The Phone Call



"'Ello luv, what are ya wearing?"

"Spike. What do you want?"

"Not gonna tell me? Suppose I'll hafta guess then. Lets see, I'm thinking blue satin pajama pants and nothing else. I think you're in bed, half hard, you've been waiting for my call."

"You couldn't be more incorrect."

"Nah, I'm right. You want me. You just won't admit it. Do you know what I would do to you if you would just give in?"

"I don't want to know, Spike. Stop calling me."

"Ah you say no but that hard cock of yers says yes so I'm gonna tell ya. If I was there, I'd take a good long look at you, devouring ya with my eyes. I'd smell the scent of your skin, see the lust in your eyes. I'd look at that full lush mouth of yours and I'd want to kiss you. You wouldn't want that though, too intimate. So I would just trace my finger across that full bottom lip, slide it down your chin, your throat. I'd trace it over your jugular and listen to your heart beat increase, hear your breath hitch.

Then I'd run both hands across your broad shoulders, feel all that warm tanned skin. I'd rake my nails lightly across your chest, pinch and pull at your nipples. You would hiss in pleasure and I'd breathe in your arousal.

You wouldn't say a word but you'd beg me with your eyes. I'd come closer, climb onto the bed with you and straddle your thighs. I'd lean in toward you and you'd turn away. But not to worry, I wasn't trying to kiss you anyway. I'd suck on the skin of your throat until it left a bruise then I'd lick my way down across your chest.

You still with me pet?"

"Uh huh."

"Good. Where was I? Oh right. So I'm licking your chest, lowering myself slowly down yer body. I slip my tongue into yer navel and you shudder. I look up at you and smile. Then I lower my face once more. I trace the fine sprinkling of hair that leads to the waistband of those satin pajamas. I want to shred them in my need to taste you, but seeing as how that would frighten you I'd just hook my thumbs into the sides and slowly slide them down yer legs.

You lay exposed to me, I can feel your embarrassment, but also your arousal. You like being on display for me, like seeing the hunger shine in my eyes. I want you. You know I do and it gives you power. That this ancient powerful being wants you enough to take his time, to seduce you.

I lick away the drop of precum on your cockhead. I roll it on my tongue, savoring your taste before swoopin' down for more. I swallow you down and you buck up into my face. You can't control yerself as you thrust into my mouth. I let you use me for your own pleasure for a few minutes before I pull off you and move away."

Spike could hear the whimpered protest on the other end of the phone and chuckled.

"Don't fret luv, not leaving ya just gotta get my kit off. I'd undress slowly, to draw things out and give you a chance to recover. As I peel off my tight black t-shirt your eyes wander over my chest. Do you like what you see? I step out of my boots and take off my socks. The only thing between us now is my jeans, I go commando. I'd undo my button and slowly slide down the zipper, being mindful of my bits. Do you see how hard I am for you? Does this make you believe how much I want you?

Before stepping out of my jeans I reach into the pocket for something. I've brought you a prezzie, see? I crawl d bad back up your body and resume my earlier position straddling your thighs. I show you what I've brought, a small bottle of lubricant. I can see you start to panic. Shh, don't worry luv, that's fer me.

I pour some of the slippery liquid into my hand and stroke it over your hard cock. You shiver slightly at the coldness of it. Using that same hand I quickly prepare myself to take you.

I grip your cock and slowly slide myself down onto you. You feel so hot, so good inside me luv. Can you feel me? Can you feel my muscles clench around you, holding you tight? I want to take you hard and fast but it would be over too soon. I lift myself up and then slowly lower back down. You're panting beneath me. You look so gorgeous, eyes clenched tight, hair plastered to your forehead with sweat. I still want to kiss you.

Funny how you can have your cock in my arse but you think kissing is too personal. I continue to ride you at a liesurely pace, it feels so fucking good. Haven't been fucked by a man in decades, not since Angelus. Is it good for you luv? Would you like me to go faster? Harder?"


"If that's what you want pet. I begin to ride you harder, faster, I'm close luv. Are you close? I want you to cum with me. I grab my cock and start pulling it. I wish you would touch me, is that too much much to ask? Will you touch me?"


"Oh luv, your hand is so warm on my cold skin. Feels so good. I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum now, are you ready luv?"

" Cum Cumming, gods yes. Spike!"


Moments pass before Spike speaks again.

"Ya know Xan, this would be so much easier if you would just admit you want me."

"I don't ..."

"Then what was that then? You screamed my name."

"You started this! Why do you keep doing this to me? Every damn night Spike. Every night for the past two we.."


"Why do you keep listening?"

"Wha ....?"

"You could have hung up the phone pet."


The End


You Could Have Hung up the Phone Pet.

Pairing: X/S (of course)
Summary: This follows 'The Phone Call'
Disclaimer: If I were Joss I wouldn't need a disclaimer now would I?
Feedback: Does a vamp like leather?
Distribution: You actually want this? Take it.
A/N: For everyone who begged, bribed or threatened me for a sequel. You know who you are!

That one statement had changed his life. He could have hung up, he knew that. So why hadn't he? For two weeks he had listened to Spike describe the things he wanted to do to him. For two weeks he had jerked himself off as he listened.

So why didn't he just hang up? Was the vampire right? Did he want Spike? When he thought about it, it was pretty obvious. He did. He must, or he would have hung up. If it had been anyone else he would have. So why?

Would he call again tonight? He had every night for two weeks, so why wouldn't he? Should I tell him that I want him? Is this a game to him? Get me to admit it and then laugh at me? Would he go to all this trouble just for a mind-fuck? Yeah he would.

But that voice, it was like silk. Hearing him describe the things he would do to my body if given the chance, it makes me weak. I want to tell him, I want to touch him, taste him. I want him to do all of those things he described. I want to feel his hands on my skin, his mouth on my cock. I want to watch his face as he rides me. But is it just sex?

Did he really think that? That I wouldn't kiss him? Yeah, he's as insecure as I am when it comes to love. Love? No, not love. Not with Spike. Not yet at least. But someday? Yeah, maybe.

Why hasn't he called yet? Has he given up? Decided I'm too much work? Not worth the effort? He wouldn't be the first. Nah, it's still early. Plenty of time. But he's never been this late before, he's always called by now. What if something has happened to him? What if he's hurt? What if he's dust?

That's it. I'm going to see him. I have to make sure he's okay. Maybe I should just call him? It would be easier, and if doesn't pick up then I'll go look for him.




"Yeah. It's me?"

"Why are you calling me?"

"Uh ... Just ..."

"Oh right, time for yer nightly wank is it? Well you'll have to do without my help tonight. Not in the mood to be used. Bye Xander."

Well that went well.

Xander grabbed his cell phone and headed out into the night. He needed to see Spike, to explain to him that he wasn't using him. That he did want him, it just took him some time to realize it. When he got to the cemetary he stopped a little way away from the crypt and pulled out his phone. He dialed Spikes number and waited.

"Piss off. I'm not in the mood."

"Not even if I were to stand before you half naked and hard?"

"Er ... maybe. What else?"

Xander began walking to Spikes crypt as he talked.

"Well, I would come toward you slowly. You'd be sitting in your chair and I'd crouch down in front of you."

"Keep going."

"I'd run my hands up your thighs and then untuck your t-shirt. I'd slip my hands under the material and caress your cool skin. You like how warm my hands are don't you Spike?"

"Oh yeah. Continue. What would you do next pet?"

"I'd lift your shirt over your head so that I could see you. You're beautiful. I want to taste your skin so I lean closer and run my tongue over one of your nipples. You hiss and arch into the contact. You taste good, I need more. I suck the little nub into my mouth and bite down gently. Do you like this? Does it feel good?"

"Yessss! More!"

"Yeah more. I move to the other nipple and suck and nibble that one too. You thread your fingers into my hair and hold my head against you. I undo your jeans while I continue to tease your nipples. I slip my hand inside and touch your cock. Does my hand feel hot? would you like me to stroke you?"

"Gods yes. Xander please!"

"There's not enough room, you need to lift your hips so I can slide your jeans off. Yeah, that's better. You look so fuckin hot, Spike. You're hard and leaking. I've never done this before but I want to touch you. Can I?"

"Touch me!"

Xander stopped right outside the door to the crypt and continued telling Spike what he would do to him. This phone sex thing was fun.

"I wrap my hand around your shaft. It feels like velvet over steel. I can see the wetness gathered at the tip, I touch it with my finger. You watch me as I bring the finger up to my mouth and lick it. Does this turn you on? Me tasting you?"


"Good. I want you to be desperate for me as I take you in my mouth. I lick across the head of your cock and clean away the pre-cum. Your hands tighten in my hair. I take the tip in my mouth and suck gently. You push up into my mouth. I put my hands on your hips to hold you down. I'm new at this and I don't want to gag.

You're panting now, I can hear you. Are you touching yourself, Spike? Are you wishing it was me?"

"Yes. Keep talking luv, so close."

"Okay. I take you in further and move up and down on your shaft. I scrape my teeth gently on the underside of your cock, do you like it as much as I do? I want to taste your cum, I want you to fill my mouth and let me swallow it down. I lift your legs up and drape them over the arms of the chair. I move one hand lower and cup your swollen testicles. I roll them gently in my palm as I insert one finger into you. I feel you tense. Your balls tighten, you're so close now. I relax my throat and take more of you inside. I swallow around the head of your cock."

"Shit, fuck! Cumming luv, yeah fuck, so good."

"I swallow you down, you taste so good. I lift my head and lick my lips. I look into your eyes and then .... "

"What? Then what?"

Xander opened the door to the crypt and walked inside. Spike was sitting in his chair, jeans around one ankle, legs slung over the arms, cock spent. He looked shocked to see Xander standing there. Xander smiled, hung up his phone and put it in his pocket. He stopped in front of Spike.

"Then, I'd lean in and do this."

Xander leant in and kissed the vampire. It was soft and sweet and he had never felt anything like it. Spike kissed him back and then pulled him into his arms.

Yes he could have, but then he wouldn't be doing this, and he really wanted to be doing this.

The End