Written for the S/X Pornathon
Written for herself_nyc.
What she doesn't want: Absolutely NO daddyporn or truly nonconsensual rape, although rape fantasy is fine. But the Daddykink thing is a NO. She wants S/X alone.

D. I. Y.


The music was a low, throbbing beat playing in the background. The lights were off and the room was lit by candlelight. Everything was set up. Naked, Xander relaxed back on the bed and waited for his lover to begin. 


Slowly, Spike danced into the room. His hands ghosted over his chest, slowly unbuttoning his shirt as he moved in time to the music.  His sharp blue eyes managed to be both sultry and serious at the same time.  Xander took in the picture his lover made. He couldn’t help it, he laughed.  It started out as a giggle, but quickly built into a huge, belly-hugging guffaw.


Spike stopped his striptease, exasperated. “Bloody ‘ell Xan, what’s wrong now?”


“N…nothing.” Xander managed to gasp out between giggles. 


Spike pouted at the giggling brunette. “I don’t get you. We’ve tried almost every scene I can think of, teacher-student; dungeon; daddy-boy; spanking; cop; master-slave; and now stripper. You just keep laughing and breaking the scene, or getting wigged out.” Spike gestured to the video camera set up in the corner. “How are we supposed to make a decent home porno if you don’t like any of the scenes?”


Xander reigned in his giggles and knelt up on the bed, drawing the annoyed Vampire into his arms. “I’m sorry baby, I love you, you know I do. I just think all the role-play is a little silly.  Call me old fashioned, but the thing I find most sexy is just you and me, fucking.”


The blonde rolled his eyes. “Just fucking!  What’s so sexy about that?  We do that all the time.”


Xander drew back and eyed his lover in surprise. “What’s so sexy about us fucking?” He let his voice drop down into a growl. “Hmm, perhaps you need a reminder.”


Xander pulled Spike hard against his chest, capturing the Vampire’s cool lips with is own.  The kiss started out slow, just the wet slide of lips, gradually deepening as lips parted and tongues came out to play.  Xander’s hands slid up to Spike’s shoulders and gently pushed the shirt down and off. The sheer silk slipped down pale arms and fluttered to the ground.  Warm, work roughened hands began tracing light patterns over the expanse of cool chest, running over the ridges of muscle and circling around rosy nipples. Xander’s hands slid down Spike’s stomach and began working on the buttons to his jeans while he sucked hard on Spike’s tongue, the way he knew the Vampire liked best.


Spike moaned and leaned in closer to Xander, barely aware that his jeans had been opened and shoved down his legs. The brunette released his mouth and Spike gasped as he suddenly found himself lifted up and onto the bed. Xander laid him out and knelt over him, brown eyes roaming hungrily over his pale body.  Xander’s eyes came to rest on the scrap of black satin that barely covered the Vampire’s prominent erection. “Now that’s sexy.”


Spike smirked at his lover. “It’s a g-string.”


Xander’s eyes widened. “Hmmm, I’m going to have to see about that.”


Leaning down, Xander let his lips and tongue begin to trace the same patterns over Spike’s chest that his fingers recently had.  His hands traced lightly over the satin covered bulge before trailing down his lover’s strong thighs.


Spike moaned and arched into the caress of his lover’s warm lips and tongue.


Xander’s tongue traced down, circled Spike’s belly button and began a slow meander through the light dusting of hair on Spike’s belly until the scrap of black satin stopped it. His tongue began to trace the outline of the g-string, along Spike’s pale belly and across the top of his thighs, before rolling Spike over onto his stomach.


The blonde moaned in disappointment when Xander pulled away, only to sigh in pleasure as his tongue took up where it had left off, tracing along the small of Spike’s back and along the string nestled between two firm ass cheeks.


Spike gasped in shock and pushed back into the wet heat tracing his crevice. “Mmmm, please Xan.”


Xander chuckled and allowed his lover to push up onto his hands and knees. Once Spike was situated, Xander leaned over and grasped the string in his teeth, pulling it down and out of the way before leaning back in to lick up the length of Spike’s crevice. The blonde shuddered and moaned, pressing back into Xander’s tongue. Xander trailed his tongue around Spike’s pucker before pushing in as far as he could, pulling out and setting up a slow rhythm of thrusts.


Spike shivered and shook as Xander leisurely fucked him with his tongue. Soon he was panting and reaching back to fist his aching erection. He moaned his disappointment when Xander slapped his hand away. “Mine.” Xander managed to mumble around his busy tongue.


Xander kept up until he knew that Spike had reached his limit. The blonde was covered in a light sheen of sweat and was shaking and moaning, his unneeded breaths doing that little hitching thing Xander loved so. At the last possible moment Xander pulled away and clamped a hand firmly around Spike’s cock, preventing his lover’s orgasm. Spike cried out in disappointment and flopped bonelessly down onto the bed.


“Fuck, Xan…”


Grinning, Xander rolled Spike over and swallowed his cock down to the root. Spike arched up off the bed howling in shock as Xander sucked his orgasm from him. Once the tremors had passed, Spike collapsed onto the bed, scowling up at his lover. “You are evil, love.”


“Mmhmm, very evil.” Xander leaned over and kissed Spike deeply, sharing the Vampire’s taste with him as his hand searched for the tube that had been left on the bedside table. Once he found it he sat up and knelt between Spike’s sprawled legs. Dark blue, hazy lust filled eyes watched him as he quickly slicked up a couple fingers and worked them into the blonde. Spike was loose from the rimming and his recent orgasm, so Xander preformed only a cursory stretching before pulling Spike into his lap and slamming home.


“Fuck!” Spike arched into the thrust, canting his hips and wrapping his legs around Xander’s waist. “Love, yes!”


Xander grabbed his lover’s ass firmly and knelt up, pulling Spike with him until only the Vampire’s head and shoulders remained on the bed. Two long slow thrusts to make sure he had a secure grip on the blonde and that his angle was right.


“Oh fuck yes love! Right there, do that again!”


Yup, his angle was right. Xander began to thrust steadily, groaning at the way Spike’s channel fluttered and grasped around his cock. “Gods Spike, feels so good!”


Spike’s only answer was to moan. Xander sped up his thrusts, sweating freely now, his hair damp and falling in his eyes. He tossed his head, moving the hair out of his eyes and raked his gaze over his lover.


Spike’s cock was hard and leaking again, the blonde’s eyes were shut tight as he writhed beneath Xander’s pounding. His legs were wrapped around Xander’s waist, ensuring the brunette was hitting his prostate on each thrust.


Xander tightened his hands on Spike’s ass, “Hold on,” he rasped. Spike’s eyes flew open and he nodded, locking his legs around Xander’s waist.  The brunette leaned over his lover placing his hands on either side of Spike’s head and took Spike’s mouth in a hard, claiming kiss. Xander worked one hand in between their bodies and began fisting Spike’s cock. The Vampire moaned loudly and attempted to devour his lover’s mouth. Xander pulled back with a gasp. “Come for me baby, please.”


Spike’s body tightened into a rigid arch and he screamed Xander’s name as he shot ribbon after ribbon of cum over his chest and Xander’s hand. The violent contractions of Spike’s orgasm caused his channel to clamp down hard on Xander’s cock, pulling his own orgasm from him.  Xander came, shouting Spike’s name before blackness overtook him.


Xander came to a few minutes later, still embedded in his lover as Spike stroked his hair and murmured soft nonsense to him.


“Mmm,” Xander lifted his head and kissed the blonde softly. “I think my head exploded.”


Spike chuckled, “Something exploded, think it was me though.”


Looking Spike in the eyes Xander affected his best evil grin. “So, was that sexy enough for you?”


Spike rolled his eyes. “Love, if that were any hotter I would have spontaneously combusted.”


“Glad it wasn’t then, I like you non-dusty.”




“Yeah, love?”


“Next time we do a video I’m letting you set up the scene, that was much better than anything I was coming up with.”


“No more videos Spike!  I can’t take any more performing for a camera.”


“But Xan…”



The End

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