Spike has been rescued from the school basement, and Xander has to learn to deal with Crazy Spike.
Spike and Xander
Set between “Help” and “Sleeper”
Rated PG

Have You Seen Me?


When Xander came home, he only looked in Spike’s direction enough to register the fact Spike was sitting at his kitchen table and staring at a piece of paper. Good. At least he wasn’t yelling at it. “Spike. I’ve rented a movie I’ve been wanting to see again.” Xander said as he went right to the fridge and pulled out a beer. “You can watch it with me as long as you sit still and don’t talk to anyone. Not me. Not the people in the movie. And certainly not people who aren’t here.”


Xander turned around from the fridge and finally looked at his crazy vampire roommate. Tears ran silently down Spike’s face. It was very strange to see someone cry without breathing or moving. He just stared at the paper and leaked like one of those desk top fountains.


Xander couldn’t help but be surprised and touched by this. Ever since re-gaining his soul, Spike had done little but rant or sit crouched and rock. Sure, there was the time he’d freaked Xander out by playing statue in the corner for three hours, but that was a rare time of quiet. With a sigh, Xander pulled out a chair and sat at the table with him. “What is it, Spike?” Xander asked quietly.


He tried not to fidget, but after three minutes, he was sure Spike was playing statue again and made to get up. “I killed her,” Spike said quietly, still looking at the paper.


Xander squashed a thrill of fear. “Killed who?” Was his chip gone, too? Why hadn’t Buffy said anything? Maybe she didn’t know.


Spike silently handed the paper to Xander. It was one of those coupons they send in the mail along with a handful of fliers and advertisements. Printed on the back of  this one was a “Have you seen me?” alert. The picture was of a middle-aged woman with lots of curly hair, smiling. Seems the pictures they use always show the missing as smiling. Automatically, he read “Last seen October 20th, 1999.” Some three years before from L.A.. Xander did the math and realized it was when Spike had gone after Angel to reclaim the Gem of Amara.


Spike still stared vacantly at the tabletop. “She cried and asked me not to kill her ‘cause who would look after her cats? I told her to give me her address and I would. Then I bit her, and drained her, and put her body in… in the dumpster at the Doublemeat Palace.” Xander laid the paper on the table, Spike reached out, and turned it over, showing the smiling faces of the people in the car wash coupon on the back. “She went to the landfill. Don’t know what happened to her poor cats.” Tears continued to run down Spike’s face.


“Oh,” Xander said for lack of anything else. He sat with Spike for another five minutes, feeling he should comfort he vampire, but then again, the guy was feeling bad about something he should feel bad about. But did Spike really care what happened to the cats?


Xander abruptly stood, making Spike cringe a bit. That was something Xander would never be used to. “Come on, Bleachie. Let’s watch a movie.” Xander took a hold of an unresisting Spike’s arm and lead him to the couch. “This is an old movie, but a classic, I’m sure you’ve seen it. I have, too, but only cut up with commercials.” Xander kept up a running babble about “Forbidden Planet” as he sat Spike down, handed him the beer, readied the DVD, and got himself another beer.


Xander flopped down on the other end of the couch and pressed play. He looked over at the no longer crying vampire and smiled a little as the FBI warning came up.


“Forget what I said earlier, Spike. You can talk to me." Then he held a finger up and sternly added, "only not during the robot or the naked girl in the pond scenes. Got it?”


Spike blinked, rubbed his face on his sleeve, sniffed once loudly, and nodded.

The End

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