Pairing: Spander
Rating: M
Summary; Xander gives his first blowjob and hey, no one is perfect their first time.



Xander had to do two things before his mind went far, far away

One: kiss Spike harder

Two: get this damn zipper undone.

Xander ripped his mouth off Spike's, there goes step one, “Spike, what the hell is up with your jeans,” he hissed fumbling with the zipper again.

Spike tried to keep his footing but his lust filled mind only heard every third word and when Xander gave a hard tug Spike lurched forward and smacked his head into Xander.

“Owwwww,” Xander said rubbing his head. “God damn it, Evil Dead.”

“Oi, what did I tell you about calling me that when we’re doing this,” Spike hissed rubbing his head and glaring at the boy.

The moment their eyes met all thought process left again and Xander was back at his two step plan.

He grabbed the zipper and ripped it hard, breaking it in the process.

“Harris,” Spike yelped from being manhandled down there and not in an awwww fashion but in an owwww fashion.

“Damn it Whelp, you broke my zipper,” Spike said looking down at his favourite pair of jeans in despair.

Xander looked down and saw Spike’s still fully erect cock and licked his lips, “I’ll buy you new ones,” he said absently getting on his knees and crawling his way over to the vampire.

Spike watched Xander’s pink tongue lick that full bottom lip and he couldn’t even remember what his name was, “yeah, yeah ok,” he said not too sure what he'd just agreed to but hell…”Oh fuck, yes Xan!”

Spike grabbed onto Xander’s hair and held on as Xander engulfed the vampire’s cock in his hot mouth and began to hum.


“Owww,” Xander said prying Spike’s hands away from his hair, “you fucking ripped out some of my hair.”

Spike looked down at the boy, “oh, ya sorry come…come back here,” he said in a dazed and confused manner.

Xander moved back over and raised one finger in warning, “don’t pull my hair,” he said and waited for Spike to answer.

“Ok pet, I swear,” Spike said nodding his head like an eager dog.

Xander smiled and began to wrap his lips around Spike’s cock again. The sound of slurping and moaning was loud in the basement of the magic box.

As Spike came, Xander swallowed as much as he could and made a face at the taste.

“Jesus, they never tell you it tastes like that,” he said to the sex high vampire.

Spike smiled and ran his hands through Xander’s hair, “you’ll get used to it.”

Xander snorted and stood up, “Really, and what makes you think there will be a next time?”

Spike got down on his knees and slowly unzipped Xander’s jeans and took out his cock, “ask me that in about two minutes,” he said just before taking Xander’s whole cock into his mouth.

The End

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