A Night of Culture?


Xander fell onto the bed, startling Spike awake. “What?” Spike jumped off the bed in black boxers, ready to fight whatever came his way. He noticed it was just Xander and plopped down beside him. “How was your night with the girls, pet?” Spike asked with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“I hate you,” Xander muttered. He turned to look at Spike. “I know it was you that planted the idea to go to the ballet and then ditch because ‘training came first.’”

“Well yeah, but I didn’t realize Willow and Buffy were going to pick Swan Lake! I was hoping for The Nutcracker.” Spike kissed Xander. “Was it really that horrible?”

Xander groaned and stood, pulling off his tuxedo. “Yes! And the girls turned into swans? They didn’t look like swans to me.”

“It’s all imagination, pet,” Spike explained and watched as Xander stripped down to his boxers. “Was it all bad?”

“Well no…” Xander tucked himself under the covers. “There was this guy…”

Spike pounced on Xander, fangs down, eyes yellow. “What the fuck do you mean a guy? Did he touch you? Did you touch him?!” Spike growled.

Xander grinned. Payback was a bitch. “Calm down, Spike. I was talking about the guy who was playing the prince. The male ballerina. He was absolutely gorgeous!” Xander received another growl. “Not as gorgeous as you, babe.”

“Danseur Noble,” Spike said. His fangs drew back and blue eyes returned.

“Is that a demon?” Xander asked with confusion. “There was a demon in the play? Shouldn’t you have told us so we could have slayed it?”

Spike rolled his eyes. “American education! A danseur noble is the male version of a prima ballerina.”

Xander huffed. “Not American education. Sunnydale education! The only thing everyone really cared about was living.”

“Pish posh,” Spike replied, which made him sound snotty. “Education is important.”

“So is staying alive,” Xander shot back. “Would you prefer me to be smart or alive?”

Spike pulled Xander against him. “You are smart. Maybe not as smart as Red or Ripper but they’re freaks.”

Xander giggled. “I can’t believe you just said freaks.”

“Been hanging around with you lot too bloody long,” Spike grumbled. “So you didn’t enjoy Swan Lake at all?” He decided to change the conversation back to the original topic.

“I don’t know.” Xander made himself more comfortable. “I was disappointed in the end.”

“When Prince Siegfried and Odette killed themselves to get away from Von Rothbart and Odile.”

Xander nodded. “Siegfried didn’t even try, he just gave up.”

“Von Rothbart was a sorcerer, luv. There was no way he could have beat him. In the end he ended up with the one he loved, set the other girls free and foiled Von Rothbart’s plans to have his daughter marry Siegfried,” Spike replied.

“That’s not the way I’d want to go out. I’d fight for what I want,” Xander said somewhat angrily.

Spike kissed Xander’s mop of hair. “That’s because you are a fighter. Not one to give up so easily. One of the things I love about you, yeah?” A smile crossed his lips. “My white knight.”

“The girls want me to go to the Nutcracker with them,” Xander said with a jaw-popping yawn. “Will you come with me?”

“Yes,” Spike answered and closed his eyes, ready to get some more sleep.

Xander watched Spike with heavy eyes. “Promise?”

Spike opened his eyes. “Promise. I won’t leave you again, pet. Ever.”

“Mushy vampire of mine,” Xander said before snoring.

“That’s our little secret. Or I’ll tan your hide.” Spike wrapped himself around Xander. “MMM… toasty,” he murmured. Before he dozed off Spike wondered if he could convince Xander and the girls to go see the demonic version of The Nutcracker.

The End