New Order


Part Twenty-Five

Angel and Spike didn’t have to wait long for their answer. Xander was downstairs within an hour ready to talk to them about the binding. He walked into the office and straight to Angel.

“So, let me make sure I understand this. I complete the binding and it means that demons won’t come after me anymore, right? I won’t have to worry about the whole demon magnet thing?”

Angel nodded. “You would be marked as ours both physically and through magic.”

“Right, so I’ll be safe and as a bonus, I get to spend eternity with the two of you.”

This time Spike answered. “That’s about it, pet. You’ll be ours.”

Xander gave them his goofiest grin. “Well, what the heck are we waiting for? Eternity with you guys is sounding pretty damn good about now.” Then he launched himself into Angel’s arms and plastered himself to the vampire.

Angel let out a surprised burst of laughter. He was going to do it; Xander was going to be theirs. Spike pounced from behind and they all joined together.

Xander looked up at them, his goofy grin still firmly in place. “Don’t know what you two were so worried about. Like I would really turn down the best thing I’ve ever been offered.”

The vampires raced to see who could kiss him silly first. Angel won, though he did have the advantage as he was face-to-face with the man. Spike was a close second, however, and refused to be left out. When they finally let him up for air, they were holding him up. His knees were weak and Xander swore he was seeing stars. Well, maybe that was due to lack of oxygen.

They prepared for the ritual over the next day and gathered everything they would need. Both vampires made sure that Xander knew just how much they appreciated his “sacrifice” and Xander was looking forward to knowing that their connection would be forever.

As the time approached, a swarm of minions and the Kor’Chuk demons led the way to the old warehouse. After a thorough sweep to make sure it was safe, the master, his childe, and their human entered the building. Xander was nervous to reenter the space but felt safe and secure with his vampires at his side.

They entered the ritual room. Only the three of them would be present and the minions and demons were posted in and around the building to keep everything else out. All were under strict instructions that they were not to be disturbed.

Angel and Spike moved Xander between them and began to kiss his lips, his neck, and any other skin they could reach. Angel removed his shirt and continued his seduction, kissing every inch of Xander’s front. Spike gave his back the same treatment. Then they removed his pants and boxers and left him standing between them, completely bare.

Still kissing him and stroking his now firm cock, they led him to the ritual stone. Angel and Spike each moved to his side and gently pressed him down to the rock. They nipped at his stretched out back, finding the sensitive places they now knew so well.

Xander was so focused on their attentions that he didn’t think to panic at the familiar position of not so long ago. He felt their lips and hands touching him and was so aroused he didn’t know how he would make it through the ritual without exploding.

He tensed slightly when he felt the first chain clamp around his wrist but it wasn’t as tight as the ones before had been, and there were lips and tongues soothing away at the tension. His second arm was attached and he lay spread eagled over the rock before them.

Spike knelt to attach Xander’s legs while Angel moved to explore his entrance, so beautifully exposed as he bent over the rock. He licked and sucked at the flesh, and Xander shivered at the sensation.

Spike slithered his way between Xander’s legs and wrapped his lips around Xander’s cock. He licked and sucked and tormented the trapped man. He and Angel met between Xander’s legs and kissed, making sure that their tongues stroked Xander.

Xander was writhing in his restraints, begging for more when he felt the first lubed finger reach into him, twisting and turning, preparing him. He felt another hand at his entrance, then another finger moved into him. He realized that they were both in him now, together, moving in and out, easing his flesh. Another finger was added, he didn’t know whose, and he was being filled.

A finger curled and rubbed his prostate and Xander lurched at the sensation. And then another finger and he was so full, so stretched that he could feel the burn there, pulling him wider but it felt so good and still he wanted more.

The fingers in him moved and twisted, stretching him wider and wider until he wasn’t sure how much more he could take. Just when he was about to come, the fingers withdrew leaving him panting and wanting, begging for more.

He felt tender hands on his flesh, before the hard press of an object at his hole. It was the same as before, what he had thought was a plug, but now knew was part of the ritual. It separated him but this time he was so much better prepared that the slight burning as it pressed into him wasn’t agony; it was near ecstasy.

Angel leaned over Xander, and pressed himself up against the man. “Are you ready?” He purred the words into Xander’s ear and Xander bucked and shuddered in response. Angel rubbed the leather strap against Xander’s back, letting him get accustomed to the feel, before lightly slapping it against his ass.

The skin burned where the leather struck and it was followed by the swipe of a wet tongue. Then another lash, this time on his other cheek, licked, then another, back and forth until his ass was on fire and the tongue strokes were torments against his stinging flesh and his cock bounced and jerked with each swipe of leather.

Xander didn’t know there could be this much pleasure in pain. His body was on fire, burning for release and he just had to get it. He felt pressure against his entrance as the plug was rotated and moved. Spike was in control there and he felt the rub against him, teasing and tormenting.

Angel and Spike were desperate to finish this so they could enter Xander. He was responding so well to this delicious torture and both wanted to be inside him. The vampires shared a glance and Spike gently removed the plug from Xander. He was empty now and needed to be filled again.

He felt the press of cool flesh against him and it was soothing against the burning skin there. It was Spike behind him, moving into him, filling him, but it still wasn’t enough. Angel moved behind Spike and lifted him up, laying him across Xander’s back, still joined. Then he pressed himself against them where they were joined and added his flesh to that already there.

Xander felt the pain of two cocks filling him, but they were so gentle and he was so aroused that it passed, and he felt more full and complete than he had ever felt. Angel began gently moving, slow, shallow strokes, and brushed against his walls and the other cock filling him.

Angel was sure he was going to die from the strain of pressing so gently, moving so slowly. His orgasm was building, he was being held so tightly inside of Xander. He wanted to pound and scream and jerk his release, but had to be gentle and easy and not hurt him. The sensations were enough and he quickly felt his balls begin to tighten. He reached a hand up and pressed two fingers into Spike and stroked the nub there roughly, bringing his childe to orgasm with him.

They came together, pulsing and shooting deep into Xander as they both chanted the words that would bind them together. When their cocks began to soften they gently pulled out.  Seeing a small amount of blood there, Spike bent to lick at the drops that emerged.

Xander was still hard, pressed against the rock. Angel grasped his erection and stroked him tightly and quickly and it was moments before he joined his lovers in orgasm. Angel and Spike gathered the offering onto their hands and pressed their hands against Xander’s back. They finished the words and the ritual was complete. Xander was theirs.

Part Twenty-Six

Angel and Spike stared into each other’s eyes over Xander’s back. The ritual was complete, but they weren’t finished yet. There was something else they wanted to do: a more personal binding, just for them.

They released Xander from his chains and held him between them. Pressing their bodies to his and feeling his warmth seep into them, both vampires enjoyed the moment. Angel pulled back first and knelt before Xander.

His words were only for Xander and he stared into the man’s eyes as he spoke. “I, Angelus, of the clan Aurelius, claim you Xander Harris as mine own.” Then he turned his head to the side, baring his neck to Xander.

Spike gently guided Xander down and pressed his face to the exposed skin. “Bite him, pet.” Xander opened his mouth and bit down on the flesh, gasping as the skin broke and he tasted blood. Spike then gently pulled him away and moved him to his feet. Angel moved Xander around so that he was facing Spike.

Spike then knelt before him and repeated the words. “I, William, of the clan Aurelius, claim you Xander Harris as mine own.” Angel guided Xander as Spike had before and again Xander bit down on exposed flesh. He tasted Spike’s blood in his mouth and lapped at the blood before Angel lifted him again.

The vampires again maneuvered Xander so that he was pressed back against the rock and propped him there. They shifted their faces and faced the human. Xander reached out his hands to them and pulled them closely.

Angel and Spike pressed into either side of Xander’s neck and bit down, drawing his blood into them. They licked the wounds until the blood stopped flowing and pulled back to face him.

They spoke the final words together. “We claim you Xander Harris as our own. Bound of our blood, bound of our seed, bound by our lives.” And they were done. He was theirs in the old ways of the vampire, claimed first by a ritual that they hadn’t started and hadn’t wanted, then by the vampire tradition.

Xander was shocked by the intensity of the bonds now claiming him. He could feel their blood in him, their seed in him and the pains in his neck and entrance were nothing compared to the pounding of his heart as he realized he was truly theirs, body and soul. They all moved together and Xander was in his favorite place - the place he now belonged - between them.

Angel and Spike would have stayed and lingered over the moment longer but they had more plans for their claimed one this night and they wanted to get him back home. Spike held Xander up as Angel gathered their clothes and the other tools of the ritual. They dressed quickly and Angel scooped Xander up into his arms and carried him out.

Xander would have protested that he could walk but knew that Angel wouldn’t let him. His overprotective vampires would make sure he was taken care of and really, he didn’t mind that Angel was holding him so close. As they emerged into the main room of the warehouse, he felt Spike’s hand rest against his back, letting him know that he was there, always there with him.

They loaded up and headed back to the Hyperion, letting one of the Kor’Chuks drive while they curled together in the backseat, touching and petting Xander and enjoying their claimed status.

When they reached the hotel, Angel was magnanimous and let Spike have a turn carrying Xander. They moved for the stairs, Angel rushing ahead to open the door and make sure everything was prepared as he requested.

Spike lowered Xander to his feet at the top of the stairs and the human wobbled slightly before leaning back into Spike. Angel stepped out of the room and held out a hand to Xander. He stepped forward towards his vampire, pulling Spike along behind them and entered the room.

It looked like Christmas. There were packages everywhere, wrapped and tied with bows and ribbon. Candles were lit throughout the room and the light scent comforted Xander. He eyed the packages with a gleam in his eyes and a grin on his face. Angel and Spike pulled him forward and sat him in the center of the bed.

He was soon surrounded by stacks of gifts waiting to be opened and two eager vampires waiting for him to begin. He tore into the first one and pulled out a leather coat. Spike and Angel grinned at each other at his shout of delight. It was a good start.

More packages were ripped open and other items emerged with shouts of joy. Xander loved getting presents and was the best sort of gift receiver. He squealed and laughed and touched and squealed some more as more presents came out. Xander laughed as he picked up the theme. His vampires had dressed him, and not in his superstore specials. These were beautiful clothes, of all types and colors. Some things obviously picked out by Angel, the nicer button down shirts, the soft pants and silk boxers and others were obviously all Spike, leather pants, tight T-shirts and his own pair of Docs.

There were other gifts, too many to mention, and Xander happily tore into them all. Finally, only one was left. Angel pressed the box into his hand and he opened it slowly. Inside were three identical rings. Angel lifted the first one out and placed it on Xander’s finger. Then he lifted the next and placed it on Spike’s hand before lifting out the last and sliding it on himself.

This one was all Angel, a sign that they were all claimed, taken, and not free for the world. His life was now for the two joining him here on this bed and in this life.

Xander and Spike were speechless. They both pounced on Angel and pressed him back into the mattress. He held onto them both and was happy.

Chapter 26 is the original ending to this story.  I wrote the first 26 chapters over a period of 2 days but I knew there was so much more I wanted to tell.  I've been adding to the story ever since.  Hope you enjoy the end of the first phase and the beginning of the second

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