Pairing:  Xander/sub!Spike

Rating:  NC17
Warnings:  M/M, D/s, CBT
Beta:   [info]aayesha_r
For [info]tamakin , who wanted Xander/sub!Spike and genital torture from my kink bingo table.

Hurt So Good


Xander stood at the end of the bed, smiling down at Spike.  Too bad the smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.  Spike shivered under the intensity of the gaze and wondered if he should start begging for mercy before Xander even got started.  Gauging by that look, Xander was definitely in the mood to cause pain.

The bed shifted, and Spike watched as Xander’s hand crept up his leg, slowly meandering its way up to his thigh.  Xander met his eyes before pinching the tender flesh there, his smile broadening at Spike’s gasp of pain.

Xander ran his hand soothingly over the stinging skin, then moved to the other side.  Another pinch, and Spike arched up, whimpering at the sensations.  When he settled, his eyes met Xander’s and saw the frown there.  He lowered his gaze and tilted his head to the side.  Xander leaned over and bit down on his neck before raising back up.  “Keep still.”

Spike whimpered and nodded.  He bit his lip to keep from speaking, not wanting to break another of Xander’s rules.  Noises were allowed, welcomed, and encouraged.  Actual words were not.

Xander smiled again, and this time it did reach his eyes.  Spike was relieved to know that he’d done well.  His belief was reinforced when Xander’s hands started roaming his body again, finally coming to rest beside his cock.

“You ready to play, baby?”

Spike nodded.  Oh bloody hell, was he ever ready to play.

Xander rose from the bed and moved to their toy trunk.  Spike nearly quivered in excitement.  He couldn’t wait to see what form of exquisite torture Xander had planned for him this time.

“Close your eyes, baby.”

Spike let his eyes close, even though it was so hard to do.  He felt Xander settle back on the bed, and it was even harder not to peek.  Then he felt Xander fondling his balls, rolling them around in his big warm hand, and he sighed with pleasure.  Until he felt the rubber settle around them and then he whimpered and moaned.  Now he knew why Xander hadn’t gotten him fully hard before he went to get the toys.

Xander laughed and then moved to his cock, slipping it through yet another ring, and he felt the squeeze as his cock and balls were bound.  Then a snick of a tube opening, and Xander was sliding a plug around his hole and pushing it inside.  Spike bit his lip and squeezed gripped the railing of the bed where his hands were bound.  It was going to be really hard to remain still for this.

His cock was filling, the stimulation from the rings enough to get him hard, and then Xander’s hand was there, stroking and pulling, and Spike was tensing his hips and thighs, forcing them to remain still and not thrust up into the touch.

And then, oh god, he heard another click, and the plug in his ass started vibrating.  Spike whimpered, then moaned as the vibrations got stronger, and Xander’s hand started moving on his cock again.  When he couldn’t get any harder, when he thought he wouldn’t be able to stay still a moment longer, Xander stopped the vibrations and pulled down hard on his bound balls.

Spike yelped, lifting his hips to ease the pressure.  Xander chuckled and caressed him, rolling his balls even as he continued to pull them down, the harness pulling Spike’s stiff cock with them.  “You like that, baby?  That feel good?”

He groaned and nodded, wishing he could scream out for Xander to just fuck him already, or let him cum, or do anything else, but he knew that Xander wouldn’t.  This was his game, and he was the master at it.  

Xander turned the vibrations on again, pulling and twisting his balls with one hand and holding Spike’s hips down with the other.  “You’re so pretty like this Spike.  That big cock of yours all wrapped up like my very own present.  It’s so red, all that stolen blood gathering there, making it ache for me.”

Spike pushed up, and Xander slapped his thigh.  “Still, baby.  I want to see you like this.  I want to touch you and push your limits and see just how much you can take before you explode for me.  Can you take it, Spike?  Can you do it?  Can you hold on for me?”

Nodding, he felt the tight hold on his balls ease, and Xander’s hand stroked his cock again.  “That’s right, Spike.  You can do it, cause this is all mine, isn’t it?  This pretty cock, that perfect hole, it’s all mine.”

The vibrations eased, and Spike had to tighten his hole to keep the plug in place.  He wanted it again, to wiggle inside him and make his prostate sing, but Xander knew he was close and was bringing him down again so he could bring him back up.  Torture.  That’s all it was, sheer torture.  And he loved every minute of it.

Xander’s hand was back on his balls, squeezing and rolling, and then he pulled away and Spike gasped when he felt Xander thump him.  “Look at that, Spike.  My own little ripe melons, I could just thump them and pick them.  What do you think?  Should I try again?  Squeeze that pretty little ball and see how ripe it is?”

Spike knew he couldn’t answer but wanted to scream his affirmation out loud.  Yes!  He was Xander’s.  Xander could have it all, his cock, his balls, his hole, his anything.  The plug was pulled from his ass, and Xander lifted his legs up, laying them over his shoulders and lining up.

“I can’t wait, baby.  I need you so bad.  I want to feel how tight you are, feel you squeeze around me.  I want that pretty cock of yours to get so hard it explodes.  Are you hurting for me, baby?”  Xander slid into him, filling his ass and stretching him wide.  Spike pulled at his arm restraints, desperate to touch Xander.

“Open your eyes, baby.  Let me see those big blues looking back at me.”  Spike complied, and he gasped at the look of pleasure he could see on Xander’s face.  “Talk to me, baby.  I need to hear you now.”

“Fuck, Xander.  Harder, I need you to fuck me.  My cock aches, it’s so hard.”

It was Xander’s turn to groan, and he pushed further into Spike, pulling out only to slam home again.  He set a fast pace, thrusting as hard and fast as he could, knowing Spike could take it, knowing he would always beg for more.  

When Xander was ready to explode, he jerked Spike off, watching as the tension built in him, his tender cock and balls eager to find release.  Xander held off as long as he could, fought back his own need, just to see Spike writhe under him for that one more thrust, that one more second of pleasure and pain and want and need.

Finally, he couldn’t hold back anymore, and he spasmed, his warm seed shooting deep into Spike’s body.  Spike jerked as well, his release flying over his chest and stomach, the pent up need forcing its way out past its bonds.  

Xander collapsed over him, just lying still for a moment, until he released Spike’s captive arms and slid to the side.  He ran his fingers through Spike’s cum, letting them draw little patterns over the skin.  Spike waited and watched, until finally, Xander’s eyes rose and met his again.

“You okay?”

“Perfect, luv.”

“You sure?  I didn’t hurt you?”

“Hurt so good, pet.  Hurt so good.”

Xander sighed and snuggled Spike’s body closer to his.  Spike reached down to free his softening cock from its harness, and Xander slapped his hand away.  “Nuh uh.  Leave it.  I’m not finished yet.”

Spike just groaned and let Xander rest.  He’d created a monster.  About bloody time.

The End

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