Part Eleven

Spike had the boy on his back on the couch, his mouth full of hot human cock. The vampire purred as more of the precious blood rushed into the organ. He worked his tongue against the sensitive slit, making the boy under him shout and thrash.

“Wait, Spike. Stop.”

Stop? The boy was on the receiving end of a blowjob from a creature who didn’t need to breathe, and he was bloody well calling stop?


“Uh, would you, ah, teach me? To give head.”

“Well, fuck me, course I will. Shift onto the carpet.”

When Xander was laying on the floor, Spike pulled him to his side and then turned himself around so that they were head to toe.

“Just do what I do.”

He opened his mouth as wide as it would go, curling his tongue around the boy’s heated organ. He hummed as he felt his cock get the same treatment. He left the prick to nuzzle the heavy balls, lipping and sucking them. The boy was making greedy noises but he was a quick study, adding in a little nip at the loose skin of Spike’s nuts, and it was Spike’s turn to groan.

The vampire went back to the cock, tongue out, circling the head, prying ever so slightly into the weeping slit, slurping the juice he found there. His pupil had already gotten the point of the lesson, the boy somehow instinctively knowing that the vampire would thoroughly enjoy a bit of teeth. The human was fairly gentle, but there was no mistaking the sharp pain mixed in with the dedicated licking and sucking. Boy was a natural cocksucker, and luckily he seemed to like Spike’s cock.

The blood was pooling in Xander’s groin, creating heat and scent around his crotch that was far too tempting. Spike pulled his mouth off Xander’s prick, fighting for control, but he was lost, and there was no point in denying it.

“Please, pet, let me bite you. Just a little.”

The ardent mouth left his dick and Spike could feel Xander’s hot breath on his thigh. He could almost hear the wheels spinning as the human debated how much to trust the undead creature in his arms.

“All right.”

Xander went back to his task, working his mouth open, trying to take as much of Spike as possible. A good effort, considering that he still needed to breathe and Spike appreciated it, particularly when the boy curled his flexible tongue around Spike’s member, putting added pressure on the sensitive head.

He let his face relax into his vampiric visage, and softly dragged a fang along the straining tendon linking Xander’s thigh to his crotch. His hand kept up a gentle rhythm on the boy’s cock, keeping him interested and on the edge of his own pleasure.

When he could feel that he was about to come and couldn’t hold back any longer, Spike sank his fangs into the big saphenous vein running so close to the surface. The first taste of the boy’s sweet hot blood hit his tongue and he came, bucking and shuddering as the rich fluid flowed into his mouth. Vaguely he felt the boy sucking down his spend and at the same time, felt the cock in his hand pulse and spew. But Spike was drowning in the flavor of freely given human blood.

As the last of the tremors from his orgasm died away, Spike withdrew his fangs, licking carefully at the wound, listening anxiously for the heartbeat of the boy under him. But his heart was as strong and steady as ever, and Spike turned so he could hold the mortal close.

“Lovely gift, boy. Won’t soon forget it.”

Part Twelve

“I’m feeling cheated.”

“What now, wanker?”

Spike wasn’t really paying attention, waiting for the microwave to ding with his blood. He fed off Xander enough to keep the demon happy and healthy, but not enough to weaken the boy. He had no desire to have to explain himself to the rest of the soddin’ Scooby gang. So he had to supplement with bags.

“Well, I got gayed up by that stupid spell so now I’m your butt-monkey. How come you haven’t made with the butt-sex?” The boy grinned. “I’m your thrall, and I’m demanding my rights to have bad wrong sex. Fuck me.”

Spike peered at him over the mug, eyebrows raised. The boy appeared to be pouting. “Now, ain’t that something. If you were a proper thrall, you wouldn’t go demanding things of your Master. You’d take what you were given and be happy.”

“So, make me a proper thrall. I want the whole package so the other thralls won’t laugh at me.”

The vampire nearly choked on the blood. “Bugger all, boy, you’ve no idea what you’re asking. Besides, what other thralls?”

“I dunno, maybe there’s a support group for demon butt-monkeys. And I’ll be the one they point and laugh at. Been there, done that, don’t want another T-shirt.”

“How the bloody blazes did I end up with the world’s pushiest bottom?”

There was an underlying stain of bitterness to the boy’s light tone, but Spike wasn’t in the mood to delve into it. Not with the boy asking for it like that. Spike drained the mug and rinsed it out, debating with himself. Maybe the boy was right, and he was ready.

He let the feeling of the hunt come over him, and when he turned around he moved slowly, with a feline grace. He prowled over to where Xander was waiting, eyes narrowed, thinking about what he could do to the boy. Every inch of him oozed predator and he felt the moment that the boy’s confidence changed to uncertainty.

“First,” he purred. “Proper thralls don’t ever speak unless spoken to.”

He leaned forward, making a show of sniffing the human. “And proper thralls don’t wear clothes. Strip, boy.”

Spike stepped back, waiting to see how the mortal would react, but Xander was already pulling his shirt off. The vampire waited until the boy was standing bare and his cock already showing interest in what was happening.

He paced around the boy, inspecting, fingers cupping a round ass cheek, or pinching a pert nipple. He gripped the human’s chin, studying his face as if searching for flaws. He ran a cold hand down the dark treasure trail, stopping short of where the boy wanted him to touch.

The vampire finally stopped behind the human, his booted feet nudging the boy’s feet further apart, until the muscles in his thighs bulged and his nuts swung freely, vulnerable. The boy wasn’t talking anymore, but his breathing had gone heavy, and even without his advanced sense of smell, Spike would have known how turned on the boy was.

He lowered his voice to a purr. “Proper thralls don’t get to come until their Master lets them.”

The boy gasped, a small hitch of breath, and Spike smiled. Very good, the boy was very good at this, but Spike would teach him to be better. He walked around to the front again, putting some space between them.

“And finally, proper thralls kneel in the presence of their Master.” He growled, “On your knees, boy.”

Xander went down, but it was a graceless act, his legs bent awkwardly. Spike stepped in to correct him.

“A Master likes to see his thrall properly displayed to show off his beauty. Your body is lovely. Shoulders back, arms clasped behind you at your waist. Chest out.”

Spike kept his voice low and soothing as he positioned the boy’s arms where he wanted them. He’d learned that the human had little self-confidence in his looks, and Spike was going to make sure that the boy knew he was appreciated.

“Knees spread a comfortable distance, ankles crossed.” Spike ran firm hands over Xander’s limbs as he helped him get into the proper alignment. “Head forward, eyes lowered.”

Slight tremors shook the boy, but Spike sensed no fear. Excitement, then. Very good. He circled the kneeling boy, making small adjustments to his posture.

“Remember how I’ve placed you, boy. When I tell you to kneel, I want you in that position. Now stand up and try it again. But this time, think about how much you want me to admire you.”

Spike was surprised that the boy had kept his silence throughout the lesson, but the human made no protest, rising to his feet, much more gracefully than he had gone down. He sank to his knees again, getting himself into the formal position quickly. Spike was certain that with practice the boy would do it perfectly.

“You’ve worked hard at that, boy, and I’m pleased with you.” He stood in front of the kneeling human. “For your reward, I’ll allow you to kiss me.”

The vampire could sense the confusion from the boy, knowing that he hadn’t been given permission to stand up and Spike wasn’t coming down to his level. Finally, Xander pushed his face forward, pressing a kiss to the bulge in Spike’s jeans.

Perfect, the boy was perfect. Spike drew an unneeded breath and cupped Xander’s chin, tilting his head up. “You're beautiful and 'ave done very well.”

The boy colored and Spike drew his thumb across the human’s plump bottom lip. “Go into the bedroom. I want you lying on your back, hands on the headboard, pillows under your ass, legs bent and feet flat on the mattress.”

Xander seemed much more relaxed this time when he got to his feet, and Spike couldn’t help admiring the boy’s ass as he walked away. He pulled the duffle bag out of the closet, but discarded the idea of using any toys on the boy this time.

This time would be their first time, their real first time. The boy had been so willing and Spike wanted this to be special for him, to erase the last of the memories of pain and fear.

“Fucking poof, I am,” he growled to himself, wondering who had mastered whom in this scenario, but not much caring. The boy had responded so well to Spike’s orders that the vampire was willing to indulge him. So the only thing he took out of the bag was a bottle of lube.

The boy was exactly how Spike had told him, long body stretched out, hands over his head, ass up and ready to be plundered. Xander’s eyes were wide and dark with his arousal, and his cock bobbed proudly against his belly.

“Lovely boy,” he purred. And then added, “You may speak.”

But Xander didn’t say anything until Spike got his hands on the heated human skin, sensitive fingers delving into the boy’s secret places, discovering them all and giving the human no chance to hide his reactions. The boy gasped out incoherent words, pleas for more, and Spike grinned happily.

Sweat sheened the tawny skin and his hair clung to his face, chest heaving as he gasped while Spike fondled his balls. The vampire flipped the lid on the lube, squirting out a good dollop. “Legs farther apart. Open yourself for me, pet.”

Xander did as asked, tilting his ass up, revealing his dusky hole to Spike’s gaze. The vampire sensed no fear in the boy as he dragged his fingers over the wrinkled skin. He kept up a steady litany of praise for the boy’s beauty, his form, his responsiveness. Xander was begging for more when Spike finally slid the tip of a finger inside. The boy was eager for it, relaxed around the intrusion, and Spike pushed in the rest of the way, with a rough command of ‘breathe.’

Heat engulfed his finger, luscious mortal heat and Spike could hardly wait to sink his prick into that furnace. His other hand massaged the straining tendons at the boy’s groin, while he pulled out just enough to get another finger in. The boy gasped and Spike opened his fingers, pushing against the ring of muscles until it gave. He found the human’s prostate without difficulty, wringing a yelp out of his partner.

“Please, Spike.”

“Pushy bottom,” the vampire said fondly, pressing a kiss to the human’s bent knee. He re-lubed his fingers, pushing three in, spreading and stretching the passage.

When he couldn’t wait any longer, he pulled his fingers out and lubed his cock thickly. He pushed on the boy’s thighs until his hole was at the right angle and set his cockhead against the entrance.

“Wrap your legs around my waist. And don’t forget to breathe.”

He pushed against the loosened pucker, sliding in on the human’s caught breath. He was buried balls-deep in the boy’s warmth, surrounded by it, feeling the boy’s pulse in the stretched muscles of his anus.

“Xander,” he whispered, ducking his head to capture the human’s lips. “‘s wonderful, pet.”

Xander nodded, straining his hips against Spike’s, driving the invader deeper into his body. Spike started moving then, and Xander followed until they were rocking together in a delicious rhythm that sent them both flying.

“Spike!” The cry wrenched from the human. “I can’t hold out.”

“Come for me then,” Spike whispered, and they both gave into the feelings, their cries of pleasure echoing through the still apartment.

Part Thirteen

The human slumbered in the cool moonlight and the vampire kept watch, wondering.

He’d reached for the sun, the heat of the Slayer that he thought he loved. But the sun wasn’t meant for the likes of him and he knew it was only a matter of time before he’d been burned. Chance had brought this mortal to him, and he’d nearly destroyed the gift before he’d been able to see the value of it.

All the people he’d loved since he became a demon had been castoffs from his grandsire. Maybe it was time he found something that was his alone. It was a place to start.

Spike still wasn’t sure what it was that was between them. Lust, without question. That fucking spell pulling them together, maybe. The thing was, he’d begun to think of this human as his, and he wasn’t sure that Xander fully understood what it meant to belong to a demon.

He was afraid that Xander wouldn’t stay once he realized what he’d gotten himself into. But the boy had a generous heart, strong and giving, and Spike thought that perhaps he could surrender his dream of Buffy, a fair trade for Xander.

“‘m a bad man, pet.” Spike whispered into the quiet darkness. “I hope your courage doesn’t fail you this time.”

Hours later, still in the depths of the night, Xander stirred, rubbing his eyes, looking a little startled to find someone sharing his bed.

“You’re still here.”

“Where else would I be? Mine now, aren’t you.”

A glint of mischief entered Xander’s eyes, and Spike sighed internally, knowing he was in for a hell of a ride with this one, but not wanting it any other way. He’d not break the boy, tempting as it was to the demon.

“So . . . bleachboy. Now that I’m your proper thrall, do I have to call you Master?”

Spike growled low at the sauce of him, but then kissed him quickly. “Not when we’re alone, unless I ask it.”

He pressed the boy’s chin until their eyes met, and Spike’s voice was serious, hoping he could get the mortal to understand.

“Other demons, now, that’s different. You don’t understand demon society and you must, or it’ll be dangerous for both of us. Demons will expect my human to show a proper amount of respect for his master. If you don’t, they’ll think I can’t control you, and they might try to take you.”

“But the spell Willow did, you told me that other demons will leave me alone.”

“And so they will, up to the point where they think I’m weak enough to get you away from me. You misbehaving means I’m not strong enough. I can’t fight them all. And the spell’s null if I’m dust.”

The human pondered that, and Spike waited.

“What exactly does behaving myself mean? Cause I’ve never been good at following rules.”

“Bloody hell, boy, these rules can’t be broken. I told you a few, earlier. You can’t speak unless I ask you something, and when you do, you’ve got to call me Master. You’ve got to do what I tell you to without arguing. And if you can’t shut that yap, I will gag you.”

“Oh shit.” Xander was radiating nervousness.

“Easy, pet. Only around other demons and only if we’re not trying to kill them at the moment.”

“I see.”

“I hope you bloody well do. I’ll teach you, the hard way if necessary.”

“Why now? You never said anything about this before.”

“I’ve taken you, haven’t I? Demons’ll smell me on you.”

“Ew. What is it with the smelling thing?”

“Dunno, just how it works.” Spike shrugged.

“But no bugs, right? Cause I’m really not down with the bug eating.”

Spike rolled his eyes. “Fucking Drac. Bloody welshing ponce.” He leered at the human. “I can think of lots of things I’d rather you do with that mouth.”

Xander squirmed closer, chuckling. “Really?”

The vampire smirked. “Yeah.”

Spike decided that there was no point in holding off telling the human the new order of things. “I’m moving in.”

“You are?”

“Mine now. Come on, boy, we need to find a place I can sleep safely.” Spike hopped out of the bed, suddenly wanting to plan and settle things between them.

Xander reached for a pair of boxers on the floor, but Spike turned and said quietly, “No clothes.”

The boy dropped them, finally standing up straight. “There’s a walk-in closet that I’m not using. It’s got no windows.”

The place was adequate and Spike inspected it, tapping the walls. “Needs to be a bit bigger. Can you move the wall out without anyone the wiser?”

“I think so, can take some space from the hall and reframe it.”

“Good. Then I’ll need a bed in here, and two ring bolts sunk into the wall at the head of it. Sturdy like.”

The human was wide-eyed and Spike ran a caressing hand down his arm. “Plan to tie you up and torture you, boy, but I promise you’ll like it.”

The boy made a strangled sound and Spike grinned, continuing, “Same thing in the ceiling. And I’ll need a closet or a chest for my playthings.”

“Playthings? You have toys?”

“Mmm, yeah. Prolly not what you’re thinking, boy.”

Spike led the way into the kitchen, inspecting every cabinet and the contents of the fridge. “I’m making the shopping list from now on. You’re not eating this dreck anymore. Need you at top form. And no more American piss-wallow beer, we’re having the real thing.”

“Hey, you can’t mess with my Twinkies!”

The vampire gave him a dark look. “You’ll have to earn them. A reward, yeah?”

Xander glared back. “I’m not giving on the Twinkies.”

“Of all the stubborn whelps I’ve ever met, you are the worst.” But Spike decided that he’d not fight that battle at the moment. This human was fine with the ‘bad wrong sex’ but threaten his snacks and he came over all stubborn and harsh. “I’ll allow you that and that only.”

The boy grumbled. “I thought this was about sex. You’re running my life.”

Spike had known that this would be the sticky part. Boy was a normal young male human and thought mostly with his dick. Didn’t understand the broader implications of linking himself with a demon.

“I told you . . . anything and everything. You’re my responsibility now. If I neglect you, means I don’t care enough to keep you. It’s not other thralls, but other demons you have to impress. They’ll look for signs that I value you.”

“Like what?”

“Like keeping you fit, you pillock! And marks. A human that has pleased his Master gets marked to show for it, signs of approval. No marks means I can’t be bothered with you.”

“Marked?” Xander’s voice had gone a bit squeaky and Spike hastened to soothe him.

“We’ll take it slow on that, pet. It’s enough that they can tell I’m biting you. For now. And we’ll try to avoid social situations with other demons.”

Spike decided it was time for a little distraction. Xander had absorbed enough information for the moment, it was time to get those male hormones working again.

“Why don’t you get that duffle that I stored here? I’ll show you some of my toys.”

The vampire put as much naughty innuendo into the request as he could and he was happy to see the boy take the bait.

Part Fourteen

The duffle was in the hall where Spike had left it the night before, but Xander brought it so promptly that Spike suspected the human had it in his sight all along. Spike put it on the table, telling Xander to sit.

He kept the contents of the bag hidden from the boy, bringing the items out one by one. He hadn’t put anything in the bag other than some fairly standard toys, but to a human who’d thought he was straight and vanilla, until recently, they might be alarming. Spike wanted to be able to judge the reaction to each one to see how much work he’d have.

The boy was fairly clueless about most of the toys. The anal beads and butt plugs didn’t prompt anything other than confusion and mild curiosity. He reacted to the dildo, but that was molded in the shape of a rather large cock, so the boy could imagine the use for that, undoubtedly. Spike savored the embarrassed horniness the boy projected. Interesting.

But the wave of pheremones that hit him when he pulled out the black leather cuffs sent him into game face for an instant. Bloody hell. The scent intensified when he set the matching ankle cuffs of the table. Spike worked very hard to hide his grin.

The nipple clamps produced a thread of fear, which grew when he drew out the suede flogger. Boy understood their purposes evidently. The vampire fondled the English tawse, a bit of an indulgence perhaps but it reminded him of his home. The boy didn’t look happy about it, but Spike would bring him around.

The jumble of straps produced more confusion, and Spike picked through the tangle until he withdrew a short thin piece of black leather studded with several snaps.

“A bracelet?”

“Not quite, pet.” Spike patted the table. “Up here.”

Xander got on the table fairly easily, not feeling threatened by the small bit of leather. Spike smiled and pulled the chair in so he had an excellent view of the boy’s groin. The human’s cock was definitely happy when Spike began to stroke it. He took his time, exploring, cataloging reactions. He lifted the heavy balls, took small licks from the clear fluid welling out of the tip. The boy was squirming, his hips trying to rock into Spike’s hand.

Spike picked up the leather. “Spread you legs a bit further, boy.”

Xander groaned as he did so, and Spike wrapped the strap around the base of his penis, catching the balls in it too. He snapped it closed and then checked the fit with the tip of his finger, making sure it wasn’t too tight. It was firm enough that the boy would be feeling it every time he moved.


Spike held out his hands and pulled Xander until he was standing. The boy’s prick stood out stiff and beautiful from his young body.

“Hey, that pinches, blondie. It’s pulling my hair.”

“Hmm, might do summat about that later. It’s a cock ring, boy, and you’ll keep it on all day, just so you remember who you belong to. Now off you go, get ready for work.” Spike nudged him towards the bathroom with a swat on his ass.

“No way, asshole, I’m not wearing this.”

Spike looked at him, waiting. This he wouldn’t concede, though the boy thought it was harsh, the alternatives were worse. Sometimes he thought that demons might be running some of the bondage supply companies he’d discovered.

The vampire was wondering if he would have to resort to something they would both hate at this time, when Xander dropped his eyes finally. “All right. But I’m so hard and horny.”

“And you’ll stay that way all day. I’ll know if you did anything about it. Smell it on you, yeah?”

The boy colored at the reminder that his emotions were hardly a secret to the vampire. “This sucks.”

Spike smirked. “Maybe later. I’ll get you a bit of breakfast and then when you get home from work, we’ll have an anatomy lesson.”

Part Fifteen

Spike studiously ignored the shifting and fidgeting coming from Xander’s chair during dinner. He’d found a grocery that delivered, shocking in Sunnydale, where the average life expectancy of most delivery boys could be measured in mere hours. However, for the moment, they were stocked with the kind of quality food that Spike planned to convert the human to.

The vampire took his time with his own blood, giving every appearance of savoring it in the manner of a wine connoisseur with the best French vintages. He called up the remembered habits of gracious dining from a long past century, until he thought the boy might actually try to stake him again.

“Are you done yet, Miss Manners?” Xander’s tone was hard and unfriendly.

Spike pretended to consider the question, patting his mouth delicately. “I think I am quite replete. Thank you for your kind concern.”

The boy’s eyes narrowed angrily. “I want this thing off me.”

“You could’ve taken it off any time. ‘S not locked on.”

Xander sputtered indignantly and Spike fought to hide his smile.

“You fucking lunatic! You told me to keep it on!”

“But you made the choice, boy,” Spike pointed out. The human had to understand that what Spike was doing to him was exactly what he needed. That the vampire hadn’t actually forced him into anything, that he’d obeyed because he wanted to obey. In truth, Spike was pleasantly surprised that it hadn’t come off at some point during the day.

The boy was puzzled, gnawing on his lip while he worked it out. Finally he sighed. “I liked it when you told me what to do. Which makes me the uber-sicko on this planet, but there you go.”

Spike stood up and took his hand, pulling Xander to the bedroom. “Honesty deserves a reward. Strip off.”

They lay together on the bed, kissing hungrily, until Spike pulled away and sat up.

“Right. Every day when you come home, I’ll need to see you, inspect you. Make sure you’re not damaged. My responsibility.”

Spike wanted the boy to get used to being handled, to being naked around him. He ran his hands over every inch of the boy’s skin, his fingertips quested through his hair, he prodded lymph nodes. He knew all the sneaky ways that human bodies could be sabotaged by magic or their own frailty. None of that would happen to Xander if he could help it.

Finally, he carefully checked the cock ring, to be sure that the boy had taken no harm from it. Several wiry hairs were caught in the snaps and Spike imagined that must have stung when they were wrenched out. No wonder the boy was cranky.

By the time he finished, Xander was moaning and thrashing on the bed, thrusting his hips against nothing. His cock was purpled, engorged, the black leather around it a stark contrast to the warmth of his skin. Spike sat back on his heels, hand running up Xander’s leg, waiting for him to settle a bit.

He laid down again, so that he and Xander lay facing each other, nudging his thigh between the boy’s. He snapped off the cock ring, careful not to touch the boy, didn’t want him coming yet. Spike flipped open the lube.

“Hold out your hand.” He coated Xander’s fingers with it, then his own. “Gonna teach you how your body works, boy.”

Xander giggled nervously. “The joy of gay sex?”

Spike leered. “Damn right. Follow me.”

This had worked bloody beautifully with the blowjobs, the boy was a fast study when he was given an example. Boy wasn’t dumb, just wasn’t good with the books.

He circled the boy’s pucker, working the slick into the skin, and unable to repress his gasp when his own hole was massaged a few seconds later. He maintained eye contact with the human, letting the boy see how much the touch affected him. Xander’s eyes were wide, the rich brown drowned black by his pupils.

“That’s right, pet, just so.”

He kept up a steady pressure on the boy’s hole, feeling the moment of surrender, when he was allowed in with barely any effort. His finger sank inside Xander and the boy quivered around him, even as Spike’s own tight arse was loosened in turn. He crooked his finger, feeling the round protrusion into the boy’s channel. He rested his finger on it, not moving, watching Xander carefully.

“You feel that? Your pleasure bud. We’ve one just like the bints do. Ours is just a smidge harder to find.”

He felt Xander’s finger moving inside him, and his eyes rolled back when the human’s finger finally made contact with his. They were both panting, eyes locked on each other. Spike started a gentle rub against the spongy lobes, watching the boy’s eyes lose focus.

“Oh, fuck. What are you doing to me? It feels like I’m coming but I’m not.”

Spike looked and saw that the human was leaking heavily from the massage. He couldn’t help the smug feeling of pride that his years of experience gave him the ability to undo this human so thoroughly. But he didn’t want to over-sensitize the boy, so after a few minutes he stopped.

“Now try me. Gentle strokes.”

Xander pulled himself together and Spike was charmed by the look of fierce concentration on the mortal’s face. But he forgot himself when the boy got the knack of it and it was his turn to lose himself.

When Xander stopped, they rested together, heads touching and Spike pulled his finger out, ignoring the boy’s whine of protest.

“Shh, pet. There’s more.”

Boy was giving himself wholeheartedly to this. Spike reached over to the nightstand, pulling out the matching dildos he’d put there earlier. They were replicas of human cocks, balls at the bottom, but not horribly big. He handed one to Xander and drizzled lube on the one he kept. The boy stared at the thing in his hand, but then reached for the bottle. When Spike was satisfied that both were slick, he lay on his side and pulled his top leg up to his chest.

“Put it in me.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Won’t. Go slow and easy. Then I’ll do you.”

Spike felt the cold silicon nudge his entrance and he pressed down, helping it slide inside him. He hissed as his muscles stretched, but the boy was careful and the pain was minimal.

“Shit, Spike. This is so hot. Can I fuck you some time?”

The vampire growled, “If you earn it.”

He put his leg down and pulled Xander’s up. The boy seemed utterly relaxed and Spike was able to push the toy into him without trouble. He let the boy’s leg back down, and stroked his chest while the human panted.

“This is so wrong, but it feels so good.”

“Why is it wrong? We both want it, yeah?”

“I dunno. Maybe I’m not as open-minded as I thought I was.”

Spike smirked. “Gonna change that, boy.”

He grasped the base of the toy, working the angle and pulling it out slightly. “Every time I do something you like, you try to do the same to me. I’ll know what feels good to you, and you’ll know how to get the most pleasure out of me fucking you.”

Spike worked the cock, different angles, different depth of penetration, slow and fast. Xander followed him and it was like they were creating a dance of pleasure within each other’s bodies.

At last, Spike put his free hand on Xander’s cock and pulled, asking him to come even as the boy tugged on him and they exploded together.

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