechless, Xander could only gulp and nod.  Forrest slithered down Xander's body and quickly unzipped his pants.  Forrest deftly removed Xander's already hard cock and licked up the length.  Groaning, Xander let his head slam back into the wall as his aching cock was enveloped in moist heat.  Forrest was skilled and he soon brought Xander to the edge with lips, hand and tongue.  Xander tried to hold still, but couldn't resist small, gentle thrusts into his boyfriend's mouth.  Feeling the familiar pressure building, Xander tried to gasp out a warning, "Forrest, I'm gonna cum!'  Forrest sucked harder and Xander bucked up into his mouth, shooting load after load down his throat.  Xander tried to get his breath back as Forrest licked him clean and tucked him away.  Forrest slithered up Xanders body and kissed Xander sweetly, allowing Xander to taste his essence on the other man's tongue.  

Forrest broke off the kiss and stepped back.  "So, gonna return the favor?  I need a good memory to get me through the next couple of days too, you know."

Xander grinned and pushed Forrest back against the other wall.  He placed a quick kiss on Forrest's lips and moved to crouch in front of Forrest.  Xander wasn't sure he would be able to do this well and didn't want to loose his nerve.  Quickly Xander unzipped Forrest's pants, fumbling a little with the zipper before he finally got it down.  Reaching in, Xander slowly removed his boyfriends erect cock.  It looked like he remembered it from the other night, as dark as the rest of Forrest, with a purplish head and prominent vein running the length, hot and heavy in his hand.  Tentatively Xander licked up the length and then, encouraged by Forrest's groan, began sucking softly on the head.  Forrest thrust lightly against him and Xander took the hint, sucking Forrest in deeper.  To his disappointment, Xander found he couldn't take Forrest in too deeply without gagging, so he settled for sucking and licking the top half of Forrest's cock and fisting the lower half.  Forrest obviously liked the combination of suction and friction, before too long Xander was surprised to find his mouth being filled with thick, salty fluid.  
After some more kissing and rearranging of clothing, the two men dazedly made their way back out to the bar.  They plopped down on a couch together and happily snuggled.  Xander caught Willow waving to him out of the corner of his eye and waved back.  He saw Willow turn to Buffy and Tara and say something.  He didn't need to be psychic to figure out what was said, his best friend had taken one look at their rumpled clothing and swollen lips and known.  Willow had immediately turned to the others and said, "Theory's been tested."

Xander forced himself out of bed by noon on Sunday, knowing if he wanted to surprise Spike, he'd have to hurry.  Having quickly showered and dressed, Xander grabbed a mug of coffee and left the house.  An hour and several stops later, Xander staggered back into the apartment, laden under bags of supplies.  He stashed his purchases and stuck a mug of blood in the microwave, before going and changing into a pair of comfortable sweatpants.  Once dressed in his best lounging around the house clothing, Xander grabbed the mug of blood and wandered into Spike's room.  The Vampire was on his back, spread out over most of the bed, one arm thrown loosely over his eyes.  Xander knew Spike slept in the nude, and thankfully the sheets were still in place.  The last thing Xander wanted was to start of their friendly bonding day with an accidental flashing, well, okay, he wouldn't mind the flashing, but Spike probably would.  

Knowing the Vampire was already aware of his presence; Xander set the mug down on the side table and took a running jump onto the bed, landing next to Spike with an 'oomph'.  They bounced for several seconds before Spike turned and glared at Xander.  "Yes?"

Xander just grinned.  "Morning Spike."

"Xander, just what the bloody hell do you think you're doing here?"

Xander sat up against the headboard, shamelessly stealing one of Spikes pillows, and handed the mug over.  "Breakfast in bed."

Spike sat up and took the mug warily.  "What's this about then?"

Xander leaned over till he was shoulder to shoulder with Spike.  "We've both been busy lately, I missed you.  Thought we'd spend the day together."

Spike looked surprised and pleased, but a frown quickly replaced the expression, "You mean till your date tonight."

Xander shook his head.  "Nope, no date tonight, just us."

Spikes eyes widened, "But there's some Scooby meeting today, right?"

"Nope, made that up to make sure you wouldn't make other plans.  It's just us, kung-foo movies, beer, and you beating me yet again at numerous games of poker."

Spike smiled, a honest-to-goodness happy smile and suddenly Xander was positive that he was doing the right thing.  Spike raised the mug at him in toast, "Cheers mate."

Spike kicked Xander out of his room so he could dress, and Xander went to make breakfast for them.  Spike wandered into the living room, also clad in sweats and a tee shirt, just as Xander was dishing up heaping plates of omelets and hash browns.  

"Careful pet, keep this up and I might have to revise my stance on you not being allowed to cook."

Grinning, Xander handed the plate over.  "Don't worry, you already admitted I could cook eggs, and the hash browns are frozen."  They sat on the couch together and flipped on the TV.  

Xander turned to Spike, "What first?  Jet Li or Jackie Chan?"

Spike grinned at Xander, "I think Jackie's a little more appropriate for breakfast, don't you think, pet?"

Nodding, Xander popped in the first movie and settled back with his roommate to watch.

By the time evening rolled around, Spike and Xander were happy lumps draped over the couch.  The day had been spent with pizza, beer, and conversation.  They had talked more in the last few hours than they had in the last couple of weeks, and that alone made Xander positive he had done the right thing by declaring the day 'Spike and Xander Day'.  Probably the only downside was Xander losing $50 to Spike playing Blackjack, but Xander wasn't thinking about that right now.  He was pleasantly drunk, very full, and ready for more mindless movie violence.  He looked over and shared a contented smile with his equally happy lump of a roommate.  "What movie now?"

Spike waved a hand lazily at the TV, "'Evil Dead' next, pet."

Xander got up and put the movie in before flopping bonelessly back down on the couch.  He reached over for the remote and suddenly realized it wasn't there.  He turned to face a smirking Vampire.  Spike was sitting against the arm of the couch, his arm raised above his head, remote control in his hand.  Xander didn't hesitate, just launched himself towards the smug Vampire, "Mine!"  

They tussled for several minutes, falling into the familiar wrestling-for-the-remote pattern of grabbing it away and gloating before having it snatched away again.  They were both breathless with laughter when they finally collapsed on top of each other.  Xander was the winner of this particular tussle, mostly because he was lucky enough to discover Spike's ultimate tickle weakness, the back of his knees.  Sporting a smug look, Xander grabbed the remote and flicked on the TV.  The two men lay back together on the couch to watch the movie.

Xander awoke hours later, dimly aware that he had fallen asleep sometime during the movie.  He was lying on the couch on his side, his head resting on Spike's chest, an arm thrown around the blonde.   He immediately tensed, but the relaxed, figuring that if Spike had been awake, the skittish Vampire would have moved already.  Xander slowly raised his head to see if Spike was indeed asleep, only to meet sleepily blinking blue eyes.  "Um, hi?"

Spike blinked a few more times, considered the position he and the boy were in, how uncomfortable he was curled up around another man versus how nice it was to be curled up with a warm body, then gave up.  He and Xander were friends, if they wanted to curl up together on the couch, they would.  Spike flopped back down and pulled the warm body closer.  He dropped a soft kiss on the top of Xanders' head then closed his eyes.  "Go to sleep, Whelp."  Spike smiled when Xander sighed happily and curled up tighter against him.  

"Night, Spike."

"Oh, and Whelp?"


"If word of this gets out, I will have to kill you."

"Mmmhmmm.  I guessed as much.  Right, the Big Bad doesn't cuddle, I won't tell if you won't."

Spike chuckled.  "Deal.  Go to sleep."   A soft snore was his only answer.

9 The Breakup

Xander glanced over at his boyfriend and smiled shyly.  It was their one-month anniversary.  To celebrate, they had decided on dinner and a movie, just like their first date.  Unlike their first date, dinner was at a nice restaurant and the movie was something romantic and to be watched back at Xander's place.  The big deal, other than it being their anniversary, was that Forrest was going to spend the night.  Xander had to admit he was slightly nervous.  They had been taking it slow and so this was to be their first overnight stay together.  

They were now curled up on Xander's couch, watching the romantic and sappy movie.  Xander wasn't paying much attention to it; mostly he was focused on how it felt to be curled up in his boyfriend's arms.  The apartment was dark, except for the light from the TV and a light on in the hallway.  Spike had disappeared for the evening, saying he'd be in just before dawn, so he didn't have to walk in on Xander and Forrest being poofy.  The movie ended, and Xander leaned in and kissed Forrest, long and slow.  They sat for a long time, lips slipping and sliding together, tongues dueling.  Eventually Xander stood up and took Forrest by the hand.  He pulled the other man up and silently led the way back to his bedroom.  Once they were inside, Forrest pulled Xander into a warm embrace, renewing their kiss.  Finally, when they needed to breath, Xander pulled back and looked Forrest in the eyes.  "Forrest, I'm really glad you're here.  I really like you and I want to be with you tonight, but I'm not ready, penetration."  Even though he had practiced his speech, Xander couldn't help but blush at that last bit.  

Forrest smiled, "I really like you too, Xander.  Thank you for letting me know how you're feeling.  Don't worry, there are lots of other things we can do that don't involve penetration."  The other man then recaptured Xander's lips and proceeded to show him what they could do.  

Before he knew it, Xander was efficiently stripped and laid out on his bed.  Forrest stripped just as quickly and raked his eyes over Xander's body before lying down so they were pressed together the whole length of their bodies.  Xander gasped at the feeling of all their flesh pressing together.  It was the first time he and Forrest had been completely naked together and he was swiftly coming to love it.  Kissing slowly up Xander's jaw, Forrest thrust his hips gently against Xander and captured his lips just in time to drink down Xander's gasp of pleasure at the sensation of their cocks sliding together.  Moaning happily, Xander quickly grasped the idea and soon they were thrusting against each other, hands and lips touching wherever they could reach.  The sensations of their cocks sliding together was maddening and soon Xander gave up all pretenses and just grabbed hard onto Forrest's hips, pulling his boyfriend tight against him and thrusting madly.  Xander kissed down Forrest's neck and buried his face in one strong shoulder as he came with a strangled cry.  Forrest continued with his raged thrusts and soon followed, warm cum splattering their stomachs and mingling with Xander's.  

Forrest leaned down and slowly kissed Xander, before rolling off him with a groan.  "So, was that special enough for our anniversary?"

Xander laughed, "Oh, yeah, I think so."

Forrest glanced over at Xander and grinned, "We're just getting started."


Spike trudged wearily into the apartment just as dawn was breaking.  He had spent the entire night out, as he had promised Xander he would, so the boy and his lover could have the place to themselves.  The night had started out all right, but just past midnight he had run into some new Master Vampire who had just rolled into town with an army of minions and was trying to set himself up as the new Master of Sunnydale.  Spike had spent the night battling the new Vamp and his minions, and while they were all dust, he was bloody, bruised and exhausted.  Wearily he trudged into the bathroom, barely scowling at the faint scent of sex permeating the apartment.  Stripping off, he climbed into the shower and scrubbed off the nights detritus.  He was half asleep on his feet by the time he was clean, and he barely had enough energy to dry off, walk to his room, and flop into bed.

It was several hours later when an aching hunger woke Spike from a sound sleep.  He tried to roll over and fall back asleep, but he hadn't eaten before he went to bed, and his body was reminding him of that oversight now.  Groaning, Spike levered himself up and pulled on a pair of boxers and a tee shirt.  Groggily, he wandered out into the kitchen and set about heating up a mug of blood.  Spike had worked his way through two mugs and was heating up his third when he heard the polite cough.  Turning he found Xander's boyfriend standing in the kitchen entryway, dressed in a pair of jeans, bare-chested and looking pretty happy with himself.  

"Hi!  You're Xander's roommate, right?"

Spike nodded, "Yeah mate.  You must be Forrest."

Forrest smiled, "Yup.  Nice to know he's mentioned me."

Trying to hide his nervousness at being in the same room as one of the 'army gits', Spike rolled his eyes and gestured to the fridge, "Don't be shy mate.  Help yourself."

Forrest nodded his thanks and got a jug of orange juice out of the fridge, pouring himself a glass.  Forrest drank his juice and made small talk, while Spike anxiously waited for the microwave to finish.  Finally it did and Spike grabbed the steaming mug out, intending to take it into his room with him.  His nervous movements jostled the mug a little too much, and a small splash of blood sloshed over the side and splattered onto the floor.  

Time seemed to freeze as Forrest took in the blood on the floor, the empty blood bags on the counter, then finally really looked at Spike.  Bollocks, was the only thought Spike had time for before reality hit and Forrest realized just who and what his lover's roommate was.  "H...hostile 17!  You're hostile 17!"


Xander was drifting lazily in and out of sleep, content for the moment to lie in the messy bed and relish in the happy memories contained within.  Unfortunately peace was not to be the agenda for the morning.  He heard Forrest shout something, then a crash, then Spike angrily yelling his name.  "Xander, get the bloody hell in here!"

Swearing, Xander pulled on a pair a sweats and ran towards the kitchen.  To his horror he saw Forrest threatening Spike with the slender end of a wooden spoon, shouting something about hostiles.  Xander quickly insinuated himself between his boyfriend and his roommate and held up his hands in a placating gesture.  "Forrest, chill man.  I know he leaves bloody mugs and wet towels all over the place, but its not worth dusting him over."

Forrest gaped incredulously at Xander before regaining his wits and gesturing angrily at Spike.  "Xander, get behind me!  There's a hostile in your apartment."

Xander tried not to laugh, he really did, but the whole picture, Forrest bare-chested and wielding a wooden spoon in his boyfriend's defense, Spike practically climbing up on the counters to avoid said wooden spoon, switching in and out of gameface and growling, and Xander standing between them, wearing only sweat pants and still sticky from the nights activities, not sure if he should be defending his roommate or his boyfriend.  Laughter was a foregone conclusion.  

Forrest looked at Xander like he was possessed.  "Xander, your roommate is a Hostile.  We have to call the Initiative, get him recaptured and neutralized."

Those words stopped Xander's laughter cold.  "Now wait just a second Forrest.  I know exactly who and what Spike is.  He's my friend and my roommate and he also happens to be a Vampire.  A Vampire who you and your buddies chipped, so he's no harm to me or anyone else.  No one is taking Spike anywhere.  Just put down the spoon and lets talk."

Forrest just shook his head and started patting down his pockets with one hand, looking for his cell.  "Xander, he is a hostile and he has to be neutralized.  Its for your own good."

Xander crossed his arms across his chest and stared coldly at the man in front of him. "Get out."

Forrest looked shocked.  "What?  Why?"

"You are insulting my friend and threatening his life.  That is not acceptable, so if you're not willing to listen to me you need to leave."

Forrest dropped the spoon.  "Xander, are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Yes, Spike is my friend.  He is not the only demon, or 'hostile' I am friends with.  If you can't accept my friends, then we obviously aren't going to work out."

Angrily Forrest stomped back into Xanders room and grabbed his clothing.  Dressing quickly, he stalked back into the living room.  "You're choosing to consort with hostiles instead of humans?  You're right, we would never work out.  You make me sick."  With that Forrest left with a loud slam of the door.

Xander stayed standing in the middle of the kitchen, fists clenched, breathing heavily.  He couldn't believe that Forrest had just behaved that way.  Who did he think he was, threatening Spike that way?  

Once Forrest had left, Spike finally climbed down off the counter and scooted around the fuming Xander, grabbing a towel and kneeling to wipe up the mug of blood that he had dropped when Forrest attacked him.

Xander came out of his anger and confusion enough to notice that Spike was covered in cuts, and had extensive bruising.  Without thinking he ran over and began running his hands lightly over the Vampires injuries.  "Oh, gods, Spike, what happened?  Did Forrest do this to you?"

Spike shook his head, "No pet.  Your soldier boy didn't touch me.  Had a rough night last night."

"He's not my soldier boy anymore."  Xander wandered into the living room and flopped onto the couch dejectedly.  "How'd you get all beat up?"

Spike shrugged.  "New Vamp in town.  Fancied himself the new master of the hell mouth.  Not as old or as strong as me, but close.  Plus he had quite a following.  Took me all night to get them sorted out.  Don't worry, they're all dust now."

Xander turned wide eyes onto Spike.  "Didn't Buffy help?"

Sarcastic snort, "She was off with Captain Cardboard.  I was patrolling on my own last night."

Xander angrily slammed his fist into the couch cushion.  "Its not fair!  You risk your life, unlife, whatever, to protect us and this stupid town, again and again, take on another master and his minions all by yourself, and what thanks do you get?  You get to come home and almost get staked by my stupid xenophobic boyfriend.  Gods, I'm so sorry Spike."

"Pet, it's me who should be apologizing.  I wasn't thinking, if I'd eaten before I went to bed, then I would still be asleep instead of up and scaring off your boyfriend.  I truly am sorry I ran him off like that Xander."

Xander shook his head, "It wasn't you Spike.  You have every right to be here, you live here for gods sake!  He had no right to jump to conclusions about you and threaten you in your own home, in our home.  Plus he didn't even respect me enough to listen to what I had to say.  He just immediately assumed Vampire=evil."

Spike placed a tentative hand on Xanders clenched fist. "He wouldn't be wrong luv."

So quick the Vampire almost didn't see it, Xander turned and grabbed Spike by the shoulders, hard. "Yes he would be wrong.  You may have done evil things in your past but you are not a bad or evil person.  You are my friend, you take care of me and of the others, we trust you.  I wouldn't, couldn't, lo---care about you, be your friend if you were truly evil."  Sitting back with a sigh, Xander raked his hands through his hair and looked at the floor, "He was wrong about you but he couldn't trust me enough to give you a chance."

The sight of Xander wiping tears from his eyes caused a painful wrench in Spike's undead heart.  'Pet, I..."

Xander stood up quickly and looked down at his friend.  "Spike, look, it's not your fault okay?  I just can't talk about this right now.  I'm gonna go out, maybe find Buffy or Willow, blow off some steam.  If I stay here, you'll have to spend the whole day listening to me bitch about Forrest, and you're injured, you need to sleep.  I'll see you tonight, okay?"

With that, Xander turned and walked into his room, closing the door behind him.  Nearly overflowing with conflicting emotions, Spike followed suit, heading to his room and his interrupted sleep.  It would be hours though, before sleep claimed him.

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