>Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel the Series
Author: eyezrthewindows
Rating: PG
Characters: Spike, Xander
Warnings:Suggestive language.
Notes: Read through, but no beta. Please let me know if anything looks strange. Ask for archiving, please. Written October 2011
Summary: A sleeping Xander becomes easier to spill his guts to than Spike ever would've imagined.
Disclaimer: It may come as a surprise but I'm not Joss Whedon or Mutant Enemy and therefore I do not own Spike or any of his many shagging and verbal sparring partners. I weep for the injustice of it all and play with these characters in the fiction I write because this is pretty much all the fun I have.

Did You Know?


"Don't think I can't sense it's there, boy. That the darkness you try so desperately to hide isn't lurking just underneath your dopey, cartoon short wearing, exterior.

I've no idea when it happened to you. Or what's happened to you, exactly. Not one of your little gang has spoken about it, no matter the needling I've done. It's some deep, dark secret, no doubt.

Old Spike won't ever be let in on it, will he? I'm the outsider, the bad guy, and you're all Charlie's Angels privy to secrets galore.

You're not entirely human, are you? Don't try to deny it. I can smell it on you. And even if I couldn't, I can see it in the stupid risks you take when you're out there with your little do-gooding buddies.

You heal too fast when you're injured. I've smelled the blood on you, seen the wounds, some deep and needing stitches, and later they're only scratches.

You broke your wrist one night, played it off as a sprain, and a couple of days later were handling a sword like nothing had happened. You tell me how normal that is for a human?

Did you know you move like an animal on the hunt when you think no one is watching you? Yeah, you do. Don't try lying to me. It's more graceful than your fumbling, big feet should be able to commit to but it's there.

Did you know I've watched you eat meat that's almost raw? Any normal kid would've gone belly up from Salmonella or some shite but not you. I've watched you devour and suck and mangle the bones with your own teeth. I've seen the blood dripping down your chin that you lap up like a good little dog making these little...noises that sound almost like you're getting a good seeing to. Makes me hard watching you eat like that.

Bet you could make some really nice noises with those pouting lips of yours wrapped around something better than that sort of meat.

Matter of fact, I'd wager you could make some very nice noises of a totally other sort with my cock in your ass.

I've never seen anyone enjoy a meal like that since the last time Angelus did. Not the insane two-point-bloody-o version that came back all sack and hammers after getting the soul fucked out of him -- the one you never knew. Christ, I wish you'd known him. He was beautiful in his brutality and he still loved making me hurt in all the best ways. He wasn't about the torture, then. The soul caged him too long, made him lose his marbles. I hate that git, now. Miss him more than I thought I would after everything that's happened.

Anyway, losing my track, here. You always were good at getting me distracted.

Did you know you smell like a bitch in heat when you're around men? I don't know if it's only me, not that I wouldn't be glad for it to be, Christ, I want to fuck you..." Deep breath in and out, eyelashes fluttering. "...I can assume it's only me but you're simply never around only me anymore, are you? Don't think I haven't noticed the avoidance, git. As if you can avoid me for long.

Don't think I haven't seen you palling around with your little witch friend more. Steering clear of the Watcher's flat when you know it'd only be me and you there. Tagging along with Red on her dates with the delicious little morsel she's shagging just so's you can keep away from little old me. Doing all that just to get away from me so I don't know you're hot for it? Did you know that's even more tempting to me? I know you're doing it for me and that's making me want you even more.

You'd like to let it out, wouldn't you, Harris? That beast inside you that's begging to get out. I can see the desperation in your eyes and maybe a bit of this...green glow deep down inside. It's unearthly. Demonic.

C'mon. Live a little. Give up on your good boy trappings just once and live.

Did you know I almost sired you? When Angelus gifted you to me, and make no mistake, that was Angelus and not the souled brooder. Deep down, I could sense that in you. You intrigued me. Had it not been for Dru, I'd've snapped you up in a heart beat but I was too busy with other things to really give it any serious thought.

Christ, I wish I'd have made the time for you, then. Things would be so much different now. You'd be a force to be reckoned with. I wonder what sort of vampire you'd be if the demon mixed with whatever you are? Would you be even fiercer? Would you have any humanity left at all? Would you be all demon and go purely by your instincts?

What say you? Want to give it a go? Want me to turn you so we can find out? I'm game if you are...

Sodding Christ, I hate this chip! I get it out, and you'll be the first I try out my newly regained freedom on. We'll paint this ugly little town red with your Slayer friend's blood. Bathe in it. Fuck in it.

Did you know a Slayer's blood is an aphrodisiac? First Slayer snuffed it, I drunk her dry and, fuck, me and Dru danced all night long. Couldn't get enough of her. She's insatiable, she is, but even my wicked, dark plum couldn't keep up with me that night.

Bet you'd give me a run for my money, keeping up, wouldn't you? I'd give almost anything to see it."

Another deep, shuddering breath. A pale hand tipped with black polish adjusted the crotch of well worn black denim. The other hand rubbed a tense thigh and Spike wished for a cigarette and to be untied so he could enjoy it.

He stared hard at the sleeping form of Xander Harris. The boy's breathing was slow and relaxed, not a muscle twitched.

Spike moistened his dry lips and shifted on the uncomfortable barca-lounger with a wince -- a spring dug into his ass. "Yeah, one of these days I'll get this chip out and we'll test that little theory. We'll see what kind of beast I unleash when I turn you and then we'll have some real fun. Did you know that, boy? Did you know I'd have plans for you? Did you know that animal inside is clambering to get out and it’s this close to the surface?" Spike sighed and dropped back into what you could almost consider a sprawl, under different circumstances, and furniture. "Did you know I'm sodding lonely and just want to hold someone, even if it is the Slayer's lapdog?" he finished, softly, eyes closing.

Not long after that Spike fell asleep, along with the sun rising slowly on the horizon.

Not long after that, Xander shifted minutely, dark eyes opening to stare at the slumbering vampire who'd inadvertently spilled his guts to the non-sleeping boy.

Not long after that, there was a soft glow of green in Xander's eyes as he assessed the sleeping vampire's prone, muscular body. When Spike began to snore slightly, a bit unevenly, Xander breathed him in, his familiar, intoxicating scent. He’d been babysitting Spike long enough to know that when those little snores came, the vampire really was asleep. He’d done lots of interesting things when those snores came and Spike had never been the wiser.

Xander tilted his head, ran a hand through his tousled hair, and murmured, "Did you know, Spike, that you're not really telling me anything I didn't already know?"

Here Endeth the Story

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