All right, I have no idea where this came from. I would say that a plot bunny bit me on the ass, but as you will see, not much plot.
It's Spander (of course), and very very dark.
If you don't like a mean Xander, don't read this!! This is not warm and fuzzy.

Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Adult for m/m sex and violence
Setting: Doesn't really matter, Season 4 or 5
Warnings: violence, sexual violence, harsh language
Feedback: Please, please, please
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me; all belongs to Joss and Mutant Enemy and anybody else who actually makes money off this stuff - certainly not me.
Summary: Xander invites Spike back to his place. Spike has no idea what Xander has in mind.

btw, this is unbeta'd, so pardon the flaws (hopefully minor and not distracting)

Power Play


Xander slammed Spike against the door. It took Spike a moment to shake out of the shock. By the time he cleared his head, Xander had already punched him in the face. Twice.

Spike managed to block the third punch, but instead of another expected swing, he found himself flung down onto the carpet. Xander landed two more fists, one in the ribs, one in the stomach, before Spike threw him off, his chip firing a warning shot.

When they both scrambled up from the floor, Spike barely had time to put his hands up before Xander rushed him, slammed into him, and flattened him against the wall. This time the punch came up from below, hard and fast, and Spike tasted the blood in his mouth when he bit his tongue as his jaw snapped shut.

By the time Spike swallowed his blood, it occurred to him that the pummeling had stopped. Xander was pressing Spike’s shoulders into the wall, breathing hard and staring at Spike’s mouth.

Xander’s crotch was resting softly against Spike’s. The erection was obvious. Spike’s eyes narrowed.

“’ the fuck, Harris? Thought you invited me in for a beer. What did I ever do to you?”

Instead of an answer, Spike got a long wet tongue stroked up the side of his face, catching the blood and soothing the already forming bruises. Xander pushed his hard cock further against Spike, and he couldn’t stop his own dick from responding.

“This isn’t you, Harris. Well, maybe the hitting, but not this.”

Xander let go of a shoulder, grabbed the hair on top of Spike’s head and slammed it back against the wall. He did it twice more.

“Bloody hell! What-”

“Wanna hit me, Spike?”

“What!? You know I can’t!”

“That’s right. You can’t.” With one hand still holding Spike against the wall, Xander used the other to palm the hardness under Spike’s jeans. “You wanna fuck me, instead?”

“What the fuck kinda spell has gotten you?”

Without relinquishing Spike’s crotch, Xander used his left hand to throw a slightly weaker punch to Spike’s right cheek. “Look at me.”

“I’m looking at you!”

“Look at me. Hard.” Spike found the sharpness in Xander’s brown eyes. It was a new look for the boy. And a little…wrong. “This is me, Spike. All me.”

The only warning before the kiss was Xander’s eyes, darting down to Spike’s lips. The kiss wasn’t tender and it wasn’t welcoming. It was fast and wet. Just the kind Spike liked. His cock throbbed under Xander’s hand.

Without breaking apart, Xander moved his hand up the seam of Spike’s jeans and flicked open the top button with ease. Finally Xander broke the kiss, and Spike saw a glimmer in the boy’s eyes. Xander pressed his fingers down into Spike’s waistband and slid his fingers over the leaking slit he found there.

“Spike…,” Xander whispered, his voice harsh and desperate, “want me to suck your cock?”

A groan escaped Spike’s mouth. He finally took note of Xander’s lips, having been only concentrating on the tongue during the kiss. Those lips were full and red, covered in moisture. Then Spike didn’t care who those lips belonged to, he just wanted to see them wrapped around his dick. His cock agreed by jumping against the zipper of his too tight jeans.

Xander voiced the images in Spike‘s mind. “Can picture it, can’t you? My lips around your cock? Want me to suck you down to the root? Push yourself to the back of my throat? I can swallow around you, Spike. Want that?”

Spike brain was swimming in lust. “Oh, fuck, yeah.” He immediately made a move to release himself, but his hands were batted away, and his nose exploded in pain when he was punched again.

In response, Spike shoved Xander away, wondering why he hadn’t before. Then Spike heard an unusually sharp snapping sound, and Xander was back on him, crotch against crotch, each still hard. One hand went around Spike’s throat, holding him against the wall.

Spike smirked. He was ready to push Xander away again, but this time the pain didn’t come from his face or his stomach. Suddenly there was pain in his hand. Xander released Spike’s neck as he screamed. The boy backed up slightly, giving the vampire the space to look down.

Xander was gripping the knife hard. Judging by the size of the handle, the switchblade was probably about six inches long, but Spike couldn’t see any of the blade. Blood poured out of his palm, where the knife had entered, and down the wall, where it had gone through and through, effectively pinning his hand to the wall, just at hip level.

Spike looked back up at Xander, wide-eyed and confused. Xander tilted his head, the same confusion in his eyes. “What? That hurt?”

“Fuck, yeah, that hurts, you bloody ponce!”

Xander’s unoccupied hand came to rest on Spike’s crotch again. Xander pouted. “You’re not hard, anymore.”

“Well, duh, you fucking wanker! You stuck a knife in my hand!”

Sharp pain shot up Spike’s arm as the knife twitched slightly in Xander’s hand. Still, Xander didn’t let go. Of the knife or of Spike’s dick.

Xander leaned forward and kissed Spike again. This time, Spike didn’t respond. He felt the tongue being pressed into his mouth. It probed and mapped out his tongue, teeth, and gums. And Xander didn’t pull away. He stayed there. Pushing his tongue in and out of Spike’s mouth. Hard each time. Relentless. Spike kept feeling that tongue. It was warm and wet. And it won’t go away. He just kept feeling it.

A small spark in his mind said, what hand?, and Spike was kissing Xander back. Xander was making noises. Good noises. Grunts and groans and enticing guttural moans that Spike’s cock stood up at attention for.

Hours later, well probably minutes later, Xander pulled away, leaving Spike’s mouth open and he leaned forward, following the suddenly missing heat. Spike blinked twice before noticing that Xander wasn’t kissing him anymore. And that he had said something.

“What?” Spike managed to breathe out.

“I asked you if you liked my mouth.”

Spike tried to find words, but failing that, he nodded.

“What else do you want to do with my mouth, Spike?”

He knew he needed words for this one. His brain searched frantically to piece something together. As his mind worked, his eyes wandered, quickly catching his own bleeding hand out of the corner of his eye. Still pinned to the wall; still impaled with a switchblade; Xander’s hand still gripping the handle, knuckles clearly white.

It occurred to Spike that he should probably say something about that, but when his eyes fluttered back to Xander’s mouth, he forgot about it just as fast. Then he remembered the question.

“Want you to lick my balls. Suck them in, one at a time, and roll them around on your tongue. Then slide that tongue up my hard shaft and suck on the head while you pump your hand up and down my length.”

Spike took a moment to watch hungrily as Xander wet his lips, slow and panting.

“Then you’ll take me all the way in until those hot lips are buried in my curlies and I’m sitting in the back of your throat. And when you swallow, I’ll pump into you a dozen more times, and I’ll feel your wet throat close around me every time. Then I’m gonna hold your head still and fuck your mouth hard and fast like it’s your aching ass, and you’ll want to beg for me to come, but you won’t be able to move or speak. When I finally shoot my seed into you, your throat will be red and raw, but you’ll swallow every drop and milk me for more.”

Xander and Spike were both panting. Eyes dark with lust and passion, and Spike almost came from the images his was painting in his own mind.

Spike couldn’t help but grin when he saw the wide smile spread across Xander’s face. Spike saw innocence in the darkness of those brown eyes, and he felt something warm attack his dead heart.

Suddenly a mask fell over Xander’s face, and Spike barely heard the words, “Sounds good,” before his hand screamed in pain again as Xander twisted the knife.

The pain was hot and brutal, and Spike found himself on his knees, not knowing how he got there. His left arm was twisted up at an odd angle, no give from the knife in sight.

When he opened his tear-filled eyes, he was staring at Xander’s cock. Released from faded blue jeans and bobbing in front of his face, pulsating, leaking, and telling him everything he needed to know.

Xander said it anyway. “Do it, Spike. Now. Everything you said.”

“Fuck you, Harris!” Spike managed to get out, before Xander kneed him in the throat.

Spike coughed until his eyes stopped watering, then brought his right hand up to Xander’s hip, intending to push him away, but he felt the knife twitch again slightly, and he knew better.

Xander patiently and awkwardly pushed his pants and boxers down below his hips with one hand, revealing his entire sex. “Just like you said,” he whispered, and placed a hand gently on the back on Spike’s head.

With nothing more to lose, Spike leaned forward.

The End

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