Forty Lashes


"More Pet?" Spike grinned ferally at Xander.

Xander smiled back, a wicked grin that was reminiscent of his inner Hyena. "Yes Sire."

"Thirty-one." Spike's hand came down sharply on Xander's bottom. The normally pale skin was rosy red from the night's activities. Xander arched on Spike's lap, pressing his hard-on further into Spike's leg.

"Thirty-two." A second blow and Xander moaned low in his throat.

Before the next slap, Spike ran his hand gently over the skin, causing Xander to groan. The skin was highly sensitive and every tiny movement made Xander squirm.

Just as Xander was beginning to relax into the touch Spike pulled back and spanked him swiftly. "Thirty-three!"

Xander gasped and gripped Spike's leg, his cock, dripping pre-cum. "Yes!"

"Did I say you could speak?" Spike growled at Xander. He leaned down close to Xander's ear, "Bad childer only speak when told to speak!" He leaned up quickly and placed number thirty-four quickly across Xander's rounded backside.

Xander cried out from the mix of pain and pleasure. The two forces drove his senses into overdrive and he had to press his face against Spike's knee to keep from coming. After a moment's pause and a deep breath he asked slightly, "Sire, may-may I please cum?"

Spike morphed into game face and snarled down at Xander. He nipped at his neck to prove his 'anger.' He slapped Xander's red cheeks twice in quick succession while answering, "No! You cum when I say you cum!"

Spike growled for emphasis and laid blow number thirty-seven on Xander's rosy bottom. "You're such a filthy little whore! Bad childer do as their told! You speak when I tell you, eat when I tell you. You'll even come when I tell you. You know what happens to childer who don't do what they're told!"

Thirty-eight and Xander was writhing in a combination of ecstacy and pain. Spike paused slightly before landing thirty-nine. Xander groaned and bit down onto his hand to stop himself from doing much else.

"You like that don't you? You like it when I hurt you, don't you? You like to be a bad boy. You like it when I treat you like a bad little whore." Spike grinned as Xander arched a little, pushing his hard-on away from Spike's lap, trying not to let it touch anything.

"Tell me you like it! Tell me pet, tell me, do you like being a little slut, a little whore?"

Xander bit his lip moaning, "Yes sire! Yes I like it!"

"Good boy, at least you're honest. Gonna fuck you like a whore after this aren't I pet? Yeah," Spike rubbed a hand down Xander's back before resting it on Xander's sensitive ass. "Fuck you like the bad little slut you are."

He ran a hand through Xander's hair before pulling his hand back and landing the last blow on Xander's backside.

Xander screamed and twisted, arching and spurting all over Spike's leg, his hands dug into Spike's calf and his teeth nearly bit off his tongue, but he was cumming harder than he'd ever come before. His cock exploded on to Spike and he felt like he was on fire.

Once his orgasm subsided and he'd stopped his unnecessary breathing, he blinked up at Spike and realised he hadn't had permission. "Oops."

The End

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