New Order


Part Sixteen

Angel laid on the bed behind Xander and continued to kiss and stroke his warm flesh.  Spike continued to kiss Xander’s lips and stroke his chest.  Angel reached around and pinched Xander’s nipple and Spike broke from Xander’s lips to lick and sooth the flesh around Angel’s fingers.  They continued to tease and torment the man between them until he cried out in passion.

Angel reached down to stroke Xander’s erection and he arched into Spike.  Angel opened his hand and grasped both cocks together and continued to stroke.  He pushed his own cock into the crevice of Xander’s ass and stroked himself against the crease.  Xander whimpered and moaned between them, caught up in his body’s overwhelming response to the bodies surrounding him.

Angel continued to torment both of their cocks.  Stroking and pulling the hard flesh, he felt every jerk and twitch in response.  He finally released their cocks and pulled Xander’s top leg over Spike, maneuvering them until Xander lay sprawled, legs spread across Spike’s body.  Spike continued to work on Xander’s front, pinching his nipples and biting gently on his neck and shoulders. 

Angel returned to his earlier position between Xander’s cheeks.  He spread the flesh and worked his tongue around the hole.  Spike wrapped his arms around Xander and held him steady as he writhed in response to Angel’s rapidly moving tongue.  Angel stabbed his tongue into the hole, pushing through the muscles there and tasting Xander. 

His taste was unique, unlike anyone Angel had ever experienced.  As he swirled his tongue in and out of the opening, he knew he wouldn’t let Xander go again.  Releasing the tender flesh, Angel moved up and pressed himself into Xander’s back.  Licking and kissing his way up his spine, until he could see Spike’s face under the man between them. 

His childe’s face was filled with passion and his look seared into Angel.  They had Xander exactly where they wanted him, pressed between them, his heat warming them both.  Spike kept his eyes on Angel’s as he used his teeth and tongue on Xander’s neck.  Angel watched as Xander’s neck arched for Spike, giving him greater access to his flesh.  Angel was captivated by the pink muscle moving from Spike’s mouth, tormenting the skin, and as he watched Spike shifted and thrust his tongue into Xander’s ear. 

Angel stretched his arm out, blindly reaching for the bedside table and the lube he kept there.  Forcing his attention away from Spike, Angel returned his gaze to the warm body between them.  He wanted to be inside Xander so badly it was hard to wait but he knew that he needed to fully prepare the man and make sure that his earlier injuries were healed enough for him to be taken.  Angel felt sure that the treatment of his blood and saliva had healed the worst of the trauma, but there was still a chance of damaging the tender flesh.  As aroused as he was, he wouldn’t harm Xander.

Grasping the lube, Angel lifted himself from Xander’s back and knelt between the legs spread there.  Slicking his fingers, he carefully pushed the tip of one into Xander, feeling the entrance stretch slightly to accept him. 

Spike was carefully watching Xander’s face for any sign of pain.  He knew how badly his Sire needed this, knew that the whelp needed it as well, but they would have to put a stop to things if he hadn’t recovered enough from his injuries. 

Xander was lost to sensation and keened when he finally felt Angel’s finger breach him.  The slicked finger slid back and forth, in and out, slowly stretching him.  The feeling was so incredible that Xander moved his hips back and forth, pushing Angel deeper into his body.

Angel gently pulled out, slicking his fingers again and pushed two into the stretching hole.  Xander’s face showed no traces of pain as he was entered and stretched.  The slight burning was a welcome relief from the incredible pleasure and only heightened his awareness of the other stimulations his body was receiving. 

Working two fingers in and out of Xander, stretching and filling him, Angel slowly prepared the man for his body’s needs.  Scooping some lube onto his other hand, Angel slid a finger into Spike’s body as well, working his hands into the bodies below him.  He quickly added another finger to Spike and finger fucked them together. 

More slick was added and Angel pushed three fingers into the bodies below him, pumping his hands, spreading the flesh and seeking both hidden nubs of pleasure.  He found them almost at once and the bodies arched into each other from the sensations. 

Finally, Xander was stretched enough to accept Angel.  Spike continued to watch for signs of pain as Angel positioned himself behind the open body.  He pressed the head of his cock into the entrance and with a satisfied groan, watched as it disappeared into Xander’s body.

Xander grasped Spike’s shoulders and pushed himself back onto Angel, wanting more of the hard flesh in his body.  At Spike’s nod, Angel pushed further and another inch disappeared into Xander.  When Xander started pushing his hips back, both Angel and Spike grabbed them to hold him still. 

Their hands met on the warm body between them.  Angel threaded his fingers through his childe’s and they held the body steady together.  Angel continued pushing himself slowly forward until he was completely buried in Xander’s hot body. 

He leaned forward again, still holding tight to Spike’s hands and Xander’s hips and savored the sensation of being inside this man’s incredible body.  Angel slowly began to rock himself forward pushing into Xander and pulling himself back, just to ease forward again.  All three bodies were rocking together, enjoying the motion.  Xander’s cock was pressed firmly into Spike’s, rubbing them together with every motion of Angel’s hips.

Angel picked up the pace and started moving steadily in and out of Xander.  Xander was moaning incoherently and gasps of pleasure escaped as Angel’s strokes hit his prostate.  Once he found the right angle for Xander, Angel shifted his position and rubbed the spot with every stroke.

Feeling Xander’s walls start to clench around him, Angel stroked faster and faster into the hot flesh, moving so quickly he was rubbing against Xander’s prostate continuously.  Xander’s orgasm came so suddenly that Angel wasn’t prepared for the tight clamp of the muscles and his own orgasm was pulled from him. 

Spike, feeling Xander’s cum shoot between their bodies and seeing his Sire’s face contort with pleasure, shouted his own release and covered his and Xander’s bodies with fluid.  Angel came so hard that Xander’s hole was filled and cum leaked out around his softening cock.  He gently removed himself from Xander’s body and pulled him over so that he and Spike lay side by side.  He knelt down and lapped at the offerings smeared on their chests, savoring the combined flavors of his lovers. 

Then he settled himself between them, one lover curled to each side of his body.  Xander and Spike watched each other across Angel’s chest and reached across him to join hands.  Angel pressed his lips first to Xander’s forehead and then to Spike’s and settled down for some much needed sleep.

Part Seventeen

Xander woke to the sensation of cool bodies pressed to his. It amazed him how quickly he had grown accustomed to waking up this way. He smiled to himself and realized that Spike had moved at some point in the night, snuggling himself into Xander’s open side. He knew his warmth was like an electric blanket to the vampires, soothing and comforting.

As he enjoyed lying surrounded by Angel’s and Spike’s strong bodies, he reflected on his decision to return to the Hyperion. Last night was amazing, but only part of why he wanted to be here, with them. He knew he needed more from his life, something he wasn’t getting from his old friends from Sunnydale.

Hopefully his instincts weren’t leading him astray, and the feelings he was getting from Spike and Angel would help him discover what he was missing. And speaking of missing, he’d missed another flight, which meant another phone call to Giles. Damn. He really didn’t want to explain all of this to the man.

Xander felt Spike move against him and turned his head to see the blue eyes staring up at him. “Oi. Stop brooding. Sire does it enough for all of us and it’s making your heart beat funny. I need more sleep.” With those words Spike buried his face in Xander’s neck and snuggled closer to his body.

Angel lifted his head from Xander’s other side. “I don’t brood. I reflect deeply.” And then he copied Spike’s actions and moved himself closer to Xander’s body.

Xander’s heart began to beat faster as the firm flesh pressed so intimately against him. He wanted to touch them. He really hadn’t had much of a chance yet. Not that he was complaining. When they took control and focused their attentions on him, the pleasure was incredible.

“Pet,” Spike whined against Xander’s neck, “cut that ou…” Spike’s words faded away when he glanced up and caught the heat in Xander’s eyes. Xander leaned forward and pressed his lips into Spike’s, trying to remain still so that he didn’t dislodge Angel from his other side.

Angel heard the sounds of kissing and moved his body so that he lay over Xander. “Good Morning.” Angel murmured the words into Xander’s ear and began to lick and kiss his way down Xander’s neck.

Xander broke away from Spike’s lips and turned to Angel. He captured the older vampire’s lips against his and pressed their bodies together. Angel finally released Xander and turned to Spike. Grabbing his childe by the neck, he pulled him up and joined their lips together.

Angel finally released Spike’s lips. “Good Morning, Childe.” He looked down into Spike’s face and treasured the feelings he saw there. Then he turned to Xander and could see so much emotion in his eyes that he couldn’t resist pressing his lips quickly into Xander’s again. Angel rolled his hips suggestively against Xander’s, prodding the arousal there with his own flesh. He moved slowly down Xander’s chest and held his eyes as his mouth closed over the head of Xander’s cock. He sucked gently, sliding his tongue over the slit and Xander’s eyes fluttered closed. Glancing over at Spike, he could see the hunger in his childe’s eyes and, after another lick and suck, offered the cock to him.

Spike moved quickly to take up the spot abandoned by his Sire, sucking and licking with passion. He slid the tender flesh down his throat, swallowing around it. Grinning when the movement caused Xander’s hips to arch into him, he repeated the action, adding a hard suck and flick of his tongue as he pulled back.

Not to be out done, Angel slid down to lick at Xander’s balls, enjoying the smooth heavy flesh there, and pulled one into his mouth as his childe raised his head from Xander’s flesh. They worked in tandem, stroking and sucking the flesh until Xander shuddered and came. Spike moved away, letting the spendings shoot over Xander’s stomach. Both he and Angel moved up to lick him clean. Angel placed a final lick and suck and the shrinking flesh before moving to Xander’s lips again.

“Now that’s what I call a good morning.” Xander gasped.

They all moved from the bed towards the bathroom. Xander moved to relieve himself while Spike and Angel prepared the shower. There was room in there for three and they each washed the others bodies, enjoying the skin on display. Xander reverently touched both of their cocks before dropping to his knees and taking turns licking and sucking at the flesh.

The move surprised both vampires and they leaned back against the shower wall, side by side, as Xander continued to explore their flesh. Xander grasped both cocks in his warm hands and begin a fast-paced stroke, adding a twist at the top that caused the vampires to shudder. He leaned forward and licked the tips, sliding his tongue around one slit, then the other.

Angel was so completely aroused by the sight of Xander on his knees before him that he came into his mouth as soon as Xander latched onto his flesh again. Xander swallowed the offering and moved to Spike’s swollen tip. Angel looked into Spike’s eyes and mouthed “Cum” to his childe who immediately loosed his seed into the waiting mouth.

After licking the flesh clean, Xander rose and pulled both vampires towards him. When both of their mouths were against him, he opened his to allow them a taste of the combined flavors. Both vampires moaned into him and pulled him tight against them.

When they rinsed each other off again, they returned to the bedroom. Xander scrambled to find the clothing Angel had purchased for him and thought to himself that he really needed to do some shopping if he planned to stay. Angel offered him one of his own shirts and he pulled the material around him, smelling the fabric that was infused with the scent of his new lover.

Once they were dressed, they headed for the lobby and Xander looked out over the vampires there, hoping again that he was making the right choice.

Part Eighteen

Angel and Spike led Xander past the minions and into Angel’s office. Angel knew that they needed to contact Giles again and let him know of Xander’s decision to stay. He could only imagine how well that conversation was going to go and knew that Xander’s earlier brooding was at the thought of telling his friends his choice.

Not wanting to put it off, Angel went straight for the phone and dialed Giles’ number. He caught Xander’s eyes as he asked for the former Watcher when the phone was answered. Xander looked terrified, and although part of Angel knew that he should let the man handle this himself, he decided to save Xander the immediate stress. He would tell them, then let them stew on it a while. Angel wondered if they would even bother to call Xander again.

When he heard Giles’ voice, he briefly explained that Xander had decided to stay in L.A. for a while and help them with some issues they were having. He informed the man that he and Spike would be personally responsible for Xander’s safety and that he wouldn’t be put in any danger or sent on any errands alone. Angel added the last dig on his own, knowing that Giles didn’t know of Xander’s recent experience, but needed to comment on their carelessness just the same.

Xander stared wide-eyed as Angel managed the phone call to Giles. He was thankful that he didn’t tell his mentor of their new relationship. Well, he wasn’t sure that it would be called a relationship yet, but whatever they had, he didn’t want the others knowing about it until he was more settled with the idea. He frowned as he again worried over the nature of this - well, whatever it was with Angel and Spike.

Spike noticed Xander’s change of expression and moved to wrap his arms around him. Next to his Sire, this one brooded more than anyone else. He wondered what was going on in that mind of his to cause the frown. Spike didn’t like it and kissed the corners of Xander’s mouth, trying to smooth the frown away with his lips.

He moved slowly away and whispered into Xander’s ear. “Don’t like it when you’re frowning pet. Need to make sure I find something to do that will keep you happy all the time.”

The whispered words sent a foreboding shiver down Xander’s spine. Happy all the time? Xander couldn’t remember ever being truly happy. He seemed to trudge through his existence, grabbing donuts when needed, kidnapped by demons at every opportunity, and pretty much failing at every relationship he’d ever tried to have.

His panic returned and Spike caught the scent of fear. So did Angel, who quickly ended the call with Giles. Spike placed his hands on either side of Xander’s face, holding him gently. “Talk to me, pet. What’s going on in that brain of yours?”

Xander tried to pull away from Spike’s hold, but the vampire just held him tighter and Xander ceased his struggles. His thoughts were flying through his brain at warp speed and his panic rose exponentially. Angel moved behind Xander and gathered the trembling man into his arms. Surrounded by his lovers, held from both his front and back, and staring into Spike’s concerned gaze proved overwhelming to Xander. He began gasping for air and his heart raced. Spike and Angel met each other’s eyes over Xander’s shoulder. Neither had a clue what was wrong and were worried that Xander would try to leave them again.

“Xander, pet, please talk to us. We can’t help you, luv, if we don’t know what’s wrong.”

Spike’s words rolled through Xander’s mind. Help? Hah! Like anyone could help this farce of a life he called his own. Oh God, he was so stupid to think he could make something here. Sharing his life with vampires seemed like such a Xander move to make. What the hell was he thinking? They were strong and powerful and beautiful. And he was, well, just Xander. Plain old human-variety loser with nothing to offer but his body and his heart and he knew that was never enough in the past.

Xander tried to reel in his racing thoughts. He needed to get out of here for a while. But where could he go? He didn’t know anyone here and he obviously couldn’t go out on his own; his recent abduction cured him of that impulse.

Angel’s commanding voice penetrated his mind. “Xander. Turn around right now and look at me.” The tone of the order caused Xander to snap out of his panic and he turned towards Angel. Half afraid of what he would see, he raised his eyes to meet those he now faced.

“You will tell me what has you so afraid.” Angel’s words were soft but held an edge of hardness that caused Xander to tremble.

Finally he spoke. “I don’t know what I’m doing here, Angel. I mean, I didn’t exactly think this through. I woke up here, with you two, feeling things I’ve never felt before and I chose to stay, to stay away from everyone I know, everything I have. And for what? Spike says he wants to make me happy all the time. I don’t even know how to be happy. You two have so much together. What do I have to offer? Nothing. Not a damned thing. Is it just sex? Is that all this is to you? I can handle that. Really. It makes sense to me, now that I think of it.”

Angel growled and Xander stopped his ramblings.  The vampire was furious. And Xander knew exactly where the rage was directed. And he knew he deserved it.

Spike’s hands moved to Xander’s shoulders and he squeezed them hard enough to make Xander know he was also furious. The action made Xander very aware that there were now two pissed-off vampires and he was between them.

Angel tried to pull in his anger but he was so angry with Xander it was hard not to react with violence. If this were his childe, he could knock some sense into him and then pound him into the nearest mattress. He wouldn’t need to find words, his actions would be enough. Xander was different, though. He couldn’t handle the human in the same way he would Spike and he struggled to find a middle ground.

He settled for pulling Xander roughly to him, one hand behind his head and the other around his waist. He guided Xander’s head so that it was tucked under his chin and just held him, still trying to decide what to do and how to do it.

Spike copied his Sire’s actions and pressed himself against Xander’s back. Xander realized he was sandwiched between the two vampires and the feelings of safety and security flowed through him.

“Why do I feel this way with you guys? I’ve never felt like this before. I’m so scared that this is all just in my head and that it’ll all go away.” His whispered words were muffled against Angel’s chest but the vampires heard him anyway. Finally, something they could understand.

Angel gently moved his hand to Xander’s cheek and nudged the human so that he looked into his eyes again. “Xander, this is sudden for us too. I thought I was content with the life I had. I hate to speak for Spike but I think he felt the same way.” Spike’s “Oi” of agreement caused Angel to glance his way and smile softly before he again focused his attention on the man between them.

“But Xander, when I had the vision of you in danger, something clicked in me. I don’t know what it is about you, but you’re not just a body to us. You remind me why I fight, why I go through every night, every day, fighting for a better world. You make me want more.  You give me hope that there is more. And the moment I saw your face, when Spike placed your unconscious body in my arms, I knew that you were the missing piece of me. Spike filled a gaping hole when he came back into my life. You filled in the missing piece. The two of you are what I need.”

Spike lowered his eyes and grinned into Xander’s back. Quite a speech from his Sire. Every word was true, but still, hearing him actually say them out loud, well, it was amazing. Corny, but amazing. And the funny thing was, he felt the exact same way.

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