Pairing: Spike/Xander/Angel
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer:  I don't own em.  I just borrow em.
Warning: PWP

Written for [info]strip_off_angel
[info]ladyvirgo1956  wanted:  Angel is sitting in his penthouse apartment brooding like he always does and no one can snap him out of it this time. Fed up Spike calls on the one person who can. So this person shows up and greets him with his trademark greeting "Hi ya Deadboy." Angel looks up and smiles. What happens from here is up to you.

Secret Weapon


Spike tried everything he knew how to get Angel out of his funk. He refused to call this brooding. This was so far beyond the normal creased forehead and quiet stares that Spike developed a new definition. Angel was in a funk.

At first, Spike through his wiles would be enough to bring Angel back. He’d tried whining and pouting. Nothing. He’d tried being angry and combative. Nothing. He’d even tried his best weapon of all, getting naked. Nothing. It was then that Spike knew just how serious this situation was. No one could resist him naked.

He went through his options. He could gather Angel’s crew and see if there was something magical to blame. Nah, he knew it wasn’t a magical issue and then he’d have to deal with them all questioning everything and getting in the way. He thought about getting some sort of love potion to get Angel in the mood so he could fuck him out of the funk. Then he remembered the last few love spells he’d seen used and tossed that idea out quickly.

Finally, it came to him. He had one other weapon at his disposal. One that not even Angel was aware of. And one old broody would never see coming. He grabbed his cell and headed out into the night. He needed a little privacy for this discussion. No need for Peaches to get an inkling of what he was soon going to be up against.

Plans made, Spike continued on into the night, dusting a few wayward vamps just for kicks and giggles and finding a nice bar to cozy up in for a nice bottle of whisky. He couldn’t stop the dopey smile that came across his face every time he remembered hearing that voice on the other end of the phone line. He couldn’t wait to see Angel’s reaction to what they had planned.

The next night, Spike made sure to kick up a big fuss about how bored he was and how he needed Angel’s attention. Angel continued to ignore him and sat staring out the window. Until, that is, he heard Spike’s scream of joy and heard booted feet running across his office. He tried to ignore the sounds of greeting but they were getting louder and more enthusiastic and finally he had to look.

Spike was wrapped in someone’s arms and they were kissing like there was no tomorrow. Angel raised a brow into a perfect arch. That was different. Spike was never that enthusiastic for anyone besides him. Angel found he didn’t quite like the feeling. Then the stranger released Spike and turned one brown eye to him.

“Hi ya, Deadboy.” Angel couldn’t help the smile that snuck over his face at his first glimpse of Xander Harris. He quickly schooled his expression back into its frown and turned to stare out the window.  He heard Xander’s chuckle and growled low. He didn’t want Xander laughing at him.

Behind Angel’s back, Spike nodded grimly to Xander who got the message. “Well, Spike, guess your old man isn’t glad to see me. I’m hurt. You think you can make it up to me?”

Spike’s shouted, “Hell, yeah!” nearly shook the rafters and Angel tried to catch a glimpse of their reflection in the window before he remembered that he wouldn’t be able to see Spike anyway. Damn. He shifted slowly in his chair, trying to be as subtle as possible. He only needed to shift a little further before he could watch out of the corner of his eye.

Damn. Spike pushed Xander back further and out of his line of sight. Wasn’t that just his luck. Then he heard moans and zippers and Angel couldn’t help it. He had to turn and look.

Spike was on his knees and sucking Xander’s cock. Xander had his hands fisted into Spike’s hair and was pumping his hips quickly, forcing his way further into Spike’s open throat.

Brown eyes met brown and Xander smiled. “Come on, Angel. I’ve always fantasized about being with the two of you at once.”

Now that Angel found difficult to believe and he turned around again and stared out the window, trying to ignore the musky scent of arousal that was wafting his direction. He listened carefully though even though he was trying to ignore everything about what was going on behind him. Angel heard Xander’s breath quicken and catch. He heard Spike’s moan of pleasure.

He heard rustling and movement and then more kissing. Then he heard Xander’s voice whispering to Spike. “I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’ll forget all about him. Who needs a sire when you have me?”

Angel’s entire body tensed, waiting for Spike’s response. He didn’t have to wait long.  “Fuck me, Harris. Fuck him right out of me.”

More rustling and Angel didn’t even have to look to know what the next sound meant. Spike always made that sound when he first felt a cock breach his tight hole. Damn it! That sound was supposed to be for him only. And that one too! The one he made when Angel was buried to the hilt inside him and just getting ready to pound them both senseless.

That did it. Angel stood and turned towards them. They didn’t even notice him. Spike was bent over the desk, spread open and taking Xander’s surprisingly large cock as it speared into him over and over.

Angel stormed over towards them, stomping his feet and trying to draw their attention. Nothing. Damn it! Xander couldn’t be THAT good. Could he? When they still didn’t react, Angel pulled Xander off Spike and ignored Spike’s groan of displeasure. Angel glared at Xander for one long moment. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Xander cocked his head to the side at looked Angel up and down. “This.” Then he grabbed Angel and kissed him. It didn’t take long for Angel to respond. He wasn’t entirely dead after all, no matter what names Xander liked to call him.

Then Xander’s tongue teased at his lips and Angel opened his mouth and their tongues tangled together. Angel pulled him tighter, trying to get more of that flavor into him. Xander pulled at Angel’s shirt, ripping buttons and sending them flying. Angel pulled Xander’s shirt off as well, frowning when he thought of Xander fucking Spike without even taking the time to get his clothes all the way off.

Spike decided it was time to help and knelt between them, pulling Xander’s cock into his mouth as he worked on Angel’s pants. When they were both free, Spike tugged them around so he could taste them both. It was a good plan, but unfortunately they were too big and only one at a time would fit in his mouth. Spike pouted his displeasure.

Angel and Xander didn’t notice though as they were still playing a round of tonsil hockey. Angel was so distracted by Xander’s kiss that he could’ve been staked at that very moment and wouldn’t have noticed until his lips left the warm ones pushing against his.

Xander reached down and pulled Spike to his feet without ever breaking his kiss. He pulled Spike in and shifted slightly so that all their mouths could meet together. Angel pulled them both closer, feeling the heat from Xander and the cool from Spike. His senses were overloaded.

Spike pulled away and bent himself back over the desk. He looked at Angel and didn’t have to wait long before the older vampire was pushing at his ready opening. Xander moved behind him and nudged a finger at his entrance. Angel tightened up instinctively before allowing him in.

Fingers left and came back slick before breaching him again. Angel pushed his hips forward into Spike and back onto Xander, his head falling back in pleasure at the double stimulation.

Xander stepped closer and kicked Angel’s legs further apart before pushing him down onto Spike. Then he was pushing into Angel and pushing Angel into Spike and both vampires howled their pleasure. Angel quickly fell into the rhythm and let himself pound forward into Spike and back onto Xander, the pace brutal and satisfying.

Spike howled as he came and he tightened around Angel. Angel stilled and Xander used the opportunity to shift and find just the right angle to send Angel over the edge. Spike yelled out again as he felt himself filled with cold seed and then Xander was yelling his own release as he filled Angel.

Xander pulled Angel to his feet and spun him around. They kissed again and Spike stepped behind, dipping his finger into Xander’s release and dragging it to their lips. Angel sucked Spike’s finger clean before returning his attention to the human in front of him.

Xander was smiling at him. “Well, that’s one fantasy down. I have more.   You interested?”

Angel picked Xander up and tossed him over his shoulder. Then he grabbed Spike’s arm and dragged him along behind. By the time they reached his bedroom, Angel was hard and wanting again.

Spike and Xander’s eyes met and they both smiled before Xander allowed himself to be distracted again by Angel. The blond vampire watched for a few moments before joining the fun. There was nothing quite like Xander sex. The man was his own best weapon and as Angel started howling in pleasure again, Spike was glad he’d made the call.

The End

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