New Order


Part Four

Xander pulled at the chains holding him to the alter and cursed again his status as a demon magnet.  Only he could take a simple job and turn it into being a demon sacrifice.  He paused in his struggles for a moment as the movement caused one of the wounds on his back to pull and Xander felt a new trickle of blood begin to flow down his back.  

This was seriously not good.  All he had to do was get off the plane, deliver some papers for Giles and get back on the plane the next morning.  That was it.  A simple plan, one that was essentially Xander-proof.  But no, not for the demon magnet.  He made it to the alley beside the drop off point when he was grabbed from behind and knocked over the head.

And thinking of his head only made the lump there start to ache.  Great.  Now he was not only aching from his back, arms and legs, but his head was also added to the mix.  Lovely.  And no one would even realize he was missing until he didn’t get off the plane tomorrow night.  That really didn’t bode well for him.  

Xander sighed in frustration and began pulling at the chains again.  His arms protested the movement and his wrists began to tear as the metal chains bit into his skin.  He sighed again and tried to figure out how the heck he was going to get himself out of this mess.  

He heard movement behind him and stilled as he waited for the next round of whatever the demons were planning began.  It sounded like only one demon this time and Xander cringed when he felt clawed hands caressing the flesh of his ass.  Perfect.  A demon with an ass obsession, what more could he ask for.  

Xander flinched as the clawed hands spread his cheeks apart and the demon took a big whiff of his hole.  That’s what he got for thinking being chained to an alter and beaten was the worst part.  Now he was being felt up and sniffed.  He refused to think of what that might mean.

Of course, his luck held and he felt a claw begin to circle his hole.  You know, this was seriously starting to freak him out.  Well, he was already seriously freaked out by the whole chained to a rock naked and beaten with a whip thing, but this was beyond that freak out.  This was a major freak out, one of Xander-esque proportions.

Fortunately for Xander the demon didn’t decide to stick a claw into him.  He shuddered to think about the damage that would cause.  Of course in the whole scheme of things, dead Xander on an alter vs. alive Xander with a claw up his ass weren’t the kind of choices he liked thinking about.

And just when it couldn’t get any better, another demon entered and they made these guttural noises at each other.  Xander assumed they were commenting on the state of his ass.  Well, he hadn’t had any complaints yet and he had done some experimenting since he left good old Sunnydale.  

Well, his day just continued to improve as the second demon did the same spread and rub as the first and then there was more of the guttural noises.  Hopefully that meant his hole just wasn’t good enough and they would let him go.  Yep, that’s what he was hoping for.  He never thought he’d wish again for the days when he wasn’t good enough, but this seemed to be a good time to return to the good old days.

But no such luck.  A third demon entered and Xander listened as the guttural talk became more excited and he felt something warm and slippery drizzle down his crack.  He really didn’t want to think about what that substance was.  He didn’t think demons shopped at Lubes-R-Us.  Then something that definitely wasn’t a claw was pressed against his entrance.  

Xander thumped his head down onto the rock alter as he felt the familiar burn of his hole stretching to take whatever object the demons were using to fuck him.  The demons continued their excited jabber.  Xander screeched in pain as the object appeared to be getting larger and was thrust into him without proper preparation.  

Tears gathered in his eyes as the pain in his ass became more unbearable.  The large phallus like object appeared to be some sort of butt plug but wasn’t like any he had used in his experimenting.  This one felt like a large bulb shape and was stretching him wider than he had ever been.

Xander felt a trickle down his leg and hoped it was whatever lube they had tried to use and not blood.  But he knew that it was his blood.  The painful stretch was done without ceremony and the careful attention of his previous lovers and Xander groaned in agony as another spasm caused his ass to jerk painfully around the plug.  He felt the ring of muscles at his hole try to close around the end but it was too wide and left him painfully stretched.

The demons left him then and with the plug still inserted.  He could only imagine what else they might have in store for him but hoped he survived this experience alive and intact.  Well, at least alive, as intact wasn’t looking like a possibility.

Throughout the next few hours the demons returned to stroke his skin and turn and thrust the object in his ass causing him even more pain.  His arms and legs were hurting more than he ever thought possible as they were pulled taut away from his body.  The pains in his back and head were dull throbs that tormented him whenever his aching limbs and ass stopped throbbing for moments at a time.

Another demon entered and he heard the whistle of leather again before he felt the sting on his upper thigh.  He tried to scream but his voice has hoarse after the hours of torment and Xander could only groan pitifully as his ass and thighs were thoroughly whipped.  The demon aimed several strikes directly at the phallus in his ass and Xander felt more blood start to trickle from inside of him and down his thighs.

After what felt like hours, and probably had been, Xander heard the demons enter again as a group.  They surrounded him and stroked his tense flesh while one twisted and pulled at the object in his ass.  After a particularly vicious jab, Xander saw black and passed out.

Part Five

Angel dropped to his knees beside the bed after seeing Xander’s face.  It was hard knowing that any human was going to be subjected to that kind of suffering but it was worse when you knew the human.  Xander and Angel had their own particular brand of friendship, one that mostly involved Xander distrusting Angel and calling him a variety of stupid names while Angel snarled back at him and generally tried to avoid a conversation with the boy.  But he could admit when he stood back and watched the group that he admired the gumption of the only true human in the scooby gang.  

Angel admired the fact that Xander continued to fight for the white hats even though he didn’t have any super or magical powers. When he’d fought as a teenager, he wasn’t a slayer or a witch with growing powers; he wasn’t even a former demon or werewolf.   He brought his own brand of dedication to the cause that was purely human.  In Angel’s eyes, that made him special.  Not to mention that he had always hated the fact that Xander was used so often as a gopher, or even worse, as bait.

The Xander in his vision was older than the young man Angel remembered and his face and body had matured as he reached his mid twenties.  But there was no mistaking that face.  He would know him anywhere.

Spike nearly fell off of the bed in his haste to get to Angel’s side.  The visions normally didn’t take so long and he was worried what the change might mean for Angel.  When his Sire finally looked up at him, Spike didn’t know what to make of the look on his face and dreaded whatever Angel had learned in his vision.

“Sire?” Spike whispered, trying to get Angel to speak.  The vision must have packed a punch to have him in such a state.  Angel finally looked into Spike’s eyes and tried to find the words to explain what he had seen.  

He spoke slowly trying to make the words have the impact of the vision.  “A group of demons have Xander.  He’s being tortured.  I don’t know where.”  Angel knew that the words were inadequate to explain the events of the vision but he was still so shocked at the sight of Xander, chained and bloody, that he couldn’t say more.

Spike sat stunned as the words began to compute.  “Harris?  From Sunnyhell?  Oh bloody hell, what has the whelp gotten himself into this time?”  Angel could hear the emotion in his child’s voice.  He knew that Spike and Xander had some sort of connection after their time in Sunnydale but Angel never pushed for details and Spike never volunteered the information.  

Angel did know that outside of Dawn, Xander was the only person Spike spoke of from Sunnydale with any sort of affection.  He watched his childe’s naked form move around the room and smiled a small smile when he headed for his much loved duster and the pack of smokes he kept in the pocket.  

Without thinking, Spike lit the fag and took a deep drag of the smoke.  He seemed to suddenly remember Angel’s abhorrence of his habit and started to apologize to his Sire.

Angel beat him to it however.  “Don’t.  If I thought it would help, I might light one myself.  We’ve got to figure out what has him and where he is.  And then we’re going to make them regret they ever laid a hand on one of ours.”

Spike felt relief wash over him at Angel’s words.  He had never explained to his Sire the connection between him and the whelp but he did consider Xander to be one of his own.   They had come to have a grudging respect for each other prior to the destruction of Sunnyhell and Spike considered him a friend.  

To know that he was going to be hurt, or worse, was not something that Spike would sit around and wait for.  He didn’t have many friends and he would make damned sure he took care of the ones he did.  He would find the demons responsible and destroy them, even if it meant searching every inch of this city.

As Spike paced and worked himself up for the fight to come, Angel began to dress as his own thoughts turned to what they were going to do to get Xander back.  Spike gathered his own clothes put didn’t put them on right away.  Instead, he wanted to ask Angel about the vision. “Sire?”  

Angel looked around at Spike’s questioning voice.  The eyes that met him were hesitant and full of questions.  “What is it Spike?”  

Spike wondered how to phrase the questions in his mind but decided to be straight forward with his Sire.  “The vision was different this time.  You were out for a while.  Didn’t know if you realized that.”

Angel finished dressing as he processed Spike’s statement.  “The vision did seem to be happening in real time.  They are normally flashes. They generally just give me an idea of what’s going on.  This was more like watching a movie.”  Angel’s eyes also held confusion about the differences that he'd experienced with this vision.

Spike nodded, knowing that Angel wouldn’t be able to explain the difference any more than what he had.  Even after a year of dealing with them himself, and the years before working with Doyle and Cordelia, there were still things Angel didn’t know about the visions.

“Any idea what it could mean?” Spike risked asking the one question he really wanted answered.

“It means that we really need to get Xander.  Any more than that will wait until after he’s safe.”

Spike finished dressing and both vampires headed for the door and their team of minions downstairs.  Both knew that if anyone would be able to find the demons responsible, it would be those that they depended on to find answers.  Both vampires hoped they would have the answers before anything worse could happen to Xander.

Once downstairs Angel gathered the troops and sketched a quick drawing of the demons he from his vision.  They got lucky when one of the minions recognized the demons from his pre-Angel days.  They began gathering weapons when a minion came rushing in towards Angel.  

“Sire.”.  The minion dropped to his knee in front of Angel who growled at the interruption. “This better be damned important.” Angel’s voice was icy cold as he spoke to the vampire at his feet.  

“It is Sire.  The team from the vampire nest has reported in.  There appears to be at least one master vampire in the nest, possibly more, and the team is unclear as to how to proceed.  The team retreated to report in before proceeding.”  

Angel paused to consider how to handle this newest threat.  Another master in his territory was an act of aggression.  More than one meant that his entire operation could be at risk.  Angel glanced at Spike to see how he was reacting to the news and saw the same concerns on his childe’s face as he was feeling.  

This would need to be dealt with right away and his minions were strong, but not capable of taking on multiple master vampires. However, Xander’s situation was critical and needed to be handled immediately.  Spike approached Angel and dropped to his knee.  Angel tapped him on the shoulder as a signal to rise and waited for his childe to speak.

“Sire, let me go after the whelp.  I’d love to take on a few masters myself but they really need to learn this lesson directly from you.  Kick their asses back to wherever they came from and Xander and I will be here waiting when you get back.”

Spike waited to see Angel’s reaction to his plan and saw the weight of leaving Xander to his childe pass over his Sire’s face.  But they both knew that if the masters weren’t taken care of, Xander wouldn’t have a safe place to come to anyway.  Spike knew when that realization came to his Sire.

“Go.  And leave them all in pieces as a message.  Anyone who messes with one of mine will suffer.  This will not be tolerated.”

Spike gathered his team and left the Hyperion with a smile on his face.  He loved it when Angel got all ferocious.  It gave him a jolt right to the crotch when he got all masterful.  And Spike knew the reward he would get for bringing Xander back safely would make him walk funny for a week.  He couldn’t wait and whistled a happy little tune as he prepared to kick some demon ass.

Part Six

Spike approached the old warehouse with caution.  The minion told them that this was where the demons from Angel’s vision were before he came into Angel’s service.  The problem was that Spike didn’t think an old warehouse sounded anything like the rock and stone location from the vision.  

He would check it out though and if Xander wasn’t here, they would find out where he was.  Spike knew lots of ways of getting information out of reluctant demons but he hoped he wouldn’t have to use them.  Torture took time and Spike didn’t want his Xander in the hands of the demons for one second longer than he already was.

Spike signaled to the minions to surround the building and start their approach.  Spike chose to go in the old fashioned way, by kicking out the front door.  He was glad he did when two of the demons Angel described were sitting at a table across the room.  

With a roar, Spike charged in and pummeled one demon, twisting its neck to an impossible angle before slamming the other into the nearest wall.  The demons head made a thud and Spike held it by its neck against the bricks.

“I’m only going to ask this once, so listen good.  Where is he?”  Spike growled the question in vamp face at the demon who looked terrified of the fangs Spike was flashing.  The demon shifted its eyes towards a door in the back and that was good enough for Spike.  He increased the pressure on the demons neck until he felt a crack and dropped the body to the floor.  

He turned to the minions who were watching his display in awe.  “You heard our Sire.  He wants them in pieces.”  Several minions moved towards the bodies while the remainder followed behind Spike.

Spike led the way through the door the demon indicated and heard the unmistakable sound of an ax striking flesh behind him.  The sound brought a smile to Spike’s face.  He may have a soul these days, but his demon sure did enjoy a bit of carnage.  Besides, those two had gotten off easy.  When he found the demons with Xander, they would wish for the quick death of the two guarding the entrance.  

Behind the door was a long hall with several doors.  Spike gestured for several minions to go through each one, and a look was all the reminder they needed to know exactly what to do to any demons they found.  Spike followed his instincts and headed for the door at the end of the hall and was followed by several more of the minions.

The door at the end of the hall held a stairway going down and Spike knew they were at the right place.  The walls appeared to be made of stone and were carved into the ground.  Spike started down the steps, ready to take on anything that got in his way.  

The hallway was uneventful as all of the demons appeared to be congregated in a room at the end of the hall.  Spike smelled blood and knew it was Xander’s.  He was almost overcome with rage.  They were all going to learn just why he was one of the most feared vampires in the world.  

As soon as he entered the room, Spike smashed two demon heads together with a bloody crunch and the minions quickly set to work on the others.  There were six in the room with Xander and Spike headed for the one who was touching the whelp.  

The demon held a strange object covered with blood and a glance told Spike that it had just been removed from Xander’s ass.  The demon glanced around at Spike and Spike saw what appeared to be the demon’s penis headed directly for the recently vacated hole.  

Spike sprang forward with a growl and ripped the demon’s organ from its body.  As it howled in pain, Spike grabbed the leather strap that was also covered in Xander’s blood and set to work marking this demon in bloody stripes.  

The demon cowered away as Spike swung the strap with his vampire strength and the leather cut the demon deeply with each strike.  When it finally dropped to its knees, Spike wrapped the leather around its neck and pulled with all of his strength.  The demon’s head fell off to the side and the body collapsed.

Spike glanced around to see that the minions had taken care of the remaining demons and approached Xander.  He could hear the whelp’s heartbeat so he knew that he was still alive.  His breathing was pretty shallow though and Spike knew he was in shock.  He grabbed the chain wrapped around Xander’s leg and pulled, snapping it between the links.  

Glancing over at the minions behind him, Spike growled, “Find me the key to these bloody locks.”  He then set to work freeing Xander from the remaining chains and lowering him to the ground.  

A minion hurried back with a set of keys and Spike snatched them from the vamp's hand.  No one but him would be touching Xander.

Once the locks were removed, Spike checked Xander’s body for other injuries.  Nothing appeared to be broken but from the amount of blood coming from his hole, Spike couldn’t be sure just how severe his injuries were.

Spike stood and removed his beloved duster and wrapped it around Xander’s nude form.  As he lifted the body, Xander began to weakly struggle.  Spike shushed him and whispered, “It’s alright pet.  It’s just your old roomie Spike.  I’m gonna get you out of here whelp.”

Xander’s eyes flickered open briefly and he lifted a hand to Spike’s cheek.  Once he was sure the voice and body were real, he closed his eyes as unconsciousness claimed him again.

Spike headed for the exit and with a look told the minions to finish their work on the bodies.  Sire had said in pieces and by God, that’s all that would be left.

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