New Order


Part Ten

Spike and Angel lay together on the chaise for a long while, slowly kissing and reaffirming their connection.  They quickly checked on Xander before heading for the bathroom to clean up.  Although it was tempting to start round two in the shower, they both knew that Xander could wake up at any time and they wanted to be there beside him when he did.

Angel pulled on his silk pajama bottoms and smirked as Spike tried to find something to sleep in.  “S’not funny.  Don’t want to scare the whelp by waking up with me starkers.”  Spike finally stalked to Angel’s drawer and pulled out another pair of his sire’s pajamas.  Pulling the drawstring as tight as they would go to keep the pants on his slender hips, he headed for the bed, scowling at the smirk he could still see on Angel’s face. 

They each got in opposite sides of the bed and faced Xander who was between them.  They could hear that his breathing was deep and even so they both settled in to get some rest.  Angel woke periodically to check on both his childe, who was truly sleeping the sleep of the dead and his human, as he was beginning to think of Xander.  

Angel knew that he would always feel a special connection to Xander after this.  Xander was featured in one of his visions and joined the ranks of “rescued by Angel”.  But that wasn’t what really made him think of Xander as his.  Now that both he and Spike had tasted Xander’s blood, they were even more bound to the man.  And holding Xander against him felt right.  He vowed to himself to keep Xander safe from now on, as his friends seemed to be doing a poor job of it for years.

When Xander’s breathing began to shorten slightly, Angel nudged Spike, alerting him that Xander was beginning to come around.  As the man’s breathing quickened and whimpers began to form, Spike started to pet Xander’s hair and speak quietly to him.

“Is alright pet.  You’re safe now.  Spike’s here and you’re alright.  Peaches is here too.  Nothing to worry about now.  You’re alright whelp.  We’ve got ya Xan.”  As Xander’s eyes finally opened he turned his head towards Spike’s voice. 

“Spike?  What happened?  Where am I?”  Xander’s voice was still hoarse and the questions came out as a croak.  Spike continued to stroke through his hair in calming touches and waited for Xander to remember.  “Oh God.  There were demons.  And they…and then…Oh God, it hurt so bad.  I didn’t think anyone would find me.  And they just kept coming and poking and pulling at me.  Oh God…did they?”

As Xander stuttered to a stop, Angel answered drawing attention away from his distressed childe.  “No Xander.  We stopped them before they did anything that you don’t already know about.  You’re safe now.  We’ve got you.”

Xander’s breath hitched and then he was crying, great tears seeping from his tightly closed eyes as he tried to burn the images from his mind.  He felt both Spike’s and Angel’s arms close around him and he reached out to Spike.  Spike quickly pulled him into his arms and Angel closed the distance between them, wrapping his arm over both Xander and Spike. 

They held him while he cried, both wishing they could kill the demons all over again for causing one of theirs so much pain.  When the tears stopped, Xander buried his face against Spike’s shoulder and muttered under his breath.

“Some manly man I am, crying like a big old baby.  Should know better by now.  This shit always happens to me.  Need to learn to deal and not fall apart all the time.  Suck it up, Xander. Just another average day in your crappy life”

Angel pulled Xander from his childe’s arms and into his own.  “Never let me hear you say anything like that again,” he demanded.  “What happened to you would cause anyone to fall apart.  Learn to deal?  Suck it up?  What kind of attitude is that?  You don’t learn to deal with some sick demon freaks violating you and you certainly don’t have to suck it up with us.  You deal with this as you need to and if that means crying it out, you do it.  It doesn’t make you less of a man in our eyes.  Makes you more of one, one who’s not afraid to do what he needs to do to get through.”

Xander lifted his eyes to Angel’s after his speech and then lowered his face into Angel’s chest.  Angel could feel more tears leaking out and wanted to do more to help.  He lifted Xander’s face and slowly pressed their lips together.  “I think you are one of the bravest men I have ever known.  You face down the demons with no super powers.  You have nothing but your courage to guide you and yet you fight for the good of those around you.  God, Xander, you are so amazing.”

Spike wrapped his arms around Xander from behind and continued where his Sire had left off.  “You always stood up for what was right, stood up to me when I was being a ponce and weren’t afraid to tell me so.  Stood up to my Sire here too.  You’re amazing because you fight for what’s right, you fight for your friends.  I may not have always realized it, but I was lucky to have you fightin by my side.”

Spike placed a gentle kiss on Xander’s neck and squeezed his arms to let Xander know that he meant every word he said. 

Xander moved one of his arms from around Angel, and placed it over one of Spike’s arms that was wrapped around him.  “Please don’t let me go.  I don’t want to feel them touching me anymore.  I feel so safe here.  Please don’t let me go.”

Spike and Angel answered in sync.  “We won’t.”

Part Eleven

Angel and Spike lay together for a long time, holding Xander between them.  The younger man fell asleep again and they were still beside him, letting him rest and heal.  Eventually Angel rose and found that it was late afternoon.

He couldn’t believe that it was less than twenty-four hours since the vision of Xander.  He needed to deal with the master and minions they'd captured the day before.  Knowing that he did not destroy the demons himself that hurt the man now lying in his bed, did not make Angel feel merciful to the vampires.  He needed to vent his rage. 

The lobby was relatively quiet this early in the day.  Most of the minions were so young that they still slept most of the daylight hours away.  The ones who were awake stilled when they sensed their master’s presence.  All were wondering what his mood would be like after the events of the previous day.

As he approached they dropped to their knees, awaiting his order.  “Rise.”  Angel approached one of the team who had helped rescue Xander.  “You saw what was done to the man brought here.”  At the other vampires nod, Angel continued, “Make sure the vampires we brought last night know exactly what he went through.  Their distraction robbed me of the opportunity to rescue one of mine and to seek my own vengeance for the acts committed against him.  Let them know what happens to those who cause pain to those in my care.”

“Yes, Master.” The vampire hurried off to begin his task.  Angel would check in later to make sure the captured vampires were learning their lesson, although he didn’t doubt that the minions would enjoy making the others suffer.  He issued a few other orders and asked that he not be disturbed unless there was a situation they couldn’t handle.  As most of the vampires awake were the strongest of the group, he knew they would handle what they could to keep him from being bothered unnecessarily.

Angel returned to his room, and the two sleeping in his bed.

Spike awoke when Angel began moving around the room.  He knew that his Sire had to deal with the vampires from last night but had hoped he would return soon.  Spike lay quietly next to Xander, snuggled into the man’s warmth.  He wouldn’t mind waking up like this more often.

The warmth of Xander, combined with his tantalizing smell, was causing Spike’s cock to twitch in interest.  He shifted slightly so that his swelling member wouldn’t be pressed to Xander’s back if he woke.  Xander just turned and curled right back around him, holding him tightly in his arms.

Angel watched the arousing sight of his childe, staring at him from the bed, mussed from sleep, and Xander wrapped around his childe’s form.  They were both so beautiful.  Spike’s hair so pale, still bleached and pushed back from his face, while Xander’s dark hair fell forward in disarray over his forehead. 

Angel smelled the arousal in the air and knew the affect Xander was having on his childe.  Truth be told, he was aroused himself when he woke with the warmth of Xander’s body next to him.  The man smelled incredible, more so now that Angel knew what he tasted like.  And there was just something about him, something only Xander seemed to have, that continued to call to Angel.

Angel moved to Spike’s side of the bed and leaned over his childe.  He pressed his lips to Spike’s and teased his tongue over them.  Spike opened to him and they moved their mouths together gently, quietly, trying not to disturb the sleeping man next to them.

Spike released a little groan of pleasure and Xander opened his eyes to the arousing site of Spike and Angel kissing.  He moved into Spike’s neck, kissing and licking the flesh there.  Spike groaned louder.

Angel knew when Xander awoke and thought to pull away from Spike.  When he saw Xander move in to kiss Spike’s neck, he redoubled his efforts and kissed Spike for all that he was worth. 

Angel moved his hand up Spike’s chest and started to toy with one of his sensitive nipples.  Xander watched the action and moved to copy him on the other side.  His eyes met Angel’s over Spike’s head and they stared at each other as they licked and nibbled on Spike’s flesh.

After a moment, Angel couldn’t take the temptation any longer and moved his lips from Spike’s and over to Xander.  Their lips met and pressed together, Angel moving quickly to part Xander’s for his searching tongue.  Their tongues met and tangled and Xander let out a groan of pleasure that went straight to both vampires’ cocks.

The sheet covering the two slipped further down and Angel took advantage of the movement to grasp onto one of Xander’s nipples.  Xander’s back arched in response.  Angel couldn’t believe how responsive he was and continued to gently stroke and explore his exposed flesh.

Spike, not wanting to be left out, lowered his lips to the nipple his Sire wasn’t using.  Xander’s groan of pleasure caused his erection to swell further.  His hand explored further under the sheet and pressed to Xander’s hard cock.  Xander arched into the pressure, moaning against Angel’s lips. 

Angel used Spike’s movement as an opportunity to move over him and further onto the bed.  He continued to kiss Xander as he shifted to the man’s other side, so that he was again surrounded by the two vampires. 

Angel tried to stay focused on Xander’s reactions.  He hoped the trauma of the day before wouldn’t come back to the man during their lovemaking.  He knew that there would be limits to what he could do until Xander was completely healed and knew his childe would be just as careful with the injured man.

Spike’s head moved slowly down Xander’s chest and towards the cock jutting proudly out from his flesh.  He slid his tongue along the length and pressed it into the slit to gather the drops of cum gathered there.  The taste was incredible and Xander’s cock jumped in response to Spike’s licking. 

Angel moved his head so he could watch his childe at work on Xander’s erection.  He knew the man was incredibly aroused and wanted to taste for himself.  At his nudge, Spike raised his head and caught Angel’s eyes. 

He knew his Sire wanted to switch positions so he stroked Xander’s erection and moved his way back up his body.  Xander groaned as Spike’s lips moved away from him but the tight pull of the fist around his cock caused him to arch up again and he pressed harder onto Angel’s lips, still kissing his.

Angel shifted and began to kiss his way down Xander’s chest as Spike took over the position at his lips.  When he reached for Xander’s cock, Spike’s hand moved away and onto his Sire’s head, encouraging him to taste the flesh so proudly displayed there.  Angel needed no further encouragement and wrapped his lips around Xander’s flesh.

Spike continued to kiss and nibble at Xander’s lips and he caressed his Sire’s head as the other vampire worked Xander’s erection with lips and tongue.  He knew the man would come soon and hoped his Sire would share.

Xander began to moan repeatedly and grabbed hold of Spike as his hips thrust upwards into Angel’s waiting mouth.  One powerful suck from his Sire’s strong mouth was enough to trigger Xander’s orgasm. 

Angel moved away so he could watch the release shooting from Xander’s cock.  His hand continued to stroke the flesh, encouraging every drop to come out.  As the fluid dripped onto Xander’s chest and stomach, both vampires moved towards it, licking and sucking and devouring every bit of the offering they could find.

Once Xander was cleaned up, they both moved back towards his lips, tasting him together and offering him a taste of himself on their lips.  Xander was overwhelmed by the intensity of his orgasm and the taste of himself on the lips of Spike and Angel was intoxicating. 

He held onto both the vampires as exhaustion overtook him again and his eyes closed.  Spike and Angel gently moved away from his lips and snuggled into their positions at his side.

Ignoring their own arousals for the moment, they contented themselves with the warmth of the man between them and the sweet taste of him that remained on their lips.  Both wondered what they were going to have to do to keep him.

Part Twelve

After making sure Xander was soundly asleep, both vampires moved from his side.  Spike tucked his pillow next to the sleeping man, hoping it helped him feel secure.  When his Sire duplicated his action on Xander’s other side, Spike knew that they were both thinking the same thoughts.

They moved towards the bathroom, thinking of ways to convince Xander to stay.  Angel stepped towards Spike, pulling his childe to him and crushing their lips together.  He wasn’t gentle with his childe.  His cock was so hard it was painful and the thought of Xander leaving made him angry enough to want to cause pain.

Spike felt Angel’s shift from the gentle lovemaking with Xander and knew his Sire was brooding over the possibility of Xander leaving them.  He’d just have to make sure that didn’t happen.  As Angel’s lips punished his own, he grabbed his Sire’s erection through the silk pajamas and begin to pull on it hard and fast.

Angel growled and jerked the pajamas from his hips.  He pushed Spike down to his knees and his childe swallowed his erection deep into his throat.  Angel growled at the sensation and began pistoning his hips forward, slamming himself into Spike’s waiting mouth. 

Spike moved his hand into his own pajamas and began to stroke and pull at his cock.  Matching his movements to those of his Sire’s hips, Spike focused on providing as much pleasure as he could with his lips and tongue.  He sucked hard on Angel with every out stroke, and reached up his free hand to twist and pull at Angel’s balls. 

It only took moments for his actions to have results and Angel was shooting into Spike’s throat.  Spike pulled back enough so that he could taste the offering and swallowed his Sire’s cum in a slow gulp. 

Angel grabbed onto Spike’s head and continued to move his softening erection in Spike’s mouth.  He knew his childe was close, could see his hand fisting his own hard cock.  He gave a sharp pull to Spike’s hair and demanded “Cum.”

The sharply spoken word was all Spike needed and his seed erupted from his cock.  He arched his back in pleasure, pushing against Angel’s pulling hands, causing himself more painful pleasure. 

When he was finished he pulled himself to his feet and slammed his lips to Angel's.  Tasting himself on his childe’s lips was a particular favorite of Angel’s and his tongue explored the cavern of Spike’s mouth.  He tasted himself, and Spike and also the slightly sweet flavor of Xander. 

His cock twitched again at the sensation of all three of them in his childe’s mouth and he pushed Spike towards the shower.  He knew just how he would take his childe again, with the hot water pouring over both of their bodies and Spike pressed against the tile. 

Xander woke hours later, hugging Spike’s pillow to his chest.  His body was still sated from their earlier activities and he stretched and curled back into the soft bed.  As reality began to return, Xander realized that his back and legs weren’t as painful as he expected that they would be, just a slight pull of the skin on his back when he moved and a tenderness between his legs.

He flexed his ass experimentally, and realized that there was barely any pain there.  Puzzled Xander stood and headed towards the bathroom to relieve himself and check out the injuries he was so sure had been so much worse.

After he used the facilities, he moved towards the sink.  He sighed when he realized that there wasn’t a mirror in the usual spot.  He’d forgotten for a moment that Angel and Spike wouldn’t need one. 

Returning to the bedroom, he looked around and didn’t see his clothing anywhere.  Assuming that they hadn’t been saved, Xander moved to the dresser and scavenged for something to put on. 

Coming across pajamas like the ones Spike and Angel had been wearing the night before, he pulled out a set and slipped on both the top and bottom.  He and Angel were about the same size so they fit him in the waist but hung down over his arms and feet.  He wasn’t quite as tall as the vampire.

Xander opened the bedroom door and headed out to the hallway.  Leaning over the balcony, he looked down into the bustling lobby below.  Searching for a familiar blonde or dark head, he was startled to realize that the lobby was full of vampires and a few other demons. 

Fear spiked through him and Xander stumbled away from the railing in a panic.  Angel caught the familiar scent of fear and glanced up in time to see Xander’s face as he stumbled away from the railing.  Jumping up from the desk, he rushed for the stairs.

He was at Xander’s side within moments and pulled the trembling form into his arms.  Stroking Xander’s back, he whispered words of reassurance.  “They are all OK Xan, they won’t hurt you.  All of them work for me now.  You’re safe here.”

Angel’s words and soothing embrace calmed Xander.  “Sorry about that.  Panicked for a minute when I didn’t see you or Spike.”

Angel lifted Xander’s head and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips.  “Nothing to apologize for.  I thought you would sleep longer or I would have made sure Spike or I were there when you got up.”

Xander reeled at the tenderness in Angel’s embrace.  Hearing a scuffle from below, Xander turned in time to see a blonde streak rushing up the stairs.  Angel turned him so that Spike could share in their embrace. 

“What’s wrong?”  Spike growled out the words.  He entered the lobby and had immediately smelled Xander’s fear.  Without thought he had rushed up the stairs to find his Sire comforting the man.  He wrapped his arms around both and looked up into Angel’s face.

“Everything’s fine.  Xander got a little jumpy at all the vamps down below.  I didn’t think to warn him about the new set up here.”  Angel held his childe’s gaze, communicating with his childe that Xander needed to be handled with care.

“Oi, pet.  Peaches here runs a whole gambit of vamps and demons these days.  They’re all too scared of him to do anything that he doesn’t say.  Don’t you worry.  We’ll make sure you’re safe.”  Spike tightened his hold on Xander as he finished speaking.

Xander held onto the two vampires holding him and wondered how he was ever going to feel this safe again.

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