Part Thirty-One

The club had underground valet parking for the convenience of the Masters who wanted their slaves to be naked when they arrived. Spike pulled up to the valet stand and dropped off the car. Xander hesitated on his side of the car, but Spike wrapped the leash around his hand, giving it a small tug. The boy followed him to the elevator.

Xander gave off a faint scent of nerves so Spike reached over and tweaked his nipple. The boy chuckled, the tension radiating from him easing slightly.

“Don’t think about it, pet. It’s just you and me, all else is immaterial”

“All right.”

“And you look like a wet dream, luv. Gonna be fighting ‘em off of ya tonight.”

“No. No fighting. Not over me.”

Xander suddenly looked worried and shifted closer to Spike. The elevator doors opened and they were in a small anteroom with a pretty Ani’sha demon at the reception desk.

“Greetings, Master Vampire. Have you anything to check?”


“Then if you need any additional time to prepare your slave before you enter, you may use Room DD, the second on the right.”

“Ta ever so.”

He tugged the leash and walked to the room, Xander a pace behind him. The small space contained a cabinet by one wall and a low padded bench. Spike went to the cabinet, finding the lube and other supplies he’d expected. He pulled the other two items he’d been saving out of an inner pocket of his duster.

The first was a set of clamps, linked by a chain. They were wicked little things, were actually meant for people with pierced nipples. The jaws of the clamp came to sharp points. Spike took one of Xander’s nipples, rolling it in his fingers until it popped out. Spike attached the clamp. Xander made a small noise and Spike looked up into his face. The boy was breathing quickly and he licked his lips.

“Hurts, pet?”

“Yes, Master.”

Spike got hard again at that, hearing the word Xander had called him and the knowledge that he could hurt this boy all he pleased.

“All right?” he husked.

“Yeah. Master.”

Spike nodded and worked the other nipple, setting the clamp onto it as well. Xander gasped and he was sweating slightly, but Spike could smell no real strain in him. That might change with the next thing. Spike smirked.

He lifted the golden ornament up so Xander could see it. There was a blood-red garnet on the top of it, and four delicate gold chains led from the top down to a ring. The jewel was set atop a slender two-inch shaft with a small bulb at the end. Spike put a small dab of lube on the bulb.

And he put another dab on the tip of Xander’s prick. The boy puffed out his breath in surprise, but didn’t protest. Spike suspected that the aura of the club was already getting to him, putting him in the right mental place.

“Tell me if this hurts,” Spike said quietly.

He placed the bulb at the opening of Xander’s penis and slowly slid it in. His boy gave a low sound, almost an animal growl and Spike was hit with a wave of pheromones as the garnet came to rest at the tip of Xander’s dick. Spike pulled the gold ring over the head until it rested loosely on the main part of the boy’s shaft.

Fuck, but the boy was sex incarnate, submitting to Spike’s desires without complaint, and now trembling with need. His balls seemed to swell in their tight confinement. And his scent made Spike’s nostrils flare and his fangs drop slightly. The boy’d be like catnip to the other demons here.

Spike almost wished someone would challenge him for the boy, but he knew that just wasn’t the done thing here. Every top was excruciatingly careful about the boundaries with other people’s subs. He’d enjoy a spot of violence, but he suspected Xander wouldn’t understand it.

“How does that feel?”

“Shit. It shouldn’t feel so good, Master.”

Spike nodded and picked up the end of the leash. His boy would be nicely distracted by the pain from his nipples and the unfamiliar sensation of something inserted into his prick. By the time he focused on his surroundings again, they’d be over the rough bits.

“Now, pet, walk behind me again, and every time I sit down, you kneel beside me, formal. Unnerstand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Fuck. Spike nearly shoved him against the nearest wall with that. He let out a huff of air. “Perfect, pet.”

They walked down the hall to the main entrance of the club. The place was busy, full of many demons and humans. Some of the demons had human pets, others had weaker species of demons. None of the submissives were wearing any more clothes than his boy and some were wearing quite a bit less. Wherever they walked, though, Xander received quite a few looks.

Spike ordered a bottle of Crown for himself and got a water bottle for his boy, knowing that slaves weren’t allowed alcohol in these places.

They found a table, Xander dropping to his knees so quickly and easily that Spike was unexpectedly proud of him. Xander was giving off a mixture of nerves and arousal. He sipped his drink slowly, tilting the water bottle into the boy’s mouth occasionally. He kept an eye on Xander, seeing the boy gradually become more and more comfortable with his place and his status. Spike tangled his hand in Xander’s silky hair, and he leaned against Spike’s knee. A very good boy.

“Just watch, pet. We’ll dance in a bit.”

Gradually the nervous scent disappeared from Xander as he became immersed in the scenes going on around him. Curiosity began to dominate his posture and Spike smiled to himself. That part of his boy’s nature had gotten him into all sorts of trouble before, but not anymore, not with Spike protecting him. Xander was free to indulge his questioning mind.

But Spike wanted to dance with his boy, to show him off. He felt good, back on top of his game after all this time. He stood up, Xander’s leash in hand.

The boy followed him as they made their way to the center of the dance floor. Spike stood back and dropped the leather, looking at Xander. His nubs had turned a fiery red from the pressure of the clamps and Spike cupped a hand over one, feeling the heat of the irritation radiate from it. He pressed the spring, releasing the clamp and Xander whimpered. Spike grinned at him, remembering from past experience that they always hurt worse when they were removed.

He moved the clamp to the delicate skin on the underside of Xander’s arm and the boy hissed as the pincers poked his skin. Spike saw that the sharp points had broken the skin on one side of the nipple and he bent his head for a taste, while Xander moaned.

“That good, boy?”

“Good, Master,” Xander panted.

Spike dropped the leash and swayed to the music, letting it wash over him. It wasn’t as hard-edged as he favoured, but the beat was good and Xander was moving to it as well.

They danced, Spike twirling around Xander, his coat flaring like a cape as he moved. Sometimes he darted in and repositioned the clamps on other places on his boy’s body. He was fascinated by the wounds they left behind, looking like small sets of fang marks. Sometimes he left them on long enough to draw blood, and he sipped delicately from those places, wondering how much of Xander’s blood he’d drank after all this time. Perhaps enough to have drained him, but possessing him like this was a damned sight more fun.

Xander seemed to have forgotten that he was mostly naked in a crowd of people. His eyes followed Spike and he responded so well every time Spike played with him.

Spike decided that the boy was ready to see what was downstairs. He picked up the leash and drew Xander towards the doorway in the back.

Part Thirty-Two

The door to the steps was guarded by large Olgasha demons and Spike had to wonder what those fully human members of this club thought of the bouncers. Sunnydale blindness extends almost everywhere, he decided.

Xander was a pace behind him and Spike let his true face out. The guardians nodded and moved to the side, allowing them to pass. The doors closed behind them and they were in a short hallway before the stairs began.

Spike wrapped a hand around Xander’s neck, pulling his human down for a kiss. Xander relaxed into the caress, his tongue slowly tangling with Spike’s, his body pressed hard against the vampire’s. So fucking responsive.

They were both breathing heavily when Spike ended their clinch. He lowered his voice, roughening his tone to the seductive growl that always got to Xander. “Listen now, pet. You’re to do more watching. There’ll be new things for you to see. I want you to pick summat that’s your favorite and I’ll do it to you later on.”

Xander nodded. “I understand, Master.”

Good, the boy was so very good at this. As though he were made to submit to Spike.

“Talk freely to me as long as you call me Master.”

One more light kiss and they went down the stairs. Spike got even harder as the scents of blood and pain and overwhelming lust reached his nose. Even Xander, with his limited human senses, seemed affected by it before they opened the doors at the bottom and were able to see.

It was a very well-equipped dungeon and Xander sucked in a shocked breath. Spike didn’t turn back to look at him because they were in their roles now and he trusted Xander’s ability to do what was needed. But he was sure the scene before them was utterly new to his somewhat naive human.

There were many different types of suspension equipment and nearly all of the bars and trusses held humans in different stages of lust and pain and fear. There were several St. Andrew’s crosses being used by an assortment of demons, but not by vampires, for obvious reasons. There was a water area where a female sub was being hit with a high pressure hose in several sensitive areas. Her screams were desperate and shrill.

Xander’s breathing was heavy, and his scent held a thin thread of fear. Spike tightened the leash, raking his knuckles across Xander’s chest in the process, touching his boy to make sure he knew that Spike was still with him. The human’s breathing eased some.

Spike moved them along, past subs being whipped in various postures, humans being fucked by other species as well as their own. Subs tied in awkward contortions, begging for release into ecstasy.

They wandered randomly, window shoppers in a world of kink.

They were being observed by a demon of some species Spike didn’t recognize. The demon was strong but not packing much magic and Spike didn’t like the way he kept circling them. He was subtle about it, for a demon, but Spike was paying careful notice of the attention given to Xander, and he saw the moves for what they were.

Finally, the beast dared to approach them. “He’s a remarkably pretty pet, for a human. Have you thought about renting him out?”

“I could do that,” Spike said cheerfully. He continued in the same tone. “Or . . . I could rip your guts out through your nostrils and strangle you with them if you look at him again. Or, if you dare touch him, I could chop off all your fifteen fingers and stuff them sideways up your arse. And then . . . .”

But the demon moved off hurriedly and Spike snorted triumphantly. “Wait!” he called. “I wasn’t to the best part yet. Daft fucker.”

He’d kept a hand on Xander during that exchange and he felt his boy’s repressed laughter. Xander had his head down though, and Spike put his palm on the back of the human’s neck, fingers massaging the skin hidden by his hair. They moved on.

Spike kept careful track of the scents Xander gave off, and which scenes provoked interest from him, and which provoked fear. Not that he wouldn’t do something to Xander that the boy feared, but he’d know when he needed to take things slowly.

One man was tied with his legs spread wide open and electrical leads attached to his prick and electrical probe inserted inside him. The sub jerked and quivered as his human mistress carefully rotated the dials on the monitoring unit. Spike could tell she was experienced in electrosex play as she kept her victim finely balanced between sensations. Xander winced as the man’s penis jerked, but Spike caught the change in his scent and noted the rig for potential later use.

But the boy hadn’t mentioned any of the things he was seeing as something he’d like to try and Spike wondered if it was just too much for him to take in all at once.

They finally happened across a man lying on a broad padded table. He was restrained with chains wrapped around his body, clips on the table holding him down. He struggled but he was unable to move. His master circled him, wielding a riding crop, striking the trapped man with quick, precise blows.

Xander’s breathing changed again and Spike looked at him, his nostrils flaring as he drank in the scent of his human becoming unbearably aroused. They moved off to one of the walls, and Spike leaned back, pulling Xander against him, while they watched the action on the table.

The sub’s cock was hard and purple, leaking heavily and he moaned with every blow that landed on him. Spike had to admire the dom as a master of the art of pain. Welts were rising on the skin of his victim but the man had been driven far into the place where pain became pleasure and every touch threatened to send him out of his mind.

Spike ran a hand down Xander’s torso, taking the clamps off and the boy whimpered. He was sweating, reeking of arousal, and Spike lapped at his shoulder.

“Like what you see, luv?”

The boy swallowed. “Yes, Master. To be so helpless, unable to escape, to be forced to bear it.”

“Can do, pet.”

“Please, Master.”

The dom adjusted the chains on his sub, spreading his legs further and pulling him to the edge of the table. He shoved into the other man in one sharp move, fucking him.

Xander made a low sound and Spike forgot about the other pair. His boy was giving off such a delicious fragrance, and his breath was coming faster. Spike would never tire of watching Xander come undone. His hand surrounded his boy’s cock, feeling how full his balls were, the heat from his flesh. He pulled a little at the jewel resting on Xander’s crown, enjoying the whimper the movement wrenched out of his human.

He worked Xander’s prick until the boy was thrusting into his hand, pleading under his breath. Spike was hard inside his leathers, rocking softly into the cleft of Xander’s bare ass. He could feel the contours of the bronze man at the end of the plug inside his boy and he pushed on it, knowing the way it curved was designed to press on the human’s perineum. Xander was moving faster now, but Spike tightened his hand around the heated shafted, stopping the motion.

His boy was trembling, and Spike used his other hand to pet Xander’s chest, soothing him and bringing him back.

“Tell me what you want, pet,” Spike breathed into his ear.

“Want . . . need . . . you inside, Master.”

Spike chuckled, a throaty, deep sound, pleased with that request. He walked them forward until they came to another table and he pushed on the boy until his hands rested on the edge of it. Then Spike reached down, working the zips on his pants, freeing his aching hardness.

He grasped the brass man and slowly pulled the steel plug out of Xander’s arse, while the boy made a soft keening sound that tore through Spike. Slicking himself quickly, he pushed inside Xander, sinking into his heat and tightness. The boy whined again when Spike was fully inside, but then the vampire began to move.

He curled over Xander’s back, working his hips steadily, building a rhythm that would push them both over the edge. Fucking gorgeous like this, beautiful boy under him, giving in to Spike’s desires.

His voice was husky, barely controlled, even as he taunted the man he was driving into.

“You’re getting fucked in front of a crowd of people, boy. Taking it up the ass from a demon. What do you say?”


“Please what?”


Xander’s voice was low and strained, but Spike heard him. He increased the pace, teetering on the edge as long as he could, but Xander’s willingness to let himself be fucked like this, his heat and tightly clenching body were fraying Spike’s concentration and his control.

He couldn’t stop it, convulsions racking his body even as his teeth sank into equally welcoming flesh.

Xander squealed ‘Master!’ and then Spike lost all restraint, plunging wildly in the last throes of his orgasm. He hung there endlessly until finally he came back to himself. Xander was breathing harshly underneath him, huge ragged gasps for air as he held up Spike’s weight.

When Spike had recovered, he found Xander’s still swollen prick and slowly pulled the penis plug out of it. Then he unsnapped the leather holding the boy’s balls.

Spike was exhausted so he ordered, “Stroke yourself until you come.”

He was softening, but he pushed against Xander’s ass, determinedly staying in place until he felt his boy’s interior muscles contracting around him. Xander rocked back against him, hissing as he came, ending on a rising shout.

Xander stayed in place afterwards, and Spike finally pulled out and tucked himself away. “Clean your hand off, pet.”

And he turned Xander around, away from the eyes of their audience, watching avidly as Xander licked his own spunk from his hand. Spike was proud of his boy and pulled him into a fierce kiss.

“Did so well, luv. But it’s time to go home.”

Part Thirty-Three

Spike was thrilled with how well the trip to the club had gone. Other demons had seen him, with a human thrall, and there had been long-missing respect in their eyes by the time Spike and Xander left.

And . . . he had some naughty ideas about what he might like to try next on his boy.

All that could wait though. He wanted to treat Xander, take him out, make a fuss over him. Spike ignored the little voice in his head that said he was carrying on like a bird. Didn’t matter how much of a poofter he was, at the moment, all he was thinking about was giving Xander a good time. The kind of time that didn’t require Xander to go to new places inside himself in terms of pain or anything else. A relaxing time for the boy.

He picked out some clothes for Xander, a finely knit silk blend wife beater in a deep dark green paired with dark brown denims that clung to the boy’s ass. The night’s cock ring was carved steel, smooth on the inside, barbaric designs around the outside. Black motorcycle boots completed the look, and the boy was a delicious treat.

The shirt ensured that Xander’s collar was visible to everyone, but the boy seemed easy about letting other people see that he was someone else’s property. The first time his friends had seen it, Willow had thought it was too plain, Buffy had admired the craftsmanship, and the Watcher had hemmed and cleaned his glasses for nearly ten minutes. The whole thing still provoked Spike to laughter, but their reactions had settled Xander about the collar being seen.

They’d started at Xander’s favorite restaurant, nothing fancy, a little hole in the wall Mexican place with cracked ceramic tiles mortared to the table tops and the fieriest salsa Spike had ever tasted. The margaritas were strong too and they’d ordered a pitcher. Spike had drunk most of it, cause he didn’t want his boy squiffy, just nicely lubricated.

Outside the restaurant, Spike handed Xander a tissue wrapped package.

“A present?”

“Nothing much, pet. We’re going to Tinker’s Dream, they’re having a special party tonight, but we’re going separately. Put that on when you get there. I’ll meet you there.”

“But . . . .”

“You’ll get there first, and I want you to enjoy yourself. I’ll find you.”

Spike winked at him, and Xander smiled back, before turning to get his car. Spike lit a fag, waving at the boy as he pulled out. The vampire would take a stroll to the club, the best gay club in Sunnydale. They were having a masque that night. Spike pulled his own mask out of his pocket. It was black leather that had been carefully cut and moulded into bat wings. The contours matched the lines of his face, and the color matched his black jeans and dark purple silk.

The masque was full flow by the time he arrived, and the dance floor was crowded. But he saw Xander, the mortal drew his gaze like there was a thread connecting the two of them. The boy was on the dance floor, his leather mask the shape of a deep copper leaf, curling around his eyes. Copper and green befitted the boy and there were several men around him, despite the plainly visible collar.

Xander danced with them, but not with them. Spike could see that he was dancing with himself and the others were just in his orbit. The vampire went to the bar and secured his drink, staying at the edges of the crowd, happy to watch his boy being a self-confident and tempting man. He seemed unaware of his admirers, but no one managed to touch him because he was always a step away from the reaching hands and thrusting pelvises.

Spike hadn’t told him that he could use his skills for dancing, but it was clear that’s what he was doing. The vampire smiled privately to himself, proud of his human. The boy flirted with the men around him, drawing them in, but if any tried to speak to him, Xander would touch his collar and turn away.

“Prick tease,” Spike muttered affectionately.

He set his drink down, and made his way to the dance floor, letting the music wash over him and the beat carry him to his boy. They moved together, and Xander’s eyes behind his leaf mask met Spike’s coquettishly. Spike raised an eyebrow. A game, eh.

Xander’s body swayed towards his and then spun away, tantalizing Spike, but he grinned. This night was for the boy to enjoy, and if he was finally finding the power of his allure, then Spike was willing to indulge him.

They circled around each other never quite touching. When the music stopped, they stood staring, eyes locked.

“Buy you a drink, mate?”

Xander touched his collar as though he were debating taking a stranger up on his offer. But then he smiled. “I’d like that.”

He turned towards the bar, his hips moving with a slight tilt that had Spike hissing at the sudden bolt of lust moving through him. They stood at the bar with their drinks, making small talk as though they'd just met, and Xander kept touching him, small taps on his arm, fingers touching lightly when they reached for their drinks, shoulders rubbing. Spike was getting lost in it. He’d never seen Xander like this, so sure of himself and his desirability. And it had been a long time since anyone had flirted so seductively with him. Bloody hell, the boy was driving him out of his mind.

The music had started again when they finished their drinks and Spike held out his hand. Xander took it and Spike led them back to the dance floor. The beat was slower this time and they wrapped their arms around each other, moving more intently this time, hard groins meeting, thighs brushing, Xander’s chest pressed against his. Xander was big and strong, holding Spike tightly and the vampire let himself have the luxury of letting someone else lead. Someone he trusted.

Xander worked them off the dance floor so slowly that Spike almost didn’t recognize what he was doing. But they were nearly to one of the shadowed alcoves when he picked his head off Xander’s shoulder.

“You mind?” Xander asked.

“No, suits me.”

Xander kissed the edge of his mask where it rested on his cheekbone and Spike felt his skin tingling from the contact. Behind his own mask, Xander’s eyes were deep, lit with some warmth that Spike didn’t understand, but he wanted it to stay on him always, his own personal sun. Xander found Spike’s mouth, lips caressing then moving away, leaving Spike wanting to protest the loss, but the boy’s hands worked Spike’s zips, and then Xander was on his knees with Spike’s hardness in his mouth.

Spike braced his head back against the wall, letting Xander work on him, mouth tightening around Spike’s cock. His hands were busy too, fondling the vampires balls, sliding over his hole. Spike let himself fall into what was happening, giving up control to the human at his feet.

After all these months they’d been together, Xander knew exactly how to make Spike lose it, so the vampire didn’t hold back, giving Xander what he was demanding. The boy’s mouth tightened around him and Spike came with a low cry. Xander stayed on his knees, face rubbing against Spike’s thighs. The vampire joined him on the floor, kneading the boy’s hardness through his jeans, fingers tracing the outline of the steel ring around the base of Xander’s cock, while his mouth moved in, claiming Xander’s, tasting himself inside his boy. Their masked faces rubbed together. It was almost like he was kissing someone else, but yet, not.

Back in the main room, the DJ announced that it was midnight and time for the masks to come off. Spike smiled at Xander, sliding his fingers under the leather leaf and easing it off Xander’s head. The boy did the same thing to him, and they kissed again, bare skin of their faces touching. Spike got to his feet, pulling Xander with him and chuckling at the boy’s hiss of frustration.

“Can we go home now?” he whined.

“Later, pet.”

Spike wanted to dance more, something slow with Xander’s arms wrapped around him while they moved together. They drifted back to the dance floor, the song suited Spike’s mood as Xander enfolded him and he curled against the warmth of his human.

They were achingly close together and Spike could feel Xander’s unsatisfied hardness through the denim between them. He had decided that it was almost time to stop teasing the boy and take him home when a heavy hand landed on his shoulder.

“Let him go, Spike.”

Spike cursed himself for being so distracted by Xander that he’d missed when Angel had come into the club.

“The hell I will,” he said. But he let go with one hand, turning in the circle of Xander’s arms to face his grandsire.

“It’s the animatedly challenged.” Xander’s greeting was dry. Spike saw the broody poof try not to react to the insult.

Spike could feel the eager interest of the other people in the club, perhaps they were thinking that the sub who’d slipped his leash was about to be chastised by his angry master, and the man who dared touch him whipped for his daring. Maybe they thought that, maybe something else. Spike wouldn’t mind having a go at Angel with the rest of the club looking on, but this night was supposed to be for Xander.

“Let’s take it outside. Civilians, yeah?”

Angel nodded and gestured for them to precede him. Spike tried to decide how to get Xander out of the way while he beat the shit out of the bloody big arsehole.

But he was amused to see that Xander evidently didn’t plan on going anywhere, because once they were in the alley, he planted himself between Angel and Spike.

“What are you doing here?”

“Good question, pet.”

“You were seen in L.A. Biting him. I called Willow to see what’s the what.”

Xander snorted. “So you rode up here on your white horse to rescue little me?”

Spike wanted to laugh because he could see that Angel hadn’t expected his efforts to save Xander to be treated with such contempt.

“He’s got you in thrall, can’t you see it? You hate vampires. You’ve said so until we’re all sick of hearing it. I’ll break whatever spell he has on you.”

“You’re right, I hate vampires.”

Xander stepped forward into Angel’s space and Spike felt something die inside him, hope perhaps. He nearly didn’t hear Xander’s next words.

“Except Spike. I don’t hate Spike.”

The boy reached back and pulled Spike until he was directly behind him, and Spike slung his arms around Xander’s waist reflexively.

“I don’t need saving. So booger off.”

Spike couldn’t help the strangled chuckle that he quickly muffled against Xander’s back.

“What? You say that all the time.”

“Bugger, luv. Bugger off.”

“Stupid British accents. Whatever. Go away, bumpy face.”

“Nice one, pet.”

“Take me home, Spike. I’m horny.”

Angel shuddered at that, and Spike shrugged dramatically, trying to keep his face in order.

“Sorry, mate, but you heard ‘im.”

He and Xander walked out of the club arm in arm.

Part Thirty-Four

There were other things Spike had planned that night for Xander, but he could feel the tension in his boy after the confrontation with Angel. He was proud of the boy, proud that he wasn’t afraid of the big lump, proud that he’d defended his relationship with Spike.

When they got home, Spike had decided that he’d go ahead with part of what he’d planned.

“Wait here, pet, ten minutes. Then come into the room, naked. I’ve summat for you.”

Xander sat on the couch without complaint or question, and Spike went into their room. There were many candles placed in the room, and he stripped off his clothes, then went around lighting them. There were four special red ones on the table beside the bed. They had a low melting point, so the wax wouldn’t be as hot. He’d ordered them particularly for this, marveling at the human ingenuity that had thought of such things.

After a few minutes, Xander walked in, stopping short when he saw the flickering lights in the room.

“What are we doing, Spike?”

Spike suddenly felt like scuffing his toes in embarrassment. Xander hadn’t ever complained about the dark side of him, and maybe the boy would think this idea was stupid, too girly. Ah, fuck it. Too late now.

“Wanted to give you a reward, pet, for working so hard to learn to please me. That’s been tonight.”

A smile lit Xander’s face. “Are you romancing me, bleachie?”

The vampire was relieved that he could no longer blush. “Might be.”

His boy nodded. “What do you want me to do?”

Spike cleared his throat. “Let you tie me up once, didn’t I? Before we came to know each other like this. Let you have a vampire’s worst nightmare and you proved your quality.”

He motioned to the lit candles. “Fire. A vampire’s other nightmare. I want you to . . . I want you to use them on me, the wax. Can tie me again.”

Xander looked stunned at that, but then his eyes went dark with lust. His hands came around Spike’s waist, and he pulled him close, kissing him. He was panting when he finally raised his head.

“On the bed,” he said roughly. “Not gonna tie you. Want you to lie there and take it.”

Spike felt his cock jump at the tone. He’d wondered if the boy had it in him to really top someone and it sounded like he did. Xander’s sex experiences before Spike had been on the rough side, but there was a difference between taking control and being mean about it. But the boy had learned or maybe he came to it naturally.

He climbed on the bed, stretching his arms above his head and spreading his legs. He propped pillows under his head so he could see what Xander did to him. “Can I hold on to the rings?”

“If you need it.”

Xander was testing the melted wax in the candles, dabbing his finger in it and rubbing his thumb across it. He picked one up and turned to Spike.

“I’ll be careful.”

Spike nodded, steeling himself for the heat. Xander started easy, with the inside of his arm, but the wax was much hotter than his body temperature and Spike sucked in unneeded air. Xander’s face was intent with his concentration and Spike wasn’t afraid the boy would slip.

He licked each spot that he was going to pour wax on and when the wax hit the boy’s saliva, the heat intensified. Spike worked at keeping still under the different sensations ravishing him. But Xander was playing him perfectly. The boy worked up and down Spike’s arms, leaving red streaks of hardened wax. After he did both arms he moved to Spike’s legs, giving them the same treatment. Spike bore it easily until Xander reached his inner thighs. He whined when the wax hit there, the heat searing him, but wanting his prick touched.

But Xander moved to his torso, holding the candle away while he suckled at Spike’s nipple, getting it hard and stiff, poking out from his chest. His nub was shiny from the boy’s spit, and then Xander tipped the candle over, small red spatters of heat landing on Spike’s sensitive skin. Spike cried out with the intensity of the sensations.

The boy kissed him then, mouth covering Spike’s and tongue thrusting. Spike tried to rub his cock against the naked boy, but Xander shushed him and picked up another candle.

There was no licking this time as Xander dropped wax directly onto Spike’s prick. He did it slowly, letting one spatter harden before he did the next. Spike’s prick was hard and aching, and he moaned at the slow torture. More wax hit his balls and bloody hell, that was good. He wished Xander had cuffed him because it was getting difficult to stay still, when he wanted to jump the human. Spike panted, pleased with his boy.

Xander sat back on his heels, hands skimming the outsides of Spike’s thighs. He smiled. “You really do trust me.”

“Yes.” Spike wasn’t able to concentrate on the conversation very well. “Please, Xander.”

The boy smiled and dipped his head to Spike’s groin. He used his teeth to peel the wax off, one piece at a time. Spike wanted to thrash, to dissipate the pleasure that was building up inside him, pushing him to the edge. It was only his long years of experience that kept him from coming as the wax was pulled off his sensitive places. Xander got in little licks and nips as he worked and Spike didn’t try to hide his groans of frustration.

Xander finished finally and picked up the lube. Spike held still, wondering what the boy wanted to do. He’d never given the boy permission to fuck him, but if that’s what Xander wanted this time, he decided that he’d allow it.

The boy circled his own hole with slick fingers though, rising up on one knee so that Spike could see Xander’s fingers disappearing inside his body. Spike moved one of his hands, wanting to feel, but Xander growled at him.

“No touching.”

The tone was fierce and did nothing to dispel the lust streaking through Spike at the sight. He hoped he could do the boy justice, but he was very close to the edge.

Xander finished preparing himself and knelt over Spike. “I want you.”

“Want you too, luv. So very much.”

The boy guided Spike’s prick to his warm opening, sinking down and slowly taking Spike inside him. The human heat of his ass was so much more intense than the wax and Spike’s eyes rolled back in his head as he focused on willing his orgasm away.

A warm mouth covered his and Spike purred into the kiss, hoping that Xander would start moving soon before he lost all command of his body and started fucking him.

“Touch me.”

The command was the barest whisper as Xander rose up on his knees and then plunged himself back down onto Spike. The vampire didn’t hesitate, his hands going to Xander’s thighs, but he forced himself to stroke lightly instead of man-handling the boy. He wouldn’t take control of this away from Xander.

“More,” Xander demanded and Spike made a tunnel of his hand for the boy’s cock, and Xander whimpered, thrusting himself into the ring of fingers.

Spike was close, riding the edges of his orgasm. “Wanna see you lose it, pet. Wanna watch my beautiful boy come on my cock.”

Xander’s response was a guttural moan, a deep intense sound that made Spike’s hair stand on end and he couldn’t stop himself any longer. He arched up into the mortal riding him, trying to get inside the lovely heat as far as he could go. His body tightened unbearably and then released as Xander crashed down onto him, shaking with his own orgasm.

They pulled apart a few minutes later and Spike pulled Xander against him. He frowned. Despite the well-sated scent coming from his body, there was still a faint tension in his muscles. His boy wasn’t completely relaxed and Spike wanted to know why.

“Are you still upset about Angel? He won’t get you away from me.”

Xander looked a little surprised and Spike knew that his superior senses must make him appear a mind reader to the boy at times.

“No . . . it’s not exactly that. It’s Willow. If he called her, he must have told her.”

Spike was puzzled. The girls had seen them together, spied on them more than once. And while they’d never deliberately necked in front of the rest of Xander’s friends, Spike had never held back from small possessive touches on his boy when they were all together. Xander had to know that the girls were aware of their relationship.

“Pet, I’m dead certain they know we’re shagging. They’ve seen us and if I do say, you’ve got that well-fucked look on your face most of the time.”

“I don’t care if they know we’re having sex. None of them have any grounds to point fingers at my choice of bedmates.”

Xander picked morosely at the bits of wax that still covered Spike. The vampire was mildly pleased that the boy didn’t want to hide their relationship, but he still didn’t understand the problem.

“So . . . ?”

“The biting. Willow feels bad enough about binding me to you, but I told her that I’m probably gay and having the best sex of my life, so she accepted it. If she knows that you can hurt me, she’ll feel terrible.”

Spike privately thought that Willow feeling terrible about her thoughtless use of powerful spells was probably a good thing, but he didn’t want Xander distressed over it.


“And I don’t want the others deciding they’ve got any reason to stake you.”

That made Spike feel very good and he kissed Xander deeply, tasting his human.

“All right, pet. Talk to her, I s’pose. Find out how much the stupid git told her. None of those demons in L.A. saw me do anything to you except bite you. During sex. Can be explained away as sex play if she doesn’t know the rest.”

Xander pondered, fingers still picking at the wax. Then he nodded. “Thanks, Spike. I’ll do that.”

“Anything you need, luv.”

Part Thirty-Five

It had taken weeks of questioning his various contacts among the demon population before he finally got word about the kind of demon he was looking for. Then, it was many days before the demon agreed to communicate with Spike. The beast was reclusive, living at the top of one of the hills far back from the coast and he had no use for most of those who dared to disturb his tranquility. But Spike would dare a lot for Xander, he’d discovered.

They communicated through the demon’s pet, a muscular Asian man who looked like he could break anything that crossed his path. Spike idly wondered who would win in a contest between him and Buffy, because he could smell the demon’s blood in him, making him stronger.

But the negotiations were finally concluded successfully, and Spike was given directions to the demon’s stronghold and instructions for preparing his pet. Xander was to arrive naked except for his collar, and as clean as he could be, although Spike had been told that there would be further purification rituals for both of them later. He had been given a clear oil to anoint Xander’s pulse points, and something about the scent made his demon pay attention, prowling around in his head, wanting his boy.

Before they left, Xander knelt in front of him and Spike carefully talked him into that state of heightened awareness that he went to when he was in pain or fighting. When Xander’s breathing was steady and all tension had left his body, Spike steered him towards the car.

They rode with Xander’s head on Spike’s lap, and he admired the long coiled legs of his pet and the broad shoulders. His fingers tangled in Xander’s hair while they drove.

“You can ask questions, luv. This is for you. What you asked for.”

“Mm, okay. Don’t have any right now. I trust you.”

Good enough. They wound their way up the narrow road leading to the top of the mountain. There were no lights, but that didn’t bother Spike. The paved road ran out and they were on gravel that crunched under the tires. The gravel broadened into a car park on a ridge and a shadowy path led through the trees. Spike cursed under his breath, because Xander didn’t have anything on, not even shoes, and that wasn’t the best way to hike through the woods in the dark. Fuck, he’d have to trust that this demon knew what he was about and Spike hated not knowing exactly who he was dealing with.

But the path proved to be remarkably smooth and Xander followed him without stumbling. It came out into a clearing at the top that was occupied by a small house. They walked across the open space to the wooden stairs. At this point, his instructions had specified that Xander was to approach on his knees, so Spike gently pressed him down. He shortened his stride so that his boy could keep up.

The demon’s pet opened the door for them and escorted them to a bathing chamber. He showed them bamboo scrapers and heated lava rocks, instructing Spike to clean himself and his pet. Steam rose from the rocks, and Spike worked the dust off of Xander and then his human cleaned him. Spike’s skin felt sensitive, tingling. There was a black silk short kimono for him to wear but Xander remained naked.

The pet came back and showed them to a room with a low brazier giving off scented smoke, and the floor was covered with tatami mats. Xander dropped to his knees without being asked, totally unconscious of either his nudity or his submissive pose.

“My Master will join you shortly.”

The human bowed and left them after Spike returned the honour. Xander seemed steady and calm, but Spike paced. The low table was covered with long lengths of different types of rope, and Spike was tempted to pick them up and examine them, but he didn’t want to offend their host.

The demon came finally, a Kinbaku demon. He looked like a small olive-skinned man with a dragon’s head, long whiskers drooping beside his mouth, and clawed hands. His voice was slithery, sibilant.

“Master Vampire. I am Karada. Is this your offering?”

He gestured toward Xander and while Spike wasn’t entirely comfortable with the wording of that question, he nodded.

“My human. He asked for this. Ah, well, not this precisely, but to be bound without any hope of escape. I want to give him pleasure for his faithful service to me, yeah?”

The demon nodded. “Such reasoning is why I granted your boon. Too many do not understand my art. It is much work for the Master.”

“Yes, but he’s worth it.”

“Good. I must touch him for this. Have I your permission?”


“The knots must be placed for the optimum stimulation of his chakras. I must touch him to find them, but you alone will tie the ropes.”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“Is there anything you do for him to help him maintain his balance?”

“Gagging him helps him to free his mind from his everyday thoughts, but I was told to bring nothing but his collar.”

“Correct. There are other ways. You too must open your mind to new things. It is necessary for him to experience everything you will give him tonight.”

Spike hadn’t realized that he also would be instructed by the Kinbaku demon, but he nodded. Karada picked up a short length of rope and showed it to Spike. It was silk and very soft. The demon began wrapping it around itself, gradually forming a smooth drum of rope with a large knot on either end and trailing ends.

He handed another piece to Spike and showed the vampire how to copy the knots. Then Karada went to where Xander was still kneeling quietly and opened the boy’s mouth. Spike repressed a growl and listened when the demon showed him how the gag should be put inside Xander’s teeth.

“Feel this,” Karada said, touching a spot on the boy’s gums. “This is a place of swirling energy. Pressure here will calm him.”

Spike memorized the place, feeling the slightly different aura it gave off and then wedged the rope gag against it as the Kinbaku demon directed. Xander seemed peaceful when he finished.

“Cleanse your mind, Master Vampire. Exile any thoughts of pain or domination. The human has surrendered himself to you and you must give honour due to such a gift. You will find that the two of you will work together to create beauty in this.”

The vampire wanted to argue, but instead he listened, and took deep breaths, washing away any lingering frustrations or doubts that he might have felt.

“I’m ready.”

Karada nodded approvingly, and proceeded to teach Spike how to make the knots and how to choose the proper rope for the emotion that he wanted to invoke in Xander. Soft ropes would allow him to struggle, scratchy ropes would chafe and force him to stillness. Spike thought about what Xander had asked for and picked the scratchy ropes, made of hemp, he was told.

The Kinbaku demon stood in front of Xander with Spike beside him. Spike made the first loop around the back of human’s neck as he had been taught. Karada had assured him that the ropes would never put any pressure on the boy’s throat. Spike talked to his boy as they worked, praising him and reassuring him, feeling that Xander was falling more deeply into his happy place.

The demon opened his hand over Xander’s chest, concentrating for a moment and then directing Spike where to place the knots. They covered his torso and then between his legs, the ropes dividing to accommodate the human’s cock and balls. Finally Spike tied it off at the nape of Xander’s neck.

Karada handed him another rope and they bound his arms and legs in an intricate pattern. The smell of Xander’s aroused musk began to take the place of the scented smoke from the brazier and Spike wanted to fuck him, but he held on to his patience, wanting Xander to have the full experience.

A thinner and softer rope wound around Xander’s penis, the knots spaced to give the human maximum pleasure. Another one went around his nuts, separating them. They were swollen and red when Spike finished.

Then the demon showed Spike how to weave the arm and leg ropes to the body ropes so that Xander was completely restrained. Spike could make adjustments to those ropes to reposition his boy however he chose. The vampire began to understand what Karada had meant about the depth of the surrender on Xander’s part.

The two strands of rope covering the boy’s hole were pulled apart, making a diamond pattern, and leaving him exposed for Spike’s use.

“It is finished,” Karada announced. “I will leave you with your pet so that you may explore this new thing between you. Touch the knots, feel his energy. Learn him.”

The demon and Spike exchanged bows, and then Spike was alone with his boy. He stroked Xander’s hair and the human looked at him. Xander was awake and aware, despite being under so deeply. His eyes held nothing but trust and a warmth that made Spike smile.

Spike shed the silk robe and knelt beside Xander. He murmured softly as he touched the knots, pressing on them, feeling the responses from his boy. The scratchy rope constricted his sensitive skin and every time the boy tried to move, he froze in place, finally surrendering completely to Spike’s touch, allowing the vampire to do whatever he pleased to his mortal’s body.

And that surrender opened Xander in ways that Spike had never felt before. It was as if they had peeled back the barriers of Xander’s spirit, leaving him exposed to Spike’s probing. But Spike would never abuse that power. As he used the ropes to play with Xander, positioning him as he pleased, he felt the barriers to his own spirit drop, and it was as though their spirits were entwining, becoming bound into each other.

He wanted them to be closer and he found the small pot of ointment that Karada had left. He smeared some on his fingers and began to press on the knots surrounding Xander’s entrance. When he went to stretch his boy, he found that he could sink two fingers into the mortal without resistance. Xander was ready for him.

His cock glided inside the boy, a long slow burying of flesh into flesh, chill into warmth. Xander welcomed him and Spike stayed like that, enclosed by Xander and in turn, filling Xander.

Though Spike didn’t need to breathe, he found he was anyway, long slow exhalations that matched Xander’s. He wasn’t sure who he was any longer, and he seemed to be both human and vampire, the borders between their separate selves fraying. The only movement came from the throb and pulse of the living cells in Xander. Spike wasn’t fucking Xander, he was living inside Xander and the boy was living in him. It defied description, and he wanted to weep with the beauty of it and howl with the pleasure of it.

They stayed like that, locked together for hours or days or eternities, until some minute shift of cells inside them caused it all to come flowing out of both of them in a unhurried flood of ecstasy that left them swamped and panting in the aftermath.

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