Rating: NC17
Pairing: X/S
Word Count: 4275
Summary: Written for [info]fall_for_sx 2008. Angelus is bored. L.A. is overrun with vamps and demons so he orders in some entertainment. Cue Xander and Spike.
Disclaimer: Not mine. No money being made.
Notes: Huge thanks go out to [info]vccv for the beta. As always, it is her brilliance that makes me look good.

An Interlude Between Storyteller and Orpheus


It had been the weirdest three days of his life. Looking over at the blonde vampire sitting next to him, he wondered if Spike felt the same way. It was hard to tell after all, with only the two facial expressions he normally showed since regaining his soul: sorrow and rage. They’d barely spoken since coming back to Sunnydale, and Xander didn’t see that changing any time soon. Xander closed his eyes and remembered how it had all started.

Three days earlier:

They had been walking back from the high school after checking out a lead on the Bringers when it had happened. An extremely large - even by Hellmouth standards - group of vampires had surrounded them. Spike dropped into battle stance, game face to the fore, and Xander withdrew two stakes from his coat and gripped them tightly.

They stood back to back in the darkened street and watched as the group of vampires moved in on them. Spike was growling low in his throat, a warning that they should back away, that he was a Master and not someone they wanted to fuck with. It didn't seem to be working.

"Xander, if you see an opportunity to run - take it. Get the Slayer and the Potentials and haul ass back here. Got it?"

"Yeah, I hear ya Fangless, but I somehow doubt that they plan on letting me go."

The vampires attacked swiftly. They weren't the strongest vampires the pair had ever faced, but they made up for it in sheer numbers. They soon overpowered not only Xander, but Spike as well. Xander remembered thinking he was going to die - and praying that they left him that way - just before the darkness overtook him.

The next thing he knew, he was being jostled about and he hurt. Everywhere. He tried to sit up but couldn't. He pulled his arm and bit his lip as the movement jarred his shoulder. He was obviously chained to something, but it was too dark to see anything, so he tentatively reached out with his free hand and felt the metal cuff around his wrist. He followed the chain with his fingers and came into contact with cold dead skin. He yelped and instinctively pulled away; again jarring his shoulder and causing pain to flare up his arm.

"Bloody hell! Stop that, would you?"


"No, it's Queen bloody Mary. Soddin’ git."

Xander had never been so happy to hear that snarky British voice in his life. At least if he had to be chained to a corpse, it was one that was capable of conversation and coming up with possible escape plans.

"What the hell happened? And where the hell are we?"

There was a soft snort, and then Spike pulled at Xander's arm as he manoeuvred himself into a more comfortable position.

"We were jumped by a pack of vamps, remember? As far as where we are, I'd wager a guess at being in the back of a moving van. Where we're headed, I haven't a clue."

"Great. It's not enough the world is ending, but for some reason the fates decide I should spend my final hours with a souled vampire instead of with my ex-girlfriend, my best friends and the rest of the world-saving committee."

"You’re not my first choice either, mate."

They sat in silence for the rest of the trip. After about an hour the van stopped, and the engine turned off. Spike nudged Xander and whispered for him to be ready to fight and run when the door opened. That plan was blown to hell when they saw the face of their captor.

"Well, well. Spike, my boy. It's been a while, hasn't it? And you brought me dinner? How thoughtful."

Xander gaped, and Spike cursed softly.


"Nice to see you remember me, boy. I believe I have a little something to repay you for. Does the word crowbar ring any bells?"

Spike swallowed and looked around wild-eyed. He didn't see any way out of this. Not only was Angelus standing there, big as life, right in front of him, what was left of the group of minions that had taken him and Xander down in Sunnydale was there as well.

Xander wasn't too happy about this. He had always known Angel was high risk. One moment of happiness, and he was Angelus again. He wondered what woman was crazy enough to sleep with him. If it had been Cordelia, he was finding a way to come back and haunt her. He knew that Angelus wouldn’t bother to turn him; he hated him too much to want him around for eternity.

"Harris. You look well. Good enough to eat. Too bad I've already fed tonight. I guess I'll just have to find some other ... use ... for you."

Xander really didn't like the leer on the vampire’s face. He was so hoping his would be a quick death. It didn't look like that was an option anymore.

"Bring them back to the warehouse. Strip them and chain them up."

Angelus walked away, and the minions came toward them with armed with chains. Spike fought ferociously, as did Xander, but in the end they were knocked unconscious and dragged away.

Spike was already awake when Xander opened his eyes. He groaned and closed his eyes again at the bright light in the room. He was lying on a bed, and Spike was next to him. Other than that, he knew nothing as he had closed his eyes almost as soon as he had opened them. He didn't want to look, didn't want visual confirmation of what his body was already telling him. That he was naked. That he was restrained. That Spike was beside, him naked and tied down as well.

"I know you're awake, Harris. Might as well open your eyes. My fun is just beginning."

Xander refused to look, but then snapped his eyes open at the next words out of Angelus' mouth.

"Open them, or I'll rip them out and mail them to Willow."

So with his eyes opened and staring straight up at the ceiling, Xander waited for the pain to begin. Instead, he was released from his bonds. He sat up and immediately covered his groin with both hands. He looked suspiciously at the dark haired vampire who sat in a high back leather chair about ten feet away from the bed. Of course, that was when he realized he was still handcuffed to Spike, and the blonde’s hand was now resting on Xander’s thigh. Xander ‘eeped’ quietly and moved his left hand so that Spike was no longer touching him.

"I'm bored Harris. See L.A.'s just no fun these days. No sunlight means no people. So, there's no one to hunt, no one to scare, no one to ...entertain me. That's where you come in. If you please me, I'll let you live."

"Fuck you!"

"No. Not me, him."

Angelus looked pointedly at the still bound figure of Spike, lying silent and still on the bed next to Xander. Xander looked at Spike and then back at Angelus shaking his head frantically.

"Uh uh. No way. I am not fucking Spike! Just kill me."

"Hmm, thought you might feel that way. Well, as added incentive I have a few of my boys watching your girlfriend. I'm sure she'd be fun to play with, shall I have them bring her here to amuse me in your stead?"

Xander glared at Angelus and stuck his chin out defiantly. Sure, Anya might be his ex girlfriend these days, but he still cared about her.

"I don't believe you."

Angelus smiled and picked up a television remote and pointed it at a TV in the far corner. The picture came on, showing Anya and Dawn in the Summers’ kitchen doing dishes and laughing together. Xander closed his eyes as a wash of dread came over him. He looked at Spike and saw the vampire's jaw clenched tightly as he watched Dawn blow a handful of dish suds at the former demon.

"Of course, Buffy's little sister looks like she could be fun to play with. Maybe the boys would like to keep her around when I'm finished with her."

Xander heard Spike growl and looked over at the blonde. He was in game face and pulling on the chains that bound his left arm to the bed as hard as he could. Xander could see that they weren't budging. He watched as Spike came to the same conclusion. Spike sagged in defeat and closed his eyes.

"Do it, Harris. Just bloody do it."

Angelus clapped his hands and smiled. He turned off the T.V. and sat forward, elbows on knees, to watch the show. Xander took a deep breath and moved so that he was kneeling between Spike's legs. His flaccid cock was not responding to the idea of taking the vampire against his will, and in front of an audience.

"Oh, and did I forget to mention? You have to make him beg for it. Before you fuck him."

Xander gaped and Spike opened yellow eyes and growled at his sire. This was not just a bit of fun for Angelus; this was a punishment for Spike, a humiliation. He was being forced to beg a human to fuck him. And the worst part was that he knew that if it wasn't real, his sire would have Anya and the Bit brought here to entertain him instead.

"Fucking hell! You bastard! I swear by all that's unholy I will feel your dust as it slides through my fingers."

"Perhaps. But I'll still have the memory of you begging for Harris's cock to keep me entertained in hell."

Xander looked at Spike and swallowed. He had no idea how he was supposed to do this. He'd never even contemplated having sex with a man before, even after his little ‘gay me up’ speech to Willow. Spike rolled his eyes and frowned at Xander.

"Look, pet. We don't have much choice unless you want your ex and the little one taking our places. So get on with it and make me beg. Prove to me that Anya's right; that you're a Viking in the sack."

Xander couldn't help but grin. Here Spike was being humiliated, forced to submit to a human and beg for it, and he was trying to make him feel better.

"I don't know what to do here, Spike. Never been with a man before."

"Well, you are a man Xander. What makes you beg?"

Xander blushed as he thought about that. There was no way he could do that to Spike. Then again the other option was Angelus killed them and took the girls.

"I, um, well..."

"Just do something, Xander, before he gets bored and kills us both."

Angelus cleared his throat from his position at the foot of the bed, and Xander jumped. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and leaned forward.

Spike started at the feel of Xander's lips on his own. He hadn't expected something as intimate as a kiss from him. He had expected to be fondled, groped, maybe even licked or sucked. But kissing was totally unexpected.

Xander's lips were soft and warm. Spike decided to just go with the flow, so to speak, and hope that they got out of this alive. At least with Xander buggering him, he wasn't likely to be left unable to walk like he would be if Angelus did the job himself.

Xander closed his eyes tightly and tried to imagine Anya's body beneath him, Anya's taste in his mouth as he deepened the kiss. It wasn't working; Anya didn't taste like menthol cigarettes and whiskey. Anya always tasted like champagne and strawberries.

Spike could feel himself responding to Xander's kiss. He was almost ashamed by his body's reaction. It wasn't as if he actually wanted the whelp's lips on him, tongue mapping out the surfaces of his mouth. As he felt his cock begin to fill and lengthen, he told himself it was just to keep Angelus from killing them. Nothing more.

Xander felt Spike respond to the kiss and was startled to realize that this pleased him. A part of him was impressed that he was having such an effect on the vampire. Then again, he was beginning to feel a stirring in his own groin as well. He would have been mortified, but he needed to do this, for Anya and for Dawnie. He'd have time to panic and repress later. Hopefully.

"Suck him."

The command from the foot of bed brought both men out of their thoughts with a start. Xander felt his budding erection begin to flag at the reminder of the dark vampire’s presence. He blushed at the thought of having to put his mouth on Spike's cock, but knew he had no choice in the matter. He couldn't look at Spike while he did it, so he kept his eyes closed and shuffled down the bed until he was in position.

Spike risked a glance at the boy and was relieved to see his eyes were closed. It wouldn't help them any to make this harder than it was. He closed his own eyes and clenched his jaw at the first touch of Xander's warm fingers on his erection. He bit through his lip to stay silent as he felt the boy’s humid breath bathe his cock head. He shifted to game face as Xander took him in his mouth and sucked experimentally.

Xander couldn't believe he was doing this. He was sucking a cock. A vampire cock. Spike's cock. While Angelus watched. His life couldn't get any worse. As he realized what he just thought - no doubt jinxing himself - he groaned.

Spike felt the vibration against his shaft and couldn't stifle the moan of pleasure that shot through him. Humans were so warm, and Xander's mouth felt amazing on his cold skin. Add to that the vibration, and it was a wonder he was able to keep from thrusting into Xander's mouth. He just knew the boy was going to stake him after this. Well, might as well enjoy it then.

"Oh, hell Xander. Do that again."

Xander quirked his eyebrow but then gave a mental shrug. The sooner Spike begged, the sooner he could stop sucking his cock. It was a good incentive to do the best job he could. He hummed around the vampire's cock, the same way Anya had done to him a thousand times, and was rewarded by a gasp and a thrust.

Xander put both hands on Spike's hips and held him still. He really didn't want to gag or throw up on him. He just wanted to make him beg, and the sooner the better.

"Use your hands, too. Play with his balls. He likes that."

Xander really wished Angelus would just shut up. He wasn't helping matters by reminding them that he was there. Never the less, Xander did as instructed and began to roll Spike's balls around in their sac. The vampire growled low in his throat and began to pant. He decided to go for the big guns. To do the one thing that Anya had shown him that always made him beg for release.

Xander slid a finger into his mouth along side the vampire's cock and wet it thoroughly before pushing it into Spike's hole and finding his prostate. He rubbed the little pleasure nodule gently and was gratified to hear the vampire beg.

"Oh, fuck! Xander, please! More, please!"

"Make him come, Harris. Also, make sure you swallow it. All of it."

Fucking bastard! Xander was livid. He had never hated Angelus more than he did at this moment. If he lived through this, he would kill him. Slowly. Spike was still hard and pulsing in his mouth so he continued to suck, pushing his finger harder and deeper inside him. He worked a second finger into the vampire and rubbed his gland until he heard him cry out, felt him shoot his load into his mouth. Xander swallowed quickly, not thinking about why it wasn't as bad as he'd thought it would be. Definitely ignoring the small part of him that found the taste tolerable, almost pleasant even.

Xander jumped when he felt something land on the bed beside him. He looked at the small tube in a mixture of horror and confusion. He had assumed that Angelus wanted him to take Spike without preparation. He reached out for the lube and then tried to open it, forgetting for a moment that his left hand was still cuffed to Spike until he felt the metal cuff pull on his wrist.

"Sorry. I forgot."

Xander mumbled his apology without looking at Spike. He wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to look at him again after what he’d just done. Spike chuckled and moved his arm so that Xander could open the tube more easily.

"Don't worry about it."

Spike wondered what Angelus' game was. He had never bothered with lube in the past, why now? Probably just another facet of his twisted game. Make Spike enjoy being shagged by a human. Xander Harris of all people. Well, not like he had a choice. And for once, having this soul didn't seem like such a bad thing, as he could blame the weakness, the begging, the pleasurable feeling of having warm, rough fingers inside him slicking his hole and stretching him, on said soul.

Xander wondered if Spike was going to kill him when this was over. Surely he wasn't happy about this; how could he be? He was basically a willing participant in his own rape. His rape. God, Xander felt sick all of a sudden. He couldn't do this. He hated Spike for what he'd tried to do to Buffy, and here he was doing the same thing. Yeah, he had permission, but Spike didn't want this. Not really.

"I can't do this."

Spike almost missed the whispered words as Xander withdrew his fingers from his body. He lifted his head from where it lay on the mattress and looked at the distraught young man.


"Spike, I can't. I can't do this, I can't ... rape you."

"Rape me? Bloody hell, Xander. This isn't rape. Am I struggling? Screaming? Fighting you off in any way?"

"No. But you don't want this. That makes it rape."

"Do you want this? Or am I raping you as well by laying here with my legs open and my arse spread open for you?"

Xander quirked his mouth in a half smile at Spike's words. Looked at in that context, it was almost amusing. He didn't want to do this either, and he knew if the situation was reversed - if he were the one laying spread open on the bed - he would still do this. For Anya. For Dawn. Hell, even for Spike. He would play Angelus' sick little game if it kept them alive.

"Alright, point taken."

"Good. Now just bloody shag me already."

Xander nodded, open the tube of slick and squeezed a small amount onto his fingers. He swallowed the lump in his throat and moved toward his goal. It was easier getting his fingers into Spike this time, he was already somewhat loosened, and the lubrication worked much better than spit.

“That’s enough foreplay, Harris. I’m getting bored.”

Xander clenched his jaw and removed his fingers. He refused to look at Angelus, refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing the hatred in his eyes. He looked at Spike, received a short nod, and then reached for the tube once more.

The gel was cold as he rubbed it on his cock, but it warmed up quickly. He bit his lip, and tried to figure out what his next move should be. Spike lifted his legs, hooked his free arm under one of his knees and presented Xander with his slick and ready hole.

“Are you waiting for a written invitation, Xander? Shag me already!”

Xander nodded, lifted Spike’s other leg with their joined hands and used his free hand to guide himself into Spike’s body.

The coolness of Spike’s body made his erection wane slightly, but Xander pushed in regardless. He heard Spike groan, peeked at his face through his lashes and almost blushed at the blissful expression on the vampire’s face.

“Move! Bleedin’ Christ, you’re a tease, Harris.”

Xander chuckled very softly. He wasn’t trying to tease, but a small part of him was impressed that he could do this. Could make a Master vampire beg him to fuck him. Then he remembered that that was the point. He had to make Spike beg; give Angelus a worthy show, or else his loved ones were in danger of becoming the vampire’s next targets.

Xander moved his hips in shallow little thrusts. Not enough to satisfy, just enough to keep his cock interested. Spike glared up at him. Xander shrugged apologetically.

“You have to beg me, Spike. You have to mean it.”

Xander shivered as he heard Angelus laugh behind him.

“Well done, Harris. I have to admit, I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“I don’t want anyone else hurt.”

Remembering what Angelus had said earlier, Xander cupped Spike’s balls in his palm, squeezing them gently. He rolled them with his fingers, and continued to move in and out of Spike in short, slow thrusts.

Spike began moving with him, rolling his hips and pushing back into each small movement Xander made. His frustrated whimpers, surprisingly, made Xander harder.


Xander exhaled a shaky breath as Spike looked up at him through slitted, golden eyes.

Bracing himself with the hand on Spike’s thigh, Xander pulled back and slammed in hard. Spike howled and Angelus clapped, slowly.

Xander ignored the dark vampire and concentrated on the one he was fucking. In and out. In and out. Twist of the hips and… yes! That was the reaction he was hoping for. Spike’s eyes rolled back in his head and he bit through his lip.


Xander repeated the move, his eyes locked on Spike’s face. There was blood running down the sides of his jaw from where he had torn into his lip, his eyes were clenched tightly shut, and his mouth was open in a parody of a silent scream.

It was all Xander could do to keep his orgasm at bay. Spike’s hips were rolling sinuously beneath him, his body clenching and unclenching where they were joined. It was almost too much, and if it hadn’t been for Anya and her love of multiple orgasms, Xander would likely have come about five minutes ago.

“Close. Bloody close, put your hand on me, wank me off!”

Xander reached for Spike’s cock, only wanting to finish this as soon as possible. He closed his fingers around Spike’s erection and stroked, hard and fast.

“Yesssss. That’s it, Xander. Faster. Harder!”

Xander gave what was needed. He pumped harder and faster into Spike’s body even as he sped up the strokes to Spike’s cock. He felt the clench around him just before Spike’s pearly-white ejaculate shot out of his penis and onto his chest. Xander continued to stroke him throughout his climax and then, finally gave into his own pressing need to come.

The applause took him by surprise. For a few minutes there, Xander had forgotten about his audience, forgotten about why it was that he was fucking Spike in the first place. It all came back to him now though, as Angelus stepped into view, still applauding his efforts.

“Well done. I must say, I was looking forward to seeing if little Dawn was as eager to please the first time out as her sister was, but a deal is a deal and since you have held up your end - one of you quite literally - I suppose I’ll have to hold my end up as well.”

Angelus tossed a key on the bed and headed toward the door. “Places to go, friends to kill, and all that. You can let yourselves out, I assume?”

The door closed and Xander blinked in shocked confusion. A slight cough from the vampire beneath him reminded him of the fact that he was still inside said vampire and he blushed hotly as he gently withdrew.

In silence, Xander uncuffed himself from Spike and went to get dressed. He heard Spike moving around and assumed he had undone his own cuff and was dressing as well. He didn’t really want to break the silence, but he had to.

“Um, how are we going to get back to Sunnydale?”

“Steal a car, most likely.”

“Um, okay. Uh, what do we tell the gang?”

Golden eyes and a fanged mouth were suddenly in his face.

“Not a damn thing about this, you hear? We tell ’em that we had a run in, we got away, and now we're back. Nothing more. Buffy’s got enough on her plate without knowing that her ex is back on an all-human diet. Got it?”

Xander nodded. He didn’t want Buffy to know about Angelus either. As far as he was concerned, Angelus was L.A.’s problem, not theirs. Besides, between him and Spike, they’d see to it that their little family was safe from him.

“Let’s go then.”

Xander followed Spike from the room, and if he happened to notice the vampire’s slight limp, or smiled smugly about it, well, that was nobody’s business but his, was it?

The End

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