Rating:  NC17
Characters:  Spike, Angel, Xander (others later)
Warnings:  M/M, M/M/M, Torture, BDSM, N/C, probably others.
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Summary:  Angel's world changed after the final battle. He and Spike still work to save L.A. but when Xander is the one who needs to be saved, how will their world be impacted.
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New Order


Part One

Angel stood on the balcony of the Hyperion and looked down at the hotel lobby.  The past year had changed his life in ways he couldnít have imagined in his two hundred plus years.  He hadnít expected to survive the battle with the Black Thorn.  Heíd meant for it to be his last hoorah, the final redemption for the atrocities heíd committed as Angelus. Of course, it didnít work out that way for him.  Angel survived, and with his survival the world he knew disappeared.

One of the biggest changes was how he dealt with his demon.  He was more at ease now with Angelus.  During that final battle, he had let go of his control of his demon and felt Angelus cut down the hundreds of demons who rushed out of the open portal.  As a result, he felt the demon more now and let the two sides of him work together to get a job done.  

And there were still jobs to do.  Creatures that made it past his team and into L.A. still had to be hunted down and destroyed. Other demons that did not conform to the new order were handled swiftly and efficiently. Then there were the visions.  He still had his final gift from Cordelia, a way for the powers to get information to him.  Not that he wanted to communicate with them anymore, after the debacle that was his last few years in L.A., but he figured it kept the new team busy.

Of course the team was changed.  Wesley died before he had reached the open portal.  Lorne left for parts unknown after he killed Lindsey.  Gunn had made a surprising dent in the demons that spilled from the portal but in the end the human just couldnít keep up.  Illyria had disappeared into the fray, thrilled at a battle that matched her skills and kept her from dying of sheer boredom in the hell that L.A. was to her.    

And then there was Spike, his wayward childe.  The childe who always seemed to survive and now worked closely with Angel not only to help with the constant stream of supernatural crises that erupted in L.A., but also to keep control over the minions who flocked to Angelís side.  It wasnít long after the portal closed that they began showing up.  Angel and Spike returned to the Hyperion and were soon surrounded by lower level vampires.

Angelís master vampire status became like a sirenís call to the often master-less vampires who lived in his town.  They would do anything he asked, no questions asked, and Angel enjoyed the power they gave him.  Angelís demon very much liked having so many vamps eager and willing for his control.  Spike was always there to keep him in check, to keep him balanced between his soul and demon's desires.  Of course, Spike enjoyed having minions around to do his biding much more than Angel enjoyed having them constantly underfoot.  

His new team was mostly made up of these vampires who were searching for a master, someone to control them and lead them through the complex vampire society.  Other vampires felt no guilt in destroying an entire nest of vampires because of the actions of one.  Angel usually agreed but began to take in those who were without masters and those whose masters were not smart enough to conform to the rules Angel laid down.  This was now his town more than ever and anyone who didnít follow was quickly destroyed.

Wolfram and Hart was still around as well, although it didnít function in the same capacity.  After the senior partners had been so thoroughly defeated, the remaining staff didnít know where to turn.  The staff were accustomed to dealing with Angelís idiosyncrasies in his years as their leader and continued to provide him with research and support as needed.  Angel didnít want to remain at their offices but still ran the division from the Hyperion.  Then there were the perks, so many that he enjoyed and didnít want to part with.  He kept cars and the helicopter here at the hotel and only returned to the offices for the occasional meeting.  

Angel didnít seem to mind that not as many employees left these meetings as entered them.  He and Spike brooked no disobedience with his former employees.  And most quickly realized which way the wind blew and learned to do exactly as the master vampire requested.  Those who didnít Angel turned over to Spikeís tender care.  After a round with his childe, he didnít have many problems.

Some days Angel missed his friends.  The loss of Cordelia, Fred, Wesley and Gunn left his soul hardened to affection.  He would only allow Spike close to him now.  His childe had finally proven himself to Angel and was now reaping the rewards of being with his Sire.  Spike was stronger now and dedicated to Angel like no one else had ever been.  His Spike, always searching for someone to devote himself to, whom he could love freely and who would appreciate all of the talents the vampire possessed.  Angel was now that person for Spike.  

Angel continued to watch the lobby from his perch on the balcony.  His minions were preparing to take down a nest of vamps that were not cooperating with his directives.  Failure to cooperate meant that they would be destroyed.  Angel hoped that before much longer he would stop having to make examples of entire nests.  The vampires who chose to not come to him for service were not eager to comply with his demands.  They were so busy fighting the call of his power that they made stupid choices.  Like the current nest.  They must have lost their collective minds to target one of his employees.  But the plot to gather information about him through his employee was revealed and they wouldnít be a problem much longer.  

Spike should be returning soon from his latest mission and Angel considered sending him to deal with the idiot nest.  Angel learned early on that Spike dealt better with demons than he did.  Angel simply didnít have the patience but Spike enjoyed the game.  Angel simply told him what outcome he desired and Spike made it happen.  He hadnít failed yet, although some of his victories had been rather bloody.  His Spike did enjoy a good fight.

As he watched, the object of his thoughts entered the lobby pulling three disgruntled looking KoríChuk demons on a leash.  Spike dropped the leash, muttered stay under his breath to the demons and lifted his eyes to Angel.  It never ceased to amaze him that Spike could find him without even trying, that he could lift his eyes to find Angel wherever he was in a room.  

Spike approached Angel with a smug grin and dropped to one knee once he reached his side.  ďSireĒ, he purred ďI brought three KoríChukís for you to use as warriors for the next year.  Their leader apologizes profusely for offending the leader of the Aurelius clan and offers their services as payment for his indiscretion.  He promises to serve you better in the future.Ē

ďChildeĒ, Angel responded, ďYou have served me well as always.  Return to your rooms to await your next orders.Ē  Angel gave Spike a small grin to show he was pleased with the performance his childe had given.  Although Angel generally preferred to be informal with Spike, when they were surrounded by demons and minions, Spike loved to set an example to show how one should treat their Sire.  The formality had served them well on several occasions as new minions were eager to prove their loyalty but most had no training in the old ways.  Spike was single handedly retraining the minions just as he was taught when first turned.   His childe insisted that all of the new additions to their group treated his Sire with the respect he deserved.

And in return, Angel made sure that Spike knew just how much he was appreciated.

Part Two

Angel quickly dealt with the KoríChuk demons Spike brought to the Hyperion and gave final orders to the team of minions going to take out the vampire nest.  Seeing that all was in order, Angel started for the stairs.  

He wanted to get to Spike.  

There was a flare of heat in his childeís eyes and he knew Spike would be waiting for him in their suite of rooms.  Over the past year, their relationship had become an incredibly erotic mix of the cruel savagery of his Angelus days and a new, deeper connection that continued to enthrall Angel.

Angel was already hard as he reached the door to his rooms.  Just thinking of Spikeís unique blend of sex and submission could make him painfully aroused.  He threw open the door and found Spike waiting for him, sprawled on the bed with an air of debauchery that only added to Angelís hardness.

With a fierce growl, Angel pounced.  He shredded Spikeís shirt and began licking and biting his childeís chest.  Spikeís nipples were already hardened to beads and Angel devoted his attention to biting and sucking on each of them in turn.  Spike moaned his pleasure as Angelís bites became more ferocious and small drops of blood appeared around Spikeís engorged nipples.  After carefully licking away the blood on Spikeís chest, Angel moved to his neck and began to suck and lick at the flesh there.  

Spike gasped his approval as his Sire seized his lips in a hard kiss full of lips, teeth and tongue.  Angel looked into Spikeís eyes and was captured by the passion and submission he saw in them.  He kissed Spike again, this time a lazy assault of lips and tongue that left them both desperate for more.

Angel slipped his hand down Spikeís chest, pausing to tweak the already aroused nipples again before he moved to the clasp of Spikeís jeans.  Pulling them open, he grasped Spikeís firm erection and stroked it lazily.  He moved his eyes back to Spikeís face to watch the pleasure roll over him in waves.  

Spike remained still through Angelís ministrations, just as heíd been taught.  He continued to moan as his Sire stroked his painfully hard erection.  He wanted to beg and plead for more but knew that this would just slow Angel down.  When his jeans were pulled down his legs, he knew that his wait was almost over.  

Angelís voice roused Spike from his passion induced haze.  ďChildeĒ, Angel commanded, ďundress me.Ē

Angelís words, so powerfully spoken sent a rush of blood to Spikeís already rock hard arousal.  Spike leapt to obey, his ďYes, SireĒ nearly lost in his rush.  He knew the game and began to unbutton the shirt Angel wore.  As he slid the garment off his Sireís shoulders he paused a moment to lavish the nipples he uncovered, quickly bringing them to firm peaks.  

At Angelís growl, Spike quickly continued with his task and tugged at the button on Angelís slacks.  Spike knelt at Angelís feet and slowly removed them from his legs before kissing his way up Angelís thighs to reach the hem of Angelís boxers.  

After placing a devout kiss to the flesh hidden by the material, Spike grasped the waist and dragged the boxers down Angelís hips and let them pool around his Sireís feet.   Angel stepped out of them carefully and then pulled Spike to his feet for another scorching kiss.  He then spun Spike around so that his front was pressed tightly to Spikeís back.

The blonde groaned in ecstasy as his Sireís hands roamed his aroused flesh and tormented him from behind.  Angel refocused his attentions on Spikeís nipples as he nudged him forward towards the bed.  Once at the edge, Spike knelt on the mattress and let his Sire place more bites and licks around his neck and shoulders.  

Finally, Angel pushed him forward and Spike lowered his head and shoulders to the mattress.  He spread his legs as wide as he could, giving Angel a view of his puckered entrance.  He whimpered in ecstasy when he felt Angelís breath against his rear and shook in anticipation as his rear cheeks were held open by Angelís wide hands.  

Angel blew against the hole and slowly licked and bit his way towards the entrance.  When he reached his target, he plunged his tongue into the waiting hole with no warning.  Spike nearly came from the pleasure and jerked forward and then back onto Angelís waiting tongue.

Spike writhed in pleasure as his Sireís tongue prepared him for the much larger tool waiting to enter his body.  He was wet and willing and when Angel straightened and grasped his hips, Spike grabbed the bedding and prepared to be ridden.

Angel reached into the nightstand to grab the lube he kept there and quickly slicked his now red cock.  As soon as he was ready, he plunged into Spikeís waiting body and began to thrust his hips furiously.  

Spike was pounded into the mattress, his slick grip on the bedding doing little to hold him in place for Angel.  His groans and whimpers of pleasure increased as Angel moved onto the bed behind him, never letting up on the furious pace of his hips.  Spike moved his head from side to side, trying to find the spot that would give him the most pleasure.  

Angel changed the angle of his thrusts so that he was hammering against Spikeís prostate and Spikeís howl let him know when he had the right spot.  He reached forward to grab Spikeís hair and pulled his childe up so that he was straddling Angelís legs and he continued to thrust in and out of Spikeís quivering flesh.  He reached around and found Spikeís erection and stroked it in time with his hip movements.  

As he felt himself reaching his peak, he turned his childeís head for a punishing kiss and whispered ďCumĒ into his ear.  Another hard thrust of his hips and stroke of his wrist and he felt Spike begin to shoot his seed onto Angelís waiting hand.  When he felt Spikeís inner muscles clench with his orgasm, Angel struck, his fangs hitting his target in the side of Spikeís neck.  The additional stimulation caused Spike to scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure and Angel began to send streams of his own into Spikeís contracting ass.  

When both vampires were sated, Angel lifted Spike off of his shrinking flesh and laid him down on his side.  He then bit into his own wrist and offered the bloody limb to his half asleep childe.  The scent of his Sireís blood was enough to rouse Spike from his stupor and he latched on gratefully.

As Spike lapped at the wound, he turned his eyes to Angelís face, loving the look of contentment he saw on the older vampires face.  Only he could bring that look to his Sireís eyes and Spike cherished the idea that finally he and Angel had the type of relationship he had always longed for.

The contentment didnít last however as Angelís face began to contort in pain.  Another vision was upon him.

Part Three

Angel struggled to concentrate on the vision in the aftermath of his intense release with Spike.  The images were strange and in his sated state they were more difficult to comprehend.  As the pictures forming in his mind began to clear, Angel watched carefully for the clues he would need to act as the powerís champion.

Several demons that he didnít recognize entered a large room with an alter.  The room appeared to be built into some kind of rock and was probably underground.  They seemed to be preparing for a ritual; lighting candles around the room and moving around the base of the stone alter.  The location was unfamiliar to him but Angel felt an urgency to jump into the room himself that he didnít usually feel with his visions.

Spike looked on as Angelís face continued to demonstrate the pain of the vision.  There was also a look of confusion that he normally didnít see during the visions.  His Sire remained perfectly still as he watched the vision playing out in his mind.  Spike moved from his position on the bed to be closer to his Sire.  He could sense that something different was going on with this one.

Angel was unaware of Spikeís movements as he kept his attention focused on the images swirling in his mind.  The demons were still moving around the alter, preparing for something but he still couldnít tell what.  He continued to watch for clues, paying attention to the details that could aid them later as his team looked for information.

The image shifted and Angel was now looking into a hallway where more demons were approaching carrying a large object between them.  Angel began to understand the purpose of the vision as he realized the object being carried was a human, apparently unconscious.  

Only a foot was showing, the rest of the body wrapped in a large piece of material, possibly some form of tapestry.  The foot was large and booted and Angel surmised that the person being carried was a man.  

The demons entered the room containing the alter and began to unwrap the man from the tapestry.  They surrounded him and Angel couldnít really make out anything about the person.  He didnít really care who it was, but he needed some sort of clue as to where he was.

Suddenly the man came to awareness and Angel saw the demons grabbing onto the swinging limbs to contain the man.  He could hear the sound of ripping fabric and realized that the demons were removing the manís shirt while he struggled.  He was no match for six demons however and the shirt was thrown out of the way while the demons continued to hold the man hostage.

Spike continued to watch Angelís face as the vision played out in his head.  Normally the visions were quick, in flashes.  This one was taking longer than the average few seconds but Angel no longer seemed to be in pain so Spike continued to wait by his Sireís side for the vision to end.

Angel watched as the demons dragged the man towards the alter.  No more hints were coming about the location.  The man was draped face down across the alter and his arms were shackled out from his sides and to the edges of the large stone.  Angel caught a glimpse of a tan and muscular back before his attention was drawn back to the demons and their preparations.  One of the demons approached the man with a strip of leather and Angel continued to hope that something would give him the clue he needed to the manís location.

As the leather snapped through the air and onto the manís back, Angel tensed as if waiting for the blow himself.  When the strap connected, Angel flinched as the manís roar of pain filled his ears.  The demon continued to mark the exposed flesh and his painful screams were beginning to grate on Angelís nerves.  He wanted to be there, ripping the leather from the demonís clawed hand and giving him a taste of his own medicine.  

Angel swore as the leather broke skin and blood began to trickle down the humanís back.  The demons then began to work at the manís pants dragging them and boxers down his legs.  One demon knelt to remove the manís boots and caught a kick to the face as his reward.

Angel chuckled at the gumption of the man.  He may be shackled to a rock and beaten but he wasnít giving up without a fight.  Other demons knelt to hold the manís legs in place and the boots were jerked free along with his pants and boxers.

Once he was naked, the demons surrounded him again and Angel could tell that they were stroking his flesh.  Then they grabbed his legs and spread them wide before attaching shackles to the ankles, trapping the manís body to the alter.  They continued to rub the manís skin, almost massaging his legs, arms and buttocks.  

Angel could see the man struggling and wished again for the clue to his whereabouts.  Nothing was changing though; he was just shown the interior of the room.  As the demons explored his flesh the manís body was tense and he struggled against his restraints.  

The demons moved back from the body as a group and Angel got his first full glimpse of the man he was supposed to rescue.  His body was incredibly fit, tight lean muscles covered by tanned skin.  The skin on his back was trickling blood and his arms were clenched as he pulled at the chains.

The man raised his head to get a better view of the restraints holding him and Angel caught a glimpse of dark hair before the face turned to look towards the arm Angel was facing.  

Angel couldnít withhold his gasp of horror as the face came into view.  It was one he knew well and had thought of often in the past few years.

He was looking at the face of Xander Harris.

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