New Order


Part Twenty-Seven

Xander waited in the bedroom while Angel and Spike were out saving the day again. It bothered him more than he wanted to admit that he was no longer participating in the saving. He felt more like a pet, pampered and spoiled and never allowed anywhere near the danger. Xander could only imagine how much worse he would feel when more time went on. Maybe they would trust him more then and give him a chance to do more good.

He pressed his hands up to the twin claim marks on either side of his neck. Less than a day had passed since the incredible night his lovers gave him. He was not only ritually bound to them, but both had claimed him as theirs. No one had really explained to him yet exactly what that meant. He knew the basics but some specifics would be nice. He was hoping they would get to that today. He knew that they were needed elsewhere. He just wanted to be needed with them.

As he paced the now familiar path between the bed and the bathroom, Xander worried. He worried about Angel and Spike, out fighting who knows what kind of demon. He worried about whether one of them would be hurt, or worse. And most of all, he worried that things weren’t all that they seemed.

Sure, the claiming was amazing. It was more than amazing actually. The whole night was everything Xander had ever wanted: Romance, presents, and incredible sex. Well, he hadn’t really imagined the two lovers part at the time, but hey, two for the price of one. It was a good deal.

But that’s where Xander’s thinking started getting him into trouble. Since when did he ever get exactly what he wanted out of this life? And really, he wasn’t sure the moment he realized that something was off about his lovers, but once the thought was in his mind, it just wouldn’t leave.

Taking a moment to twist the ring Angel placed on his hand the night before, Xander faced another example of just how off things were. Since when did Angel get all mushy and romantic? And Spike, too? It just wasn’t - well, normal.

Not normal was something Xander knew very well. Normally, he would talk to Willow about the weirdness, but he wasn’t sure he should since he really hadn’t talked to her at all since the whole Angel and Spike thing happened.

But if something were going on with his vampires, didn’t he owe it to them to find out what it was? That was an answer he didn’t even have to think about: He already knew he would do anything for them.

So Xander reached for the phone and dialed Willow’s number.

He only had to wait moments before hearing her voice. “Xan? Is that you?”

“Hey Wills. Just have a few things to talk about and wow with the psychic. How did you know it was me?”

Willow’s laughter warmed him, making him realize just how much he missed her. “It’s called caller-id Xan. I saw it was Angel’s number and I was really hoping that it was you.”

Xander felt the sting of tears in his eyes and his throat tightened. “I miss you, Wills. And I think I’m sort of in trouble again.” He explained everything that happened since he left for his errand for Giles. Being kidnapped and tortured, Angel’s vision, his rescue, their relationship, and even the claiming and bonding of the night before, Willow heard it all, in nearly one breath.

When Xander finally stopped in his recounting, he waited for Willow’s response, bouncing from foot to foot in nervous energy. “OK. Let me make sure I understand this. You had to bind to someone. And you bound yourself to Angel AND Spike. And THEN you let them CLAIM you?” Willow’s exasperation was clear. “Oh Xan, what were you thinking?”

Although it was tempting to just defend everything he had done over the past few days, Xander knew it really wouldn’t do any good. “Look, Will, I know this is really weird, but all of that stuff I’m actually okay with. But there’s some weirdness that I just can’t figure out and I’m scared. I need your help, Will.”

If one thing could be said for Willow, it was that she would do anything for her friends. “You know I’ll do anything for you Xan. What can I do?”

He explained his fears and concerns and Willow agreed that some things just didn’t sound - well, right about the two vampires. Of course, Willow reminded Xander that they hadn’t really seen two souled vampires in love so they really needed to consider that this was them expressing their feelings.

As much as he wanted to believe that Angel and Spike were madly in love with him and thus acting completely in character, he just didn’t buy it. This was Xander “The Zeppo” Harris they were dealing with here. Why would it be something perfectly rational, something perfectly wonderful, when it could be something evil and supernatural? Xander knew his luck and voted for the worst case scenario.

Xander used a large chunk of his savings to get Willow a plane ticket for the next day. His best friend was on the way and it was all going to be okay. Now he just had to figure out what to tell his lovers.

Part Twenty-Eight

Xander was saved from telling Angel and Spike anything right away. His lovers didn’t return home until nearly dawn and were both injured from the evening's fight. Xander went into rescue mode, patching up wounds and heating up blood, making sure that both vampires were well taken care of.

He watched as they curled up together on the bed and held out their arms to him. He snuggled up to Spike and watched them drift to sleep. It was one of the few times in their new relationship that he was able to watch his lovers while they were unguarded.

Spike looked fierce in his sleep, like he was ready to jump up and kill demons the moment his eyes would open. There was a tension in him that Xander would love kiss away, just like Spike kissed away his frowns.  

Angel also looked like he was ready to wake in an instant. He didn’t look fierce, however. He looked uneasy, as if something wasn’t quite right and he was puzzling it out while he slept.

Xander knew the feeling. Since he had the unfortunate thought that Angel and Spike weren’t acting like themselves, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy himself. What did it mean?

Knowing that he wasn’t going to be sleeping any time soon, Xander slipped from Spike’s embrace and moved over to the chaise in the corner of the room. He curled up there by himself and let his fears wash over him.

All he could think of was that something was wrong, and had been wrong since the moment he arrived here. He’d awoken in their arms like it was exactly where he’d always meant to be. And that was the problem: He had never before imagined that waking up between Angel and Spike was where he was meant to be.

If they were just concerned for his well being, he could understand that. If they were just offering comfort, he could understand that. Hell, if they were just horny, he could even understand that.

But to go from not ever being in their thoughts, to being the most important person in their lives in a matter of hours wasn’t normal. And Xander knew it. He just didn’t know what to do about it.

And he was really terrified that he would have to give them up, to give up the most incredible thing that had ever happened to him, because it wasn’t real. And Xander was really beginning to think that it was all just some weird demony thing that was going to screw up his life, yet again.

Xander looked over at Angel and Spike and felt his tears start to flow. It was stupid really. If they didn’t really want him or love him he couldn’t just leave things the way they were. He would have to fix them, to make them right again.

The consequences for him letting them go on were just too mind-boggling for him to figure out. If the champions, the only souled vampires in existence, were under some sort of curse or demon binding thing or whatever was going on, how many innocents could be affected?

It wasn’t a risk Xander was willing to take. He tried to hold in the sob that was building and watched as Angel began to stir, turning towards him. He could probably smell Xander’s tears.

Not wanting his lovers to wake up and interrupt their healing sleep, Xander quietly got up and moved back to the bed. He resumed his position in Spike’s arms and settled in for the rest of the night.

He continued to think as he drifted to sleep. Willow was coming and she would make everything alright. When he woke up, it was to the feel of his lovers’ cool skin pressing against him and cool lips tasting him. They had switched positions at some point in the night and he was between them again.

Xander reached his hands out to them, touching and stroking them in return. He couldn’t help but think that this may be the last time they were together. If Willow figured out that something was wrong he wouldn’t be able to continue having sex with them, much as he enjoyed it.

And oh, was he enjoying it. Spike moved down his body and licked and sucked his shaft. Angel teased at his hole, tormenting the sensitive flesh with his fingers. He was lost to the sensations of their hands and mouths, could feel his body heating up, heating them.

Spike moved back up the bed, leaving him panting for more and Angel lifted his hips, shifting him so that he was on his hands and knees. Angel pressed between his thighs, urging them to spread for him and Xander complied, opening himself completely to the body behind him.

When he was positioned just the way Angel wanted him, Spike moved to kneel in front of him and pressed his swollen erection to Xander’s lips. He opened and Spike moved into his mouth just as Angel pierced him from behind. They held him firmly between them, stroking in time with each other’s thrusts, filling Xander with their cocks.

Xander reached up a hand and grasped Spike’s firm ass, feeling the muscles move beneath his hand with each thrust of his hips. He couldn’t figure out where to focus his energy. His body was screaming in pleasure in every way.

He opened his mouth wider, allowing Spike deeper access and the vampire groaned above him as his entire cock was engulfed in Xander’s hot mouth. Angel’s rhythm fluttered at Spike’s response and he quickened his pace, pushing harder into Xander and forcing Spike deeper into his throat. Spike tensed quickly and shot his seed into Xander’s mouth, pulling away enough so that his offering landing on Xander’s tongue. He pulled out completely and Xander fell forward, pressing his shoulders into the mattress, his head pillowed between Spike’s thighs.

Angel used the opportunity to thrust harder into Xander, going deeper than he thought possible and the stretching burned and spread until Xander’s entire body was writhing in need. Angel shifted his angle and hit the bundle of nerves hidden inside Xander’s body and Xander felt his orgasm burst from him as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through his body.

He clamped down on Angel’s cock, squeezing it inside him and the pressure was enough to send Angel’s seed shooting deep into his body. Xander let his body slide forward so that his head was pressed more snugly between Spike’s spread thighs and Angel fell forward onto his back.

Xander could feel Spike’s hands roving over his and Angel’s prone bodies, stroking them and feeling the relaxed muscles of his lovers beneath him. The moment was nearly too much for Xander. How was he ever going to let this go?

Part Twenty-Nine

It was easier than Xander thought to avoid the topic of Willow’s arrival. They slept for most of the day and then his lovers kept him distracted for several hours. When they finally emerged from the bedroom, Angel and Spike headed for the office to take care of some mysterious business and Xander headed for the kitchen for some much needed food.

Realizing that it was only hours until Willow arrived seemed to make the day fly by. Xander watched his lovers work, admiring again the seamless way they communicated. It was so disjointed to an outside listener, but Xander could understand every word, every grunt, and every gesture.

He couldn’t help but sigh as he watched them, worrying and wondering what the next day would bring. Time rushed forward as Xander settled into the office, waiting for a moment that never arrived, the perfect moment to tell them his suspicions.

When he finally heard voices in the lobby, he bolted from his chair and ran from the office towards the sound. Angel and Spike were startled by his sudden movement and raced after him, catching him quickly and pushing him behind them.

They were stunned by the visitors in the lobby. Willow. And Faith.

Willow took one look at Xander’s face and knew he hadn’t told Angel and Spike that they were coming. She helped him cover and quickly said, “Xan! We couldn’t leave you here fighting the big fight without us. We thought you guys could use some super-powered help so here we are!”

She followed her cheerful greeting by hugging Xander to her, squeezing him tightly and holding him for longer than she needed to. Xander returned her embrace and felt the fear and tension start to ease.

Faith watched the reunion for a moment before turning her attention to Angel and Spike. “So, Willow tells me you guys needed Xan-Man’s help with some big bad. Thought you could use a little slayer action as well. Of course with all the vamps that are cowering out in the lobby at the moment, I’m not real sure who the big bad actually is.”

Angel and Spike shared a quick glance before moving together towards Xander. Angel answered Faith’s unspoken question. “Faith, a lot of things have changed since you were here last. I’ve had to make some changes, but everyone here is fighting for good. They all work for me now.”

“Somehow, Angel, I’m just not reassured. You see, you’ve got one of my only friends here, with obvious bite marks on his neck, and you’re inching closer and closer to him as we speak. Now, if you don’t want this to get bloody real quick, you’ll tell me what the hell is going on.”

Angel moved to grab Xander, but Willow was ready. She'd already said a spell that would keep the vampires from touching Xander while she was holding him. Xander started to pull away at Angel’s howl of rage, which was quickly joined by Spike’s when he too failed to reach Xander.

Willow held Xander tighter and he turned to look at her. She shook her head and mouthed the words, “Wait for Faith.” Xander stilled and hoped that Willow had explained the situation well enough to the slayer. He didn’t want Angel and Spike hurt.

Faith stepped closer to the enraged vampires. “I’m waiting.”

Angel and Spike turned to her and shifted into their true face. They were enraged. Spike spoke first. “He’s OURS.” Angel added, “I suggest you let him go, NOW.”

Faith glanced at Willow before answering. “Here’s how this is going to work. Willow here has put the mojo on all of us. You can’t touch us. Now, we’re going to take Xander here upstairs, somewhere real quiet and away from you. He’s going to tell us what the hell is going on. If we’re satisfied, Willow will take off the mojo and you can join us. If we aren’t, we’ll be taking Xander and leaving.” She paused for a moment to remove a pair of stakes from behind her back. “Any questions?”

Neither vampire was impressed with her speech and both started towards her only to be repelled by Willow’s spell. She watched them get even more pissed before they finally realized that they weren’t going to break through the magical barrier.

“Now, we’ll be right upstairs.” And with those words, she moved through the lobby. Xander turned towards his lovers. “Angel. Spike. It’s okay. We knew something like this might happen. Just let me have a few minutes with them to explain. Everything will be fine and I’ll come get you in just a bit.”

Willow started leading him behind Faith. “Remember guys, these are my friends. They only want to protect me, too.” Xander’s words helped calm Angel and Spike a little. They knew he would try to explain to his friends. It made sense that they would want to protect Xander, but they weren’t happy to let him out of their sight.

Xander led his friends into an unused room down the hall from the bedroom he shared with Angel and Spike. It didn’t seem right to have his friends in their private space. When they reached the room and shut the door, Willow released the spell.

“Wills! What were you thinking? They’re enraged.” Xander started to rant but Faith quickly interrupted. “Look Xan, we needed to get an idea of what was going on here. The best way to do that, unfortunately, was to provoke them a little so that we could see their response. Now, be quiet a second.” Faith gestured again to Willow and the witch began chanting.

When she finished, Willow turned to Xander. “That will just keep what we’re saying private. I realize that you didn’t tell them that I was coming but Faith and I wanted to talk to you privately anyway.”

“A slayer, Wills? Not that I’m not happy to see you Faith, but seriously, did we need to break out the big guns here?”

Faith chuckled at his description of her but Willow just stomped her foot at him. “Xander Harris. Do you really think that you aren’t important enough for me to bring everything I had to keep you safe? Get over yourself, already buddy. You are my best friend and I love you. If there’s something going on here, Faith and I are here to help.”

Willow’s words caused Xander to tear up again. “God, I’m such a girl these days, crying over everything. Uh, present company excluded.” Xander looked up at his friends, hoping they weren’t insulted by his girly comment. When they didn’t respond, he continued.  There wasn’t any need to beat around the bush. “So, what did you think?”

Faith and Willow shared a glance before Faith answered. “Well, they were really protective of you and were enraged pretty quickly. But it’s hard to tell if that’s just them protecting their lover or if there’s more to it.”

Willow added. “I sense magic around all three of you, but with the binding and claiming that's to be expected. I’ll need a little more time to sort out if there's anything else at work.”

Xander was relieved to know that nothing jumped out at either of his friends. Maybe this was all in his head after all. “Sounds good. I feel like I should tell them that I called you guys. I don’t like lying to them.”

Faith responded. “I know it’s weird, but for me it would be best if they didn’t know I suspected something more than the obvious. What about you Will?”

Willow agreed. “We need to see how you guys normally interact. If you really think you need to tell them, I won’t stop you. But maybe you could give us a little time to see what we can come up with?”

Although he was hesitant, Xander agreed. He hated lying to Angel and Spike but he had promised himself to do anything to make sure they were okay. If that meant keeping the truth from them for the moment, it was a small price to pay.

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