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Rating: R
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Summary: Xander goes through an interesting change.

The Change


Part One

"Oh God, harder!"

The sounds of flesh on flesh filled the room. The scent of sex was heavy in the air. The sight of pale skin and blonde hair underneath bronze skin and luxurious dark brown hair.

"Gods, yes! XANDER!"


Silence. And then....




"Oh Shit!"

Sounds of panic, clothing being thrown on in haste. Xander tries to run, to escape. He has really screwed up this time.

He freezes.

Can't move.

Feels himself changing, looks in the mirror across the room.

Sees his recently restored to demon status girlfriend, demon faced and glaring.

Sees a beautiful dark haired woman wearing his clothes.

Realizes what has happened.


"Serves you right Xander! I gave you another chance and you hurt me again."

"Anya, please."

Wants to say he didn't mean it. That Spike means nothing to him. He can't. That would be a lie.

"Please what Xander? Change you back? I don't think so. In fact I'm going to leave you like this. And I've made you Immortal. Eternity as a beautiful woman. A fitting punishment."

She disappears.

Xander looks at his reflection.

He smiles.

He goes to the door and opens it.

He wants to see what Spike thinks of the new Xander.

"Oh, Anya. You really are an idiot. Aren't you."

He's gotten exactly what he wanted.

Part Two


"Who in the bloody hell knocks on my door?"

Spike opens the door.

He stares, not believing what he sees.


Xander is a woman.

An attractive woman.

"Spike? Can I come in?"

"Uh...sure pet."

Xander follows Spike into the crypt.

Niether speaks.

The silence is deafening.


"What the fuck happened to you? Red fall off the spell wagon?"


"Your bird turned you into a woman? Why?"

"I called someone elses name....during sex."


More silence.



More silence.

"Is it permanent then?"

"More so. She made me immortal, eternity as a beautiful woman."

"I can work with that, so ya fancy me then eh?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Can't say I never thought about you, even as a man you were an attractive bugger."

"So the woman thing wasn't neccesary?"

"You did that on purpose? Set the demon bint up so she'd curse you?"


"How'd you know what she'd turn you into?"

"Told her once it was my worst fear. She bought it."

"That's evil pet, I like it."


"Wanna shag then?"

"Thought you'd never ask."

The sounds of flesh on flesh filled the room. The scent of sex was heavy in the air. The sight of pale skin and blonde hair looming over bronze skin and luxurious dark brown hair.

"Spike! Oh God! Spike!"

"Xander! Fuck!"

And all was right with the world.

The End

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