Pairing: Spike/Giles/Xander
Rating: NC17
Warnings: M/M/M
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A/N: Written for Nekid Numbers at [info]nekid_spike. My assignment was Giles, Reindeer, New York
Dedicated to [info]kargrif, who made me love this trio!

The Poinsettia Protection Posse


It was truly amazing what one could acquire with a bottle of Jack Daniels, a carton of cigarettes, and a box of Twinkies. In Giles’ case, he acquired one vampire and one young Watcher to aid in the latest mysterious case to come across his desk in the one week when all of his young charges were home with their families. It showed Giles’ ability of forethought that he’d packed the necessary items to bribe them away from their hotel should the need arise.

A Slayer on vacation; it truly boggled the mind. Yet Buffy had been insistent on this point so Giles had allowed it. Now, of course, he was regretting not having come up with a better plan as he was faced with dealing with a demonic uprising in New York, of all places.

Giles berated himself for a moment for choosing the one location where a demonic insurgence was to happen when all he wanted was a quiet getaway far from the prying eyes of, well, almost everyone. Giles had ordered a couple of important members to a lovely little town in the hopes of giving them all some well deserved alone, er, vacation time. Now he was faced with this newest threat with only those key members.

Fortunately, it wasn’t in a heavily populated area and the key members he had available were well experienced in handling a variety of different positions, er, situations. The demon appeared to be terrorizing a local greenhouse in the upper part of the state. They were very well known for the quality of their poinsettias. Giles was looking forward to taking a look at some of their other cuttings. You never knew when you’d come across a lovely sample.

However, choice greenery aside, it was very disturbing that the demon struck so close to the location of several key members of the new Watchers’ Council. Giles reminded himself to be on his guard. It wouldn’t do for one of them to be wounded and unable to enjoy their time away. Turning to his only available assistants, Giles went over the plan again with Spike and Xander. “Now, the demons are armed with large horns and the leader is easily identifiable due to his glowing red nose. Be cautious.”

The three men circled the building and found their entry points. Giles was at the front door, magical defense spells prepped and ready. Xander was at the back door, sword unsheathed and ready to stop anything that tried to get past him. Spike was on the roof, to pry open the glass top and drop in on the unsuspecting demons.

That was how the plan was supposed to work. However, Giles heard first the thud of Spike hitting the floor (easily recognizable due to the fluency of the cursing) and then the peculiar sound of Xander…laughing hysterically?

Worrying that a spell had been cast on Xander, Giles hurried through the greenhouse and found not only one of his intended back-ups doubled over with laughter, but both of them. Before he could scold them, he heard a strange jingling sound behind him and turned, prepared to defend his boys to the death.

He was nose to nose with a creature that he’d never actually seen before. It was large, larger than one might expect, and had large horns—no, not horns, antlers. And one large, glowing, red nose. Giles shrieked and backed quickly away.

Xander and Spike, still laughing, stepped up to his side. “Giles,” Xander huffed out in between guffaws, “it’s Rudolph!”

This set Spike off again, especially when said reindeer huffed and blew something green and slimy out of its nose and onto Giles’ glasses. When he removed his glasses to clean them, Xander reached toward the reindeer and rubbed its neck affectionately. “Aww, does Rudolph have the snots? Poor thing!”

“Wot’s that? Rudolph’s ill? Can’t have that.” Spike ripped the top off his bottle of Jack, otherwise known as Spike’s cure-all, and tried to figure out the logistics of giving the creature a shot.

Giles finally de-snotted himself with his handkerchief and slid his glasses carefully back into place. Before he could remind Spike that whiskey and reindeer probably didn’t mix, the back door flew open and who should appear? Yep, it was Jolly Old Saint Nick himself. And he was looking very cross.

Donner and Blitzen, being the tattle-tales that they were, followed Santa into the greenhouse, ready to see Rudolph get his comeuppance for leaving the sleigh on the most important night of the year. Instead, Santa’s face morphed into a jolly smile and his tummy jiggled when he laughed at Spike and Xander coddling his pet.

“Oi, Santa. Got to take better care of him, yeah?” Spike filled the bottle cap with whiskey and held it out for Rudolph to lick pitifully. Xander turned on Santa next. “Yeah, what are you thinking letting him out flying in his condition?”

Santa merely smiled and held out a bit of magic carrot, which Rudolph accepted gratefully. His nose immediately brightened and, although he wobbled a bit from the cure-all, he was able to make his way to join the other reindeer in their games.

Spike and Xander were still frowning at Santa, and Giles was frowning at them. “Boys, come now. Come sit on Santa’s lap and tell me your Christmas wish. You deserve it for being such good boys and helping Rudolph like you did.”

Well, that was all it took, and before Giles could blink, Xander and Spike were ensconced on Santa’s lap whispering sweet nothings, er, Christmas wishes, in his ear. Giles squirmed a bit as the thought of having a lapful of whispering boys caused reactions he didn’t really want them to see.

With a little blink and a nose wiggle, Santa rose and hugged Spike and Xander. Then he nodded his head to Giles with a twinkle in his eye and headed outside to gather up his reindeer. They watched as Santa hitched up the sleigh and climbed aboard, before taking off into the night (and if Rudolph veered a bit, no one was going to say anything to Spike…).

Spike and Xander grinned at each other before turning to Giles. Giles slowly backed away, fearful of the gleam in the boys’ eyes. Xander stalked towards him then looped one arm around Giles’ neck. “I know what I want for Christmas.”

While he was distracted, Spike snuck around behind Giles and embraced him from behind. “Yeah, Watcher. Got a pretty good idea what I want, too.” Giles whimpered when they simultaneously licked his neck on opposite sides.

“It’s…it’s a…a…a…spell. Dear Lord, do that again. I mean, no. You must stop. We’re on duty!” They pulled away and Xander looked him in the eyes with a pout second only to Willow’s.

“You really want us to stop?” Giles swore he saw tears in Xander’s eyes. Nonsense. Xander wouldn’t be tearing up. It was ridiculous, really. He wasn’t going to become distracted in the middle of a greenhouse, no matter what they did to him.

Spike came around from behind Giles and embraced Xander. “It’s all right, pet. I’ll take real good care of you if the Watcher wants to be all stuffy.” His hand disappeared into the front of Xander’s pants and Giles nearly whimpered when Xander made that little sound that meant he was really, really hard.

Not that Giles was intimately familiar with that sound. Of course not. They were completely professional. Colleagues. And damned if Spike didn’t have Xander’s pants down around his ankles and, “Dear God,” he was bending him over the table full of poinsettias! This was a catastrophe in the making! He had to intervene. It was his civic duty to all poinsettia lovers everywhere!

Civic duty firmly in mind, Giles pulled Spike away from Xander and shivered a little when Xander’s whimper this time showed his distress. Not one to leave Xander wanting for long, Giles guided him to his knees and let Xander bury his face in his crotch. What? Spike isn’t the only slightly evil one around.

As for Spike, Giles made sure the vampire’s mouth was too occupied for any sort of back talk, and if that meant he had to shove it full of his own tongue, well, then that was just good on him then, wasn’t it? He felt a brush of cool air across his achingly hard cock before it was enveloped in the heat of Xander’s mouth. Whew…that was a close one. Now the whimpers were full of satisfaction, and Giles was pleased at how well he’d managed to avoid distressing Xander further.

Giles pushed Spike’s duster off his shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Normally, he would be berated for his carelessness, but see above for the technique of keeping Spike’s mouth too full of tongue for backtalk. Giles let his hands creep down to the vampire’s sinfully tight jeans (not that he’d noticed such a thing, of course) and made quick work of the buttons.

Xander must have realized there was another tasty treat available for the taking because he released Giles with a wet pop and immediately transferred his attentions to the vampire’s cock. Said vampire successfully distracted, Giles finally retracted his tongue and slipped behind Spike with a little smirk that he normally tried to refrain from using, lest he be accused of learning it from Spike. Ridiculous. He’d been smirking for years.

He kicked Spike’s legs apart and pushed his spit-slickened cock into position. Spike dropped his head back onto Giles’ shoulder as he felt himself slowly filled. Xander was still slurping happily away and Giles grinned with satisfaction as he felt a warm hand sneak between Spike’s legs and fondle his own balls. Ah, yes. Xander was quite the multi-tasker.

Slow shallow thrusts were a sure way to drive the vampire quite mad, and as it was Giles’ new mission in life to make him as lust-crazed as possible, he kept his hips moving slowly but surely. Spike must have figured out his dastardly plan, because he pulled Xander to his feet and spun him around.

And damn, if the poinsettias didn’t become a victim as Spike shoved them aside carelessly. How precisely he was able to do so with Giles’ cock wedged firmly up his ass was a mystery that would remain unsolved, especially as Giles was no longer able to think clearly.

Xander was bent over the cleared table and Spike held onto Giles’ hips, holding him in place as he maneuvered himself between Xander’s legs and slid home. Then vampire stamina won the coin toss for who was in charge, and Spike thrust forward into Xander and back onto Giles with happy grunts and groans for all.

It wasn’t the way Giles had intended on spending his time away; well, actually, it was very close to the way he’d intended on spending his time except he’d imagined a bed, and perhaps a shower, or maybe a nice Jacuzzi. That, however, was not the life of members of the new Watcher’s Council. Their lives were fraught with danger and mystery and intrigue, as experienced tonight by their successful return of the mythical flying reindeer to the even more mythical Santa. It was definitely an event Giles would be recording in his diary for posterity.

The End

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