Part Twenty-Six

Despite the collar, Xander was rebellious on occasion, and Spike felt that the human didn’t understand his new role. And no doubt, some of it was still lingering mistrust for his master, a vampire. He knew better now why the human hated vampires so intensely, because Xander had gradually come to fill in the missing pieces of the last few years. But other demons were starting to ask questions about his human pet, and Spike wanted to show off his human and he didn’t dare do it while there was the risk of Xander flapping his yob at the wrong moment.

He could gag the boy, but he was reluctant to turn something in which the boy found comfort into something punitive. Besides, demons could read human body language easily, and they’d know it if Xander got his back up about something, even if he couldn’t talk.

Another alternative was to beat it out of him, but the boy had such a spirit, fire enough to back Angelus down, and Spike prized that, didn’t want to lose it.

So he had to teach the boy his place.

The other thing Spike wanted was to cure the boy of his lingering self-consciousness about his body. Spike had to drive him to a certain height of arousal before he stopped thinking about his nakedness, but he’d need to be unaware of himself in front of other demons.

He stocked up on plenty of food for the weekend and had a hot bath running by the time the boy came home from work on Friday. He set out the things he’d need while the human bathed. Xander walked into the closet room with a towel wrapped around his waist. He smelled like clean human underlain by his own unique scent and Spike breathed in appreciatively.

“Drop the towel, pet. You’re going to spend the rest of the weekend naked.”

“But . . . .”

“Just me, no one but us. I’ve seen everything you’ve got. And I’ve turned the heat up. You’ll not freeze.”

Xander loosed the towel and stood quietly, but his whole posture radiated nervousness. Spike picked up the cuffs and buckled them around Xander’s wrists and ankles. He didn’t plan to restrain the human, but they emphasized his status. And Spike liked seeing him wearing nothing but his ownership collar and the black leather. Xander settled a little when the cuffs tightened around him.

Spike needed to get the other bit of gear on the boy before the human got too excited about the bondage. He rubbed some slick over Xander’s hairless balls before sliding the device over the boy’s cock. It consisted of five steel rings linked by leather straps. The rings slid over the boy’s nuts and around his penis. It was aptly named the Gates of Hell, and the vampire didn’t doubt that the boy would hate it before the session was over.

“This’ll keep you from getting off, pet. It’s not about sex this time. Not for you, least ways.”

“What are we doing?”

“I own you, remember? Completely. This is about me getting the bennies of being your Master.”

“And that means what?”

“You’re my servant this weekend. You attend to me every little whim without complaint. I’ll not gag you, so you can talk if you have a question about any order. And you must call me Master. Otherwise, you’re not to speak, not to argue. Unnerstand?”

Xander looked reluctant, but he nodded. “Yeah.”

“All right, starting now, no words from you. Follow me.”

Spike went into the living room and picked up the remote. He pointed to the floor beside his feet.

“On your knees, there. You may watch, if you like.”

The boy folded himself into the formal kneel and Spike was pleased to see how gracefully he did it. The weapons training had the added benefit of making some aspects of the boy’s training to be a sub easier. He moved much better than he did before they started, as long as he had clothes on. The human was a delight in so many ways and Spike thought he’d be the envy of the type of demons that took humans if he could get the boy over a few little issues. He put his hand on Xander’s head, scratching his scalp and running his fingers through the boy’s thick hair. Xander relaxed into the contact and Spike could sense no distress from him.

The rest of the evening, Spike gave orders in a quiet voice, requests for blood, or a pillow. Xander did as he was asked without complaint. At regular intervals, Spike tilted a water bottle into the boy’s mouth, making sure his human stayed hydrated. Later, Spike ordered him to fix a pizza and when Xander brought it to the table, Spike cut it into small pieces.

“Kneel up.”

Xander positioned himself between Spike’s knees, resting his chest on Spike’s thighs, as he had been taught. The vampire picked up a piece of pizza and brought it to Xander’s mouth. The boy looked startled and Spike waited, holding the morsel against the boy’s lips. Xander understood after a moment and opened his mouth. Spike put the bite in and the boy chewed it carefully, and swallowed. Spike could hear the human’s belly complaining, but he spaced the bites out until he felt that Xander had accepted that he’d get fed at Spike’s pleasure and not his own.

“I’m your everything, pet. Your food and drink and everything else.”

He raked his thumb over Xander’s mouth and the boy snaked his tongue out, curling it around the digit, drawing it into his mouth and sucking on it. Spike’s unneeded breath hitched and he growled, low and hungry. His instinct was to take the boy now, rough and hard, but he had to remain in control here. He sat back, sprawling his arms and legs out, looking like he was completely unmoved by the boy’s teasing, despite the bulge in his jeans giving lie to it.

“Over my lap.”

Xander hesitated, and Spike wondered if he thought he was going to be spanked for his boldness. A little reassurance wouldn’t hurt, he decided.

“Just want to play with my boy, is all.”

The human moved then, long legs draping themselves over Spike’s thighs and the vampire pressed him down against the cushions until his chest was flat. Then Spike picked up the bottle of lube and slicked his finger up. He swiped it over the boy’s hole, and turned his attention back to the match. He gave the impression that his finger was moving without his conscious thought, circling, pressing, pinching sensitive skin, and when Becks sent a bomb in low and to the right, Spike howled with glee, and sank his finger all the way into the boy. He smacked the boy’s firm thigh in celebration.

“Man U, most bloody brilliant football club ever was, pet. And Beckam, I’d bite him, no questions. Although I suspect he married a demon.”

Spike was certain that the boy hadn’t heard a word he’d said, because Spike had been wiggling his finger around the whole time and Xander’s breathing had gotten suspiciously heavy. The boy’d be feeling the constriction of the rings on his prick by now.

He squirted a bit more lube on the pucker, working another finger in. He was still watching the match, but he was also paying attention to the signals from the boy. By the time it ended, forty minutes later, Xander was gasping, small shudders passing over him. Spike smirked, knowing that the human had never had anyone play with his arse for such a long period of time. The boy was relaxed and open.

Spike commanded quietly, “Hands and knees.”

Xander got into position with a promptness that made the vampire’s evil grin go wider. Regrettably, the mortal’s enthusiasm wouldn’t be rewarded this time. Spike slicked himself and then sank into the boy’s heat, sliding until he touched bottom and then he called on all the control he’d learned, and never bothered to use, to stay put, flexing his prick a little, letting the boy feel him.

When he could feel that the boy’s hard-won restraint was about to snap and he was a small fraction of a second away from speaking, Spike began to move. Long slow strokes, leisurely, enjoying the bump and tug of his dick scraping past Xander’s muscles. He paused, feeling himself surrounded by the boy, by his life, hot and wonderfully full of movement and sound. Spike imagined that he could hear the swoosh of blood running through him.

He moved himself slowly, letting it overtake him, his orgasm catching him unawares as he slid forward. He howled, crying as the force of it warped his body into a rigid bow, and he spilled out, into the boy.

After he pulled out, he drew Xander into his lap again, petting him and praising him until his trembling stopped. He inspected the bindings on the boy’s cock, seeing how purple it was. He put a finger on the crown, trying to escape the last ring, and wiped up a drop of glistening fluid. Spike sucked on his finger, relishing the taste of frustration.

“Off we go then. Time for bed.”

He forestalled any questions by getting up quickly and holding out his hand. He kept his face stern and watched the comments die out of Xander’s eyes. He’d warned the boy he wouldn’t be coming and didn’t plan on discussing it any further.

In his room, he directed Xander to lay face up and he clipped the cuffs to the ring bolts and his ankles to the straps. Xander didn’t complain. He looked beautiful, bound and spread out, aching for a touch, totally in Spike’s control. The vampire mused that he should get some sheets that matched the boy’s coloring better than white, deep rose satin perhaps.

“I’m off, meeting some friends. Get some sleep, and I’ll be here when you wake up.”

Spike waited but there weren’t any questions so he picked up his duster and left the apartment. He didn’t plan to be gone more than a couple hours, considering it was the boy’s first time in extensive bondage and his first time for it when it didn’t lead to release for him.

When he returned, Xander was sleeping soundly and Spike flopped in front of the telly, and towards dawn, strained his senses for signs that the human was awake. There was a faint change in breathing, barely noticeable but Spike went into the room and found Xander watching him.

“Right. Morning routine and then fix breakfast.”

He unhooked the cuffs and went into the kitchen to get out the things so the boy could make their breakfasts. Xander came out of the bathroom a few minutes later. When the food was ready he knelt where Spike told him to and the vampire fed him again. After they finished, he picked up a plug, lubing it and ordering Xander to present his ass. When the plug was seated to Spike’s satisfaction, he turned the boy around.

Searching Xander’s face carefully for distress, Spike saw none. Instead he saw that Xander had gone out of himself, that he was in that place where his body no longer belonged to him, where he existed completely at Spike’s will, and the borders of pain and pleasure blurred. The vampire didn’t have any pain planned that day but he was pleased that he had gotten the boy to go so deep and to surrender so completely.

“Very good, pet,” he praised softly.

The rest of the day passed peacefully and Spike was content with the things he’d accomplished with his boy’s training. He had Xander suck his cock for hours, pulling the boy off when he was about to blow and then letting the human continue. He played with the plug, working it in and out of the human until the wildly veering pheremones told him how far he’d driven his boy. He touched every place on Xander, between his toes and behind his ears, and the boy submitted to the probing with a graceful placidity that made Spike’s demon purr. Someday he’d show the boy that not even his insides were secure against Spike’s questing.

Part Twenty-Seven

Spike decided that a cemetery would work best for what he planned. He wasn’t certain how good Xander was at pretending and he thought that the training room might throw him out of the scene. So they were dressed in their normal training clothes, comfortable in the hot summer night.

“Right then. You remember how you were punished for having an accident at work?”

Xander colored, whether from the memories of how it ended or from shame at the mistake, Spike couldn’t tell.

“My ass was sore for days, blondie. How’m I gonna forget that?”

Spike snickered, remembering how cautious Xander had been about sitting and such. He wondered what the boy had told the bints and Ripper about why he couldn’t sit down.

“You didn’t think it was fair of me to punish you for an accident, yeah?”

“Well, duh. It wasn’t my fault.”

“‘M gonna show you how to avoid ‘em. I think you can do it, cause it’s just a matter of separating your brain from your body and you’ve already learned how to do that.”

“Excuse me? Can I say ‘huh’?”

“Knees, boy.”

Xander hesitated, and this wasn’t something they’d done outside the confines of his apartment, but it was time he got used to it. He went down though, the grass rustling as he settled into it.

“We’re not going to do anything at the moment, but I want you to think. And remember. You’ll do that better on your knees.”

“All right.”

“Just listen to me and let your mind drift. When I cut you, when I’ve hurt you, how have you been able to bear it? When I make you stay on your knees for hours on end with nothing to do, how have you been able to stand the boredom?”

The boy looked puzzled and Spike waited quietly while he worked it out.

“I . . . I’m not really there. My body’s there, but my mind is someplace else, watching, but not feeling.”

“Precisely. Do you need your mind to walk?”

“Well, no, I guess not.”

“Then what you have to do is learn to pull your consciousness away from the task of walking and devote it to the task of scouting for potential danger.”


“It’s like you're going to that other space, except you learn to do it on purpose and not as an escape. It works for fighting too. We’ll keep training until the battle moves are instinctive, but once they are, you can use your brain for predicting your opponent’s moves and countering them.”

“Is that why you’re such an sensational fighter?”

Spike was ridiculously pleased that his boy had praised him and he preened. “Didn’t spend all my time in China killing the slayer. Picked up a few other things.”

“But I’m just a human, no special abilities.”

“Rubbish. You’ve already proved you can make the split, you can be trained to do it at will. We’re going to play a little game. I’ll be the big bad demon and you’ll be the innocent victim.”

“That’s such a stretch . . . what’s my motivation? Maybe I should live the role first.”

“Bugger off, you git.” Spike rolled his eyes.

“Pay attention now. Think of how you feel when you go to that other place, forget about your body.”

Spike kept his voice low and steady, gradually talking Xander into the right headspace. “Now just wander around a bit and let your mind free.”

The vampire took off in the opposite direction, intent on making a big circle. Spike decided it wouldn’t be fair to have the boy face a vampire this first time at it. He’d be no match for vampiric strength and stealth, and Spike didn’t want him to fail. He pondered which demon he could be, finally settling on a Fyarl demon. Something cloddish and bumbling, yet angry. He shortened his stride and hunched his shoulders, imagining that he had nothing on his mind but killing tasty humans.

He lifted his snout, smelling a human and charged. Xander seemed to be in a trance as he watched the demon attack. But the boy moved at the last minute, before the demon had a chance to correct his approach and it crashed into a tombstone. The beast roared, rushing at the human again, but Xander had lost the mental balance he needed and couldn’t get out of the way when Spike bowled into him.

The vampire landed on top of a warm squirming human and he grinned, pressing down on Xander. “Bloody good effort, pet.”

“I get it now. I had it, it was like I could see a line showing me where you were going, like the first down line. And I just stepped away from the line.”

“Just need to practice.” Xander was still wiggling around and Spike’s nostrils flared. “One problem, pet, you’ve let a demon capture you again. What now?”

Xander grinned and thrust his pelvis up, leaving Spike no doubt what the boy was thinking.

“Ah, a classic maneuver. Offer your body in exchange for your freedom. Gonna sell your arse, pet?”

“Nope. Can’t do that, cause it belongs to you.” Xander looked innocent, but the steady pulsing of his hips made a liar out of him.

“Too right, it does.” Spike shifted around until he could press his erection against Xander’s. The boy groaned, arching into the contact, his breathing gone ragged. Spike felt lust fire through his veins as it always did when Xander surrendered. He lifted up slightly, working first his zipper, then the boy’s.

“Touch us both,” he ordered softly, propping himself over Xander with his arms. Xander’s big calloused hand wrapped around them and Spike snaked his head down to take the boy’s mouth, his tongue thrusting in time with his hips as the boy worked them.

He broke the kiss long enough to murmur, “Come with me.” And then they were both shouting as it took them.

Part Twenty-Eight

The other demons groaned when Spike turned over the last pretty lady to go with the other two. They thought he’d had a mere two pair, but none of them had anything to better a full house. Spike leaned back in satisfaction and gestured to the human in the corner.

Xander came over to him and Spike ran a possessive hand up the boy’s leg, fondling his ass. He cupped the boy’s nuts and tightened one of the spikes in the ring Xander was wearing around the base of his balls. A demonic device if he’d ever seen one, it was stainless steel, a half inch wide, with six sharp spikes that screwed into the ring and impaled the delicate skin of Xander’s scrotum. The other end of the spikes were scraping the boy’s thighs so he was walking with an odd, spread-legged gait.

Spike tightened them every time he won a hand, and had pierced Xander’s skin in two places. Each time, he’d licked up the resulting blood, knowing his saliva would heal the human quickly.

Tonight was a gamble for him, not just at the table. The demons there were not the type that would hurt humans so Xander was in no danger. No, the only danger was to Spike’s reputation if Xander screwed up. Word would get out that he couldn’t control his human.

But, if they succeeded, these demons would witness Spike torturing a human and that word getting out would work in Spike’s favor.

The boy was gagged, the cock gag that Xander loved to suck on, and he was wearing cuffs on both wrists and ankles, and his wrists were clipped together behind his back. Spike had put them on the boy to give him as much a feeling of security as possible under the circumstances. Because other than his collar and the steel ring, he was naked.

The boy had gone to his happy place, his cock hard, his body Spike’s to use. Spike made sure he stayed that way.

The demons watched avidly every time Spike touched the boy and the vampire wondered what they were thinking. The thin white scars from where Spike had cut him would be visible to demon eyes, but whether it was those, or the human’s beauty that had their attention, or his unhesitating obedience to Spike’s demands, it didn’t matter.

Giving the boy a firm smack on his ass, Spike sent Xander back into the corner as he anted up for the next hand. He was well ahead and they’d leave soon, the point made to all present.

It was nearly an hour later that Spike threw in his cards. He picked up the long coat he’d bought to cover Xander’s nakedness on the streets and guided him outside. When they were out of sight of the demons, Spike unhooked the wrist cuffs and helped Xander into the coat. Walking through Sunnydale with your hands tied behind your back was just asking for trouble and Spike wasn’t in the mood for it.

As they walked, Spike could feel the boy gradually surfacing from the place he’d been. He stayed quiet though, didn’t tug at the gag. Spike let them into the apartment and pulled the coat off Xander’s arms.

His mortal was so fucking beautiful, hard cock and taut muscles.

Spike unbuckled the gag, throwing it on the floor and wrapping his arms around Xander, slanting his face for a kiss. The boy’s mouth was dry from the time behind the gag, but he gave Spike free access.

They pulled apart and Spike stroked his jaw. “Did perfect, pet. Beautiful, you were.”

Xander cleared his throat a few times and Spike stepped away to get him a water bottle.

“Then take this fucking thing off me, asshole.”

Spike pondered whether he should insist that the boy be properly respectful when they were alone. Wouldn’t do for him to slip when they were in company.

“Does it hurt?”

“Shit, yes, it hurts, get it off me.”

Spike sniggered. He enjoyed taking the piss with the boy. “Well you didn’t say, so how was I to know?”

“Hello. Gagged.”

“You spent four hours naked in a small room with five demons and you barely noticed, did you?”


“Why’d I put it on you?”

“Cause you’re a brainless undead menace?”

But Spike could tell the boy was already applying his mind to the problem.

“Shit, I was naked. I was so focused on the pain . . . .”

Spike nodded. “Was a test. Of us, how we do together. Those demons saw me torturing you, a Scooby. Rumours’ll get out that the Big Bad is back.”

“That was for your rep?”

“Not all. There’s other places we can go together, places that turn a mostly blind eye to things. Didn’t want to risk going there if I didn’t know that you could go down and I could keep you there when we were someplace other than here. None of that lot tonight would have hurt you if you’d fought me, but the other places I’m thinking of, folk might.”

“You’re talking about sex clubs.”

“Yeah. But with demons too.” But the boy liked the idea, Spike could tell from his scent. “Want to take you there and show off my beautiful boy, don’t I?”

Xander swallowed, his voice husky. “I think I’d like that.”

Spike smiled and picked up the tiny wrench that would open the ring on Xander’s balls. “I’ll take this off and then we’ll go into the room, and I’ll inspect for damage, hmm?”

The musk grew heavier. “I’m guessing we’re talking a thorough inspection?”

“Every little place.”

Xander grinned and tugged him into the bedroom.

Part Twenty-Nine

Xander had latched onto the idea of the sex club with all his stubborn nature and Spike almost wished he’d never mentioned it. Not that he didn’t like the idea too, but he worried about his ability to control Xander completely enough for the requirements of that type of club. Fuck knows, he was still trying to find his way with being the boy’s Master.

“You’ve got to trust me, no reservations.”

“But I do. Haven’t I proved that?”

“Can’t screw up, not there. You wouldn’t like what they do to unruly subs in those places.”

“You could gag me.”

“Demons, boy. Don’t need to hear you to know if you’re not completely under my control.”

“The smelling thing.”

“Yeah. And I’ve messed up, can’t be sure in my own head.”

“That was emotional stuff, cause you’re evil. You’ve never messed up the physical stuff. Yeah, you’ve pushed me a lot further than I thought I could go, but you’ve never pushed me beyond what I could stand. Let me prove it.”

Boy had a point, and Spike nodded. “All right. I’ll think of something, yeah?”

Spike finally decided what he wanted to do and made his preparations. He led Xander into the room, where he’d laid out the boy’s cuffs, a leather blindfold and a U-shaped piece of foam. He sat on the bed and Xander automatically dropped into a kneeling position.

“I’ll put the blindfold on you and you’ll lay your head on the foam, so you’ll see nothing and hear nothing, and then I’m going to take your air, until you pass out. And you’ll let me do it.”

Spike tried to keep his tone detached, indifferent, but this suddenly meant more than it should to him.

“Your body will fight me when your air starts to run out, you won’t be able to stop it. But you must decide if you trust me enough to halt before it goes too far.”

“I trust you.”

He closed his eyes, knowing how many times he’d heard those words from Xander, wondering when he’d ever stop making the boy prove it. Soddin’ pathetic excuse for a demon he was. Had to be reassured all the bloody time.

“Do you trust me?”

Spike’s eyes flew open. “Wot?”

“Do you trust that I know my own mind? That I know my own . . . that I know what I’m doing?”

He hadn’t thought of that. Maybe his insecurities were hurting Xander. He hadn’t given the boy the honour he deserved for his courage.

“You’re right, pet.”

“What are you afraid of?”

Spike snorted. “Big Bad here. Not afraid.”

He wasn’t afraid of losing this human, demons didn’t get attached to mortals. But Xander was looking at him with questions in his eyes and Spike couldn’t escape him. He owed the boy something for his bravery.

“Don’t want to screw up and hurt you.”

Xander smiled. “You kept Drusilla safe all those years.”

But he’d loved Dru and she had a demon too, despite her madness. Bloody hell. He nodded.

“Point taken. We don’t have to do this.”

“Yes, we do. You need to convince yourself.”

Xander stood up, taking his clothes off, and then lying on the bed. He buckled the cuffs around his wrists and ankles. He put the blindfold on. He adjusted the foam pillow until the sides came over his ears. Then he spread his legs and arms out, waiting.

If Spike had needed to breathe, he couldn’t have done. Xander was fucking gorgeous, not just his body, but his soul. He gave himself to Spike so completely and unhesitatingly, and the tiny part of Spike that remembered what it was like to be human wept for what he’d never have again.

The vampire placed his hand on the boy’s ankle, to let the human know he was still there. He took his own clothes off, needing to be touching the boy’s skin while they did this, and knowing that Xander would need it too.

When he thought he was steady enough to do what he needed to do without hurting Xander, he clipped the cuffs to the rings, both wrists and ankles. Then he got on the bed, placing his knees on either side of the boy’s hips and resting his weight on Xander’s ribcage. It would contribute to the boy’s feeling of helplessness.

But Xander didn’t smell of fear. The only thing Spike could sense was curiosity.

His eyes were leaking for some reason and he angrily wiped the moisture away.

Spike leaned down, his hands cupping Xander’s jaw and his mouth covering Xander’s, coaxing the boy’s tongue out. Xander responded and their tongues twisted together, and Spike groaned into the warmth of his boy’s mouth. Xander surrendered to the kiss, his body rising to meet Spike’s and his breath coming in short gasps.

The curiosity was mixed with arousal, but still no fear.

The vampire slid one hand up to the human’s nose, pinching his nostrils closed. Spike kept his mouth over Xander’s, continuing to kiss him, mentally counting seconds.

The boy’s body began to struggle, fighting for air, but Spike held on, using his superior strength to block any breath to Xander’s lungs.

When he felt Xander’s consciousness slip away Spike ended the kiss, waiting anxiously for his boy to come back to him. The human’s lungs started again with a gasp as soon as Spike took his mouth and fingers away. Spike shoved the blindfold off.

Xander finally opened his eyes, dazed and vacant for a moment, but then, before Spike could panic, his gaze sharpened and he was there again. The boy’s eyes held no fear and his scent was relaxed after the sharp rush of adrenaline that had flooded through him when his breath was failing.

“Pet? Are you . . . ? Was it . . . ?”

Words failed him for once and he’d have to rely on the human to say what had to be said.

“It was fine. More than. It was like dying.”

Spike covered Xander’s mouth with his again, this time a kiss of relief, of security that this mortal was still with him. He kept it light and quick, feeling Xander’s warmth on his tongue.

“Spike, when I die . . .”

“Xander . . . .” Spike protested.

“No. Don’t. When I die, I want to go just like that, with you kissing me.”

Somewhere deep inside his head, the demon was howling its denial of what Xander had just said, but Spike nodded.


He unbuckled the wrist cuffs and pulled Xander close, trying to block out thoughts of future grief.

Part Thirty

After taking careful measurements of his boy and refusing to answer what they were for, Spike went to a custom leather shop in town and ordered a pair of chaps. The shopkeeper hadn’t wanted to make them to the precise measurements at first, saying that they would be too tight, and the person who wore them wouldn’t be able to get any clothes on under them. Spike had grinned and said ‘exactly.’ The man hadn’t argued any further, especially as Spike was willing to pay a hefty price for the customization.

The leather was soft and supple, burnished to a fine sheen. There was some extra padding sewn into the knees, but other than that, they’d cling to every curve and bend of Xander’s body and Spike got hard imagining the picture the boy would be in them.

He’d ordered quite a few other things for their trip to the sex club, which was in L.A. Sunnydale wasn’t quite the place to support a BDSM club. They’d leave at sunset and arrive just as things should start getting interesting.

Spike sent Xander off to the shops while he prepared.

When the boy returned, Spike ordered him into the shower and then slid in behind him. Xander turned happily, wanting a caress, but Spike smacked him lightly, telling him to turn back around. The boy obeyed, and Spike slipped the lubed nozzle inside the boy’s hole. Xander stiffened, but didn’t argue.

They’d already fought this one the first time Spike had done it. He’d settled it by telling Xander that he’d given Spike rights to both the outside and the inside of his body. But he’d made sure to pamper and praise the boy every time they did it, gradually conditioning him to accept such a complete invasion of his body.

Now he reached around Xander, stroking his chest.

“Hush, pet. You’ll feel more self-confident tonight if you’re completely clean.”

The nozzle was shaped like a cock with a flared base to keep it in place, and once Spike had inserted it fully, he hung the bag on the showerhead and turned the faucet off. He helped Xander lie down in the tub, lifting the boy’s leg to drape over the side. He knelt between Xander’s spread legs, keeping a hand low on his belly, feeling the pressure inside the human increase.

Xander was panting, small noises of discomfort, but Spike kept up a soothing murmur, his hands making gentle circles on the boy’s abdomen. His hands occasionally strayed to Xander’s prick and didn’t he just love how responsive horny young humans were. The boy hardened, leaking from his tip, and his scent was a confused mix of arousal and shame. But Spike knew the boy was getting closer to the day when he’d want Spike to do this to him. Such fun initiating innocent mortals into new kinks.

When Spike was satisfied that the fluids had reached far enough, he removed the nozzle, closing the valve on the tubing. He stood up, taking the equipment, and ordering, “Hold it until you think you absolutely can’t anymore. Then a slow count to one hundred.”

Spike grinned evilly and left the bathroom.

When the boy walked into the bedroom, Spike dusted some baby powder over him and carefully smoothed the chaps on. They clung to him, revealing the underlying musculature, and perfectly showcasing Xander’s long beautiful legs. The leather framed his shaved package in front and left his ass bare.

“Beautiful. I’ll be the envy of every top there.”

“What else am I wearing?”

“Nothing, not even shoes. Oh, I’ve a few bits of jewelry for you. You don’t need anything else, pet.”

While Xander pondered that news, Spike picked up the butt plug for the night. It was heavy, steel, with a bronze figurine of a little man on the base of it.

“Hands and knees.”

Xander got into place and Spike admired how well he looked, perfect position, body displayed by the chaps. He inserted the plug and smiled. It looked like the little man was eating Xander out. He wrapped a strap around Xander’s balls and cock, separating the balls and pushing them out, the three way ring severely restricting the boy’s ability to come.

“On the floor. Formal.”

Spike picked up the last two items, one a steel O-ring that clamped to his collar, the other was a supple leather leash. Xander lifted his chin to give Spike access while he tightened the clamp. After he finished, the vampire clipped the leash to the ring, letting the leather dangle down Xander’s chest.

He sat back, feeling himself harden at the picture Xander presented. Kneeling on the floor, leather binding his cock and caressing his legs. A human pet worthy of a Master vampire and another damaged part of Spike, the part that the Initiative had nearly killed, that part healed on the realization of how utterly this human belonged to him.

“You must call me ‘Master’, pet. But I want a companion tonight, not a slave. It’s a game, like. And we must play it to keep safe.”

“Okay. I remember the rules. Master.”

Spike had kept a couple of items in reserve that he would put on his boy when they got there. But seeing Xander and imagining him with the rest, knowing that this human belonged to him, all of that was getting Spike unbearably hard.

“One last thing, pet. You’re so bloody delicious like that. I need a little something to take the edge off before we go.”

Spike worked his pants open while he talked, spreading the zipper and pulling on his hard cock. He pointed it at Xander and the boy scooted forward on his knees. Spike hadn’t given him permission to leave the formal posture, so the boy lowered his mouth to Spike’s prick, keeping his hands behind his back.

Fuck. Spike knew he wasn’t going to last. Having Xander at his mercy like this pushed his buttons and he groaned as the warm moisture of Xander’s mouth surrounded his cold dick.

The boy worked his jaw, taking Spike deeper and moving in closer for a better angle. Spike wound his fingers through the dark hair, clenching them and then releasing as the waves of pleasure hit him and then retreated. He held off as long as he could, enjoying the view and the suction from the human mouth.

He couldn’t stop it any longer and he let go on a long tearing groan. The boy milked his cock, never letting his warm mouth leave Spike’s shaft. After Xander had cleaned him off, Spike leaned forward, plundering the boy’s mouth, tasting himself on Xander’s tongue.

Xander was wild-eyed and panting when Spike pulled back. He was pleased to see that Xander hadn’t broken position during the kiss. The boy’s cock was straining against the leather holding it and he was sweating lightly, his hands still obediently behind his back. He smelled of sex and frustration, utterly luscious.

“We’ll have a lovely time tonight, pet. Ready?”

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