Teaser: Why do these crazy things always happen to Xander?
Rated: R
Parings: Spike/Xander
Word Count: 10,376 Posted: 1/9/05
Setting/Spoilers: Very very early season 4. Spike's come to Sunnydale a little early. Epilogue is post "Chosen."
Note: The first night of the Zeppo is the episode “the Zeppo.”
Thanks to Donovan for his Beta, and to all those on Live Journal who gave me feedback along the way.

Second Night of the Zeppo


Xander gripped his sword and stomped through town. The heat was sweltering, yet new creepy crawlies still insisted on causing trouble. This particular demon was clever, big, and clearly after something. Xander had forced himself to pay attention as Giles described how a killing blow could only be dealt by a solid stab to the right of the coccyx. Xander had given the expected giggle at the word cock-sick before confirming he knew what a tail bone was.

So now he was trudging through the heat that had barely lessened since the sun went down some two hours before. His mental dialog about Tantooine and sand monsters was interrupted by a cry from somewhere below him. Quickly, he located the nearest storm drain and paused. He didn’t have long to wait before another cry was wrung from the victim below. It sounded like a man in great pain.

“Hold on,” he said quietly, and dashed a half a block up the street to the nearest access point. The lid was half open. Cautiously, wishing Buffy weren’t half way across town, and silently cursing his bad luck, Xander moved the lid aside and peered down into the darkness. Distantly, he heard yet another cry. “At least it should be cooler down there,” he muttered as prepared to climb down.

Xander managed to not impale himself on his sharp sword as he climbed down the ladder into the darkness. Nothing appeared to be nearby, so he stood with is back to the ladder for a minute and let his eyes adjust. Dim pools of light shone through the storm drains at periodic intervals. When the next cry came, it was louder. Xander set off at a steady, careful pace toward the sound.

He turned a corner and ahead of him light shone out of one of the weird little rooms that seemed to honeycomb the sewers. Another cry, more ragged now, was wrung from the unseen man. Xander transferred his sword to his left hand, wiped all the sweat off his palm, and grasped the sword firmly in both hands. Carefully, he peeked around the corner.

A man was tied with all four limbs stretched out as wide as they could be. His back was to Xander and his head was drooped down. Bloody scratches and long burns criss-crossed the man’s narrow back. The demon, which was focused on its victim, looked like a cross between a boiled potato and a scrap of carpet a cat had used as a scratching post. The creature raised a long arm tipped with sharp claws and Xander pulled back into hiding. The cry of pain that rang though the tunnels tore at him. This was the creature Giles had described.

Xander knew he’d never get a better chance to strike, as the demon was currently preoccupied with its victim. He heard the demon speaking in some rough tongue he didn’t understand. Peeking around the corner again, he saw see the creature starting to reach around the man. Xander took a deep breath and dashed around the corner.

Holding the sword steady, he aimed for that sweet spot to the side of the coccyx. With a sickening feeling, the sword sank deep in the rough hide of the creature. Xander let go of the blade and backed up as the creature wheeled around. Its maw was filled with green stumpy teeth opened wide in a howl as it stepped toward Xander. Foul breath like an open sewer washed over him as it screamed and then rolled its eyes up as its body went slack. Xander said his mental farewells as it promptly crashed to the ground with a thud.

Xander blinked. Then blinked again. He’d killed it. All by himself, he’d rolled a natural twenty and killed it. Who needs a Slayer?

A moan from the man brought Xander back to his surroundings.

“Hey, man. Sorry, I’ll get you down,” Xander made his way around the big smelly body to where the man hung. He tugged on the ropes, but the knots wouldn’t give. “Tied tight. Hold on, I have to cut you down. Good thing I heard you,” Xander babbled as he grabbed the sword hilt where it stuck up in the sir. “I think it was about to gut you or something. Huh. You should see this. My sword’s sticking out of this thing’s ass like Excalibur.” Xander tugged on his weapon and it slid free with a sickening squelch. “Fortunately, it didn’t take a king to get it out.” He wiped off as much as the gore as he could on the things hide and brought it around. “He had you tied up good, didn’t he?” Xander brought the blade to one of the man’s feet and cut the rope. The foot with its heavy boot and tatters of jeans landed awkwardly on the floor. “Can you get your footing?” The man shifted his probably numb foot and rested it solidly on the floor. “Good, here goes the other one.” Xander cut again and this time the man was ready. His foot landed solidly. Xander stood up to watch his back straighten and shoulders flex.

“I’ll get your arms now. If you need to fall, I’ll do my best to catch you.” Xander went of the right arm and cut through the ropes. “Cause, I admit, I’ve been tied up a couple of times myself. And, sadly, never in the fun way where whipped cream is involved.” Xander stepped toward the man’s left hand when the man suddenly swung around to face him. Xander’s wide smile faltered as he took in the sharp cheekbones, piercing blue eyes, and bleached-blond slicked-back hair. “Sp…Spike!”

“Thanks, Mate,” the vampire said as he rotated his shoulder and stretched his back. When he realized his rescuer wasn’t going to cut the final rope, he squinted at him. “You gonna get the final rope?”

Xander shook his head, making his hair flop and held up the sword. “You’re Spike! You said you’d leave town!”

Spike squinted at the boy. “Do I know you?” Xander brought the sword up higher. “You saved my unlife, I owe you. You can put that down.”

“You clocked me on the head with a microscope, you… vampire!”

“Oh, yeah. Hey, hostage.” Spike turned his attention to the last rope. By wrapping both hands around it and gaining leverage with his foot, Spike easily parted the strands. He picked the trailing lengths off his arms before looking down at himself. Scratches stood out as fading dark lines here and there across his lean, naked body. Xander’s eyes followed his, noticed the naked bits, and jumped back up to the relative safety of blond hair. “Bloody shiqueloc. Wanting to work his stupid spell. Destroyed my favorite jeans, the bastard.” Unmindful of the dust, Spike sat down and ripped the tatters of denim from his ankles. “Thanks the gods I wasn’t wearing my coat,” he muttered. Spike reached to one side, picked up a piece of black cloth and started picking things from the scattered bits of cloth on the floor.

Xander watched as Spike dropped money, keys, and a few knives into his makeshift wallet. Something he’d said sank in. “What spell?”

Spike shot him a ‘are you still here’ look and returned to his task. “Bloody fool was sold a bogus spell. He was told if he opened the Hellmouth in the right way his lady love would come back.”

“O…Open the Hellmouth?” Xander squeaked.

“Yeah. Told the guy he needed semen from a vampire as one of the components. Idiot didn’t realize such a thing doesn’t exist.”

“What? Oh. Sorry.”

Spike stood and dusted himself off. “Sorry for what?”

“Er… um… if you don’t have… you can’t?”

Spike’s brow furrowed as he studied the stuttering, blushing boy. “Can’t?”

“Um… have fun?” Xander mumbled, blushing even more.

Spike burst out laughing, making Xander bring the sword back up and step back a pace. “Oh, Pet. We can have all the fun we want. Just shoot blanks, don’t we? No swimmers. I assure you, I’m fully functional and anatomically correct.” Spike stepped over the body of his attacker, paused, and kicked its face in. “That’s for my best jeans.”

Xander ducked away from the spray of green ick that came from the demon. Spike stepped up to him and took his sword away. “Hey!” Xander said, his fists balled.

“Nice sword. Come on. Let’s go see what this pogo had hidden away.” The naked vampire set off down the tunnel with a bundle in one hand and Xander’s best sword in the other. He really didn’t want to loose that sword. He grabbed the lantern and followed the rapidly vanishing pale form.

Xander followed the booted, naked vampire as he strode through the tunnels. Soon, Xander found himself sweating again even in the underground coolness. “Hey! Wait up. Some of us have to breathe, you know,” he panted. Spike keep on striding along for another block before he stopped at the base of a ladder and turned.

“Well, we’re here now.” He said and started messing with the bundle of belongings. Xander eyed the sword where it sat propped against the ladder, but quickly decided it was a. too close to Spike, and b. he was too out of breath from trotting all the way across town over slippery paths to be graceful about it. As he watched the vampire untie the bundle, he automatically held up the light. It fell on the pale shoulders and back before him.

“Hey! You’re not hurt so bad!”

“Wha? Oh. No. Bugger didn’t do me much harm at all. It’ll itch for an hour or so.”

“But you were screaming bloody murder,” Xander babbled without thinking.

Spike looked over his shoulder at the boy. “He had some kind of spell. Caught four of us. Knocked us out. He worked over the fledges pretty bad, didn’t know how rough was too rough. By then I’d figured out what he wanted. I played it up so he felt like he’d get his money’s worth.”


“The spell component,” Spike said like he was speaking to a slow child. “The semen. If the silly bugger’d asked, I’da sold him some. Wanking for pay’s probably the easiest way to make money.

Xander flushed red again. “Where’s here, anyway?”

Spike tossed him a key chain with three keys and a battered silver skull and crossbones on it. “Under where my car is. You’re going up, opening the trunk, and fetching me some clothes and my coat.”

Xander stood up straighter, gripping the keys. “Why would I do that?”

Spike raised a scarred brow. “Because I’m starkers. Because if you don’t, I’ll forget you saved me and have you for dinner. And if you run off, I’ll find you and return your pretty sword pointy end first.”

“Oh. Good… um… points.” Spike stepped aside, picking up the sword.

Xander paused half way up the ladder. “Which car’s yours?”

“DeSoto. Black. Hurry up, I’ve got places to go.”

Xander pushed aside the heavy lid and climbed up into the still-sweltering night. He had no idea how long he’d been down there. His eyes darted around, looking for a phone booth or even some sign of Buffy. No luck. He glanced down and could only see the light reflecting from the silver sword, the pale shoulders, and the white hair. He swallowed when the sword point rose meaningfully, and stood up.

A battered black DeSoto with the windows painted out was parked across the street. He crossed and quickly found the right key. He opened the trunk to find the remembered black duster laying on top. He carefully picked it up, marveling at the weight of it. Briefly, he wondered what it would feel like swinging from his shoulders. He set it to one side and looked further. There were a number of duffle bags and back packs in the trunk in among litter and a few empty liquor bottles. He picked up the one that had been right under the duster and had the least amount of litter on it. His search revealed a red shirt, several t-shirts and a pair of faded blue jeans. Score.

Xander picked a t-shirt at random and then held up the jeans, frowning. They looked small to him. He turned them around to read the leather tag. 32 x 32. Spike seemed so much taller, but he was several inches shorter and a couple of pants sizes smaller than Xander. Must be his attitude.

Then an echoey voice floated up to him. “Tick tock, Pet.”

Xander jumped, gathered his quest items, and closed the trunk. For a panicked second, he couldn’t find the keys, then realized he’d slipped them in his pocket out of habit. He took a last look around for deus ex Buffyma, frowned at the knocked over Sunnydale welcome sign, and made his way back to the tunnel.

“Heads up,” he called down.

“Don’t drop the coat, you’ll bruise the leather!” Xander dropped the pants, then the shirt down, and carefully draped the coat over his shoulder. It seemed to shift like a living thing and Xander indulged in a little shudder.

He expected the vampire to be dressed by the time he reached the bottom, but he still stood there, naked, arms crossed. Xander reached the bottom and respectfully held out the coat like a squire dressing his knight. Spike snickered and turned so Xander could help him dress. Half way through this, Xander realized how stupid it was, but carried on anyway. “I have fulfilled my quest, my I reclaim my sword and depart?”

Spike snickered again, moved with vampire speed, and pinned Xander against the metal ladder. “I’m not done with you, Pet.” Xander could feel his heart pounding as the lean, cool body pressed against him. A coat sleeve was suddenly there, as the vampire grasped the rungs above his head. Spike leaned in, buried his nose in the nape of Xander’s neck and breathed deep. “So sweet.” He purred. “So pretty.”

“’m not.” Xander mumbled, trying to not piss on himself. He was suddenly aware of the smells of nicotine, whiskey, iron, and leather from the vampire. The rungs of the ladder were hard against his back.

Spike pulled away enough to look into the wide brown eyes of his toy. “Oh, yes you are.”

“Thanks.” Xander didn’t know what else to say to a complement like that.

Spike tongued an incisor and tilted his head to one side, studying the boy. “You really are a puzzle. You hang out with the Slayer and know all about what goes bump in Sunnydale, yet you walk about on your lonesome and rescue strangers in distress.”

Xander shrugged in the limited space allowed him.  “Call me the white knight, I guess.”

“Hummm,” Spike purred as he reached up a long-fingered hand and brushed Xander’s hair off his sweat-damp forehead. “I’m thinking you don’t get thanked much, do you?”

“N….not really,” Xander whispered, not trusting his voice any more than that.

“I think that not killing you isn’t enough of a reward. I want to do something nice for you.”

“You really don’t,” Xander’s voice pitched to a squeak as Spike brought his hips in close to press his whole body against him. “Don’t have to do anything for me, really. Just let me go. You can have the sword, even…”

Spike’s finger pressed his lips. “Shhh, Pet. You’ll like this.”

“I like girls is what I like.”

“I do, too, but there isn’t one around, is there?”

“No. hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s go find one. Some. Good looking guy like you should be able to pick up any girl he wants.” Xander tried to think of any way to get away from the hard naked body with its hard naked cock that was making his thinly-clothed, apparently insane, teen-aged cock hard.

“So you think I’m good looking?”

“Not that I noticed, well, I did notice, but, hey! You were strung up like that so it was hard not to notice. I mean, you’ve not got an ounce of fat on you. Guess the Atkins diet thing really works! Then I was following you…” The cool lips worked wonders for derailing the babble train. The cool fingers hooking into his baggy shorts and boxers made the babble engine burst into flames. “No,” he said weakly when Spike let him come up for air.

Spike pushed his clothing down and expertly wrapped a hand around Xander’s now very hard cock. “I won’t hurt you, Pet.”

Xander could only whimper as he felt himself start to tremble. He was reminded of his brief encounter with Faith, but for the fact the vampire was being more gentle and attentive than the Slayer was. Spike’s hand left his body and Xander felt the duster shift. He realized the vampire was getting something from his pocket. His hand came up with a little silver packet presented between two fingers.

“A… condom?” he asked dumbly.

“No, Pet. Lube.”

This scared Xander even more. “Oh, no. Exit only, pal! I ain’t no girl!”

“I said I wouldn’t hurt you, and I meant it. If I wanted to hurt you, there are lots more fun ways than that,” Xander was surprised at the distaste in Spike’s voice. “That’s an Angelus thing.” The expert fingers returned to renew his frightened erection as the vampire began planting soft kisses on his mouth. “Relax, Luv.”

Xander couldn’t help it. His body betrayed him and soon his pet cobra was begging for attention. Spike brought the packet up and opened it with his teeth, spitting out the little triangle of foil. He grinned at Xander as he squeezed half the contents onto his fingers and put one booted foot on a railing at Xander’s hip. He reached around behind and started to ready himself. Xander felt ashamed and excited as his cock jumped in anticipation. Spike stood on one leg, leaning back as he held the ladder with one hand. Xander let his eyes travel the length of the pale body framed in black leather, discovered the hard cock, and brought his eyes back to Spike’s face. Xander was surprised at how arousing the play of pleasure on the vampire’s face was as he touched himself.

“Look at me, Pet. Look at all of me,” Spike purred, watching Xander with lidded blue eyes. Xander swallowed and let his eyes travel down. Spike’s cock was a little thinner than his, and a bit longer. The foreskin framed the weeping slit in the head. Xander’s hand started forward before he snatched it back. “Touch me, Pet. I want you to,” Spike purred soothingly.

Xander mentally squared his shoulders with a ‘we who are about to die may as well do one forbidden thing’ attitude, and touched Spike’s cock. The vampire hissed in a breath at the heat of the boy’s hand. “So hot, Pet.”

Xander looked up and watched at he vampire tossed back his head and bared his teeth. Wow. That wasn’t fake. Boldly, he wrapped his fingers round it. Spike snapped his head down and met his eyes. “I want you inside me. Your hand is so hot, I can’t wait to feel your cock.” Xander hadn’t seen it, but somehow Spike had gotten he rest of the lube from its packet and into his hand. Spike’s fingers swiftly coated his throbbing erection and Xander feared he’d come from just that. “Hold on, Pet. It’ll feel much better.” Spike grabbed the ladder behind his head and brought his other foot up to rest on the rung on the other side of Xander’s hip. “Hold yourself steady.”

At first Xander didn’t know what Spike meant, then he raised first one foot a rung higher, then the other. Xander grabbed his own cock and held it still. Spike lowered himself, shifting until he found the right spot. He looked into Xander’s eyes as he pressed downwards.

Xander cried out along with the vampire as his cock was slowly enveloped in the tightest, slickest grip possible. He suddenly understood the phrase ‘iron fist in a velvet glove.’ The vampire sunk lower until Xander was buried to the root. Spike looked with pleasure at this pretty human. His longish brown hair stuck to his forehead. His eyes were closed and he was panting for breath. Spike didn’t think the boy realized he’d brought his hands up to rest on Spike’s hips and guide him. And this boy’s cock was a prize, too. It was thick and curved. The vampire started a slow rise and fall, supported by untiring limbs. Spike luxuriated in the heat and the desire pouring off his toy.

Unawares, Xander’s hands started to coax the vampire to move faster. With a grin, Spike complied, shifting himself a bit so the tip of Xander’s cock would brush just right now and again for that extra tingle. The pretty white knight started to whimper. “Touch me, Pet,” Spike rasped. Xander’s eyes shot open and he faltered for a second. The feelings had been so intense, he’d let himself forget who was causing them. “Please,” Spike said. Xander wrapped a sweating hand around Spike’s cock and started pulling in time to Spike’s thrusts. Soon, Xander came, and at the liquid heat filling him up, Spike came too, splashing Xander’s shirt.

Xander fumbled behind himself to grab the ladder. Spike reluctantly pulled himself free from Xander’s softening cock and hopped down form his perch. He fished a cigarette and lighter from his coat as he watched the boy slide down to sit, panting, on the dusty floor.

At the click-clink of a lighter, Xander’s eyes snapped open. Spike stood smirking at him, blowing out a plume of smoke. Spike. A vampire. An evil, undead vampire. An evil undead vampire who had tried to kill everyone he knew. An evil, undead vampire. An evil undead vampire who had tried to kill everyone he knew, and who he had just fucked.

Xander closed his eyes again and let his head fall back against the rusty ladder with a clunk. “Oh, Christ,” he said softly.

“Come on. It wasn’t all that bad was it?” Xander opened his eyes just a bit and watched as Spike stood hip-shot and smoked. His long black coat framed his naked, lean… Xander closed his eyes again and brought a hand up to cover his heart as if to still it. He encountered stickiness and stared at his fingers for half a minute before his brain let him remember they were covered with KY and vampire juice.

“Ew,” he looked around for a place to wipe his hand and found none.

“Half a mo, Pet,” Spike said. He squatted down by his bundle of belongings, causing Xander to look quickly away from the dangling naughty bits. That he’d just made come. With agile fingers, he untied the scrap of fabric Xander now recognized as part of a t-shirt, dumped out the contents, and tossed it to Xander. “Pass it back when you’re done.” Xander cleaned his shirt and wiped off his hand as best he could.

Spike stood and tucked a couple of things into the pockets of his coat before shrugging it off his shoulders. He looked around for a clean place to hang it and paused to watch the boy pull himself together. Once Xander had re-fastened his pants and looked up, Spike stepped toward him. Xander flinched. “Look, I told you I’m not plannin’ on hurtin’ you. Right?” Spike thrust his coat toward the boy and took the rag from his hand. “You hungry?” Xander looked away, carefully holding the coat as Spike cleaned himself off. The most interesting thing in the tunnel was Spike’s pile of clothes.

Xander absently studied them, his mind wondering about how strong the vampire’s body was, how cleanly muscled, even if he was smaller than Xander. Strong, able to move… Smaller in body, maybe but not in… Xander shook himself. “Um, sure. Yeah, I am.”

Spike snatched up the jeans and slithered into them. Xander wondered how he managed to fit things into his pockets, they were so tight. Spike watched his find while he sat and laced up his boots once more. He knew well the shell-shocked look of someone who has had their life picked up and shaken. He’d caused it often enough. The boy watched him with out really seeing him and unconsciously drew the coat to his chest and wrapped his arms around it, stroking a soft sleeve. Oh, yes. Maybe he’d keep this pretty find. That would teach the Slayer and her remaining Scoobies a lesson.

The boy’s sword leaned against the wall not five feet from where he stood. The fact that he hadn’t even looked at it spoke volumes more of the boy’s dazed condition. Spike fastened the last buckle and hopped to his feet, making the boy jump. “Come on, then,” he said, holding out his hand for the duster. Xander startled, then handed over the coat. Spike felt the subtle warmth from where the human had held it and savored the memory of his heat inside him. He slipped it on and held out his hand again. Xander looked at it dumbly. Did the vampire want to hold hands? Now? After? “Keys, Pet.” Oh, right. Xander found the DeSoto keys and handed them over.

Spike chuckled. He took a look around the area, stooped, picked up the damp rag and pocketed it.

“Ew. Why?” Xander asked.

Spike quirked a brow at Xander’s expression. “It’s never a good idea to leave your bodily fluids laying around where enemies could get their hands on them. I’ll burn it later.” Spike picked up the sword, watching the realization hit Xander that it had been mere feet from him as the vampire was getting dressed. He grabbed hold of the ladder and hauled himself up a couple of rungs before pausing. “You coming?” he smirked.

“Look, you did something… nice for me. We’re even, yeah? I’ll just go home. I don’t need…” he stopped because Spike was suddenly in his face.

“I liked that. Seems you did, too,” Spike almost purred. “You seem handy with this sword. So, why don’t you come along with me? We’ll check out a couple of things, make sure ugly didn’t stir the Hellmouth up too much, get some wings at the... what is it? Your lame club?”

“The Bronze,” Xander wheezed.

“What ever that means. Then, maybe. If you like. We’ll have some more fun, yeah?” Spike leaned in and licked along Xander’s neck.

Xander’s mind was running back and forth like a dog that needed to be let out. Bad wicked vampire might bite him. Hellmouth needed to be checked. Hanging out with evil undead never wise. Lean sexy vampire might make him feel good again. What if wings didn’t make vampire not hungry? Hellmouth open never a good thing. The Bronze. He might be rescued there. If the gang had gone. Spike pressed against him with promise. Fuck. “Sure. Hellmouth. Bronze. Wings.”

“Good boy,” Spike blew a cool breath in his ear and was quickly gone up the ladder. Xander pulled himself together, grabbed the lantern and climbed upwards. He realized he’d never think about ladders the same again. Soon he’d be checking out ladderkink.com on the internet.

When Xander reached the top of the ladder, he heard the strong throb of a well-tuned engine and looked over to see Spike sitting in the driver’s seat of his car with his arm across the back of the seat, through the open passenger door. Quickly, Xander turned off the electric lantern and climbed inside. Spike chuckled when he stepped on an empty beer bottle and it rolled beneath his foot. “Close the door, Pet. We got places to go.” Xander closed the door and immediately rolled down the blacked-out window. He grabbed the top of the window to keep himself from sliding into the vampire as the DeSoto leaned around a corner.

Great, the vamp didn’t want to drain him, so he was just going to kill him in a common car accident. And he’d had sex again. With a guy. With a guy vampire. And it had blown his mind. Why did these nights always happen to him?

Xander was relieved when the trip didn’t last long. Spike pulled the big, black car up to the curb outside one of the larger cemeteries. “Come on,” he said, getting out and not waiting to see if Xander followed. “I want to see if the poker stakes are still around.” Xander considered running away, but it was a little ways back into town, and he had no idea where his sword was. Plus, every time some one sat in a car any where near a cemetery in movies, they always got clawed, or eaten or slimed or something. Big bad vampire seemed to have taken a liking to him and could hold his own in a fight, so he followed. He caught up with Spike by one of those outdoor sarcophaguses that look like a stone bed. Its surface was littered with playing cards, beer bottles, and cash. The vampire was ignoring the litter, peering around under the near-by bushes, and cursing. Xander went up to the mess, his eyes widening as he mentally counted the money.

“What are you looking for?” he asked, not taking his eyes from the green paper.

“The poker stakes, I told you.”

“But…” Xander pointed to the stone table.

Spike glanced over and went back to his search. “Those are markers. Damn.” Xander looked over to see Spike holding up a tiny, furry body by its tail. His first instinct was to rescue it, but he immediately saw it was quite dead. Spike sighed and tossed the white corpse aside. “Come on, let’s go see if Mr. Ugly left anything worth taking behind.” Spike started to leave.

“But…” Xander still stood by the money, pointing at it.

Spike sighed. “It’s like this; Tabbies are five dollars, solids are ten, blacks are twenty, Siamese are fifty. Those are markers. You want them, take them, but hurry. Whatever ate my winnings may still be around.”

“You play for kittens!” Xander protested, even as he gathered the hundred dollars or so, stuffing it in his pocket.

“Sure. They’re tasty.” Spike grinned at Xander’s woozy expression and took off with a swirl of coat. Xander snatched up a wayward twenty from the ground and trotted after. Back in the car, Spike ran his hand over his hair. “Now. Where exactly is this Hellmouth, Pet?”

“Um, under the old high school.” Spike coaxed directions from him and the DeSoto was soon parked before the blackened ruins of Sunnydale High.

Spike looked around the blackened ruins. “Nice work. Yours?”

Xander frowned at a squishy lump of something. Surely there wouldn’t be mayor meat laying around after a whole summer? “Uh. I helped.”

They made their way to the basement where Spike quickly located a circle of colored sand with several candles around it and a dagger laying in the middle. A sheet of parchment lay to one side. Spike frowned and picked up the paper. He looked it over and chuckled. “This is the spell I thought it was. Seed from a vampire,” he scoffed and handed the paper to Xander.

Xander read over the spell, being very careful to not read it out loud. Spike kicked the candles in all directions and scuffed the circle with his boot toe. The dagger lay covered with colored dusts and leaves. Spike kicked it out of the circle and picked it up. “I think this is silver,” he muttered. He reached into a pocket, drew out a black cloth and started polishing the dagger with it. Immediately, the floor shook and a wind sprang up from nowhere.

Xander had been around enough magic to know something had triggered the spell. He looked around the room, saw what the vampire was doing and froze. “You idiot!” Xander cried. He met Spike’s eyes as he stood with rag in one hand and dagger in the other.

Spike’s eyes blazed gold even as he swayed to keep his feet. “Hey! No one calls me an idiot and lives!”

“You triggered the spell.” Xander strode across the still-shaking floor and pushed Spike out of the circle. “Get your lighter out!” he ordered as he took the dagger from a startled Spike, knelt down to steady himself, and started wiping it off with his shirt. “You’ve got to destroy that rag!”

“That spell shouldn’t work!” Spike said, confused, even as he pulled out the lighter. After a few tries, and the addition of a couple of diplomas, the rag was burning merrily. Shortly, the wind stopped and the ground stilled.

Xander let out his breath and dropped the dagger. “That stopped it.” Tiredly, he climbed to his feet only to find himself slammed into a wall and held there by a fist bunched in his shirt.

The golden eyes of the demon stared into his. “Now about calling me an idiot, and how the hell did the spell work?”

Xander sighed and closed his eyes. “The spell reads that you need ‘seed from a vampire.’”

“I told you, vampires don’t have seed,” Spike growled.

Xander opened his eyes, levelly looking into Spike’s eyes. “I gave you some.”

Spike let him go and stepped back. “Huh?”

Xander ran his hands through his hair. “When we… earlier. Icameinsideyou.” He lowered his head to hide his blush.

“Yeah, I remember that,” Spike shook his head and the angular planes of his human face returned. “Quite enjoyed it, actually.”

Xander felt his blush deepen. “Well, I gave you my seed, so it became yours. And then you cleaned up with that rag…”

“Seed from a vampire. Damn.” Spike looked anew at this boy. “That was quick of you to figure that out, Pet.”

Xander shrugged and looked around. “It just… came to me.” Xander snickered.

“You may have bloody well saved the world tonight, Pet.”

Xander shrugged. “I’ve done it before, you know.”


“Only, I really just saved the high school with all my friends in it, and that same night I had sex with a Slayer.”

“Really? Can I get you those wings and have you tell me about it? I’ve killed two Slayers, but never fucked one.”

“No,” Xander said.

Spike lightly punched him in the arm. “Come on! I owe you again and I want to hear about Slayer sex. You boffed Buffy?”

“No. Faith. Look,” Xander ran his hands through his hair again. “You can’t go to the Bronze. Buffy may be there. Well, probably not, actually cause she’s not been going there so much now she’s in college.”

“The Slayer’s getting an education? Good on her.”

“Yeah. So. I… I am hungry. But more than that…”

Spike bit his lip as he watched the pretty boy squirm. “Something else you want, Pet?” Spike asked, his voice low.

Xander took a deep breath. He liked being called ‘Pet’ and how wrong was that? A pet was something you took care of and treated nice. He peeked up through his hair at the sparkling blue eyes. “You… um… you said we could maybe have more … fun.”

“I did.”

“Iwantto. Withyou. Again.”

"I know just the place, Pet," Spike said, wrapping his arm around the boy's shoulder.

With patience rarely seen in Spike, he took the DeSoto through the drive through at the Doublemeat Palace and allowed the boy to shout across him and order a “Biggest Size” Doublemeat Medley. Spike passed the food to the boy, tossed a ten to the teenager in the window, snatched the change and receipt, and peeled off toward their rendezvous destination.

With the appetite of a teenage boy, and the eating habits of a wolf, Xander polished off the massive burger in the time it took to travel ten blocks. He happily dug into the fries with no thought as to their destination. He looked up only when Spike pulled into the doorless cavern of a garage and hopped out of the car. As Spike got something out of the trunk, Xander fumbled for the lantern and turned it on. Clutching the greasy bag holding the last of the fries, and holding the lantern high, he followed the vampire down a hall into a large, gray room. One side of the ceiling looked like it had been blown away, but there was no rubble or broken glass, only leaves and a few twigs on the floor.

“Angel’s place?” Xander yelped.

“The poof’s moved on,” Spike explained as he spread a heavy packing blanket on a massive wooden table. “He don’t need it any more. Plus, it’s still marked as Angelus’ territory. No one will bother us here.”

“You’re here.”

Spike walked over to the boy and put his hands on his hips. “I’m family. Order of Aralias. Just a few generations from the Master himself. Spike, by Dru, by Angel, by Darla, by the Master.”

“That’s… that’s nice. I saw the Master once.”

Spike took the lantern from the boy and sat it on a stone bench, then he took the paper bag and tossed it away. “Oh, yeah, your lot killed him, didn’t you?”

“Um, Sorry?”

Spike shrugged. “I only met him once. Dru wanted me to meet great granddaddy. I wasn’t impressed.” Spike leaned in for a kiss and followed as Xander retreated. The boy only stopped when he came up against the edge of the bench.

Xander took another look into the determined blue eyes and swallowed. Spike leaned in for a kiss again, and this time Xander returned it eagerly.

Spike’s hand trailed up his back and twined in his hair. “Just what do you want, Pet? More of the same?”

Xander was panting and he took a minute to steady himself. “No. I  want…” He kissed the soft lips until Spike pushed him away.

“If you don’t tell me, neither one of us will get anything.”


Spike cocked his head to one side, taking a second to translate babble to English. “Really, Pet?”

“If… if that’s something you’d like to do.”

“Would I like to feel your hot flesh surrounding my hard cock as I pound into you?” Xander gasped at hearing his desire so boldly stated and nodded. “As I think you like to say in California, ‘Duh.’” Spike kissed his toy again.

“But, I’ve never done it before. I mean, I’ve… played with… things.”

“Candles? Fingers?” Xander nodded, embarrassed. Spike put a surprisingly gentle hand to Xander’s cheek. “A virgin. Mmmmmm. I know what to do. Just do what I tell you. It won’t hurt.” He leaned in and kissed his prize. He’d tested Xander a number of ways, and he’d passed every one. Most humans would have run several times by now, and he would have killed them. This one was of a stronger metal. Perhaps it was his exposure to the Slayer and her dark world. He never expected the boy to ask for what the vampire most wanted. This had turned out to be a very good night after all for the vampire.

“I want to see you naked, Pet,” Spike murmured. “You’ve seen me, so it’s only fair.” Spike’s nimble fingers easily worked the buttons on Xander’s baggy, bright shirt as he kept planting kisses on his face and neck.

Before Xander knew it he was naked, his shorts pooled at his feet. Awkwardly, he toed off his sneakers and left it all in a pile. He felt more exposed than he ever had in his life. Here he was, standing on exhibit to this beautiful creature that was stronger, faster, and more clever than he. That was he thinking? Xander looked up to find Spike had undressed more rapidly than a human could. How did he get those boots off so quick?

Spike stood completely naked, one arm hanging at his side, his weight on one long leg, and his head tilted as he looked Xander up and down in the lantern light. One hand played along his very hard cock. “You’re a lovely boy, Pet. Broad and dark. No scars. I like that.”

Even as Xander blushed even more, his cock jumped in response to the praise. Spike moved toward him like oiled sex on a slip and slide, seeming to float across the stone floor. Xander gasped as the cool hands touched him once again. “Spike…” he gasped quietly.

“And this cock.” Spike slid a hand down Xander’s chest, wrapped his fingers around the weeping organ, and squeezed lightly, bringing him to full hardness with a touch. “It’s so hard and thick.” Spike met Xander’s eyes and licked his lips. “It felt so good, so hot, sliding in, filling me up. That what you want to feel, Pet? Filled?”

Xander could only nod and try to keep his knees from buckling. Spike wanted to pick the boy up and carry him to the table like he would Dru, but this one needed a bit of respect in his life. Spike got the feeling he didn’t get his due often enough. Spike took his hands and led him to the table. “Hop up, Pet.”

Xander sat on the edge of the table, leaning over as Spike pulled him down for another kiss. Suddenly, he sat up. “Lube. You do have more lube? Please?” Spike chuckled and held up another of the little packets he’d put under the edge of the blanket. “Good. ‘cause that’s something I know, hard to have too much slippery.” Spike cut off the nervous babble by wrapping his hand around the hard cock. Xander gasped, and Spike trailed his kisses down the boy’s neck. Feeling him tense, the vampire quickly moved on to lavish attention to the pebbled nipples on the broad chest.

He moved further down and was about to take Xander in his mouth when the boy laid his hand on his head. “No. Not that.” Spike looked up at him, questioning. “Sharp teeth too close for comfort,” Xander explained with a wince. A bit disappointed at not getting to taste thoroughly, Spike settled for collecting a drop of pre come, bringing it to his lips on a fingertip, and nuzzling against the heat of the human’s balls to deeply inhale the fine boy musk. The vampire added this sweatsweetmusk to his memories, never to forget it. The fact his own scent was intermingled there made him groan and want to plunge in right away.

Spike stood up and gently pushed Xander back onto the table. He coaxed him forward till his ass hung off the edge, with only the heels of his feet on the table. He picked up the lube, coated his finger, put it in place, and held still.

“Want it, Pet?” Xander whimpered in reply, raising his hips slightly. Ever so slowly, Spike started to work his long, pale finger in where no man had gone before. He encountered resistance and stopped. Xander’s world has narrowed to his asshole and the gently intruding cool finger. “Relax and push back when it feels right,” he instructed. “You know what to do.”

After half a minute, Xander relaxed and Spike’s finger slid all the way in at once. Xander drew in a sharp breath and looked up at the fantasy made flesh standing between his legs. The harsh light from the lantern illuminated one side of his face, making him a study in angles. Spike’s eyes were dark with lust, his lower lip was caught between his teeth and he worried it gently. “More, please, Spike more,” Xander breathed.

Spike slipped his finger out, then took Xander’s foot, placing his thigh over his shoulder. “Opens you right up, Pet. So pretty like that. So pretty. I see your hard cock there and I remember how good it felt inside of me.” Xander moaned, rolling his head on the hard table. “When you’re ready to come, I’ll grab it up and pump you hard.”

“Put it back, more. Please,” Xander gasped.

Grinning, Spike slipped his finger back in. This boy was so ready, so hot. He pushed in and out several times before easily adding a second finger. “You feel that, Pet?” Xander could only nod. “Tell me when you want more.”


Spike chuckled, working in and out, rapidly adding more until he felt the boy was open, quivering and ready.

“I’m out of fingers, Pet.” Leaving Xander empty and open, Spike took his penis, coated it with gel, and ran it along Xander’s crack, teasing his asshole. “Feel that? It’s coming soon. I’ll be buried to the hilt.” Xander moaned, his cock twitching and drooling. Spike finally placed his more-than-hard cock against Xander’s slippery, ready hole. He let it rest there and pushed in ever so slightly. He paused when he felt he was on the brink. He could feel his partner’s heartbeat and the movement of his sphincter as it got used to this intrusion.

Xander, breathing heavy, looked into his lover’s eyes, then reached down and touched where this cool hard flesh was invading his hot, soft, self. He explored the size of the cool vampire pressing against him. Spike hissed in a breath at the touch. Only decades of control kept him from coming right then. Xander had never had anything this big inside of him, but he wanted it. Oh, he wanted it so bad. He had snuck books into a corner at the library and read about it. He knew the principle. He knew it wouldn’t hurt if his mind could allow himself to open. If his mind wanted it enough, and it did.  “Think of how full you’ll be,” Spike rasped. “Relax, down and out.” Xander didn’t want to rush this, didn’t want it to hurt. He relaxed and shifted, raising himself slightly by pushing down on Spike’s shoulder, encouraging Spike to press. Spike pushed slowly and evenly until the head of his penis popped past the resistance. Both gasped and froze.

Xander could feel the fine sweat that broke out on his body and the notquitepain shock as it ran through him. Spike was inside. He opened his eyes and looked at the vampire. Spike was a statue, every cleanly shaped muscle coiled, just waiting for his word to move, to plunge deeper. He was a study in want, and his want was the Zeppo. “More,” he managed to breathe.

Spike started gently rocking, pushing in slightly and pulling away slightly less. “Oh god, Pet. You’re killing me.” Spike groaned. It was hot. It was like sticking his dick in a bank of embers. And so tight!

He did not reply. Xander was lost in the progress of this cool flesh as to warmed inside him. Finally Spike’s sharp hipbones rested against his thighs. His balls were a cool weight against his ass.

A shudder passed through the human and he managed to gasp, “You can move now, Spike. Fuck me!”

Spike growled and pressed into him as far as he possibly could and rocked against him. He shifted and then pulled smoothly out of him. His cock ran along Xander’s prostate as he exited.

“More!” Xander demanded through gritted teeth, feeling suddenly so empty.

“Hold on, I’ll be right back.” Spike picked up the lube and squirted more into his open hole. “It’s going to be a wild ride.”

This time he burrowed himself deep within Xander with an even, smooth lunge. With solid, long thrusts like a pile driver, Spike fucked Xander’s no-longer virgin ass, which rose to meet him thrust for thrust. His cries and moans were music to the vampire’s ears.

Xander’s existence has narrowed to Spike’s hard cock and his own asshole. Giving himself over to someone else like this was like nothing he’d ever encountered. To just lay back and have the pleasure brought to you was incredible. He didn’t want this to ever end, but a deepening growl from the vampire and the feeling of his balls drawing up indicated it was time. “Spike! Touch me! God! Please!”

Spike buried himself deep, held himself still, grabbed the hard cock he’d been watching throb and bounce, and pumped it with a twist and pull. Xander stilled, his eyes wide, teetering on that wonderful abyss, before his back arched and his hole clenched around Spike’s cock. “Ssssspike!” he dedicated his orgasm to the vampire.

Spike let his restrained orgasm go, allowing his hips to erratically pump hard, short, strokes into the delicious heat. He felt his balls tighten even more, and threw back his head, letting the demon out as he emptied himself.

Xander heard the demon howl and bucked all the harder. He forced his eyes open and glimpsed the yellow eyes and transformed face of William the Bloody. His mouth of sharp teeth opened and closed as he panted, growling softly even as he pushed deep into Xander as if he wanted to climb into that warmth. Xander felt the world tilt and go black.

He didn’t know how long it was before he opened his eyes. He lay on the table with one side of the blanket over him. Spike lay beside him with his head propped on one elbow, smoking.

“So now I’ve been buggered?” Xander asked.

Spike laughed. “That’s right. You have been well and thoroughly buggered.”

Xander sighed. “That was wonderful. Thank you.” He clumsily petted Spike’s hand and closed his eyes again.

Spike took a last draw of his cigarette and flicked it away. He studied the relaxed grin on this interesting boy. After seeing a demon fucking him, he’d only come harder. “You’d make a hell of a good vampire, Pet.”

“I would? Thanks.” Xander realized what he’d said and his eyes sprang open. “Not that I want…”

“Shhh.” Spike ran a hand over Xander’s thigh, up across his ribs, and stopped with it on Xander’s chest. “Give you five years to finish growing. Don’t want to be carded all your unlife. Let your face fill out, these legs lengthen a bit more, and your chest broaden. I think you’d make a fine lieutenant. Keep you pretty forever.”

“You… you really think I’m a keeper? And… pretty?”

Spike snorted and lay back with his hands locked behind his head. “’Course I do. Life’s too short to fuck ugly humans.”

“Thanks,” Xander murmured, suddenly very sleepy. A quick five minute snooze wouldn’t hurt. “I think you’re pretty, too.”


Xander awoke to the protests of his bladder to find himself stretched out on a hard wooden table and wrapped in a packing blanket. Morning sunlight streamed through the broken ceiling as he rolled himself upright with a groan. He knew he hadn’t gotten drunk so where was he and… The night came flooding back. “Oh, God,” he moaned. His thighs ached in interesting places, he was sticky and he felt a little stretched. His hands flew to his neck, though he already knew he was unbitten. He was fine. The vampire hadn’t even suggested snacking on him.

Xander looked all around, but saw no sign of Spike. Thankful Angel had been such a careful housekeeper, Xander stumbled out into the garden with the blanket wrapped around himself and relieved his protesting bladder in a corner.

Now better able to think, Xander looked around the great gray room. He knew Spike was gone, and he didn’t know if he was pleased or not about that. Should he tell Buffy Spike was back? He didn’t seem to be up to anything other than kitten poker. And he certainly hadn’t hurt Xander. Quite the contrary, Spike had provided Xander with the most mind-blowing of experiences. Two in one night!

Nothing had changed from the night before in the big room, except now his sword lay on the bench with his neatly folded clothes and the fast food receipt was sticking out of his shoe. He picked it up curiously. On the back in a tidy, copperplate hand was written ‘Five years,’ and an elaborate ‘S’ below it.

Xander was not sure if the note was a threat or a promise, but he carefully tucked the slip into his wallet, dressed, wrapped the sword in the blanket, and headed home through the rapidly heating day.


Spike was on his territory where no one bothered him. He was able to just be as still as he liked and let the outside world narrow down to the amber fluid in the glass before him. This was his neighborhood, his bar, where he was known as William, a sometimes writer and generally quiet English guy.

Some nights he met people. A rare few he took home. Most time he spent alone, scribbling in a notebook, or shooting pool with the other regulars.

This night he let his mind drift and attempt to bridge one event in his current writing to another. He’d just taken a slow drink of the fine whiskey and set the glass down when a hand entered his field of vision and laid down a slip of paper. With a mental sigh, he reached for his pen, adding to the evidence that it had been a mistake to let the publisher put even a blurry “artsy” photograph on the back of his last book. He pulled the cap from his fine silver fountain pen.

“Okay, you found me. Who shall…” Then he read the paper.

“Five years. S”

“This is already signed, mate. If you want to fetch a copy of my book, I’ll inscribe it proper for you.” Spike turned his head to meet the laughing brown eye of the man beside him.

Xander’s hair was full and long, almost touching the collar of his well-tailored jacket. His back was straight, and his manner confident. A simple black leather eye patch hid the empty socket that marred his open features. “Are you trying to dodge a promise?” he asked as he sat on the stool next to Spike’s.

Spike squinted at the paper. “There’s no date on that. How do I know it’s been five years?”

Xander flipped the paper over and pointed at the faded printing on the Doublemeat Palace receipt. “Date and time. And it has no expiration date.” Xander said smugly.

Spike studied it again. “Well, wadda ya know, the price really has gone up almost two dollars.”

“And the servings are smaller.” The two old friends just grinned at one another for a minute.

“Did you mean to find me, mate?” Spike asked with a little tilt of his head.

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world I happened to walk into yours,” Xander miss-quoted, then sighed. “I admit it. I tracked you down.”

“Now If I owed you money, that’d be one thing but this…” Spike pointed to the paper, quirking a brow.

Xander nodded to a booth in the corner. “Let’s talk somewhere more quiet.”

Spike nodded and turned away. “Hey, Joss,” he called and the bartender came over.

“What can I get for you, Will?”

“One of your best for my old pal and a fresh one for me.”

“Sure thing.”

Spike watched as Xander carefully picked up the paper and followed him to a table. Xander sat down, pulled out his wallet and took out a little wax paper sleeve like stamps are collected in. Gently, he picked up the receipt and returned it to its proper place, tucking his wallet away again. “That piece of paper’s been around the world with me twice. Any time I felt like I was nothing, I’d pull it out and look at it.”

Spike studied him, his head tilted to one side. “That night meant that much to you, Pet?”

Xander nodded. “I saved the world practically by myself didn’t I?”

Spike scoffed. “Completely by yourself. It was my foolishness that put it in danger.”

“Okay, by myself I saved the world. And also on that night, a mystical, beautiful creature made me feel better than I ever had, and told me I was pretty and worth keeping.”

Spike chuckled. “You still are, Pet.”

Xander smiled warmly and looked over the unchanging, yet somehow changed man before him. The gutter accent was gone, replaced by something that sounded more like Giles speak. Spike’s hair was unbleached and slightly longer than Xander had ever seen it. It was apparently his natural dark blond color. It curled gently and the only product in evidence was artfully applied to keep stray curls from his face. He wore a soft blue button down, carefully creased black trousers, and shiny black ankle boots. Xander couldn’t figure out what little changes had happened until Spike turned and thanked the waitress with a smile and a wink at the approving look she shot at Xander. His face was somehow softer. The lines and planes were still there, but not as sharp. Relaxed. The vampire looked completely relaxed.

“I never told anyone about that night. Not even Alice.”


“My wife of five years whom I lost three years ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Xander made a ‘thanks, not now’ gesture. “When we spoke of things like our sexual past, I made up a story about a guy in a bar.” Xander chuckled. “He was nowhere near as good as you. That was the only thing I ever lied to her about.”

“Why didn’t you tell her, Pet?”

“I told her the paper was a reminder of one crazy night on the Hellmouth that taught me how much it meant to be alive. She was so sweet, she never asked more. I never told her because that night was mine and mine alone. Like a worry stone I could turn over and over in my mind.”

Spike studied the man before him. The Zeppo was so far gone, someone who had just met Alexander Harris would laugh to think how he had been. “So why are you looking me up now? It’s been a hell of lot more than 5 years.” He suddenly got worried. “You’re not dying of something and want me to turn you, are you? You look healthy enough.”

Xander laughed and shook his head. “No, I don’t want you to turn me. Spike, I’m a healthy 35 year old human. I’ve been all over the world. I saw more strange shit and killed most of it before I turned 23 than the majority of still-sane people in the world. I’ve lived and loved and then lost. I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve had the time and money to do the things I always dreamed about. But, I kept coming back to the one thing I’d like to do.”

“What’s that, Pet?’ Spike asked, his voice low.

“Get to know you better.” Spike chuckled. “I don’t expect to fall into bed with you, or us to move in together. But I want to talk to you now that I’ve grown up and the Hellmouth no longer chews at us. When I’m not trying to prove something and you’re not trying to keep up your reputation. As two men, I, Alexander Leville Harris, would like to spend time with you, William the Bloody, Spike, William Blooden the writer, whoever you are now.” Xander let out a breath, took a little sip of his drink, and leaned back in his chair like he’d just proposed a million dollar merger. For all Spike knew at this point, he may have done that a time or two.

Spike toyed with his own drink for a full minute before looking up into the honest brown eye of his friend. “What if I want more? What if I want to fall in bed with you?” The rough accent was rapidly replacing the gentleman.

Xander shrugged and smiled. “I’m open to negotiations.”

“’Cause I remember that night, too, Xander.”

“Do you?” Xander said softly.

Spike nodded. “I was struck by what a brave, quick, and, well, pretty boy you were. And I was right, what I said then. You got smarter and quicker and grew up even prettier.”

Xander blushed. “Pshaw!”

“It’s true.” Spike moved to sit in the chair next to Xander. “Your face filled out nicely.” His long fingered hand brushed his knee. “Your legs are longer and stronger.” He moved his hand up along Xander’s leg and up his chest to rest over his heart. “And your chest is broad.”

The heart under Spike’s hand beat harder. He had to ask the one question that had nagged him. “Why… why didn’t you say or do anything all those years? You even lived with me. Twice.”

“It wasn’t right then, was it, Pet? You didn’t do anything, either. You had Anya. I… well, Buffy had me. Then I was crazy and then the world caved in, didn’t it?”

Xander swallowed. “Yeah. It happened like that.”

Spike slid a little closer to the edge of his chair. “Now, like you say, we’ve nothing to prove, and no one to answer to, yeah?”

Xander licked his lips, lost in the blue of Spike’s eyes. “Just ourselves.”

“I think we know ourselves pretty damn well, don’t you?” He leaned slightly closer.

“I know me. I know me well.”

Spike abruptly sat back. “Good. There’s an all-night zombie movie marathon at the Cineplex. I was thinking about going, but hated to go alone. What say you, Pet? My treat.”

Xander blinked at the sudden shift in atmosphere. It was so Spike he had to laugh. “Can we sit in the back so I can hold your hand if I want?”

Spike chuckled. “Only if you buy the popcorn.”

The two men slung their arms around each other and headed out into the warm summer night.

The End

Joss as the bartender is a tip of the hat to the last episode of Quantum Leap where the bartender may have been God.  

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