New Order


Part Thirty-Nine

Spike returned from his questioning of Joseph still wiping blood from his hands. He had to admit, Lorca did well questioning the other vampire. But Spike was better. Unfortunately they hadn’t been able to get much out of him. Lucian was smart; Spike would give him that. He sent someone to observe who didn’t know much. The other vampire must have known that they would catch him.

Angel was alone in his office and Spike’s eyes were immediately drawn to the new hole in the wall. Spike realized that his Sire must have thrown a bit of a fit. Since the office door was open, he dropped to his knee in front of the desk and waited for Angel’s acknowledgement.

Angel let him stay there for a moment. He was still angry with his childe for fighting with Oz in front of Xander’s room. And from the look on Spike’s face, Angel knew he hadn’t gotten any useful information from Lucian’s flunky.

“Rise. Shut the door.” Spike closed the door, then sat in one of the chairs facing Angel’s desk. When he was settled, he told Angel what he learned. “Sire, he didn’t know anything useful. Lucian sent him to look for Lorca, the other master, and the missing minions. He was supposed to observe you and find out if the others were here.”

Angel put his elbows on the desk and laced his fingers together. “So, we don’t know anything.” His tone was grim. Spike knew that he wasn’t in his Sire’s good graces at the moment.

“No. I didn’t dust him though. Thought you may be able to use him somehow.” Spike hoped this was the right choice. He wasn’t keen to kill the vampire; the last time they killed the only sources of information hadn’t turned out so well.

“Good. We'll meet with Lorca first thing tomorrow night to get more information about his former master. For now, you and I have some business to take care of.” Angel rose and walked to the door, his anger radiating off of him in waves.

“Yes, Sire.” Spike followed. Angel went directly to the basement and Spike realized he was going to be truly punished for his earlier actions. He knew better than to argue though, especially when Angel was in this mood, so he followed behind, silent.

They entered the basement and Angel immediately grabbed Spike and shoved him face first against the wall. Before he could blink, one arm was manacled to the wall and the other wasn’t far behind.

Yep, Sire was pissed alright.

Angel ripped Spike’s shirt from his body and pulled his jeans down around his ankles. He stepped up behind his childe and pressed their bodies together.

“Do I need to tell you why you’re being punished?”

“No, Sire. I jeopardized our relationship with Xander by fighting with his friend.”

Angel waited for him to continue. “Is that all?”

Spike thought for a moment, knowing he must be missing something for Angel to be so pissed. “That’s all I know of, Sire.”

He heard the swoosh of the crop before it slapped against his ass. He held in his gasp of pain and waited for the next to come.

“That’s not all, Spike. Think about it. I’ll just keep this up until you figure it out.” Angel slapped the crop against his ass again. And again. The stinging pain was making it hard for Spike to focus.

“I’m sorry, Sire.” Angel didn’t respond, but continued to strike the crop against Spike’s flesh. Spike tried desperately to think of what had set Angel off but he couldn’t think of anything worse than his actions threatening their relationship with Xander.

The blows were getting harder, faster, and quickly drew blood. “Still haven’t figured it out, Spike?” Spike heard the crop drop to the floor and Angel moving to get another tool. He needed to think fast and the burning on his ass was encouraging him to do so.

Angel was positioned behind him again, when Spike finally realized what Angel meant. “Sire, I made us look weak in front of the minions by fighting with someone close to us.” He knew he had the right answer when Angel didn’t continue with his punishment.

“Exactly. I’ve told you how important it is for us to present a united front. I’ve explained this to you over and over again. Yet you fought Oz like you were a schoolboy, rolling around in the floor.”

Spike was embarrassed. He hated it when Angel was right. He hadn’t stopped to think of the minions or other demons who would witness his outburst.

“I’m sorry, Sire.” Spike pressed his forehead into the wall and yelped when he felt another whack, this time across his back. Angel was using the cane now.

The hits continued for several minutes, until Spike’s back was screaming in pain. Finally Angel stopped and walked to the door. His teeth were clenched together, his anger still not abated. “Don’t let it happen again, Spike.”

Then Angel turned and left the room, leaving Spike hanging on the wall.

Angel returned upstairs and headed for Xander’s room. He’d left his claimed alone for most of the day but needed to see him now, just to reassure himself that Xander was still okay. He entered the room to find Xander eating a small meal with Oz sitting on the bed talking to him. They were laughing about something and Xander’s eyes were sparkling.

Then he saw Angel and his smile faded. Angel felt like he’d been punched. The pain of Xander’s rejection of him hit him harder now than before. He remembered when Xander’s eyes would light up when he entered the room and he would jump into his arms and kiss him until Xander had to pull himself away to breathe.

Angel hadn’t really realized how much Xander had changed or just how many walls he'd erected around himself for protection. It wasn’t going to be easy to rebuild that trust. Of course, Angel was lucky. He had lots of time.

Part Forty

Xander felt the smile drop from his face when he saw Angel standing at the door. He and Oz had been laughing and joking about some of their old high school days. Somehow, hearing the stories again from Oz’s point of view made their adventures even funnier.

He froze though when he saw Angel standing at the door. It was so painful just to look at him and know all that he had lost. Xander barely noticed when Oz eased his way off of the bed and headed out the door.

Angel nodded his thanks to Oz before approaching the bed. He didn’t climb in beside Xander like he would have before. Instead, he walked around to the side Xander was laying on and sat on the edge.

He heard Xander’s breath quicken and his heart started to pound. It wasn’t really fear though. If Xander were afraid of him, Angel didn’t think he could stand it. He didn’t touch Xander although the urge was so strong it was hard to resist.

They stared at each other for minutes before Angel finally spoke. “How are you feeling?” It was a lame attempt at conversation but Angel really didn’t know where to start.

Xander grimaced a little before answering. “I’m still so weak.”

Angel nodded and bit into his wrist. He held it out to Xander who accepted it shakily.

He watched Xander feed from him and felt his blood flowing into Xander’s mouth. His lips were warm against his skin and the sensation was powerful. When his blood started to slow, Xander gently licked the wound and pulled his mouth away.

Xander watched Angel for a moment before reaching for the knife on his tray. Before Angel realized his intention, Xander swiped it over the end of his finger and held the bleeding digit out to him.

Angel sucked Xander’s finger into his mouth, savoring the taste of his claimed. He ran his tongue over the wound and eased it closed before slowly pulling the finger from his mouth.

“Thank you.” Angel’s whispered words washed over Xander and he reached out his hand and clasped Angel’s to him. He stared at their joined fingers for a moment before raising his gaze back to Angel’s.

It was a start. They both realized it. Angel didn’t want to push for more so he stayed there, holding Xander’s hand. After a few minutes, Xander started to doze again and Angel released his hand to move the tray from the bed.

Xander reached out and grasped his arm. “Stay.” Angel froze. He placed the tray on the floor beside the bed and stood back up beside Xander.

“Are you sure?” He hated to ask, didn’t want to question this when he needed it so badly.

“Please, Angel. Stay.” Xander tugged gently on Angel’s arm until he moved forward and sat next to Xander. Xander scooted over and pulled the covers back. Angel slipped his shoes off and climbed in beside him.

It was a start.


Oz left the room, knowing that Xander needed some time alone with Angel even if he didn’t think he did. He went into Angel’s bedroom, expecting to find Spike there. The room was empty.

Not knowing what else to do, Oz climbed into the bed and dozed. He figured he would wake up when Angel returned and go back to Xander’s room.

He woke up sometime later to the sound of the door opening. At first he thought it was Angel and panicked when he smelled blood. It wasn’t Angel though. It was Spike.

The vampire entered the room, shirtless, and headed straight for the bathroom. When Spike walked by, Oz could see the bloody stripes marking his back. Spike didn’t speak, didn’t even look at the wolf, he just continued on and moments later Oz heard the shower start.

He also heard Spike’s hiss of pain when he stepped into the shower. Oz sat on the bed, afraid to think of what happened, but knowing somehow that the marks were made by Angel. It didn’t take him long to figure out that Spike had been punished for their earlier fight.

Spike entered the room again minutes later, naked and scowling. He stared at Oz for a moment before climbing onto the bed and collapsing into the mattress. Oz could see the full extent of the damage then.

Spike’s back, ass, and legs were covered in welts, some trickling blood from the water of the shower. Oz stepped off the bed and went into the bathroom for the first aid kit. He crossed to Spike’s side and began rubbing ointment on the wounds.

“It won’t help, pet. Just have to wait for ‘em to heal.” Spike grumbled the words but Oz didn’t stop. He continued to massage the ointment into Spike’s back and over his ass. When all the wounds were covered, he took the first aid kit back to the bathroom and returned to his earlier position on the bed.

“Thanks.” Spike didn’t know what more to say.

Oz looked over at the vampire. “He did it because of me, didn’t he? Because we were fighting. That son of a bitch.” His last words came out as a growl and Spike knew he needed to explain.

Spike raised himself up onto his elbows and looked at Oz. “No, pet. He did it because of me. Because things are different now and I know better.”

Oz shook his head, denying the explanation. “No. If we hadn’t fought, he wouldn’t have done this. He shouldn’t have done this. Or he should have done it to me too. Something.”

Spike reached out and placed his hand on Oz’s thigh. “Oz. We can’t afford to appear weak. Especially here. Everyone here accepts that Angel is in charge after everything that went down. The problem is the way it all went down. Angel has to prove himself and demonstrate his control. They have to know that Angel is in charge and he will handle any problems that arise quickly and with force.”

“Did our fight really make that big of a difference? Big enough for him to do this?”

“It’s all a matter of perspective, pet. What is big? How much does he let go before he acts? I know how it is. He did the right thing. Sire and I are a team these days but he’s still very much in charge of the team. The minions have to know that I’ll be punished just the same as them.” Spike watched Oz, hoping he understood.

For Oz, it did make sense but he didn’t want to accept it. He looked down at Spike’s hand lying on his leg and placed his own on top of it. “I’m sorry, Spike.”

“Not your fault. Now come over here and keep me warm. All you bloody shifters are like heating pads and I’m a bit chilly.” Spike smirked at the shocked look on Oz’s face but, to his surprise, Oz did just that.

Spike rolled gently onto his side and Oz scooted his back to Spike’s chest. As Spike drifted to sleep, he was thankful that Angel had sent the minions to get him after a few hours. He’d figured he would be left hanging down there all night.

And then he wouldn’t have gotten to feel the warmth that was Oz curled into him, chasing away his shivers and lulling him to sleep.

Part Forty-One

Angel woke late that afternoon with Xander’s warm body curled tightly against him. He lay there for a long while, enjoying the feel of Xander, listening to his breathing and his heartbeat. He wanted to stay, to lay there for hours until Xander woke up so he could see the look in his eyes when he first opened them to the day.

But he didn’t. He needed to check on Spike. Angel knew his punishment of the night before hadn’t really hurt his childe. Spike was made of sterner stuff than that. But he still wanted to check in and reassure Spike, if he needed it.

He slid carefully from the bed, tucking his pillow in under Xander and watched as he wrapped around it. Angel smiled softly and crept quietly to the door. He walked softly down the hallway to his own room and his smile grew.

When he opened the door, Spike was in bed with Oz laying half on top of him. His childe was nude and his erection stood proudly up from his body. Spike really liked waking up with a warm body pressed to his.

Spike’s eyes opened and met Angel’s . He cocked an eyebrow at Angel and gave a little smirk. Angel just smiled and shook his head as he went into the bathroom. After a nice hot shower, he returned to the bedroom to dress for the day.

Spike was still lying there, his hand wrapped around his cock and stroking himself. Oz hadn’t moved either. Apparently the wolf was comfortable as well. Angel slipped his clothes on and walked over to Spike.

He leaned over and wrapped his hand around Spike’s, stroking him in time with Spike’s movements. Spike groaned softly and Angel leaned down to capture the sound with his lips. He kept the kiss gentle, knowing Spike didn’t want Oz to wake up just yet.

Angel pulled away slowly and watched Spike pleasuring himself. He leaned back down and whispered in Spike’s ear, “I love you”, before standing and moving slowly away and leaving Spike to his morning's pleasure. He left the room as quietly as he entered it and headed downstairs. Oz woke up when the door closed and was startled to find himself looking at Spike’s cock. He watched the pale hand caressing the flesh, sliding up and down.

Oz slid down and licked the tip, causing Spike to gasp in surprise. He felt Oz’s lips close around the engorged head and start to suck. Spike continued to glide his hand up and down, brushing his fingers against Oz’s lips when he neared the top.

It wasn’t long before he arched and came, bursting into the waiting mouth with a cry. Oz swallowed his offering before sitting up and looking at Spike with a bashful grin. Spike seized him around the neck and dragged Oz down to him. He waited for a moment to see if Oz would struggle; when he didn’t, Spike claimed his lips, licking away the faint traces of himself still there.

Oz joined in, deepening the kiss and dragging his tongue across Spike’s, tangling them together and battling for control. Oz began sliding his own hips against Spike’s legs, using the friction to pleasure himself.

Spike pushed Oz onto his back and straddled him, pulling at the fastening of his pants and tugging them open. He reached in and gripped the flesh there, capturing it in his cool hand and squeezing it firmly before starting to stroke.

Oz jerked his hips, fucking himself into Spike’s palm, forcing the movement faster and harder as Spike continued to pull and twist his cock. He came with a swear, and felt his hot fluids landing on his stomach before a cool mouth moved in to lick him clean.

Feeling Spike’s mouth on his stomach caused him to spasm again and another stream shot out, landing on Spike’s cheek. The vampire smirked before leaning towards Oz, offering his dripping cheek to be cleaned.

Oz complied and gathered the drops with one long swish of his tongue. Spike kissed him again before getting up from the bed. Oz noticed that his back and legs were nearly healed, with only a few red lines where the angry welts were earlier.

He laid there, blissfully spent, while Spike showered. When he heard the water turn off, he climbed out of the bed and walked into the bathroom. He met Spike’s eyes and they shared a smirk before Oz climbed into the shower.

Spike went downstairs to look for Angel. He was feeling particularly relaxed this morning. After looking in Angel’s office, he headed out to the lobby to ask for his Sire. The minions directed him to the basement.

Spike hurried in that direction, wondering what Angel was up to. He found his Sire sitting in the room with the wounded Joseph. Angel was just staring at him with that cold look that made your innards curl up. Spike had been the recipient of that look on many occasions.

Joseph was squirming in his bonds, trying ineffectively to hide himself from Angel’s gaze. He was right to be afraid. On a good day, Angel was ruthless. When he was like this, there were no words to describe how coldly vicious his Sire could be.

Spike stood there for several moments before Angel stood and left the room. Spike followed him after throwing another hard slap across Joseph’s face. Angel returned to his office and by the time Spike entered, his face was its normal mask, all dangerous thoughts hidden away.

Angel looked at his childe, noticing the downright chipper expression on Spike’s face before it was quickly hidden behind a mask of his own. “So, did you enjoy yourself?” Angel asked the question with a hidden smile.

“Bloody hell, Sire, the wolf’s got talent.” Angel burst out laughing. He didn’t doubt that Oz was gifted and although the timing of Spike’s little tryst may end up biting them in the ass where Xander was concerned, Angel was pleased to see his childe looking content for the first time in months.

Spike grinned back at Angel. For the first time, he felt that they might just be able to work this out after all.

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