Spike’s point of view; pre-S/X; mention of X/Anya
Rating: R
General Spoilers for Season 5.
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine and never have been, mores the pity.



One of the things Spike liked best about his life, un-life, whatever, was that even after one hundred and twenty-seven years on this earth, he kept getting surprised.  Now, not all of the surprises were good, but still, life kept surprising him.  Take Sunnydale, for instance, ever since he and Dru had first pulled into town, the place kept surprising him.  Finding Angelus working with the Slayer, surprise.  The Slayer giving him and his girl a reprieve when it all went to hell, surprise.  The gem of Amara, surprise.  Being beaten by the Slayer-several times, surprise.  The Initiative, surprise. 

The government chip in his head was probably the biggest surprise of all.  Or maybe it was the Slayer and her group of friends, and how they had taken him in and cared for him.  Tough call. 


Some things still didn’t surprise him though.  The Slayer was a bitch and even when he sort of liked her, he still hated her.  The hell mouth was the hell mouth, one apocalypse after another, hordes of demons and vamps with aspirations towards world domination.  Dru still left him-again and again. 


The protective urges he felt towards the Slayer and her group of friends, while it may have surprised others, didn’t even faze him.  Spike knew his own nature, and he was a creature of the pack.  He had been turned and brought immediately into a tight-knit family, and even when Darla and Angelus had taken off, he had still had Dru with him, not to mention the occasional minions.  Since Dru had abandoned him and the chip had left him helpless, the Slayer and her gang had come to replace that family for him.  Even if he would never tell them that. 


Sitting here in the Magic Box, watching said pack go about their research and slay duties, he found himself amused by the interactions of the Scoobies, amused but not surprised.  Take Anya, for instance, she and Spike really had the most in common out of the gang. Spike understood Anya, even liked her, sort of.  They’d had a few drunken conversations, reminiscing about past slaughters and the difficulties with adjusting to the human way of life. Spike felt he could understand how the ex-demon had replaced the lust for blood and slaughter with lust for physical pleasures.  If Spike hadn’t had the release of being able to kill demons, he may have done the same. 


Spike was watching her now and found himself puzzled at first by Anya’s newest game. She stood behind Xander as the whelp sat on the couch, researching.  The boy wasn’t paying attention to the book though, his eyes were glazed and unfocused, his cheeks were flushed, and Spike’s sensitive hearing could pick up shallow panting breaths.  But all his girlfriend was doing was massaging his shoulders, pushing down on them every few rubs… Suddenly Spike thought he understood.  He took a careful, deep breath as he strode past them; just to make sure he was right.  Yup, he could smell it, underneath the pheromones and lust; the slightly chemical scents of silicone and lube.  Bloody hell, the bint’s breaking him in!  Spike was surprised that Anya had managed to convince Xander to wear a plug to the meeting. The thought of Xander bending over and taking it up the ass from his girlfriend made Spike chuckle, he’d never of figured the whelp for swinging both ways. What do you know? This lot could still surprise him.


Having figured out their latest sex game, Spike wasn’t surprised when, a week later, Anya cornered him in the storage room of the Magic Box and propositioned him.  The deal was that Spike would fuck Xander, now that he was broken in, and Anya would get to watch, and tape it.  As much as she wanted a threesome, Xander didn’t want to share his girl, so it was a onetime deal. 


Nope, Anya’s forward manner and proposition didn’t surprise him at all, what did surprise Spike was his own reaction to it.  He arched an eyebrow at the girl, “And the whelp’s given his okay to this little proposition of yours, has he?”

Anya had the decency to look chagrined, “Well, no, not exactly, but he’s really enjoying the anal sex, and I figured it would be a nice present for him.”


Spike snorted, “Somehow I think you overestimate how thrilled the whelp would be.  Sorry luv, not that you aren’t shaggable and all, but I’m not up to being the rent boy of the week.”

Anya pouted and begged, but Spike held his ground.  Later that night, over a beer at Willie’s, he pondered his reaction.  It wasn’t that the couple weren’t attractive, Anya was soft and bouncy in all the right places, and time spent living in Xander’s basement had shown Spike that beneath the baggy, bright clothing was a well-toned body that would be a treat to experience.  What the problem was, Spike realized, was that Xander was his friend.  They hung out together, played pool at the Bronze and made fun of the college kids.  Sure, they insulted each other all the time, but it had been a long time since the bantering had held any malice.  Spike realized that if he and Xander were ever going to end up in bed together, Spike wanted it to be for real, for keeps. And wasn’t that a surprise?

The End

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