Written for [info]fall_for_sx Mod day prompt post.

Prompt was: Wish



“You think I actually like being stuck in this God-forsaken basement with you? Well, I don’t. If it weren’t for those bloody Initiative wankers, I’d be more than happy to leave you to your exciting life of dryer-warmed canned goods, and Babylon 5 repeats.” Spike stomped toward the door, grabbing his duster on the way. He was sick and tired of Harris and his constant bitching. Spike, don’t leave towels on the floor, Spike rinse your mugs out after using them, Spike, don’t defile my lumpy pull-out bed with your undead flesh even though I’m not home, and the chair wasn’t meant for sleeping. He’d had it. He was out of here. Let the bloody Initiative find him, he didn’t care anymore.

“You know what Harris? I wish I had killed you that night Angelus gave you to me.” What he didn’t mention what that he wished he’d turned him. Kept him around to play with and to use as he saw fit.

“You and me both Bleachy. You think I like my life? That I enjoy being trapped in this basement, in this shitty little town on the Hellmouth? You think I like that the only woman who’s stuck around is an eleven hundred year old demon who only picked me because our parts interlock well?” Xander stormed over until he was nose to nose with Spike.

“Well, fuck you. I hate it here. I hate my parents, my friends don’t need me, Anya could find another orgasm friend in a heartbeat, and you know what? I wish she would. I wish you had killed me back in high school, I wish you had drained me dry. Hell, I kinda wish you had turned me, then I could have killed my no-good father with no regret, bathed in his pain and misery and enjoyed it. Don’t think for one god-damned minute that I don’t wish every minute of every day that my life could have turned out differently.”

Spike blinked. “You really wish I had turned you?”

Xander looked away, his eyes downcast. “I know it makes me a horrible person, but yes. Sometimes, I really wish you didn’t have that chip in your head. And I’m terrified of what I might do when it comes out or stops working. Because, you know it will. Military hardware? Please. Like it’s not going to break down sooner or later.”

Spike was stunned. “Tell you what, Harris, I’ll make you a deal. You learn to be a little more tolerant of me while I’m stuck here with you, and when I do get this chip out, I’ll give you the choice of living, dying by my hand, or becoming like me. I’ll even give you my word to take you away from Sunnyhell so you don’t hurt your friends, should you choose to be turned.”

“Before or after I kill my father?”

“Your choice.”

Xander turned around and studied Spike, looking for deception. He didn’t find any. “Why?”

Spike shrugged. “Could do with company. Never been much for the solitary life. Gets lonely, you know?”

Xander knew. “And until then we what? Live together? Learn to tolerate each other?“

“Suppose so. Or, we could try being friends.”

“And if I wanted more than that?” Xander blushed, but had to ask.

Spike smirked. “All you had to do was ask, love. Be more than happy to shag you six ways from Sunday.”

“Then I guess I’m asking.”

Spike looked from Xander to his sad, sagging, pull-out bed. “Right. First things first. We need a new bed. I’m not shagging you on that piece of crap. C’mon, we’ll go see a bloke I know at the Goodwill.”

“But…” Xander looked forlornly between the bed and the smirking vampire.

“Trust me, pet. It’ll be worth the wait.”

The End

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