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Angel woke up alone. The bed was cold so Xander had been up for quite a while. Grumbling Angel got up and walked out in the hallway and down the stairs. The lobby was empty as well. A small sound made the vampire go into his office.

Xander was standing by the desk staring at the phone. Angel sighed.

“Xander?” the boy didn’t move “Xander are you all right?”

The boy nodded and mumbled “Bad dream.”

They always were. Bad. At least Angel didn’t wake up to a screaming Xander every night anymore. Like in the beginning. Angel walked over and pulled the young man close. Hugging him. Letting the boy’s warmth seep into the vampire’s cooler.

“You know he isn’t here.” Angel never said Spike’s name.

Xander flinched “Yeah.”

“Go ahead.” Angel kissed Xander’s neck and let go of him. Xander picked up the phone and dialled a number he knew by heart and waited.

“Giles?” Xander tentatively asked voice small and shivering.

“I know it’s late.” Xander said, his fingers playing with the hem of his t-shirt. Angel growled angry that Giles would complain.

“Is…is he still there? Is Spike still in Sunnydale?” Xander held his breath.

“Okay. But…Giles are you sure?” a small pause, Angel could hear Giles sigh, then Xander asked “Are you…um…are you looking at him?” Angel caressed the boy’s rigid back. Some of the tension seemed to disappear.

Angel could faintly hear Giles move around and then “Thank you Giles. Thanks…I know I woke you up but I just needed…yeah. Thanks again.” Xander listened and nodded “Good night.”

Angel embraced Xander. Held him close trying to erase the fear coming off the boy in waves.

“I dreamed he was here again. That he left Sunnydale and…” Xander stopped, his hands clenching into fists “That he left Sunnydale and that Buffy and Giles and everybody didn’t notice. Didn’t notice him coming back for me.” a few shivers ran thru the young man’s body.

“They would call, Xander. They would call and I would find him and stake him.” Angel whispered in Xander’s ear. “He’s never coming back for you.”

“I know. Really I do but…” Xander’s voice trailed off.

“It still feels real.” Angel finished. Xander nodded. “Does this feel real?” Angel asked lips so close to Xander’s that they touched when he spoke. The young man nodded again.

“Look at me Xander.” Angel demanded. “He will never touch you again! Never! Do you understand?” Xander looked Angel in the eyes and nodded. “Go back to bed, Xander. I’ll be up in a minute.”

Angel watched Xander walk up the stairs to their bedroom. The vampire turned and saw that the phone was still off the hook. Angel grabbed it and squeezed it. The sound of cracking plastic filled the otherwise quiet room.

He’d have to buy a new one tomorrow. And another one he could install in their bedroom. Next to the bed on Xander’s nightstand.

The Slow Burn

Xander was nervously waiting for Angel to return from his trip to see Lorne. The poor Pylean would have to listen to Angel croon. Xander snorted. Probably some really crappy song like Mandy. And when he came back home - and wasn’t that weird thinking about the Hyperion as home - Xander would be waiting for him. Here. In their bed.

Angel had been patient. Xander even more so because he was ready and had been for some time now. There had been the whole Oh-God-what-if-you-lose-your-soul thing but apparently Angel had taken care of that with the help of the two magnificent witches Willow and Tara. He’d have to send them flowers tomorrow. Uh and chocolate. If he ever got out of bed again.

The door opened. Angel walked in. And all Xander’s plans went out the window. Angel just stood there and looked at the candles and the very naked Xander in their bed. Xander started laughing.

“Shit” Angel said “Shit.”

“No” Xander laughed again “ No, Angel that would be demon slime.” Angel closed his eyes and sighed.

“I have the worst timing.” Angel said and walked into the bathroom. “I’m really sorry…” he said poking his head into the bedroom again. His eyes stopping at the bottle of oil on the nightstand. The vampire swallowed something and continued “I could just rinse the gung off.”

“No way. I’m not sleeping with a slime covered vamp.” Xander shook his head “Go! Take a shower.”

Angel disappeared again. Xander could hear him showering and cursing. When he heard Angel sigh contently he got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Xander stood there watching Angel’s broad back thru the glass.

“Gonna come in here and join me, Xander” Angel said and looked over his shoulder.

“And lose this great view?”

“View’s better in here.” Angel promised. Xander smiled, walked over and opened the sliding door. Angel turned around and pulled Xander under the warm water spray. The vampire ran his hand thru Xander’s dark hair and kissed him.

“I’m ready, Angel” Xander whispered and rested his head against Angel’s chest.

“You sure…I can wait Xander. We don’t need to do this now. Maybe it’s too…” Angel was interrupted by Xander.

“If we wait one more day…Hell if we wait an hour I’ll explode and not in the nice sexy way, Angel.”

“We could just…” Angel started.

“No Angel. No just no! Fingerplay only goes so far. Oh and cue blushing…But still sex yay. And I got the lube and the candles and all the other stuff and I was thinking that hey tonight was gonna be the big night and then you come home covered in demon slime and have to take a shower and everything and I’m practically throwing myself at you and you just wanna sit around and hold hands and um…Angel? Why are you laughing?”

“You’re babbling. I haven’t heard you babble for almost two years.” Angel said kissing Xander’s neck.

“Oh.” Xander whispered.

“But before we get out of the shower…before we go to bed…together…There’s something I have to do.” Angel looked into Xander’s eyes and got down on his knees.

“Um you have to propose?” Xander said with a smirk. Angel didn’t answer. His mouth was busy doing other things. Xander closed his eyes and simply felt. Felt Angel’s soft caresses down strong thighs. Felt a talented…oh God…a very talented tongue. Then a mouth and fingers and at that point Xander’s brain started watching stars implode and small suns explode.

Angel was kissing his neck again. Xander tried to focus.

“Oh oh okay. Intense.” Xander said holding on to Angel’s shoulders. Angel turned the water off and reached out of the still open door to grab a towel. The vampire wrapped Xander in it and started walking out of the bathroom pulling Xander along.

The bed creaked as they sat down on it. Angel reached up and cupped Xander’s face. They kissed again. Only stopping because Xander needed air.

Angel pulled Xander down next to him on the bed so they lay curled around each other. The vampire whispered against the boy’s naked shoulder

“This is all for you. For us. There’s no taking only giving.”

Past Revisited

“Oh my God!” Cordy laughed “She so did not say that.”

“No really,” Gunn nodded “She did. She called Wesley little man!”

“I don’t really see the need for you to retell that story again and again,” Wesley huffed, crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Gunn. Fred was giggling into her hand and looked apologetically up at the ex-watcher when his glare turned to her.

“So let me get this straight,” Xander smiled “Wesley saved her life by getting rid of the demon that possessed her cat…”

“It was called Casper,” Gunn snorted and Angel started laughing. Xander smirked and continued.

“Wesley saved her life by getting rid of the demon that possessed her cat Casper,” Xander chuckled when Gunn started humming the theme song from the cartoon “And she thanked him by saying…”

“Oh,” Gunn squeaked in a high-pitched trembling voice “Thank you little man!”

They all laughed. Wesley glared at them and tried to defend himself “She weighed something like 440 pounds.”

Xander smiled and looked at Angel. The vampire’s attention was on the demons surrounding them. “Hey,” Xander whispered and leant closer to Angel. Angel reached out and touched Xander’s hand.

“Looks like we need more drinks,” Gunn said and started getting up.

“I’ll go get it,” Xander said and waved Gunn back “It’s my round anyway. The same?” he asked the people gathered around the table.

“Uuuuuuh yes,” Fred nodded enthusiastically and pointed a finger at her tall glass of greenish alcohol “More of that, please.”


Xander stood by the crowded bar and waited. Joffrey, a huge grey demon with floppy ears, was taking orders left and right. Xander could wait. It wasn’t like Fred really needed another drink right away.

“Move out of my way, human.” someone growled in Xander’s ear. Xander’s whole body tensed. He knew that voice. Heard it in his nightmares. Pretty little boy, it would whisper, gonna hurt you sooo goooood. Xander stood still hoping the demon would just walk past him. Forget about him.

“You deaf?” strong hands grabbed him and forced him around. Forced him to face one of the many monsters that roamed his nightmares. Sharp teeth, blue skin, broad nose and black eyes. Completely black eyes. A slow smile spread over the demon’s face. “Well, I’ll be damned,” the demon sniggered “It’s Spike’s little pet.”

Xander shook his head and tried to pull away but the demon was much bigger than him. Much stronger.

He opened his mouth, wanting to call out, wanting to scream for Angel to come help him, but his voice seemed to have dried up. Disappeared.

“Wonder if your blood still tastes all sweet like before,” the demon pondered and licked Xander’s throat. “Where’s your master, pet? Wouldn’t mind fucking you again,” the demon’s warm breath ghosted over Xander’s neck.

“You’re a little fatter,” the demon looked at Xander and nodded “Spike must be feeding you better. Or maybe you just learned how to suck cock good enough to deserve being fed properly,” the demon grinned.

“L-l-let g-go of m-me,” Xander stuttered. His voice wasn’t much more than a whisper.

“He got rid of the silencing spell too, I see.” black eyes travelled over Xander’s body.

“H-he ssss,” Xander tried.

“Where is he? I wanna have some fun with you.” the demon started looking around the crowded room.

“S-s-spike isn’t here,” Xander finally stuttered and immediately knew it was the wrong thing to say when the demon smiled.


“Where’s Xander?” Angel asked and looked around the room.

“Said he’d get me one more greeeeeennnn drink,” Fred hiccupped. Gunn laughed and Cordy rubbed her shoulder.

“I’ll just go check he’s all right,” Angel said and got up.


“Please, don’t,” Xander said as he was pushed face first against the alley wall.

“Let’s see if you’re just as warm as you used to be,” the demon huffed against Xander’s neck and started pulling on the human’s pants. Xander closed his eyes and waited. The demon was cursing but finally got the belt buckle opened.

“If Spike isn’t around then he won’t mind me having some fun, will he.” the blue demon laughed.

“No, but I would,” a deep voice boomed behind the demon.

“Angel,” Xander gasped when the demon pressed him harder against the wall.

“This pet yours?” the demon growled.

“No,” Angel answered.

“Then it’s not really your problem if I fuck him out here in the alley.”

“He’s nobodies pet,” Angel snarled.

“Then if he isn‘t claimed I can take him if I want him,” the blue demon said. Strong fingers carted through Xander’s dark hair only to make a fist and pull his head back exposing his neck.


“Hey Angel,” Gunn said and stood up when the vampire returned with Xander “What happened to your shirt, man?” the street fighter pointed at Angel’s torn dark blue shirt.

“Nothing,” Angel said “We’re all going home.”

“But my green drink?” Fred lamented.

“I’ll make you a green drink back at the hotel,” Cordy promised, taking in Xander’s frightened eyes and the bruise slowly forming on the young man’s face.

“Oh….’K,” Fred nodded.

Wesley stood up “Everything all right?” he asked and looked at Xander.

“I took care of it,” Angel said.


“Xander?” Angel stood outside the bathroom door his head resting against the oak. Xander disappeared the second they returned to the hotel. The human had mumbled something about showering. That had been an hour ago. The sound of the water running almost drowned out the quiet sobbing.

Angel reached out and turned the door handle. It wasn’t locked. Angel took a step into the bathroom and then stood still. Xander was sitting on the floor in the shower stall, water pounding on his fully clothed body. Xander was shivering so badly Angel could hear the human’s teeth rattle.

“Xander?” Angel walked over to Xander and reached out. The freezing cold water hitting his hand startled him and he stood up and turned the water off.

“I j-just want to be c-c-c-clean,” Xander whispered. He was sitting on the floor with his knees drawn up to his chest. He rested his head on his wet jeans.

“You are clean,” Angel said and started undressing Xander. The jeans clung to the cold and clammy skin but they finally came off. Angel reached out and took one of the towels from the shelf next to the sink and wrapped it around Xander.

“I-I w-wanted,” Xander shivered from the shock and the freezing water “I w-wanted to tell him no…” Angel helped Xander up and they moved into the bedroom. Xander curled up under the covers “But m-my voice…My v-voice was…It was like back there…In that house on the mattress.”

Angel closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down by remembering how it had sounded when his hand had literally smashed through the demon’s chest.

“I-I remember him, Angel.” Xander whispered his voice slurred with exhaustion “Spike let h-him use me be-because he o-owed him some mo-money.” Angel heard the shame in Xander’s voice and wanted to go back in that alley and kill the bastard one more time. Slowly. “Three times…Angel…three times,” Xander’s voice trailed off as he fell asleep.

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