Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rated: Hard R or NC-17 for adult language, and sexy (though no actual sex) content. This is my first Spander fic(let?). Please be gentle.
Disclaimer: Not mine.  The Buffyverse & all its characters belong to Joss Whedon and some other lucky people who aren't me.  I'm doing this purely for fun, not profit.
Notes: Takes place shortly after the season four episode Doomed, though I prob'ly mixed things up a little.

That Night


"I can't believe this," said Xander. He avoided tripping over a crumbling tombstone and shot a nervous look behind him when he thought he heard movement. Nothing. But he gripped the wooden stake he was holding more tightly anyway, and couldn't shake the ominous feeling that something evil was close.

"What is it now, whelp?" Spike reached into his pocket and pulled out his cigarettes; stuck one in his mouth.

Xander scowled. Something besides his new roommate was close. "This sucks." He ignored the blond vampire's amused grin at his phrasing and the smoke blowing in the direction of his face and continued walking.

It wasn't fair. Willow was off doing some witchy thing with her new friend Tara, Giles was wallowing at home over his jobless situation, and Buffy was out with her soldier boy boyfriend, Riley, apparently doing something romantic.

And here he was, the Zeppo, strolling through a cemetery with a neutered vampire at his side and looking for any stray demons that might be running around. He could hardly believe the other Scoobies had asked him to 'keep an eye' on things on Valentine's Day night. Just flat out asked him, as if they automatically assumed he had nothing better to do.

Not that he did, but it was the principle of the thing.

Xander, lost in his thoughts, stubbed his toe on a slightly crooked headstone and let out a cry. "Shit!" He cradled his foot and hopped around in pain, unthinkingly grabbing at Spike's shoulder for balance. The vampire snorted, but didn't push him away.

"Nice, Harris. Why don't we just stay put while you scream like a chit. That'll bring the demons running." He said it with his usual I'm-an-asshole grace, but Xander didn't miss the vampire's suddenly tense stance.

He stopped hopping, the hand he'd been holding Spike's shoulder with going down to grab at the platinum blond's forearm. "What?"

And then it was happening.

Something rammed into his chest with what must've been the force of a speeding car. Xander let out an 'oomph' and fell, flat on his back, onto the graveyard's yellowed grass. For a moment the brunette thought he was dead. He couldn't breathe. Couldn't even think. Then air was rushing back into his lungs, and he realized he'd just been winded. He took in great gulps of precious oxygen, and with watery eyes searched for his - wait, no, the- vampire.

Where in the hell had that come from?

Spike was in the process of kicking the ass of a huge, slimy demon. The demon would've looked almost human, if it wasn't for the whole being nine feet tall and covered in scales and purple slime thing. "Pet?" managed the blond vampire, in-between blocks. The slimy demon got in a good hit to the jaw, and Spike retaliated with a Doc Marten to the thing's stomach. "Xander?"

"Huh?" Xander sat up, confused. He ran his hand across the grass frantically, trying to find the stake he'd dropped. It was just a stake, and this was a huge freaking demon mutant, but any weapon was better than no weapon at all. His hand hit wood and he jumped up, wielding the vamp-killing stake and ready to fight.

But Spike was already in the middle of a deadly roundhouse kick. The vampire's boot caught the demon's head, and soon there was a headless, eight foot tall body sprawled out on the grass, its slime running all over the grass and the nearby headstones.

"Ugh," said Xander. He was still taking deep breaths, and when he realized he felt dizzy he let himself slump to the ground. He went into a fetal position, hugging his knees and resting his head on his forearms.

Xander felt Spike kneel beside him; felt cold fingers squeeze the back of his neck, as if in comfort, before resting there. "You alright?"

Feeling a little better (and he told himself firmly that his feeling better had nothing to do with a certain vamp), Xander looked up and into startling blue eyes. God. Spike looked...concerned or something. Which was ridiculous. Because, chipped roommate or not, Spike was an evil master vampire who enjoyed sucking necks, and who killed innocent children for fun.

Well, he probably killed children. Whatever. Evil was evil.

So it made no sense that Xander was having odd feelings. Not hostile, not I-wanna'-stake-me-some-blondie feelings. Just odd.

He looked up, feeling strangely upset when Spike moved his hand. "Did you call me pet?" Wait. "Did you call me Xander?" Xander didn't know which was harder to believe. He didn't think he'd ever heard Spike call him by his first name. And pet. What was up with that?

Spike growled. Literally growled, and Xander was still in shock from that when the vampire grabbed him gently around the waist and hauled him up so he was standing, leaning against the blond's hard chest.

And somehow, for some reason, not feeling a steady heartbeat at his back wasn't as freaky as Xander thought it would be. "What..." he trailed off, eyes moving to look at the dead demon. "What was that?"

"Racso demon," said Spike. Or at least that's what Xander heard. He wasn't too good with demon names.


"Kicked its arse, didn't I?" continued Spike, sounding pleased. He was still gripping the brunette around his waist, keeping him in place.

"I feel weird," said Xander, speaking before he'd really thought about it. Why would Spike care if he felt okay or not? Xander looked down at himself and noticed the purple slime soaking into his jeans, and his t-shirt, and covering his arms. Man, how had he not noticed that? He hoped the slime wasn't poisonous or something. "What do Rocko demons do?" he asked, again speaking before he had a chance to think.

He was feeling...loose. Unguarded. Like none of his usual defenses were up.

"Racso," corrected Spike. "Kill humans, mostly. Buggers aren't exactly smart."

"Oh," Xander said again. "I feel weird." The vampire didn't answer, and Xander shifted in the blond's arms so that he was looking into a pair of blue eyes. He noticed the scar on Spike's left eyebrow and lifted a hand; ran his finger across it and then, gently, down the vampire's jaw.

"Anya didn't want to celebrate Valentine's Day with me," said Xander, his mouth working even when his mind didn't necessarily want to talk about it. Out of habit, he let his lower lip jut out in a slight pout. "Maybe she found another man with the potential to give her orgasms."

"Mmmm," said Spike, not really saying anything at all. He had his lips pursed tight, as if in thought, and was letting his eyes roam over Xander's body. The eyes came to an abrupt stop when they spotted the jutting lip. "We should finish patrol, love." But the blond didn't move.

"Love?" Xander asked, and then he was leaning in to kiss Spike. For a moment, the vampire didn't respond. And then, suddenly, Xander was no longer in control.

A tongue was in his mouth; teeth nibbling at his bottom lip. It was a hungry kiss, all sultry and deep and nice.

Spike growled again, more fiercely than before and Xander, pressed up against the length of the vampire's body, felt the growl. Shivered.

A strong, cool hand snaked its way up under his t-shirt. The blond's hand brushed over a nipple and Xander gasped, but the sound was swallowed up in another deep kiss.

It began to rain then. The two ignored the drops of water and the soggy grass they were standing on, instead concentrating wholly on each other.

Spike finally pulled back, and Xander took in huge gasps of air. God, the blond could kiss. He'd temporarily forgotten he even needed air, with that tongue working on him.

They were still pressed close. The vampire rested his forehead against Xander's; ran his thumb over the brunette's kiss-swollen bottom lip. "Jeans," he said.

It took a few seconds for his brain to catch up with that, but soon Xander was working at the single button of his jeans, pulling down the zipper...He didn't feel scared at all, which was odd because he'd never done anything sexy with a guy before, much less a vampire guy.

Much less William the freaking Bloody.

He just felt excited, and hot, and like he wanted Spike touching him more than anything else in the world. He was hard, straining against the confines of his boxers and his jeans. He could feel Spike's hardness, also confined by jeans, pressing up against the side of his thigh.

"Maybe..." said Xander, pausing with his own hands gripping the sides of his jeans. He'd been ready to pull them down a second ago. He had something to say now, though. He stayed still, Spike's teeth nibbling at his neck. When a surprisingly hot tongue darted out to lick upward, toward his jaw, Xander totally forgot what he'd been about to say.

A guttural sound came from Spike. It might've been another growl, but sounded more like purring, really. "Take your fucking jeans off." Spike didn't exactly sound dangerous. Just anxious and incredibly horny.

The vampire's powerful hands slid down Xander's arms, down until they were gripping his hips and grabbing at the jeans. Spike was going to pull down Xander's jeans himself.

"Maybe..." Xander said again. He felt hazy and weird all of a sudden. Like he was coming out of some sort of daze. It was raining hard now; his hair was already soaked, and his t-shirt was sticking to him like a second skin.

He looked down at his arms and watched as the purple slime was washed away. Spike, hands still at Xander's hips, watched also.

And then they both blinked.

"Bloody fucking hell!" Spike yelled and jumped back, his hands immediately finding his pockets and pulling out a packet of cigarettes. But then he seemed to reconsider, or remember the rain, and put them away again. "What the bloody fuck was that?"

Xander, in shock himself, didn't bother answering. He ran a hand through his soaked hair and looked around. He spotted the stake, which he'd dropped - again - somewhere along the way. Picking it up, he said, "I thought you said Rocko demons just killed humans. Not that they've got...some weird sex mojo going on."

Spike didn't say anything. His eyes just lit up a little, like he was telling himself 'yes, it must've been the demon slime'.

"Screw this," said Xander, internally flinching at his choice of words. Spike, ever the smart-ass, shot him a lewd grin. "I'm not patrolling anymore tonight. I'm not the Slayer." Belatedly, he realized his pants were still unzipped. He hurriedly zipped and buttoned them, pulling at his shirt in a nervous gesture.

"Right. Let's go, whelp." Spike turned and started walking out of the graveyard, in the direction of Xander's basement. The brunette didn't exactly like the idea of having the vampire he'd just had a make-out session with in his house, but he didn't argue.

"I've got to call Anya," he said, hurrying to catch up to Spike. He was a little freaked out that, although under slime influence, he hadn't been able to resist what had happened. The vampire growled again, this one sounding dangerous rather than horny, and bumped his shoulder against Xander's.

Xander just ignored that, and the fact that the growl had sounded rather possessive, and the fact that he felt strangely pleased.

The End

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