Part Thirty-One

William closed the shop early and went for a walk around town. He was enjoying the freedom of being able to go outside whenever he pleased. His lunch dates with Alex were wonderful but he wanted to spend more time in the sunlight than just an hour a day.

He didn't go out at night much anymore, Spike was adamant that he stay inside or be accompanied by him. Not that he minded the protection Spike offered him, it was just that he felt a bit ... coddled. He had spent the last twenty-eight years looking after himself after all. He certainly didn't need to be watched like a three year old.

Of course when he'd told Spike that, the vampire was most indignant. He spluttered and raged about how fragile he was now, about how many different species of demon could and would kill him for either food or sport. Not to mention the fact that he hasn't been human in over a century and had no idea how to fight in his new weakened state.

Wil had to admit he was right, not that he was happy about it. If it weren't for Alex, and possibly Spike, he would sell the shop and move away from Sunnydale. Perhaps he could talk them into leaving with him?

That was the other problem. He wasn't sure what was going to happen with them now that he was human again. He still loved Alex, that wasn't an issue, and Spike was very important to him. If he could get past the fact that he was in a body identical to his own, and that he was a demon, Wil was pretty sure he could come to love him as well. He just wasn't sure he was willing to give up his humanity for the two of them.

Could they accept that? If he decided he didn't want to become immortal? If that were even possible, he refused to be a vampire. Sharing his body with Spike was one thing, but to share it with some other demon? The thought made him cringe. And they hadn't thought of any other way, aside from asking Anya to curse him, to do it.

So the question was, would they stick by him as he grew older, as he got weaker and eventually died of old age? Would they resent him for not giving them forever? Would they even care now that they had each other to spend eternity with?

It was questions like these that held him back from being with them, well Alex any way. With Spike, it was all of that plus the idea of having sex with a double of his own body, it just seemed ... wrong. He knew the demon found his hesitation both amusing, and frustrating at the same time. Alex however, was as patient as he had been in the beginning of their relationship. Although he did wonder what was keeping the two of them from simply falling into bed together. He thought perhaps that it was because of him but he wasn't entirely sure.

WIl found himself in the park once again and had to smile that his feet had brought him here of all places. He sat down on the same bench he and Alex had sat at the night he told him about Spike, the night he had learned about Alexs' past, about the curse. Could he really give up a chance at eternity with Alex? Did he want to?

The truth was, the idea of forever scared the hell out of him. He was human. Humans weren't supposed to live forever. He had a second chance at life, a chance to have a real life, a happy life. He could travel, he could go to university, he could write again. He had a chance to do all the things he had been denied by his death. He could get married, have a family ...

The shock at that thought took his breath away. He could. Have a family, that is. Children. Little people that looked like him, that would carry on his legacy after he died. A sweet little girl with big soulfull eyes, like Dawn. Maybe a smart young lad with honey coloured hair and bright blue eyes. Someone he could teach, love, protect and cherish. He had wanted a family when he was alive, the first time. Did he still want that?

Maybe this was why he was holding back. Why he had avoided being intimate with Alex. Perhaps it was because he wasn't sure what he wanted yet? He needed to talk to Alex. Even if he hadn't made any decisions, he needed to tell him what was holding him back. Feeling like the weight of the world was on his shoulders, Wil stood up and made his way back toward his apartment.

Part Thirty-Two

Sunset found a freshly showered Spike and Alex walking toward Wil's shop. They were both silent, wrapped up in their own thoughts. Spike was at least mollified that Alex didn't want to get rid of him so he and Wil could be together.

Alex was trying to figure out how to get Wil to stay with them. The idea that he may want a normal life now was something that wouldn't go away. As Spike had said, all they could do was tell Wil that they loved him and wanted him to stay. The rest was up to him. Perhaps it would be best if they didn't tell him that they had spent the last half hour making love in the shower, and the bed before that. It might make him feel insecure.


"Yeah mate?"

"I've been thinking."

"Ah, thought I smelled rubber burning."

Spike grinned at Alex when he turned annoyed eyes on him.

"Ha ha. Any way, I was thinking that maybe we should keep what happened between us to ourselves. I don't know how it would make Wil feel and I don't want him to feel unwanted."

Spike scowled a bit at the secrecy, but nodded his head.

"If that's what you want."

It was a little too reminicent of the last relationship he'd been in for his tastes. All secrecy and sneaking around. But if Alex didn't want to tell Wil about it, then so be it.

Alex knew he had hurt the vampire's feelings. He didn't mean to, he just didn't want to hurt Wil. He threw his arms up in the air and growled. How did he get into these messes? Only he could become involved with an emotionally insecure vampire and his human counterpoint.

"You alright pet?"

"No. I'm not."
Alex pulled Spike in the direction of the park. When they got there, he sat him down on a picnic table and then ran his hands through his hair. He scowled at Spike when he realized - again - that he didn't have all that much hair to run his hands through anymore.

"I am not ashamed of you. I love you."

He held up a hand to silence the vampire.

"I know about Buffy and you, how she wanted to keep it a secret, I don't want that for us. Wil knows about us, hells he was there, inside you, at the time. It's just, since the split, we've been all awkward and weird with each other. I just don't want him to feel left out. Like we don't need him. Do you understand?"

Spike sighed but he nodded his head.

"M'sorry. I just don't like secrets. Not about us anyway. We need to deal with this luv, soon, cause I'm not sneaking around just so I can bloody well see you. It's ridiculous."

"I know. We'll talk to him tonight. Tell him that we love him, that we want him to be with us for as long as he can. After that? Well I guess it's up to him."

"Fair enough. Come on then. Let's go talk to him."

Spike took Alexs hand as they left the park and continued to hold it all the way to Wil's shop. Wil had just gotten out of the shower and finished dressing when he heard Spike come home. It was strange living with the vampire now that they were separated. Wil worked during the day and slept at night, and Spike slept during the day and prowled at night so only having the one bed wasn't a problem at least. He was pretty sure that Spike wouldn't bite him or turn him without his permission so he wasn't afraid of him either. It was just strange, living with him, like this. Alex took Wil into his arms and gave him a chaste kiss on the mouth. Wil smiled at him and stepped back from him. Alex frowned but didn't say anything.

"How was work?"

"Good. I closed up early and took a walk. It was such a lovely day, it seemed a shame to spend it cooped up indoors."

"Yeah, it was a nice day."

Suddenly Alex felt nervous and uncomfortable. He knew that they all needed to sit down and talk, but he was afraid to say anything. The way Wil had greeted him, or rather the way he hadn't greeted him, had him worried.

Wil wanted to talk to Alex. They had so many things to discuss, but he didn't know where to begin. He took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. Spike and Alex looked at each other, Spike raised one eyebrow. They both knew that look.

Spike took out his cigarettes and lit one. Alex plucked it from his mouth and watched amused as Spike scowled and lit another. They both drew on their cigarettes and waited for Wil to speak. Neither were surprised when he put his glasses back on and said ... "Alex, Spike. We need to talk."

Part Thirty-Three

Here it was. The "talk". Alex knew he should have expected it, since when did he ever get what he wanted. Not ever, that's when. He slumped down onto the sofa and put his head in his hands. He was surprised to feel cool slender fingers rubbing soothingly on the back of his neck. He smiled at the thought of Spike comforting him.

Spike knew this was going to be hard on Alex. He himself was a little hurt that it was coming down to this, but he knew how much his souled half meant to the immortal. It was just one more thing to cause Alex hurt. Ever since that damn curse, it had been one thing after another for his boy. Then he had to go and make it all worse by absently voicing a wish.

Wil looked at the two dejected men on his sofa and smiled. So eager to assume the worst, they were. He hadn't meant it to come out like that. They did need to talk, but it didn't have to be bad news. "Spike, Alex? Are you alright?"

Alex looked up at Wil, his pain clearly written on his face. "Is this it then? The part where you tell us that you want to stay mortal, get married, have kids, grow old and die? Where you tell us there is no room in your life for a vampire and a cursed immortal?"

Alex began to shake slightly and Spike held him. Wil looked completely shocked and Spike, well Spike just glared at Wil for hurting his Xander.

"N no? This is the part where I tell you that I've come to a decision about certain things, we talk, then we - all of us - figure out where to go from there. Is that okay?"

Alex looked at Spike and then at Wil. He smiled slightly and then nodded. "Okay. I guess I just automatically assume the worst."

"Well, you haven't exactly had the best of luck, have you pet?"

Spike pulled Alex closer to him and motioned for Wil to join them on the sofa. Wil did, and then cleared his throat, took a deep breath and began. "I don't want to be turned. Ever."

He held Spike's gaze for a long moment before the demon growled and looked away.

"It isn't personal, it's just ... Well, sharing this body with you was one thing, but I refuse to share it with something else. And I refuse to share Alex with another demon."

Not having thought about that, Spike calmed down some and nodded his acquiescence. Wil let out a breath he had been holding. He turned to Alex and cupped the man's cheek.

"Alex, I love you. I do, but I don't know if I can give you eternity. To be honest, the idea frightens me. I can't say that I won't change my mind some day, but for now, this lifetime that I have, I would like to spend it with you. And Spike of course."

Alex didn't say anything. Spike didn't either. Wil was beginning to feel concerned. He wasn't sure that they would accept his terms, that they would allow him to live his life as a human. Each second that passed made him more and more nervous. Finally just as he was thinking that they would never speak, Alex pulled him into his embrace and kissed him.

"I can't ask for more than that, Wil. I was so afraid that you would leave me, leave us, get married and have a family. I would never deny you that happiness if it's what you truly wanted. I hope that someday, maybe you will change your mind, but if not, this is enough. I love you."

Alex kissed Wil again, but pulled away when he heard Spike growling behind him. "Spike?"


"You okay? You're awfully growly over there."

Wil shrieked as he was quickly torn away from Alex and landed on hard denim covered thighs. He was about to protest this action when soft cool lips covered his own, a cool tongue pushed into his mouth and strong hands began roaming across his back.

For all his Victorian sensibilities, Wil couldn't help but moan into the mouth that was plundering his. He had never been kissed like this before. It was so demanding and possessive. He barely registered a second set of hands on his chest, plucking at the buttons on his shirt. Before he knew it, cool lips had been replaced by warm, his pants were being opened and a cold hand was releasing him from the confines of his boxers.

The sofa was entire too small for what Spike had in mind so he picked Wil up and walked to the bedroom, Alex right behind him. Spike gently lay the mortal on the bed and slid his grey cotton dress slacks down his legs and then tossed them aside. Alex climbed onto the bed next to Wil and began kissing him once again.

Wil was lost to a sea of never ending pleasure. Where one set of hands left off another started up, where cold lips left him shivering, warm ones made him sweat. He didn't know why he hadn't done this sooner. He felt a cold slippery finger trace around his entrance and opened his legs wider to receive it.

Spike looked up at the wanton display of his human counter-point and groaned. This was what he had been fantasizing about ever since the split. To have William, his soul, accept him so openly, so freely, was almost too much. He may only have one human lifetime with this man but he was determined to make the most of it.

Alex rolled Wil on top of him and opened his legs.

"Wil, I want you inside me."

Wil moaned and shuddered against his lover. This was the one thing they had not done. While he and Spike shared a body, he had bottomed while Spike had topped. He knew the sensations, but technically this would be his first time inside of his lover.

Spike slid up beside Alex and handed Wil the lube. Wil looked at the tube in his hand and handed it back to spike.

"Would you? I, er, I'm not entirely sure what to do."

Spike just chuckled and kissed him.

"Sure luv. You wanna watch?"

Wil nodded his head and blushed furiously. Alex chuckled at him and kissed him as well. Spike showed Wil the best way to stretch and prepare Alex as Wil blushed and grew ever more aroused. Finally when Alex could take no more teasing, Spike lubricated Wil's cock and rolled out of the way. Wil gently pushed into Alex until he was fully encased in the hot tight channel of his lover. He felt Spike's finger at his entrance once more and pushed back onto it.

Spike prepared Wil quickly, but carefully and then pressed himself inside. He stilled to allow Wil to get used to the sensation before pulling out slowly. He thrust back in just a little harder the next time.

Spike set the pace for their mating as Wil was both taken and taking. Alex had one leg over Wil's shoulder, the other one wrapped around his waist. He could feel Spike licking at his foot every once in a while but when he looked at him, Spike was the picture of innocence. Well, as innocent as anyone could look who was currently involved in a three-way homosexual encounter.

Wil was so close to cumming it was almost painful. He continued to thrust into Alex as Spike pounded into his ass. He felt Alex tense beneath him just as he felt sharp fangs pierce his throat. That was all it took and Wil came with a scream. Alex shuddered underneath him and sprayed warm cum all over their chests while Spike's cool seed flooded his ass.

The three of them lay in a tangle of limbs, both Wil and Alex panting for necessary breath. Spike was licking at the mark on Wil neck and purring. Alex looked over at him and smiled.

"You know, Spike. If I had known that you could make that noise thirty years ago, I'd have teased you mercilessly. Now though? It makes me want to say 'awww' and cuddle you."

Spike lifted his head long enough to stick his tongue out at his lover.

"Sod off. M'content."

"Ah, does this mean that you have claimed me as well as Alex?"

Spike lifted up on one elbow and looked at Wil. He couldn't help the smile that crept onto his face. This was his other half, Wil was the angel as he was the demon. He shook his head at his strange thoughts. "It does. You are mine, just as Alex is mine. Even without the bite, the claim, you were mine. You're my soul, this just makes it ... official."

Wil thought about this for a long time as they lay silent in the bed just basking in the warmth of being together. He felt like he was home with these two immortal beings. Maybe eternity wouldn't be so scary after all.


It was a cloudless, starlit night. The moon was full and Alex wondered if somewhere out there Oz was running free. He looked to his right and watched as Spike knelt at the headstone and brushed away the fallen leaves that covered it. It had been a while since they had been back here.

"We should go, Spike. Daylight won't be far off."

"I know luv, just a bit longer, hey?"

"Five more minutes, then we have to go. Otherwise you'll be stuck hiding out in a crypt all day."

Alex watched a star shoot across the night sky and smiled. A long time ago, before he knew about vengeance demons and bad wishing, he would have made a wish on that star. He had always wished for the same thing, someone who would love him forever. He looked over at his vampire and smiled. It seemed that someone had granted that wish.

Spike looked up from the now clear headstone and watched as Alex smiled faintly at the sky. His princess used to wish on the stars, he figured that his lover did too once upon a time. Spike never went in for that sort of thing, he always thought that he made his own destiny. That was until he made one little wish. A wish that changed his life.

"Alex, I'm ready."

Alex and Spike held hands as they walked out of the cemetary and back toward their hotel room. Today was the day they would get what they had waited for. Today, Willow would finally pay. It had taken a considerable amout of time, effort, and money to buy the ingredients and learn the spell they needed to cast, but to a couple of immortal beings it wasn't a hardship.

Wil had been gone for just over ten years now. They had never found a way to immortalize him, and then he said he didn't want it anyways. He figured he had a second chance to live, and that was what he was going to do. So for the next twenty six years, that's what he did. Alex and Spike loved him every second of every day they were together. When Wil passed, it was quiet. He died in his sleep with his lovers on either side of him.

After the funeral, Spike and Alex left Sunnydale. They traveled for a while but eventually settled in New York for a while. That was where they first heard of the spell they were going to perform tonight. The spell - if cast properly - would summon any demon you wished and hold them prisoner in a protective circle. Alex would be performing that spell.

A second spell, cast by Spike once the demon was contained would revisit every wrongdoing it had ever done upon itself. Willow would be stripped of her powers but not her immortality. She would suffer everything she had done to her friends, and every other person she had cursed. It was the most fitting thing they could come up with. Willows own viciousness would be her punishment.

The first spell was cast and Alex and Spike waited until the smoke cleared to see that they had indeed summoned and contained Willow. She immediately attempted to free herself from the circle.

"You won't get away, Wills. It's time to pay for your actions."

Spike started to chant his spell and looked at the man who had been so wronged by this ... thing that used to be his best friend. He felt no sympathy for her. She deserved worse than this in his opinion. But Alex was still a good man, and wouldn't do any more to her than what he felt she deserved. It was poetic justic, really. Just not brutal enough for his tastes.

Willow screamed as she felt her powers being torn from her, it was like someone had reached into her chest and pulled out her vital organs all at once. She dropped to the floor and writhed in pain before passing out cold.

Spike finished chanting and stepped closer to his lover. He smoothed his - now long again - hair back from his face and rolled his brow across Alexs'.

"It's done. Do you want to leave her, or stay until she wakes?"

"Stay. I want to make sure it worked. I have to know that they will be avenged, that she'll know how hurt and betrayed we all felt. She has to pay for what she did, Spike."

Alex couldn't stop the tears that slid down his face. Spike gently kissed them away and held his love closely.

"She will, luv. I promise. Every hurt, every betrayal. She'll feel their deaths, their pain, your anguish. She will never know peace again, luv. I swear to you, if this doesn't work, we'll find something else. I won't give up. I won't let Dawn be forgotten, she forgave me ya know?"

"She did?"

"Yeah, finished reading her diaries one night. She said she overheard Buffy and Tara talking, that she understood how things were with the slayer an' me. She knew how horrible I felt, how sorry I was. She said she could forgive me, since I stopped myself, and that if I ever came home she would tell me that. She never got the chance."

Now it was Spike who had tears in his eyes and Alex who held and comforted his lover. He kissed Spike, softly gliding his lips over the silky ones beneath his. He wrapped his arms tightly around him and they just held each other, both lost in the memories they had for their fallen friends.

When Willow came to, she was disoriented at first. She looked around the dingy hotel room and then slowly made it to her feet. She saw Alex and Spike sitting together in a chair in the far corner watching her. Spike got up and approached her.

"So, Red. How you feeling?"

Willow just looked at him and blinked. She was still confused, the last thing she remembered was being in Venice, she was about to turn this guy into a donkey for stealing his best friend's girlfriend. Suddenly it all came back to her. The summoning, the spell, the pain.

Willow grabbed her head and screamed as she began to be assulted by the memories of her one time friends. The fear Buffy felt at losing her power, not being able to protect her sister and her friends. The confusion Giles felt, not knowing who anyone was or how to function in the world. The utter horror Dawn felt as she realized what was happening to her, her screams of fear and anger that just ceased in an instant.

Willow crumpled to the ground as she relived the attack that had killed Buffy, the attack that had killed Xander for the first time. She felt Giles' confusion as he finally realized that vampires were indeed real, and that he should have known that.

Willow curled up in a ball and sobbed brokenly as she felt every pain she had ever caused Xander to flood her system at once. She was overwhelmed by the depths of dispair her one time friend had lived in. How each death he revived from took him that much further away from the man he once was.

Alex watched all of this from the chair with a neutral expression on his face. He wasn't happy about this, but this was justice, not revenge. She would never curse another person. Never cause anyone the pain she had caused him and his friends. He stood up and wrapped his arms around Spike from behind and rested his chin on his lover's shoulder.

"We should go. The noise will draw attention soon."

"Yeah, think they'll lock 'er up?"

"Probably. We'll have to let Angel know where she is, let him deal with her. He's all about redeeming people isn't he? See if can redeem her."

"If nothing else, with her around he'll never achieve a moment of true happiness again."

Alex and Spike left the room, hand in hand and didn't look back. They would call Angel from the road somewhere and tell him about Willow. After that it was his problem, Alex had got what he needed. Some might call it vengeance, but he preferred the term justice.

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