New Order


Part Seven

Angel wasn’t happy to send Spike off alone to rescue Xander.  He knew his childe was more than capable but it grated that he couldn’t be there to help.  The masters who caused this disruption were in for more than an ass kicking.  He refused to think that Spike wouldn’t be successful but would make sure these vampires took up as little of his time as possible.  He planned to be available if Spike needed his help with Xander.

Just the thought of what he saw of Xander in the vision set his temper off again.  Angel was pissed.  And when Angel was pissed he let Angelus out to play just a little more than usual.  Angelus was even more protective than Angel of those he considered his and to know that these vamps not only threatened his operation but threatened Xander with their ridiculous distraction?  Angel growled long and low at the thought and the minions following him shivered in terror.  They had never seen their master this angry.

The team from earlier was waiting for his approach.  They also heard his angry growl and hoped he would not take his temper out on them.  Angel didn’t even pause to acknowledge their presence.  He kicked open the door they were surrounding and headed into the building.  The first vamp he came to didn’t even see him coming and was a pile of dust before he could turn.  The next two knew he was there but could do nothing to stop him as he planted stakes in both of their hearts.

Angel could hear his team running behind him to keep up with his furious pace.  He had taken out two more vamps before they caught up to him.  His movements were fast, combining vampire speed with his fury.  Nothing would live that got in his way.

The main room of the building was filled with twenty minions.  Angel didn’t sense a master in the group and nodded to his minions to begin taking them out.  They followed his unspoken command with swift efficiency, dusting several before his nod was completely finished.  

Allowing his senses to stretch out, Angel finally felt the tingle of power that belonged to another master.  He turned and headed for the far door as the fighting in the main room continued.  Only one of the minions in the main room was dumb enough to get in his way.  Angel’s fist to his chest sent the vampire flying through the air.  The other minions felt his power and backed quickly out of his way.

There was more than one master here.  Angel could sense them the closer he came to the door.  He kicked open the door and prepared to dust anything that got in his way.  The masters were not part of any groups loyal to him and were still young in their powers.  Masters enough to be a pain in his ass but nowhere near strong enough to be a true threat.

He approached them without caution, pausing only when he was within striking distance.  “Do you know who I am?” he asked in the low voice that those who knew him knew meant danger.

“Sure.” Master idiot number one replied with a smirk.  “You’re the big bad Angel.”  

Angel slammed his fist into the vamps face, shattering several bones and causing the vampire to howl in distress.  A knife slid from his sleeve and into his hand faster than any human could see.  Angel swiped it through the neck of the vampire, severing his head with one blow and turning him to dust.

He turned to the second.  “Do you know who I am?”

The second was smarter and dropped to his knees.  “Yes, Master.” His reply saved his life.  Angel lifted him up by his neck.  “You have put ones who belong to me in danger and will suffer the consequences.  You now belong to me.  If you have a problem with this, tell me now and I’m sure I can find a way to help you decide.”

The vampire clutched frantically at his neck.  “I belong to you Master.”

Angel threw him to the ground.  “Good.  Follow me.”

His team subdued the few vampires remaining in the room. They turned to watch as one of their masters followed this very powerful vampire with his head bowed.  They all turned to Angel as he spoke.  “Your master belongs to me.  You all belong to me.  You will all suffer the consequences of the actions that have brought me here.”  Then he turned and walked away.  

His team quickly gathered up the vampires and the now subdued master and led them all outside to the waiting vehicles.  They didn’t need Angel to tell them that all of these vampires would be punished for their actions.  Angel had taken other groups into theirs in the same way.  

Once Angel claimed a group of vampires as his, they were all punished for their actions prior to the claiming.  If they survived the punishment, they were welcomed as members of Angel’s clan.  Their loyalty now belonged to Angel.  These new vampires would learn the same lessons they all learned.  Their master would show no mercy to anyone who threatened his people and was powerful enough to back up his threats.  

In the vampire world, this show of power and force was admired.  Those who were accepted into Angel’s clan had the power of his name to back them.  As Angel’s power continued to grow, and his reputation became more fierce, more vampires than ever were eager to prove their loyalty.  Surviving his punishments became a badge of honor among them.  

Angel’s thoughts had already left the master and his minions and were back on his true concern:  Xander and Spike.  He headed for the Hyperion, hoping that Spike would be there waiting for him.

His childe wasn’t there waiting but the minions in the lobby reported that the team was on their way back to the hotel.  They didn’t have any information for him except to say that Xander was alive.  

Angel knew if that’s all the information Spike had given them, then Xander wasn’t in great shape.  He hoped that Spike had done more than leave them in pieces.  His fury mounted again, wishing he struck the killing blows to anyone who laid a hand on Xander. Knowing his childe, it wasn’t something he had to worry about.

He paced the lobby waiting for their return.  Every car that drove by caused him to tense up.  Finally, he heard the sounds of the team unloading and before he could make it to the door, Spike burst through carrying Xander.

Angel was not prepared for the sight of Xander, carried unconscious in his childe’s arms.  He smelled the blood and knew it was more than the whipping he had witnessed in his vision.  The form wrapped in Spike’s duster was much paler than he should have been and although Angel could hear his heartbeat, slow and steady, he knew there were some wounds that frail human bodies didn’t recover from.  

Spike walked straight to Angel and placed his burden into his Sire’s arms.  They turned as one towards the stairs, neither sparing a backwards glance at the minions who watched them leave.

Part Eight

Angel pushed through the door to his and Spike’s rooms and headed directly for the bed with Xander.  Spike turned towards the bathroom and returned moments later with several wet cloths and their first aid kit. 

Angel unwrapped Xander from Spike’s duster and smiled softly as he held the garment out towards his childe.  The fact that Spike used his precious coat to shield Xander spoke volumes to Angel.  Spike held deep affection for this man they both stood over.

From the front, Xander’s injuries didn’t appear serious but Angel knew from the vision that the worst would be on his other side.  He and Spike gently rolled Xander over and although he let out a whimper of pain, he did not regain consciousness.  Angel made a sound of distress when he saw first hand the whip marks on Xander’s back, buttocks and thighs.  Xander’s beating was worse than what he remembered from the vision.

Angel noticed the worst of the injuries then and flashed to his vampire face at the sight of Xander’s entrance.  The hole was torn and bloody and blood still flowed slowly from inside Xander’s body. 

Angel looked to Spike, questioning his childe without speaking.  Spike pulled the phallus from the back pocket of his jeans.  “One of ‘em pulled this out of him right when I got there.  Stopped it from sticking anything else in its place by ripping the thing from its body.”

Angel nodded his approval and leaned closer to try to see the extent of the injury.  “He’s not too badly torn.  It looks worse because of all the blood.  He shouldn’t need stitches but I’m worried that it’s still bleeding.” 

Spike agreed. His quick check of Xander at the warehouse brought him to the same conclusion.  “Sire, we really need to do something to take care of this.  Don’t really want him waking up in all this pain.”  He glanced at his Sire, hoping he would take the hint. 

Angel thought over Spike’s request, considering it carefully.  “Are you sure we should do that?  He will heal on his own and I hate the thought of violating him further.”  As much as Angel wanted Xander to be without pain, he wasn’t sure the man would like how vampires healed wounds.

Spike shrugged but spoke his mind as Angel expected.  “Would rather take the chance of healing him up some while he’s out of it.  It’ll make it easier on him when he comes around.”  Spike didn’t want Xander to feel the pain of so many wounds when he had the ability to help.

Angel agreed and motioned to Spike to move Xander’s body into a more accessible position.  Spike placed a small pillow from the bed under Xander’s hips and raised them up to allow easier access.  He then gently spread Xander’s legs, just slightly so that Angel could heal the most damaged area.  His Sire’s blood was better than his for such deep wounds.

Angel bit into his wrist and let the blood trickle into Xander’s already bloody entrance.  His knew his blood was powerful and would aid in the healing process, but it was still hard for him to work in the damaged area.  His saliva would heal Xander as well and he leaned in to lightly lave the injured hole with his tongue. 

Spike began to lightly lick the whip marks that striped Xander’s back.  Although his saliva wasn’t as powerful as Angel’s, Spike wanted to do his part to make the whelp better.  He knew that laving the wounds would help them heal faster and Spike wanted more than anything to see Xander whole again.

Both vampires were enraptured by Xander’s taste.  His blood was perfect and both began to feel buzzed from the small amount that they ingested while healing his wounds.  Sire and Childe shared a glance filled with wonder as they continued their ministrations.  They were eager to return to the wounds for another taste.

Spike concentrated on Xander’s back and the torn skin on his wrists from the restraints.  Angel focused on the damaged entrance and the wounds to his buttocks and upper thighs.  By the time they were finished, both vampires were giddy from the strength of Xander’s blood.  At least now they knew why he was a demon magnet.  His taste was intoxicating.

Xander had always smelled good to the vampires but neither had dared to sample the goods.  Spike had assumed the smell was picked up from his association with the slayer and the other powerful humans he was surrounded by.  The boy was surrounded by other powerful humans and power was always tasty to Spike.

Angel had associated the scent with the combination of fear and arousal that always surrounded Xander as a teenager.  Now both vampires were rethinking their original theories and wondered what exactly it was about him because there was indeed something special about Xander’s blood.

If their current states were any clue, there was something very special flowing through his veins.  Both vampires were feeling more powerful, more aroused, and more sated than from ordinary human blood.

Angel and Spike moved away from the still unconscious man and were grateful that he stayed out during their treatment.  Neither was sure how Xander would feel about having vampire blood dripped into his wound and vampire saliva licked over the rest of his injuries.  Angel worried about his reaction to the treatment of one area in particular.

They quietly covered Xander with a blanket and moved away from the bed.  Angel moved towards Spike and wrapped his arms around his childe.  “Thank you for bringing him here.  I am so proud of you, my childe.”  He knew he didn’t praise Spike enough and that the younger vampire craved the praise as much as he yearned to be punished by his Sire.

Spike moved deeper into Angel’s embrace.  He knew the words were the highest of praise from Angel.  “No thanks needed Sire.  The whelp’s one of ours.  We protect what’s ours at any cost.  One of the first lessons you taught me.”

At his words, Angel turned Spike and kissed him.  Their lips tangled with each other and Spike opened his mouth for his Sire’s seeking tongue.  They kissed each other deeply for minutes, tasting each other and the traces of Xander’s blood that remained in their mouths. 

Angel moved Spike towards the chaise at the opposite side of the room.  Spike often teased Angel about the general “poofiness” of the chair but Angel liked to lounge in it and read.  Now it would serve as another way to help Angel relax.

When Spike’s knees hit the edge, he spread his legs, straddled the piece and laid himself back onto the chair.  He lifted his arms above his head and crossed them in a pose of submission that he knew his Sire would love. 

Angel moved forward towards Spike and knelt in front of him on the chaise.  He kissed his childe again and gently lowered his body on top of his childe’s.  He raised one arm above Spike’s head to grasp the wrists that were laying there waiting for him.  His other hand he used to stroke up and down Spike’s side as he continued their kiss.  Both vamps were hard and Angel pressed his erection down into Spike’s and moved his hips so that they rubbed together through the clothing that separated their flesh. 

“Spike,” Angel murmured as he raised his lips slightly from his childe’s, “I need you.”

Part Nine

Spike whimpered with desire at Angel’s softly spoken phrase.  He'd waited for so many years to be needed by his Sire.  And now, everything he always wanted was his.  His Sire, above him, wanting him, was a powerful need for the childe and he opened his eyes, tried to show Angel how much the words meant to him.  He gently kissed Angel before he answered. 

“You’ve got me.”

Angel felt so much emotion from the simple words.  Only his Childe could cause his emotions to swirl around him this way.  His connection with Spike was special.  He may not have made Spike, but he was Spike’s Sire in every other way.  He'd trained him, loved him, punished him and fucked him like any other master would a new childe.  But the connection they now shared was so much more powerful, so much better, than anything they had before, before he'd realized just what he had in Spike, before he'd understood that he needed Spike just as much as Spike needed him, before he opened himself to the joy that was his childe.

It wasn’t always perfect.  Spike was still a pain in the ass sometimes.  Angel kind of liked that about him but would never confess it to his childe.  He figured Spike already knew the truth.  Spike still smarted off and ran his mouth when he shouldn’t and came up with crazy ideas.  But he was by Angel’s side, one hundred percent, for the things that counted.  When times got rough, he now knew without thinking that his childe would be by his side.  And when things were serious, he never doubted Spike’s ability to resolve a problem or kill anything in his path that threatened Angel. 

Angel moved back on the chaise, stopping his thoughts from admiring Spike’s actions and focusing all of his attention on the body spread before him.  He tugged Spike’s shirt from the waist of his pants.  He slowly raised it over Spike’s body, being sure to brush his fingers over every inch of skin he exposed.  It was tantalizing, that pale flesh over firm muscle.  Lean and firm, he just wanted to taste it all.

Spike rose up slightly to allow Angel to pull the shirt from his head.  Angel leaned forward again and attached his lips to Spike’s.  Their lips and tongues battled in a kiss that would have left them breathless had they actually needed to breathe.  Both vampires were never more thankful to not need the oxygen.

Spike pulled Angel’s shirt off as soon as they broke from the kiss and Angel began kissing his way down Spike’s bare chest.  He paid special attention to the nipples, just as Spike liked and the whimpers and groans he earned urged him on.  His fingers slowly made their way to the fastening of Spike’s jeans.  He slowly pulled them open, kissing the flesh at Spike’s waist where the denim met skin. 

Spike began to writhe under him as Angel slowly lowered the zipper and covered each section of skin with lips and tongue.  When Spike’s erection was uncovered, Angel immediately began to lick and suck on the firm flesh.  He left it for the moment it took to pull Spike’s jeans completely off, leaving the vampire naked and reclining on the chaise.

Angel took a moment to enjoy the sight.  Spike’s arousal stood out from his body and beckoned to Angel.  The tip was beaded with moisture and Angel leaned forward again to lick it off.  He lifted Spike’s legs and straddled the chair himself, gently lowering Spike’s limbs so they rested over his own. 

Then he lowered his head again and curled himself over to lick and suck on the tip of Spike’s cock.  Spike was trying to hold himself still but the incredible feeling of his Sire’s mouth and tongue on his body caused a wave of desire to crash over him.  He began to gently thrust into Angel’s mouth. 

Angel placed one hand on Spike’s hip to hold him steady while the other gently grasped his balls and twisted and pulled.  The action caused another bit of precum to seep from his erection.  Spike growled his pleasure and stilled his hips. 

Angel moved his hands to spread Spike’s legs further and circled his fingers around the clenching entrance.  Teasing touches, just to torment Spike further as his mouth continued to suck and lick at the head of Spike’s cock.  He ran his tongue over and over the slit, pulling out the moisture with each swipe.  When he felt Spike’s balls start to tighten up he gently pulled away, much to Spike’s dismay.

“I want to be inside you when you cum.”  Angel’s words almost made Spike cum then but he fought the urge and wanted to wait for his Sire to be there with him.  Angel moved Spike’s legs up and stood to remove his own pants.  He quickly moved to the bedside table to grab the lube they kept there and returned to his childe’s side.

Angel resumed his former position with Spike’s legs draped over his own and began to ease slicked fingers into Spike’s entrance.  As his first finger was fully sheathed, he curled it gently to barely brush against Spike’s prostate.  His childe writhed in pleasure and began to lift and lower his hips, fucking himself on Angels finger.  One finger quickly became two and Spike’s thrusts became harder and faster as Angel worked to prepare him. 

The third finger stretched him open and Angel curled them to rub against Spike’s nub as his childe’s hips took on a frantic pace.  Spike was rolling his head back and forth across the chaise, wanting to cum so badly but wanting to wait for his Sire as well.

Angel removed his fingers and pushed his slicked cock towards Spike’s stretched entrance.  He pushed through in one thrust and pulled Spike’s hips toward him so that Spike was fully impaled on his shaft.  Angel began to slowly piston his hips forward and back, teasing his childe with short and shallow strokes. 

From his seated position, Angel could enjoy every expression on Spike’s face as he showed his pleasure at Angel’s movements.  Then he leaned slowly back, propping himself on his elbows and let Spike’s hips take up the movement. 

Spike moved his feet up the edge of the chaise on either side of Angel’s thighs.  He moved his hips forwards and back, up and down, and felt Angel’s cock moving inside him.  The pleasure was nearly overwhelming and Spike knew he would not be able to hold out for long. 

He slowly pulled himself up, being careful to keep Angel firmly inside him and straddled both Angel’s body and the chaise.  He raised and lowered himself over his Sire’s body, angling the thrusts so that they hit his prostate every few thrusts.  His own cock bounced before him and slapped itself against Angel’s stomach with every downward thrust.

He quickened the pace and watched Angel’s face contort with pleasure.  He leaned forward and braced his hands against Angel’s chest.  He moved even faster, nearly slamming himself up and down on Angel’s body.  He was hitting his prostate with every thrust, at the perfect angle to pleasure both himself and his Sire.

As he felt himself tightening in orgasm, he moved his hands up and twisted Angel’s nipples fiercely.  At Angel’s shout of pleasure, he came, shooting his release all over his Sire’s chest. 

Once Angel felt his childe’s muscles clenching in release, he let go his own and shot into Spike’s hole.  He quickly lifted his childe up so that some of his release merged with Spike’s on his chest.

He pulled his childe down to him and crushed their chests together, their fluids mixing together to cover both of their chests.  Just before their lips met, Angel looked into Spike’s eyes and stated “Mine.”  Spike answered with “Yours.”  And they kissed to seal the pledge.

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