Part Thirty-Six

“What a silly bint. These tales would be ever so much better if she’d include vampires.” Spike paused and flicked back a few pages for reference. “Although I suppose those Dementors act a bit like vamps, but without the devastating sexiness.”

Xander wasn’t paying any attention to Spike’s rant, and the vampire hadn’t expected him to. They were currently playing one of Spike’s favorite games, and although Xander complained vehemently whenever Spike inflicted it on him, the boy could have ended it quickly. That he didn’t suggested that he either liked it or he liked amusing Spike with it.

The boy’s legs were spread wide, held open by a steel bar that ran from ankle to ankle. The bar had a ring welded to the middle of it and there was another bar standing up through the ring, reaching towards his crotch. There was a dildo attached to that bar and the tip of it poked into Xander just beyond his first ring of clenching muscle.

The leather wrist cuffs were buckled on to him and he was attached to the chain from the ceiling. He had plenty of slack in the chains though, so if he’d wanted to, he could have lowered himself.

As it was, he was raised up on the balls of his feet. If he let himself down, the dildo would sink all the way into him. The toy wasn’t particularly fat, but it was very long, and Xander disliked the way it invaded his guts so far. But Spike liked to reinforce the lesson that Xander had no say in what happened to his own body, and this was one of his favorite methods.

The position forced Xander’s leg muscles to flex and bulge, presenting Spike with the pretty picture of his boy being tormented and trying to outlast his own exhaustion. His arms were curled as his hands gripped the chain, holding himself off of the dildo. The game ended when Xander’s arms and legs gave out, and the toy entered him completely.

Spike pretended he wasn’t giving any notice to his boy, but nothing was farther from the truth. Every sense he had was alert to what was happening to his human. He smelled the sweat standing out on Xander’s skin as his muscles tightened, the musk of his unwilling arousal. Xander liked to be put in helpless situations, when he knew Spike was in control, and he liked things in his arse, despite his protests.

The boy’s biceps were starting a fine trembling, barely noticeable. It had been hours this time, and Spike was proud of Xander’s strength.

The book was forgotten as he watched his human intently. Xander gave a small whimper as he finally relaxed his arms and the toy slid into him all the way. He hung his head, panting as his body adjusted to the thing inside him.

Spike stood up, drawing Xander’s gaze, and went to the small fridge. The boy would be thirsty after all this time, and he opened the water bottle. Dark eyes watched him as he tilted the bottle into the human’s mouth. Spike rolled one of Xander’s dusky nipples in his fingers, noting the tension that went through the boy’s body, knowing the human was caught between wanting to respond to the touch and wanting to hold utterly still so not to jostle the toy inside him.

He arched slightly into the touch on his sensitive bud, crying out as the movement disturbed the dildo in his guts. Spike nodded, pleased that the boy had surrendered to his touch, letting himself suffer to have it.

“So very beautiful.”

He unclipped Xander’s wrists from the chains and opened the coupling that held the dildo to the vertical bar, leaving the toy inside his boy. He pulled the bar out of the ring so that Xander would be able to move.

“Over to the wall, pet. Face it.”

The strain of movement was evident on Xander’s face as he walked awkwardly with his legs widespread. The boy braced his cuffed hands against the wall, waiting patiently for Spike. The vampire drew the dildo out slowly, prolonging the torture for his boy. But once it was out, he wasted no time, slicking himself and entering the human.

They rocked together, Xander’s movement constricted by the position of his legs. Spike wrapped a hand around the boy’s hardness, stroking until he ordered, “Come for me.”

And then the heat that surrounded him tightened and became unbearable as his body shuddered and spilled into human warmth.

Part Thirty-Seven

Xander had the day off and Spike had been up since it was still dark, making his plans. He had everything set out and ready, and his nervousness surprised him.

He got a big pot boiling on the stove, putting the sounds in it and setting the timer. The boy woke up when Spike finally started the coffee brewing, and he smiled at Xander’s zombie-like shuffle towards the caffeine. Humans were so bloody entertaining, once you got past their minor little flaws.

“Shower, pet,” he ordered, once Xander had been fed.

While the boy was bathing, Spike double-checked his equipment. The timer on the stove went off and he laid the sounds on a clean towel, carrying it into the room. Xander wandered in a few minutes later, nude, raking his hands through his damp hair. His eyes widened when he saw the things on the bed, but he came and knelt by Spike.

The vampire pulled on a set of surgical gloves and heard his boy clear his throat. Xander’s curiosity would be jabbing him by then. Spike went over what he wanted to say again in his head.

He picked up a small-diameter tube, hollowed out its entire length, about six inches long, with four rounded balls, evenly spaced along its length. He showed it to Xander.

“What’s that for?”

“You, silly bugger.” Spike was nervous. He knew what Xander was asking, but he had to work himself around to it.

Xander got that patient look that Spike himself had used when speaking to the mentally deficient, sort of long-suffering, not quite gritting his teeth, and yet still trying to be pleasant.

“Perhaps I should have asked . . . where does it go?”

Spike decided that he was being a nancy boy instead of a Master vampire and shook his hesitations off. Neither of them liked it when he tried to be nice.

“Inside your prick. It’ll stay there, permanent like.” He waved to the sounds still lying on the towel. “I need to stretch you a bit with those, and then this goes in.”


Xander had told him how the penis plug had felt, how he’d felt like he had not in control of his own body, invaded and violated by it. But he’d also said it felt good, and he’d felt so utterly owned by Spike.

“Will it hurt?”

“No, luv. Shouldn’t hurt, and if it does, you tell me. I’ll make sure to adjust your body to it slowly.”

“Are you ordering this?”

“It would make it easier on you if I did, yeah?”

Xander was silent and Spike watched him, knowing the boy was debating with himself. It was easy to follow orders, but harder to make the conscious decision to turn your will over to another.
Xander was good at following orders, submitting that way, but since they’d had the experience with the ropes, Spike wanted Xander to choose to be voluntarily vulnerable to this sort of invasion of his body. It would be something of Spike’s that would stay inside him for the rest of his life. It was another form of commitment as well as another surrender of his person to Spike. He wanted the boy to consent to this without hope of reward, although he had something in mind if his human went through with it.

“You won’t do it because I ordered you to, because I’m not going to do that. You’ll do it because it pleases me and you want to please me.”

He stroked Xander’s face, fingers tracing the pouty lips. “And you want to feel everything I can give you. Because it’s your nature to question, to discover.”

Xander took a deep shuddery breath. “Why is it that of all the people in my life, you know me best?”

Spike judged that the question wasn’t really meant for him, that it was one the boy would have to answer for himself, so he waited for the answer.

“I want that. I want everything you do to me.”

Spike kissed him then, tenderly. This mortal was so beautiful when he allowed Spike in to his body and his spirit.

“On the bed, pet. I’ll need to cuff your hands, because you’ll want to touch yourself, but you can’t, not till we’re done. Might hurt yourself.”

Xander did as he was told, stretching his arms out, pliable when Spike buckled the stiff leather around his wrists, so sweetly yielding to Spike’s desires. He propped pillows under Xander’s head so the boy could watch if he chose.

After switching out for a fresh pair of gloves, Spike showed Xander the sounds.

“I’ll start with the small one, give you time to adjust to that, and then move up. We’ll take it slow, yeah?”

The boy nodded, the tense set of his shoulders gradually relaxing. Spike knew he feared the unknown nature of this, but his courage never flagged.

“Can’t gag you, cause you must tell me if there’s any pain.”

“Okay, I’m ready.”

Spike gave a generous squirt of antibacterial lotion and worked it carefully around Xander’s groin, especially around the tip of his penis and the small opening. When he was satisfied that the area was thoroughly clean, he put a dab of lubricant on the tip of his boy’s cock. He had a small syringe full of more lube which he inserted into the opening, gently depressing the plunger until the entire load had been pumped inside the human.

He was paying attention to the small noises and scents made by his human. The boy let out a muffled cry when the lube went inside him, but he didn’t smell fearful, in fact his dick was trying to fill, so Spike went on.

He picked up the smallest sound, nearly the same size as Xander’s opening, and smeared some lube on the tip. He held the boy’s prick upright and pushed the sound into him a little way.

“Doing so well, pet.”

Bloody hell, it was hard to be patient with this, but he’d have to do it slowly to avoid damaging his boy. He forced his hand to stay still, not pushing any more, letting gravity slide the bit of metal into his human.

Xander’s eyes watching the procedure were huge.

“Doin’ all right, luv?”

“Fuck, that shouldn’t feel good. It’s sick and wrong.”

“Nothing wrong between us, pet. Long as we both like it.”


Spike gave Xander a few minutes to adjust to the thing inside him, although it was barely big enough to make much of an impact. He pulled it out and repeated the procedure with the next biggest size. The boy would feel this one much more.

“Tell me if it hurts.”

But Spike was fairly sure it wasn’t causing any pain, because it was slipping in from its own weight without resistance.

“Um. Feel that one more. Doesn’t hurt, just feels . . . full.”

“That’s perfect.”

This one would have to stay longer. Spike got a water bottle and helped Xander drink from it. Once the boy was hydrated again, Spike ran caressing hands over his body, massaging tense muscles, gradually working him into a state of relaxation.

He pulled it out slowly, grinning smugly as Xander groaned.

“Oh, shit, that feels good, Spike.”

The next larger one went in slower, but Spike kept rein on his patience. Xander’s hands jerked instinctively and he knew the boy wanted to touch, to explore this thing that had been done to him. But Spike was being careful of what he was doing, using all his vampiric senses to judge the location and depth of the sounds. Xander might hurt himself if he touched when he wasn’t thinking of anything other than pleasure.

While they waited, they talked, laughing about things they’d done and seen, movies they’d watched together, demons they’d fought. Spike gave Xander more water, and they talked more. Spike realized, that sensual torment of his boy aside, he was enjoying spending time with Xander like this, just talking to him, hearing his ideas, knowing that his own thoughts and opinions would be respected.

Spike drew that sound out teasingly. This time Xander looked uncomfortable.

“Uh, I think I have to piss.”

It was possible that it was the result of having his urethra stimulated, but then again, Spike had been giving him lots of water to keep his system flushed out.

But he’d prepared for this too, and held the pan he’d brought from the kitchen under Xander’s prick.

“There ya go.”

“I don’t think I can go, not like that.”

Spike looked at him firmly. “You will. I own every molecule of you, boy, even that. Give it to me.”

Xander looked very startled at that announcement. “Oh, shit.”

“Knew what you were getting into when you agreed to be mine, didn’t you.”

The vampire cheated at that point, pressing down on Xander just above his pubic bone, pushing the liquid toward his penis.

“Oh, shit, stop doing that, okay? I’ll go. Just gimme a minute.”

Spike held his penis over the pan, waiting. After a moment, the warm liquid began to trickle out, gradually becoming a stronger stream as the boy emptied his bladder. He set the pan on the floor, smelling the shame rising from his boy.

“It’s part of the natural function of your body, Xander. Nothing to be ashamed of. But like everything else of yours, I control it. Just haven’t chosen to exercise my rights, till now.”

Xander blushed and didn’t reply. Spike took his own measure of the silence.

“You like me controlling everything you do, innit right?”

“Yeah,” Xander muttered.

Spike nodded, knowing that the boy would give thought to that lesson and eventually accept it, if not enjoy it. He took another sterile swab and cleaned the boy again, before pumping more lube into his opening.

The next size sound went in more slowly, the skin of the boy’s hole clinging to it. They would have to give this one plenty of time, which was no bother. Spike had planned for this to take most of the day, and this sound was just one size smaller than what was needed for the pipe.

After a time, Spike could tell that the boy’s channel had stretched enough and he pulled the sound out.

“Just one more,” he said by way of encouragement, but Xander seemed fairly cheerful at this point, as though he had faced whatever it was that he feared and moved beyond it.

The last sound went in after Xander had emptied his bladder again. This time the boy wasn't radiating shame, but acceptance, and Spike had that sense of pride in his human again. Sometimes it amazed him how willing Xander was to learn his lessons.

"It burns," the boy had said when he urinated, but Spike had told him that he'd been stretched a bit and burning was normal. He'd feel the burning for a few days until his plumbing adjusted to the stretch and having something permanently inserted.

They talked more while they waited and Spike couldn’t remember when he’d ever just sat for hours and talked to someone. Despite Xander’s position, they weren't having sex, weren't really touching each other while they waited for Xander's prick to adjust, but he was having fun just spending time with the boy. He's never thought that he would enjoy a human's company when nothing much was happening.

Finally, he judged that enough time had passed and he pulled the last sound out. He squirted more lube into Xander's hole, which was noticeably bigger. It would shrink once they were finished because he'd stretched the boy enough to fit the balls inside him.


Xander nodded, so Spike took hold of the boy's cock again, holding it at the proper angle, and pushed the tube in a little ways. Once again, he waited while the bit of metal slowly slid inside his boy. Xander gave off tension, his posture had a certain stiffness to it, but he didn't complain.

"All right, pet?"

"Doesn't hurt, just feels weird."

"You'll get used to it."

The last bit of metal sank into him and Spike pushed on the spongy head of Xander's prick, setting the end of the tube past the opening in his crown. It was done. He sat back and looked. Xander's cock now had a series of ridges in it where the balls on the tube deformed its shape, and it would always be stiff.

"One last piss to get the lube out of ya, then you get your reward."

"A reward? You never mentioned that."

"Been good, haven't you? Good boys get rewarded."

Xander filled the pan again eagerly, and Spike wanted to tell him how wonderful he was, how he took every challenge like a champion. How proud he was that Xander was his. Spike unhooked the cuffs from the wall and covered Xander's warm body with his own, head leaning down for a kiss. The boy wrapped his arms tightly around Spike and his breath grew ragged.

"Oh, shit, that feels so good."

Spike looked and the boy's prick was engorged with blood, harder than it had been, and Xander whimpered.

"Look so beautiful, pet. Now I want you to fuck me with that."


"You're a living breathing sex toy. Want to feels those ridges pressing on my arsehole, hitting my happy spot."

Xander evidently didn’t object to the sex toy crack, because Spike found himself flipped onto his back abruptly and Xander's fingers were already coated with lube. The boy pushed his legs apart and knelt between his thighs. Spike grabbed his knees, pulling his legs back and exposing himself to his human. Xander took a deep breath and then his fingers were gentle on Spike's pucker, smearing the lube around, massaging his tender skin.

He hadn't let anyone inside him like this in more years than he could remember. Not since before Angelus abandoned them. But Xander seemed willing to take his time, seemingly fascinated by the way Spike's body opened up for him. Bloody hell, that felt good and Spike had never been shy about being vocal during sex, so he kept a steady stream of half-moaned curses as the boy sent waves of pleasure radiating away from his center.

"Oh fuck, Xan, just do it."

Spike didn't care that he was begging with a human, and his sub. He wanted that lovely ridged prick stuffed into his arse as soon as possible. The boy was driving him out of his mind. Xander finally withdrew his fingers and slicked his cock. The boy went a little cross-eyes as his hand worked over his new accessory.

"Stop pissing about and get in me."

"Sheesh, bossy much?"

But he wasn't wasting time either and Spike felt Xander's stiffened cock nudge his entrance. The boy had enough sense to take it slow, forcing Spike's hole to expand as each ridge slipped inside him and then contract again. The tube had added girth to the boy and by the time he was all the way in, Spike was feeling filled up like he never had before.

"Shit, I can't hold out, Spike. Never felt anything like this."

Spike knew his cold body was gripping the boy tightly and that Xander’s cock was getting pressure from the inside as well as the outside. He'd be lucky if Xander could manage more than a few strokes. Spike put his hand on himself, determined to get his in.

"Move then, luv. Come when you can't hold out."

Xander tried to keep it slow, but he was soon plunging wildly into the vampire. The ridges scraped Spike’s prostate and stimulated his hole. Fuck, but that was good. The boy's rhythm got jerky, his breath rough, and Spike sped up his hand. Then he was coming, his body clenching helplessly against the thick shaft invading him. Xander's seed was hot as it coated his insides and Spike cried out.

"Bloody brilliant, pet," he mumbled.

Part Thirty-Eight

They'd talked about it this time. Xander'd done a good job of rolling with whatever Spike threw at him, but this was something different. He didn't want to put the boy on the spot, wanted his full consent for the job. Especially if the Slayer found out, he wanted Xander enthusiastically defending his choice.

Xander's reactions to the ropes and the tube in his prick made Spike want to go farther, to give his human more exquisite pain in the name of pleasure. To bind Xander with the boy's own desires, and not just with leather and chains.

He didn't want the boy to be in long term pain though, so he made arrangements with a demon that could heal him that night. The place looked like a normal tattoo shop with chairs for the clients on display at the front and comfortable couches spread around for the onlookers. But other things happened there that the ordinary humans never realized. Spike and Xander walked into the shop and were escorted to the back room for their appointment.

The demon looked human enough, but his eyes were overly large like one of those freaky Japanese cartoons.

"Your pet must be naked."

He refused to look at Xander, and Spike understood the protocol, turning to relay the message to his boy. Xander had enough sense not to comment, but instead took his clothes off quickly, standing unashamed in front of the demon and his Master.

"Put it on the table."

Spike helped Xander to lie down on the padded table, and the boy let his arms and legs fall open, relaxed. The boy had been in plenty of fucked up situations since Spike had taken him all those months ago and Spike knew there wasn't much that would bother his boy.

The demon handed Spike a Sharpie. "Mark where you wish the rings to go."

Spike put dots on the inside of both of Xander's wrists, the inside of both his upper arms, each nipple, either side of his waist and the insides of his thighs. He spread Xander's legs and put a dot on the delicate skin between his balls and his hole. Then he put a dot just under the crown of the boy's prick where the little sensitive thread of skin was.

"I see you've modified it already." The demon pointed to the ridges standing out from Xander’s cock as a result of the tube that was lodged inside it.

"Yeah. Just catch the skin here, don't want a through hole."

The demon nodded, and Spike picked up Xander's foot and put a dot on each Achilles tendon. "Just skin here too. Don't want his tendons damaged."

The vampire thought he'd better be specific because some demons like hobbling their humans for the sport of it, amused by their stumbling attempts to walk. Spike wanted Xander in peak condition, so most of his modifications to his boy were merely cosmetic.

"Do you want it gagged or restrained during the procedure?"

"No, he can bear it. Don't mind if he screams either, do I?"

Xander would have to sit still while multiple holes were poked into his skin, but Spike knew the boy was strong enough for it.

"As you wish, Master Vampire. I will put a needle through each spot and then follow it with a ring. Human skin must produce a tube of epidermis around the metal before the healing is complete. This normally takes many months, depending on the location of the piercing. But if you apply your saliva to each wound, it will heal and then I have an incantation which causes the tube to form in minutes. It will be ready for your use before you leave here."

Spike smiled, pleased to hear that, because he had plans for all those little rings and he liked the idea of being able to do them later that night. He put his hand on Xander's leg, feeling that the boy was a bit tense with anticipated pain, but not scared, not really. Xander’d liked the idea of wearing the rings, symbols of Spike's ownership that would always be on him.

"All right, mate, ready when you are."

The demon set to work, doing his job quickly. Spike sucked each ring into his mouth, working his spit around them, tasting Xander's blood, full of pain and sweetness. Then the demon muttered a quick spell, and the flesh knit itself together until the ring would turn freely within Xander’s skin.

It took them several hours to work all of the rings into his boy. Xander screeched when they’d pierced his nipples and then again when they’d done the ones at his groin. Spike knew how much effort it had cost the boy to lie still for all of that.

They left the shop and Xander was radiating exhaustion, so Spike got him home quickly, buying a bottle of juice for him on the way. The boy had enough energy left to strip himself before crawling into bed. Spike decided that it was a normal human reaction to the stress caused by the pain in his body. He’d let his boy nap for a few hours.

When Xander’s sleep got lighter and he smelled like he was on the verge of waking up, Spike got out the ribbon he’d purchased a few days ago. It was a narrow black satin, a whole bolt of it. He threaded through the new rings adorning Xander’s body, leaving it loose so the boy could move around.

Xander finally opened his eyes, still confused with sleep. Spike gave him another glass of juice.

“Kneel up, pet. At the edge of the bed.”

The boy complied sleepily and Spike set about to tightening the ribbons. One loop ran from the piercing on the crown of his prick to the ring on his perineum and from there the ribbon wound through each of the rings at his ankles and back up to his cock. Xander could sit back on his heels, but the ribbon wasn’t long enough for him to straighten his legs.

Another loop was woven between the ring on the sides of his torso and those on his upper arms and wrists, and the ends connected to the rings on his inner thighs. Spike left enough slack in the ribbon to give Xander a small range of motion, but he couldn’t lift his arms or get his hands in position to touch himself.

The rings at his wrists also had another ribbon running to his nipples so that every time he moved his hands, he tugged on his nipples.

Xander gradually came more awake as Spike worked. The vampire stepped back, pleased with the effect, watching as the boy cautiously tested the extent of his bondage.

The deep brown eyes turned nearly black and his cock rose, tugging on his other rings. Xander whimpered, his breath hitching as he realized that any movement on his part would jerk on the rings embedded in his skin.

Spike skinned his jeans off, and slowly fisted his cock while he watched Xander struggle with what had been done to him. Every squirm and twist put pressure on the piercings. But Spike had left enough slack in the ribbons that the boy could choose whether to be still or whether to test the bindings.

“Like a pressie for me. All wrapped up, you are.”

“Master,” Xander whispered, and Spike hissed at the pleasure of that word, knowing that Xander said it without prompting only when he’d gone deep inside himself and wanted nothing but to please Spike.

Spike stepped forward, rubbing his leaking cock against Xander’s lips. The boy opened his mouth obediently and Spike pushed inside slowly.

“Suck me.”

Xander’s mouth clamped around him, heat and wetness, and the boy went to touch Spike, but was pulled up short by the ribbons. Spike started slowly fucking his mouth, watching in fascination as Xander writhed against the ties holding him in place.

“Naught but girly ribbons holding you, pet,” he taunted softly.

The boy moaned harshly, and the scent of his arousal intensified. He was strong enough to rip the satin, but he’d rip his skin in the process, so he was confined by his own will, and that was Spike’s favorite kind of bondage. And Xander chose to move when he could’ve been still, but he was forcing the rings in his skin to stimulate him.

Spike moved faster, not wanting to deny his own arousal at the sight of his trapped and helpless boy.

“So very sweet, my boy.”

Then he couldn’t talk for a time as he emptied himself into his human. He rested his empty cock in Xander’s mouth, letting the boy suck it softly.

He pulled back finally. “Are you wanting something, pet?”

Xander tried to reach for Spike, but was pulled up short by the ribbons. “Please. Master.”

Spike tugged on the ribbon attached to the boy’s penis. “Can you come just from this, I wonder?”

“If you order it, I can, Master.”

He pulled on the other ring, the one just at the back of the boy’s balls. Xander tried to spread his legs to give Spike better access, but he was again unable to complete the motion. He groaned and Spike scented his frustration. The vampire petted his cock with light, teasing strokes.

“Love seeing you like this, boy. So needy, but so far from satisfaction.”

Xander whimpered in response to that. Spike continued to tug on the ribbons, and then he said, “Come if you can, luv.”

The boy tried to arch his back as his body tightened but he was forced to still himself, and the violence of his orgasm as it took him left him trembling. He painted Spike with his spunk, powerful jets of come that were focused by the tube in his penis. Spike wrapped his arms around the boy, holding him until the tremors subsided and he calmed.

He undid the bows holding the ribbons to the piercings and helped Xander lie down, stroking him and easing his cramped muscles.

“That was lovely, pet.”


Part Thirty-Nine

Xander's hands were cuffed behind his back, padlocked to a wide leather strap around his waist. Another strap ran from a leather posture collar to the waist belt, forcing his head and neck into perfect alignment. The collar was locked in place around his neck. Leather encircled his thighs and were attached to his groin piercings by chains and more locks. All of the padlocks were heavy brass, adding weight to the bindings. When they finished, Xander’s muscles would ache from supporting the weight of them in his confined position. A slim plug kept him open and ready. Spike was enjoying the sight of him struggling futilely, and from the smell of his boy, Xander enjoyed his helplessness too.

“So lovely when you’re exposed and vulnerable to me, pet.”

They hadn’t gotten very far with things, and Spike hadn’t a chance to try out the new flogger he’d bought, when someone started pounding on the door.

“Open up, Xander! I know you’re home!”

Shit. Buffy. Not a good time for the Slayer, not when he was on the verge of giving her Scooby some erotic torture. Xander came up out of his submissive mood with a jolt and Spike was angry to see the disorientation in his boy’s eyes. Bloody Slayer. Boy should come out of his happy place easy, not like this. He ran a soothing hand over Xander’s shoulder, murmuring to him, and he felt the shocked tension ease out of him.

“Shh, pet. We’ll just wait, she’ll go away.”

“Xander! I saw what was under those stupid gay bracelets. You’ve got about thirty seconds to open this door, or I’m breaking it down!”

Bloody fucking hell. He’d put those tooled leather cuffs on Xander in an attempt to cover the piercings on his wrists. The others were well-hidden by the boy’s clothes, but ones on his wrists were obvious. He’d thought it had worked, cause none of the boy’s friends had said anything.

But he didn’t have time to wonder how Buffy had twigged it. He unlocked the wrist cuffs and then gave the keys to Xander with instructions for him to get out as fast as he could.

Spike put his shirt back on and buttoned his jeans. He flipped the locks on the door and opened it.

“Oi, Slayer. Calm down.”

“Calm down?”

Her fist crashed into his jaw, sending him reeling. Fuck. It’d been a long time since they’d played this game.

“No calming down. I didn’t say anything when you got him playing for the other side, which, incidently, Spike, I had no idea you swung that way. But you’ve gone too far.”

“Peaches never told you about us, then?” Spike couldn’t help the dig at her former boyfriend.

“Go to hell.” Her foot caught him in the stomach, sending the contents sloshing around nauseatingly. He bent over, trying to keep his footing in the face of the pain in his gut.

“It took me awhile to realize what those were, but now . . . we’re done.”

He saw it coming, but he was moving slower than normal for some reason. It was one of her patented moves, and he’d seen her do it so many times it was easy to dodge it, but his body wouldn’t obey him and the roundhouse kick caught him in the temple. Then he was airborne, colliding with the wall. He landed awkwardly, feeling the bones in his arm snap as his weight came down on it.

She had the stake out, poised on her fingers, but then Xander was there, barely dressed but standing between Spike and his final death.

“Get out of the way, Xander.” Her voice was grim and tired.

“No, you’re not staking him.”

“He hurt you, so he dies.”

Her body tensed, ready for the strike and Spike hoped she wouldn’t harm the boy too badly in the process of killing him. But he couldn’t let it end without having the last word. He knew he was being stupid, but since he’d never listened to common sense most of his existence, there was no point in starting now.

“Could’ve taken ‘er. Would’ve got my third without this soddin’ chip.”

“Shut the fuck up, you stupid blonde. I’m trying to save your hide, asshole.”

“Oh. Carry on then, pet.”

Couldn’t hurt to have the boy try, but he didn’t give much for his chances. But he noticed that Buffy had taken a minute step back from the precipice of terrifying violence.

“That wasn’t very thrall-y.” She sounded puzzled.

Xander hadn’t relaxed from his protective stance over Spike’s crumpled body, but the vampire decided it was time to sit up, despite his injuries. Seemed to be something loose inside his guts. He hoped he wouldn’t yack.

“You let him talk to you that way?”

“What?” Spike grunted painfully, looking at her carefully. Her knuckles weren’t white around the stake anymore. “Oh, as long as we’re not around other demons, he can talk as he likes.”

“I’m not thralled, Buffy.”

“But that spell last fall, it put you in his control. And he’s using you, hurting you.”

She was staring at the other piercings, Spike could see, the ones in his nipples and along his sides. Xander reached down and gave Spike a hand to stand up, but he kept himself between the vampire and the Slayer. He wrapped an arm around Spike’s waist and the vampire leaned gratefully on the boy’s strength.

“The spell made it so he can command me, but he doesn’t. I’ve made my own choices here.”

He reached out and gently took the stake out of her hand, dropping it on the floor. Xander turned and slid his hand under Spike’s knees, picking him up and carrying him to the couch. Spike wanted to protest the assault on his dignity, but everything hurt too much. Xander settled him among the cushions and then turned back to his friend.

Spike looked at her, standing there like an abandoned toy whose batteries had run down. He felt her need to be doing something for her friend. The months of stress from her war with the Hell God and keeping her sister safe had drained her. And Joyce’s death had taken the last of her spirit. Then Glory had disappeared and Buffy seemed to be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Spike had his suspicions as to what had happened, because he’d seen the grim light in the Watcher’s eyes when they’d realized who her human twin was. Spike thought that Buffy also knew how Dawn had been saved and resented her mentor for doing what she couldn’t.

Spike could almost feel sorry for Buffy, if he hadn’t just taken the brunt of her anger and frustration.

But his boy wrapped his arms around the Slayer, enveloping her in a full body hug that she had no chance of resisting. The mortal burned like the sun, and the heat of his spirit could warm even demons who walked the night. They stayed like that, locked in an embrace, and Spike could almost see her gaining strength from Xander.

“He’s off limits, Buff,” Xander said quietly when she pulled back finally.

“I need to understand, Xander. You can’t . . . I can’t accept this. He’s evil and if the chip stopped working . . . .”

“It hasn’t.”

He steered her to the chair, kneeling in front of her, stroking her small hands in his big work-roughened ones. Spike watched him, vaguely jealous that the Slayer had his attention, but as he watched, she seemed to wilt.

“Tell me, please.”

“The spell Willow did used his blood on me. We think the chip sees me as part of him because of it, and it lets him hurt himself as he pleases.”

She made a protesting noise, almost a sob.

“No, listen, Buffy. He’s never done anything to me that I didn’t want. He knows me, understands me. I don’t know how he does it, but he gets me.”

Buffy wrapped her arms around his naked shoulders, holding the boy tightly. Spike knew better than to protest, although he hated to see anyone touching his human that way.

“Do you know how rare it is to find someone who sees all of me and doesn’t flinch from the bad parts? I’m almost twenty-one and I’d almost given up on finding anyone like this.”

She shook her head. “But Xander . . . Spike?”

He laughed. “I know. Crazy, isn’t it? That’s the Hellmouth for ya.”


“Shut up, peroxide abuser.” Xander’s voice held amused affection for him and Spike shut up, feeling warm all of a sudden.

Buffy still had a that befuddled look on her face. “I’ve seen everything now.” She shook herself. “Does Willow know the results of the spell?”

Xander sat back, still un-self-conscious about being nearly naked in front of one of his oldest friends.

“She found out he can bite me.” Xander’s fingers went to the bite mark on his neck, caressing it almost without seeming to realize what he was doing and Spike got hard, wanting to sink his fangs into the tender skin there. “I told her it was a vampire sex thing. She, uh . . . I guess you told her about how it felt when Angel, uh, you know.”

Spike was vastly entertained to see the Slayer blush at that reference.

“I didn’t tell her about the rest, cause, well . . . there’s been enough shit happening these last few weeks, and she doesn’t need to worry about me.”

“We’re your friends, Xander. Couldn’t you trust us?”

The boy sighed and Spike was angry at her for making his boy feel bad.

“I couldn’t see a way to do it without my boyfriend getting dusty. He’s been good for me, Buff. Aside from the mind-blowing sex, he’s taught me how to fight and . . . I feel more confident that I ever have.”

She rested her head on his strong shoulder, staring at Spike, who tried to keep the smug look off his face. Xander’s boyfriend, that’s what he was, and he was proud to hear the boy claim him.

“If you ever need anything . . . .”

“I know.” He smiled at her. “I’ll call in the Slayer, no question.”

“All right.” She stood up, straightening her clothes and picking up her stake. Xander walked her to the door, exchanging one last hug and then locking up behind her.

He came over to the couch, picking up one of Spike’s hands. “How badly are you hurt?”

“Bad enough,” Spike groaned.

Xander stood up and stripped off his hastily donned shorts. He sat beside Spike, carefully pulling the vampire onto his lap and tilting his neck in invitation. Spike wrapped his unbroken arm around the boy’s shoulders and let his fangs down. Xander sighed as the fangs pierced him and Spike felt his sweet blood flowing over his tongue. He couldn’t take enough to fully heal, but he felt it starting inside him.

The boy picked him up again and carried him to their bed. Spike was feeling groggy, knowing that he’d have to sleep to let the blood do its job.

He woke hours later to find a juice-flavored Xander kissing him. Then the boy arranged them so that Spike’s fangs pierced him on his inner thigh, the place where he’d bitten the boy for the first time. As Spike sucked on the strong thigh under his hands, he thought that maybe he’d found what Xander had described to Buffy . . . someone who saw all of him without flinching.

Part Forty

“I still don’t get why I have to wear a dress.”

Xander flipped the hem of the dress disgustedly where it hung over the closet door, and Spike hurried in to smooth the fabric. He’d spent a lot of time looking for the perfect dress for his boy, one with the right color fabric and a deeply plunging vee in the back that would leave the beginning of his crack exposed. He didn’t appreciate the boy’s casual treatment of the stunning gown.

“Cause the invite said mixed couples only.”

“And yet, I still can’t grasp the concept of a homophobic demon. It’d be so much easier to be the un-ambiguously gay duo. We could both wear tuxes.”

“Not my call, pet. The host gets to make his own rules.”

Spike pondered how to talk the boy into it. He lowered his voice to a silky purr.

“Just think of it, pet. We’ll shave you bare, your skin will be all sensitive and that satin will slide over you like water. Think how it will feel . . . caressing your long sexy legs.”

Xander gave a muffled moan and Spike grinned, smelling that he was getting to the boy.

“It’ll dip down low enough to show the top of that hot arse of yours. We’ll dance and I’ll sneak my fingers just under the edge of your gown, touching you just there, and you’ll be panting for it.”

The boy swallowed and Spike sniffed deeply, letting his human see him at it, grinning at the blush it raised on his skin. He moved in to kiss his boy in triumph.

“Uh, wait. Not denying that’s hot, the way you said. But lets consider the practical side. I can’t walk in heels, so you’ll be escorting a great, big ugly girl. I’ll be towering over you. We’ll look stupid.”

Spike wondered if Xander used that word deliberately, cause fuck knows, he hated to look stupid.

“Besides, we’re mixed already. You demon, me human.”

“Hmm, there’s an idea.”

Xander looked wary. “What now?”

“Could dress you up like a demon and I could go as the human. Maybe a demon with a tail.” Spike pondered the delicious idea of Xander with one of those animal butt plugs he’d seen while surfing for bondage gear.

The boy shook his head, groaning and twisting his hands in his hair. “Why do all your ideas involve me looking silly?”

“I don’t think so, pet. I’d like to see a nice pony tail at the end of a lovely plug, stretching your pretty hole for me. My little pony.” Spike purred happily at the idea. Perhaps a bit gag too.

“My Little Pony? That is so bad and wrong. And way more gay than I’m comfortable with.”

Xander got a sly look in his eyes. “Why don’t you be the girl? You’d be gorgeous.”

Spike suspected he was being played, but he couldn’t help preening at the compliment. But then he pictured himself flouncing about in lace and fripperies.

“Not bloody likely.”

Xander sighed. "Why do you want to go to this anyway? You know you hate half of those demons, after they dissed you."

Spike moved in closer to the human, his movements slinky. Xander's eyes widened and his pulse sped up. "Like to show you off, pet. That dress won't hide your permanent hard-on, and they'll all know what you are. But they won't believe it, cause you'll be so beautiful, pouty mouth all painted up, gorgeous deep eyes full of lust for me. And they won't be able to touch and it'll 'bout kill 'em."

The boy made a small sound, and Spike's nimble fingers found one of his nipple rings, pulling and twisting it.

"And when you've left 'em all gagging for you, we'll leave." Spike growled low in his throat. "We'll be laughing at them when we get home, and I'll take those ankle breaker shoes off you, and rub your feet till you're whimpering and squirming for me."

Xander was already whimpering.

Spike lowered his voice further. "Then I'll bend you over the couch and slide that satin up your thighs till your damn fine ass is exposed and your hole is pulsing, wanting me to fill you."

He put his hands on Xander's waist, pulling him close until their erections could touch and shove together.

"Maybe some dainty lace garters . . . they wouldn't make you look girly. You have such muscular legs, they'd just emphasize your strength. Be fucking hot, though."

The boy arched against him, his face flushed and his breath harsh.

"I'd slide my hands up your silky thighs, pushing them open a little further. Would you spread for me, luv?"

"Yeah," Xander rasped.

"Maybe I'd have you wear a plug during the party. Would you like that, held open, ready for me any time I decide to pull you aside and take you?"

Spike pushed his hands under Xander's jeans, cupping his ass, pressing on the places that he knew were sensitive. Xander responded to the touch, pushing himself harder against Spike, and the musk he gave off grew stronger. Spike smiled against his neck, sensing his boy's imminent capitulation.

"Why don't you try it on, pet?" he whispered huskily. "Just let me see you."

Xander nodded mutely, pulling back and taking his clothes off. Spike leaned against the wall, just watching, palming his erection. The boy had trouble managing the long length of material, but Spike stayed where he was, letting the boy struggle with it. Xander could have asked for help, could have said no, but he was in that place where he was Spike's to use. When he finally smoothed the heavy material over his body and got the hem to hang right, he was flushed and sweaty.

It wasn't the exact picture Spike had imagined. Xander still had most of his body hair and his face wasn't made up, but he was bloody compelling just as he was. His erection poked out obscenely at the front of the gown, satin molding to hard flesh, a wet spot just starting. Broad shoulders rose out of green satin, and the fabric clung and fell seductively off his sculpted body.

"Give us a twirl, pretty."

Xander didn't balk at that, rising up on his toes and giving a creditable pirouette. He was barefoot still, and Spike decided that was sexier than the fuck-me shoes he'd bought. The dress flared around his legs, revealing him nearly all the way.

Spike held out a hand. "Come on then."

The boy walked, hips swaying seductively and Spike sucked in a surprised breath. Boy was getting into it. The vampire slid a hand across the boy's satin-clad ass, smiling as the human pushed back into the touch.


"You hot for me, luv?"

"Yeah, I need it, baby."

"Slut for me?"

"Please, I've got this itch." Xander pushed a thigh between Spike's.

"Show me how a slut acts when she wants her ass plundered."

The boy turned around, grinding his ass back against Spike's groin, and the vampire stifled a groan.

"My ass is hot for you. Cool me off?"

Xander bent over, sliding his hands down satiny legs, slowly moving until he was doubled over. He wiggled, pushing on Spike, who put a hand on the firm flesh, swirling the fabric around the small indentation. He pressed in, satin going inside the boy.

"Please. Fill me."

Spike pressed Xander against the wall, shoving his legs apart. He rucked the dress over Xander’s waist, exposing that delicious ass, just like he promised. He lubed two fingers and pushed them roughly into his human. Xander’s seductive behavior had lit him on fire and the only way to put it out was to sink inside the boy. The boy put his hands flat on the wall, bracing himself.

He couldn’t wait any longer and the boy was taking his fingers easily. Spike slicked himself and sank inside, then pulled the satin down so it covered him. Xander pushed back against his thrusts eagerly, and Spike reached around and wrapped the satin around the cock jutting out from the dress, stroking roughly, the material sliding easily over the human hardness.

His balls drew up and he felt it start, pulsing and jumping inside the boy’s channel. Heat coated his hand as Xander came with him and then they both collapsed into a heap on the floor.

“I think my dress is ruined.”

“No worries, pet. I’ve decided I like private parties better.”

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